Fat Loss 4 Idiots

An 11 Day Diet

FatLoss4Idiots was an on-line diet generator that would create daily meal plans based on your food preferences.

The diet follows a 14 day cycle – 11 days of planned meals, followed by 3 days of “cheat” meals. The diet has been called many things – The “11 day diet”, the “Fools Diet”, the “diet for idiots” – and many other condescending terms.

FatLoss4Idiots closed its business in 2016, and is no longer accessible. However, we have obtained the complete diet (see below)

Meal Plan

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Meal #1: Flavored Oatmeal
Meal #2: Tuna Salad
Meal #3: Sandwich (any type)
Meal #4: Scrambled Eggs
Meal #1: Banana Milk Shake
Meal #2: Chicken
Meal #3: Scrambled Eggs [and] Mixed Vegetables
Meal #4: Cottage Cheese
Meal #1: Chicken
Meal #2: Fruit Salad
Meal #3: Fish Filet
Meal #4: Cottage Cheese

Fat Loss 4 Idiots’ 11 Day Diet food is made up of lean proteins, fruit and vegetables, and the sources of fat come from whole foods (such as cottage cheese or eggs). There are some starchy carbohydrates (such as oats and pasta).

The day is divided into 4 meals that should be eaten at a minimum of 2 1/2 hours apart. There is no calorie or carb counting, no limit on portion size – Fat Loss 4 Idiots says you “just eat short of being full”.

Calorie Shifting

The 11 Day Diet believes it isn’t calories that make people fat, but the wrong calories. They say that dieters must shift to eating the right kind of calories. They call this calorie shifting.

They say that certain foods interfere with the correct hormone levels that keep the metabolism running and fat burning. By shifting calories to the right foods, dieters can correct their hormone imbalances.

Nutritional Breakdown

It is difficult to obtain an exact caloric breakdown because meal sizes are based around eating short of being full.

An analysis of a typical days meal indicates the diet is high in protein, low in fat, and with reduced carbohydrates. However all the foods listed are good choices.

11 Day Diet for Weight Loss?

Fat Loss for Idiots claims 9 pounds lost every 11 days. However this is very unlikely (and unsafe). This weight loss is often possible during an induction (typically a phase where you drop out starchy carbs).

The weight lost is a mixture of water and fat (and possibly muscle). This kind of weight loss would be difficult to sustain, and would almost certainly be accompanied by a drop in metabolism.

The diet retailed at $27, giving access to the diet generator, and a how-to PDF. An extra PDF was available (Beyond Calories) for an extra charge..

Below is a copy of the FatLoss4Idiots diet plan, supplied by one of our users.

This is the full 11 plan, plus the diet rules.

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
  • Sumithran, P., Prendergast, L. A., Delbridge, E., Purcell, K., Shulkes, A., Kriketos, A., & Proietto, J. (2011). Long-term persistence of hormonal adaptations to weight loss. New England Journal of Medicine, 365(17), 1597-1604. link
  • Maxmen, A. (2012). Calorie restriction falters in the long run. Nature, 488(7413), 569-569. link

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  1. Meg

    I followed this meal plan almost 10 years ago and had great success and want to try it again. I only see page one of full plan above. How do I access the rest? Is there another link? Thanks!

  2. Dhara

    please help me with the vegetarian menu …
    preeti…. could u share whatever saved plans u have

  3. Joanne

    I too would love a copy of the vegetarian menu. My old menu is when I was eating meat. My email is jsg4tea@gmail.com


  4. Preeti

    Does anybody have a copy of the vegetarian diet? Is there any other site that does this where you can generate? I also have quite a few diet plans saved if anybody needs some, but I cannot eat seafood and a lot of the meats so the choices I made were limited in the protein department.

    • Guest

      I have two copies but the proteins on my menu are mostly beans. If you’re okay with all the beans I can send your way.

      I’m actually thinking of trying a few of the veggie menus. I used to do it a long time ago and I lost a lot of weight. My weightloss has stalled on the meat eating plan and I don’t know why.

