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Slimming World is a long-established UK weight loss company which has recently begun serving both the USA and Canada.

They operate a very successful weight-loss program as a weekly class for members as well as an extensive online program as well as publish a magazine entitled Slimming World.

The Slimming World Diet is based on its diet plan centered around their concept of “Food Optimising“.

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Food Optimising Plan

The Slimming World Food Optimising Diet Plan promotes weight-loss through calorie restriction in the diet, but in a way that promotes satiety and not starvation.

The Optimising Diet is based on these principles:

  • Nutritious or filling foods having a low calorie content are termed “free foods” (that is, the quantity consumed is unrestricted).
  • Some higher-calorie foods containing plenty of minerals, vitamins, or fiber are limited to 1 portion per day.
  • Other high-calorie foods like cheeses are measured and eaten according to the meal plan provided.

For a better understanding of how food optimizing works, they have a free 7 day menu published on their website.

Body Magic Exercise

Exercise is an important part of Slimming World. However, they realize that exercise is difficult for some people, so they emphasize the importance of starting small and gradually increasing activity as strength increases and weight comes off.

Members are encouraged to regularly do 5-10 minutes of activity by starting off small — for example, just walking down the driveway or to the end of their street.

The ultimate goal is for Slimming World members to complete 30 minutes of exercise 5 times a week.

Built in Support

Slimming World recognizes that dieters can increase their chances of success drastically by having a support system in place.

Members are provided with a trained Slimming World Consultant that will answer questions, provide positive reinforcement, as well as offer suggestions for increased success on the diet.

Members are also asked to join a weight loss group either at their few centers in Texas, Canada, and the UK or online through their website member resources.

Sample Slimming World Meal Plan


1oz muesli and fat free vanilla yogurt.


Skinny latte and 1 banana.


Cheese and ham potato salad, made with baby potatoes, chives, scallions, fat-free Cheddar cheese and shredded, cubed lean ham


Spaghetti Bolognese, with an onion cooked in low-calorie spray, extra lean ground beef, tomatoes, mushrooms, bell peppers, grated carrot, celery, garlic and oregano.
1 strawberry fat-free yogurt.

Program Costs

Slimming World offers to levels of membership.

  • Silver – which costs $65.00 for 3 months.
  • Gold– which costs $85.00 for 3 months.

Slimming World Testimonial

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 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
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    Fantastic if you are a meat, fish or fowl eater, but God help you if you are vegetarian or even worse, vegan. Meat eaters get a good 200 different items to choose from to get adequate protein in their diets, but vegetarians are stuck with endless beans, TVP, plain tofu or maybe a Boca burger. You can also have quorn mince, but again this is not suitable for vegans as it contains eggs and tastes worse than cardboard. I spent $ 30 and used it for 5 days and no amount of e-mailing writing would make any of the girls who work there move past their scripts and figure out to swap something out for something else to make this thing work for me. They all write as if they are reading from a company script and will not deviate a millimeter and when they said they do not allow a few of the vegan protein products I mentioned due to be ‘processed’, their own response was ‘ I am sorry you feel that way Elizabeth ‘ when I mentioned allowing unlimited amounts of meat, fish and fowl for the other members and if that is not process, hormone and antibiotic filled, then I do know what is.
    No response from the company’s director Yvonne either.
    Final word – if you are a meat eater, give it a go.
    If you are a vegetarian or especially vegan, run like hell.

  2. bev

    the red days on slimming world gives you a faster weight loss,more protein you eat and less carb s,quicker the weight will come off.

  3. Suz

    Hi I am thinking bout doing the slimming world diet but don’t really understand it, please can anyone help me

  4. Wendy P

    Hi, this is my 2nd week on the SW diet. I am doing the Extra Easy as it does what the name suggests, all green and red days free foods r free with Extra Easy!!! 😀 I feel all i do is eat. I lost 1 n half lbs on my first weigh in and next weigh in is tonight! If i havent lost its only down to me having a pizza hut n chocolate at the weekend!!! The classes r really helpful and theres no books you have to buy to do the diet as you get them all on ur first night! UNLIKE WEIGHT WATCHERS !!!! Theres some1 in my class who has lost 4 stone in 28 weeks!!!! this is my drive to keep at it!! to all thoses who are considering starting it would defo reccommend it esp the Extra Easy Plan! Happy Eating!

  5. roseleen friel

    i am finding it grand i am nt eating much wat i was eating i

  6. theresa green

    slimming world really helped for me 🙂

  7. lynda walsh

    I was thinking of joining, and tried the 7day free trial, but everything just semp to bloat me and struggled to go to the loo. so much food and i put on despite walking 4 mile a day, still bloated.

  8. allie

    I have lost 24lb in 12 weeks. I found it easy to follow, but you must eat and not skip meals. The starter pack that you get from your consultant is good, read it a few times over the weeks to fully understand it. I didn’t have that much to loose so only 10lbs more. One thing I will say is that you must prepare for the week, most recipes that I tried were east and tasty – especially the curries. Try it and go to a group, I know i stick to it and loose more if I stay at the weekly sessions.

