Candida Diet

candida-dietThe Candida Diet is designed to eliminate Candida albicans,  a group of toxic yeast-like microorganisms that live among many other organisms in the human mouth, throat, intestines and genital/urinary tract.

Under normal circumstances yeast live in 80% of the human population all the time with no harmful effects, as they are in balance with other bacteria.

Candidiasis (Overgrowth Symptoms)

When the natural flora in the intestinal/digestive tract fail to control the candida yeast population, “overgrowth” occurs.

Overgrowth is uncontrolled multiplication of yeast cells, resulting in various symptoms commonly termed Candidiasis or just Candida.

Candidiasis affects a wide variety of organ systems and can produce the following Symptoms:

Yeast Infections Diaper Rash Muscle & Joint Pain Canker Sores
Oral Thrush Sore Throat Sugar Cravings Brain Fog
Fatigue IBS Depression Constipation
Itchy Skin Forgetfulness Gas Abdominal pain
Obesity Headache Bloating Painful Sex

In immunocompetent persons (those whose immune system is functioning normally), any warm, moist part of the body exposed to the environment is susceptible to infection. This infection is mostly superficial, and proper treatment leads to full recovery.

In immunocompromised persons (those whose immune system has been impaired by disease or treatment), more serious systemic illnesses may occur.

Causes of Candida

  • Poor diet, an out-of-balance intestinal bacterial environment, and weakened immunity can all give rise to candida.
  • Overuse of antibiotics destroys the natural flora in the intestines that keep the candida cells in check.
  • Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, AIDS patients, infants, diabetics and others with weakened immune systems are more susceptible to an infection of candida (candidiasis).
  • Corticosteroids and oral contraceptives also upset the balance of intestinal flora.
  • Yeast cells mutate, requiring ever higher dosages of Nystatin (the anti-fungal drug), so that the yeast is strengthened and the immune system further weakened.

Candida Diet Plan

Reversing candida

  1. Detox
    The first aim of your Candida cleanse is to cleanse the system of the toxic byproducts of Candida. Fasting, colon cleansing, wheatgrass, fresh vegetable juices, plenty of water, detox herbs, exercise, and anything else that extracts toxins.
  2. Reduce the yeast population in your system
    Candida treatment must bring yeast cells back into balance. Use anti-microbial herbs and phytochemicals in formulas from your natural or health food store that include a combination of these powerful herbs, 15 days on then 5 days off, repeating as long as needed. The 5 day break discourages mutating yeast from multiplying and developing immunity to the herbs.
  3. Inoculate yourself with probiotics
    Probiotic bacteria favorably alter the intestinal microflora balance, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, promote good digestion, boost immune function, and increase resistance to infection. People with flourishing intestinal colonies of beneficial bacteria are better equipped to fight the growth of disease-causing bacteria. Lactobacilli and bifidobacteria, along with acidophilus (found in yogurt), maintain a healthy balance of intestinal flora by producing organic compounds (lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide, and acetic acid) that increase the acidity of the intestine and inhibit the reproduction of many harmful bacteria. Probiotic bacteria also produce substances called bacteriocins, which act as natural antibiotics to kill undesirable microorganisms.
  4. Improve your diet
    A diet to eliminate Candida is a long-term lifestyle – and in fact diet is your best defense against candida. Yeast loves sugar and simple carbohydrates; if you keep feeding yeast cells they will multiply, and even the best anti-microbial herbs won’t keep them in check. Eat a disciplined diet for at least 3 months, then When your symptoms disappear, you can expand your diet. But don’t revert to old habits, or the candida symptoms will quickly return.

Foods To Eat or Avoid

Foods to Avoid on The Candida Diet

Aged cheeses, alcohol, chocolate, dried fruits, fresh fruits, fermented foods, mushrooms, vinegar, glutenous foods (wheat, rye, barley), all sugars, honeys and syrups (that includes any ‘ose’, like lactose, sucrose etc), and foods that contain yeast or mold (breads, muffins, cakes, baked goods, cheese, dried fruits, melons, peanuts – although nutritional and brewer’s yeasts are not harmful, as they do not colonize in the intestines).

Foods to Eat on The Candida Diet

Vegetables (including plenty of raw garlic), protein foods (beef, chicken, eggs, fish), live yogurt cultures (both dairy and non-dairy,) @FOS@*, whey, acidophilus, @green algae@ (such as spirulina and chlorella), nuts, seeds and oils, and non-glutenous grains (like millet, rice, rice bran and oat bran).

* FOS, or Fructo-oligosaccharides, are nondigestible dietary fibers that help to keep the stomach and bowels healthy.
FOS are considered a “prebiotic” because they nourish the naturally present “friendly” bacteria (especially Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli) which help to ward off infection in the digestive system.

Supplements That Support The Candida Diet

Checkout combination products containing these herbs & supplements for natural defense against candida overgrowth and that make your candida diet more effective:

  • Acidophilus
  • Arm mesia
  • Bentonite
  • Black walnut herb
  • Bifidobacterium
  • Caprylic acid
  • Cloves capsules
  • Garlic
  • Goldenseal
  • Grapefruit seed extract
  • Oregano oil
  • Oregon grape
  • Pantethine
  • Pau d Arco
 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
  • Uden, N. V. (1960). The occurrence of Candida and other yeasts in the intestinal tracts of animals. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 89(1), 59-68. link
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  1. Ingrid Anderson

    Can you please explain why fermented foods are on the bad list? I have been drinking loads of kombucha, eating sauerkraut etc.. thinking I was building up my intestinal flora. thanks

  2. katrina

    anyone have a meal plan laid out for this diet that they can share? or know of where to find one? i do so much better with some kind of a guide or daily plan.

  3. Starla

    Thanks! I am 28/female and for the past year or so have been experiencing a slight yeast infection each month before my menstrual cycle. I was wondering if the Candida feed off of anything salty? Can I have sea salt?

    • ted

      Starla- You can have sea salt Candida feeds on sugar and thrives in more of an acidic environment. My guess would be that before your period your pH is changing allowing the Candida cells to thrive. I would suggest making some dietary changes to make your body more alkaline and to reduce the number of Candida cells in or on your body.

  4. Meghan

    Hi Cindy, the same thing happened to me two months ago,,,got bronchitis and had allergic reactions to 3 different types of antibotics I was put on. After the 3rd reaction I gave up and saw a naturopathic doctor. With the amount of antibotics I have taken in the last few years any good baterica had been completely wiped from my system and there was nothing to balance out the antibotics and yeast has been growing freely,,hence the hypersensitivity. I’m starting the candida diet cleanse and hope this will help as I am now aware that other random symptoms I am having and was ingoring are all part of candida overgrowth. Good luck! PS I never had allergies before either, seeing the naturopath and starting this cleanse is the best thing I have done for myself in a long time

  5. cindy L

    Hi ted it’s me again I was just thinking about 5 years ago I became allergic to all types of antibiotic which is scary could that have anything to do with the yeast I do not suffer from any other allergies except spiders bite which happened about 2 years ago. I brike out in hives for about 2 weeks and they believe it was from a spider bit.

  6. cindy L

    hey sorry for the duplicate but I seemed to have gotten myself in the older comments and couldn’t understand why my first one didn’t show up. Talk about being in a fog! Thanks Ted thats a relief also some sites say you can’t have fruit and some say you can is that true because fruit is important in a normal diet. I read I can Have shredded wheat but no Milk is soy milk ok and what does it taste like and what about goats milk and is mozerella cheese ok it isn’t aged but it is a milk product but so is yoguart and it is ok. I am sorry I have so many question I could go on and on hopefully someone can recommend a good book so I don’t bother you so much. There is so much conflicting info on the net.

  7. cindy L

    hi, does anyone have a book they recommend that has meal plans and recipes in it to help me get going on this diet. please let me know.Also Clinton it sounds like you are eating great food would your wife like to share any recipes and what spices she uses?

    Thanks cindy

  8. cindy L

    Hi Ted,
    thanks for being so prompt I agree it does sound to good to be true. I suppose that treelac is the same thing is it? How long do you have to be on the diet? I have read so many conflicting sites can it be cured and can you ever start to eat other things again? Also how long before I feel better some places say hours others say months I am so confused I wish my Doctor knew how to treat this!

    Sorry for all the questions but thank god I found you It is nice to be able to talk to someone about this.


    • ted

      Treelac is just probiotics so it’s not magic and you can get them cheaper from your health store. Your diet should be pretty strict for the first 60 days to eliminate the Candida overgrowth, then you can start introducing some of the foods back in slowly and see how your body reacts. People can be genetic predisposed to Candida so it will be a lifestyle change with the major factor being to stay away from sugary foods and to only use antibiotics when absolutely necessary. However, once the infection is under control you could have an ice cream or a sweet treat once a week and you probably would be fine.

  9. :-)

    Can you please post some vegetarian recipes? Thanks!

  10. cindy L

    Thanks Ted, Has anyone tried Sarah Thomas’s cure does it work? You always hear about the scams on the internet so I am a little leary. Although she sounds sincere you never know. Is it as easy as she makes it sound. I am desparate but I don’t want to be the idiot that gets duped,like you see on TV and think how could that person be so stupid.

    • ted

      Cindy, I would be leery of the programs that make it seem easy. I’m not aware of sarah thomas’s program but I’ll have to review it for my site. Rule of thumb, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Eliminating Candida is a lifestyle change and there is no magic pill or program.

  11. cindy lively

    God help me I think I have fiqured it out Thank goodness because my Doctor couldn’t! Yeast infections various parts of my body, Yeast in my ears which I told my Doctor I thought I had and she said she doubted that it was yeast so I swabed my ear and tested It myself at the vet clinic where I was working and sure enough it was positive for yeast. I have been extremely fatigued and full of gas. I went on the internet and looked up yeast in ears and found candidia I really think this is it and I have been suffering for 2 years now please help me. whaT I have read so far about the diet scares the hell out of me but I am so sick of being sick! I have also just been told I am diabetic and I have been battling depression can candida cause these?

    • ted

      Hey Cindy,

      Yeah sounds like Candida to me and the diet really isn’t that scary it’s just making some dietary changes and taking the right supplements. They’re are many great foods you can eat and you actually will be healthier overall because of it. Depression is listed as a symptom of Candida and if you’re a type 2 diabetic the Candida diet is low glycemic so it should help with that too. Best of luck and visit the partner site listed above for a lot more info.

  12. Clifton

    The Candida is not intimidating at all. Ever sine we stared it, even my wife, who does all the cooking has commented many times about how simple the diet is to follow. Also with addition of the herbs and spices, even she is impressed with what we eat. As for me, her cooking was better than great before. Now I can’t get over how much better foods taste.

    • ted

      Yeah Clifton, It’s amazing all the flavors that can be tasted when the sugar is eliminated as well as much of the salt. A Candida Diet doesn’t have to be boring at all. 🙂

  13. Jenna

    I have been suffering from a very dry scalp, frequent yeast infections, and stomach aches since this winter. So, I’ve been taking acidophilus, not drinking alcohol, and have been wheat free (almost gluten free). I figured this could be a dairy allergy, gluten allergy or a yeast overgrowth….so I started with taking wheat out of my diet a year ago (which was VERY difficult). The interesting thing that I read on this site was to stay away from moldy and aged cheese because the cheeks in my mouth had been swelling up when I ate this kind of cheese, which had never happened before. This is why I couldn’t figure out if it was a dairy allergy or not. I know how hard it is to eliminate food out of my diet, so the whole candida diet feels overwhelming to me right now(; But if it’s doable I’m up for trying it. Do you think that it’s most likely candida that is causing the problems? Do you have suggestions for sites with food restrictions with menu suggestions?
    Thank you!

    • ted

      Jenna- I think the dead giveaway is the chronic yeast infections. A candida diet seems scary but it’s not as bad as one thinks. Instead of focusing on the foods that have to be eliminated, focus on all the great foods that can be substituted or added. Actually a Candida Diet promotes over all good health.

  14. Sandy

    Please can someone tell me where I can find a detailed eating plan with menu suggestions

  15. Lesley

    Please can you tell me what I can have for breakfast, as I usually have porrige, with soya milk, also is soya milk ok. Thank you.

    • ted

      @lesley yes that sounds fine as long as you don’t but sugar in it and make sure the soy milk isn’t sweetened.

  16. Clifton

    Is there a cheese available for people who suffer from Candida?