      • dhara

        hi… could u please be kind enough to share the vegetarian plan with me.i will be grateful.

  5. Brandi

    Does anyone have copies of a couple of rounds of the 11 day meal plan? I never saved mine and didnt realize the diet generator was gone. I would greatly appreciate it.

    • Nicoya

      I didn’t realize it was gone either so I haven’t saved a copy just thought I would always be able to go back to it smh

  6. Tpot

    What about avocados? When the diet puts cheese in the menu, could I replace with an avocado? I’m trying to do away with dairy and that seems like a good fat substitute…
    anyone ever try that?

  7. Tpot

    I know this is t suppose to happens because this diet is meant to trick your metabolism, but I feel I’ve hit a plateau :/ I just finished my third cycle (no cheat days) and I’ve lost about 2 sizes, but I feel the past week or so nothing has changed. Has this happened to anyone else? Thinking of switching to the veggie version of the diet generator. Maybe that will help.

    • Jay

      I think the cheat days are just as important as the other days… I done this diet before and it really worked I lost more than expected

      • Tpot

        Okay I’ll do them. I’ve also done this diet so many times and have lost lots…just never took the cheat days. Maybe this time I need them. Thanks

  8. No name

    I actually have a copy of the rules if you don’t want to do the diet generator. I basically have a copy of everything you get when you purchase the diet minus beyond calories, which sucks because I paid for that and didn’t save a copy. If you guys want to upload the rules contact me. I don’t mind sharing.

    • Eunice Cox

      Would you be able to email me a copy of the rules please?

    • Melissa

      Can you please share the copies with me?
      I lost all the info and I actually bought this twice! Lol.
      my email:

      Thank you in advance!

    • Nicoya

      I didn’t realize it was gone either so I haven’t saved a copy just thought I would always be able to go back to it smh A

    • Annie

      May I please get a copy? Thanks

    • Soxs

      How do I get it thanks

  9. Jane

    They never allowed pasta during the 11 days.
    The sandwich was only deli meat, lettuce and tomato, and only permitted on day 2 (otherwise all fruits that day on the list).

    • Jane

      Loss of muscle is unlikely, as protein was a key element every day but two (the fruit and the veggie days). And a deli meat was included for one of the four meals on the fruit day. So, this is not a fair review. You can switch out one protein for another and still have the same results. Same with carbs… thus choosing the better carbs. I’m glad I printed out a few examples of the diet for myself before they disappeared. Going to start on day 1, today.

    • Patricia

      not true.. there was a version that included pasta, they changed it at some point.

  10. Jackie

    Can you substitute an item from your meal plan with another item from the same side of the list. (on your meal it says scrambled eggs, can I sub turkey slices instead?)

    • Jackie

      Also what foods were on the list on the left and right?

    • Jane

      It will work best if you more often substitute the healthier choices.

  11. Unknown

    Does anyone have the diet rules? The rules you follow if you don’t want to do the diet generator…

  12. no name

    Does anyone have the rules if we don’t want the diet generator menu? I took some screen shots of them from youtube, but they aren’t clear. I’d love a hard copy.
    Thanks for uploading the menu!

    • James

      If you scroll to the bottom of the plan, you can see the rules.

  13. Diane Scholz

    I have this copy of a meal plan for 11 days. This indeed works and is easy. I dont see an option to upload it however.

    • Tia

      Do you happen to have a copy of beyond calories? I purchased that along with the diet back in 2009 but didn’t print beyond calories.

      • Tia

        Or maybe do you have the rules? The part that’s not the diet generator and explains how to do the diet if you don’t want to use their meal plans? I don’t have that either. All I have is three meal plans that I’ve printed off. I can give you my email if you do. I would so appreciate it!



      • Tia

        Yes I can what’s your email?

      • James

        For your own protection, we don’t publish readers email addresses (or even store them anywhere). However we have just added a complete PDF of the 11 day plan above.

        • Tia

          All I see is one page. I can’t click on anything to load more.