  9. ann

    i lost 5lb my first wk on slimming world diet my weight stayed the same last wk hope i lose this wk

  10. linda harding

    can someone help, i have tried and tried to fully understand how the diet works , i cant seem to get to grips with it. i have asked the lady who teaches the class but to be honest i am very embarrased to ask any more questionsand have stopped going but it does seem a good diet if i could understand it. HELP PLEASE.

  11. roseleen friel

    i am finding it grand iam nt eating much wat i was eating before i started slimming world

  12. Nicki

    Hi im!! My partner didnt have a unhealthy diet as i dont do frozen food or takeaways i like to do everything from scratch, he was over weight due to over eating mainly and the doctor recommended he just reduce portion sizes.
    Not listening He has gone onto the slimming world diet but his weight is just yo-yoing i believe this is due to the unbalnce of the fat content as it is near non existant.
    Can you tell me if this diet is so good for you way nutritionists recommend 65g of fat per day for a 2000kcal diet????????

  13. donna marsden

    hi iam thinking ov joining sw cud anyone tel me if its complicated plz x

  14. denise matthews

    i lost four pounds this week ,it is my first week i was really pleased ,
    im never hungry i cant believe what you can eat im really pleased i made the effort to join ;

  15. Emma

    Hi! I have just bought a slimming world starter pack 2010 off ebay, ive heard that its meant to be really good. However, i dont know much about this “extra easy” plan. I dont understand how this can work as well as going on a red or green day?? I thought the whole point was to seperate different food types on different days so tht your body burns off a certain type of food each day? If i am mixing carbs with meat each day will it still work as good? I have about 3 stones to lose, and i get really disheartened if things dont work as they say they will. I want to work with th extra easy plan as i love mixing food types, but if red and green days are more effective, i will change my plan. Could anyone please explain? or let me know if the extra easy plan is just as effective? x

  16. nicola hunt

    Cannot rate Slimmimg World highly enough! My Mum and I joined at the beginning of Feb 10, Mum’s lost 1st 9lb and I’ve lost 1st 3lb (between us that’s the equivalent weight of my 3 year old and a bit more!!) We follow the extra easy plan, are never hungry as there is so much “free” food to eat, and are still able to eat choc etc using our syns! The class is great, we have a laugh, but understand if someone has a bad week as we’ve all been there. I hit my target when I’ve lost another 9lb, so will be able to attend the class for free (as long as I stay 3lb either way of the target.) The best £4.95 I spend a week!

  17. Debbie Hockenhull

    i went with a friend and never thought i could lose weight through actually eating and not starving myself – this really works and no it’s not some magic secret, it’s a bout changing your lifestyle and your out look on food. Muller light yogurts – the best and completely sin free.

  18. Carla


    I have 6 stones to lose. I want to join SW but I have had a problem over recent years, I am agrophobic. Its very expensive to join online. Can anyone explain how it works, I get really confused, red days, green days, extra easy, food optimising, syns!! I am watching some books on ebay and hope to get them and start next week.

    I feel I need to be told the basic elements of how it works. Could you help.

    Many thanks Carla

  19. Hazeee

    I am 14, and really want to join slimming world , but my mum wont join with me so what shall i do, please help 🙁

  20. kirran

    i will help you out alliyah

  21. Chris

    If anyone is thinking about joining sw all I have to say is this. Join now.

    I joined the end of Oct 2009 and have now lost 4 1/2 stone. I had tried other diets with hardly any success, I heard about sw and thought why not. Im pleased I did.

    If you’re thinking of joining stop thinking and do it. You wont regret it.

  22. K

    The difference between SW and a healthy balanced diet (which you can do freely if you put you mind to it) is nothing. The added advantages of SW is a reduced rate on the magazine (which in on way or another tells you how to achieve a healthy balanced diet), weekly weigh-ins (where you sometimes feel bad if you dont lose), and image theropy where you can meet new people and have a bit of a laugh.

    I am currently a member of SW but i am thinking of leaving because the £4.95 i spend each week i could spend on buying more fruit and veg to feel me up. I joined SW thinking that it would involve some specially designed diet that was a closely guarded secret. To find that all it envolves is balancing fats, carbs ect and eating in moderation is somewhat disheartening for the amount of money i spend going to class and buying magazines ect.

  23. K

    The difference between slimming world and a healthy balanced diet (which can be achieved freely if you put your mind to it) is nothing. the added advantages of slimming world is and reduced rate on a magazine (which tells you how to create a healthy balanced diet), weekly weigh-ins (where you sometimes feel bad if you dont lose) and meeting new people at image theropy.

    I am currently a memeber of slimming world but am thinking of leaving because for £4.95 a week i could buy extra fruit and veg to feel me up. I thought SW would help me lose weight through a special form of highly secretive dieting. To find all it involes is balancing things and eating in modration is somewhat dishearting for the amount that its costing me a mouth to go.

