Healthy Diets

Healthy Diets seek to aid specific health conditions through proper nutrition and the use of the right supplements.

Here are the many health promoting plans we have reviewed, which are arranged by health condition.

Arthritis and Anti-inflammatory

Acne Diet A plan to reduce the inflammation that causes acne on the face and body.
Autoimmune Disease Diet A 4 step plan to heal the immune system and reverse autoimmune disorders.
Anti-Inflammation Diet for Dummies Describes how inflammation can affect your health and explains how you should eat if you want to reduce inflammation in your body. This book also provides tips about lifestyle factors for reducing inflammation and a large selection of anti-inflammatory recipes.
Arthritis Diet Guidelines for sufferers of Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Diuretic Diet Using natural diuretics to alleviate fluid retention.
Gout Diet Nutrition is extremely important for sufferers of Gout.


Anti Cancer Diet Evaluates the lifestyle factors that may help to reduce the risk of developing cancer as well as the risk of relapse and provides a comprehensive analysis on how these various elements may be involved in the mechanisms of cancer.
Breast Cancer Diet Fight Now: Eat and live proactively against breast cancer is a program designed to help you make diet and lifestyle choices that can lower your risk of breast cancer
Cancer Diet Jan Dries’ plan for eating foods that will help your body heal itself from cancer.
Cancer Survivor Guide Explains how the foods we eat can influence the risk of developing cancer as well as assisting in maintaining the health of people already diagnosed with cancer.
Healing Cancer and Disease the Gerson Way Provides an outline of the theory and practice of the Gerson Therapy, which has been used as an alternative treatment for cancer and other serious diseases. It is an extremely intensive and demanding protocol that demands the consumption of fresh juices at hourly intervals throughout the day, as well as the regular use of coffee enemas.
Healthy Eating, Healthy World Reveals how an 80 percent plant based diet can prevent cancer.
O2 Diet Antioxidant-Based Program is based on the ORAC scale, developed by the USDA to indicate how well a food protects against free radicals.

Diabetes and Blood Sugar Issues

Prediabetes Diet Nutritionist, Hilary Wright, lays out a program for getting your blood sugar under control and reversing prediabetes.
Newcastle Diet 7 out of 11 dieters reversed their type 2 diabetes with this VCLD.
40 Days to Better Living: Diabetes Faith based diabetes reversing program.
Blood Sugar Regulating Diet Carefully designed to regulate your blood sugar levels so that your cravings will disappear.
Blood Sugar Diet The Blood Sugar Solution offers a holistic blood sugar diet to assist with the management of obesity, diabetes and related health conditions.
Anne Collins Low Glycemic Index (GI) Diet Optimum blood glucose control and weight loss, combining lean protein with low glycemic carbs for those with particular health problems.
Cure for Diabetes Gabriel Cousens, MD, claims that diabetes is a curable disease that may be reversed through dietary and lifestyle changes.
Diabetic DTOUR Targeted specifically to meet the needs of type 2 diabetics. It involves a calorie and portion controlled diet that highlights the benefits of calcium, vitamin D, fiber and omega 3 fats for the management of diabetes.
Diabetic Diet Diabetes diet to manage blood sugar.
Diet-to-go Diabetic A Meal Delivery program that satisfies American Diabetes Association Guidelines.
Glycemic Index Diets The GI helps diabetics gain control over blood sugar levels.
Sugar Solution Correct blood sugar issues.
No Grain Diet This diet seeks to regulate insulin levels by limiting the intake of grains and sugars.
Nutrisystem Diabetic Diet Nutrisystem has a diabetic version of its popular meal delivery program.

