Mayo Clinic Diet

The Mayo Clinic Diet continues to cause considerable confusion.

This is not an “official” Mayo Clinic Diet. The Mayo Clinic health center (based in Rochester, USA) categorically states that it had never endorsed any diet plan until December 2005, when it was announced that the official Mayo Clinic Plan was available via the Internet.

The clinic does however provide a number of guidelines for healthy eating – including the new Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid (aka Mayo Clinic Food Pyramid).

What is the unofficial “Mayo Clinic Diet”?

What was supposedly the Mayo Clinic Diet is a fad or crash diet. It is based around grapefruit, lots of salad and protein, and little carbohydrates. Weight loss was supposed to be in the region of 50-55 pounds in 10 weeks.

Mayo Clinic Diet – Meal Plan

This is a copy of the fad diet – and it IS NOT RECOMMENDED. Representatives from the Mayo Clinic have disavowed this diet. From the Medical Edge Newsletter July 2005:

“Versions of a Mayo Clinic Diet have been circulating for decades. Most push grapefruit, eggs, cabbage soup or meat and promise dramatic weight loss. None of these diets is associated with or has been endorsed by Mayo Clinic.”

12 days on – 2 days off

1/2 Grapefruit or 4 oz. Grapefruit Juice (unsweetened)
2 Eggs (any style)
2 Slices Bacon
1/2 Grapefruit or 4 oz. Grapefruit Juice (unsweetened)
Meat (any style, any amount)
Salad (any kind of dressing)
1/2 Grapefruit or 4 oz. Grapefruit Juice (unsweetened)
Meat (any style, any amount) (fish may be substituted for meat)
Vegetables (any green, yellow, or red vegetables cooked in butter or any seasoning)
Bed Time Snack
1 glass tomato juice or 1 glass Skim milk

Vegetables Allowed
Red onions, green onions, bell peppers, radishes, cucumbers, broccoli, spinach, lettuce, cabbage, carrots, peas.

Vegetables to Avoid
White onions, potatoes, celery.


  1. At any meal you may eat until you are full – until you can’t eat any more.
  2. Don’t eliminate anything from the diet, especially don’t skip bacon at breakfast or omit salads. It is the combination of foods that burn fat.
  3. The grapefruit is important because it acts as a catalyst that starts the burning process.
  4. Cut down on caffeine – it affects the insulin balance that hinders the burning process. Try to limit to 1 cup per meal at mealtime.
  5. Don’t eat between meals. If you eat the combination of food suggested you will not be hungry.
  6. Note that the diet completely eliminates sugar and starches, which are lipids and form fat. Fat doesn’t form fat; it helps burn it. You can fry food in butter and use butter generously on vegetables.
  7. Do not eat desserts, bread, and white vegetables or sweet potatoes. You may double or triple helpings of meat, salad, or vegetables. Eat until you are stuffed. The more you eat of the proper combination of food, the more you lose.

See Also

See the official Mayo Clinic diet program

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
  • KATZ, D. L. (2003). Pandemic obesity and the contagion of nutritional nonsense. Public health reviews, 31(1), 33-44. link.
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  • – Official site of the actual Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minneapolis, USA.

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  1. Zach

    I just started today (10/27). Can we have all the bacon and eggs we want in the mornings?

  2. Thee

    Today’s date: 10/27/08 I have been on this diet plan for two months. My weight is 185. I have only lost 20 pds since I started. This past month has been tough. I have not follow the diet plan like I should. But starting today I am back on it and will try my best to stick to it. I’ll check back in one month. Good luck to all of you.



  4. Ayisha

    just a word of advice to you all, Pls dont eat chesse… I had cheese in my salad and i went back to my normal weight plus added 1 kg πŸ™ OUCH. But its all good cos i am gonna work harder, i wont give up xxx


    TO:( BRANDY & TATUM ) if you keep a note book on your meals and time & date,this will help,it does me. even on day’s off.make note of everything. read my comment’s from couple back. just hang in there i know you both can do this. at first i didn’t think i was ever goin to make it. got 6 more day’s i’ll let you know wat’s happen. this is my 3rd go around. GOOD LUCK (HAROLD)



  7. Darlene

    I plan to start the diet real soon. Each of your comments motivate me to want to really try to stick with the diet. I hope that it works for me too.

  8. deshaun

    what about wings? I love garlic and butter but didnt know if we can eat them with ranch dressing?

  9. ZoopDog

    I started the plan 10-20-08 feeling good so far have read all the comments.Just checking in will report back in 3 days.Good luck everyone.

  10. Ayisha

    OMG i weighed in again today 23/10 and i have lost a further 1kg…….. this diet truly works !

  11. JoAnna

    I started yesterday 10/20/08. I’m in my mid 50’s and want to loose the 20+ lbs I put on with giving up smoking 3 yrs ago and going through menopause. Start weight 158 lbs, goal 140 lbs – by Christmas.

  12. Brandy & Tatum

    I am starting this diet today with my 10yr old daughter. I weigh 270lbs and she weighs 215lbs. We believe this is the jump start we both need to get down to a weight we feel comfortable exercising at. Good luck to everyone and thanks for posting, it made me want to try!

    Harold- I can’t wait to hear how you keep doing! Great job so far!!!

  13. Ayisha

    i weighed in this morning and i dropped 1.3kg in less than 3 days. wow ! i am so excited ! yay…. cant wait to finish the 12 days, i will keep you guys updated

  14. Ayisha

    I started this diet yesterday 19/10, i need to loose abt 12 pounds. and i hope this diet helps, i will also combine the diet with daily workouts. will let you all know how i go, wish me luck πŸ™‚ xoxox

  15. Lili

    I started this diet few years back and it worked. I lost over 20 in a month. I know this is a fad diet, but it really does work, and it helped me regain my strength to be active again.

  16. Marie

    I am soooooooooooo tired of being over weight!!! 5’7″ and 263#. A friend at work gave me a copy of the plan and hae been reading this page. I can wait to get started in the morning!!!!!!! My hubby is going to wait till after the first month to try but is very supportive of me he only need to loose like 25 when I need to loose like 125 that would be good I think for me. Will be checking in soon!

  17. HAROLD

    HEY,i’am fixin to start my 3rd round of my 12 days, lost 21lbs. in the 24 days on this diet.IF we want to lose weight we can do this,stay with it don’t give up it’s the hardest 1st round.GOOD luck to you all.WILL be back in 12 days.



  19. Georgia Peach

    It works!!! I have found that within the first week if you add a little exercise with it you can lose the first 10lbs within 5 days! I mostly walk 2-3 miles aday…. and also it’s very easy to do.

  20. nes

    Hi! i have read everyones comments and i am really excited about starting this diet i just had a baby a month ago and i want to lose 50-60lbs im starting on Monday October 20 20008 WISH ME LUCK WILL KEEP U GUYS POSTED!!!



  22. Lethal Weapon

    Hi all. Tamilla, you will also lose inches so check with your tight clothes(try these on to see the difference). If you are following the diet you will lose. I am down 18 lbs in 6 wks(approximately 3 lbs a week). I started eating 8 slices of bacon and as many eggs so that I wasn’t hungry and didn’t get a headache but backed down to the 2 slices and 2 eggs as my hunger got under control. I also eat cheese occasionally, esp. if it comes on my salad at a resturant(after all I can’t have the bread). I set my days off on my work nights(yes, I work 12 hr nights) and on my days off I “cheat” on my diet days with no bean, chili for dinner or TGIFs Hot Wings. I have this with the grapefruit juice and it keeps me honest and true to the diet the rest of the time.


    I started the diet yesterday. I read all of the replies and I am ready for a change. I will need encouragement, so thanks to all the supporters. I want to lose weight so I can exercise comfortable. I am considerablly over weight and I’ve tried all types of diets. Here I go!

  24. char

    Hi guys, I just started the diet today 10/14 since I’m use to having waffles and sausage for breakfast i’m not so full. I really want this to work and I also know that this is a fad diet but you have to start somewhere. Keep me in your prayers.

  25. sotiredofdieting

    i am on my 2nd cycle of the 12 days. i had lost 7lbs by the 11th day and then on my final day had gained 2lbs. i got so mad, but i went on my two days off didn’t even each much because i didn’t have much of a appetite and didn’t crave any sweets. now today is my first day back on and im scared to get on the scale im gonna wait about 3 days to let the diet kick back in hopefully i lost the extra 2lbs plus some more. anyone else experience a weight gain???

  26. Jacey

    10/13/08 I have been on this diet since 10/11/08. The first day was the worst but has gotten easier as time gone by. Miss my Cherry Coke but oh well getting better about that. My husband is doing this with me. Will be interesting to see how we do.

  27. tamilla

    today is my 7th day an my weight is at a stand still? for the past 2days i havent lost or gained anything? im following diet to the T…so far ive lost 14lbs. but maybe im doin sumthing wrong? i have soooooo much more to lose. any suggestions?

  28. Almost There

    10/9/2008 I’ve been on this diet for the past 2 1/2 weeks, I have lost a total of 15 pounds, the only difference is that I eat what ever I want on Sundays, I started it agian on 10/6/ and I have decided that Im going to do it for the whole 12 days. I need 15 more pounds to go.WOOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. kris

    hi hardtolose,
    i’ve stuck to the diet for 11 days and am down 11 pounds. i’ve worked out 8 times for ~1 hour each time (some days cardio, others cardio and weights, pilates) in those 11 days. I feel great. and i know you’re not supposed to, but i still have wine some nights, but do not give into temptation to snack or eat any carbs while doing so. first cheating weekend coming up, can’t wait!

  30. Tanya

    The diet does work. I lost 26.50 pounds in 2 months. You just have to stick with it. Dont give up. Good luck everyone.