    • ted

      @clifton You can eat cheese, just not aged cheeses or blue cheeses. 🙂

  17. Glen

    hi guys and gals, are whey protein drinks ok to drink on candida diet? i.e. the unflavoured, sugar free ones, just standard whey, as it says in the article whey is ok to eat. Also if not, how about soya protein?


    • ted

      @Glen, Whey protein drinks are fine, the ones you described (sugar free). Soya protein isn’t really recommended for guys because it can mess with hormone levels.

  18. ramon

    i just wanna know…is candida COMPLETELY curable?? I mean, i want to rid myself of this and drink beer again someday!!

  19. Clifton

    My wife started us on the Candida Diet because of the sore’s she has had on her hands for many years. Doctors were no help. During two weeks of moving our daughter into a new home, then ourselves, her hands were nearly useless. She lived on hambugers, hotdogs, pizza, and Cokes for the entire two weeks. Two and one half weeks into the diet, her hands are perfectly normal. She didn’t even do the detox. She just changed our diet to conform with “foods to eat” list. Me losing seven pounds in 2-1/2 weeks made me a believer.

  20. StephanieLR

    Cindy! Reading what you wrote about your symptoms, it sounds like it is DEFINITELY a Candida overgrowth problem. The thing that makes me almost definite is the fact that you get chronic yeast infections. That was my main symptom that caused my doctor to suspect Candida.
    I had a doctor “diagnose” me with this. It is very rare to come across a doctor that “practices” the Candida treatment, but I came across a pot of gold with this guy. I’m in Massachusetts. If you’re anywhere near me, I’d be glad to give you his name.
    The book he had me read was “Yeast Connection” by William Crook. It’s a great book, even written by a doctor, and it explains all the basics and even has some good recipes to make that will get you started on the diet. You can get this book used on Ebay or for only a couple dollars.
    Good luck with everything. 😀

  21. cindy1978

    yes.. i have checked it out and printed the list of foods ok’d for the diet. the only problem i see is that where i live (small town in texas) unfortunately the organic and glutin free choices are slim to none at the grocery stores…. anyone else finding that to be the case where they live? i may just have to grocery shop once a month at the central market an hour away…

    • ted

      Hey Cindy, yeah that is a problem. Some things can be ordered online try

  22. cindy1978

    Ok, I have been to many doctors, had more blood tests done than I can count, and all they tell me is that I must be sick in my head or because I am stressed. I am NOT imagining this.. I know my body and i know when something is wrong… after finding out about Candida on the web today, I feel for the first time like maybe this is.. finally.. the answer I am looking for. Please let me know if you all agree these symptoms sound likely to be linked to candida… gained 20 pounds in 3 months (very unusual for me), chronic yeast infections, fatigue, hives, joint pain, bleeding gums, lips swelling, and my stomach constantly “talks.” I hate to self diagnose, but i cant seem to get anyone in the medical profession to listen to me!

    • ted

      Hey Cindy,

      Sounds like Candida and since there’s no definitive test for this, the best thing to do is start a Candida Diet, try it for at least 60 days and see what it does to your symptoms. Have you checked out my website mentioned above (candidafood)?



    • ted

      An oat based low GI cereal would be the best as you should avoid gluten.

  24. Vili

    I am on the diet now to lose weight can i take vitamins or supplements because i am always light headed

    • ted

      Vili, Yes supplements are ok especially the ones that help Candida, They are listed on If you’re light headed all the time then you might want to get that checked out, you might be deficient in certain nutrients.

  25. Kimmer

    I’ve been struggling with Candida off and on most of the 54 years of my life. Was put on antibiotics for acne as a teenager (DONT do that to your kids) and also took birth control pills for many years in my 20’s and 30’s. Recently its reared its ugly head again probably due to eating chocolate and drinking coffee. Its really hard to tell what foods work best. I do best if I stick to the Eat Right for Your Blood Type diet along with NO SUGAR of any kind. I use Stevia only. I would like to be tested for food allergies too. However, I think when the Candida is flaring, we are sensitive to things we wouldn’t be normally. Its all very tricky and I hate having to be so disciplined but its just the only thing that works. Donna Gates book the Body Ecology Diet is strict but very helpful. I can’t do the Kefir thing because I don’t do dairy well, but there’s a new Kefir out made with Coconut Milk. Good luck!! Its worth it when you start feeling your energy again. For me the foggy brain is the worst part. Anyone with good recipes please send them to me at

  26. julie Thomas

    hello every body – Please help. I think i have candida, and if i can tell you symptoms please can you tell me if you think I do, It would really help because I don’t know what else to think. I have bowel problems, scaley skin all over me, sometimes itchy, head fog, sinus problem, stomach aches, feeling sick sometimes, depressed, and look bloody awful, oh and fatigued a lot of the time. Please help -julie

    • ted

      Hi Julie,

      It sure sounds like it could be Candida, You could always try the diet for a month or two and see what it does for your symptoms.

  27. Michelle

    I have for about 6 years had itching skin and fighting weight gain after having children, pre children I was 55 kgs. Last year I had a blood test and found that I was intollerant to yeast and dairy products within 2 weeks of cutting these out of my diet totally I became clear thinking and lost 4 kgs in weight, most of all my sense of wellbeing increased which has had a very positive impact on my lifestyle. My Doctor has prescribed me to have Nilstat to kill of the candida and slippery elm tablets and probiotics, this being a weed and seed process to recovery. Going really well so far.

  28. Jombo

    Me too has the same problem with candida. After 1 1/2 years of fighting with it, I discovered The Raw Food Diet “The 80/10/10 Diet” by Dr. Doug Graham. In just 1 week my symptoms gone. It’s not the sugar in the fruits that causes the Candida, its the Hight Fat Diet. Try the it for 1 month and you will see the result.

  29. Roma Simmons

    I have lacked energy for years. About a year ago I started itching and thought I had diabetes. All tests came back negative and I believe because the doc was only interested in diabetes he did not check for candida. The itch got worse and three weeks ago I found it was keeping me awake. I noticed my tongue had gone white, Bingo! I cut out sugar, coffee, alcohol, bread and anything with yeast in it. In three days I lost 3 kgs weight and had a such a sudden change in my life it feels like a miracle.

  30. Terry

    If anyone is interested, I have the anti candida diet on my blog. I also have a few recipes. I try to write what is going on with me and how I am dealing with it.
    You are welcome to print the diet if you want it.

  31. Jerry

    Jerry is very ill with candida and needs to be on a diet. He is my husband and I am trying to help him so he can start feeling like he has hope of getting better. Any encourageing words would be appreciated.

  32. Nicole

    Hi I need help! Just started the candidia diet and I’m struggling for snack food ideas. I crave sugar and need to find some sort of alternative for a snack. I’m a little confused on what I can have, if someone could suggest a great web site that would be awesome.

  33. Becky

    After a handful of doctors and blood work, I found one who REALLY UNDERSTOOD me- Thank God! I took the ALCAT test and that helped a lot because I have an intolerance to many things you can do on the candida diet. For example many recipes I have found online call for garlic, almonds or almond milk, some soy products, ect. Thanks to the ALCAT test I have a food sensitivity to Garlic, almonds, and soy so I am having to create my own meals. Not to mention the ALCAT’s 4-day rotation plan, which is helpful but difficult as I am just starting out and trying to be creative. I’m really thankful for the doctors who do take the time to listen, care, and understand….Looking forward to a long journey. All advice is appreciated!

  34. Karen

    I have found the best solution is to trust your gut, literally. This of course involves a process and experience. I have read that tomatoes are fine to eat and yet elsewhere I found they are not. I read that you can’t eat potatoes but then I read somewhere else you can eat red potatoes. I read you can eat beans but then read you can’t. I read to take apple cider vinegar but then read to stay away from vinegar entirely. Same for granny smith or other sour apples. I also read that yogurt isn’t good but read elsewhere it is. And that you can eat organic almonds on one site but another stated only sparingly and to soak them in water first.

    So, what do I do? Pay attention to my own body and determine what works and what doesn’t. Apple cider vinegar gives me indigestion but organic plain yogurt works great for me. I also don’t have a problem with beans or raw almonds, nor do I have a problem with almond, sunflower and sesame tahini butters. I’ve read that Kefir is good to drink but I didn’t think it was helpful but may give it another try considering yogurt has worked well for me. And the probiotic Threelac (or Fivelac) that everyone raves about doesn’t seem to have any impact on me.

    So again trust your gut, literally.

  35. matt

    i have it the worst i have ever had it. i just am starting to change my diet and incorporate things like aloe vera gel and coconut oil to cleanse my face and both to be taken internally as well. i am really going to limit my sugar intake and eat lean meat sandwiches on whole grain bread or have meat with whole grain brown rice and vegetables and/or black beans/ lentils, etc.

    i would like to talk to others about this. any success stories, things that definitely don’t work, etc.

    my email is:

    here’s to healthy skin !

  36. Sue

    P.S. also check out nightshade vegetables,( ie. potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, etc.) You won’t believe the nightshade connection to how you feel when these foods are eaten. The yeast problem can be connected to a variety of other digestive problems. When one part gets messed up it affects some of the others. WWW. – see page 8 – 14.

  37. Sue

    I have delt with various parts of the candidia symptoms off and on throught the years. Diet does make a HUGE difference, also avoiding antibiotics. I was recently dianosed with Celiac Disease a gluten sensitive disorder that is inherited. It is no surprise or consequence that the candidia diet includes the avoidance of gluten (wheat, rye, barley and malt – sometimes oats). Many of the symptoms overlap to candidia from the celiac and in my opinion it would be well worth the effort to check out the possible connection. The newest and most effective way to test for celiac is the stool and cheek swab test from The older blood test and invasive intestinal biopsy aren’t necessary unless you are in advanced stages. Diet is THE treatment for celiac/gluten sensitivity and it will also deal with the candidia. Check it out, you will be glad you did.

  38. Kelsey

    This is in response to Jeniffer’s comment “I wish i could find a really good Candida recipe book that isn’t a bunch of weird hocus pokus stuff. You know, quick, normal foods that everyone eats, prepared in a Candida friendly way. If anyone knows of one please let me know about it! I love to cook and I think you have to, in order to not go crazy on the diet.”

    There is a great collection of recipes online. They are advertised as gluten free, but I have found most of them to be candida-diet friendly as well. A life-saver, in my opinion. Also, any of her sweet recipes call for agave syrup, but I have found that substituting food-grade vegetable glycerin and/or stevia works great. The link is:

    My personal favorites are the sesame crackers, the flax focaccia bread, and any of the truffles.

    Hope this helps!

  39. Itchy in Austin

    Medical Tech is living in la-la-land! Sugar is one of the main problems!

  40. geoff

    kerasita (jan 10 2010)is absolutely correct in denouncing the medical ignorance expressed by Medical Tech (oct 15 2009);people who think they know it all never do. Doctors even deny the relationship between candida overgrowth and the antibiotics they love to prescribe for everything; They get their information from the drug companies who make the stuff, which says it all. Professional medics resent people doing the research they themselves are too lazy to keep up with, which is what makes blog sites such as this one so necessary. The mediocal profession doesn’t think holistically; i.e. “whole”istically – we need to address the whole organism, not merely the surface symptoms. Candida overgrowth can be triggered by a huge number of factors, in many combinations.
    Anonymous (jan 6 2010)raises a very good point often overlooked; since adrenaline helps feed candida it suggests the link between candida overgrowth and emotional stress; a self-compounding problem really, because suffering from candida is itself very stressful.
    Wishing health and happiness to all …..

  41. Matt

    So, is the spit test really garbage?, anyone?….

    • ted

      @Matt- yeah it basically is. I wrote an article about it in the site referenced below the review. Have a read and it may shed some light on my a spit test isn’t reliable.

  42. ted

    I was wondering if some of you would be willing to head over to and share your experiences with Candida to help others who may be suffering. Thanks in advance for helping!

  43. Hannah

    Hi, I have just recently begun the candida cleanse. But I was wondering are potatoes an okay food to eat? Or not because of the starch content?

    • ted

      Potatoes are fine in a limited amount, but you aren’t supposed to eat the potato skins…

  44. doris

    I would also like to add that I have not tried the old remedy gentian violet…But I am going to get that today…I can also be painted on a tampon and inserted…Prolonged use may cause cancer…so I won’t use it long,but wonder…Should I have done this long ago??

