Cambridge Diet

cambrigde-dietThe Cambridge Diet is based in the United Kingdom. It has it’s origins from the Cambridge University in the late 1970s.

The Cambridge Diet was officially launched in 1984, but now has distributors worldwide. Online it is known now as the Cambridge Weight Plan.

The Cambridge Diet Plan

The Cambridge Diet is a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) and is made up of pre-packaged foods. The foods have been formulated to provide precise amounts of vitamins, nutrients and calories – and are available as sachets (shakes or soups), bars, or “brix”.

The daily calorie levels start as low as 415-500 calories per day. After a period of time (a maximum of 4 weeks), the calorie levels are upped (first to 790, then to 1,000 calories per day).

It is essential that copious amounts of water are drunk during the diet to avoid dehydration.

Dieters are given one-on-one support through independent Cambridge Weight Plan Consultants. These certified individuals will encourage and help you track your progress during weekly meetings.

Success Stories

On the Cambridge Weight Plan’s website there is a community forum for users to support each other and also many success stories of those who have used the plan successfully.

Here’s an excerpt from one customer’s experience:

Cambridge has completely transformed my life and gave me foundations to build my new lifestyle which has helped me maintain my weight for 13 years. I kick start my manic days with a Cambridge shake and am able to take on all kinds of challenges, as a Cambridge Consultant, MMA and Kickboxing teacher and a mum of two. I am a health and fitness ‘fanatic’ now. Don’t think of Cambridge as a temporary solution, if you focus, follow the steps up and are committed to change you can create a whole new life for yourself and keep your weight off for good. – Rehana K.


Although the Cambridge Diet is really low in calories, they recommend that dieters exercise, but according to their unique needs and medical profile.

The independent Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant will be able to help dieters choose which level of exercise is appropriate as well as offer exercise suggestions.

Cambridge Weight Plan Costs

The Cambridge Diet costs about £45 a week or about £2.15 per meal, but can vary according to your unique needs.

Your independent Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant determines the exact cost based on your needs.

Learn more via their website here.

A Risky Endeavor?

The Cambridge Diet should be used only under the guidance of a medical practitioner.

In the UK, the diet is only available through accredited counselors and to people with a BMI above 25.

Despite research confirming the benefits of VLCD’s they should only be used under medical supervision. Exercise cannot be maintained (except for very low intensity exercise) during the diet, and additional fiber may be required to prevent constipation.

Also, by using the Cambridge Diet’s meal replacement products, dieters may have trouble keeping the weight off once they resume a normal diet.

Be very careful with the Cambridge Diet.

Different Versions?

The Cambridge Diet is only available through distributors. The distributors in the USA provide slightly different formulations to those in the UK.

Also there are other versions of the Cambridge Diet that may not be legitimate.

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
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122 Comments or Reviews

  1. sharalyn barry

    Hi i have spoken to a very nice lady who also was big she had lost 5 stone i am going to start on jan 3 rd after my other halfs’ b/day party. I really can not wait i have eaten lots for xmas but, i know it will be coming all off !

  2. meme

    Im 80kg,18 5’7 and not happy wat so ever……i just wanna be a slim size 10…….slim nd NOT CURVY……does this diet really work……pls HELP

  3. Lynne

    I used this diet in the early 80’s, (when I realise now I wasn’t even fat!) In those days there was an ingredient used in the chocolate covering the bars, that began to make my teeth tingle. However, they’ve changed that now. I’m now trying it again as, my wonky thyroid has taken me from 9st. 4lbs to almost 17st. So here goes!

  4. ted

    If you would click on the link above and once on the official website click contact. You will find the #’s there.

  5. SOFI

    i to second on that i really need the number can sum1 help???

  6. sharalyn barry

    How do i start with this diet ? can some one give me a number i can call so i can get started !

  7. shelly lamb


  8. pop

    gee i have similar stats as u but only 5 foot.
    how much did u lose in week 1 and 2?