  31. HAROLD

    HEY,how’s everyone doin,I was going to wait till my 12 day’s is over on the 17th but i droped another 4 lbs. as of 10/ 8/ 08.I don’t know if anyone want’s to do this but i keep a note book with each meal of every thing i eat,the day, date, & time, so i eat about the same time every day. AND on my 2 day’s off do the same. THIS really help’s me. and sally chicken & turkey is good to eat as long as it’s skinless and baked, i eat both. HAROLD

  32. Lou

    Does anyone have the cabbage soup recipe that goes with this diet. I tried this about 10 yrs ago with the soup & I lost 30# with it. If anyone has the soup recipe Please send it to

  33. Qiana

    hey guys, today oct.8, 2008 is my 7th day on the diet and I just wanted to let you know that I have lost 5lbs. I am still suffering terrible headaches. I know it’s withdrawal from the large amounts of sugar and carbs that I was eating on a daily basis. I rather deal with the headaches now though and look good in thirty days. I started out 147.5lbs and today I am 142.0lbs. I’m happy that I am off to a good start. I just want so say that the diet really works you just have to stick with it as would any diet that you stick to. Best wishes and good luck to all will check back in on oct. 13th

  34. Clairol

    I tried this diet 5 years ago and lost a total of 70 pounds in 6 months! Now, because of babies, I am needing to go back and lose another 70! I start tomorrow, will let everyone know how I go! This diet does work! Keep up the good work All! Cheers!

  35. jen

    what do you do once you’ve reached your target weight?

  36. hardtolose

    Hey guys,
    whas goin on? No comments on how anyones doing lately!
    Yep I started today 10/6 and feelin ok – not hungry thus far so thats off to a great start. Come on guys need to hear some comments on how your all doin. email me
    or type in more comments here. LETS COMMUNICATE AND KEEP EACH OTHER ENCOURAGED!

  37. jen

    i have a question. what do you do once you’ve reached your target weight? is there a plan for tapering off the diet?

  38. Ronda

    This diet works, the first time I tryed it I lost 40lbs. I always looked forward to the 2 off days, you do crave certain foods.

  39. sally

    is turkey meat and chicken meat good to eat also

  40. lola

    I am trying this diet in the morning. I am desperate to lose the 10 pounds that I have put on in 2 months.

  41. Candy

    This will be my second attempt at this diet. I lost 25lbs the first time. I will start on 10/7/08, and I hope to lose 40lbs this time. Wish me luck….

  42. hardtolose

    I’ve tried so many diets and am hoping this one really works. I’ve read all comments and feel confident this will work for me. I am starting on Monday 10/6/08 – hope to be a success story by the 12th day. Congrats to all that are wining the battle!

  43. Ashley

    I just had a baby girl in August and gained an extra 40 pounds. Husband is coming home from Iraq sometime in December/January and hope to lose the extra 40. But I’m cheating and going to start the diet on October 11th so I can eat what I want on Thanksgiving.haha! My mom is doing it with me. She’s done it before and lost 20 pounds after just a couple weeks.

  44. kay

    im starting today october 3rd and want to loose a total of 18 lbs by december

  45. HAROLD

    hey,how is everyone doin.I’VE read everybody’s comment’s and if you read mine on 9/21/08 i need to lose a bunch,so i’am happy to let you know today 10/2/08 is my 12th day .lost 10 lbs. 4oz,start back on all can do this if i can.keep up the good work will report back in 14 day’s this help’s alot by reading you all’s comment’s thank’s ( harold )

  46. Qiana

    I went on this diet about six months ago and I lost 7lbs in the first three days. Yesterday Oct. 1, 2008 I started again wish me well this time around will let you know my results Oct. 13th.

  47. gina

    todays is 10.1.08, i work in a doctors office and 2 of out pts told us about the diet so tomorrow some of my so workers and i are going to get started, i hope to loose 50 pounds before chtistmas.

  48. Anonymous

    Today is my first day Otober 1. I am going to try it and see how it goes.



  50. Mandi

    I started this diet yesterday. I’ve have lost 2 lbs since I weighed yesterday morning. The only thing is I feel weak. I’m a carb junkie!! I feel like I could eat a loaf of bread!! I will let everybody know how it goes.

  51. Angela

    Today is September 29th, my first day. I will check back in twelve days to let you all know how it goes and how much weight i lost. My current weight is 160. I’ve always weighed 135, but in my first year of marrige i guess i got out of hand with the fast food and going out to dinner. Wish me luck, i hope this works. I was doing the slimfast thing for two months and have not lost a thing. Yeah crazy! Stay focused everyone.

  52. job

    Here is a site where I am posting a challenge thread for all who are following this diet. Sorry, I wish I knew how to post it as a link but go to this site and you will find me under “Mayo Clinic Challenge”. We can post and support daily. Hope to see some of you there!!

  53. Eileen

    My husband lost over 50 pounds and dramatically lowered his cholesterol, as well as bringing his diabetes under control. It is not good to stay on for a long period, but to jump start your weight loss to get you started on a healthy life style.

  54. Jessy

    Today is September 27, 2008. Yesterday was my 27th birthday and at 5″5′ I weight 153 lbs. I was down to 134 lbs a couple of months ago and gained it all back due to “binge” eating. I want to get down to 130 lbs. I tried the Quick Weight Loss Center diet and I didn’t have too much success on it, although my husband did loose 50 lbs on that plan. I just want to loose the weight and change my lifestyle to live a healthy life. I’m starting this diet on Monday…wish me luck!! I’ll check back in after the 12 days.

  55. job

    HMMM-I saw my post from today, but now it is gone! Anyway, I am starting this (again) on Sept. 29. Thanks, Thee, for the encouraging words from God! Let’s keep posting our results!

  56. job

    Thanks Thee! God’s word is always an encourager! How is everyone doing? Please check in! I started then stopped due to circumstances, but I’m back on it! I will definitely let you know my progress. I’ve asked this before, but no one has answered. Instead of having the skim milk in the evening is it okay to use in coffee in the morning? I don’t feel the need in the evening, but would love it in my coffee! Best to everyone!

  57. Thee

    Today’s date: 09/25/08 I have been on this diet plan for one month. I weigh myself this morning and my weight is 190. I have lost 15 pounds plus inches. I am so proud of myself. I would like to leave each of you with this:In the bible,1 Corinthians 6:19-20 Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own;you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body. This verse has helped me stick to this diet plan and with God’s help he has given me the strength to loose weight. I will check back in a month. God bless you all.

  58. Yolanda

    I started the diet on 9/23/08 and I really hope it works. I am newly divorced and I have improved every aspect of my life except me being over wieght and NOW is the time! I weigh 241 pounds. I can’t even believe I just wrote that. I would love to lose 71 pounds. My goal weight is 170. I’ll report back on 10/02/08 with good news hopefully!

  59. HAROLD

    hey,started 9/21/08 hope this work’s my weight is 381 never been this big in my life.will let you know how it’s going in 9 more day’s.hope you all lose the weight you set your goal at.never give up,that’s what happen to me,now have to work really hard to lose all this fat GOOD LUCK

  60. sharon

    hey i started the diet 9/22/08. Hope it works starting weight 192 and wanting to get down to 150. i will check back in on 10/3/08

  61. Mommytu1

    I’m thinking about trying this out and starting tomorrow 9/22/08
    For breakfast, am I only allowed 2 slices of bacon? I usually eat turkey bacon so I’m assuming that will be ok. Also for tomatoe juice, does it have to be plain tomatoe juice or can it be v8?

  62. Audrey

    QUESTION?? How much protein have you all been eating at lunch and dinner?. I know it says eat until you are full but I can eat and eat sometimes and I am wondering if I am eating too much steak at each meal. I can easily eat a 16lb nice thick rib steak for lunch and dinner. Do you think thats going overboard?
    Any advice about this from people who have lost alot of weight on this diet?

  63. Healthy Mamma

    I lost most of my 90 pound pregnancy weight gain a few years ago on this diet within a year. Only gained 40 pounds with my 2nd. Started again this past Monday and already lost 5 pounds.

    To Answer some questions with my past experiences of weight loss with this diet. You can use spenda or equal. My mother hates eggs and she went on this diet with me. She either substituted 2 ounces of other meat or doubled the bacon. I have used turkey bacon in the past, it worked fine. Also, I used to substitute sausage some weeks for the bacon and it still worked fine. I just checked the label to make sure that the sausage was almost free of carbs. I know that it says no white veggies, but I love califlower which happens to be a very low carb veggie. I used to eat it all the time and still lost a ton of weight. I used to make a shepherds pie using mashed califlower instead of potato. I do think that it’s true about the cheese slowing the weight loss for some people a little, but if you’re on this diet for a long time and its between some cheese or breaking the diet. Be reasonable. Also this diet works with no exercise, but if you are able to exercise, both your weight loss and health will greatly improve. These are just my experiences, I hope they help.
    Keep up the good work!!!!!!!

  64. wannabeskinny

    I have lost SEVEN lbs in 2 days!! I am not sure if this is good or not. I have a lot of weight to lose (100+ lbs) so it could be because of that. I will be keeping an eye out on it though.

  65. georgiagirl

    Today is day five on this diet.9/19/08. Have lost 4 pounds. Be sure to eat enough so you don’t feel hungry. Good luck to all..I’m over fifty and weight does not come off as easily as it used too. This seems to be a good diet. Good luck to all.

  66. wants to start!

    Hey my step mom and I have been talkin about doing the “3 day diet” and I ran across this one. The food sounds better and it seems that everyone is losing more weight. for our height we are very over weight. We would really like to start this monday 9/22/08. Would any one PLEASE email with some meal ideas? and also any thing else that would help us drop the LBS!! My email is!!!!! Thanks for all that have posted, you guys have really said great things about this and its really made me want to try!!!!!

