Medifast: Reviews and Costs

Medifast is a low-calorie rapid weight loss plan using meal replacements alongside solid food. The program has been prescribed by doctors for many years where the patient is obese or morbidly obese.

UPDATE: Medifast closed their traditional program, and now sell product under the OPTAVIA brand. This is a an MLM-type business where coaches onsell the product to other customers.

The program is one of an increasing number of home-delivered diet programs. Such programs have surged in popularity in recent years. Although costly, research has shown there are benefits – mainly from having controlled portion sizes.

Medifast currently offer the following programs:

Medifast Go

The Go plan includes 5 meal replacements.

For dinner your cook your own ‘lean and green’ meal (protein + vegetables).

This is the easiest plan to follow, and aims for faster weight loss.

If you don’t want to cook the evening meal, you can order this ‘lean and green’ meal directly from Medifast.

Medifast Flex

The Flex plan includes 4 meal replacements.

For lunch and dinner your cook your own meal (protein + vegetables).

This plan requires more cooking, aiming for more gradual weight loss.

As above, extra meals can be ordered from Medifast.

Costs and Pricing

The Medifast plans are shipped in either 14-day or 30-day packages.

14 Day Kit 30 Day Select Kit 30 Day Complete Kit
Go $149 + shipping $329
Flex $149 + shipping $299 $399*

These prices are based on an auto-shipping model called Medifast Advantage. This is a loyalty program, that will apply a 5%-10% discount on the next shipped order. For example, if the 30 Day Go plan is ordered, the second month will cost $296.10.

Due to free shipping, the 30-day programs are far cheaper (per day).

*The Complete Kit has the following extras: 21 snacks, 300-watt blender, 30-day supply of Heart health supplements, 30-day supply of Digestive health supplements.

Refunds and cancellations
Medifast has a 30-day money-back guarantee. Full refunds are available.

Example of Medifast Flex Complete Kit

Medifast Centers

Medifast operate clinics in California, Arizona, Louisiana, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. The program is the same as the online, but is more individualized, and is supported by professional staff.

How Fast Is the Weight Loss?

Weight loss is rapid – from 2-5 pounds per week the first two weeks and 1-2 pounds per week thereafter.

The Medifast plan is technically not a VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet), as the caloric levels are above 800 kcal/per day. However calorie levels are still low (depending on your current weight, height, and size).

Testimony (via email)
“I have been using it for awhile. I have tried every diet on the planet and the only thing that i have done is mess up my metabolism. When I first started – the thing that I noticed was that I was NEVER hungry, in fact, I had to set an alarm to tell me when to take the next supplement. I can never say that about any other diet…..ever! The other thing is that your skin will stay tight and not get droopy. You will have more energy and the pounds will drop off dramatically.”
– Linda

What Are The Meals?

There are 65 options available: bars, shakes, soups, pastas, desserts and breakfast foods. All meal replacements have been formulated to be higher in protein, and packed with vitamins and minerals.The program can be adapted for diabetic customers, as well as gluten-free, and vegetarian options.

What about the “Lean and Green” Meal?

  • Lean Meat: Skinless chicken or turkey breast, Fish, including shellfish, tinned tuna or salmon. Lean cuts of beef, pork, or lamb. Grill, bake, or poach. Condiments allowed. For men there should be 6-7oz of lean meat, for women 4-5oz.
  • Green Salad: 1-2 cups of salad greens, up to 1/4 cup raw vegetables.
  • Cooked Vegetables: 1-1 1/2 cups of fibrous vegetables instead of salad.


  • Shakes must be mixed with water (not milk).
  • Medifast is for both men and women.
  • The difference is that for men, the meals have a higher level of protein than for women.

Transitioning to Maintenance

Once desired weight loss has been reached, a transitional plan called Thrive is available. The Thrive kit contains a selection of bars and smoothies that will be consumed along side regular cooked meals. The idea is to keep daily calories at around the 1800 mark.

Beyond this, Medifast recommend 1-3 packaged meals daily and a moderately intense exercise routine (e.g. 30-45 minutes 5 days per week). This is essential to keep the weight off.