  45. doris

    I fell like I have had it for over 30 years!!! Only after too many antibiotics year before last did I begin to get chronic coated tongue. THE doc did not ever mention the possibility of candida. I had to inform him. Have been on Nystatin mouth swish,difulcan pills,and all the vaginal drugs many times thru the years. Went to a team of specialist for vaginal and anal itching out at Presbyterian Hosp in Dallas, as well as 6 other highly regarded GYNs. No one ever tested me and I developed a chronic vaginal bacteria…which I seem to have finally defeated. Boy that one has a nasty embarrassing odor…But during the treatment for this more antibiotics. NOT one doc OR DDS ever suggested that I use probiotics or eat yogurt to compensate for the loss of good bacteria…Any way I went strictly on the diet for 6 weeks and after a year I started drinking coffee! It came roaring back.and after every dental visit I get a coated tongue…maybe the floride treatment,maybe a Mercury connection…I have made them all aware,but the only help I get is online from other sufferers. DO NOT EAT SUGAR…OR ANY SUGAR SUBSTITUTE OTHER THAN XYLITOL.
    Fatty ACID is also either a cause or side effect…THAT IS why you loose weight,start to melt away the fatty acid. ONE MORE GOOD BENEFIT…IT THAT WHEN YOU BALANCE THE ACID WITH THE DIET…YOU WILL NOT HAVE HEARTBURN!!! Search out others to get advice. It seems to have a mind of it’s own and morphs to survive. Find out your personal supplement needs. I have not used the threelac because some people seem to have a worse case after the good wears off. i happen to be on the side that if it’s a possibility…I WILL get the “may cause ______”(fill in the blank with an awful side effect)! Good luck all and happy balancing!!

  46. ED


  47. efjs

    Hello, I am 28, and after 6 years of fighting with eyes swelling, scaliness, redness, and itching I think that I have finally discovered the cause, yeast. I have been to 8 doctors, all of which said contact dermatitis but I know this is not correct because I can not have anything on my face for weeks and my eyes won’t improve. All of the triggers for the yeast problem are there for me. Question…if I cut down on sugar would that help or would I completely have to eliminate all sugars from my diet? I am taking probiotics and have ordered some anti-yeast pills from a drugstore. Will these things help or do I have to do all of these things 100% to see any improvement? Thanks!

    • ted

      There is no magic pill to take..Yeast can only be controlled by eating the right diet and taking some herbs that have anti-microbial properties…..The biggest part being diet….

  48. Debbie

    Hi Everyone,

    I had serious symptoms for 2 years. I was always in Emergency at the hospital and saw all kinds of specialists. They had no idea what was wrong with me. The last specialist I saw was an Environmental doctor and he gave me my life back. Unlike all the other doctors he did not imply that it was all in my mind. He listened and then suggested I get the ALCAT test. The results of that test along with other allergy (under the skin) tests showed that I did have systemic candiasis. The ALCAT test comes with a 4-day rotation plan. Along with this plan and the candida diet I became a new person. I had never had such an amazing amount of energy before in my life. I was only on the diet for 3 months. Unfortuneately, Christmas recently went by and I had a lot of chocolate but my symptoms are not as severe as they were before the diet. I would just like to say that the diet works. Once you are finished the diet you have to always be careful but you can still eat the foods you enjoy just not all the time. Good luck to all of you.

  49. Jennifer

    I’ve been on and off the Candida diet for the past several years. I’ll start off by saying I LOVE FOOD, especially the bad stuff,like candy, choc milk, frappucinos and after this holiday season I think I learned that I could happily live off of chocolate fudge if my body would allow :o) I fell off my Candida bandwagon almost 2 years ago when i got pregnant, and I am 33 and appear healthy from the outside, but I was hospitalized 4 times last year from my Colitis and/or Inflammatory Arthritis! :o) Several years ago, for the same reasons above, in desperation, I saw a naturopath and he put me on the Candida diet. I was super strict and good on it and all of my problems went away, even my Colitis, allergies and my hair got all nice and thick and it was just really amazing how healthy I got, not to mention the dynamite body I got from the weight I lost!! (which i have since gained back because I got pregnant and went off the diet two years ago). So the diet does work, and after the first few months, it gets easy and the results you see are more than enough motivation to stick with it. But I’ll be the first to tell you it is really hard to do. I wish i could find a really good Candida recipe book that isn’t a bunch of weird hocus pokus stuff. You know, quick, normal foods that everyone eats, prepared in a Candida friendly way. If anyone knows of one please let me know about it! I love to cook and I think you have to, in order to not go crazy on the diet. I use Coconut oil for several things. Like last night I sliced chicken breasts thin, dipped in egg and rolled in batter of buckwheat flour and cream of buckwheat, then fried in a pan with butter and coconut oil. I don’t have too much trouble with meals, so I could probably give a few meal recipe ideas, but I need quick snack ideas! I never have time to sit down and eat! I am so accustomed to just grabbing a candy bar or driving by Starbucks for a Frappucino throughout the day. I have found Cashews to be a lifesaver, but I get sick of them because I eat way too many. i need more ideas of things to snack on. I was eating corn chips and cornnuts then heard corn was not good for the Candida diet! (not sure if it’s true) then I would just grab a few slices of fresh deli turkey and then I realized it has preservatives in it… grrr!! Oh, There is a company called Sami’s Bakery that makes Millet and Flax breads and “chips”. I highly recommend you all find a health food store that carries it and try it, it may be just what you’ve been needing to add in to your diet. But as awarning,if you get the Garlic Chips, they are good, but VERY garlicy. If you’re nto crazy abotu garlic,or plan on kissing anyone get the plain ones. They are bland but good. Sorta like how a potato chip is bland, but still good :o) Sooo…. any of you who have been on the diet a while or who are closely familiar with it, please give me some snacking ideas! I keep falling off the bandwagon because of a lack of good snacking foods.

  50. Zorha

    @Ted, Thanks. My grandmother and aunt both have the very same symptoms. Is that just coincidence? Neither of them have figured out what is wrong with them.

    @Christie, thanks. I had no idea I could loose weight while getting my life back.

  51. Sarah

    I’m a 20yr old female and have just been “diagnosed” with candida. I had no idea what it was and when she told me about the diet i nearly fell off my chair. After doing abit of research i have found some foods that sound quite interesting. I only have mild symptoms but i want to get rid of it for good. I’m on the pill but the natropath said thats ok-i guess it must be a mild situation. But yeah what i’m saying is the diet is not that fun. any hints? Wish you could just take something to get rid of it.

  52. Christie

    Please read the ph Miracle by Dr. Robert O. Young. It has helped me a great deal. After 2 years of SEVERE Candida this has been one of my greatest finds.

  53. Zorha

    I don’t understand where the diet is. Is there a diet to follow or just a list of what not to eat?

    Is Candida hereditary?

    • ted

      @Zorha This is just a brief overview, but you can check out the links for more detailed info. No Candida isn’t hereditary, but people who inherit a weeker immune system could be more susceptible to Candida.

  54. kerasita

    Medical Tech – are you for real? Sugar and yeast do not cause candida? WHAT???

    It is no wonder that more and more people are becoming suspicuous and untrusting of doctors, pharmaceutical companies and the medical profession in general when statements like this are made.

  55. anonymous

    Although I am constantly battling with candida myself, I have a few suggestions that may help. I am hypoglycemic, which makes it hard to have a strict diet. Hypoglycemia if not taken care of (which is usually the case) also causes candida. When blood sugar levels drop the body releases adrenaline which helps feed candida. So this could apply to anyone hypoglycemic or not. Eat every few hours so you avoid sugar spikes and keep your blood sugar level in check. Doctors argue what the effect of sugar has on candida, but I say its always good to cut sugar out anyways. I’ve heard of cases where people with candida who go on a strict diet (while taking supplements especially garlic) for 3 months and have had no problems since. Another obvious hint is if your taking an oral contraceptive get off. They aren’t good for you anyways. They have toxins and mess up your natural hormone diet. Thats all. Hope I might be of assistance to someone.

  56. Audrey

    I have been suffering more years than I can remember, thought it was yuppi flu, then glandular fever? Only treatment ever ministered is anti-depressants and multi vitamins. Heard about Candida only recently, was shocked to see that this is very possibly what I have had all these years!! I am desperate to find an answer besides starving to death…….please help!!!

  57. Hollianne

    My heart goes out to all of you who suffer with this very difficult problem. I’ve been dealing with an extreme case of Systemic Candidiasis for about 15 years now, but only discovered that it was Candidiasis about 9 months ago. At first I tried all the natural stuff – countless yeast cleanses and herbal remedies, a very strict diet, and so on. I felt great at first – like a brand new person – but after a few months the Candida became immune to the things I was taking and I got sick again. I had read a lot about a product called Threelac but it was a little too pricey for my budget. In desperation, I ordered a box and I cannot even begin to tell you how much better I feel. The best thing about this product is that I don’t have to be quite as strict on my diet. I honestly feel this is a miracle product. I encourage you all to at least research it. There are many websites that offer it but I go through It’s not cheap but I’ve learned that you can’t put a price on good health. Good luck to you all, I wish you the best. 🙂

  58. Gena

    Hello, I’ve suffered with Candida problems now for 31 years and really I’ve had enough. I’m taking Caneston type (vaginal) products most months. I mentioned this to my GP a couple of weeks ago. He suggested that I start using a product called Acijel – but unfortunately the manufacturer has only just stopped producing it. Its made me cranky that there has been a partial solution all this time and now it’s gone. So I’ve got to the point where I realise that it’s up to me to change myself radically. The Candida diets appear to be really restrictive, the nasties are everything that I love. For the last year, I haven’t had any alcohol and I don’t crave Chocolate anymore, but I love cheese, pasta, rice, fruit, and sweet things. I have a very physical job as a Garden Centre owner and am fairly fit – apart from 2 x knee reconstructions and spinal surgery – but thankfully my weight is under control due to the amount of heavy exercise I do each day. Another problem I’m facing is cooking for my family – I don’t think that they’ll happily accept having their menu reduce so much. Has anyone worked through this? I’m now to the point that I’m going to go to a Naturopath to investigate other options. I’m sorry for venting, it feels as if I’m reaching the top of my patience and I really want to feel well. I’m sure that this journey has to have a positive outcome. I’d love to hear from you, my email is Cheers, Gena

  59. Bridgette

    Re: Message from Lesley.
    I too, like yourself have had all the symptons of Candida though Dr’s and specialists have said that its not Candida. If or when I eat anything to do with Yeast I get a reaction (though in hours / next day) that lasts for at least 4-6 weeks. I suffer with itchy skin and rashes on my face. Unusually only to my face, and over the years (8-9 yrs) now have very scarred skin. Like you food can be difficult and very bland and boring and eating out can be a complete nightmare!!!!
    I had an intolerance test which confirmed my problem but Allery specialists and doctors can’t confirm it as Candida. So getting any help there is a complete no no as I have found out after going back and forth to see them at various hospitals.
    So what advice is out there???
    Can anyone shed some light on this please?

  60. lynna

    I am also curious what Medical Tech recommends. I went without sugar for five months and without any infections. I drank one Chai tea from Starbucks and had THREE infections within 24 hours after being fine for five months. I didn’t know the Chai had sugar in it until AFTER the pain started (I called Starbucks to verify that I had been misinformed when ordering my drink).

    How does the medical community explain that?

  61. lesley

    hi. Can you tell if the spit test in water really works. I did it the other day and if you hav cloudy saliva with long streaks in it there’s a chance you have it and mine was like that but is it true?

  62. lesley

    I am a 20 year old woman nd for about 7 month now hav suffered nearly all the candida symptoms. I don’t no what to do and I feel so exhausted at times. At first I thought it could be something else but then read in the paper a whole page about candida and it matched my symptoms perfectly. I went through alot of stress with my last boyfriend and that’s when it started to kick of, just wondering if he could have caused this. After months I’m now finally seeing a specialist and I have explained all my symptoms to the doctor and asked if it could be candida but the doctors seem ignorant at the fact and my social life has went down hill and I even started getting depression. I have cut out all sugar and yeast and I’m sick of not eating normal, can’t I take something like a supplement that lets me eat what I want. . Any advise will be much appreciated

  63. Anne

    My sister did this diet and it worked great!! she loved it, it has been a couple years so she wants to do it again!!

  64. Anon

    Hi Medical Tech, seeing as you’re a medical worker, what do you suggest for Candida sufferers?

  65. Medical Tech

    As a Medical worker, I can safely say that a ‘spit test’ to check for systemic yeast infections is complete garbage, and that dietary yeast and sugar intake in NO WAY affects yeast infections throughout your body. This is a guarantee. Ask any real physician with a real medical degree.