        • James

          Depending on your browser, you should be able to scroll thru the plan, and download it. What browser / device are you using?

      • Michelle

        I would like it.

  14. Brooks

    I’ve done this diet several times and lost 11lbs or more each time!! Not very hard to follow and meals were normally 3 different foods that you could choose to eat!!! Was trying to find it to do again but looks like I’m going elsewhere!!

  15. Melanie

    This Diet works! No portion control and it actually gets difficult to “eat” 4 times a day. I’m walking 40 min a day or riding stationary bike at a very moderate pace while I treadmill my dogs right next to me, and doing very light weights, all at home. No gym for me! I’m down 6.5 pounds on day 6.

    • Sherri Elliot

      Thanks I just found two rounds of meal plans today in a drawer and thought I would give it a whirl again for a good luck start…you have inspired me tondo it for sure now!

      • Julie Campbell

        Do you have a copy? My log in won’t work. They are apaerently out of business and I can’t find a contact? This diet helped me lose 45 pounds

      • Rhart

        please share your copies

  16. Peggie Wade

    My log in won’t work anymore

  17. JoAnn Skiba DeBorja

    I started the diet 2007 when I figured I didn’t have anything to lose but weight. I tried all the diets. It’s been 10 yrs & I’ve kept it off! It really does work. I went from a sz 14 to a sz 6. I also like the forum & chat rooms where you talked to people all over the world. I don’t think they no longer exist.

  18. Dora

    Many of us have our own personal reasons for weight loss and whatever yours may be (diabetes, obesity, health problems or you just want to feel better) giving this diet a try wont disapoint you. Simple enough to follow (for only 11 days) and folks mcdonalds or starbucks won’t close between those 11 days! When your diet is over you can then have all those foods and drinks that you couldnt during those 11 days. It is really about gaining a better YOU! Remember that’s what this diet thing is really about…taking care of you! Try it. I did and I am glad I stuck to it! Good luck to you as well!!

    • Melissa

      Hi Dora, would you happen to have a copy of this plan that you’d be willing to share? I had one and lost everything in my house fire back in August. I didn’t save the hard copy to my email. This is the only diet/plan that’s worked for me.
      I would greatly appreciate it.

  19. lkuiabgid

    Oh I’m a fat guy. Its really work?

  20. gabby

    so you don’t have to count portions? like when it ask for chicken, you eat chicken until you are full???

  21. Pär Lindberg

    This diet really works! I lost 26 pounds in a month with no exercise. And it stayed off! But you have to be strict and only eat what it says. And of course think about how much you eat. I have had some friends though who really didn’t have the discipline to follow it. It’s not fun, but when you get results so fast you really like it!

  22. reema

    is this really work?

  23. Benin


    After reading all your comments,i felt the argue to say something as am very passionate about this diet.I’ve just come off the diet after 2months and ahalf.And yes the diet works.I didnt have alot of weight to lose; my starting weight was 9 stones.and weighing 61 kilos.most of the weight i carried was on my hips and thighs.i didnt lose 9Ib in the first 11 days.I lost 4 and 1/2 Ibs. Not that the site lied but bse i did not have alot to lose.pple carrying more weight lose more infact on this diet i’ve had pple losing more than 9Ibs in the first 11 days.

    If you want to follow this diet its best to read all the information on their site.the site feeds you with such usefull information such that once you’re on the diet you dont need any more guidance..it all becomes self explanatory. When the MENU says FIRST MEAL;chicken and peanut.yes thats exactly what they mean( a meal) nothing else. Thats why its called a diet,its outside what you would normally have. EXAMPLE of a typical menu on the diet is below;…
    Day One
    meal 1
    sausage link
    cashew nut
    Meal 2
    bowl of tuna salad
    roast beef slices
    fresh peas
    Meal 3
    fresh apple
    red and green vegetables
    Meal 4
    Low fat milk
    broiled (boiled) sea bass