  67. Jen Jen

    While this may not answer well any of your questions I thought that this was a good article from a credible source that gives validity to the diet. It doesn;t tell you if you can have turkey bacon, FAKon, cheese, fried chicken (or any of the other questions) it will help you to defend the unsupportive peoples comments that you all may be getting

    I’ve been on the diet for 18 days, and had to restart 1 time, but I just got back to it, and I have lost 10LBS! I am so looking forward to my 2 days off this weekend, and then back to the diet. I don’t have alot to lose so other diets, and crazy working out plans have never been able to get below 140. EVER! This diet did it! I will sing it’s praises for ever~!
    Good luck everyone, keep up the good work!

  68. Azahel

    Can i drink any diet coke, or its better for me not too?Some one please answer!!!!

  69. noblepainter

    Hello all… I started this diet on Sept 1 and I’VE LOST LOST 12 POUNDS to date. I cheated on the 16th day with sushi & a martini bcz it was my daughter’s bday. But I”m back on track. I have noticed that I am not losing a pound a day, but I am losing inches. So guys, don’t be discouraged by the scale. Did anyone find out if turkey bacon is ok? Some of my friends are vegetarians but want to go on the diet. I am so proud of all of you.

  70. Panamagirl

    I know this diet works I tried it a few yrs ago and lost 5lbs every 5 days or so…I had been unable to exercise for the past year and gained about 20 lbs. I’m 5’3 and was 129 until I started to workout 6 weeks ago..I’m 124 now an am looking to lose those last 10-15 lbs…Started today 9-18-08..I check back in a few days to see how it’s going. Good luck everyone!

  71. Kizzy

    My husband and I started this diet on 9-15-08 and today id day 4 i feel great, so far Ive lost 3lbs its a start. I’m really excited about it and each day the plan gets easier and easier. We had really bad eating habits and liked to eat out a lot but so far we have stuck to the diet hopefully this work god luck and congrats to all of you…. Happy Dieting.

    I will check back next week and post how it goes

    Weighing in at 248 (9-15-08)
    9-18-08 current weight 245.

  72. lethal weapon

    Hi momo. This is my first time on the diet but I’ve been eating my meat on the side or in the salad. I think you can have your meat anyway but battered in flour. Goood luck all.

  73. karen

    Is Splendra or sweet and low allowed on this diet?

  74. momo

    I started this diet yesterday 9-15-08 and I got this diet from my nieghbor. I have a question that my husband and I are getting confused. On the diet plan for lunch it says to eat/drink grapefruit, a salad and any meat that you want. Does that meat have to be in the salad or is that any meat on the side? Please let me know.


    This diet worked for me I lost 39 pounds in 6 months I cont with my eggs in the morning and salads but started eating dinner I gained 4 pounds I need to start the diet again.

  76. jojo

    its my first day can u guys please give me support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pleaseeee i really want to lose weight

  77. jojo

    hey everyone my names jojo im weighin 130 i really want to lose weight i want my face to get slimmer and my body as well.. am starting this diet tomorrow 09 15 08… wish me luck! i want to wish luck to everyone else may God bless you all and lets keep ourselves encouraged!!! love you all!!

  78. tanya

    hey rita when you said you been on and off for 6 months. how long did you stay off and then went back on. also you said dont cheat just enjoy the 2 days off correct? have you ever just skip the 2 days off? do you think you need the 2 days off to jump start the weight lost again? and congrats on the 70lbs lose.

  79. Lethal Weapon

    I started the diet on Aug. 31 and today Sept 11 I have lost 10 lbs. I know that you can eat fruit on your 2 days off, but can you just eat anything that you want on your 2 days. For instance can I have the spicy hot fried pork skins? What about the potato chips and other junk food you can’t eat on the diet days? What about barbeque ribs, pizza, cheeseburgers? Anyone have any experience with these foods on your days off. By the way, I have been eating until stuffed like the diet says, 6-8 pcs of bacon and egg whites for breakfast etc. Good luck everyone and lets keep the comments coming to support each other.

  80. Elizabeth 9/12/08

    I started the diet on 9/10 my weight on that day was 177 (I just had a baby 3 months ago) So far I am following the diet as it is listed its a little hard but with each day its gets a little easy. I am wanting to loose 20lbs by my bday on 10/28 and an overall 30 by December so keep your fingers crossed, I will touch base back in a couple of days to let you guys know how things are going. also is ok to eat caned Collard Greens?

  81. Mandy

    I just tho. I would let everyone out there like my self know this diet dose work, if it works for me then it realy works! I my stepdad and mother are all on this together an we are all doing well. I started on 9-3-08 an it is 9-12-08 an have lost 8 Lbs an that is alot in that short of time for me. well good luck to everyone this is hard but we can all do this. we will feel good when we meat our gools!

  82. Sandy

    I am starting this the Mayo Diet tomorrow. I need to lose at least 40 pounds. I am so miserable at my present weight. Wish me luck, and good luck to all of you.

  83. Thee

    I started this diet on 08-25-08. My weight is 205. I have lost 10 pounds. I noticed that I am loosing fat around my stomach area… I feel so much better. Good luck to all!

  84. BMW

    I have been on the diet 3 weeks today… I have lost 10 lbs. and staying at 10 lbs. for the past week. I really have not taken my 2 days off. I just had a few cheats here and there and counted that for the days off. Do you actually need the 2 days off to jump start the diet or why am I at a stand still. Because it was very exciting to see the quick progress when I first started. Any suggestions……

  85. Rita

    Just to let every one know that the diet or as I call it the “WOL” (Way of Life) DOES infact work. I have been off and on for about 6 months and I have lost 70 LBS. If you stick to it, and I mean really stick to it, the weight will literally fall off. Also, the cheese is a no no, because most people tend to get HAPPY when using cheese, and not realizing that there is quite a few calories in it. The real key is to find a dressing that you really like, and once you do that you really won’t miss the cheese on your salads. Also, try the Ruby Red Light grapefruit juice. It has 1/2 of everything that regular juice has and I LOVE it! Once last FYI, if you just try not to cheat rather your 12 days on or your 2 days off, it won’t be hard to reach whatever goal there is that you may have.

  86. job

    WOW! Big S! Great job! 13 lbs. in one week is great.
    Laura-many people water down their juice. Good luck to you!

  87. PATTY


  88. PATTY


  89. Big S

    I just finished my first week and lost 13 lbs. I saw results the first day. It is the most effective weight loss I’ve tried, and I’ve tried them all and still ended up at 302#.

  90. Dietjunkie

    Maddie you cant use grapefruit in light syrup. Syrup is sugar. If you dont like or can’t find grapefruit, get 100% grapfruit juice & read the back of the bottle because sometimes it will say 100% juice and it’s not all grapefruit juice. Dont’t want you to waste your time. GOOD LUCK!

  91. Laura

    I started the diet yesterday and have found it easy to stick to so far. I read that a lot of people don’t like the grapefruit juice, I water mine down a little to help dilute it so it doesnt taste as bad. I figure it can’t hurt cause water is good on any diet. Good luck to everyone trying this diet. Hope it works for me as well.

  92. job

    How is everyone doing? These comments seem to be slow in getting posted, but let’s keep each other encouraged by showing our results! I started yesterday (restart) on 9/08/08 and this morning am down 2 lbs.!

  93. maddie

    Okay, so I just bought all the stuff I need for this diet. But, I bought grapefruit that is packaged in “Super Light Syrup”. I realize this is not the exact plan, but oh well. The grapefruits at my grocery store looked like crap.

    Lunch tomorrow: Thick cut turkey over salad w/ ranch dressing & grapefruit. Yumm.

    STARTING: 9/08/08
    WEIGHT: 177

    Hope I can make this work πŸ˜€

  94. godslove

    i’m starting this diet with my brother on 9/15/08. My weight now is 190. & i want to lose 50 lbs.

  95. job

    Sp-thanks for the encouragement. Great job on the weight loss!
    Chrystal-I am 5’2″ and hope to lose 25 lbs. 2 months would be great! Let’s hope this will do it!
    BPeet-I think it’s okay to use egg beaters, but the whole egg would probably be more satisfying to get you through to lunch. Also, diet soda/drinks are allowed as long as they are caffeine free.
    noblepainter-Not sure if more grapefruit is okay. I love it too! I think that shrimp in garlic and butter is perfectly fine!

    I read somewhere that you should have the grapefruit 20-30 minutes before the meal. Anyone doing that or just eating with the meal?

  96. KG

    so far five days and 7 pounds lost

  97. Beni in Tx.

    Hey guys I’m going to start this diet tomorrow 9-6-08. I weigh 250 and want to lose 100 lbs. I will come on here to keep everyone posted! With everyones success I’m excited to start! Good luck everyone!

  98. C.S.

    I plan to start this diet on 9-8-08. I am 30 years old and I weigh 220 pounds. I heard this diet really works and can not wait to get started to see the results. My goal is to lose 75 pounds.

  99. lisa

    you do have to eat the eggs in the morn. and you can have up to 8oz grapefruit juice (unsweetened)at each meal.
    Shrimp in butter is fine also. any kind of meat. except fried in flour.

  100. noblepainter

    This is my 2nd day, I feel that this diet is very promising! Think about it, you can come up with some awesome combinations of yummy food! Question: Does anyone know if you can have more grapefruit at each meal? Sorry, I know some of you hate it, but I happen to love it. And do you think shrimp in garlic & butter is allowed?

  101. B Peet

    I have started just about every diet in the world and have not been able to finish due to lack of discipline. I am 26 years old with a little girl who will be 2 in a few months, so I have no excuse for the excess weight anymore. My weakness is food, but i am at the point where I am tired of people asking me if I am pregnant. I plan to start this diet with the goal of losing 50 lbs. Wish me luck!! I think the most exciting part of the whole experience with the be the support of my husband. I am curious about drinks. I am not a coffee or soda drinker, but what about diet drinks? Oh and flavored water? Can you use egg beaters? I need every bit of encouragement that I can get. Thank you all for you post!!!!