Take Care

Medifast is not about taking off a few pounds – it is intended for those who are very overweight. It is a drastic diet that will put you into state of ketosis, and you MUST ensure you are adequately hydrated.

Exercising while on the diet should be kept at a low intensity level. This is not the kind of diet where you will build muscle and be doing heavy workouts down at the gym.

Does It Work?

Medifast is one of the most successful and balanced low-calorie diets available.

It has been used successfully at John Hopkins Weight Management Center, among other places – it is one of the few diets that are medically proven to work1.

A large trial testing Medifast along appetite suppressant medication found “significant and sustained weight losses at 52 weeks”. A smaller trial found greater reductions in weight and fat compared with a calorie-controlled food-based diet.

Yet another trial compared weight loss between a food-based meal plan, and the Medifast plan. At 16 weeks, weight loss in the Medifast group was higher (12.3% loss compared with 6.9% loss).

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
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  1. Pat

    Does it have soy products in the meals and bars and supplement?

  2. Izzy

    I am starting Medifast today for the second time.. I ddid meifast last year and was losing the weight but then I found out I was pregnant so I had to discontinue…My son is now 7 months and I am ready to get my body back.. I need to drop 40-50lbs..right now I am at 215…I was 248 when I had him in January…I know for a fact that it works if stuck to, it just takes dedication..and of course sucks when you cant go out with friends for drinks, etc..but it is worth it…I do find that motivation and support is important.I really hope I can stick to it this time around.

  3. kevin marshall

    This plan is so easy and it works IF you do NOT cheat! it is a no brainer diet that yields results. good luck to all.

  4. Alexa Fleckenstein M.D.

    No ready-made diet can have the same nutritional value than a home-cooked meal.

    Counting calories is not all that helps weight loss.

    Alexa Fleckenstein M.D., physician, author.

  5. Renee

    I love Medifast. I am actually doing it through Take Shape for Life. I am just starting week 7 and have lost 28 pounds and 23 inches! I still have 50 more to go but I feel so much better! It is so worth it. I have tried so many things that failed. I get so excited everytime that scale moves! If I can do this anyone can

  6. Lotus


  7. Kelly

    This is my 2nd time on Medifast. After successfully losing 74lbs in 2006, sadly I’ve regained it all in 4 years. I’m optimistic this time will be as successful and began the program on Wednesday, May 25. I’m feeling good, drinking lots of water, 120 oz /day, and would like to lose 45lbs by the end of July. Wish me luck!

  8. Daisy

    It is working for me! I have lost 66lbs in 13 weeks! I am so excited. I love the food! I started at 282lbs! I have a whole new life! I never realized what the extra weight was doing to me emotionally. I took a slightly different route. I decided to go through Take Shape For Life. They are a division of Medifast. With them I get a little better deal on my food plus I have a FREE Health Coach! I am in it for a lifestyle change and it is wonderful! I love the Chocolate and Swiss Mocha shakes as well as almost every Bar they have! I never knew ‘good for you’ food could also taste great! Also, I have friends on the program that only had 15 lbs to loose, they went with a maintenance program instead of the 5 & 1.

  9. Miranda

    Hi everyone! I am considering trying Medifast for the very first time. I would just like to hear any advice/ pros and cons you had with this diet. It’s more expensive than I thought it would be, just wondering if it’s worth it? If it’s something I can stick with and lose the weight! Thanks!

  10. Jessica

    I have lost 90 pounds in less than 6 months on the MediFast 5&1 plan. I have been fortunate that my body responded as well as it did to this diet. Although not at my “ideal” weight yet, I am starting Transition & Maintenance so that I can focus on building lean-muscle and not focus on the scale. Many people can do both, personally, I cannot 🙂 But I know the 5&1 Plan works amazingly and will come back to it when I have better muscle-mass and have maintained for a few months. I wish I had known about MediFast YEARS ago… it would have saved me much heartache, pain, and wasted years!

  11. melissa

    It is better to suffer a little now, then later in life when it is too late to help you body and heart. I dont want to die because I am over weight that is a dumb reason!

