Crazy Sexy Diet

crazy sexy dietThe Crazy Sexy Diet was written after author, Kris Carr was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in 2003 which was the catalyst for a dramatic lifestyle transformation.

Even though doctors said her cancer was terminal and there was no treatment, Carr was determined to do her own research and eventually to develop her own treatment plan; primarily involving a change to a low-fat vegan diet with a high amount of raw foods and juices.

The Crazy Sexy Diet was born from her many years of study, independent research and questioning regarding the influence of nutrition and other lifestyle factors on health.

In this book she shares the secrets that she says helped her to “thrive in the face of a deadly chronic disease”.

Crazy Sexy Diet Basics

Says Karr,

“The Crazy Sexy Diet is a low-fat, vegetarian – or better yet, vegan – program that emphasizes balancing your body’s pH by eating more lush whole foods, low-glycemic fruits, raw veggies, alkalizing green drinks, and super-powered green smoothies. By increasing your intake of alkaline foods and reducing or eliminating your consumption of animal products, processed sugars and starches you will boost your immunity and your life force.”

There are two levels to the diet and you can select from them depending on your goals and lifestyle: 60/40 and 80/20: meaning 60 or 80 percent alkaline foods and 40 or 20 percent acidic foods. 80/20 is ideal and is recommended for those with a chronic health issues while 60/40 is suitable for those in good health and for maintenance.

To get started on the Crazy Sexy Diet you undertake a 21-day cleanse that includes a daily green juice or green smoothie and a variety of whole vegan foods with a high intake of raw fruit and vegetables. Fasting on green juice, purified water and herb tea is recommended for one day per week, however this is optional.

Karr explains how the excessive consumption of animal products damages our health and the environment and outlines the negative health effects of caffeine and alcohol. The Crazy Sexy  Diet also includes information about gluten intolerance, cleansing and detoxification, fasting, food combining, enemas and colonic irrigation, natural skin care, sinus problems, superfoods and nutritional supplements.

Recommended Foods

Green juice, green smoothies, wheatgrass, low glycemic fruit, raw and steamed vegetables, seaweed, chickpeas, lentils, black beans, almonds, pecans, pumpkin seeds, tahini, avocado, coconut, tofu, tempeh, miso, quinoa, wild rice, gluten-free pasta, buckwheat, oats, flaxseed oil, olive oil, raw organic agave syrup, yacon, stevia, dark chocolate, herb and green tea.

Sample Crazy Sexy Diet Meal Plan

Upon Rising

Warm water with lemon
(optional pinch of cayenne)


Green Guru Smoothie


Mexican Pilaf
Large mixed salad with dressing

Afternoon Snack

Hummus with gluten-free crackers


Teriyaki tofu
Cabbage hemp salad

35 Minutes of Cardio

The Crazy Sexy Diet  says “the body heals eight times faster when you exercise regularly”. Exercise floods the body with oxygen and improves lymphatic circulation, which enhances the elimination of acidic waste products.

You are encouraged to do some cardiovascular exercise three to five times a week for at least 35 minutes, preferably outdoors. Choose an activity you enjoy such as pole dancing, karate, hiking, rebounding or yoga.

Costs and Expenses

Crazy Sexy Diet: Eat Your Veggies, Ignite Your Spark, and Live Like You Mean It! retails at $24.95.

It is also recommended to purchase a juicer and/or blender, which can vary in price depending on the brand.


  • Encourages the intake of a wide variety of fresh unprocessed whole foods.
  • Flexible, allows for occasional indulgences, and does not require the dieter to become a strict vegetarian or raw foodist.
  • May improve a variety of common health complaints.
  • Can enhance blood sugar balance and reduce high cholesterol and blood pressure.
  • Emphasizes the importance of stress management and psychological factors for a balanced approach to wellness.
  • The Crazy Sexy Diet provides a 21-day meal plan and recipes.
  • Includes testimonials, which may be inspirational to many readers.
  • Cancer patients will relate to the personal story of the author.


  • For many dieters a dramatic adjustment in eating habits will be required.
  • May require more time to be spent on food preparation.
  • Will probably be difficult to eat out and in social situations and stick with the program.
  • Some readers may assume that the diet is a treatment for cancer.
  • The Crazy Sexy Diet isn’t specifically focused on weight loss.

A Plant Based Diet Induction

The Crazy Sexy Diet introduces readers to the benefits of a plant-based diet, covering a wide variety of topics related to health and detoxification.

It is a flexible program that encourages dieters to move in the direction of a vegan eating plan, with a high intake of raw foods, while allowing for individual choice regarding how strictly to adhere to recommendations outlined in the Crazy Sexy Diet for an optimal diet.

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
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