  66. Mkelley

    I have fought Candida for years. I went to a very good Naturopath years ago who put me on to Candex. She said it seemed to help about half of her patients. I started taking it, and it was immediately obvious that I was one who would benefit. I started out with the recommended dose, and it made me want to sleep all the time. I cut back the dose, and I have been on it ever since. I have gradually gotten better and better. Candex is supposed to dissolve the cell walls of Candida, and it must really work in some people. Most of my symptoms, which were horrible at one time, have gone away, and I feel better at 55 than I did at 35. I must have had a terrible problem, since it has taken years to resolve it.

  67. margie altman


    i’d like to speak with others that have Candidia and have been fighting it like myself. I’ve been on the diet for 18 months and i dont seam to be getting any better. My email is

  68. trisha

    i am so frustrated about Candida… I have rectal issues, burning and itching for 1 year… just now Have I done the spit in the water test and found that I have a serious case of Candida… been taking a couple things from the natural foods store but feel like i need some Miracle to get rid of this… any suggestions would be welcome

  69. Brooke

    In response to the July 21, 2009 entry — I completely feel your pain. I have experienced Candida issues for about five years now and I’ve tried this and that diet and researched online and read books and gone back and forth. It’s exhausting. One thing I recommend is FC-Cidal by Standard Process. It’s an anti-fungal supplement. That has seemed to have helped me out a great deal. Several visits to my holistic chiropractor have also helped me out – stress relief, regulating my digestion process, gallstones, emotions, etc. I think it’s important to get our entire body back into balance…even though it’s hard not to focus on getting rid of that plaguing yeast. I will admit that I still crave sugar and find it hard to lose weight. I still lack motivation at times and have started seeing a Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) doctor – something to look into. The struggles of Candida can drive a person mad. Trying to obtain any and all resources to cure yourself can make you even more stressed. It’s a slow and steady process. However, I believe that getting better on various levels is possible. I no longer have the gas, bloating and yeast infections. I haven’t found the cure-all yet. I do appreciate the small successes I have obtained. I hope this information may have helped out a small bit or even brought you comfort. It’s an everyday journey and I wish you well.

  70. Colon cleasning

    People must know about this information. Candida problem is very common among people of any age. So this kind of information can be helpful.

  71. A.

    I am starting an elimination diet (veggies, wild-caught fish, some grains, some legumes -such as mung and adzuki- & sprouts), refering to candida diets, too. I have had problems for about 9 years and have tried various ways to heal, including taking sugar out of my diet… that was years ago and I still have it. I hope this time around will really be a winner!!! My obvious problems have been chronic vaginal issues (yeast and bacteria), and I could also improve my mood. Do you think green tea is okay to drink? -I have enjoyed caffienated beverages so much, and am taking out black tea and coffee, but am unsure about green tea. What about kombucha- does anyone with candida have experience trying this stuff out? Also, does anyone have any suggestions on sodium intake? What do you add to your food to add flavor? THANKS!!! I had a holistic doctor years ago tell me to take chromium to help with sugar cravings… It might have helped, but I know stopping the sugars really did it, too! I’ve been taking one probiotic from my fridge each morning for the past years, but have recently upped that to two in the morning and two at night. Are there any amounts of probiotics that seem to have made a giant difference for you? All this does get very confusing– what works for one might not work for another, and some resources don’t match others. Any candida diet books you’d recommend?
    Good luck to all!

  72. CC

    I can identify with so many of these entries. I am 29 and started experiencing these symptoms 2 years ago during a very stressful separation from my husband. I have also had numerous blood and stool tests to find the cause of my complaints that have all come back negative. I do not have any autoimmune disorders that I know of. Can severe prolonged stress really cause this imbalance? Has anyone else had this experience?
    I tried the Body Ecology Diet from March to June and was successful until I went on vacation and couldn’t get back on board upon my return. I had lost over 10 pounds and most of the symptoms became mild. However this diet was too strict and then I would binge on sugar once a month and could never experience the “die off”. I found that vodka and club soda with lemon was the least reactive for social drinking with friends.
    The symptoms are back along with slight toenail fungus, and it is hard to take. I see my friends eating pizza, drinking wine, getting pedicures, and I just want to be with them again. I feel like they think I am crazy. I ordered ThreeLac and two cookbooks and am looking forward to their arrival. I am also going to see a set of doctors who recognize Candida and hoping for help.
    Will this condition ever go away? Has anyone had problems with kidney stones with a possible link to Candida or vice versa?

  73. Tweeky

    the country i live is a tiny island & has no health store and no herbs as such. we import only main foods so what kind of candida diet can you suggest.

  74. Brenda

    I was just diagnosed with candida but have had yeast infections on and off for a while now… I’m wondering if i’ll be strong enough to go through with this diet but like many of you, i’m happy to know what’s causing my obesity inspite of all my efforts to lose the weight…I would appreciate it if anyone could give me an example of their diet. thanks

  75. Kelsie

    I have not tried Candida but I am thinking about it.. but I dont even know how to go about shopping for the foods.. also, is it expensive because college kids can’t afford much 😛 lol*

  76. hen

    What a great site! so good to know i’m not suffering alone!

  77. Katrina

    Hi There

    I have been a long term suffer of candida albicans, the last 10 years at least. A few months ago I was in a health shop with a friend and found a brochure for ‘Yeast Fighters’ a supplement for fighting yeast infections. Having been a person who does not like taking pills I read up on the ‘candida diet’ that was in the brochure. I decided to give this a go. I also decided to get allergy tested to se if I could control this by diet alone.

    I started on the candida diet and 2 days into the diet my yeast infections were gone, for the first time ever it went away purely by diet alone. I had taken every prescription medicine on the market to cure my thrush, taken double doses even and nothing worked. I have bleed internally from the infections as they would get that bad. I had even resulted to inserting a clove of garlic every 4 hours (yes this sounds odd but it really works!) My only problem there was that after I stopped doing it the next day it would be back.

    After having allergy tests done 7 weeks ago I found out that in addition to the candida diet that we are all trying I also had to had allergies/intolerances to the following.

    – White sugar
    – All dairy
    – Chocolate
    – Hazel nut
    – Plums
    – Greens Beans
    – Capsicum
    – Mixed candida
    – Grapes
    – Peas
    – Chicken
    – Aspartame
    – Sulphites E220-E223
    – Cat hair
    – Pine
    – Shellfish

    Well you can imagine my reaction as half the above foods were what I was eating now I was on the Candida diet. However I was determind to make it work. The next things was the part where I was told not only do I need to exclude the above food but that I need to do candida for 2 years and also take a selection of vitamins daily etc to aid the process.

    After hearing that I was thinking that this was crazy! So I got a second opinion. The second opinion let me eat either 1 apple or pear daily and also said I was allowed chicken, so long as it was free-range and organic. But there was more supplements I needed to take also.

    Now each day I have 2 supplement powders I make into a drink ‘super reds’ & ‘super greens’ which is a large mixture of herbs, vegetables, fruits and minerals that I will admit at first tasted fowl but now can be drunk without having another drink on had to wash it down or having to hold my nose and skull. Along with the two drinks I have daily I am still taking an extra 18 vitamins/tablets a day. Things like aloe vera, probiotics, magnesium, calcium, vitamin C (sugar free)and a product called ‘CanAid’ it’s a NZ product to fight yeast infections as diet alone can not kill it. I joke and tell friends that if they shake me I’ll rattle. But after working out a routine for taking these it’s now part of my daily life and do it without thinking.

    My other concern with this diet was timing, moving country, and a new partner. I had just mastered the food labels and knew what brands I could and couldn’t eat. Now all these new foods, reading labels on everything again to see what I can and can’t eat. Secondly trying to explain to my boyfriend that I was a real difficult eater, but not by choice. Luckily for me he has been the best, yes he still makes his favourite chocolate pudding for dessert each night (for him of course, not me) but he cooks me meals I can eat and if he’s not sure he asks. Sure he might drown his steamed vegies in tomato sauce at the table too, but having someone who you can eat a meal with and not have to make seperate ones in great.

    I’ve now been on this ‘lifestyle’ change for 2.5 months and sure I have the odd craving still and occasionlly may fall of the wagon but I have been on this diet 98% of the time. Being told I was allowed to drink my vodka and soda (with lemon, not lime) in moderation was great to hear also.

    If I can do it, you can do it too and just remember you may have had this problem for years so do no expect this diet to make all those long term problems disappear in a flash. Remember good things take time, much like that wine and cheese we can no longer eat.

  78. Joan

    Im hapy coz im not the only one suffering from this. I had this problem since 2002. I hav been wonderin wat to do. Pliz advice me on wat to do n ta diet. Hop 4 ta best.

  79. agnes

    I am new to this site. What kind of the test you need to do to check if you have candida? I have extreme difficulty loosing weight so I am willing to try this diet. I also have a severe panick disorder and anxiety so my diet should be protein-based. Has anyone suffers from similar symptoms? Is it possible that candida causes it? I also have a recurrent fungus on my toe nails. Please get back to me.

  80. Catherine

    This is now my second time on the candida diet and, really, I know this sounds crazy when you’re just starting out, but it’s not all that bad. The really difficult part is changing your eating habits but that’s also the most exciting part. I can’t tell you how much I learnt about my body and nutrition doing this diet to the point where I changed my eating habits for the better for good.

    The chocolate cravings go within a week or two (interestingly I read somewhere that your body has a one week food memory – i.e. it will crave what it has tasted in the previous week) and with a little perserverance you’ll start to find that you feel too good on the diet to want to touch the junk food.

    The diet I followed was not as strict as many I’ve seen on the web. It worked for me – in fact I was candida-free within 2 months despite having been told I should follow the diet for 3 months – but I can’t vouch for anyone else’s success. I was allowed fresh fruit in moderation (2 portions a day) except melons and grapes if I remember rightly. Absolutely no sugar or sweetners of course although I would occasionally allow myself a little fructose (e.g. in homemade scones) if feeling desperate. Grains were restricted but not forbidden, likewise with dairy. I took a caprylic acid formula and probiotics.

    As for alcohol, wine and beer were absolute no-gos (which for me was probably the hardest bit of this diet) but certain types of spirit were ok. I can’t remember exactly the rule but I know that vodka and gin were allowed (of course in moderation and I tried to avoid alcohol unless at a party or special occasion). Problem with vodka and gin is finding a candida-ok mixer but I was ok with a little freshly squeezed OJ in vodka or, a personal favourite, vodka with freshly squeezed lime, fresh mint and soda water to make your own version of a mojito (even my non-candida friends love this one!). I was advised that the very occasional glass of real champagne is ok (apparently it’s brewed in a different way to wine). It’s a tough life!

    Here’s a couple of ideas for candida-ok meals (based on the diet I followed). I tried to limit carbs to one meal per day and preferably not in the evening. I haven’t had any complaints on these meals from my boyfriend either although occasionally I’ll add a couple of potatos or bread to his meal where I’ll just take an extra spoon of veggies.

