British Heart Foundation Diet

The British Heart Foundation Dietis a poor fad diet that has been circulating for many years. Please note that the British Heart Foundation has nothing to do with this diet whatsoever.

The diet has circulated in the form of a one page sheet that claims you can lose 10 pounds in 3 days. The diet has been popular in the UK – but its exact origins are unknown.

British Heart Foundation Diet Plan

This diet is very low in calories and not recommended


5 ‘snax’ biscuits (dry crackers)
1 slice of cheddar cheese
1 small apple
1 cup black tea/coffee/water


1 boiled egg
1 slice of dry toast
1 cup black tea/coffee/water


1 cup of tuna
1 cup of beetroot
1 cup of cauliflower
1/2 melon
1/2 cup of diet vanilla ice-cream
1 cup black tea/coffee/water

The British Heart Foundation diet is a very low calorie diet (approx. 700 calories per day), and is often only used for a few days. It is unsustainable. The meal plan should not be undertaken for any length of time without medical supervision.

Very low calorie diets like The British Heart Foundation Diet do not lead to lasting weight loss and can be dangerous due to the low calories recommended. Any weight loss will likely rebound when normal eating is resumed.

Instead we recommend that dieters look for weight loss plans that encourage slow and steady weight loss, while emphasizing nutritious foods that fuel the body with the nutrients in needs and that promote overall good health.

The British Heart Foundation diet does not meet these guidelines.

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
  • Wadden, T. A., STUNKARD, A. J., & BROWNELL, K. D. (1983). Very low calorie diets: their efficacy, safety, and future. Annals of internal medicine, 99(5), 675-684. link
  • Saris, W. H. (2001). Very‐Low‐Calorie Diets and Sustained Weight Loss. Obesity Research, 9(S11), 295S-301S. link
  • Roberts, D. C. (2001). Quick weight loss: sorting fad from fact. Medical journal of Australia, 175(11/12), 637-640. link

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  1. Geetha

    I have done this diet twice first when I did it I lost approx 2 kilos and again did it last week and didn’t lose any weight not even a kilo.. I have followed all the instructions..

  2. Ruth

    I have just done the BHF diet and pleased l lost 6lbs, l am on medication and was told by freinds l should ask the Doctor if l were to continue, is this true as l really enjoyed the diet.

  3. val

    i did this diet for 3 days a week for a month and lost 14lbs

  4. julie-ann

    hi all im starting the 3 day diet tomorrow looking forward to it see how i get on!
    Elsa you do the diet every week they say its best to do it on a mon a tues and wed
    Angela they say tuc crackers or ritz

  5. Stephanie

    The first time I lost 4lb in three days. One week later I tried it again and lost 3lb. Think it would work better the heavier you are. Breakfasts and lunches ok but dinner is hard because of mix of ingredients.

  6. chelsea

    how long would anybody who has already used this diet recommend you stay on it for? im hoping to lose a stone as quickly as possible 🙂

  7. Becky

    Does anyone know a substitute for tuna in this diet? I’m a vegetarian but I really want to do this.

  8. karin

    Hi there, would like to know if someone has a diet that works? Ive been on low gi now for a week or so and you can c the difference but i would like to know if there is someone out there who can help

  9. Liz

    I have done this diet and lost 8lbs in 3 days.
    You must drink at least 5 x 8oz glasses of water throughout the day, every day of the diet, and if not drinking the black tea or coffee replace with water.
    Day 1
    1/2 of Grapefruit
    1 slice of toast with 2tsp of peanut butter spread
    Cup of black tea or coffee

    Slice of dry toast
    4 oz Tuna
    Cup of black tea or coffee

    (dont forget to drink glasses of water)

    2 slices of cold meat
    Cup of grean beans
    4oz beetroot
    glass of water

    small apple
    4 oz vanilla ice cream

    DAY 2
    1 egg poached or boiled
    Slice of dry toast
    1/2 a banana
    cup of black tea or coffee

    4 oz cottage cheese
    5 Ritz (Saltine) or Tuc Crackers
    cup of black tea etc.

    2 Hot dog sausages
    4 oz brocilli
    2 oz carrots
    glass of water
    1/2 banana
    4 oz ice cream

    DAY 3
    5 Tuc crackers
    slice of cheese
    black tea or coffee

    Slice of dry toast
    boiled egg
    Glass of water 8oz
    small apple

    4 oz Tuna
    4 oz Cauliflower
    4 oz Beetroot
    8oz water to drink
    1/2 melon
    4 oz ice cream
    DONT FORGET TO DRINK YOUR 5 x 8 oz glass of water per day.

  10. Joan Williamson

    I have done this diet a few times and have lost between 7 and 10lbs each time. Do it for 3 days and have 2 days off – it’s a great way to lose those few lbs before your hols.

  11. Leann

    The crackers they mean are tuc or ritz

  12. Lerato

    How much fluids( water, coffe and tea) ca I take while on this diet.

  13. Kim, Bath

    I am now approaching dinner on the second day – and I don’t seem to have lost anything so far, so hope that by persevering with Day 3 tomorrow that results will show! If not, will still carry on doing it until I have some weight loss. I am at the moment 11st. 3lbs and am 5ft.6 and walk 2 miles most days, but do not use a gym. Will see how things look on Saturday morning! Good luck to everyone!

  14. Colette

    Does anyone know if you can substitute the cottage cheese & tuna for another egg or salmon maybe?

  15. lisa

    I’m on my 2nd day….. not so hungry today but dreading lunch as I hate both cottage cheese and tuna….
    fingers crossed for at least 6lbs off….. can I do this 3 days every week or every other week? any suggestions?

    • Lisa

      I’m on my 3rd day not hungry at all I have to say … feeling really good and positive what about chicken x

  16. Sarah

    Day 1

    Black coffee or tea (sweet & Low or equal) or water
    1/2 Grapefruit or juice
    1 slice toast with 1 tbsp peanut butter

    1/2 cup tuna
    1 slice toast
    Black coffee or tea (sweet & Low or equal) or water

    3oz. any lean meat
    1 cup green beans
    1 cup carrots
    1 cup vanilla icecream
    1 medium apple
    Black coffee or tea (sweet & Low or equal) or water

    Day 2
    Black coffee or tea (sweet & Low or equal) or water
    1 egg (any style)
    1 slice toast
    1 banana

    1 cup cottage cheese or tuna
    5 saltine crakers
    Black coffee or tea (sweet & Low or equal) or water

    2 beef franks or hot dogs
    1/2 cup carrots
    1 banana
    1 cup broccoli or cabbage
    1/2 cup vanilla icecream
    Black coffee or tea (sweet & Low or equal) or water

    Day 3
    Black coffee or tea (sweet & Low or equal) or water
    5 regular saltine crackers
    1oz. (slice) chedder cheese
    1 apple

    1 hard boiled egg
    1 slice toast
    Black coffee or tea (sweet & Low or equal) or water

    1 cup tuna
    1 cup carrots
    1 cup cauliflower
    1 cup melon
    1/2 cup regular vanila icecream
    Black coffee or tea (sweet & Low or equal) or water

    Condiments Allowed
    a dash of salt and/or pepper
    cooking spray

    Orange instead of Grapefruit
    Tuna instead of cottage cheese
    Frozen yoghurt instead of icecream
    Cauliflower instead of brocoli
    Toast instead of 5 crackers

  17. Nicole
    Here is the 3 day diet, its on the same site.
    I have done this diet many times in the past 15 years or so when i just need to lose a few pounds. Yes it works, I would suggest doing it 3 days a week until you have lost the weight you need, make sure you drink water and also exercise to maximise the weight lose. Good luck.