  24. Rebekah

    Hey everybody, I joined Slimming world november 2009, and in 16 weeks I have lost 1 stone 13 pounds! I really dont believe this website gives SW justice, as I wouldnt even class it as a diet, its more of a lifestyle choice. Theres never any need to go hungry, as so many beautifull foods are unlimited. This website is a bit dated, as now there is an ‘extra easy’ day, whereby you can mix red and green meals, as long as a third of your plate is ‘superfree’ meaning veg, so typical meals include mix grills, beef/chicken roast dinners, bolagnases, pasta dishes, anything really! You can also eat out on the diet, as almost every restaurant serves a selection of meals which can be incorporated into the diet. I also go out at least once a week, and I just save up my ‘syns’ (similar to weight watchers points) and have lots and lots of vodka diet cokes, or soco diet lemonade and lime. It really is an amazing plan, Im within one stone of my 9lb target and have never ever felt so good, I recommmend to anyone – one of the few things out there that ISNT too good to be true!

  25. Joanne

    I would like to do the diet but I live in holland and on-line is quiet duur any help?

  26. Lynn

    I’m thinking of joining sw, can anyone give me the push that I need? I have already lost some weight on my own,but I now need a little help as I keep picking and feel hungry alot of the time.
    thanks Lynn

  27. bethany cooney

    Hi, I’ve recently joined slimming world as i want to loose weight to be healthier and to feel more confident & sexier!
    I have been doing it for a week but not sure if seen much improvement on the weight loss. The diet itself i love as i’m eating delicous healthy food and it doesnt fell like a diet but i want to know am i doing it right!!

    for eg.
    today i have eaten for breakfast cherry muller light (fat free yoghurt) & a big melon mixed witha satsumas.

    I have snacked on carrots, celery & 2 apples.

    For my lunch i had jacket potato & beans (no butter)

    For my tea was planning to have pasta with tuna as a healthy extra with a philadelphia sauce/milk which will use more healthy extra.
    so far today had no syns.
    Do you recocommend having syns? am i doing this right or eating to much.
    I’m so desperate to loose weight but last week saw no difference.

    Thanks Beth xx

  28. CLARA

    this is amazin G:D

  29. Mandy

    Hi all,
    just to let you know I joined sw abou 5 moths ago now, and have lost 2 stone, and dropped from a size 24 to a size 18 and feel wonderful, it might now sound all that great to some people but to the ones like myslfe we know thats a step in the right direction, I choose the extra easy plan because it fits in with my family, I never feel hungry and can eat all day long and still lose weight, and thats better than any shakes or pills if you ask me,is you go on slimming wrold on line there is a free week plan that you can try first, my friend joined 5 weeks ago and he has lost 2 stone the weight is faling off him and he looks wonderful. I cant tell you all how good I find this diet, well I dont think I can call it a diet I never feel hungry. good luck everyone, if I can help in anyway let me know.Mandy x

  30. Tracey F

    I have a lot of weight to lose… having tried and failed so many diets including a 2 1/2 stone weight loss with weight watchers but I put it all back on within a year because I was so fed up of feeling hungry all the time… not the case with this diet!

    I decided to try slimming world and went for the first time in Jan 2010. I was petrified but knew I had to do something.
    I have lost 12 1/2 pounds in 4 weeks. As I say I have a long way to go which is probably why I’ve lost more to begin with….?
    But I am beginning to feel hopeful… the group is good fun and my leader is a hoot but he knows how it feels to need to lose more weight than most…he even rang me in my first week to encourage me.

    Initially I took it just one meal at a time to begin with as I struggled to get my head around it. I only follow the extra easy plan as it even fits in with my busy life.
    (5 kids and I work). I honestly believe if I can acheive success anyone can…. give it a try!!

  31. sue

    i am thinking off joining the programme any tips.

  32. sheila

    ok, how do i copy and paste this info to someone. I cant do it, and im getting frustrated

  33. Janet

    To find out if there’s a group near you, go to the website linked above. In the centre of the page you’ll find an area in which you type your postcode. It will then give you the 10 nearest groups with dates, times, adresses etc.

    Also if you go to the website you will find a 7 day menu plan.

    The online SW is called BodyOptimise.

  34. Chloe

    Hi Lizzy,
    I just came across your comment while Googling “how does slimming world work”. I’ve been doing SW for 15 weeks and have lost a stone and half. I’ve no idea how but it works (which was why I googling!). Something about not giving your body the job of digesting both carbs and protien at the same time makes you burn fat? Thats the only thing I can think that it is.

    Like you I ate healthly – no processed food, olive oil not butter when I cook, I don’t have a sweet tooth especially, lots of fresh fruit and veg. My diet on SW has barely changed, but the choices of what I have on any given day have altered (no meaty sauce on pasta dishes, stew with squash not potatoes, nothing I might not of done anyway) and somehow thats worked despite all my reservations.

    I can’t recommend SW enough, I hope you get as much out of it as I have.
    Now all I have to do is keep it off!

Last Reviewed: April 2, 2017