    – Fresh fruit with a couple of spoonfuls of natural probiotic yogurts and seeds
    – Egg or tofu fried rice (using brown basmati)
    – Spinach and ricotta omelette
    – Poached egg with grilled tomatos and witled spinach
    – Buckwheat blinis with scrambled egg (these blinis are great as a bread substitute and buckwheat is gluten free)

    – All sorts of salads with seeds, fresh herbs and olive oil, lemon juice and S+P dressing
    – Polenta pizza with toppings such as roast chicken and vegetables
    – Soups (it is possible to find pre-prepared soups without sugar or yeast, otherwise make your own. Tomato + lentil is a favourite for lunch)
    – Wraps with extra salad/veg(rice or corn tortillas can be bought but check the ingredients. Otherwise, make your own)
    – Leftovers from dinner if thoroughly reheated

    – Simple panfried meat/fish with steamed vegetables is so easy and delicious and the combinations are endless
    – Spicy beef tacos with yogurt, guacamole and salsa (both easy to make yourself)
    – Risotto or paella (although this is carb heavy so an occassional treat)
    – Thai or Indian curry – make yourself with coconut milk and pad it out with vegetables rather than a large portion of rice
    – Stirfry with prawns/chicken/tofu and vegetables. I think tamari sauce (a nonfermeneted soy sauce) is ok in small quantities. Do noodles on the side for your family.
    – Homemade meatballs in tomato sauce with pasta (gluten free if necessary)
    – Salads (grilled haloumi and avocado is great, for example)
    – Roast dinner or BBQ. Hold back on the sauces and you’ll be fine. Try marinading instead
    – Generally, replace carbs with extra steamed vegetables as much as possible

    – Fruit (remember the 2 a day rule)
    – Nuts such as almonds and pecans (both very sweet and quite addictive!)
    – Polenta sticks
    – Vegetable sticks and guacamole
    – Plain kettle chips, mini popadoms etc

    In a restaurant:
    This is where is gets tricky (and very frustrating). Thankfully the very strict bit of the candida diet is usually only for a few months so I just try to avoid restaurants and prefer to host at mine where I know what’s in all the dishes.
    – I follow the “keep it as simple as possible rule” which generally means steak + chips (no sauce) or a salad without dressing (add your own olive oil)
    – Have a cappuccino instead of a dessert – the milk won’t ruin your diet but it will take your mind off what you’re missing and is actually quite sweet

    – As much bottled still water as possible (I aim for 1.5 – 2 litres per day)
    – Hot water with juice of half a fresh lemon to start the day
    – Some diets say no caffeine but I allow myself one coffee a day (with unsweetened soy milk usually)
    – Herbal teas
    – Try to avoid fruit juice (it’s better to eat a piece of fruit than have a glass of juice as the sugar rush is less intense)
    – Alcohol: occasional vodka or gin or glass of real champagne

    The real trick to doing the diet successfully is to be prepared. Think about meals and snacks in advance so that you can prepare food at home (then you know exactly what’s going in to it) and you won’t go hungry when you’re out (I try to eat 5 times a day to avoid any sugar crashes which inevitably lead to cravings). It does take more time to be this organised but you soon get used to it and might even have some fun exploring new foods and dishes.

    Good luck! If you’re just starting out you should know that you will feel and look soooo much better (think clear skin, glossy hair, shifting a few pounds without trying not to mention the energy) that foresaking a few chocolate bars will seem like a small price to pay.

  81. arlene

    hi i am a sufferer but i hate veggies if i eat them i throw i know i sound like a kid please tell me there is something else i can do and what can i substitute for bread thankyou for a lovely website

  82. jerry haggard

    helpful but I really need things laid out for me . Seems like their are some gray areas. Some are eatting this and others say no, not on diet. My problems go back 17 yrs wish me luck

  83. Diana

    Hi Todd,
    thank you for your reply however the bad thing in this diet when you go for health store and try to get your food out of there you can easly fing (gluten free) or dairy free or sugar free product but never all in one, there is a big choice of this food but when you look it has sugar or sweetner from fruits etc.. but also it’s forbiden in our candida diet!!!!!! ghrrrrrrrrr…

    It’s really hard to do shoping with this diet!
    Anyway my nutritioniste told me that white rice and corn are not allowed but flour from this stuff is ok.

    It’s good to get probiotic on a daily basis also drink apple cider vinegar (1 tblsp) mixed with pinch of baking soda and half glass of water is a great choice as well.
    Good luck for everyone..

  84. NC

    What about smoking??…

  85. tj

    I am in another spin out of candida and am always happy to know that I am not struggling with this alone. I feel bad for all who suffer the candida, my thoughts and prayers are with you. To those who are just getting info and beginning the diet, I hope it works for you and you are able to eliminate it from you body for good. For those, like me, who seem to have a chronic battle, years of having diet restrictions, cleanses, etc. stay strong and dedicated. Your body is a temple and it is worth treating it with care and respect. With that I’ll share what I know after studying candida for 10 years. Remember this is just my experience and I am not a doctor.
    *Many folks who have candida end up at some point unable to digest glutenous grains, so sticking to a gluten-free diet is best. There are very good wheat-free whole grain (rice, rye, etc.) bread options available in health food stores.
    *Avoid ALL sugar- ALL sugar- sweet fruits (listed in many posts above), dried fruits, ALL dairy except yogurt (because the milk sugar is consumed by the organisms that make it probiotic), fruit juice. Even carbohydrate heavy vegetable convert to sugar in the body- squash, beets, potatoes- not especially good if you’re in the first phase of cleaning the system.
    *EAT plenty of probiotic rich yogurt, kefir, cultured foods, salt-free sauerkraut (See Donna Gate- Body Ecology Diet!!!)
    *Drink plenty of water- it helps the body remove the toxins that will be releasing from the system.
    AVOID CAFFEINE & ALCOHOL- social drinkers beware- alcohol is sugar all of it.
    I know it is really harsh- it will feel like you can’t eat anything. YOu can eat VEGGIES- with olive oil, coconut oil, etc. You can eat raw nuts and seeds- toast yourself. Almonds are delicious- soak them in water over night to eliminate acids in the skin that make them hard to digest, then dry them and roast them- a whole new almond experience!
    Be thankful that you are as healthy as you are. Be grateful for information about your health, such as this website. Be open to the changes and transitions that come with detox. You may realize you are no longer the person who became “addicted” to daily colas, morning coffee and scones, a glass of wine with dinner, chocolate cake. You may have become comfortable in you new candida free body and mind!

  86. Katie

    It was two months ago that I started the cleansing diet. I went for a month strong, cutting out all sugar and following the guidelines strictly. My bloating disappeared and I felt better overall, but I knew that 1 month alone was not enough to get my yeast overgrowth under control. I’ve been having chronic yeast infections since I was 16, and I am now 25, so I believe that my yeast overgrowth is serious. However, after going strong for a month, I broke down and drank some wine with some friends. As some others have said, some of us are social drinkers, and I’ve been struggling with the thought of “life’s short, you’re young and should be able to enjoy a glass of wine with friends”. Ahhhhh!!! So hard… So because I drank some wine, I totally gave up on my diet as I felt I had ruined it, as we are told that we cannot have ANY SUGAR, NOTHING, that even the slightest will cause the diet to not work. Ahhhh! I was wondering that if I was extremetly strict with my eating, and enjoyed a glass of wine every couple weeks, would that ruin the diet? Or would I still be able to kill alot of the yeast, just at a slower pace? It’s very hard for me to stay on a strict meal plan, as I’ve had a previous eating disorder. I am very much an “all or nothing” type of person, and so when I “screw up” my eating, I end up going on an all out sugar rampage, rather than just continuing on with the proper eating guidelines. Any tips to help me would be much appreciated! Good luck everyone on their quest for better health 🙂

  87. Todd

    Hi Diana
    About rice and corn pasta – I have been on the diet for 2 months now and it is working well. I think if you are allowed to eat rice and corn, then you can eat rice and corn pasta. Most candida diet sites seem to say avoid rice and corn, at least initially, but I have passed the “die off” stage, and I agree with a few sites that say brown rice is OK. I think rice and corn pasta would be OK after a few weeks, at least in moderation, with lots of vegetables. There seems to be a lot of angst about what’s “in” and “out”, but I guess as long as the pasta ingredients are just “rice” and “corn” and not colours, flavour enhancers, additives, preservatives, anti-caking agents, humectants and other additives (eg SUGAR !! – and I have found sugar hidden in the most riduculous places), then it’s probably OK once you are back on the rails, as long as it’s in proportion to 75% fresh raw/lightly steamed veges, 15% proteins, 5% real yoghurt and the rest good stuff. Corn does have a fair bit of natural sugar in it, at least it is “sweet corn” and corn syrup is made from corn, so I wouldn’t eat too much if it tastes sweet. The funny thing is, once I was on the diet for a while, my taste buds adjusted and the ‘banned’ foods actually tasted bad. Too fatty and salty, and sweets have become a bit sickly sweet. Vegetables I used to think had one flavour actually have lots of flavours, and I can really taste the difference between nuts. There’s a lot of good new flavours out there even on this diet. Its a bit of an adventure trying out new things, and you can really go hunting in the health food shops, track down and capture that qinoa and amaranth bread, and take it home and smother it with macadamia nut butter and fresh berries. So much better than peanut butter and jam on white toast !!!

  88. Dave

    I just started the Candida diet because i’ve been suffering from the symptoms for about a year with several examinations by doctors etc.

    After a day off all carbs, sugar, yeast, alcohol, and caffeine, my body started to really change. I felt light headed, muffly head, and then the real ‘die off’ appeared. I had pains running down both of my legs and at the base of my spine. This lasted just over a day. I had read that this is due to the toxins gettings released too quickly. I counter acted it slightly with some orange juice however I kept on the plan. This has now completely passed and I’m still on the plan. I’m eating mainly vegetables, berries, Ryvita’s, Brown Rice and Chicken or Pork. I’m feeling a hundred times better and certainly more alert. I am looking at taking the herbal pack ‘ecobalance’ which has garlic and all the probiotics in it however this has yet to come through the front door.

    At first I wasn’t having too much fun ‘delivering the kids’ if you know what I mean but with all the fibre and everything in my system now things are flowing very well indeed. I have suffered from the squits for quite a while and today was the first day where everything appeared normal. I’m looking forward to getting a normal life back.

    If anybody has any advice on what to do next then great, please tell.

    Also, how long do I need to do this for before introducing normal food back into the mix?

  89. Diana

    Hi ABBY…
    i know it is suffering while you have to be careful of what to eat and not.

    owever I am still not sure about this stuff but I am sure that NO COFFE and all cafein beverages (I don’t know if decaff coffee is OK )

    I’ve read about beans abd cottage cheese that are OK but other sites say NO..

    That is really confusing isn’t it?????????????

  90. abby

    Seeing is believing…I’ve got oral thrush. Sores and bumps in the back of my tongue and throat. I have started the diet, but feel a little discouraged. I didn’t think this would be a life long issue. Please advise, are the following okay to eat and drink: coffee, pinto beans, cottage cheese?

  91. Diana

    Please help!!!!
    I am on candida diet…PLEASE tell me are rice pasta, corn pasta are allowed?? they are gluten free but are they allowed?
    Each site speeks different and I am getting lost!!!

  92. marlen

    Hello everyone,
    wonderfull community here!
    Kindly can you tell me when the DIE OFF SYMPTOMS will appear? after how many days or weeks?
    I am telling that because I am on candida diet and after just few days I started to feel weired feelings in my wrists bones and all my body almost, like need to press on it or something.
    is that normal?

  93. Grace

    Hello guys, it’s really comforting to see you’r not alone.
    I’ve beeing suffering since August 2008 and no doctor could know what’s wrong since all lab tests came normal, at the end they think it’s stress..BUT IT”S NOT I AM STRUGGELING HELLOOOOOOO!!!!
    I experience sudden loss of appetite with nausea sometimes and looks like my digestive system has shutdown..also irritability and emotional symptoms like feeling don and helpless also tired like exhausted fatigue.

    these symptoms lasts few days and then ack to normal, it was coming before my menstruation and when I stoped breastfeeding it starts to come anytime.

    I did my own research and found out that my Homeopath was maybe right, he said it might be candida overgrowth, since it cause like PMS symptoms and also all these underlined / undiagnosed syptoms.

    I am really exhausted of not being diagnosed, the few days when my system shutdown with my emotional feelings down and I don’t eat and loose weight …all of this made me worry.

    The thing I am not sure about if it could be candida is many people suffers from craving sweets and food but I do the opposite.. BUT I noticed that when I am back to normal I crave all of these stuff.

    The only explaination I could give myself is when I am fine and I start craving foods it gives the candida power again and then shut my system down, and hen shut down I do not eat thus i fast without intention then the candida get calm that’s why I feel good again ..and so…

    What do you think???

    PS: I did the candida home test (with the glass of water) and did it few times and always I see the negative results after spitting immediatly…so it shows that I have candida.

    What is the accurate test for this?

    Thank you for support

  94. Reina

    OK I am also frustrated since the information found on the net are various..
    Some wrote we can eat rice and other no, some wrote e can have dairy product even whole milk in moderation and other not…
    Also I would like to have information about bread, this is so difficult to deal with this dieat that’s why we really need a very accurate information.

  95. Sharon Palmer

    This is for Helena, Thankyou for your constructive comments it was just what I needed to read for encouragement and get my thinking right instead of feeling sorry for myself and concentating on what I can’t have. Onward and forward!