  18. Petra

    Help pls – does anybody have the full 3 day diet? I only seem to find 1 days worth.

    Did this diet 12 years ago and managed to shack off 2 stone. Also managed to keep it off for 2 years then went back to crazy eating habits. It is hard but worth it.

    Petra UK

  19. Sophie

    the diet that someone was given called by this name had three different days worth not just the one the one provided is the last days diet.

  20. Angela

    Does anyone know if you can substitute the vegetables specified for salad instead? Also, when it says crackers -what type of crackers?

    • Lisa

      Ritz or tuc

  21. elsa

    i am starting this diet on monday.i need to lose at least 2 stone.can you do this diet every week.

  22. alice

    hi! its my 3day now.. the first day was hard coz im starving to death. and my 2nd day was not bad.. i am 77kg and tomorrow i will check my weight.. i let u know.. but i feel good i think i lose a little weight..

  23. Barry

    Me again. Forgot to say if you live in the U.K. substitute a cup portion with 4oz(110grams). There is no limit on the amount of water you can drink. Please believe it will work, if you stick to the rules.

  24. Barry

    I have tried this diet and it works. BUT you must stick to it, only three days at a time. Wait until day four before you weigh yourself, depending on your start weight, you should shed 4 to 10 lbs. The secret of keeping your weight down is not to go back to eating junk and fatty foods. Best of luck.

  25. meee

    i started this diet yesterday. day ONE i was totally starving by the end of the day. ive just finished day 2’s lunch and im still starving arrgghhhh to reach dinnertime.. haha..i hope i get something out of this.. im reading more neg than positive comments in here about this diet. I think it comes down to body type as nice to see these older posts come back in and tell us what happened with them…

  26. Dan

    Sorry, but could someone please explain to me how ‘1 cup’ works as a measurement? Would I be expected to put as much cauliflower in a cup as I could until it was full? I don’t get it. I’ve seen ‘cups’ used as a measurement in American recipes before, but I’m confused as to how this works as a measurement and how much it is in grams?

    • ted

      Hey Dan, I cup is referring to the American measurement and it’s approximately 250 grams.

  27. Petra

    I would like to swap beans for something else but don’t know what I should swap it for. Can you advise please?
    Also my friend absolutely hates beetroot, what can she eat instead of that?
    I don’t care what diet this is but it helped me a little bit to go from a nearly size 16 down to size 12. Also the exercise.

    • ted

      @Petra you could use quinoa or lentils instead of beans as for beetroot just substitute another vegetable such as broccoli.

  28. lorraine

    i am started my diet tomorrow i am 15 stone and need to lose 5 stone i have done so many diets after having 3 kids so i am looking forward to starting and seeing some big diffents

  29. jackie

    Hi i am starting this diet on tuesday and planning to do it weekly while healthy eating the other four days. I accept that i may put some back on but want to know if any one has managed to keep half or more of the weight lost off or has it all gone back on.

  30. Khai

    For clearing clogged artery and veins, recovery from stroke try thi.
    one cup ginger juice, one cup lime juice,
    one cup finely mashed garlic, two cups of apple cider vinegar totaling five cups. put all five in a Pyrex pot boil on low fire until four bowls. Then let cool and add four cups of natural honey and stir. take one tablespoon every morning before breakfast.

  31. Monika McArthur

    I am a vegeterian. If I substitute Cold Meat with Tuna
    will the diet still work?

    • ted

      That sounds logical Monika as it’s about protein amounts and calories more so than exact type of meat.

  32. Julie

    You can swap eggs for cottage cheese. Fruit can be an apple, half grapefruit, orange, half melon, or banana. Veg can be broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, green beans or beetroot. The tuna can be swapped for 2 tinned hotdogs. You can drink as much water as you want and if you dont like plain water or blk tea add a slice of lemon. Hope this helps…

  33. debbie

    would love to try the diet but don’t think I could stomach a boiled egg and suggestions??

  34. sneeze

    what can i have instead of peanut butter hate peanut butter

  35. LIz

    can you swap the cauliflower for carrots?

  36. louise

    this diet is good for a quick fix but in the long run its a BAD IDEA!! as soon as u start eatin rite again the weight just piles bk on. everyone try the body trim diet ita amazin n it actually works! i eat more now than i ever have n the weight is just droppin off its mint…plz try it its so much better 4 u better 4 u in the long run

  37. Naomi

    first 3 weeks I lost a stone and felt great xx

  38. hayley

    can u drink as much water as u want? or only 3 glasses throughout the whole day??

  39. Louisa

    Starting this diet today, had a 45 min run before breakfast this morning, here’s hoping i get the results i’ve been hearing 🙂 good luck to all those trying the same.. ill report with my verdict in 3 days time

  40. kez

    can you still drink you 2 litres of water on this diet and can it be sparkling water?

  41. Dee

    Last year I lost over 4 stone by good old hard work and healthy eating.. then christmas came along and I’ve put almost a stone of that back on. I can’t seem to get back onto my healthy eating plan so, (having never done a ‘fad’ diet before) I decided something short yet extreme was the best way to kick my backside before getting back onto my plan.
    I’m at the start of day 2 and have already lost 4lbs. I substituted the grapefruit for orange, I’m having green beans and carrots as my veg every day and cottage cheese instead of the tuna. Yesterday was fine, was a little bit hungry between dinner and tea but I was so full after tea I struggled to get the ice-cream down!
    However, I feel dreadfull today. I’m very, very hungry and have a terrible headache, which is no doubt from the total cut off of caffeine and sugar.. I will see the 3 days through though and report back. It’s only 3 days, right?
    Good luck everyone x

  42. Angharad

    I’m 22 and 13.3stone. I have always battled my weight and this is the only diet that i can say really works for short term success. I have done this diet for a period of 3 weeks before now, and have lost a stone and a half.

    this diet is fantastic to kick start a serious healthy lifestyle reigime. It gives you a head start and makes you feel like you’re really doing a good job. you can see a difference and that pays off – there’s nothing worse than dieting for weeks only to have dropped a pound or two.

    highly recommended for a short term solution only. carry on after 3 days eating well, but healthily, and you’ll notice a drastic difference.