  9. gee

    very bad taste and bad breath how do you go about this problem let me no

  10. Brian

    pluses: 5 stone off in 11 weeks, i’m not even hungry, no food preparation time, choccy bars for a bit of a treat

    negatives: no alcohol allowed, can be a bit boring

  11. lauren

    I am starting the diet on monday and reading all these stories has made me really excited! I cant wait

  12. gee

    hi its gee here again has any one tried the porridge? i tried it on my first day it made me sick,luckly enough i took them bk to my councellor and she swapped them for soups, the veg soup is fantastic aswell as the sberry an choc shakes. the porridge was vile, ive just completed my 2nd day and feel great, mite be a different story tmoro

  13. gee

    ive just got in my 1st weeks cambridge diet soups shakes etc i weighed in today at 11 11 so i will let you all no next week how much i lost and how i felt

  14. T

    One stone=14 lbs.

  15. A

    What the hell is stones. Is stones supposed to refer to a number converted into a certain amount of pounds?

  16. Donna

    I’ve been doing the cambridge diet on and off for a few weeks and have lost 24 pounds! I am 5’8 weighing 160 pounds but would like to get down to 135….unfortunately- I am at a stand still now. Does anyone have any advise for kicking it up a notch? I have started some cardio to see if that helps and I’m on sole source. Thanks

  17. tracy

    first day of diet and cant stand the shakes any1 got any words of advice to which ones taste anything like decent also does your breath really get that smelly

  18. abi

    can you exercise on this diet?

  19. salina

    i myself was on cambrige diet for 3 to 4 months i lost over 3 stones however i put the weight back on once i had stopped even though i watched what i ate and portion sizez. my advice is to lost weight the right way which is healthy eating and good diet.

  20. ann

    I lost 2.5 stone in 10 weeks (having an evening meal each night too) I came off it 6 months ago and have kept the weight off by eating heathily and going to the gym – I highly reccomend it!

  21. slim

    i did the diet 2 years ago and lost 7.5 stone in 100 days, i have put a little back on and so just topping being slim, lost 8 kilo in the first 7 days

  22. lisa

    hey, i was on the cd for 5 weeks and lost nearly 2 stone, but last week i cheated so back on it again. this diet is amazing but also the hardest. you need alot of willpower and determination. good luck everyone x x x

  23. amamda

    i am on day 2 and really struggling,but reading everyone elses storys help.. hunger pain are donig my head in so going to bed early…

  24. jojo

    cambridge diet does work…. i started off weighing 12’8 am now 8’8 and absolutly love my new figure…. it amazing how much confidence i have regaind and how great it feels to go into town and not stressing about what to buy as i can fit into any out fit… thanks a lot to Lisa… my counselor from gorton…x

  25. cheryl

    i have been on it for 2 monthes and ive lost 2 sone

  26. Julie

    Its a ridiculous & dangerous,quick fix diet..I tried it 10 years ago & lost 4 stone in 3 months but as soon as you start to eat normal portions of proper food, the weight gradually returns.I would NOT recommend it to anyone. Also, the side effects of the diet which include severe bad breath,(even brushing every couple of hours does not eliminate this)dizziness and constipation are less than desirable!!The only way to achieve long term weight loss is by adopting a healthy attitude towards food and exercise. The answer is not in self starvation!

  27. lyn

    im on day 2 feeling okish shakes and soups taste nice. cant wait til my weigh in, il keep u all posted,ive got over 3stone to lose.tomorrows another day,hopefully feel abit better!

  28. Alison

    What a fabulous and easy way to lose weight! In my first week I lost 12lbs, I feel so proud and cant wait to keep losing!! Very worth while Id recommend it to anyone.

  29. Aim

    I’ve been on the diet for 4 days now.. and it is hard.. worst part is i’ve got two young children and cooking for them just sends my stomach crazy! I’m still hungry but have found that if you think about what time you are going to have each shake/soup it helps you curb the hunger.. i have a late breakfast shake and a late lunch soup then the gap between lunch time and dinner isn’t as big… plus then i go to bed early to stop the fridge raid!! its all about creating a routine!! good luck girls! (and boys!)

