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super-cleanse-detoxSuper Cleanse: Detox Your Body for Long-Lasting Health and Beauty is written by Adina Niemerow.

She has worked as a personal chef for celebrities and professionals who want to improve their lives through a whole foods diet.

Niemerow presents nine different cleansing programs in her book, which offer dieters the opportunity to experience physical rejuvenation, magnified awareness and a fresh perspective.

She says that doing a cleanse is a great first step towards better health but she also created these cleansing diets to awaken the spirit as much as the body and mind.

Because not everyone is prepared – physically, mentally, or emotionally – to immediately undertake a rigorous detox she offers a range of options from gentle programs that slowly introduce a vegetarian diet to green juice fasts that rapidly detox the body.

Super Cleanse Diet Basics

For each of the nine cleansing programs information is provided about how long to follow the program and the maximum number of times a year to do it.

Niemerow explains that, depending on your current lifestyle and how stringent a cleanse you choose, you may experience healing reactions as the body eliminates toxins. These are a normal part of detoxification and usually subside within the first two days.

Dieters are provided with some nutrition and lifestyle tips for the week leading up to the cleanse to help reduce the likelihood of experiencing these uncomfortable detox symptoms.

The cleansing diets include:

  1. One-Day Wonder Cleanse: For those new to cleansing and want a gentle entry into the process.
  2. Laughing Buddha Cleanse: A healthy, balanced introduction to a vegetarian diet.
  3. Three-Day Face-Lift Challenge: Combines food that is great for your skin with natural beauty treatments.
  4. Some Like it Raw Cleanse: A flavorful introduction to a raw vegan diet.
  5. Karma Cleanse: Based on the ancient teachings of Ayurvedic medicine.
  6. Urban Revitalizer Cleanse: Counteracts the stressful impact of living in an urban environment.
  7. Winter Wake-Up Cleanse: Helps to overcome the impact of increased food intake and reduced activity that can occur in colder weather.
  8. Green Buzz Cleanse: Based on consuming green juices to dramatically stimulate cleansing.
  9. There’s No Place Like Home Cleanse: Involves replacing toxic household cleaning products and cosmetics with more natural alternatives.

Recommended Foods

Raw fruits and vegetables, green juices, smoothies, vegetarian soups, steamed vegetables, nuts, seeds, brown rice, quinoa, mung beans, herb tea, lemon water.

Sample Diet Plan

The following is a sample diet plan for the Laughing Buddha Cleanse:

On waking

Hot lemon water


Apple berry porridge

Morning Snack

Buddha’s mint lemonade


Large vegetable salad with lemon tahini dressing

Afternoon Snack

Tea and ½ apple, small cucumber or bell pepper, or one medium carrot


Mexican Lentil Stew

Exercise 30 Minutes Each Day

Exercise improves circulation, increases oxygenation in the bloodstream and helps to flush toxins from the body. Dieters are encouraged to exercise for at least thirty minutes each day and may choose any activity they enjoy such as walking, yoga, dancing, swimming, and bike riding.

It is not recommended to start a new, vigorous exercise routine during a cleansing diet.

Costs and Expenses

Super Cleanse: Detox Your Body for Long-Lasting Health and Beauty retails at $14.95.

Available from Amazon →

Depending on the cleanse chosen it may be necessary to purchase additional kitchen equipment such as a @juicer@, blender or @food dehydrator@.

Detox Pros

  • Offers a variety of program options.
  • Can be followed without the need to adjust the daily lifestyle.
  • Provides information on how to break a cleansing diet and ease back into a healthy lifestyle.
  • Includes over 100 recipes.
  • Provides information about superfoods.
  • Includes a bonus Mexican Feast, which offers healthy versions of vegetarian Mexican food.

Detox Cons

  • Some dieters may experience uncomfortable detox symptoms such as headache and fatigue.
  • Does not include a detailed menu plan.
  • Is not an ongoing healthy maintenance diet.

Several Cleansing Diets to Choose From

Super Cleanse offers dieters who wish to undertake a cleansing diet a wide variety of options, ranging from gentle vegetarian programs to more extreme juice fasts.

The cleanses range in duration from one to ten days and may be valuable as a way to transition into a new healthy lifestyle program, however, this book does not include a long term dietary plan.

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
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