  43. sue

    iv got all my ingredaints and started this diet today!

    im anxius to see if i will actually lose some weight! evn tho its onli for three days!

    @Lara myt be lil late to tell u, but NO, alcohol shudnt b allowed in the diet, u cud find all this info from google jus type in ‘ 3 DAY DIET PLAN ‘ and TA-DA! 😉

    BY THE WAY. this artical or woteva it is, is OK but i think so much detail has been left out.

  44. mike h

    can anyone help me, am 55 (male) after two stents in 2001 and 2004, plus both my parents passing away through heart failure.
    I now fined myself at 5.10ft looking at a weight of 96kg

  45. Peter

    Clearing veins and arteries, that really works.

    First use fresh water to wash the lemons and garlic.
    Take 6 lemons cut up including peel (Make sure the lemons are the thin-skinned types). If you can only get the thick-skinned ones simply peel the thin outer yellow peel. Place this in a heap ready to go into the mixture. Then peel off the thick white stuff and throw away. No need on the thin-skinned lemons, just chop them up. The garlic (30 cloves) you usually get about ten cloves per bulb of garlic. Just separate the cloves and chop up (no need to worry about a bit of peel or shell), as the whole lot will be strained when finished.

    Place 3 lemons and 15 cloves of garlic in food processor or vitamiser. Top it up with water (If you want you can add a little sugar for taste) and then vitamise.
    pour into a metal pot. Then repeat the process with the other 3 lemons and 15 cloves of garlic. Finally was the vitamiser out with another litre of water and pour this also into the pot.

    Bring the pot to boil, and then simmer for five minutes. Pour through a strainer, and let liquid drain into another pot. Finally when all the liquid has drained into the pot, leave it for some time to cool.

    When it has cooled use a strainer and funnel to pour into bottles.
    Note: give the mixture time to drain through the strainer. And do not keep the slurry from the strainer. Simply throw it away.

    You should finish up with (About 3 to 4 Litre Bottles Quantity). Store in fridge. NOTE: DO NOT USE PLASTIC BOTTLES (Plastic bottles with filled warm or hot liquid can cause serious health problems), as plastic particles will leach into liquid in bottle. Use only GLASS Bottles to keep the mixture in.

    First Dosage: Drink 1 standard glass each day for three weeks.

    Then stop for one week

    Second Dosage: Drink 1 standard glass each day for the final three weeks.

    Repeat above every six months, or whenever you feel like it as long as you allow some time between treatments.

    You can also warm the liquid if preferred, or even dilute it with water and ice for a refreshing summer drink. The lemons kill the smell of garlic on your breath. The secret of the mixture is it’s easy to prepare, and inexpensive to make up.

  46. Peter

    In my family there has never been any recorded case of cancer. However many heart problems. Twenty years ago I had plaque around the heart. Was told I would need heart surgery in about 15 or 20 years. One day a man who had been facing heart surgery for blocked arteries told me of a mixture that he had taken over 7 weeks that had completely cleared his blocked arteries. He was told he did not need bi-pass surgery.
    I wrote the mixture down for future reference. I gave someone a lift to move some heavy machinery around. Started to get chest pains. After a few days

  47. Peter

    Heres one you can try. Cut out tea and coffee and all the added sugar. eat only one meal at midday. Make it a good one (eat what you want) Meat, Vedgetables and a desert with one glass of red wine. Drink plenty of water 7 glasses a day.

    To substitute your breakfast and evening meal simply take a spoonful 5 ml of olive leaf extract oil. This has 40 times the antioxidants of olives (Must be liquid not tablets).

    Within two weeks you will have lost weight and feel like a million dollars.

    When you have lost the weight. You can start having three small meals a day. Monitor your weight weekly and if you find it has risen by half a stone go back on the diet for a week or two.

    Olive leaf extract oil is also great for arthritic joints; it will ease the condition noticeably. Note it is known as “Black gold for arthritics”.

    Oh a word of warning…I once described its benefits once to an 80 year old lady, who asked me are there any bad side effects from taking olive leaf extract oil. I told her that it would probably increase her sex drive by ten. Whereupon she said great I will buy a bucketful



  48. Lara

    I started today, and at the end of day one and im absolutely starving but i figure it will be worth it in the end! i had no carrots today so ate brocolli instead…do u think that will be ok? also im goin out tomoro nite and was wondering does anyone know if alcohol will affect the diet?

  49. Kelly

    I heard all about this Diet today, Fingers crossed i keep this one up , 3 days out of 7 isnt bad !


  50. Ld

    You cant swap the grapefruit for the orange – the grapefruit is KEY to the diet!

    According to a study at the Scripps Clinic, participants who ate grapefruit before meals had considerably lower levels of insulin in their blood. Insulin promotes hunger, so lowering levels of insulin can help dieters control their hunger. The study further notes that a natural compound found in grapefruit may also be responsible for the weight loss.

  51. Rachel

    Hey everyone.
    It has been really inspiring to read your comments.
    I am going to give this diet a go tomorrow and try to get rid of some of the extra baggage before Christmas.
    Itd be really nice to feel slimmer and more healthy so that i can look my best for the festive season!!
    I currently weigh 9st 8lbs so lets see what happens… Watch this space!

  52. LuWat

    Hi I’m going to start this diet tomorrow. You can swap half a grapefruit for an orange, one piece of toast can be swapped for 5 saltine crackers, the tuna can be exchanged with a cup of cottage cheese, cauliflower and brocolli can be swapped and beetroot can be swapped with brocolli too.

  53. jackie

    ive started the diet today so far so good will let you no how uch ive lost after the 3 days

  54. lea

    i have done this diet for 8 weeks and only lost 6 pounds me and loads have friends have done this and sorry to say it doent work half as well as people think and your always hungry…..and i usally loose weight fast but this diet is rubbish

  55. Happy

    i have been just eating dinner for 5 days and have lost over half a stone!! you can eat anything you want for dinner as long as you dont eat too much 🙂 it really works i am currently 124 pounds and i want to be about 112 pounds. I tried this diet for 2 weeks before i went on holiday and lost 1 stone! i went on holiday for 3 weeks and ate junk, i only put on 5 pounds. If you excersise as well your metabollic rate will remain high which means you are less likely to put the weight back on! i recommend this diet. One down side is you feel hungry around lunch, if you do drink lots of water and eat a piece of fruit. If you feel tired drink pepsi. I have started doing this and have found it has not effected my results at all. Have fun! and wish me luck.