  12. melissa

    Congrats to everyone one the medifast plan. I too was on it in 08 and lost 30lbs. due to the fact of my own fault simply giving in to sweets like cheesecake and cholcolate I gained it back, but today I just started again with the weight of 298. I know it is hard, but you feel so good when u drop a couple sizes and feel thinner

  13. Nicki

    hello, medifasters how are you doing….I am wondering if anyone out there has gained weight back after the program, I have done the program 3 times and have gained almost all the weight back each discouraging…I am wondering if there is a modified program, not so severe….and maybe I will have a better chance at maintaining the weight

  14. Diana

    I have been on the medifast 5 and 1 plan now for 3 days, starting the morning of my 4th. I Love it. I stepped on the scale this morning and wow down to 289.4. When I weighed in on wednesday night (today is sunday) I weighed in at 301.2. I could’nt believe it! I am excited to see what my one week weigh in is gonna be. My goal is to lose my first 50 lbs by the end of July. Wish Me LUCK!!

  15. Tami

    I hear so many of you complaining of cost-how much is your health worth? If you don’t lose weight, you will be on high blood pressure medication, cholestrol reducing medication, and possibly diabetic medication. Believe me the cost of all the medication and Dr visits will cost way more than a medifast. Take care of yourself -you are worth every penny! I placed my first order and am angiously awaiting for it to arrive. I am making myself a priority!

  16. Jacki

    I’ve been on this diet for a week and have already lost 10 lbs. Water weight? Probably most of it, but it’s more weight loss than I’ve seen with any other diet plan, and that feels great. Once I got past the inital transition period, I stopped being hungry and started being less tempted by the bad foods brought into the office on a daily basis. My husband and I are doing this together (which helps a lot!)and are looking forward to the results. I’m 10% to my weight loss goal, and feeling great. Expensive, sure, but worth EVERY penny. You’re spending about $10 per day plus the lean and green meals. When I consider that both my husband and I were buying lunch out every day, ate out a lot and still bought groceries, we’re actually SAVING money.

  17. Jessica

    I have been on medifast for 11 days. So far I love it. Some of the foods are super delicious, others leave much to desire. There is a lot of information on how to edit your meals to make them taste better, and then once you know what you like you can just reorder.
    So far over 6 pounds gone which is amazing, water weight or not I am excited! I dont feel hungry at all as my body is in this light form of ketosis but all the added protien allows my body to not breakdown my own muscle.
    I cant wait until I get to week 3 and can exercise again!
    If you are considering this- consider it for at least a month. Yes it is expensive but if you add up all the money you spend on groceries plus fast food, snacks drinks- they add up. At first i decided NO WAY but then i did the math and actually we can afford it! I wish i had found this program years ago!

  18. theboyds07

    I am interested in the diet, but just don’t know if I should spend that kind of money when I don’t know if it will work, or if the food will taste good.

  19. marsha

    I’ve been on the medifast diet for 6 days now and I have lost 12 pounds so far my coach told me it was alot of water and now that i’m out that losing the water stage i’m on my way to really losing the weight I feel great the food is not that bad I use garlic and lemon pepper on the eggs and soups that makes them taste great! this medifast really works and your not hungry at all especially if you follow it with no cheating! i’m on the 5 and 1 plan I love it!!

  20. Christine

    I start in 7 days… want to lose 13lbs for my wedding & Mexico Honeymoon! wish me luck 🙂

  21. test dude

    yeah, this was a really great program. i love it!

  22. Tyler

    Rofl. I was on this diet for 3 months. Started at 324 and now i am down to 279. I have stopped eating their food since december and have not gained a pound, but have been slowly losing it. people portion control and staying active is the key. Not some miracle diet. Or it could be the fact that im 19 and all medifast did was kickstart my metabolism and teach me some portion control. Who knows?lol

  23. Jessica

    Be very careful. I went on this diet and lost 30lbs slowly and STILL my gallbladder shut down and stopped working. For all those who have been on the Medifast Diet and have lost a lot of weight, go get a HIDA Scan done to check your gallbladder function. Mine was working fine until I went on this diet and lost weight, then the gallbladder function plummeted to working at 100% down to 6% then had to have surgery. PLEASE, go get that gallbladder function test done after losing large amounts of weight to make sure your gallbladder is still functioning!!!!!