    Thats your days menu and thats all you get to eat nothing else.leave atleast 2 hours and 1/2 before the next meal.you do get a cheat day after every 11 day where u get to eat anything you like..you wont gain weight on the “cheat” day as long as you follow the rule,which is STOP EATING when you’re about to be full.When u eat dont feel too full bse when you do that means you’ve consumed more than you’re body can take.On the site it’s stated that no exercise required.apparently,we’re fat not bse we dont exercise,but bse we’re eating the wrong calories at the wrong time.i found this to be true bse i used to exercised atleast 3 times a wk for 8 months and eating healthy but my weight stayed between 59-61 kilos.i wasnt gaining and at the same time i did not lose alot but i did tone up though.Anyway,once i started this diet i never tried any exercise and at the end of the two months and 1/2 i was down to 50 kilos which is a stone gone that was my target weight …i would recommend the meal generator menu version if you’re on this diet its much easier.

    TO the lady who’s asking for information about the diet bse she cant afford,my advice to you is if you want to lose weight just save some money and pay bse it’s worth more than what you’ll spend plus its a one off payment..and you can keep going back to download menu for the rest of your life. I was just like you.i thought i would make up my own menu from the information i get…theres alot to learn on the site which will benefit you..its like a health/diet bible.talks about what to do after your diet,how to eat in restaurants,what exercises are useless for weight loss,how to eat,how to drink water,how to do grocery shopping,which foods to avoid,why thin pple stay thin and yet they eat just about anything…i find the site very educational not only for losing weight but also explains to you things in details like why you do certain things to lose weight.i.e why u have to drink atleast 6-10 glasses of water,why its important to eat four meals..Why other diets have failed you,why you exercised and still stayed fat,ate healthy foods but still over weight.Other diets will not tell you this kind of information.The diet also tells you to weigh your self every 11 days once u start dieting.one person on here wrote that she weighed herself after 2 days and she’d instead put on more weight.plse read the information on the site first..its says weighing yourself every few days will give you false results.I dont know anything about the refunds as i’ve not tried to ask for a refund.

    I hope i’ve answered some of your questions.And by the way i’ve kept my slim body and am still losing weight even when i’ve finished the diet.I must agree with the rest of you that the vegetables day was the worst for me..i would sleep most of the time.I found a little trick though..drink enough water before and after eating the veg plus each sitting dont eat single veg mix differrent types of recommended veg it gives the feel of having a proper meal.

  24. Chris L

    my husband is a big beef eater… how does that fit into this diet?

  25. Erin

    This is an amazing diet! Iv’e lost 50 pounds overall since starting with it, and I’m still losing. It’s easy to follow and it works. The foods do get a bit boring after some time, but when I have my 3 cheat days I always find myself wanting to be on the diet again.
    I’m just really thankful that I found fat loss for idiots when I did. I was skeptical at first and I doubted it would work, but I took the risk, and it really worked for me!
    I’m not saying it would work for everyone. My sister who followed the plan with me, didn’t lose the 9 pounds in 11 days like I did, she lost about 4. So it depends upon the person, really.

  26. Nancy DeLuca

    I bought this diet to and now that I want to find the guarantee and how to get my refund – I don’t see anything referenced on the site. Anyone know how to get your money back?

  27. Nicoletta

    hi, i want to ask how we prepare oatmeal, its without milk or water? the diet’ s instructions are not very clear. Thank you.

  28. Caitlyn

    I don’t have the money for the diet so I was wondering what are the meal plans like. I know that you eat all fuit one day, and all vegs the next. Could anyone care to help tell me how the others go even in short detail. thanks so much it is greatly appriciated.

  29. katherine

    hey i am on day 8 right now…all veggies, which stinks. but tomorrow i am supposed to have frozen yogurt. i am wondering if it has to be plain or if i can eat a flavored kind? does anyone know???

    • Jane

      You don’t have to eat frozen yogurt. A regular yogurt is fine. Or, eat one of the other choices under the same category.

