Cambridge Diet

cambrigde-dietThe Cambridge Diet is based in the United Kingdom. It has it’s origins from the Cambridge University in the late 1970s.

The Cambridge Diet was officially launched in 1984, but now has distributors worldwide. Online it is known now as the Cambridge Weight Plan.

The Cambridge Diet Plan

The Cambridge Diet is a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) and is made up of pre-packaged foods. The foods have been formulated to provide precise amounts of vitamins, nutrients and calories – and are available as sachets (shakes or soups), bars, or “brix”.

The daily calorie levels start as low as 415-500 calories per day. After a period of time (a maximum of 4 weeks), the calorie levels are upped (first to 790, then to 1,000 calories per day).

It is essential that copious amounts of water are drunk during the diet to avoid dehydration.

Dieters are given one-on-one support through independent Cambridge Weight Plan Consultants. These certified individuals will encourage and help you track your progress during weekly meetings.

Success Stories

On the Cambridge Weight Plan’s website there is a community forum for users to support each other and also many success stories of those who have used the plan successfully.

Here’s an excerpt from one customer’s experience:

Cambridge has completely transformed my life and gave me foundations to build my new lifestyle which has helped me maintain my weight for 13 years. I kick start my manic days with a Cambridge shake and am able to take on all kinds of challenges, as a Cambridge Consultant, MMA and Kickboxing teacher and a mum of two. I am a health and fitness ‘fanatic’ now. Don’t think of Cambridge as a temporary solution, if you focus, follow the steps up and are committed to change you can create a whole new life for yourself and keep your weight off for good. – Rehana K.


Although the Cambridge Diet is really low in calories, they recommend that dieters exercise, but according to their unique needs and medical profile.

The independent Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant will be able to help dieters choose which level of exercise is appropriate as well as offer exercise suggestions.

Cambridge Weight Plan Costs

The Cambridge Diet costs about £45 a week or about £2.15 per meal, but can vary according to your unique needs.

Your independent Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant determines the exact cost based on your needs.

Learn more via their website here.

A Risky Endeavor?

The Cambridge Diet should be used only under the guidance of a medical practitioner.

In the UK, the diet is only available through accredited counselors and to people with a BMI above 25.

Despite research confirming the benefits of VLCD’s they should only be used under medical supervision. Exercise cannot be maintained (except for very low intensity exercise) during the diet, and additional fiber may be required to prevent constipation.

Also, by using the Cambridge Diet’s meal replacement products, dieters may have trouble keeping the weight off once they resume a normal diet.

Be very careful with the Cambridge Diet.

Different Versions?

The Cambridge Diet is only available through distributors. The distributors in the USA provide slightly different formulations to those in the UK.

Also there are other versions of the Cambridge Diet that may not be legitimate.

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
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  1. lou

    Hi, I am on week 5 of the SS and have lost 30lbs and dropped 2 dress sizes already. I feel amazing….one issue though. I did cheat the other day as craved some bread. Ate it, then felt so ill that it did make me sick, it was like my stomach couldnt take it. I am worried that I wont be able to stom ach food again, I dont even want food now. Does anyone have any experiences like this.

  2. anchi

    hii i am 17jears hmm i am on 3 days now is veryy hard tomorow must i go to my consultant to weight i must 30lbs of this dieet is very hard

  3. tracy

    hi im on day 6 of the cd diet and lost 6 pounds in the first few days but i seem to of stopped loosing and im so hungry im loosing my will power but i don’t Wat to give up as iv 4 stone to loose.i had some coke and soda could it be that?

  4. Dan

    Ok guys here im in need of support information or maybe its advice help to you all. Has you know im on the ss diet been on it a week now after losing 4 stones. Ive read the review mentioning that we can have 2 cans of coke zero. Right ive been drinkin 1 can 3x per day of EXPLOSADE DIET RED THUNDER 250mi from aldi.(cheaper version of diet Red Bull costing only 25p per can ….Great!!!!! Ive read and looked at the Nutrition information and feel it seems fine.
    So please feel free to feed back as i would like to hear views and thought from others. Many thanx Dan

  5. Dan

    my email whoops is

  6. Dan

    Hi all im a male guy 33 6ft taall and ive lost 4 stones already on the ss. Now im looking to lose another 4 stones to which i will achieve. Its not easy but trust me stick in there and after the first few days it becomes better. Your losing weight and looking nice. I live in the Bham/Sandwell area and if anyone would like to buddy up with me then please feel free to drop me a email and get to the road of looking trim and well….Good all and remember- no such words as you cant do, cuz i so will do it ..Dan

  7. Sarah

    Hi guys. Its the first day of SS for me today and im finding it really hard! Sticking to it at work isnt too much of a problem but coming home to a family who are eating pasta, potatoes and garlic bread is soooo hard! How did everybodies first week go? I’d love to how much everybody lost in the first week or simply any tips to get through the first couple of days! Im determined to stick to it as ive got about 3 stone to lose!