  24. Gina

    you can gain the weight back but this is true with all diets. Those of us with weight problems will likely struggle for the rest of our lives. Your more or less have to stay on a diet permanently. Losing weight quickly makes you feel good and keeps you motivated. Once you get past the first week you feel great. I eliminated all my stomach problems and was in a great mood most of the time. I didn’t exercise but will try to this time.

  25. nick

    this does not work at all it killed my socal life and the food tasted like crap

  26. Annalisa

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Medifast, I think the food is actually very decent for diet food. I love the scrambled eggs, with a lil bit of pepper and salsa (but you have to whisk them before cooking not only mix with a fork), same for the chocolate pudding…whisk well, and plaze in the freezer not the fridge for 30 minutes, so creamy and delicious! My fav shakes are the whey protein ones, like the dark chocolate shake, I add ice, and a tbsp of Black Cherry sugar free syrup (which you are allowed to) and blend it, super yummie, my coworker tried it and she said she would drink it without being on the plan! I also like the Cinnamon apple oat meal, I add a little brown sugar splenda and a bit of cinnamon powder…very good. The trick with the soups is to let thme soak… at least 30 minutes. My favorite soup is the Wild rice, I add a bit of Tabasco and black pepper…wonderful and filling!
    You have to stick to the plan EXACTELY…no piece of fruit here and there and no cheating, it is not good to take your body in and out of the mild kitosis Medifast puts you in. Bottom line I think ANY DIET works if you follow it…but is not a diet is a LIFE STYLE CHANGE. You re-learn how to eat and what a portion is really suppose to be. No miracle, nothing will work, not even surgery, if you go back to your old habits!
    Good luck to you!

  27. HappyGoLucky

    Medifast pros and cons.

    Pros: Lost 2.5 # average

    Cons: Food is not that great and is very expensive. Medifast Staff is rude. Can not even have fruit or high carb veggies like peas. So it is hard to follow for more than a couple of months. Weight gained back very quickly even following up with a low calorie plan. It must have something to do with maintaining low carbs or starting to eat carbs slowly. There is no mercy with this plan. You follow it exactly or you GAIN weight. No middle grounds. Can not workout any more than 45 minutes a day or you will not loose weight.

    If you have to loose a lot of weight fast, go for it. But be very careful coming off or you will gain more than you lost.

  28. Diane

    I just started Medifast 11 days ago and I have lost 4 pounds, not what I had hoped for…I am 5ft 4 in starting weight 154 and I want to lose 35 pound in 12 weeks (I turn 40 in 12 weeks) Guesse I am not one of those -5lb/week people. I am strictly following the diet and I can say that I am not hungry!!! and I feel great. Oh did I mention that I have lost 1 inch off my 45in hips/butt. I have begun lightly working out the last 3 days. I have honestly not felt better. I agree the “MFfood” tastes like crap but the shakes cappuccino are great and I love the nacho cheese puffs. I would highly reccomend it!

  29. Jan Simmons

    I had success on Medifast once before, but feel that it contributed to my thyroid becomming less functional. Medifast denies this of course, but soy is a thyroid antagonist, and when you strictly do Medifast, you are living pretty much exclusively on soy. I was doing only the shakes, no meal. My weightloss was proceeding, if you could call it that, at a glacial rate. That is, S-L-O-W (2 pounds in four weeks, despite complete compliance). I think my case is unusual, but again, if you are borderline hypothyroid I really feel Medifast is NOT a good program for you. I was diagnosed finally as being clinically hypothyroid and went on thyroid meds. I found a different program – HMR – which is medically supervised and also uses shakes, but these are milk based (except the shakes made specifically for the lactose intolerant). I have had no problem whatsoever losing on HMR and am down over 40 pounds in 10 weeks. Medifast is okay but I really believe all that soy is what sent my thyroid over the edge. If you are having trouble losing on Medifast, get your thyroid checked and really consider switching to a non-soy based diet program. Once I switched to my health coach at, they were able to walk me through what I needed to change so that I began losing 2lbs a week, rather than every 4 weeks!

