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Weight Loss Diet Rating
Weight Watchers
The "household name" of weight loss programs. Balanced, proven, and used by millions.
South Beach Diet
A phenomenal best seller for a decade. Despite a restrictive induction phase, has sensible advice about carbohydrates.
Jillian Michaels' Diet Plan
Made popular by The Biggest Loser, Jillian now has her own online diet program.
Paleo Diet
One of the most popular diets of the last 5 years.
4.5 Stars
Zone Diet
Dr. Sears 40-30-30 plan is explained. A good plan - but a little too complex.
NuMi Weight Loss
A flexible diet suitable for those that want to integrate all their devices into their weight loss effors.. Offers realtime chat support and more.
An excellent goal-based weight loss program. Nutritional recommendations are high carb, moderate fat, low protein. Currently free of charge.
New Sonoma Diet
A balanced Mediterranean diet that emphasizes the joy of eating.
The 17 Day Diet
Involves 17 day cycles in which dieters adjust the way they eat carbs. 10-12 pound weigh loss is possible in 17 days. It recently has become very popular.
I Love This Diet
A less expensive alternative to diet food delivery using Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice frozen meals
A fast weight loss plan only for very overweight people (>80 pounds overweight).
Glycemic Impact Diet
A balanced diet incorporating the GI and some of the best elements of other diets.
Based on the Glycemic Index. No cooking. Food is shipped directly to you.
5 Factor Diet
Popular diet encompassing a comprehensive fitness program. A celebrity favorite.
100 Calorie Diet
An effective, non-restrictive plan that teaches dieters to eat their favorite foods in 100 Calorie Portions.
Burn the Fat - Feed the Muscle
A comprehensive and balanced fat loss program by natural bodybuilder Tom Venuto.
4 Hour Body: Slow Carb Diet
Tim Ferriss' slow carb diet is a high protein diet that allows carbs with a very low glycemic index.
Best Life Diet
Bob Greene's approach to weight loss emphasizes lifestyle habits.
Biggest Loser Club
Based on a TV show, this program combines an aggressive diet and exercise routine.
Body for Life / Eating For Life
Aiming to build a better body, you will need a lot of commitment to follow this program.
Mayo Clinic Plan
The official weight loss program and diet from health authority the Mayo Clinic
Personality-Type Diet
Entire program based on comprehensive personality survey. Addresses all aspects of weight loss.
Perricone's Prescription
An 'anti-wrinkle' diet rather than for weight loss. But good nonetheless.
Mediterranean Diet
A diet for health rather than weight loss.
Resistant Starch Diet
This diet uses resistant starch foods in order to curb appetite and reduce calories.
Slim Fast
The new Optima foods are a vast improvement over previous foods.
New Atkins Diet
Revised with healthier food recommendations.
Slim in 6
Aims to give you a beach body in 6 weeks.
Denise Austin
Comprehensive on-line weight loss program called "Fit Forever" from fitness instructor guru Denise Austin.
Abs Diet
Similar to Body For Life, but cashes in on the popularity of having a flat tummy.
Jenny Craig
Too expensive and teaches you very little about nutrition.
Dr. Phil's Weight Solution
Addresses causes of weight problems rather than providing nutritional information. A very helpful book.
Rosedale Diet
Another twist on Atkins. May be very useful for diabetics (also available as eBook).
Fat Flush Plan
A detox and cleansing diet from Ann Louise Gittleman. A restrictive diet with a number of good elements.
3-Hour Diet
The basic principles are sound, but the book lacks substance and consistency.
Hampton's Diet
Some good nutritional advice, and better than Atkins - but seems opportunistic.
LA Weight Loss
Too expensive and very pushy. We receive an overwhelming amount of negative feedback about LA Weight Loss.
Lose weight and make money from home... sounds too good to be true.

Kids and Teens

Trim Kids
Simply one of the best weight loss programs for children and teens around. Include nutrition, exercise, and behavior modification. Available as an on-line program with loads of tools.
Also an excellent program (84 page book plus journal).

Fad Diets

A popular easy-to-follow weight loss program. May turn out to be a fad.
Subway diet
Eat only Subway food and lose weight - there's a little bit more to it than that!
Cabbage Soup diet
Diets based on a single food are rarely healthy.
3 day diet
Not a sustainable weight loss technique but can be used for a quick (but usually temporary) weight loss.
Diet Cookies
Two meals a day and snacks are replaced with specially formulated diet cookies. Meal replacement techniques often fail.

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