  56. emma

    ive started the cabbage soup diet today, which lasts for 7 days and then going to do this one any advice welcomed please 🙂 xx

  57. Giselle

    I’m starting the diet tomorrow!!! can’t wait too look good again! =)

  58. jenny

    I’ve found this diet brilliant. It really focussed my mind and knowing I am only doing it for 3 days at a time helped enormously. However I haven’t lost the 10lbs a week but have lost 20lbs in 6 weeks so hopefully this will stay off. At 63 with an underactive thyroid I have been struggling to lose any weight over the last 3 years or so despite going to the gym AND working out very hard 3 times a week! Still have a lot of weight to lose but intend to keep on with this diet while I feel ok. For all you younger people I would say lose the weight NOW I managed to lose 6 stone in 8 months – 1,000 calories a day diet – 20 years ago, kept it off for 3 years then it all came back and it is so hard to lose as you get older.

  59. martha simon

    ok i done this diet and trust me i was walking around hungry,,i stoped smoking and gained 20lb i think i lost 4 lb ,,but put it back on you really have to stick to it,,

  60. Dawn

    Hi all,i have just started Day one.Are we only allowed three cups of coffee a day ?Best of luck to everyone.

  61. lisa

    hi this is my last day of the diet, and already lost 3lb, i have done this diet before and always happy with the results, i will get on the scales tomorrow and let you know the final verdict.

  62. Nopha

    Hi, i have been straggling with weight since my teenage stage. It was only when i was at vasity when i met one lady who introduced me into this diet. I lost25kg within 3months. It took me a while before it came back. sco i am going to start tomorrow at 106kg

  63. Erica

    I started this diet yesterday and its not so bad.. but i cant understand why one must eat processed viennas.. they are quite bad for you?? But never the less a friend of mine lost 16kgs in 5 weeks!!!I think thats about 39 pounds. so anyway Wish me Luck!!!

  64. gina

    i’ve now finished my 3 days and i lost 4 lbs which i was very pleased with. hopefully it stays off as i weigh at slimming world 2moro.

  65. gina

    started diet today after my mum losing 7 lbs last week. i have lost 2 stone with slimming world but have reached a plato.
    found day 1 relatively easy ad have felt full.
    i dont eat meat so hoping that changing meat for cheese and changing tuna for an egg would be ok?? also dont like beetroot so had sweet potato instead.
    i would be happy if i lost 3-5lbs in the 3 days.
    i’ll let you know how i get on and would be happy to hear comments.

  66. Peeps

    on the 3rd day can I swop the breakfast & lunch around – its uch easier to take crackers & cheese to work

  67. Kitty

    Hi,want to start this diet. I need to loose about 2 stone.

    I am a vegetarian , so i don’t eat tuna, i don’t like beetroot, it makes me sick.
    And i can’t eat coliflower.

    Anyone know what i could eat instead of these ???

  68. MH

    This diet really works. After my first child was born I did the 3 day diet with a 10 day break, for 6 months and lost 12 kilos. doing it again now and hopefully in 6 months time will loose another 12 kilos. walk on the treadmill for 30minutes everyday at 6 KM/hr to help the diet work.

  69. Holly

    Hello, it took me over a year to get down from 13 1/2 stone down to just over 10. Now just over a year later im creeping back up to around 11 1/2 stone. All though i love my womanly curves. I want to get back to a baggy size 12 instead of a size 14. Gonna start this diet on Monday. Wish me luck everyone and keep posted!

  70. mia

    I am going on a diet starting today! wish me luck!
    who else is going on a diet? together it is more interesting, lets diet together! yeey!

  71. merry

    hii,im starting this diet soon and need advice ,should l get the sugar free ice cream or fat free(i uselly buy SF one).what about the crackers(any kind or what).and beetroot,calliflower should be raw or cooked the last question ,half melon !!!is that mean i should eat half of the whole melon,plzz hurryyyyyyyyy up,

  72. marian

    ive been on the diet for 4 weeks,only lost 6 pounds.

  73. Simon

    Started this morning, used dry normal crackers! hope thats right has could not find ‘snax’ biscuits. Its 11.45am and im starving and drank 2ltrs of water. Cant drink black tea either, will red top milk be ok? anyone suggest? Determined to loose weight though, any suggestions on exersise (not sole destroying gyms)20.5 stone to start with, we will see what happens Thursday…… wish me luck.

  74. lorna grant

    hi! looking for a diet that is easy to follow to go along with an exercise regime. I reckon I am about 3-3 1/2 stones overweight with most of the weight around my bust, midriff and lower abdomen. will keep you posted….anyone out there needind a diet buddy, get in touch!

  75. Karen

    I am going on holiday next week, so decided to give this a go just to lose a little bit extra. I am on day three! the diet isn’t too bad but I will be honest I have been hungry! I am not weighing myself until tommorrow so shall see what happens! good luck everyone!

  76. sarah

    done this diet before and lost 12 pounds, so going to do it again starting today with my best mate. i do slimming world other wise.

  77. jo

    im starting this diet on monday and cant wait to lose them extra pounds. good luck to anyone who is thinking of going on this diet.

  78. Meikie


    I`m going to start the 3 day diet on Monday but i`m still breastfeeding my 1 year 4 months baby.Can you please tell me or advise me if it is safe to engaged on the diet while breastfeeding.

  79. Estelle

    Lunch slice dry toast and one boiled egg, had plenty of water, and just having black coffee. its not so bad really!!!

  80. Estelle

    Hi all, well my sister sent me this diet, as she knows I am trying to give my weight loss programme a bit of a surge.
    I have started the diet today and intend to stick to it, I have done all the usual diets before and have always gone back to slimming world as my main eating plan as I find the group motivates me more. I have decided to do this one just to boost my on going weight loss as I have a holiday fast approaching and really need to lose as much as possible.

    I am going to be honest as I want to do this both for myself and for fellow dieters who have got stuck in a rut.

    I am 4 and a half stone over weight ouch!! and have already lost a stone in the last 6 weeks following slimming world but just need a bit of a quick weight loss to keep me enthusiastic and focused. If I deviate in any way will let you know, wish me luck!

    Starting weight: 16 stone 12.5lbs

    Day 1. breakfast: 5 ritz buiscuits with 2 tsp of peanut butter, one apple. one pint of water and one black coffee

    That wasn’t too bad so far so good

  81. ashley

    First Day –
    Breakfast – half Grapefruit, 1 slice toast, 2 tbls peanut butter, Black Tea / Coffee
    Lunch – 1 slice dry toast, 4 oz’s Tuna Fish, Black Tea / Coffee
    Dinner – 2 slices any Cold Meat, 1 cup String Beans, 4 oz’s Beetroot, 1 Small apple, 4 oz’s Vanilla Ice cream

    Second Day-
    Breakfast – Half Banana, 1 slice Dry Toast, 1 Poached Egg, Black Tea / Coffee
    Lunch – 5 Tuc Crackers, 4 oz’s Cottage Cheese
    Dinner – 2 Hot Dogs, 4 oz’s Broccoli, 2 oz’s Carrots, Half Banana, 4 oz’s Vanilla Ice Cream

    Third Day –
    Breakfast – 1 Small Apple, 6 Tuc Crackers, 1 Slice Cheddar Cheese, Black Tea / Coffee
    Lunch – 1 Hard Boiled Egg, 1 Slice dry Toast
    Dinner – 4 oz’s Tuna, 4 oz’s Beetroot, 4 oz’s Cauliflower, half Melon, 4 oz’s Vanilla Ice Cream

  82. rhian

    i just started on this today. i don’t usually eat breakfast but it’s 11am already and still satisfied. i always give up on diets, but knowing that it’s only 3 days is keeping me motivated! i really hope it works, i’ll come back in 3 days!