  102. Crystal

    I am 5’2 and weigh 148lbs. I am wanting opinions on the average weight loss for 2 months. Could I lose 25lbs???

  103. SP

    This diet really works. Have been exercising and strictly following diet. Am pleased to announce I have lost 14lbs. I don’t believe it’s all just fluid. I can see my body shrinking!It was a challenge up to about day 5 and then things seemed easier. Am going to eat lots of fruit in the next two days before beginning again. This really does work. Stick with it!

  104. tanya

    started 8/7/08 15 pounds and counting. good luck everyone!!!

  105. tubby

    I started this diet 9 days ago and so far I have gone from 13 stone (182lbs) to 12stone 5lbs (173lbs) definately worth it because it does work and isn’t that hard to follow. I plan to do this for about a month and see if it still produces such huge results. I had headaches the first few days because I tried to kick caffeine completely, but I let myself have peppermint tea and earl grey now and have no milk. I’ve also naughtily had some cheese now and then. I don’t know what to eat on my days off but I will probably stick to porridge for breakfast soup for lunch and semi healthy suppers! Good luck to everyone starting or doing it again or in the middle.

  106. job

    Sarah, I believe the reason they say to eat the whole egg is that the fat and nutrition in the yolks will keep you more satisfied. I am wondering the same thing about the milk at night. One website says it’s optional another says not. I would like to use it in my morning coffee, but not sure.

    Sana-the plan says to eat what you want but don’t go crazy if you want the best results. I plan to add back in WINE and 1/2 & 1/2 in my coffee then just eat LC the rest of the day.

    Keep us posted KG!

  107. Sarah

    Good luck KH i am trying to drop 20 lbs ahh

  108. Sarah

    Congrats SUPER MOM! I have a question for u do have to drink skin milk at night or can i skip it the diet says it is optional??? Also for breakfast is it ok just to eat 2 egg whites or the whole egg?? What do I eat on my 2 days off?? Help Supermom!

  109. Anonymous

    good luck KG!

  110. KG

    Started 9/1/08 weighing 285 and hoping to lose 40-50 pounds. heard it works great from a coworker who lost 40 in 2 months

  111. Sana

    What can I eat on my 2 off days??? Help!

  112. Sarah

    This my 1st day 9/1/08 i am very exicted i need to drop 20lbs. Do I have to drink skin milk at night???? Can I skip it. Also for breakfast can i just eat egg whites? Thanks so much.

  113. job

    Has anyone used the skim milk from the bedtime snack for their morning coffee. I really want to follow this exactly, but don’t feel the need for the milk in the evening, but would love it for my coffee! What do you think?
    Supermom, wow 12 lbs.! That is what is making me excited to start. All these great results!

  114. Suzette

    Super Mom, you have given me all the motivation I need to make this diet work. I too have a treadmill and am using it each day. I will read your comments daily to keep me on track. I hope my loss is as successful as yours. Well done. You have such will power!

  115. tanya

    good luck supermom keep posting. do you have anymore ideas on food to eat? i’m going to try the chicken salad and fajita beef, thanks for the idea.

  116. supermom

    I started the Mayo Clinic diet 8/21/’08 and today is my 11th day and I have lost 12lbs. as of today and I am thrilled. My need was and is my health. My family doctor approved my trying this diet if I am careful to have at least 1 to 2 hours before and after I take my b/pressure medicine each morning,because sometimes the grapefruit juice can interfere with the medicine’s potency, but so far so good. No problems and I pray there will not be, so that I may continue to lose and improve my health. I also walk on our treadmill 5 days a week,sometimes 6 days for 40 to 50 min. and plan to keep increasing the time and distance,but I am having to go slower that usual, only 2.8-3.0 because of an inflamed sciatic nerve. I am encouraging some friends to try this diet. It works! My favorite meal so far has been a Fajita Beef or Chicken salad, using Picate? Salsa as the dressing. I even put tomatoes and red onions in the salad. Hmmmmmmmmmm Good! Very filling. I purchase the frozen Fajita pre-cooked brand meat.

  117. job

    I am starting this on Sept. 1st. I am excited to start. I need to lose about 30 lbs. Best of luck to everyone and I will keep you posted.

    My first post didn’t get posted. Hope this works!

  118. job

    Hey all! I also am going to start on Sept. 1. I need to lose about 30 lbs. I lost 35 last year on Atkins and now am slowly gaining. I want this weight off finally and think I can do this. Best to everyone. Let’s keep checking in!!
    pjs-I think salt and pepper are okay (unless you have sodium issues) and it says to keep caffeinated drinks (tea) to 2 cups. I bet if you have decaffeinated teas it would be fine. BUT I haven’t even started yet so maybe someone else will say differently

  119. Rudy

    Have been on the diet for 12 days and have lost 7 pounds. Looking forward to tomorrow. Question: I know you can’t have yellow squash, but what about Zucchini squash? It’s green. Also, does the cheese have to be low fat or regular? And my blood pressure meds say “no grapefruit”-what’s my alternative? I have been drinking orange juice.

  120. Gemma

    Hi all, i hope you don’t mind me joining you!? I am starting on 1st September. I currently weigh 224lbs and want to get down to 147lbs so 73lbs to go! Hope it works!!! All these comments have really given me incouragement, i can’t wait to start now! :0)

  121. CYS

    I heard this diet really works. I weigh 223 pounds and plan to start on 09-01-08.

  122. pjs

    After reading everyones comments, I feel really good about starting this diet…which is today 08/25/08.. But I do have some questions if anyone knows the answers… What are we allowed to drink? I’m sure water out the yang, but tea?, diet sodas?, what? I figured out the answer to the cheese.ah no…Califlower.ah no..
    It says to stay away from the white vegetables..
    What about salt & pepper, or seasoning?? What to do?? I’m a spicy girl, I spice everything…
    Help me somebody…I’ll check back daily for answers, & I’m sure after 12 days of this, I’m gonna be announcing my big loss! Thanx!

  123. Vicki

    Please see the attached link for the diet I am referring to. I changed midway to the diet above (but I still eat cheese) and have seen way more results.

  124. Darcy

    Does anyone know if you can have nuts on this diet? What about non-dairy creamer for your coffee?

  125. cpain

    We all already know this is a fad diet, but the fact of the matter is,that doesn’t mean that it doesnt work because it does work. In fact it works very well. I am male 5’9 went on the diet weighing 200 pounds, just followed the diet exactly and did very, very little exercise at all, and within 3 months i weighed in at 155, so I lost 45 pounds in 3 months on this diet with relatively no exercise. It is very hard to stick with for about the first week, but if you can make it through that first week, it will become habit and you will begin to lose weight without really even trying… Just tough it out that first week and the habit and motivation will take care of itself.

  126. Drewmon

    This diet works great, I tried it about 5 years ago..I dropped about 25 pounds. Anyone who thinks this doesn’t work when sticking to it has issues. It’s just like the Atkins but no juice involved…this is pretty much no sugar no have to lose weight. Then add some walking or some type of excercising it increases the weight loss.

  127. Janelle

    This is my last day of my first cycle (started 8/11) and I am happy to report that I lost 10 lbs!

    I followed the instructions for this diet and worked out (cardio/30 mins) every other day. I NEVER cheated this whole 12 days. Trust me, there was/is sooo much temptation around!

    Since I started this diet, I have a good amount of energy and never feel hungry between meals.
    People tell me that my skin is glowing, which is a first for me =) I fit in my clothes better, my husband even said he could tell it was working!
    What I found REALLY helpful it using a diet/exercise log.

    I go off tomorrow, but more than likely I’ll go back on Monday. I have about 10-15 lbs still that I’d like to lose.

    I am PROOF that this diet works!

  128. lu

    yes u can have cheese any kind

  129. sherri

    I started the diet aug,11 and I have lost 8 pounds.It worked with me before and it’s working now.I continue until I lose 20 pounds ,then I will excercise to keep it off.

  130. Vicky

    Val, would you be able to post the new version? I’ve never seen it. We have been sticking to the above diet and this is our 3rd day. I would think that you wouldn’t be able to eat cheese at all until your 2 days off. Tanya, what a great result. Keep us updated.

  131. tanya

    hello I started 8/7/08 and so far I lost 6.5 pounds. good luck everyone.

  132. Val

    I have been on this diet for 4 days and am a bit worried that I have been doing it wrong. Has anybody lost weight using the newer version that includes chili and hotdogs? Also, does anybody know if it is okay to eat brocolli and cheese for supper instead of just a plain veggie.

  133. PaulNZ

    I heard about this from a friend. I’ve talked to a few people, and most are skeptical. I’m going to give it a go. I’ll update on my progress after the first cycle.

  134. Vicky

    Hi, I am pleased that I have come across this site. My husband and I have started today 21.08.08. We have just had our lunch, feel full and am looking forward to losing weight like so many of you on this site. Keep reporting to the forum as it gives us motivation knowing what we have to look forward to.

  135. Anonymous

    What can i sub for the2 eggs for breakfast? i dont eat eggs and wanna start tomorrow.


  136. Audrey

    Any good recipes anyone wants to share?

  137. Audrey

    Lets start sharing recipes
    Big Mac
    2 large portabella mushroom caps grilled
    season hamburger meat with garlic, sea salt, onion powder and whatever ingredients you like and cook it the way you like.
    Add cook hamburger between the mushrooms,add lettuce, tomatoe, red onions and dressing of your choice
    Anyone else care to share a recipe

  138. Brande

    Hi Everyone,

    I just wanted to share my experience with all of you. I have done this diet in early 07 and it really does work! althought, I had to stop in early April 07 because I found out that I was pregnant. I gained 34 lbs total and lost 25 immediately following delivery. I had the baby in Decemeber and now that he is more independent and learning to walk I can acutally find time to do something for myself. I just started today and hope to reach my goal of my pre pregnancy weight and more since I was already dieting before the baby. This diet is awesome because you literally get rapid results! After 5 Days you should loose 5 lbs and that’s enough motivation to keep you going. I think its hard for dieters to stick to plans where it takes longer to see results.

