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The Models DietThe Models Diet is the creation of David Nicosia Longhi, who is from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Longhi has combined his studies in nutrition and health science with honest advice from a group of successful models.

Longhi’s goal is to motivate you into becoming a more sexy, positive and attractive person by creating a healthy lifestyle approach to weight management like the examples given in the Models Diet.

He gives us an insight into the world of models and provides a glimpse of the methods used by top models to stay in shape. He asked a group of models to share their nutritional habits and workout routines as well as to discuss aspects of the modeling industry.

Model Diet Basics

In a series of interviews readers learn about the lifestyle habits of a group of models. The models talk about what kinds of foods they like to eat, their typical daily eating patterns, their exercise routines and their attitudes towards alcohol and diet pills.

Longhi summarizes the major points from each interview that can help you to incorporate healthy weight loss strategies from each model. At the end of each interview there is also space for you to print out and write down the tips and advice that you especially liked.

In general the diets models  use don’t count calories although they do have an awareness of maintaining a healthy diet. Most of the models don’t provide a detailed breakdown of what they typically eat and the tips are often not very specific. For example, eat more veggies, don’t starve yourself, don’t eat more food than your metabolism can burn and exercise regularly.

Longhi does provide some basic information about carbohydrates, protein, fat and the food sources of these nutrients. He encourages dieters to maintain a high intake of protein and low intake of fat with the exception of small amounts of healthy fats. However the Models Diet does not include detailed nutritional guidelines or instructions on how to create a healthy meal plan.

Recommended Foods

Egg white, fish, chicken, turkey, beef, low fat dairy, fruit, vegetables, whole grain bread, rice, salads, sushi.

Sample Diet Plan

The following is a sample models diet plan from model Katie Cleary.


Naked Juice ‘Green Machine’ smoothie


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Turkey sandwich with lots of vegetables and light dressing

Afternoon Snack

A piece of chocolate


Chicken breast with hummus and pita bread

Evening Snack

Chocolate chip cookie

Exercise Recommendations

All of the models highlight the importance of exercise, however, the advice is often vague such as ‘make sure you exercise three times a week’.

Most of the models engage in a combination of aerobic and strength training workouts and many of the models recommend spinning as a fun and effective workout.

Costs and Expenses

The Models Diet is available both as a paperback and eBook for $19.95.

Click here to order a copy of this diet.


  • Based on advice from people who are successful in maintaining an attractive physique.
  • Discourages the use of diet pills and starvation diets.
  • Encourages moderation in regard to alcohol consumption.
  • Addresses the issue of eating disorders in the modeling industry and general society.
  • Raises questions about societal values regarding physical appearance.
  • Investigates the potential negative effects of cosmetic surgery.
  • Includes an interview with Dr. Mehmet Oz and a qualified dietitian.
  • Addresses unique issues faced by men in regard to pressure to achieve a lean muscular appearance.


  • May not appeal to those who are not interested in the lifestyle of models.
  • Does not provide adequate guidance for selecting a healthy balanced diet.
  • Does not include meal plans or recipes.
  • Many of the tips in the Models Diet are vague and non-specific. For example, if you eat out, make sure you choose healthy places.
  • Recommendations from one of the experts include considering cosmetic surgery such as breast liposuction and breast augmentation.
  • Some of the models support the use of steroids to improve physique.
  • Includes some advice that will be offensive to many readers.

Not a Healthy Approach to Weight Loss

The Models Diet will mainly appeal to dieters who are interested in learning about the lifestyles of models and the methods they use to maintain their physiques. However it is important for dieters to realize that just because you follow their plan doesn’t mean you will get a body like a model.

While positive lifestyle changes such as regular exercise and healthy eating do lead to weight loss, most dieters will require more guidance and instruction in order to lose weight and maintain their results successfully over the long term.


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