  30. Wendy

    I have been on the Medifast program for 62 days. I have had a few “break” days as I like to call them to celebrate a loved one’s bday dinner, or and anniversary. (I have had 4 total in 62 days) I have also given myself a fruit day here and there. You know the old saying everything in moderation—well that is VERY TRUE! I have lost a total of 13 lbs average 1.4 lbs weight loss per week, and have lowered my cholesterol from 242 total to 172! And lowered my triglycerides from 300’s to the 90’s! (CELEBRATE) I was so happy to hear this news! I am an avid exerciser, always moving, yoga (Hot and cold), running, pilates, dancing (Ballet, Hip Hop, and Salsa), boxing, biking, and anything I am interested in doing that day! The Medifast program has given me energy, confidence, and a new handle and control on what I eat and when I eat it. It was not hard at all to “give up” certain foods. I was noticing before the program all kinds of stomach issues, once I cut out greesy fried foods, dairy, and the ton of bread I was consumming, all of the problems disappeared. I was getting tested for everything, thyroid issues, celiacs, ulcer, IBS, EVERYTHING! Once I started Medifast and had about a week of cleansing, my system was normal again. Now running is easier, I can go farther and last longer, since I am lighter. I love this program and will be on it till I complete my goal of safe weight loss with another 24 lbs to go! And hey if it takes me till a year from now, so be it! I am in no rush for anyone but myself!

    Peace and love! Love yourself more then you love anyone else first! Remember health is your bestfriend! And be good to you today!

  31. Marni

    I have been on this program for two months and I have lost 35lbs and went from a size 24 to an 18. I have never felt better. I don’t know where some of the people that have commented are bying the products from but it should cost about $250 to $275 per month. Far less than I was spending eatting out all the time. You MUST stick to the plan and not “cheat” it really does work. I have not had any medical issues as a result of being on this plan and I have never felt better. Just do it, all the junk we eat is killing us……… think of it as a health plan NOT a diet.

  32. deb brown

    Be very carefull of this one.I have colitis from taking it for a short time, so it certainly is not for everyone.Trying to work my way back to good health and promising my body that I would never do anything like that again.

  33. Linda

    My husband & I have been on Medifast 2 months. The MF center charged us over $3,000 for our 2 yr memberships. We were told that they do not give refunds. I told the center reps that I am lactose intolerant. They said only use the “55 shakes” five times a day (& one lean & green meal) for the 1st 2 weeks. The shakes are suppose to be low lactose, but after a week I could not go to the bathroom. Nothing helped. I finally emailed Medifast and received their list of no lactose products. I no longer drink the shakes, only their punch. I now use the bars, cheese balls, pudding, chili & some soups. When I told the center reps that I obtained the list thru email, then they said they could have given me a copy of the list!!! I have now lost 24 lbs. The center reps are suppose to be councilors, but are working on commission. A couple of reps have lost a lot of weight, but not all of it on Medifast. Other reps have lost less than 10 lbs & one has not even tried it, since she does not have a weight problem. How can someone who had not even tried the diet advise me?

    I have modified the Medifast diet due to fit both my digestive system & my finances. Instead of 5 Medifast meal replacements a day, I do 3 a day. Since each box of 7 meal replacement costs $15 – $16 & if you are buying 5 boxes a week, it comes to more than $300 a month for one person. (More than $10.00 a day.) Here is what is working for me:

    BREAKFAST Instead of their wallpaper paste oatmeal (at $2.00 each), I bought plain instant oatmeal (12 packages for less than $2.50, so about 20 – 25 cents each). I have one for breakfast or half a cup of Bran Buds with a little hot water. MF allowes a half a cup of Jello a day, so I eat it at breakfast, too.

    Morning SNACK one MF punch. LUNCH Meat & 2 vegetables. The list of which meats & vegetables are in their book — “The Secret is Out”. The book can be found on line as low as $6.00. Afternoon SNACK, one very small apple (for fiber). DINNER one MF meal replacement (soup, chili, bar or cheese balls). Bedtime SNACK, MF pudding.