  96. tyna

    I am so glad to finally find others who have the same diet issues. I have been struggling for years, my candida has also caused problems with my thyroid. I lost 30 pd in KJan of this year on atkins as soon as I started eating fruit my problems returned, the weight did not, but the bloat achey brain fog triedness did I am so glad to have found this site, It has been an encouragement to stick again to my almost new way of life. tyna

  97. Todd

    I have been on the candida diet for a month now and I really notice the difference. Even one piece of sweet fruit can cause me a setback that gives me foggy brain, grumbling guts, burning tongue sensation, tense muscles, breathless (especially at night), achey joints in odd sequence, dizzy, and strangely a red face in the evening. It is hard to stick to the diet, but I am trying to be strong, to see it through. I am trying psyllium and oregano oil, MCT oil (has caprylic acid), glutamine, probiotics (lactob. acidophilus and bifidus), sacccharomyces, vitamin B, fish oil, digestive enzymes and sometimes grapefruit seed extract.
    I have heard that chromium supplement may be good for sugar cravings, I sure miss my hot chocolate, but one day, when its all under control, I will allow myself one with a side shooter of probiotics, oregano oil and garlic.
    It sure is a weird disease, too much yeast in the gut – I had never heard of it until I got the recurrent headaches, foggy brain, twitches and bloaty guts.
    My naturopath advised douoble dose of all probiotics and a few herb prebiotics to nurture the food tube. I have rediscovered home made coleslaw, and yoghurt with fresh berries is fantastic. Good luck and keep up the good fight.

  98. Natalie

    I just started this diet about a week and a half ago and am really frustrated at the different variations on each website. One site says that certain things are okay so I spent a week eating items that I should not have. I am also a vegetarian that eats fish and eggs so my options are really limited. I found out 6 years ago that I had candida in my intestines and was confirmed last year too. Now I have non stop yeast infections that are driving me crazy. I noticed that the amount of fat I have been using is high and I can not stop eating almond butter and nuts. I would like to reduce the amounts of nuts but I feel like I am starving all day. Anyone have suggestions for recipes that are compliant with the strict form of the candida diet?

  99. Elisabeth

    I am very happy to have found the underlying cause to my condition or obesity, craving, addiction. For the last 6 years I have suffered tremendously with cravings for junk foods, gaining vast amounts of weight. I have followed the Kay Sheppard food plan with great success as it follows a very similar approach to eating and yet is designed for food addicts. But know I see that it may be a greater lesson to be learned in that my body is actually it’s own worst enemy and it is not just my weak willed addictive personality but rather and illness that has been ravaging my intestines. I am grateful to have an answer now to those who ask me why I have to eat the way I do. Rather than saying I suffer from food addiction which the world still doesn’t get?! Go figure! Now I can just say I have Candida and they’ll not question it. Takes a lot of pressure off of me in explaining myself. What are some good books to read on Candida? I’m seeing a Nathuralpath Doctor who is just beginning her advice for me.

  100. Tina

    I just started on this diet yesterday with my son. He has had serious sugar cravings and I thought that this would be a short time 3-6wk “cleanse”. However, I am seeing that this could potentially be a life long committment. What type/qualifications of nutritionist, or doctor should I look for to help guide me in this venture?

  101. lener


    This is Lener.

    I can also share something. I have had candida for over 10 years and had developed all the overgrough symptoms including tibgling and burning under my thigh skin, oral rash, fuzy memory, mood swings, fuzzy eyes I had even started wearing spectacles. I was eating all the pro-candida foods… for some reason they are the ones I was cravind for but by the grace of God, I put a stop to feeding candida!!!! Since 3 months ago. I did colon cleanse for 2 months and now I do it once a week.

    This is my typical breakfast:

    Hot water with fresh lemon
    2 Carrots
    1 Cucumber
    1 soft boiled egg
    1 Glass of plain yoghurt with live lactic cultures

    Typical lunch
    Pumpkin with pumpkin seeds
    Boiled chicken (I spotted a restaurant which makes boiled (not fried) free-range chicken. I order for thigh everyday :))
    Spinach with lots of onions
    2 glasses of water

    Typical Diner (my diner is at 7pm and I dont eat beyond 8pm)
    Brown rice with lentils
    Babbage with loats of garlic and onions
    Hot water with ginger

    In 3 months I’ve lost 5Kg of weight and my facial skin has improved a great deal. I feel great!!!!!!!!

  102. Tom

    Megan, I feel your pain! I have been on an anti-candida diet for a while now but I’m really encouraged by the difference it has made to my health.
    Here’s some tips I have learnt which might just keep you sane:

    1. Apple Cider Vinegar – encouraged on an anti-candida diet. Perfect for your salad dressings (add a pinch of sea salt, olive oil and a bit of lemon juice too)

    2. Xylitol – a life saver if you get those sugar cravings. Quite pricey but tastes just like sugar and can be used in just about any recipe that that you would usually put sugar or honey in. A recent report suggests that consumption of xylitol may help control oral infections of Candida yeast.

    3. Lemons – Lemon tea is excellent first thing in the morning.

    4. Grapefruit – I find works as a good substitute for the other sweeter fruits i can’t have. You can always add a little xylitol to it if to make it sweeter.

    5. Snack on seeds – always take a container of sunflower and pumpkin seeds whenever you go out anywhere. Hunger cravings can be really strong when you have candidiasis.

    6. Raw Nuts – great for when you are travelling.

    7. Vegetable (raw) juices – Juicing is excellent for getting a good hit of vitmains and minerals and has made a massive deifference to me.

    8. For protein you can have Fish, Eggs and White Meats at dinner times. King Prawns are great in stir fry’s.

    9. If on occasions you get a craving for chips/french fries, make some in the oven instead and flavour them with a little sea salt and some apple cider vinegar. (only occassionaly)

    10. If you can’t tolerate gluten but you still opt to eat grains then go for: quinoa, buckwheat (great for pancakes), brown rice, millet & amaranth.

    11. Brown rice – a god send! Tastes better than white rice and is alot healthier for you.

    12. If you really miss milk then try organic soya milk.

    13. Experiment with Lentils and Chick Peas – they make great lunches.

    14. Buy an anti-candida cookbook, there’s loads on amazon!

    15. Coconut Oil – Use it to make Stir fry’s. It’s the ONLY oil worth using for frying.

    16. You can make alternative baked beans by using harricot beans, chopped tomatoes and a sprinkling of xylitol

    17. Vegetable chili’s with lots of beans are good

    18. Ackee and saltfish is also good (jamaican dish)

    19. Avocado’s are really good to improve salads

    20. As a dessert alternative have – Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries

    The bad news is that initially you will look at people eating pizza and chocolate and drinking alcahol and get jealous. Be strong!!
    The good news is that after a while of eating properly your taste buds will adapt and you will lose all of those addictions to junk food and will feel good about your diet.
    Plus your energy levels, skin, arthritis, digestion, moods will all improve.
    If you get down (which you will now & again as depression is a candida symptom) take omega 3 capsules to improve your mood.
    Good Luck!

  103. gail osborne

    Megan, just give it a try. After you see how much better you will feel (if indeed this is the cause of your problems) it won’t be hard at all. It takes a few weeks to get over the desire for carbs and sugar, but hopefully you’ll be feeling so much better that you won’t give it a second thought. Once it’s under control you will likely be able to add in a little fruit (sparingly) and whole grains. You can cook meals that work for all of you and then just add in a side dish of potatoes or bread for the family. There are lots of good low-carb diet books out there, like South Beach Cookbook that will amaze you. Have faith.

  104. Megan

    I just found out that I have to get on the candida diet due to multiple auto immune issues such as psoriosis and arthritis, among others. I am reading this stuff and I’m in tears. I expected to have to cut out sugar and maybe even gluten but I didn’t expect to have to cut out things like fruit…which are natural, and vinegar, which is of course in salad dressings that I make homemade because that’s the only way I like to eat raw vegetable. I’m thinking that there is NOTHING I CAN eat!! I’m very discouraged! I have a husband who eats terribly and two young children to feed also. My husband is supportive of me going on the diet but I guarantee he is not going to give up the foods he loves like bread and potatoes!! I’m just really discouraged! What I need now is suggestions on what I can eat that actually tastes good!!

  105. Jennifer

    I have a question for those of you who have been on this diet sucessfully – is there an alternative to alcohol? I am a social drinker and am sad to think that my days/evenings of fun are over completely???? Has anyone experimented with this? I know that at first – when there are symptoms – that you should be strict….but what about when on the “maintenance” diet? I guess there is always pot 🙂 just kidding (I think)

  106. ckw

    I just started this diet – but my sis has been on it for a month or so now. We received a list from the doctor as to which foods you can and cannot eat.

    You can eat bread – but it is homemade almond bread you make yourself (has almond flour – which is just crushed up almonds). Anything corn you can eat as well (unless of course you were tested and have a high allergy to corn)- so if you can find organic corn tortilla wraps – you can have that.

    We are allowed fruit as well – 2 servings a day – but NO grapes, raisins, dates, prunes and figs – nor canned/dried fruit. Complex carbs you can have, but must limit to 15 grams per meal (rice, buckwheat, barley, millet, whole grain oatmeal).

    I am excited to start this – but am nervous it will be a hard diet to stick to later on – only the alcohol part as that is my “social” outing. I love to eat healthy – so the eating part does not worry me – but I do crave sweets – so I am sure I will eventually miss that and milk products.

    Good luck!

  107. nasrat

    I always used to have burning genital and urethral area and need a long course of antifungal to get better.Since 1 month since i am having burning feet,hands body and genital area, diagnosed as candida vaginitis.I have diarrhoea on a off.Headaches,bloated stomach ,generalised itching all over the bidy etc.Just recently i read about gut candida etc and i feel thats whta i have.
    Will start candida diet and supplememts and will inform you what happened next.

  108. Helena

    PS Don’t even eat apples to begin with!

  109. Helena

    I’ve been dealing with wheat intolerances and Candida symptoms for a long time. Its very simple. Its frustrating and annoying but its very simple. You have to go back to a fresh Vegetable and meat, fish or pulse diet. With NO breads. Cut out ALL sugar. ALL SUGAR. No fruit ( i do have an apple a day too but thats it) Look on packets don’t eat ANYTHING with the deceptively named other hidden sugars in. Preferably just cook your own food and avoid packet or processed food altogether. When you have cut out all sugar – forget natural sweeteners – they are sugar too and the artificial stuff is so bad for you. Just deal with it – cut it out. After a while you stop craving it and you will find that sugar is extremely sweet. This is harsh but true. If you don’t do this you’ll get into a cycle of sort of doing the diet – denying yourself foods – getting frustrated, trying to find other sugars..and never really getting rid of it. Never weaning your body off it. But feeling like you should have, as you will have been on this strict regime. Oh and no alcohol! AT ALL! Make it simple for yourself. Drinking coke is like drinking poison – its so so bad for you, you should stop drinking that anyway! Drink water. I allow myself tea. You don’t have to go hungry you can eat as much as you like of the correct foods- and you will probably loose weight and feel amazing. But unless you give in to it and give your body a break it will remain the most drawn out, frustrating, boring… thing….. and last for years… I speak from experience! And watch out the moment you go back on sugar it creeps back….. and you have to do the whole thing all over again. i think after a while you just have to accept that your is your body and it has become or is sensitive to stuff …. if you don’t deal with it you are storing up future health problems for yourself…. plus feeding the Candida… horrible!

  110. Jennifer

    I started a parasite cleanse (ParaGone) and it “stirred-up” my candida, because alot of the same herbs are used for both cleanses! After that – I realized that I did have a candida problem and talked to my herbalist, who had it bad at one time and knew what she was talking about! I started the strictest diet I could find on the internet – NO bread, sugars, fruits, vinegar, mold. I went cold turkey and did okay because I was suffering so and wanted the skin problems gone!!! The only thing that I have not given up is the coffee 🙂 I have been VERY strict and it has been 2 weeks and I have seen some improvememnt in my bowels and skin. I never knew that my itchy ears were a candida prob!

    I also used a product of enzymes that eat the candida cell walls and a ph enhanser – I upped my green powder intake and gut bacteria.

    I have an autoimmune disease that I control with the BLOOD TYPE DIET -so I am used to no cokes and having a list of NO-Nos. I am already taking a handful of supplements everyday – so a few more is no biggie. I think that my overactive immune system has taken out my digestion bacteria (?) just a thought.

    Oh, by the way, I have lost 8 pounds! Bread is NOT our friend! Let me know if I can help anyone. It is possible to stay on this diet. Make a nut mix to carry around and eat some before you get too hungry!

  111. Eric

    Yes there is hope I have been fighting it for almost 2-3 years and did not know what it was until i meet Frank
    He owns his own store.And about the bread thing go to your natural food store and look for 100% rye bread made with sour dough and also eat 1 granny smith apple a day there is something in them only and avoid all other fruits

  112. lee

    I am looking for any advice on the diet , where to start .
    I am doing this for my partner as she has sufferd from this for the last 2 years and after spending a small fortune we have had no luck with the Drs any advice is welcome.