  83. cheryl

    Natasha good luck with it. I found day 1 was the fastest to lose weight. I am starting it tomorrow. It worked last time.

  84. Natasha

    I have to say i think you are all amazing. I’m going away for a couple of days and last night i could have just cried – nothing fits!!! But im going away tomorrow. So i am going to try this diet on Wednesday29 July – god wish me luck and i will keep you updated!!

  85. kate

    Hi i done this diet many years ago, and lost weight, but i did do quite a lot of exercise too, swimming and walking the dog.
    after the three days, i was just careful ‘how much i ate’ and i kept it off, even now if i have to loose a few pounds [or more] as i do battle with my weight-it works.

  86. claire

    hi all please help! i am starting this diet tommorow, i have been on it before, but could someone please send me the remaining diet, i remember green beans an chicken… i fell i would need variety and cant remember the other ingredients

  87. Amanda

    This diet works. I have done it on and off over the 14 years and it is a life saver. I have given this diet to so many people who’ve had excellent results.

  88. michele

    I have tried this diet several times and worked ever time just had a baby and going to give it a go again…I had a different meal plan for 3 days, did you follow the same meal plan as above for 3 days???

  89. heidi

    i went on this diet a few years ago with my mum and we did lose waight,but the above isnt the whole diet!where,s the rest of it?.

  90. joanna

    Well i’m going to start this diet first thing in the morning i hope it really does work, it looks like it works for everybody else on here so i’m gonna try
    keep you updated!

  91. Rachel

    I did this diet for the first time several years ago as an emergency & and desperate measure to fit into a bridesmaid dress. Does it work? Hell yes, I lost well over half a stone – and I kept it off. I’ve struggled to do it again with the same results, because it’s pure torture and i’ve not had the same ’emergency’ again. I would recommned you do it when you have a lot on so you can forget about meal times, not a good idea trying to do it at work if you sit at a desk. Also – I lost my weight at the end of the 3 days, not during.
    Good luck!

  92. cheryl

    I cheated i put whitener in my coffee. I just can’t drinkit black. I don’t like tuna but i have ate it just to follow the diet. Jenny i can’t believe you haven’t lost any weight yet. Let me know after day 3. If not my sheet says try again in 10 days. I drink alot of water as well. Today i am on day 1. I blew it last time so i am trying again. Good luck.

  93. jenny

    i am soo hungry and this is my last day of this diet!!! thank god! cottage cheese riz biscutes..yak! i had to force half of this food into my face whilst gagin! odd combinations of food i just cant wait to get a good sunday dinner! thing is with this diet im not massivly over weight iv been on the scales every day since the diet nd i havnt shed a pound i havent cheated at all ate everything in the right quantity no extras lots of water to fill me up in between meals! maybe iv been unlucky lets see what the scales say tomorrow!

  94. cheryl

    I lost 3 lbs in 1 day. I had to stop on day 2 because i drank to much water and got water poisioning. I got very sick. I only weigh 105 lbs but i want to lose 5. I am a very small person. My friend lost 7 lbs in 3 days. She was very happy. I think the diet is good because you can eat. Maybe it doesn’t seem like alot but it is more than i would normally eat in a day. Anyway i think it is a short but sweet diet and healthy.

  95. maz

    yeah you’re not drinking enough water lol

  96. Sam

    8.57 am. I am starting this diet today and am going to combine it with as much exercise as i can manage. Promise to log in regularly. Wish me luck!

  97. Heather

    I have be doing this diet on and off for 5 years it does work but you have to follow it to the letter no extras and you need to make sure you drink plenty of water. It depends how big you are in the first place to how much weight you lose, if you are like me and are not overweight but would just to lose a few pound to fit into your little black dress for a special night out then you are only likely to lose about 5lbs in three days but if you need to lose a stone or two then you should lose at least 10lbs friends of mine who have done it have lost anything from 5lbs to 14lbs in three days. I would not recommend this diet for long term weight lose as, as soon as you stop most of it goes back on but it is good for short term lose for getting into your bikini, or little black dress or wedding dress. I hope this helps. Good luck everyone.

  98. Jenni

    Hi I have found this diet works but then the scales show Ive put the weight back on, even with a healthy eating plan. However I need to excercise as well. Feel and look slimmer though but would welcome advise as to what to eat when your not on the 3 day diet. Also has anyone found it hurts their kidney area. Maybe I’m not drinking enough water.

  99. kersty

    hi everyone i have just finished the 3 days and i only lost 5 pound (bit gutted) and i really stuck to it, so dont know where the 11 pounds came from????????????

  100. Kristy Hutchinson

    Ive just started this diet today with my mum. Im rather excited to see if it does actually work. I dont like a few of the things such as peanut butter (bork) but washed it down with my black tea so it didnt taste too bad hehe. I also think the combination of some of the meals is totally bizarre. But giving it a go 🙂 Its fab to hear so many people have lost the weight on it, i just hope it works for me. Good luck to anyone and everyone doing the diet 🙂 x

  101. aimee

    i done this diet an i was very pleased with the the results i lost a stone in three days, i was over the moon but day 3 i felt very giddy and unsafe on my feet but well worth it,

  102. claire

    p.s chantelle no dont snack or have anything that is not on the list or it doesnt work honest

  103. claire

    i have done this diet and it does work for me the only draw back i had is i got terrible bad skin on my face! the only thing i can think of is its like a bit of a detox so i guess the crap has to come out somewhere just happened on my face, i can cope with this as your skin will clear up again its so worth it when you go to the scales ans have lost 7lb. dont cheat ans look at the scales until your 3 days are up. good ,luck i’m going back on it to get rid of my christmas fat ha ha xx

  104. chantelle

    can you snack on fruit in this diet?????

  105. Sophie

    This diet is just one day out of the 3-Day-Diet ( )

    Anyway, Im glad to see this diet has worked great for nearly everyone on here 🙂

  106. Anonymous

    Can I still train during the diet?

  107. Angela

    This diet does work – my Dad has lost nearly 3 stone in three months. I am doing it now just as a kick start diet plan

  108. Minny

    any substitute for beetroot and cheddar cheese? pls help! i’m trying to lose another 7lbs in a week for a party!!