    Using 3 MF meal replacements a day save me over $180.00 a month, plus I am not constipated. I have been walking 5,000 steps. I am happy at losing more than 2 lbs a week. I have more energy & have gone down 2 pants sizes.

    I have told the MF reps what I am doing & they see that it is working for me. I will not quit, just modify it to work for me. If I had bought the meals online & not joined a center, I would have quit by now. Getting weighed every week & being measured every month means that someone is tracking my weight loss. I only buy enough meal replacements for my 3 a day. The 1st week, they insisted that I buy their supplements. I found the same at Costco for a lot less. When a rep asks if I am taking the supplements, I answer, “Yes, from Costco”. They have our 3K & cannot force us to buy what we do not need. I hope this helps someone.

  34. Michele

    I have tried other diets… Fat Loss for Idiots and the Southbeach Diet with good results. But as soon as I stopped their plans, the weight slowly came back. Plus, talking with my doc, the FL4I diet is not very good for the system. I was referred to Medifast’s 5&1 plan and started the end of April and have lost 26# of my 42# goal. Dropped 3 pant sizes and lost 135 total overall inches! I have stepped off the plan a number of times due to family gatherings, vacations and a wedding and was surprised at how little weight came back.

    The L&G meals are simple! My husband and I were eating out every night due to his strange work schedule and I just set the time that I want to cook (mostly on the BBQ or grill), eat and have his meal waiting for him.

    I also work out on Wii Active, swim in a resistance pool, ride a recumbant bike as well as walk the mall. I am now up to 50 minutes of exercise a day and feel absolutely great!

    I am allergic to artificial sweeteners and found most of their meals do not include them. I have found the types of meals that suit me and taste the best: Their Antioxidant shakes, chocolate pudding, their new crunch bars are yummy, as well as their Momentum cappuccino and Chai Latte.

    I highly recommend this diet to anyone! Just be sure to make regular visits to your doctor especially if you are on any medications to make sure the dosages are adjusted accordingly.

  35. Jeni

    Medifast is by far the best weight loss program I’ve ever tried! I love it, and although I’ve bumped myself out of ketosis several time due to a birthday party, family reunion, and a concert, I’ve still lost 25 lbs. and 2 pant sizes, in less than 2 months! I can’t wait to lose the other 35 lbs. that I have to lose! And, because of all of the nutrients I’m getting, my nails are growing like crazy! It takes dedication, but it’s so worth it. It has changed the way I look at food! And, the people that say you’ll gain all the weight back, obviously missed the whole point of this plan. You can’t go back to eating the way you did before Medifast, and you have to exercise! It’s a lifestyle change!! If you’re desperate, try it, and remember that it takes about 3-5 days to enter ketosis, but once you’re there, you ARE NOT HUNGRY!!! Which, for me, is a wonderful thing:)

  36. Betsy

    Been on Medifast for a week. Lost 12.5 lbs and 14 inches. Feel awesome. Did Herbalife in 2001 and lost 50 lbs….30 in one month.By end of 9 month went from a size 24 to a 14. Felt great. I find Medifast much more satisfying, tasty and don’t need to take tons of pills which were expensive. Must drink lots of water on each…and be strict on the diet plans. Had Dr. supervising both diet plans. Get monitored, don’t play around with the rules…NO ALCHOLOL…a must……be serious and go for it. Preference for me is Medifast.

  37. Tony

    I agree with Sherry.

    True, the shakes are “ehh.” But low carb, high protein shakes in cans also taste “ehh.”

    The theory is to be in a constant small state of ketosis (hence, “Death Breath” which can be overcome with a breath mint such as Altoid).

    No fiber? Take Metamucil or some other fiber supplement. Eat 2 1/2 cups of greens (most people don’t eat the green part of Medifast and then complain).

    Warning: exercise is a must AND alcohol is a serious no-no (breaks the ketosis, the basis of Medifast).

    Concerning putting on weight again, Medifast helps you break bad eating habits and lifestyle changes. If you revert back to cheeseburgers and beer (with no exercise), of course you will gain it all back.