Digestive Disorders and Food Sensitivity

Acid Reflux Diet It provides a unique approach to the management of reflux involving dietary adjustment. The book includes acid reducing recipes that are both tasty and interesting.
Diverticulitis diet Most nutritionists recommend a careful high fiber diet for this painful disease.
Microbiome Diet Heals the digestive system by restoring correct intestinal microbe balance.
Elimination Diet Use elimination diets to isolate food allergies and food intolerances.
Gluten Free Daily Diet Offers education in how to eat a gluten free diet combined with a holistic approach to health and weight management. It will appeal to dieters who have been diagnosed with celiac disease or have chronic health problems and would also like to eliminate excess weight.
Gluten Free Dairy Free Diet Recipes Provides a large selection of recipes and practical advice for those who need to follow a gluten free dairy free diet due to a food allergy or intolerance with an emphasis on French cooking.
Food Allergy Diet Offers practical meal options that are free of the five most common food allergens – wheat, dairy, eggs, nuts and soy.
Gluten Free Diet (Celiac) Diet without wheat, barley, or rye.
Gluten Free Fat Loss Plan Many people have undiagnosed sensitivities to gluten, which may be interfering with their weight loss efforts, as well as compromising general health. Provides a complete diet and fitness plan that will support dieters to achieve their ideal weight.
Gluten Free and Low Glycemic Recipes Fun with GF/LG Food! is a gluten free and low glycemic recipe book created by Debbie Johnson, former owner and executive chef of The Golden Chalice Restaurant and Gallery.
High Fiber Diet Often used to treat diverticulitis.
IBS Diet – High Fiber Dietary guidelines for Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
IBS Diet – Low Starch Alternate approach for IBS.
Lactose Free Diets Understanding Lactose Intolerance, and which foods to avoid.
Low FODMAP Diet Recommended as one of the most effective dietary therapies for irritable bowel syndrome.
The Plan Identifying food allergies or intolerances to healthy foods.
Self Healing Colitis and Crohn’s Diet A program that helps you overcome bowel disease with a high fruit vegan diet.
Specific Carbohydrate Diet A diet designed to help those suffering from digestive disorders such as Crohn’s and Irritable Bowel
Wheat Belly: Wheat Free Diet This book includes detailed information about the potentially negative effects of wheat and offers guidance on how to get started with a wheat free diet.

Emotional Issues

ADHD Diet Can diet alleviate ADD/ADHD symptoms?
Beck Diet This diet uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in order to change thought patterns that lead to overeating.
Binge Eating and Compulsive Overeating A workbook is designed to help those that have a problem with binge eating and compulsive overeating to heal their destructive relationships with food and regain control of their lives and health.
Diet Rehab Designed to break food addictions and boost brain “feel good” chemicals naturally.
Eating Mindfully Psychologist Dr. Susan Albers deals with the emotional aspects of eating and weight management.
End of Overeating: Break Food Addiction Provides a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at how modern food industry processing methods have manipulated much of the general population to experience constant food cravings, addiction, and overeating.
Food Cravings Diet Constant Craving, offers insights on the possible causes of emotional eating. Gives easy steps to stop overeating and control appetite.
Feingold Diet Proposed by Dr. Ben Feingold in the 1970s this diet looks at causes of hyperactivity in children.
Happiness and Health Diet Attempts to unveil the mysteries of the mind-body connection by providing readers with a clear set of principles to follow that have been scientifically demonstrated to the associated with greater happiness and health.
Hypnosis Weight Loss Power of Thin incorporates hypnosis weight loss techniques, the principles of the law of attraction, and positive thinking to enhance your ability to lose weight.
Mindless Eating A book written by food psychologist Brian Wansick that explains why we tend to overeat
Setting Boundaries with Food This program will appeal to Christians who want to address the underlying causes of emotional overeating.
Stress Eater Diet This diet helps those who would be classified as a “stress eater”.
The Solution This diet focuses on the underlying root causes of over-eating.

Heart Health

30 Day Vegan Challenge Highlights the research regarding the use of vegan diets for the prevention, treatment, and reversal of cardiovascular disease.
Anne Collins Cholesterol Lowering Diet Reduce cholesterol while rapidly reducing weight, or simply use as a very healthy diet.
Cardiac Diet: Dr. Steven Sinatra Offers patients with cardiovascular disease an alternative to prescription medication and surgery for the management of their condition.
Cholesterol Diet Lower LDL cholesterol by making dietary changes.
Cholesterol Lowering Diet How to Lower Your Cholesterol With French Gourmet Food written by Chef Alain Braux who managed to significantly reduce his levels by returning to a traditional French diet.
Heart Attack Proof Diet Dr. Michael Ozner translates the latest science and research into practical steps you can take to improve your cardiovascular health.
Heart Healthy Diet Designed to help you to improve your general health or to address specific issues such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, glucose balance, inflammation and obesity.
McDougall Diet A low fat plant-based diet that has been used by many dieters with success to achieve weight loss and for the management of conditions including heart disease and diabetes.
Dash Diet A diet created by the US health authorities to specifically relieve high blood pressure.
Low Sodium Diet Reducing salt relieves symptoms of High Blood Pressure. See also DASH Diet.
Oatmeal Diet This diet uses oatmeal as a natural way to lower cholesterol.
Omega Diet A health focused plan that is based on a Mediterranean dietary approach.
Apo E Gene Diet Promotes heart health and prevents other diseases by teaching dieters to eat according to their Apo E gene type.
St. Tropez Diet A Mediterranean type diet using the delicious food of St. Tropez


Sunfood Diet Strengthens the immune system
Super Immunity Dr. Joel Fuhrman offers readers a scientifically supported program to boost the defenses of the body by eating a high nutrient plant-based diet.