  109. Lauren

    Both my Mother & I have lost heaps on this diet. It’s the chemical reactions of the foods, which help you lose weight. Drink lots of water, and there are no limits on tea or coffee. Our lovely herbal teas get us through the day!
    Day three of the first week is the hardest, but stick in there! I find if I can keep myself busy, and hydrated, I can ignore and food cravings.
    This diet is not recommended for people with organ issues. Your doctor is supposed to recommend it to you, so if you have your suspicions, don’t do it without consulting your GP first – common sense, people!
    Best of luck!

  110. Mickuk

    Hi, my girlfriend wants to start this diet but unfortunately she cannot stand beetoot – can anything else be substitued for the beetroot. Thanks a lot

  111. Joanne

    This diet isnt healthy or practical. After the three days, you have only really lost fluid (which you would loose when you start any diet that includes eating healthy and exercise). Would you really like to eat this sort of diet for any longer than the three days??? No? Didnt think so.. so you will more than likely give up after a few tries.. And you will put the weight back on.

    Enough with the quick fixes when you are looking for permanent results. If you really want to loose weight you could go down a far easier route and just eat healthier. Its much simplier when you think about it.

    I know what its like though.. iv tried this diet too.. out of desperation. It did work, the results were great. I was suddenly in love with the weighing scales. But after a few days i wanted to throw them out the window. The diet plan repulsed me by just thinking about it.

    I have since started to eat healthier (im no angel.. believe me!!!) and i hardly exercise.. but i have managed to loose 4 stone in just over a year. All you need is support and knowledge. Which i was lucky enough to get.
    I would encourage everyone to try to eat healthier.. for your own good.

    Good luck xx

  112. John

    Hi all, I have done this diet in the past and found it very successful. I have lost the meal plan so would appreciate someones help thanks

  113. Anonymous

    ………about 4oz Peter.

  114. peter

    due to the various size of cups in my house and probably stupidity for asking the question i was wondering how much is a cup, as a measurment

  115. charlie

    on day one cant wait to see the result,done this diet 7 year ago and lost an amazing 16ilb in 6 weeks.send u update in 3days.

  116. Linda

    Now in my 4th week and have only lost 6lbs in total. This diet is rubbish!!

  117. Jodie

    Hiya Guys n Gals! Been told by so many ppl about this diet and the grear results they have seen, Ive been quite lucks as to the fact that i dont mind any of the food… But just wish u could eat more of Have always been a lage girl ,but really has got to the stage where my weight is making me unhappy, So willing to try anything! This is my first day today just had lunch and feeling great! Anyone else starting- I wish u all loads of uck and ill be back in 3 days with an update!! Byee!

  118. maggie

    On day 2 of the diet and boy am i hungry but hopefully it’ll be worth it, weighed myself at the end of first day and lost 3 pounds yee ha.

  119. julie

    starting diet this morning,just had my breakfast. carnt wait to see the result, i did it a few years ago and lost weight about 5lb at a time i was 9 1/2 stone then but put on weight as i have stopped smoking and i am finding it hard to keep the weight off. i go to gym 4 time a week and eat realy well, i think i need a kick start. hope it works. keep you updated.

  120. SUSAN

    Hiii sorry for the late post. after my 1st 3 days last week i lost 7 lb! which i was really pleased with!!I didnt feel hungry on the diet, knowing I was loosin weight each day helped with that too i think. I’m doin it again this week and am just finishing day 1, i will post again after day 3 and see if my second week was as sucessful! i hope so…fingers crossed 🙂

  121. kelly

    starting this diet tomorrow. keep you updated

  122. kelly

    Can you do this diet, even if you are not overweight?

  123. Tanya (Ireland)

    Well,my partner lost 11Ib within the first wk,but i’d say thats because he goes to gmy 6times a week, i haven’t weighed myself but I feel a lot lighter,weighing mysely 2night.I go to gmy 4-5times a week. I will update u later

  124. Linda (Wales)

    Now on my 15th day. Have followed the 3-day diet twice in the last 2 weeks and eaten very sensibly the rest of the time. No dramatic weight loss as I had expected but to date have lost 4lbs. Can’t understand how some people are recording dramatic results after only 3 days. I think they must be fibbing!!!!!!

  125. SUSAN

    Hi started this diet and just finished 2nd day. Ive done it before and lost roughly 5lb doing it but didnt stick exactly to the plan, lack of will power then. This time im sticking exactly to the plan and so far at the end of day 2 i have lost 5lb so im very happy. I will leave a post thursday with final weight loss and if i loose more than 8lb i will be repeating it again next week 😀

  126. kellie

    i used to weigh 10 stone atfer i did this diet for a year i am now 5 stone! i did it on and off! i feel great! i love it! i never liked beetroot but you get use to it!! its only for 3 days a week! all my friends and family tryed it! i used to be a size 16 now im an 8!! woop woop go me!! (ps im 17 today!!!)

  127. Linda & Brian

    Hi, i tried this diet years ago and it worked really well lost around 8 pounds. Now Hubby and I are going to try it again (too many cakes LOL). Hubby has a REALLY short attention span for dieting so i’m hoping he can cope with 3 WHOLE DAYS !! HA HA

  128. Kathryn

    25th Sept 08 – Forgot to update. Lost 7lbs in total over the first three days.

    There’s no magical formula, the foods aren’t specific cos they “react together” it’s just very low cal. It worked for me even though I swapped lots of foods for ones I prefer and ate more than it says. So if you try it and start feeling unwell – eat more! :o)

  129. Linda

    Did 3-day diet and ate sensibly for rest of week. After 7 days I had lost 3 lbs. Now on my 2nd week of the 3-day diet.

  130. Kathryn

    23rd Sept 08 – Day 2 is done and I’m just rubbish at sticking to this! I expect it’s just too restrictive as I caved and ate a Kit Kat plus extra crackers. But seeing as I’ve weighed myself today I thought I’d still share my results:-
    Breakfast – 5 crackers (Jacobs square ones), apple, small chunk cheddar cheese
    Lunch – Boiled egg on dry slice wholemeal toast
    Afternoon Snack – More crackers and a 4 fingered Kit Kat, half a large satsuma
    Dinner – Just had half honeydew melon and pineapple yoghurt
    Drink-wise I’m having around 2.5-3 pints of water plus one decaf tea. I haven’t done any strenuous exercise yet, just a 20min walk to the shops and back each day plus 15 mins light dancing on day 1.
    This morning another 3lbs has gone.

  131. Kathryn

    22nd Sept 08 – Have managed one day although it couldn’t go to plan because I needed to go shopping. I had:-

    Breakfast – Some M&Ms left over from the night before (oops)
    Lunch – Boiled egg on half a toasted muffin
    Dinner – One tin of mackerel, beetroot, honeydew melon, pineapple yoghurt

    This morning I’d lost 3lbs.