  113. SP

    Hey this is for Mitchell. I go on the Candida diet every now and then when I feel like I need a break from the processed foods. I think that after you stay on it for a bit, your body stops craving what it isn’t allowed. Also, there are breads you can eat, but they are hard to find. The most important thing is that they don’t have yeast or dairy in them, and if you are avoiding wheat it’s even more difficult to find one made with an alternative flour. They are out there though! I live in a really small town, and I can find them here, so I’m sure you can too. The other alternative is making them, which is simpler for flatbreads and pitas.

  114. jodi

    Hi! I have been reading the latest comments on this page. I understand the frustration some of you are going through. I have been living on the candida diet since before Thanksgiving, or at least I was trying to based on my own research. I have since been to see a natrapathic doctor who has been a big help in explaining the diet. I still keep up on researching the tings she has taught me. I know I was confused about bread. The breads that I use are from the organic section. I either get the Ezekiel or the Genesis bread. (It makes for a tasty breading on chicken and fish) It is the type of grain that makes it okay to eat. I find that I do not crave bread so much anymore since I weened myself off of sugar and any of those other bad carbs. I have been learning to make a lot of food from scratch such as pancakes, muffins, etc. I am learning to use quinoa, tapioca flour, spelt (ancient form of wheat so it does have gluten) buckwheat flour, corn flour and rice flour. It takes a lot of searching on line, but you can find some recipes that you will like. I was told to stay away from gluten. So a sugar free and a gluten free diet is a definite challenge in this society! Everything is OVER PROCESSED in this country and our bodies were not designed to break down this type of junk.
    I can honestly say that I am seeing an improvement over the course of these few months. Some of my quirky symptoms are disappearing and I have lost a few extra pounds. The sugar was probably the most difficult thing to give up thoiugh. A sweetener that is safe to use is Stevia. I learned on one web page that diabetics have been using this for years. I use the liquid form in hot tea or to sweeten unsweetened almond milk. There are also low glycemic sweetners such as agave nectar and sucanat(an unrefined sugar)which would probably be okay to use once you have things undercontrol. Look up these things if you are unfamiliar and educate yourselves.
    I hope some of this made sense! I really felt moved to share some of the info with others that are just “starting out” because it is more than overwhelming. Best wishes and keep taking probiotics, lots of fiber, lots of raw veggies, beans, protein and water!

  115. Marie

    Has anyone tried reading the book:
    Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride.

    The book is excellent and they have lists of foods to eat and avoid which helps so much. The information is incredible in there!

  116. Sheryl

    I too am frustrated with this diet Mitchell. I have a candida overgrowth that has caused oral thrush, and I believe other symptoms I’m having.

    Trying to eat is so hard because so many things are to be avoided! I need a decaff tea at least with one of my meals. Can I use artificial sweetners or NOT, if so which ones? I feel the loss of bread big time when choosing what to eat. Is there no bread I can have? What about tortillas and wraps?

    I read no whole wheat bread on several website lists also.

  117. meme grant

    Hi Mitchel,
    I had very bad arthritis and the candida problems, had my blood tested for type 3 allergies. no pain for 18 months no candida or other problems, just dont eat that which I am allergic to. maybe it will help hope it does

  118. mitchell

    I have been dealing with Candida for about a year now. It happened after having cortison shots in my back. I’ve been using anit-fungal creams and started taking udo’s super 8 probiotics as well as coconut oil supplements. I just purchased a candida quick cleanse product this morning and hope it works but from what I read, I guess I have to stick to the candida diet which is hard to stick with. I get cranky if I cant drink coke and eat bread. Im confused on the bread issue. Can you eat wheat products. I read that you can and then I read that you cant so I dont know what to believe. Does anyone know if I can continue with the cortisone shots while taking probiotics this time. Will it prevent the candida from getting worse. I really need these shots. Its unfortunate that I found something to keep me from being in pain and wind up with other problems! I will let everyone know what worked for me if I can ever get rid of this nightmare! Good luck to all of you!!!

  119. cheekasaur

    The Karen Tripp diet is alot easier than most and shorter in length. I’m trying that now after suffering for 15yrs. Will keep you posted.

  120. tawnny

    I have candida and have for a long time i think. I just started using Flora Balance. Has anyone ever used this and did it help them. I had cortizone shots for years and got thrush everytime they gave me one. I have had all the symptoms but didn’t know it. I crave sugar and bread. I never ate sugar before. I hope I can get this under control. Good Luck To Everyone!!!!!!!

  121. mathew

    hi my name is matthew i suffer from ulcerative colitis, and have been going through these sickening symptoms for 2 years iv seen so many specialists doctors and so and finally sort advice from a dietician he sid id developed a sort of allerging to many foods from chocolate, sugers , citris, wheat and even tap water , he put me on this strict diet this type of diet no wheat, yeast ,suger, no dairy, and ive been able to get of all medications i once took to ease symptoms,my bowel movements are decreasing but i feel increadabley tired fatigued and i lost 12 kilos in 2 months,when i pass a bowel movement i occassionally feel pain cramps in the rectum but also a bit sick when about to pass a bowel movement- would you say that colitis is based on an overgrowth of yeast am i doing the right thing?

  122. Stacy Unruh

    I also have candida and so does my 8 year old daughter. I just bought a very informative book called Allergy and Candida Cooking Rotational Style by Sondra K Lewis. It gives you everything you need to know about what to eat what days to eat it and many, many recipes to add to that day of foods your allowed. I have tried this diet before with no luck before I had this book,and didn’t rotate my food now I’m allergic to brown rice because that was pretty much all I ate before. They say when you have candida and eat the same things everyday you can develop an allergy to that food and in my case that turned out true. I’m confident this book will help me and my daughter improve. The only question I have is after doing this diet for 6 weeks(when the candida is weakened) I have SF-722 pills to take to kill it off but my daughter is to young for them, what is safe for her to take to kill off her candida? Hope all goes well for you all!! Stacy Unruh

  123. Cassi

    I first went on the candida diet 4 years ago after feeling so sick and lacking in energy I went to a biochemist who put me on a diet for a month. Being a full on sugar addict the first 2 days sugar free were very hard I had the shakes and withdrawels really bad! I took chromium piccolinate supplements for the sugar imbalance to help, but since I came back on a normal diet its back worse than before and I have “reactions to sugar” my head gets dizzy or fuzzy and I feel tired and also now I get hives ultercaria I get 2 sorts the instant everytime I have something my body doesnt like now huge welts and then a constant rash on my lower stomach and sometimes under my arm so I constantly take antihistamine for weeks on end til it goes and so on around again. Tomorrow is Chinese New Year and Australia day so Im going back on sugar free I did it for 1 week near New Years day but slid back to sugar again I had bad headaches as I was taking some good herbs for parasites to clean out the body, I guess I didnt have enough water. I had a huge meltdown at the end of that week as I guess I was thoroughly being cleaned out so shit comes up. I just cannot live with myself like this any longer my stomach is contantly bloating on top like Im pregnant and its embarrassing as well as fluid build up which when I was zapping with the parasite destroyer and taking a special worming herbal mixture left me quickly within 1 week. Pine bark is also supposed to be great for antioxidant but I guess the diet is the biggest thing like someone else said you cannot “cheat”, the body KNOWS! What kind of life exists like this anyhow not being able to think properly or feeling tired or depressed a lot well mostly all and making excuses is not helping! I am lactose intolerant anyway so the yoghurt is out what do you guys have for breakfast then if you dont have cooked porridge? I read if you are lactose intolerant and you ingest it that causes candida also, ie the pill and so on. I am going to hit this with all I have this time I have learnt a lot about parasites and candida so I am going to treat both a killing spree! Blessings to all Love and Light Cass

  124. brandy

    my family has been battling candida for a while. the best website on the subject i have found is The most important thing I have learned is that everyone that does the candida diet has their own carb tolerance. If you feel really sick an hour or two after you’ve eaten something, it didn’t work for you. Mix 1/2 tsp. of baking soda in an 8 oz. glass of water, drink it slowly and it will make you feel better and then make adjustments. There are a lot of recipes on the website I mentioned above. It takes quite a while to get well again, but it is worth is to feel healthy again!

  125. curtis

    Dysbiosis, Leaky Gut is the context,Candida overgrowth.Every “Candida Diet” ive read about, says no caffeine, starches, gluten etc…..

    How does caffeine affect yeast overgrowth adversely ? Even caffeine pills?. Any info or links appreciated.

  126. kate crawford


  127. Loreili

    wow! i forgot how helpful the internet was!so THANK YOU ALL!!! YOU HAVE ALL BEEN SO HELPFUL TO ME ALREADY! i wish it haddent taken me so long to get on here~ see… i am 22 well will be 23 next month… I HAVE CANDIDA i know that. i have known that. i have done nothing… will power…self motivation…things i lack now adays. 4 yrs ago i went to a “natural options store one day to ask a few questions and i ended up getting a “live blood call analysis” which is how i knew then that i have this terrible candida thing… i am a cook at a hospital…..(and been working in dietary 5 years) i am always around food of all kinds which is why doing this diet has been so hard for me! i did it for few weeks then slowly got away, for a few months then … would do for a few days then stop for long time now… i hope i can say those were my trial runs and that now i am going at this full tilt and can actually stick to it! am today…is my day #1 and i hope i can do this! i have had a not so great medical history and currently.. i have psoriasis/excezma terrible!(in and behind and on my ears, on both elbows, knees, shins,neck and my entire scalp is plastered! i have started to get small patches on my face and thats scares me!!! my face is the only part of my body i like!!! i have pitting adema in both my legs (legs of 80 yr old woman dr says) and im 65 lbs over weight.i have constant brain fog,irritability,depression to name a few. i just want to get better! i need a little guidence…… how do i know what supplaments i need… before i was doin ground flax seed in oatmeal..(is that ok) flax oil on salads with lemon juice…(i hate lettuce!) umm…applecidar vinegar with mother 2 tbs in water 3 times daily till ppl at work picked at me lol it was gross… (i found applecidar vinegar capsules!!!!!!)i have taken probiotics they are good too!
    i know i need vitamins…. i know too much can be bad… omega 3 ,b-complex, fish oil…. what should i do…. i know all this stuff but i have troubles applying it to myself~ i also tried the fat flush diet has anyone tried that?? it kinda works along the same lines as the candida its all organic and even mentions candida in the book. like all this diet stuff…. its so expencive to live healthy if only there was a diet to make more money…-lost and looking for hope…

  128. Jackie Klear

    I have an 18 year old who was diagnosed with candida.The doctor gave her some pills and said she was cured. He won’t treat her anymore. So we are on our own. Her candida has spread throughout her body, all the way to her feet.(athletes foot). We are just starting the diet on her and hoping she doesn’t lose too much weight.

    If this works, I also have a son 14 years old who has a milder case. He’s going to be alot harder to watch to make sure he’s not eating the wrong foods behind my back.

    And now my 5 year old started complaining of stomach problems. This is what started the whole deal with the older kids.

    This is very frustrating and I wish I knew why my children are getting this. We eat fairly healthy, with an occassional prepared meal.

    If anyone has recipes, I would sure appreciate the help.
    Any additional tips, wacky food ideas etc.

    I will keep you posted on what is happening and what works.

    Sandy, I wish you and the 9 year old luck. It will be worth it in the long run.

  129. Claudine

    I tried NAET while I was doing the candida diet about 12 years ago and I did find it helpful.

  130. Sandy

    Has anyone ever tried NAET to help clear Candida and allergies? Also, does anyone have children on the candida diet? I’ve just been told my 9 year old and I both have candida overgrowth. Thanks.

  131. Rose

    I had a yeast infection show up under my arms in Jume and that was when I discovered I had systemic yeast. I have been on a candida diet for 5 1/2 months now. The yeast under my arms is about gone and I have lost 52 lbs, I feel great, better than I have in years and for the first time in a long time I am off my prilosec. I don’t have the bloating and the brain fog that I have struggled with for so long and I have more energy than I have had for 20 years. I am on a very strict diet but I feel so good, it makes it worth it. And I don’t crave sugar like I used to. Here is what I eat, it may not be exactly right for you but it sure has worked for me. So here it is:

    I eat brown rice, wild rice, buckwheat and millet for my grains, you can also have amaranth, teff or quinoa.

    lean, natural (hormone and anti-biotic free) meats and eggs, fish, legumes, raw nuts and seeds, (no peanuts)

    1 cup of low sugar fruits per day (no watermelon, grapes or bananas)

    all the green vegetables I want. (Stay away from potatoes, mushrooms and corn)limited amounts of beets, sweet potatoes, yams, winter squash and carrots.