  139. angiemdl

    Hi all,
    Today is Monday, August 18…I’m planning a trip back home and hope to lose my last 10lbs before then…which is Labor Day weekend…I hope this help. I’ll report back.

  140. Anonymous

    is fried chicken allowed?

  141. lisa

    can you have fried chicken? I was just curious,since the diet states any amount of meat any kind.

  142. Lori WI

    This diet is amazing. Over the years, after having each of my children Ive done it and its worked. You have to follow the rules EXACTLY. And make sure on your days off you dont go crazy. My problem is the grapefruit juice. I hate it!!! If it were not for the grapefruit juice and eggs and bacon every morning I could stay on it forever!!

  143. McCallister


  144. Kim

    Here I go! I’m starting this diet on Monday Aug. 18 and I need to lose at least 40 lbs. Wish me luck and good luck to all of you.

  145. Melissa

    My boyfriend and i are going on this diet starting monday (8-18-08). We can’t wait. So excited!!!!! Hope we do just as well as everyone else. Keep you posted!

  146. Jason

    answers to some of the questions
    no mushrooms, no cheese, no extra bacon.
    I started this diet about 4 days ago and ive allready lost 6 pounds.
    Im not even excersizing, thats how great this diet is.
    For my 2 days off, which is also my birthday, i am going to eat my one true love.
    i cant wait, i think that the no grain is bullcrap.
    oh well, you win some you lose some.

  147. lisa

    I’ve just found out about this diet, if we follow what is on the diet strictly, that means no cheese right?

  148. Raine

    Caroline…………………. lets do this together.. we are about the same in weight.

  149. Raine

    I started the diet today 08-12-08 and will post results weekly on tuesday.

    I am Obese and want to lose totally 50 lbs total.

  150. Audrey

    oh one more question?
    Can we have portabella mushrooms they are not white????

  151. Audrey

    Hi Everyone
    Is SPLENDA or EQUAL allowed on this Diet????????
    It says your allowed diet soda that is caffeine free isnt there a sugar substatute in the diet soda???

    What do you eat on your 2 days off?

  152. TERESSA


  153. Anonymous

    its working mid week of the second week from 139 to 133

  154. Rechelle

    Hi, My name is Rechelle…I live in Baton Rouge, LA….I hope to lose 50lbs by December…..I have tried several diets before but I had a hard time sticking to the diet. Wish me luck…..I will follow-up in 12 days……

  155. anonymous

    the grape juice does not matter. It has to be UNSWEETEND. That all. The sugar labeled in the bottled is natural sugar from the fruit itself. its not artificial.

  156. Lily B

    I will start the diet and report back to inform you on the staus of it, question though I went to buy the juice and it says no sugars added then in the nutritional facts it says 29 grams of sugar,so is the juice good or not??

  157. Lily B

    I started the diet on 8/4/08. I will check back to report, no one has answered if its ok to have ruby grapefruit!! Then when you buy the juice the nutritional facts say 29g of sugar even though it says no sugar added! So is juice not a good idea? Thanks!!

  158. stacii

    My brother and neice is on this diet, and both lost 18+ lbs. I am going to start 8/6/08 I want to lose 70lbs by Sept 30, my daughters 19th birthday. That would be the best present I could ever give her. I have health issues and really need to lose the weight. My husband is a fittness buff and I should have jumped on that band wagon years ago. I am the only heavy person in the house. So here I go. Good luck to you all.

  159. caroline

    I started the mayo diet on 8-04-08. my goal is to lost 85 lb by december 2008. I am a little scare but i going to make it.
    i am 225 lbs.
    luck to very one we are going to make it….
    also I will tell you how it goes….

  160. katherine

    been on diet 5 days and im not as hungry and i have lost 3 pounds. yay!!!! 7 days left.

  161. mike

    me and my wife are starting this diet on 8-4-08 is corn not allowed on this diet.

  162. Joanne

    I started the diet on the 21st of July. It is better to start on a Monday, that way, you can have your two free days on Saturday and Sunday. I weighted more than I have in years, 136.5, 56 yrs. old and 5’2″. Pleople say, you don’t need to lose weight! All mine is around my waist. I struggle between size 10, 12, and getting up to a size 14!!! As of today, I have lost 3 lbs. For me, that’s great, to KEEP it off. I’m not hungry! Want to get to 124 lbs. Wish me luck!

  163. KickStart

    I guess I will have to check back because I need to factor in the whole water weight thing from PMS BUT….normally I am about five pounds heavier right now durning this time AND I AM NOT so guess its working again…

    Hey has anybody experienced burning sensation in middle of your tummy? I cant wait to eat what I want tomorrow SMILE

  164. Natalie

    I want to start on August 4 2008 ….Im going to try and I will tell you how it goes…My goal is 40 pounds ….

  165. Erica


    I did this diet about 10 years ago and it work. think I lost about 30 lbs in 8 weeks. I for sure lost a lot the first two weeks. Im going to start the diet tomorrow..

  166. Teresa

    Today is 8/1/08 and this is day 1 for me. I gained 75lbs during pregnancy due 2 being on complete bedrest. my son is 14months and the weight is still here. Wish me luck!

  167. Misty

    I am starting this diet Monday, Aug 4. My goal is to lose 40 lbs. I cant wait to see what my results are after my first 12 days!

  168. tammy

    Today is 7/31/08. I started on 07/28/08 and have lost 4 pounds. I will keep going at least until Sept. 3rd and see what happens.

  169. sherri

    this diet does work,I lost 24 pounds doing about 5 yrs ago.I have been exercising but I have a thyroid problem so it’s hard for me to lose weight.I will start 8-4-08.I’ll let you know what happens.

  170. cw

    No fruit, because no sugar

  171. Ctcnry

    I want to lose those last 10-12 lbs before school starts, i’m begining this diet on 7/1/08, i’m hoping that after my two weeks i’ll be atlest 130.

  172. sd

    Today is 7/29/08..I will begin on Monday 8/4..very encourged by the comments…..I have a lot to lose! Fingers crossed here I go!

  173. katherine

    hey. im soo excited. i hate dieting but i really want to lose weight so im doing this. im 15 and im gonna do this lets hope it works. lol. ill be bak in 12 dayz.

  174. Veronica

    AC—- there is tons of different web sights with this diet on it…above they didn’t actually put what the diet says completely. Google it and check out another sight.

  175. lj

    Can u eat fruit…if not …why

  176. AC

    Does cheese really slow the weight loss a lot ? Also, can we eat lunchmeat ?????

  177. AC

    I’m on the 6th day of the diet— I think it’s working, but I’m an idiot and didn’t weigh myself before I started, but my pants are a little looser πŸ™‚ 2 questions— does cheese slow it down? Can I eat lunchmeat???? Thanks for your help everyone !

  178. msgirl

    Did I read where someone said, ” that the new version of this diet included hotdogs with no beans? Where can I find that version? I have been on this diet before and loved it. The weight came right off. I have been off of it for years and guess what? Yep, it is back. I have faith in this diet plan, so I will do it again.

  179. Veronica

    no fruit…………be very careful. If you don’t follow this diet exactly you will end up gaining weight. Do NOT add your own stuff. DO WHAT THE DIET SAYS! The only fruit you can have is the grapefruit. And the Fish thing…… need to have meat that has fat in it…otherwise the diet won’t work and you will waste your time. Does anyone know if you can drink alcohol on this diet????? I have no clue.

  180. Tricia

    I am on day four, I only have one question, can we eat fruit. I will check back to see where I am after day 5.

  181. Phil

    I tried this diet about 14 years ago when I at too many Dairy Queen Freezes one summer. My mother had told me about it, but her version was very strict. It was a steak (small beef steak, about size of a deck of cards), two boiled eggs, a tomato and glass of grapefruit juice. EVERY MEAL. I could drink coffee, but no milk and sugar. And for snacks I could eat dill pickles. Very strict compared to what I read here. But it worked amazingly. I did two weeks on, and then one week off. So, go for it you all. Good luck!

  182. l.jones

    I’m in the same boat as acwf but I weigh a little more maybe we can become buddies and work these 100lbs. by Christmas I really need some help because I’m not doing well. I will be glad to give you my E-mail address if you are interest.

  183. NJB

    can you have fruit on the diet?

  184. nickee

    Hello Everyone,

    I just got the diet from a friend? I only eat fish, do anyone knows if protein bacon will be ok, or do can I try turkey bacon. i want to start on Wednesday July 23,08

  185. KickStart

    This is my second time around. The last time I did this diet to loose the baby weight about 3 1/2 years ago and it worked. Starting today 6/21/08. This time I will exercise more often. My goal is to lose about 10-15+ pounds, this way I shoud be able to maintain after I am done with the diet. Wish me luck-will check back in 12 days with a report. I see Last10pounds is starting today too. Lets do it!!!! I have a cruise in the summer to prepare for too but I really just want to get to a better weight.

  186. Joanne

    I would like to know if “turkey” bacon is o.k. for breakfast? I know it doesn’t have any fat.

  187. Last10Pounds

    I am so happy to have found this place!! I will be starting this diet on Monday July 21st and I need to lost about 10-15 lbs!! Glad to see it works thanks all!

  188. SUSAN

    I went on this diet for three months, three years ago and lost 72 lbs. In the two years and nine months that I have been off of it I have only gained and lost ten lbs here and there. i now eat anything i want as well. GREAT DIET, it worked wonders for me. The only thing that I did different was I did not take a day off every tweleth day. I have recommended this too many people, and they have experienced the same great results as I. Good luck to you all, this diet is the real deal!!!!!!