Longevity, Beauty, and Skin

7 Secrets to Beauty, Health and Longevity Dr. Nicholas Perricone outlines a program that will revitalize our bodies at a cellular level, which will lead to better energy, a reduction of wrinkles and provide an anti-aging effect that also decreases the risk of developing chronic disease.
Baby Boomer Diet A holistic anti-aging program that is specifically tailored to assist in the restoration of health, the prevention of diseases associated with aging and the promotion of a youthful appearance.
Beauty Detox Solution Outlines a method of eating that cleanses the body to promote optimal beauty and improved general health. It will appeal to dieters who are interested in raw foods and detoxification, but prefer a gentle approach that can be maintained as a long-term lifestyle.
Beauty Diet: Top 10 Foods Highlights ten basic foods that will not only make you look and feel better, but will also help you to lose excess weight. By including the top ten beauty foods in the diet each day, as well as following a generally healthy lifestyle, dieters should notice enhanced beauty and improved well being.
Beyond the 120 Year Diet This diet outlines how calorie restriction with optimal nutrition can extend human lifespan and prevent diseases commonly associated with aging.
Bonus Years Diet: Foods for Longevity Centered around seven miracle foods that can improve your health and longevity. By incorporating these foods in your diet regularly can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and extend your life by an average of 6.4 years.
Calorie Restriction Also called an anti-aging diet by some. The theory involves a careful lowering of calorie intake in the hope of retarding aging.
CR Way: Calorie Restriction for Longevity Based on the scientifically supported concept that by restricting calorie intake while maintaining optimal nutrition we can extend longevity and avoid the diseases commonly associated with aging such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes.
Eating for Beauty This raw food approach focuses on eating foods that will help beauty come from the inside out.
Longevity Diet This plan promotes a reduced Calorie, high nutrient diet as a way to increase health and life span.
Acne Diet Anecdotal dietary tips for acne sufferers.
Natural Makeover Diet Created by naturopathic doctor Joey Shulman to help women enhance their natural beauty through nutritious food, proper exercise and a balanced lifestyle.
Perfect Health Diet For better health, youthful vitality, and longer life.
Perricone Diet Dr Nigel Perricone’s nutritional prescription for healthy skin – includes 3 day makeover plan.
Quantum Eating A raw foods diet that is supposed to promote overall health and youth.
Real Age Diet It offers a convenient meal plan based on foods that are easy to access as well as general lifestyle recommendations that will help to control the factors that contribute to aging.
You: Being Beautiful Offers readers tips and suggestions on how to improve health and physical appearance though a variety of ways including dietary adjustment, fitness, beauty regimens and stress management.
Jungle Effect The Jungle Effect explores the dietary wisdom of traditional cultures so that modern people can learn the secrets to a longer and healthier life.
Younger Thinner You Explains how different chemicals in the brain affect aging, weight gain and energy levels and outlines how different foods, spices and teas can help to bring these chemicals back into their proper balance.
Blue Zones This book outlines the eating and healthy habits of the 4 regions containing the longest living people on the planet.
Okinawa Diet Utilizes the eating habits of the Okinawans to increase health, longevity, and to promote weight loss.