  30. John

    I am currently trying out this diet & I have lost some weight, it isn’t bad overall & i don’t feel like I would ask for a refund

  31. anonymous

    the weight around my middle started loosening up within 5-6 days. i agree that the all fruit day was the hardest. it just made me really tired and i felt like i was overeating the next day because i was starving from the lack of “substance” at all on the fruit day. other than that it was easy to follow and fairly idiot proof.

  32. erika

    does anyone know where I go to get the refund? I just printed out my meals and one of the meals is bacon strips and peanuts? that does not seem like a meal to me. Can anyone help me get my money back? On the site there is no # to call or no link.

  33. Jana

    I am very interested in trying this diet but, I have questions on the meals. It says you eat chicken for meal #1, is that all you eat? Just trying to find out more info. on the meals. thanks for any help you can give.

  34. Aimee

    you know it says chicken with a meal. does it mean u can have veggies with it?

  35. shabi

    hi i just started the dite it my second day when i started the dite my wait was 67kg after 2 day now its 70kg why is that i am folling the dite proply. please help me

    thank you very much

  36. Mon


  37. Mon

    To be honest, I never really noticed myself that I had lost any weight (not my clothes or anything), although I’m sure it’s evident, but my scale is what showed me I have lost the weight.

  38. Mon

    I wanted to add that I did follow this diet exactly & I also didn’t excersise, at all. I’m a female & started out at 226lbs & I am now at 210lbs. Sometimes the food does get to be a bit repititious, however, there are many foods you cannot eat on other diets, but not this one, this is great! My HARDEST days are the fruit only day (but you do get a sandwich for dinner) & then the veggie only day (that is veggies only all day). Other than that, it’s a pretty good diet that really DOES work! I give it FIVE STARS!!!!! P.S. I am very pessimistic when it comes to these diets, as pills have NEVER worked for me, other diets have NEVER worked for me, so at 37 years of age, I have finally found something that works, ALL you have to do is stick with it, then go off it & eat what you want (without stuffing yourself) & go back on it when you are ready to lose some more weight. Good luck to all!

  39. Mon

    I bought this diet in October of 2008. I lost 11 pounds in 8 days…I went off the diet for 2 months & never gained any of the weight back & I was eating whatever I wanted.

    I then did the diet again for only 5 days this time & lost 5 pounds exactly & that was over a month ago & I still haven’t gained ANY of the weight back & am eating whatever I want.

    I have to say that this is an AWESOME diet & I’ve tried SO many that didn’t work. It’s obvious you can lose weight on this & the BIG POINT here is that you don’t gain it back like you do with most “fad” diets, if you want to call this a fad diet. It’s the only diet that has ever worked & kept the weight off when I go back to regular eating. I have told MANY people about this diet, it DOES work & it IS awesome!!

  40. Dawn

    I am on my 6th day, I am not sure if it is working thought…I have been following it pretty strictly, when do you start seeing the results? And is exercise important?

  41. AZWildkitty

    I purchased this diet in February when my husband and I decided to go on vacation to the beach. At 5’6”, I was tipping the scale at 180. I could not believe how heavy I was! I lost 9 pounds the first cycle (on the accelerated version called “Beyond Calories.”). On Cycle 2, I lost 4 pounds, and now I am half-way thru Cycle 3 and have lost no additional weight so far. I have gone down one dress size, and I feel more energized and sleeping better. I am working out 6 days per week, and recently added some strength traininig. Perhaps I have not lost more weight because I am building muscle… but I am not sure. Overall, the diet is easy (very easy) to follow and I can eat some of my favorite foods (including cheese and different types of deli meats).

    I would recommend the diet because it teaches you about food portions, knowing when to stop eating and how often to eat. However, this diet fails to provide long-term weight-loss support and tips on workout routines. The diet is an e-book, and there are no counselors available to help you if you have questions. If I had to rate the diet on a scale of 1 to 5, I would give it a 3. It is a good “base” to start a weight loss program, but I would benefit from more personalized support and more food preparation instructions. Overall though, it is a straight-forward and easy program to follow.

    Best wishes to all on your weightloss goals! I will stay on this program for another month to see if the weight keeps dropping.