  189. BREEZE


  190. Phat-CA

    7/15/08 – I started this diet about a month in June. I lost 20 lbs my first month on the diet. However, I exercised every chance I got atleast 5 mi a day and still doing it. I plan to continue eating the same way because I feel it is a lifestyle change. I will reach my goal weight of 165lbs. I believe the key to maintaining what you have lost is to continue to exercise and eating healthy I plan to treat myself every other weekend but when I crave chocolate I will eat my favorite protein bar that taste just like a real candy bar. I also drink atleast 64 oz of water which is really important with any weightloss program. Hang in there. This really works!

  191. Ashlee

    I started this diet yesterday, on Monday, July 14th…I’ll check back in a couple of days and fill you guys in! For some reason these meals are REALLY filling my up and I don’t feel hungry even the least bit…and I do feel like I’m eating a lot more than what I’m used to because I’m used to gradually snacking throughout the day…but hopefully this should work! I’ll check back soon πŸ™‚

  192. Veronica

    Okay…so I’ve lost 100 pounds the healthy way and I’m down to the last 20 pounds. I tried this diet a couple of years ago and I lost weight although I didn’t stick to it. I’ve been on it now for 4 days and the only problem I noticed was of course I’m not hungry and wow…I feel so tired. So…I had to push myself to go to the gym today. I usually drink lots of diet coke and that is the only other problem I have. I’m going to just stick with it for the next 8 days then weight myself. For some reason I feel I have gained weight….did anyone gain weight before they lost it??? Please I need some encouragement so I don’t relapse….lol!!!

  193. Lizzie from NC

    7/14/08-Starting the diet today. Hoping to lose 20lbs. Will let you all know how it goes in a couple of days.

  194. Isabella

    Ok, I’m going to begin this diet with much hope. I really want it to work. I’m ready to commit and say goodbye to the old “foods” I found much comfort with…(Damn they were good) I will keep you updated each week on every Monday. I am going to begin this tomorrow Monday, July 14th. Wish me luck and if you’re interested just tune in here. And I’ll begin a eating journal etc. And frequently update it.

  195. lori j

    I was reading some of the notes did they add a few new things like chilli with no beans I guess since weiners is just meat we can have all the meat we can eat.

  196. Je

    Ii theire a subsitute for grapefruit? grapefruit give me a yeast infection

  197. dubeccaleal

    I started this diet 4 days ago. Does anyone know if there is anything we can substitute eggs for? My goal is to lose 30 lbs. by Sept. 15th (my 32nd birthday).

  198. Lizzie - NC

    7/11/08-I’m planning to start this on Monday 7/14/08 but have a question. Hope it’s not a dump question but does it matter if it’s red grapefruit or white grapefruit juice? I’m exciting because everyone is so encouraging on here. Please let me know. Thank you.
    P.S.-My friend tried this & lost 30 lbs.

  199. acwf

    thanks neon if this not work i will go crazy 293 lbs got to lose 100

  200. neon

    I love this website!I love knowing that I am not dieting alone and there are others trying the same diet.I love reading everyones comments and it modivates me to stick to the diet and reach my goal.Please keep sending your thoughts.

  201. Anonymous

    What can we put on the salad??

  202. lisa

    Can I chew sugar free gum?

  203. lisa

    Can I chew sugar free gum

  204. neon

    If you absolutely hate grapefruit, you can swallow grapefruit capsules from vitamin stores.Be sure they are 100% grapefruit and follow the directions on how many capsules equal a half grapefruit.The grapefruit is important to start the burning process.

  205. Ashlee

    I have a quick question, when you say that you have lost the weight…is it physically shown or just on the scale? Because I’m very interested in doing this diet but I’m afraid I’ll lose my fat in all the wrong places…such as my breasts, rather than losing it in my target areas such as my thighs, waist, and stomach. Please reply ASAP because once you respond, I’ll be starting my diet!

  206. lisa

    I just started the diet 7 days ago, i like to chew gum. Can I have sugar free gum?

  207. kim

    I also started today.. 7/7/08. I did this a couple of years ago and lost 17 lbs the first 12 days but I never went back on it. I am ready to stick to it longer this time around. Also, I did not have the new version at the time that includes hotdogs, chili with no beans and a couple of other items so this time there is more variety.

  208. leen

    its a gd diet πŸ™‚

  209. lori j

    I’m so tired of starting diets I am starting this one on 6-7-08 I know it’s not a life-style change but it will be a jump start for me.

  210. neon

    If you are a vegetarian, soy products are fine, but you will lose weight a lot slower.Be sure to stick to pure products, as additives will not help you.

  211. neon

    Dairy products, such as cheese, will slow weight loss. Stick to the New Mayo Clinic Diet. It is the best.

  212. neon

    If bacon is against your religion you can substitute olive oil because fat is what you really need for breakfast, and bacon is almost all fat.

  213. neon

    I will start tomorrow 7-07-08.This diet does work.My brother lost 50 lbs and I lost 17 lbs the first 12 days.I have 120 lbs to lose.I was on this diet 10 years ago and I was losing so fast,17 lbs the first 12 days,then when I went off for the 2 days,I could not restart my weight lose for anything. I cried.I am desperate to try again.

  214. help..

    can we eat anything on 2 days off?

  215. Mayodieter

    i’m just wondering if on your 2 days off you can eat anything?
    cause i don’t wanna put back on the weight in those 2 days which i lost in the 12 days

    thanks πŸ™‚

  216. Linda

    This diet is great. I started it 11 days ago and have lost 10 pounds.. I only have another 10 to go and then need to just keep it off. Any suggestions for maintaing.


    Hi, I’m starting this on 7/5/08. I hope I can lose weight on it. Check back in 12 days.

  218. Bthomas

    i started the diet on June 19, when i get on the scale it does not show that i have lost any weight but, my clothes are fitting loosely so maybe it is working

  219. Maine

    To help…I find that the fruit last longer than the juice. I have done this diet b4 and lost…I gained weight with my last pregancy (30 lbs) and I am doing this again as I have 55 pounds to loose. Stick with the plan and do your 12 days on and 2 days off. I’ve been back on this for 5 days and have lost 7 pounds.

  220. HELP!!!!

    hi gals/guys!

    so i started this diet tree days ago and i dont see any progress but im sure i will in a week or two… well i was just wondering if drinking the grapfruit guice works better than eating the half of grapfruit??? well please if you know the answer to this question it would really help


  221. Happy

    Hi I have been on this diet for about 5 weeks now I’ve lost about 20lbs. I feel so much better and my energy level is as high as its ever been.

  222. Notabudof24

    THIS DIET WORKS – I did it a few months ago and lost 10lbs in 12 days – I am back on tomorrow because I have friends coming to visit. If I could lose another 12 1lbs – It would be perfect! Try it with exercise …. what do you have to lose? You’ll look forward to breakfast! Good Luck!

  223. Abbie

    cant eat bacon for religious reasons,what should i eat instead.
    also what fruits are we allowed to eat?

  224. FATTY


  225. May

    Hello today is day 1 of my diet. (6-30-08) I am so excited about everyones weight loss. I know i can do this. By the way can we have cheese on ths diet. See ya in 12 days for an update. πŸ™‚

  226. Abbie

    Hi, I need to lose weight for my septmeber vication, so Im hoping to lose at least 50lbs. So Im give it a try on first thing on Monday.

  227. Shirley

    Hello everyone,
    My husband and I are desperate to lose a few pounds. We are both going to start on it tomorrow. All the comments really help. Can’t wait to see if it works. I am going on vacation in 12 days but I will check back when I return.

  228. jackee

    no cauliflower I think it is a white excluded vegetable

  229. jackee

    New Mayo Clinic diet says 8 oz. grapefruit juice also cheese and hot dogs don’t see it on this version guess that is where some of the questions are coming from

  230. Jackee

    I can read! Just wondering instead of the skim milk for evening snack wonder if it could be used for mealtime coffe or would it interfere with “the process”?

  231. fabi

    Hi, I just started the diet today!!!! yeah me !!!! I need to lose 50lbs at least so I’ll check back in 12 days see how it is going. Does anybody know if we can drink lots of water in this diet?!??!?! Thanks Much!!!!!!!!!

  232. linda

    i hope

  233. Nicole

    Hello, everyone!

    I just wanted to let you know that I started the diet this past Monday, June 16th. I had just been to the doctor for my annual exam and was weighed–whew! On Friday, June 20th, I went back to the doctor’s office. I LOST SEVEN POUNDS!!!!! Now my whole family wants to do it. It works–stick to it. You may be tempted from time to time, but just remember–every other weekend you can eat your heart out–within reason. I can’t wait until this weekend to reward myself with some grits, sweet potatos, and fried corn!!!! But I won’t overdo it…I would have come too far! Stay encouraged!

  234. Lau

    i am also a vegetarian and was wondering whether to eat fake meats and quorn or just to leave the diet without any meat?

  235. Linda

    I am planning on starting Monday. Reading everyones comments have helped me to believe that this diet can work. I hope it works for me. I will let you know in 2 weeks

  236. Tom

    This seems to be a truncated version of the original (circa 1975 or so). During the week you could have veal, steak (as much as you wanted), but no carbs. You could tell how long you were on it because you would lose around a pound a day. I lost 30 lbs in 30 days, not recommended. Do 2 weeks, stabilize, then repeat, if neccessary. However, keep your driver’s license handy because you wont remember your name at the end of a month, and, don’t deviate because of severe gastric problems. The best way to come off of it is to taper gradually, and replace the weight with exercise and a realistic diet. Otherwise the weight will come back quickly. Remember good health is the reward. Good luck, and dont go crazy.

  237. Cheryl

    Today is 6/18/2008..Quick question: Can low fat or fat free yogurt be substituted for the skim milk for the bed time snack?