Pregnancy, Hormones, and Sexual Health

Fertility Diet Lifestyle and nutrition advice to increase your chances of becoming pregnant.
Hormone Cure This plan includes lifestyle, nutritional and herbal alternatives to bring your hormones back into balance and keep you healthy.
Fatigue Diet The Fatigue Solution provides readers with a variety of strategies to alleviate fatigue and related health complaints. This will particularly appeal to women with hormonal issues, who are experiencing chronic low energy levels.
321 Baby Bulge Be Gone By Hollywood fitness trainer, Ramona Braganza, helps women get back to their pregnancy weight and shape.
4-Hour Body An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman by Tim Ferriss includes information on everything from weight loss to sex.
Anti Estrogenic Diet Helps those with hormonal imbalances to regulate estrogen levels
Balancing Hormones: New ME Diet Involves a combination of nutrition, fitness and lifestyle adjustments that is customized to suit individual variations in metabolism. This program offers dieters a very complete and balanced plan that will assist them to lose weight effectively as well as improve general health by balancing hormone levels.
Pregnancy Diet Extra nutrition is required during pregnancy.
Prostate Health Dietary guidelines for natural treatment of prostate problems.
Fit Not Fat at 40-Plus This diet gives women over 40 tips to avoid the health problems that can develop because of menopause.
Fat Resistance Diet Reduces fat levels which in turn regulates the hormones responsible for metabolism.
Detox For Women This diet seeks to restore microbial balance in the female body.
Candida Diet Nutritional guidelines for treating the yeast infection Candida.

Miscellaneous Health Conditions

Lyme Disease Dietary and treatment options for healing Lyme Disease for faster recovery.
Migraine Diet A proven dietary approach that can prevent or reduce migraine headaches.
101 Optimal Life Foods: Healing through Diet Addresses 30 common health conditions and outlines how you can introduce healing foods to your diet through delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes.
Eat Move Sleep A practical guide to making lifestyle changes that have been demonstrated to improve health and wellbeing.
21 Day Diet: Montel Williams In his book, he outlines a diet that involves eliminating junk food and maintaining a very high intake of fresh fruit and vegetables which helped him find relief from multiple sclerosis.
Acid-Alkaline Diets A dieting regime or lifestyle based on intake of low acid foods, designed to reduce acidity and achieve improved pH balance.
Blood Type Diet The author claims dietary health benefits are related to blood type.
Body Ecology Diet This plan focuses on bringing helpful micro-organisms back into balance through out the body.
Easy Macrobiotic Diet Macrobiotics for Dummies includes a “Healing Diet Template” to address certain health conditions.
Forks Over Knives: Plant Based Diet A book advocating the benefits of a whole foods plant-based diet. It was written by Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., who are both specialists in the prevention and reversal of chronic diseases through dietary adjustment.
Green Smoothies Saved My Life Positive health benefits when consuming green smoothies on a regular basis. It includes a general introduction to green smoothies and guidelines on how to improve your health by increasing emotional awareness and supporting positive thought processes.
In Defense of Food “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” This is the premise of Michael Pollen’s book which grew out of an essay that he wrote for The New York Times Magazine, challenges some of the major concepts of nutrition.
Instinctive Nutrition This diet is a raw food approach that uses your body’s natural cravings as treatment for specific health problems.
Joy Bauer’s Food Cures Provides dietary recommendations for over 10 different health conditions.
Ketogenic Diet Used for treatment of Epilepsy.
Liver Cleansing Diet a 4-week program that concentrates on promoting optimal liver function by adjusting the diet to support liver cleansing and detoxification.
Low Protein Diets Kidney Conditions can be treated with a low protein diet. Sample low protein menu.
Maker’s Diet Author Jordan Rubin makes a number of health claims with his biblically based 40 day diet program.
Medical Marijuana Recipes Aunt Sandy’s Medical Marijuana Cookbook offers a collection of classic comfort medical marijuana recipes for those who have been prescribed marijuana for medical use.
Nourishing Traditions Nourishing Traditions explains that the modern represents a dramatic change from the way that we have nourished ourselves for thousands of years and is seriously compromising our health.
Nutrigenomic Diet: Deep Nutrition An eating program based on the nutrigenomic diet with the intention to give readers the tools to enhance gene expression and promote optimal wellbeing.
Osteoporosis Diet Understanding causes, preventive actions, and diet/exercise plan for delaying onset or slowing progression of Osteoporosis.
Pancreas Diet The Pancreatic Oath explains how eating the right foods can protect your pancreas and promote health, whereas when you eat unhealthy foods you are abusing your pancreas.
Power Foods Recipes A cookbook from Martha Stewart that can help you to effortlessly increase your intake of healthy foods and to learn more about the health benefits of power foods.
SuperFoods HealthStyle Diet Uses recent research related to the lifestyle factors that have been proven to achieve disease prevention and improve daily functioning and gives practical recommendations that you can use to improve your physical and mental health.
Swiss Secret A detox, weight loss and chronic health condition plan for ultimate health.
What Would Jesus Eat? Promotes the diet of Jesus as a way to achieve optimal health.
 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
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