  42. Lydia

    This diet is Fab (for me) I would give it 5 stars!!! It is well worth the money… it tells you exactly that you need to know and will truely re-educate the way you think of food! So when you reach your goal you should easily be able to keep the weight off!!!!! (:

    I chose this diet after trying all manner of diets from the tv, the papers and the internet. I spent a couple of years doing weigth watchers and my weight just went up and down each week. My mum on the other hand lost weight easily with weight watchers and managed to keep slim afterwards (she finished over 5 years ago).

    The thing with this diet is thst it is so easy, providing you have enough imagination to cook different things. There is a wide choice of foods to pick from (I am refering to the Diet Generator) and the generator usually gives a well balanced selection of meals… but if you don’t like the combinations it gives you, you can just go back and resubmit your choice and it jumbles them all up again… its a bit of trial and error!

    Anyway, I agree that it is not likely you’ll lose 9-11 lbs each and every fortnight, and weight loss will slow down, as with any diet when you get to those last few lbs! But between the beginning of August and mid December last year, I lost OVER 3 STONE!!! (from 13.10 to 10.7) I had a 3 weeks off over christmas, and after 1 fornight cycle had got back to the weight I was before i took my “time off”. My weight loss has now slowed, but its still working so I am over the moon.

    If you are still checking this… sometimes it is a case of just eating chicken on its own, but as I said before, you just need to keep submitting your choices and in a few attempts a you get the right combinations! You can also eat lots of foods which you often cant on many diets (frozen yogurt- any type!, cheese- any type!!!, nuts, sausages, bacon, the list goes on…) and dont be put off by what seems like a really boring list of foods… just use your imagination! And the price hasn’t really doubled… what the review doesn’t say was that they put it offer for a little while… I think theres an offer on now too!

    Nic Dias…
    I hope you see this… the diet will work if you follow the menu above but probably only for a month or so as the diet works on a theory that you need to shift the types of foods (and therfore calories) you eat during each cycle.

    Anyways, Hope this review helps!!!


    • Jane

      I would occasionally use a Jello sugar free snack size dessert with the all-protein meals. Those are under the limit of the 10 calorie drinks, and it “feels” like you are having a carb. You can continue the 11 Day Diet until all the excess fat is gone. I’ve done it before and will do so again.

  43. Nic dias

    Hi i don’t have the money for this diet so i was wondering…could i just repeat the 3 day meal plan above for 11 days? And should the cheat days happen the last three days of the second week or in between the 11 days? And will i gain on the cheat days

    • Jane

      Day 4 has 3 protein only meals and one protein/carb meal.
      Day 5 is the same as day 4.
      Day 6 has a carb meal only, with three only protein meals.
      Day 7 has a protein/carb meal and three protein only meals.
      Day 8 is only vegetables. It’s okay to have spaghetti squash with marinara sauce if you are having a really hard time.
      Day 9 is back to mostly protein meals, and either a carb meal or a Protein/carb meal.
      Day 10 has one protein/carb meal and 3 protein meals
      Day 11 has two carb meals, a protein/carb meal, and one all protein meal.
      Days 12-14 are off.
      Start on day 1 again after that. If you have the list of approved protein/carbs you can make your own. They did sometimes change up whether a carb meal could include a protein or not… but what is above is a rule of thumb.

  44. John

    Update, now I lost 9lb the first 11 days and currently I am losing a pound a day for the last 3 days! Woohoo!
    Shortly before I did this I tried a low carb diet from an internet doc I trusted but it didn’t work despite feeling terrible and tired and very bored with the food (though mostly tired).

    But with this despite being not low carb really works like a dream, I am enjoying the meals, the easyness, the weight loss, I just hope it keeps on trucking because if it does I am going to be over the moon as I reach 220lb in the first quarter of the new year. (at 220lb I’ll be pretty slim and light enough to go skydiving)

    Right now I am at 288.4lb, that’s 11.6lb from the approx 300lb when I started. (I did however put on a few pounds by being super bad over the 3 day break)

  45. From the Inside

    Another review from an industry insider.

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