  30. Amy & Ella

    this ia a good diet

  31. Bicky

    I’ve got my 1st WI tomorrow – I’ll have done 6 days. I’m doing ss and have cheated twice – crisps are my downfall!!! My scales are telling me I’ve lost 7lb so I’m really happy. It is hard but def worth it. I’m getting married so have something to focus on.

  32. uk-guy

    My Mrs has lost over 4 stone in 13 week and I’ve decided to give it a go. A bit expensive for both of us to be on it, but it will be worth it.

  33. debbie

    sister has just started cc.just found out shes got an overacted thyroid.will this diet still work as she hasnt got tablets off of doctor yet.and she has only lost 1pnd in weight.can any one help please

  34. alex

    just started this diet- on day 2. finding it unbelieveably hard.just reading other peoples posts makes me more determined to do this.wil keep reading these posts to keep me motivated

  35. kuku

    help help help ……………….im sick of dieting! However this diet has worked for me …..I lost 4 stones but soon put it back on!Back to square 1

  36. tabitha

    I am on the cambridge diet now for two weeks and lost 10 pounds. feeling great and cant wait for my new weigh in next week.

  37. Lisa

    I have been on the CD for 2 weeks and lost 10lbs but this week have not lost anything. Not sure what has happened this week! Will carry on tho. The strawberry shake is lovely!!

  38. emily

    i did the cambridge diet for 4 weeks and lost 3 stone but then got pregnant with my little girl, still didn’t put all the weight back on tho. now im back on it on my 3rd day and iv lost 6 pounds already. it does work but the first few days are hard until u get in 2it. xxx

  39. Allie

    I have just started this and am only on day 2!! I feel okay although i hear that the worst is yet to come this week. I am really going to try I have lots of weight to lose 10stone to be precise!!! I am really going to give this a go.

  40. Mandy

    Brenda, what an ignorant, offensive and unnecessary remark you made. Of course it’s much healthier to have a low BMI than to carry extra weight – I lost over 3 stone with Cambridge two years ago and have managed to keep it off by always having a Cambridge bar for lunch instead of my usual sandwich, & often I have a cappuccino shake for breakfast too even tho I’m no longer “on the diet” it’s just part of my range of food. It really works and alongside lots of other people I feel it’s changed my life.

  41. Asif

    Hi Everyone,

    This is my first day on it so im trying to find the best CD products that taste good. I am not physically hungry but I feel like chewing on something.

    I hope this works, from all the comments of different sites it seems as though it’s been working.

  42. Sam

    i started cambridge diet one week ago now and so far i have lost 10 pounds! i would recomend it but you need alot of willpower and determination to do it!

  43. Gemma

    I have been on CD for 3 weeks and only have a stone and a half to lose, but already lost 12 pounds, its so good and you honestly do not feel hungrey at all.
    Any one who is thinking of doing it, DO IT, you cannot fail, shakes are lovely and toffee bars on the 3rd week even better.

  44. lynz

    the diet really works girls and fellas so come on and give it a go my counsellor is fab rose she has helped me become a new woman. myself i feel fantastic, so far ive lost 4 stone in 10 weeks.

  45. Surinder

    I lost 5 stones on this diet, its a life saver!!! Each week I lost 5 pounds! from a size 22 to now a 14!

  46. Nelly

    My mum has lost about 5 stones in about 4 months! each week the weight just dropped of – she was averaging between 3-7 pounds a week! and now her doctor has significantly reduced her blood pressure tablet dosage! She is becoming a healthy person again! and now i have starting this and have already lost 5 pounds in my first week! well worth doing.

  47. Brenda

    Hey, Lorraine, I didn’t know they allowed retards to be nurses in the UK. Aren’t you just FABULOUS!

  48. Laura Fletcher

    I’ve lost 5plds in three days. It’s crazy.

  49. Sherry Lewis

    You give the date of 1984 but in 1983 I was using Cambridge drink mix, was this the same or a different one. It worked for me but was taken off the market.

  50. lorraine platts

    iv been doing diet for 10 weeks and lost 3 stonei feel fabmy blood preasures droped so as my bmi i think its more healthy to lose weight than be overweight and have many problams and i should no im a nurse thankyou

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