  238. gotten way to fat

    I also started the diet on 6-9-08, and have lost a total of 10 pounds.I had a baby in November and since then the pounds have kept creeping up. I walk at least once a day and try to jog part of the way. I never am hungry and actually some of the days I only eat twice. It is hard though because I work the night shift and we all eat to stay awake at work. And now I have had to quit this habit. To all of you who are wondering if it works it does. And to those who ate grapefriut juice so do I! Slam it like a shot, and chug water, and you wont even taste it. Good luck.

  239. b. comer

    i just started the diet today. i am hoping all the great things i am reading will work for me as well

  240. Starla

    This diet is the basically the same as Southbeach Phase 1. It has a more complete list of what you can and cannot do so you should check there for more details.

  241. Starla

    What the heck is a “meat chops in a bread crumps”?

    The answer is no, because I’m guessing a bread crump has bread but I’d still like to know what that is exactly.

  242. Iman

    I’m gonna start 2morro I’ll b bacc in 12 days with results I weigh about 140…but I’m kinda tall 4 my age so I’m hoping to lose about 20 – 25 lbs…well see…it worked 4 my parents…

  243. Jamie

    I am starting the diet 6/16/08, tomorrow. I know my body responds to these sort of diets so I know it will come off fast. Giving up my coke will be the hardest! Will update later.

  244. Lili

    I have a few friends who have done this diet and been successful. However, I am a vegetarian which presents a major problem for this menu. I keep hearing that it is eating more proteins and eliminating most carbs that make this diet successful. Does anyone know if I use “fake meat” substitutes if it will still work? (Smart Bacon @ breakfast and other meat substitues at other meals)

  245. Christallia

    I started the diet right after i gave birth to my daughter and have not only lost the weight that I gained from being pregnante but have lost an additional 15 pounds in the past 34 days. In total I have lost 54 pounds and I feel Great. And To answer MIKE’S question yes you may drink more then 4oz of grapefruit juice.

  246. Kasia

    any kind of meat, means i can continoue with my meat chops in a bread crumps?

  247. MMS

    Hello everyone, I began on May 9th and for my first 5 days I lost 7 pounds! This week I am going to begin working out 3 days a week. I’ve noticed that in following this diet I am never hungry! Just wanted to encourage everyone to keep on it, I think this is going to be perfect for getting me to a point where I can comfortably exercise and begin to follow a plan with more variety. So GOOD LUCK to everyone!

  248. Joy

    I started the diet on 6-9-08. I have lost 8 pounds so far! I hope we all continue to lose. Good luck everyone! I’ll check back on 6-20-08!

  249. Mike

    Im just starting and i wanted to know can i drink more that 4oz of grapefruit juice????

  250. Sean Scholes

    I lost 7stone on this diet if it does not work see your GP you are ill.

  251. carollee

    Vegetables (any green, yellow, or red vegetables cooked in butter or any seasoning). GREENS are fine.

  252. michelle

    can you substitute greens for vegetable

  253. Carollee

    I made something awesome to eat today.
    You need bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese, mayo, mustard, salt, and pepper. I bought the stalks of romaine lettuce so I could make lettuce wraps with any king of meat salad. Well this time a made a Bacon, lettuce, and tomato BUT with no BREAD!!!! Take your slice of tomato, mayo, cheese, mustard, and bacon, put it on half of the lettuce stalk (that you pull off) season to taste, fold together and VIOLA!!! EXCELENTE>>>>>>>

  254. carollee

    I started on 5/12/08 and I have lost 13 lbs so far. After my first 12 days I went to Florida for the weekend so I took 4 days off. BAD decision!!!! I gained back 6 lbs. But this next 12 days Ive lost that 6 plus 3 more. AS LONG AS THE #’S GO DOWN!!!!
    I have kind of eliminated the Juice, Got sick of it.I’m pretty much just eating meat, salad, veggies, and Cheese. If you think about it, it sounds just like the Atkins plan except for the juice.

  255. Denise

    I have never tried this diet before, but I have heard about it. I no its a fad diet but, I wont to lose 40 more pounds.I have lost a total of 80 pounds already but it took me a while. I wont to lose these 40 before the winter so hope this work. I am starting the diet 6/5/2008. I will leave another message in 10 days to let everyone no how I am doing. I have alot of the messages and they are all inspiring me to try it. Congrats to all that have lost weigh.

  256. patterson

    june 5 hi this is my first time on this diet i hope it works for me. Do i diet 12 days and then 2 off? what happens if you dont take the 2 days off? Help!!!!!!!!!!!please may son comes home june 30 from boot camp and i want to lose a few lbs.

  257. Plum

    I tried this diet about a year ago with co-workers. It’s good to do it with someone when you can. That way you each have someone to encourge you. This diet does work!! It was hardest the first 3wks. I too looked forward to my days off,but afterwhile you don’t even want all the crap you used to eat. I’m back at it again, but mostly on my own. Also, here were some things on the diet I did not eat and I still lost a considerable amount of weight. I really started seeing the weight drop when I did some exercise (moderate and I do mean moderate).

  258. penny,mn

    i started this diet may12 and lost 17 pounds i like this diet ill check in in a couple days

  259. Mo

    I started on Monday 6/2/08. I notice that the plan says 4 oz. I’ve been drinking 8 oz. Instead of regular bacon (don’t eat pork & beef), I’ve ate a small piece of turkey saugage on both days. Is that defeating the purpose??? I brought turkey bacon & will eat that starting in the morning. Other than that, I look forward to seeing the results after 12 days.

  260. W & J

    We are starting the diet today 6/3/08. My gynecologist helped me understand how my obesity is hindering my life. My husband is joining me for support as well as needing to drop 20 lbs. too.

  261. Julia H.

    this really does work! i am 15 and i weigh 330 pounds i need to loose weight. me and my mom started it a year ago and then we quit and i gained back all that i lost… me and my mom are on it again and it really good i allready el good!

  262. Lisa

    4 oz of grapefruit juice…

  263. Terri

    I don’t eat eggs…at all. Will this have an effect on the diet?

  264. kela

    I’m starting today, 5-31-08. it sounds like a piece of cake. i just had a baby in Dec 07 and the weight has been hard to lose. I will check back 6-11-08 to share my experience.

  265. Anonymous

    I started the diet on Monday, May 26th and have almost lost 5lbs. It is now May 30th.

    I just wanted to know if it was ok to eat chicken because when I did it a few years ago I don’t think I ate any.

  266. ali

    im starting this diet tommorrow. i need to lose 16lbs to reach my ideal body weight. iv got a plan infront of me, it says have cold chicken.. i dont get it :s.. also black coffee or tea with every meal.. is that necessary as it would be hard without milk in it

  267. Tonya

    How anyone could gain 43 lbs in 5 weeks is beyond me when you are not even eating enough calories for that to be possible unless you took the “eat any amount” way too far.

  268. Tom

    is it 4 OZ or 8 OZ of grapefruit juice ?/

  269. Le'Shana

    5/29/08 I started this diet 3 days ago and I must say that I can feel a difference in my body already. I am going to try to do this diet for 2 weeks. I am not a really big person but have some unwanted belly fat, back fat…I’m sure some out there can relate.

  270. Mamma of 2 boyz

    I am just starting this diet again. I did it before after the birth of my first son and lost so much weight that i wanted to gain a couple of pounds when it was all said and done. I can’t wait to shed this spare tire. Everybody asking about cheese, its okay…Does anybody know anything about this new sweetner Brevia honey tea somebody or another?? Is it chemical or natural? Can we use it?

  271. Velda, Kingsland, Ga

    Today is May 28th, this is the day that I will be starting this diet. After reading everyone post, I feel real good about trying this out and seeing how this works for me. Currently, I am 250 pounds trying to get to 150 pounds by Nov. ShauntaeC after reading your post, you gave me the strength to do this. I think one thing that everyone has to keep in mind is. Everyone is not going to get the same results. Come the 10th day, if I lost 5 pounds and someone else lost 10 pounds, this will not discourage me in stopping from obtaining my goal. So for everyone that feels like they didn’t see great results in the first few days HANG IN THERE and figure out what are you not doing and push threw it. We all can do it. I will check back in 10 days to do a follow up, wish me well. Until then Happy Dieting

  272. anonymous

    I tried this diet 4 years ago and lost 40lbs..even after I was off it I watched my carbs…to a point…too many Maragritas and I have gained 12 lbs back…I am NOW BACK ON IT AGAIN…today is my 5th day..yeah!!!! and I have lost the first 5lbs. THIS IS THE ONLY DIET I HAVE EVER TIRED THAT WORKS,,,EVEN WITHOUT EXERCISE!~!! DO IT…BUT DO IT HONESTLY …THE TIME ( 12 DAYS WILL PASS ANYWAY)

  273. Maria

    I’m going to start tomorrow 28th May… will come back in 12 days. Wish me luck !

  274. Carollee

    I lost 10 lbs the first 12 days now Im starting back after 2 days off. As for the medication question, grapefruit juice does have an effcet on the statins (Cholesterol meds) and on some of the BP meds.
    Check out the warnings on your medication list before you start. You could always take out the grapefruit juice. The grapefruit juice in the plan keeps your body from going into ketosis (This is when your body uses your own fat stores for energy instead of glycogen). You will still lose with or without the Juice.

  275. Anonymous

    This diet does work even though I have heard over and over that it is not healthy for you if you are on it for long periods of time. I tried this diet years ago and I lost 20 pounds in like 6 weeks. It works !!! I kept the weight off for 2 years until I started back eating all the carbs. I think I might start this diet after the holiday.



  277. Emily

    My mother and I are starting this diet tomorrow. I really hope this works because I’ve always been overweight. I will get back to yall in 10 days.