  8. Tan

    Am on sole source since last 2 weeks,but am cheating today.I want to start over again tomorrow, hope my counselor will allow me to do the ketosis test again. am so worry about to weighing after this cheating, i ate so much food. Am now realize that this programe is the best i ever tried and fast.
    Honey, would like ur accompany.
    Guys please support me!

  9. Liz

    started today on ss need to lose 2 stone, lost a stone a couple of yrs ago on it in 3 wks but its hard to stick to when u have a family to feed and cant really avoid foods – will power im hoping will get me through it 🙂

  10. Sunil Kumar

    Hello everyone,

    I am sunil from UAE, 34 years old. I was 140 kilos when i started this diet on the 26th March, 2010 and till now i have lost about 35+ kilos and about 6-7 dress sizes, this thing really works. I have to lose another 15 kilos until i come to the maintainance stage. People who are thinking of doing it, please do go ahead and jump into it with closed eyes as i guess i am the best example. Had tried all different diets in the world but my weight would come back as soon i stopped those diets and this is the only diet where i dont feel hungry, have the energy to carry on and i am looking so good these days and most of my friends whom i have not me me from last 4+ months are actually surprised at my acheivement. I have kind of become a celebrity.

  11. paula

    hi,im into day 4 of cd and lost 3lbs so far although i have been munching on cheese strips and pork crunch on an evening!does anyone know if this can be kept up on sole source+ as im finding this is keeping me sane at moment.i thought it would be better to eat full protein rather than stuff diet up and eat pasta or rice any comments would be appreciated,Thanks x

  12. jab

    just got bk frm weighin lost 2lb but i did drink vodka and diet coke last sat so i am happy , nearly at my target lost 5st 4lb since 21/01/10 well happy! :-)10lb to go

  13. lucy lou

    hi aimee, it does make a difference i’m afraid. i tried having a day off every week and i was just staying the same. even just one meal puts on a couple of pounds and the weight comes off slower. but the odd mouthfull of something won’t make a difference i wouldn’t have thought….

  14. aimee

    does anybody know if you cheat for one day a week will it make much difference? or even if i have a bite of something will it massivley make a difference? a quick response will be brilliant

  15. CoCo

    Hi everyone, i am starting CD on Monday/Tuesday im going to see my consultant for the first time on monday and to get my stuff for the sole source. Im excited and nervous at the same time i want to loosee at least 4stones by september i hope. i know its going to hard and im thinking im going to have to be very strong but i dont know until i start. this is my last chance to lose the weight i feel and need all the motivation to keeo me going. im really scared about not drinkin diet coke as i have it everyday also can i have sweeteners in my coffee?
    CoCo xx

  16. michael trevellen

    The diet products sold by lighterlife are much better, and they are made by the same compnay and the cambridge diet.

  17. sian

    Someone help me…. I had 10 wine gums yesterday and wish I hadn’t cos I feel really guilty and hope I havent’ undone all the good, do you think it’ll make a difference?

  18. wendie

    would like to know where you can buy products for the cambridge diet in the UK

  19. sian

    Hi, I’ve lost another 4lbs this week, so pleased and finding much easier now. Have lost just over a stone in 2 weeks, and am now at a weight I haven’t been in a long time. Read these comments over and over to inspire me

  20. jab

    eleanor go to the cambridge diet website, it will ask u for yr postcode then it will give u a choice of yr nearest consultant. hope this helps

  21. Eleanor

    Oh My God! looking at all these comments make me wanna go onto this diet i have been told so many good things about it to but i don’t know were to get started, and also i am only 18years old so is it suitable for me? i mean at the moment i am on slimming world but to be fair all i do is take weight off and i’m over the moon then find out the next week I’ve put it back on 🙁 please help me i don’t know how to go about getting on the Cambridge diet x

  22. philippa

    hi everyone, i have been on the diet for 44 days, in week 7 – i have lost 27 pounds in 6 weeks, stick at it people, i have another 31 pounds to go to get to 9stone i am 5ft, my start weight was 13st 2 and i now weigh 11st 3.

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