    I use soy milk, soy cream cheese and snack on soy nuts(which are not recommended for men, pregnant women or women who have had estrogen sensitive cancer, because of the phyto-estrogen content in soy)

    cold pressed grapeseed, walnut, E.V. olive oil, and canola for cooking, Mayo (from canola or grapeseed oil) 10 medium olives, and 1/8 avacado.

    Water is really the best thing!
    tea or coffee should be decaffeinated

    stevia to sweeten other flavored extracts, herbs and spices are good along with vinegar, lemon and lime.

    I take a really good Omega 3, B complex and Three-lac which you can find on several websites.

    Good luck to yall,

  132. Donna

    Where are the answers to the comments

  133. Alicia

    Oatmeal with banana slices, and almonds with a little bit of soy milk has become my new best friend. I find that it gives me an energy boost along with lifting my emotional state.
    I have only known that I have candida for about 2.5 days now. I am experiencing, fatigue, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, itchy skin, sore throat, heartburn (which I have never suffered from before), intense acid reflux, headaches, bloating, and painful stomach cramping. I am trying my best not to get discouraged by this sudden shift in my life and I pray for the courage to look at this as a learning opportunity. I must say, though, it’s hard to go to a grocery store these days.
    Good Luck To You All,

  134. Alicia

    To Ann Head,

    I have found oatmeal to be very helpful. I eat it in the morning with almonds and banana slices with a little bit of soy milk. It’s actually pretty good and I find that it gives me a bit of an energy boost along with lifting my emotional state. I have recently been diagnosed with Candida and I am trying not to lose hope in the idea that I will one day feel better. I’m always really tired, and I’ve been having headaches, along with itchy skin, bloating,painful cramping, constipation and diarrhea. Now I am experiencing sore throat, sore muscles.
    For Anonymous, do you drink the apple cider vinegar?
    Good luck to all. It’s good to know that we aren’t alone.

  135. Anonymous

    I have dealt with candidia for 25 years. The only thing that has helped me is an herbal supplement called Yeast Fighters by Twin Lab.
    This supplement has also been helpful for my teenage kids when they to began displaying symptoms. Raw organic apple cider vinegar is also beneficial.

    Hope this helps you as much as it has helped us!!

  136. nana

    Hi, Can this diet help bad breath sufferers. I have constipation, tiredness, poor skin, and extremely poor breath. Any ideas if this can help me with the bad breath.

  137. Melissa

    I have “self-diagnosed” myself with candida, simply because most all self-tests come out positive, and I have most of the symptoms.

    I have an addiction to sugar and breads. Is there an easy way to cut these out of my diet?

    Also, which vitamins and/or supplements work?

    Thanks! Any response is appreciated!

  138. Natasha`

    I have had candida for 4 years now. i must say that when i started to add in Acai Smoothy, including one banana, berries, cranberries and oranges i felt so much better.. my skin cleared and gave me so much energy. I did try try juicing vegetables, buti had severe reactions immediatly, why was this? i am afriad to try again because i am doing well on the diet but i want to add in he juices.. can anyone please help me? Thankyou!

  139. joyce

    I have a quesion about rice, is long grain white rice a no no? and what about wild rice? Any suggestions on the grain family whould be helpful.

  140. marie

    how about crackers , flatbread and ekekiel bread are they bad for Candida

  141. Marie

    should flat breads and crackers be avoided

  142. ann head

    are you saying this is a life diet i am back on candida diet for the third time and end up feeling drained and bloated all the time also can you eat oatmeal

  143. Katy

    I have tried many supplements & for some reason fish oil, an omega 3-6-9 blend taken with each meal/snack has helped control it. Not sure why but maybe due to its anti inflamatory effects but it has helped me. I look for capsules with a low dose & take one each time I eat. & starch is the worst thing!!

  144. Ray

    I am suffering with itching, fatigue, constipation, memory loss, eye itching, feet itching, and ear ringing. My ears ring real loud when i have something in my diet (such as potatoes) that really affects my body. Is the ear ringing part of the yeast infection….and since mine is obviously chronic, can this be cured?

  145. Terri

    I am 45 years old and have have had digestion problems for about 23 years, I now Know, through research why. I suffered from chronic bladder infections since I was 17 years old and taken a lot of antibiotics, not always takeing them properly, I would stop takeing them when I Felt better, because they made me feel so terrible, big mistake. I now have problems with my gallbladder
    liver and suffer from candida over growth. My doctors have been very unhelpfull, I’ve had to find out about my problem myself. I do find it very difficult to be strict with the diet. Web sites like this one has been very helpfull.

  146. mich

    ive been suffering from the affects of candida overgrowth for many years now ,having thrush almost constantly drs given me anti fungal creams etc only to have the problem just reoccur time after time,i also suffer with chronic gas bloating,mind fog,irritability,depression,aches etc before i never thought that all these problems where related to the same problem but having done alot of research ive found that in order to be free of these invaders firstly the intestine has to be cleaned out of all toxins and build up of years of neglect,secondly the good bacteria has to be built up by regularly taking a very good probiotic i found capsules the most affective from a site dr ben kim,and eating a good diet consisting of lots of vegetables protein i also found that dr ben kims green formula wonderfull full of naturally occuring biotics in food form

  147. Cassie

    I just found out 3 weeks ago that I have a candida problem. I also am a type o blood type. I found Raquel’s comments helpful and informative. I’ve struggled with yeast infections ever since I got married and had started birth control. It got out of hand 2 1/2 years ago when I took 3 antibiotics. I changed my diet and had it pretty much under control until I had my last baby in May. They put me on another antibiotic because they punctured my bladder during the c-section and it started all over again. I have inflamation and muscle aches along with bowel problems. I am on a candida diet now and search for anything I can eat that is vegetables or meet. I am doing a bit better, but still have to be very careful. Is there an olive oil dressing that can be made for my leafy greens? I need one without corn starch, sugar, etc. Could stevia be used in it?

  148. Julie

    Becky, those of us with Diabetes get it very easily. Especially when blood sugar is out of range. Have you tried green smoothies? If you do them every morning for a month, your system should be clean. Plus your blood sugar should stabilize. Just go to youtube and search “green smoothies”. They are basically VitaMixed veggies, with some fruit added (like grapes or frozen bananas). Works for me, so long as I don’t succumb to the white rice I love so much.

  149. becky

    i’ve had candida for years and now am an insilun dependent diabetic. i’m wondering if anyone else is a diabetic too. it poses so many problems, you can’t have sugar or carb’s yet when you are on insilun you HAVE to have carbs and when haveing an insilun reaction you HAVE to have glucose tablets which are sugar. i don’t know what to do. the thought of having to live with these symptoms for the rest of my life is beyond depressing. i’m sick of chronic yeast infections and skin rashes. sleep is often compromised because i’m itching! i’v just begun strong doses os probiotics and canndex. if anyone could offer me some advice i would love it.

  150. julie

    Great help!! Thanks for list of ‘what to eat!”

  151. John

    as far as fermented foods go, i found homemade kimchi and natto were really beneficial. It took about 3 days for me to get used to the taste and texture of kimchi, but after that i began to really enjoy it. It’s actually become a staple for me. Natto took longer for me to get used to. I don’t eat it everyday, but i make sure i have at least 3 servings of it a week for the special K2 vitamin (which is great for removing calcium buildup in the arteries).

  152. Greg

    I have had candida for a while now mainly due to taking antibiotics many times. One product I found to be extremely beneficial is “Digestive Enzyme Formula with Probiotics” from My wife’s friend distributes the product and it has been pretty good. It actually ends up being cheaper than having to buy yogurt. It’s all natural and has no sugar because it’s a supplement which was important to me because I also found that yogurts have way too much sugar.

  153. jr

    do you mean someone who doesn’t eat vegetables? your chances of strengthening your immune system are non-existent without the vitamins, mineral, phytochemicals, and anti-oxidants of vegetables. people fighting candida need to eat a plant-based diet. if the reason you don’t eat vegetables is taste, i suggest learning how to cook them differently. almost all vegetables are totally delicious if prepared properly!

  154. dympna

    could you give a diet for someone who dosent eat veg

  155. Hope

    I have just about every symptom of candida. Exhaustion, intense itching and uncontrolled weight gain being the worst. I am wondering if I can eat beans, like kidney beans, etc that are canned? I rinse the salt from them and mix them into brown rice.

  156. Magda

    Eish people,i have been from dr to dr to hematoligest,was very sick,had urticaria caused by a strep infection,was on 3 diferent antibiotics before strep was cured,just to see that i still get hives,after seing a hematoligest she told me that i have candida and that it lived in ouer drinking water i was shocked,please help me with what i can eat i was 65kg fell down to 53kg cause i do not eat.please help!

  157. Mitch

    I’ve found cold pressed flaxseed oil extremely beneficial, I developed Candida from a long course of anti-biotics throughout my life and in hindsight the worst period for the overgrowth happening was when I was on Minocycline and eating a vegetarian diet consisting mainly of lots of wheat and fruit. I also was on anti-histamines every day since my allergies were terrible at the time, anti-histamines also contribute to the overgrowth. I discovered my discoloured tongue when I was on Tylenol 2’s after I got my wisdom teeth out and researching for a few months lead me to the cause behind my extreme allergies and eczema which was Candida. You can’t cheat on the diet or you’ll be back to square one, alcohol has proved to be a disaster for me so unfortunately I had to quit even though I love it. If anyone stumbles upon this and wants some questions answered I may be able to help.

    Good luck. Mitch

  158. Maureen

    I would appreciate a source for recipes and menus for the candida diet. Just beginning !!!!!!

  159. Raquel

    this is a message for Corinne, you sound like a blood type O to me. Most blood type O’s struggle with candida and that is because you are putting the wrong foods in your body. Just because it does not come up on an allergy test does not mean you must have the food stuffs. I am talking from experience about struggling with candida until I found a book by Dr PJ D’Adamo on eat right for your type. Blood type O’s are basically on the candida diet for life, look on the avoid list i bet you are eating all the foods that are on the avoid list for blood type O’s and that is what is stopping you from getting well. Blood type O cannot eat grains and starches especially any gluten products like oats etc. I got well after following the type O diet of eating only veg and meat. I have always been wheat, yeast, dairy and chocolate intolerant which leaves me virtually not much to eat except meat and veg. Its hard but it works

  160. Raquel

    This is a comment for Corinne If you have been battling then i think you should try the Blood type book. It is for your blood type. If you avoid the things that are on the avoid list you should get rid of your candida. I have followed it after struggling for a while and it worked. It is by DR PJ D’Adamo. Good Luck

  161. Corinne

    Just wanted to add..I have been batteling Candia my entire life. While treating the Candida the best diet is to STAY AWAY from ANYTHING WHITE..It turns to sugar & than feeds your Candida.

  162. Laura

    Try looking up Karen Tripp, a patient who worked very hard to overcome her Candida issues.

  163. Cindy Smith

    The most helpful diet I have found is online at Doug Kaufmann’s website. I thought the Yeast Infection Handbook was not restrictive enough. Many items it allowed definitely feed yeast.

  164. L

    I Saw a Natropath about my candita problem, she’s an MD turned natropath, and she’s helped A LOT, so I know she really knows what’s going on. She gave me a list of ok foods that are usually not ok on candita diets:
    -goats cheese & rice cheese
    -fruits (in moderation) especially non-tropical fruits with less sugar.
    -coffee & black tea (once a day)
    -dark chocolate with no sugar added is OK

  165. penny

    I would like to know if we are able to eat any legumes and goat cheese. I need to know what else can I eat…. Please help

  166. marilyn

    Comments and no answers?

  167. alicia

    I completely agree with mckenzie. I have found kim chi (homemade) to be extremely beneficial, as well as raw apple cider vinegar (although this is extreme and taken in large amounts is too expansive and makes me nauseas) and see that yogurt is recommended above(though commercially bought yogurt usually contains sugar). Miso helped me at first but I probably had too much of it and it started to help candida. What guidelines, if any have been set for fermented foods? Only ferments that contain bacteria and no yeast?

  168. mckenzie

    You have stated ferenting food but have not stated or listed whot they are, Iwould like it to be more difined and foods specified. thanks