    Compared to Dan Marino’s diet, whatever works! I tried Nutrisystem and thought the food was pretty bad. Jenny Craig is expensive. Try Medifast and use common sense AND READ THE DIRECTIONS (eat one lean and green meal per day and really eat the vegetables). And exercise and no alcohol!

  38. Lucy

    Lost weight really quickly, but gained it back doubly fast and THEN SOME. It messed with my metabolism. The food tasted awful, I had DEATH BREATH, and it killed my social life. I could only eat real food once a day, and only meat and vegetables. Yeahhh… not quite the best plan out there.

  39. christie

    I am so sick from Medifast, gassy and bloated all the time, feeling full and just terrible. What is wrong with me? I don’t have a gallbladder anymore, is that maybe the reason why I cannot digest this stuff?

  40. kathi

    Medifast is a great diet!If you are disciplined to do it and have the mind set to succeed you will be successful! I have lost 50 pounds since January 09. I workout 3-4 times a week and make sure I drink lots of water. It works..think positive..

  41. Christine

    I lost 65 pounds using Medifast and have kept off all but about five pounds for a year now. It requires a lot of discipline but it is worth it. As my doctor said when I asked him “What’s a good diet?” he said, “Anything that works!” Well, this works. Make sure you drink at least the 64 ounces of water recommended. You’ll need it for better elimination, since your digestion does slow down a lot due to hardly eating any bulk. They recommend fiber supplements, too, in case it’s necessary. I’ve never bothered though. The way I look at success with Medifast is this: The fact that the food isn’t all that great reinforces the feeling of not eating “real” food, thereby avoiding my addiction altogether, much like an alcoholic or smoker has to avoid their addiction altogether to be successful. You get into that mindset and you’ll do great; all the while acknowledging that you’re keeping yourself fed. Make sense? I recommend it.

  42. wendy

    Medifast DOES work. It induces a relatively mild state of ketosis and if you really stick with the plan, you will lose weight and lose it rapidly.
    My faults with the plan: I am not that overweight and I enjoy running, so the calorie count is a little low for me and others who are already active.
    Medifast is overly expensive. While you won’t be able to get the same super quick results with most low-cal diets available on store shelves (they contain too much sugar), before you spend money on Medifast, be prepared to really stick to the diet and be very aware that most of the food tastes bad! Also, as others have stated, it is important to be committed to maintenance! No matter what diet or lifestyle change you are attempting, you will backslide if you reach your goal and then slack off.
    Those of us who carry extra weight have to be constantly vigilant about our diet and exercise. Not fanatical, just be aware that this diet is worth it if you are willing to put in the effort and $$$.
    Best wishes to all!

  43. Kendell

    I lost the weight SUPER FAST!!!! This is my all-time favorite diet. My chocolate obsession is satisfied with the chocolate shakes. Warning… most of the “foods” are horrible, stick with the shakes!

  44. Mandy

    this diet works really will. I know because I lost 79 pounds

  45. Don

    I can’t stand the shakes and teas because they have so much artificial sweetener in them!

  46. John

    This diet really works, i lost 65 pounds in year. . . though it took great dedication and exercise. I believe anyone can achieve their goal through this diet/weight loss program. I recommend you try!

  47. tiffany

    My sister went on it and lost 70 lbs…not to mention that her gall bladder and kidneys shut down and she was hospitalized!!
    not a great diet for the severely overweight because you have to maintain a healthy amount of calories still to let your body function correctly.

  48. Angela

    Great diet if you want to live on less than 1,000 calories a day. Products are full of soy and most taste awful. Yes weight loss can be rapid, just like the rate of weight you will re gain once you start putting real food in your mouth. Try LA Weight Loss if you want to eat real food and lose weight at a reasonable pace. And don’t believe everything you read about them either. I was not pressured in to buying any of their products and the diet doesn’t cost as much as people says it does either. Way less than a $1,000 for 52 weeks including 52 weeks of maintenance. Add up what Jenny Craig would be costing you!

  49. Sherry

    Best weight loss program ever! Why? Because of the increase in your health! Live longer, feel better and look awesome! Oh and sleep like a baby.