  278. Anonymous

    I’ve been on this diet for over a week now. I lost 5 pounds within the first few days; however, I’ve remained at the same weight ever since. I don’t know whether it’s worth it to stay on the diet, or if I should just quit and find another plan more suitable for me.

    Any suggestions?? I could use some advice.

  279. Anonymous

    I’ve been on this diet before about 5 years ago and it worked and I kept the weight off for about 2 years after. Now I have gained more weight than when I started back then, As of yesterday 5/20/08 I’ve started again, hope I have good news in the next 10 days.

  280. jen

    this diet does NOT work i tried it for 5 weeks and gained 43 pounds how stupid

  281. penny

    I have been on the diet for ten days now and have only lost three pounds. I have followed the diet exactly the way it says, so then why I am I not losing the weight

  282. dsfkj

    This diet does work, though it is at times hard to stick to. I lost 5 pounds within the first few days; however, it is extremely hard fitting in the grapefruit at every meal, especially when you’re eating out. Follow the diet exactly, and you’ll lose weight; it’s not that hard once you start.

  283. Angela

    12 days and I have lost 9lbs. Im going to keep going and hope to reach my goal of 20lbs by julys vacation

  284. Donny

    I’ve been on the diet for about 3 weeks, started out 10 days straight, off 2 days (no sugar) back on 9 days. I’ve lost 16 lbs. But, the last couple days I’ve got the jitters, my heart is also racing a bit, has anyone experienced this?

  285. Jenay

    I have been on this diet for 2 weeks now and has lost 12lbs……it really does work….some days I really crave sweets but I quickly think about my goal and stick to my diet….this weekend I get to eat what I want and I can’t wait I have my Haagen Daz ice cream waiting for me…..Hopefully I will reach my desire size by July……I will keep in touch….oh and good luck to everyone who is trying this diet….just stick to it so we all can lose weight and feel great together…

  286. Anonymous

    Janice, On some websites it says you can have cheese. You can have ketchup, mustard, and mayo. I just limit my intake of ketchup and BBQ sauce b/c I know how much sugar are in these. As for the tea and coffee, you don’t have to drink them, it is just listed in the meal plan to limit it to meal times if you want it. Some people drink tea and coffee all day long. I think this is good for those people, they can still have it its just limited.

  287. LaShona

    I plan to start this diet on Monday 5-19-08 I plan to stick to it for one month just to see if it work, wish me luck and I wish all of you must success.

  288. Peg M

    I did this diet 7 years ago and lost 10lbs and stalled out, but it was the boost I needed. I am starting on Monday May 19th and hoping to lose, anything would be great! When I did this before I thought you had to drink 8oz of grapefruit juice? I will post when I get under way and look forward to reading every one else’s reports.

  289. Carollee

    Attn: Anonymous, on the following website is a little more info on what you can and cant have. Take a look about the cheese.

  290. Carollee

    8 more days, I want something sweet so bad. I just chewed on some sugar free gum today. I got some cheesecake in the freezer for my 2 days off, I cant wait.Yummo!!!!

  291. Penny

    Does anyone know if eating plain or bbq pork skins would be allowed on the diet? I just thought it would be a nice snack..

  292. Janice/Bernadine

    can I have cheese? Can I have ketcup, mustard, mayo? Can I skip the coffee and Tea? Do I have to drink it 3 times a day? Please let me know. I want to succeed on this diet

  293. Hales

    I have just recently joined the USAF and I am looking to lose weight/get into better shape to kick some butt at basic! My recruiter recommended this diet to me and I am starting tomorrow. 5-15-08. Ill write back in a few days. yuumm grape fruit!

  294. Carollee/ SC

    I don’t see my comment posted????

  295. Carollee/ South carolina

    I started this plan on Monday, 5-12-08, I have done this plan before after the birth of my son, and I dropped an enormous amount of weight. I went from 200lbs to 135 in about 3 months. I just hope it works the same I was only 18 then and now I am 25. I had a baby girl in December of 2006, I gained around 100lbs. I ate like a pig no complications though. Well after having her I dropped about 75lbs on weight watchers but I am so freaking tired of counting calories and eating small amounts of food to get to 24 points. I weighed 178.4 when I started on Monday, Ill check back in and see how you guys are doing, and let you know about me.
    Lori what part of SC do you live in? GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  296. Anonymous

    can you have cheese?

  297. Anonymous

    what about taking apple cider vinegar with the diet, will it still work? I read that taking the vinegar helps burn fat, is this true?

  298. GUY

    I exercise daily with an hour of cardio along side with weights.

    I’m trying to drop around 10-15 pounds and was told about this by my cousin.

    I started yesterday and got 10 days to go.

  299. penny

    can we have chesse on our salads does anyone know

  300. JBizzles

    No cauliflower-no white veggies
    No extra bacon instead of eggs–it has to be followed to the letter to work-
    I did this diet 8 yrs ago-lost 10 lbs in 1 1/2 weeks! After baby #3 I am starting it again tomorrow

  301. Geliani

    I just started this diet A DAY ago, and I already feel better. I must admit, I never ate healthy… EVER! I LOVE JUNK FOOD LIKE NO OTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In HS I was very thin… like, 89 pounds thin. It’s been four years since I’ve been out of school, and I am now 130 lbs… It’s to the point where I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin and just want to do this to feel better.

    My mom did this diet when I was younger and she said that it def works and that i will have more energy. especially since cookies, cakes and candies are off limits!

    But this diet is cheap and easy. I haven’t craved my lovely cookies and snacks I am oh so addicted too.

    Gotta say, my new favorite fruit is GRAPEFRUIT!!!!

  302. Lori in South Carolina

    I lost weight on this diet about 10 years ago. I currently want to lose the extra 10+ lbs that creeped up on me this winter. So, today 5/13/08—I begin—Grapefruit here I come! I will report back in a few days!

  303. penny

    can you have barbecued ribs on this diet

  304. ShauntaeC

    Ive started this healthy way of living. 5-12-08 my goal is to get down to 150 pounds. Im currently @ 268 pounds and my go is to be down to 150 pounds by Dec 31,2008.

  305. Anonymous

    does anyone know if you can have cauliflower on the diet

  306. angelia

    I have been on this diet before, and it really worked for me. I am going to start it again and hope to lose the weight I want to lose. I will talk to you in 12 days. I hope for positive results.

  307. penny

    ive done this diet before lost weight but i seem to stay at a weight plato i hope i can stick to it longer chck back later

  308. Sandra S.

    After drinking Slimfast everyday for months, I’ve only lost 8 lbs. Now I’m down to the wire for my cruise IN TWO WEEKS! I just started a great toning routine, along with the 8-min. Tae-Bo, but I need a serious jumpstart! I remembered my friend lost 30 lbs. doing this a few years ago, and it worked for me when I stuck to it for a week, so I’m going to try it again. I have approximately 12 days left, and I need to lose 10-15 lbs. to look good in my dresses. Here it goes!!!!!! Pray for me!

  309. Patrice

    I initially did this diet in 2004. I went from a sizw 24 to 14 in a 3 mo. time span. Of course wit excercise. I had surgery 2 years later and gained it back plus. So I am looking to give it aanother try.

  310. Penny

    Think I am going to try this diet..I have excessive weight gain in my stomach and seems like I cant seem to stick with a diet.. Hope this works..

  311. Dawn

    Question???? I am not one to eat eggs….does anyone know if extra bacon can be substituted for the eggs

  312. Angela

    I started the diet today 5-8-08. I am 155 pounds, 31 pounds over weight. My goal is to loose 20 pounds before vacation in July! I am also starting pilates. I will check back in 12 days!

  313. Deb

    Yes, this is a fad diet and like other fad diets, they work with some drawbacks. This is not a healthy diet to live on. It is good too get the weight down and then be smart and choose a healthy lifestyle.

    I started yesterday (05/07/08). This is my 2nd round with it. Health issues and stupidity for letting stress cause me to stop living a healthy lifestyle caused me to gain weight.

    My intention is to use this as a quick loss to start, then return to living a healthy lifestyle.

    Good luck to everyone!

  314. Ashlynn

    I’m 154 pounds and thirteen years old.And I can’t wait to drop the pounds.I sometimes get picked on, and talked about.And enough is enough.I want to become an actress.But I have to drop the pounds before I start.I hope this diet works like Anikin said it would.

  315. Anikin

    I know one girl who has lost a substansial amount of weight from this diet.

    I know its a “fad” but it really does work!

  316. Lori McClurg

    My sister and I are starting the mayo diet today, 5-5-08 we hope it will be a good jump start for us to start a healthy life style.
    We have both lost weight , her 45lbs and Me 70 lbs in the last couple years by watching the carbs and sugar and exercising at Curves But we have both hit a plato. We pray this diet will work.

  317. diana

    this diet is really great a friend told me about this diet and yes of course it works i have being on it for 12 day and i did lost like 9 pounds I feel great

  318. Breezlea

    This diet does work if you commit to it. I tried it and lost 20lbs in one month time. A relative of mine introduced me to it and he was 150lbs over-weight,
    He lost his EXTRA pounds and has kept if off for the past seven years. I am going to do it again because I had a baby and gained as mothers do. It works as long as you follow it. It is mainly protein in the diet and protein burns fat…. the veggies are good to keep you immune system up. Stay strong to ALL whom are trying to get rid of those extra LBS and be HEALTHY!

  319. tayyy+nickkkk

    great diet plann its helpeddd uss SOO much in life,

  320. april green

    i really liked the diet i lost substantial amount of weight on it. i had sense to know that it was a jumpstart and i needed that in order to loose some weight before i was physically able to exercise. other positives were that i did not crave sweets after for the longest. the only drawbacks i experienced sometimes was heartburn, which i normally get anyway but seemed to increase, and dizziness when i was out in the sun, i think that had to do with the grapefruit.everyone i know who went on the diet lost 10=pounds in like a two week period.