  132. Kathryn

    21 Sept 08 – Going to give it a try. Currently 14st 13lbs

  133. Tony

    I tried it for 3 days and lost 8lbs great stuff

  134. Linda

    16 Sept 08. Starting this diet for the first time tomorrow. I like all the foods on offer so don’t think I will find it too difficult. Will report back on progress.

  135. Julia

    A starvation diet that is carb heavy and everything else light. Heart disease on a plate.

  136. Liam

    IT WORKS…….I find that doing the second and third day ( coz cant stomach the first day ) I still loose the same amount of weight as doing three days….TRY IT OUT!!!

  137. louann

    not hungry on this diet but cant get rid of my craving for somthing sweet after my lunch.

  138. Sar

    Does anyone know a vegetarian version of this? I do eat fish?

  139. oz

    hi there can you start the diet on tuesday instead of monday?

  140. sarah

    Do you have to have a BMI higher than 25 for this to work?

  141. Jacks

    1st day today and its now the evening and I am starving!!! Have not had my apple yet so will munch on that soon – enjoyed the ice cream tonight! Weighed in a 10st 9ibs so will let you know how much I lost on Thursday (If i can keep to it!!

  142. Shez

    Feel a bit hungry on day one, but coping. A friend lost 15 kilos, another 12 kilos. They look great. So hopefully I will too. I don’t do melon so I got strawberries instead. I’d like to lose 10 kilo.

  143. Jackie

    Me and friends are going to be starting this at work on Monday – Will let people know the outcome. Thought that it doesnt look too bad as I like everything on it but I dont know how I am gonna cope without my milky tea with sugar on a Monday morning!!. Will update next Thursday

  144. claire

    this never really worked for me before but i am 2 stone heavier now.will it work this time?

  145. cheryl

    hey i have done this diet and it really dose work its the best diet i have ever done! top marks from me!

  146. Rebecca

    Hey fellow dieter’s. Am currently 9st, 5oz and have just completed day 1 of the three day diet. Pleased to say I’m not hungry. My skinny jeans are eager in anticipation at the prospect of being worn! A question to those who have completed this diet before; will the weight stay off after completion and having returned to a sensible balanced diet? (Hope so!)

  147. Bex

    Hey fellow 3 day dieters! I am 9st 5lb’s and am on day one of my three day diet. I have heard that this diet works on a chemical breakdown basis-doe’s this mean that I should eat each element in exact order? (ie; drink my black tea before eating my grapefruit and so on) Also, a question to those that have tried the diet; After the diet is complete and you resume a healthy balanced eating pattern, does the weight go back on you? If so, surely this diet is only shedding excess water rather than fat? I cant wait for day 3-my skinny jeans are winking at me in anticipation of good things!! Good luck every1! x

  148. SM

    Can’t physically eat tuna without “Gipping”, has anyone ever substituted tuna for chicken with the same results in weight loss?

  149. brian

    been on it once and lost six pounds plus .it does work well but you must have plenty of water.doing it again a week later knowing it works and the hunger pains are worth putting up with.going on holiday next week feeling much happier about myself.

  150. Alex

    Hi! Everytime I have done this it has worked really well. The initial couple of times I had lost 10 pounds exactly. If you do it very often the amount you lose may be slightly lower but still significant. It is also very important to drink plenty of water (10 glasses per day). This of course adds to the diets success, flushes out the toxins produced and makes sure you do not dehydrate. Also in order for this diet to work you have to follow it exaclty which means no food substitution. I have actually spoke personally to a member of staff belonging to the British Heart Foundation in regards to this diet and without going into alot of longwinded detail, the way in which the diet works, is that it causes a chemical breakdown of fat in the body. The combination of the specific foods in the diet causes this to happen that’s why it is so important to stick to it perfectly.
    It is not the easiest of diets but it is safe as long as it is not done continously and the results are good.

  151. Suzy

    I’m wondering about fluid intake for these days, surley you’re allowed to drink water throughout the day?!

  152. Lucy

    I can lose or put on 1lbs or 2lbs in the sapce of a day! Ive been on this diet and have lost a couple but i wanted to see the 10lb fall off like it claims!

  153. lindy

    I did this last week and lost 5 lbs and didn’t feel hungry at all. am on it again this week but cutting out the ice cream because I have a cholestrol condition so we will see. This is much better than the previous diets which were all protein and no fruit or veg. Try it for 3 days you will be suprised.

  154. Edward

    From the review: the diet provides 700 calories. Let’s say you would normally burn 2000 calories per day. 2000 – 700 = 1300 over 3 days = 3900.

    There are 3500 calories in a pound of fat. So total fat loss over the 3 days will be around a pound.

    Weight loss greater than this is likely to be your body losing a combination of water and glycogen.

    The heavier you are, the more water and glycogen your body will contain and therefore, the greater the initial weight loss at the beginning of *any* diet. When you begin eating normally, your body will replensih these and therefore that weight will go back onto your body.

    It’s not about weight loss, it’s about *fat* loss. It’s important to know the difference.

  155. maggie

    day 1 of the diet and i am starving but exactly how much coffee can you drink ? I feel its the only way to curb my hunger. And where can saltine crackers be baught… what are they ?

  156. Shelle-Belle

    This plan goes by another name too…… Greenlane Diet


  157. amy

    im ten stone and ive been on this diet 1 day,
    i cannot see how eating ice cream is good on a diet
    but im giving a try, ill post in 2 days my end results x

  158. Anonymous

    Ok they say dont substitute any of the meals but what about us vegetarians out there?????????

    Please tell me what can I have instead of the tuna and meat

  159. Bex

    Does this diet work if you are not overweight???

  160. nicci

    anyone know if you can drink water throughout the day or only the 3 cups(1 at each meal time) that it states?

  161. Caz

    I tried this yrs ago and i was cheating whilst on it, i was only 18yrs old and tryin to help my mum get thru it and i lost 5lb in 3days, my mum lost 7lb in 3 days. Im now 22 & ive had a baby 2 yrs ago & i weigh what i originally did but im not happy how i look so il give this a go again.

  162. demy

    i have been on a diet since march and managed to lose 1 stone 5lb,my dad was given this diet by a friend at work,and he told me about it so today i am on day 1,lets hope it works for me!.

  163. kery

    if i did this for six days would i lose double?

  164. Anonymous

    Hi hadnt even heard of this diet until last week.anyway i gave it at try .after weiging myself this morning was very pleased to find i had lost 5 pounds.will definitely be carrying on with it.

  165. Lee

    The diet I have is a 3 day diet and there are strict instructions not to substitute any of the foods in it.

    Although its a low cal diet – i think it works on the basis of the foods containing a lot of water…so substituting chicken for tuna, or some other fruit for melon will not work.

    If you are going to substitute…then reduce the quantity. 4oz chicken is not equal to 4oz of tuna.

  166. Anonymous

    why only 3 days

  167. Emma

    I have done this diet twice im about to do it again this week and the week after, just in time for my hols…first time i done it i lost 8 pound in 3 days ! the second time only about 6 but if your looking for a quick fix i would definitely recommend this diet.

  168. jess

    i have tried the diet but all i kept thinking about was food and more food so i decided to give in..but know i have read the comments and will try this diet again…wish me luck lol x

  169. chris

    I didnt lose anything and did it to the letter’ i cant understand why 4oz of ice-cream each night can I leave this out and lose more’

  170. nicki

    ive done this diet a couple of time and always works, first time i went from 10 stone to 9.6 second time similar results! well work if for a quick fix as soon goes back on!!

  171. Andrew

    We have just weighed ourselves, on this morning after three full days strictly following the diet. Results: My wife lost a total of 2½lbs. From 11.10½ down to 11:8lbs. (Strangely she did not lose any weight for her efforst on day 3, but her personal trainer said it is quite likely she will see further weight loss tomorrow) She is, nevertheless, very pleased with even this weight loss. I have come down from 17:3lbs to 16:10¾lbs. This represents a total loss of weight for the three days of 6¼lbs. Not bad. Not as great as the advertised 10lbs, but a lot more than any other diet ever achieved in such a short time. Lastly, we lost weight without any discomfort whatsoever – quite enjoyable really. So, reader, my recommendation is – go for it!

  172. Leah

    I Dont like Melon And I Dnt Really Like Ice-cream! I Could Eat the Ice-cream If I Really Have To. But Is there Any Other Fruit I Could Eat Apart From Melon?? If Any1 Knows Could They Get Back To My Please =]

  173. Andrew

    After Day 2. Somewhat disappointing results today, I’m afraid. Wife lost only ½lb and I lost 1¾lbs. I am much fatter than she is so presumably my rate of loss is correspondingly higher. Anyway, O reader, do not lose interest yet. Day two was a Sunday and the only exercise I had was getting on and off the scales. Besides Day two, I would like to believe, is where the body is looking for hidden reserves. I am feeling very light and I am sure tomorrow will produce wonderful results. Having already lost 4½lbs in just two days I am still most content. Most importantly, neither wifey nor I are suffering any pangs of hunger (so long as we do not dwell on the ffod ads which pop up on TV). Final report tomorrow, Day 3. Bye for now.

  174. Andrew

    After Day 1, my wife an I weighed ourselves. She has lost 2lbs and I have lost 3lbs. So far it is working and no real pangs of hunger yet. And no exercise!! This could be the one! Further update tomorrow.

  175. Andrew

    This morning my wife and I began this diet. I shall be incredibly strict over these three days so that i can report accurately my progress on this site day by day. I celebrated my decision to embark on this diet yesterday by eating too much so my weight loss today will probably be reduced by yesterday’s excess. My wife was more sensible so it will be an interesting comparison. This morning I weighed a disgraceful 17 stones 3lbs. I’ll be in touch tomorrow. Bye for now.

  176. Jade

    Im wondering the same about the tuna i cant eat it, should i just leave it out or replace it with chicken?

  177. Sally

    I am on this diet at the moment as i want to lose a bit before my holiday- if you skip the tuna does it matter? as i really hate tuna. is there anything i could eat in its place?

  178. Phil

    I tried the diet last year for 8 weeks of 3 days at a time and lost weight noticable. I continued to lose weight after stopping. I am now starting to gain weight and will be going back on the diet again. I recommend it. By the way I enjoyed the food and after the second 3 day diet I did not feel hunger pains.

  179. caitriona

    this is caitriona and ellen. were off to aldi now for our shopping. well check in with you all in 3 days and let you know if we lost a stone!!! bye bye

  180. suzanne

    i have done this diet 3 times, and lost 5 pound the first time, 3 the next two times, i have left it for a week this time, so hoping to lose the 5 again, wanting to lose some weight, so i can put it back on, on holiday lol

  181. john r

    I have been on this diet a few times and lost weight every time not the full ten pounds average 5-6 pound but keep cheating on the last day ,back on it again now before my check up

  182. Tanya

    Just looking for a head start in losing weight just after having a baby 10 weeks ago, need to get back into my own clothes

  183. siobhan

    i am on day 3 of this diet and i am bloody starving! i have only lost 2 and a half pounds! will it all drop off tonight?????

  184. Abi

    Im already around my optimum weight and consequently find it very hard to lose weight – train 14 hours of hockey a week eating about 1000calories a day…will this still work for me, if my normal routine doesn’t?

  185. Josie

    I am currently doing this diet and 4 oz of tuna is alot of tuna! But hopefully it will work and get me out of my poor dining ways! Keep you posted. Jx

  186. THERESA

    i hate meat and on day one you are meant to eat two slices of cold meat….anyone know if there is any substitute??

  187. Hog

    I did a similar diet, high in protein for about two months and suffered heart palpitations for a year afterwards. This outcome may or may not be linked to the diet, but I would advise caution to everybody.

  188. Serena

    I’ve tried loads of low calorie diets before- lower than this- and now i have gone back to healthy eating and I’m a healthy weight, not overweight. So does anyone know if this diet will actually result in me losing any weight? As my body is already used to low calorie diets!

  189. Lorraine

    I’ve done the diet before, and managed to lose 7 lbs in 3 days. Myself and my daughter are trying it again and although I’ve been much stricter this time, i seem to have only lost a couple of pounds in two days, whereas my daughter has managed to lose 5, and she has not been so rigorous with the diet. Its a good way to kick start your healthy eating program. What have you got to lose?

  190. Katie

    i have done this diet twice and neither time have i lost any weight.

  191. Kat

    I have done this diet quite a few times and find it works well. Obviously if you are not very overweight you will not lose loads of weight but I usually manage about 4 lbs in the 3 days. Gonna do it again next week as wanting to lose some more before my holiday! Only trouble is I dread the last meal every time. The version I have is different meals each day not the same as above???

  192. gina

    do i have to eat beetroot, cauliflower and melon?

  193. anita

    ive tried this diet, the reason, wanting to fit into a new pair of jeans and was so suprised when 3 days later could easily slip into them.i would reccomend this diet for anyone wanting to kick start their weight loss.

  194. Samar

    How long do you need to exercise?

  195. elizabeth

    This diet works for me too – every time. It is only three days and if you eat sensibly the rest of the week it does no harm. As a one off three day plan it is an excellent way to kick start or reinvigorate a long term (and therefore much slower weight loss) healthy eating plan.

  196. nicola

    this diet works my dad lost 12lb in 3 days. my mum did it to but she never suck to it so didnt loose much. my dad stuck to and never picked in between.

  197. sai

    I have done this diet loads of times, usually if I’m going on holiday or just feel I need to drop few pounds, it works everytime !! I am glad it is only for three days week though it is hard but worth it !

  198. Arianne Johnson

    I know that this diet works i have been on it and also my mum has too.