Liquid Diets and Juice Fasting

juice-dietLiquid Diets (or Juice Fasting) are used for a number of reasons – including detox and weight loss.

A liquid diet consists of juices, shakes, soups, or any other non-solid food replacing every meal.

Nutritionally these diets are usually lacking essential macronutrients and are low in calories. However, vegetable and fruit based liquid diets will be rich in vitamins and minerals and cancer-fighting phytochemicals.

Liquid diets can also be used by people who can’t chew solid food because of medical reasons.

Liquid Diet for Weight Loss?

Liquid diets can promote weight loss because they are usually very low in calories. However, usually the weight is regained after the diet because dieters return to their old eating habits.

A Juice Fast is used more for detoxifying purposes and should not be used as a weight loss technique because your body could actually be breaking down muscle tissue because of the lack of protein in juices.

It is better to eat the fruit and vegetables whole and therefore gain the fiber, which lowers fruit’s glycemic index and is more beneficial to the body.

Medically Supervised Liquid Diets

There are medically supervised diet plans that have a large liquid component and rely on @Meal Replacement Products@ (or MRP’s).

This is a general term describing products that have a full range of nutrients in them. Most of these are in powder form and when mixed with water or milk provide a liquid-based meal.

  1. Medifast: A couple meals a day are replaced with nutritionally formulated shakes.
  2. Optifast: 12 weeks on their all liquid diet and then they gradually transition dieters to solid foods.

Generally these (expensive) programs will cause quick weight loss – but they are not sustainable as a lifestyle and are designed for people with more than 50 pounds to lose.

Juice Fasting Benefits


It may be beneficial to include vegetable and fruit juices in your diet – but not as a complete replacement of solid food for extended periods of time.

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However, a short juice fast is reported to have some health benefits:

  • Removes toxins from the body.
  • Can improve complexion and skin health.
  • Can jumpstart weight loss.
  • Juices are high in vitamins and antioxidants.
  • Alleiviates arthritis symptoms. src

The Jump Start Juicer System is a popular juice fast diet used by many. Before you give it a try, be sure to use an efficient juicer.

A number of people use a tonic or @juice supplement@ in their diet to provide essential vitamins and minerals, but there isn’t scientific evidence that these products are worth the money.

You should not go beyond a one day juice fast without first consulting your doctor.

Smoothies are Better

Using a @high powered blender@ to make smoothies is a better option for liquid diets than just using fruit juices. Smoothies are made using the whole fruit or vegetable, therefore, all of the fiber and micronutrients in the fruit and vegetables are retained.

There are countless fruit and vegetable combinations that can be experimented with and it can be fun developing a smoothie recipe that you like the best.

Not Healthy For the Long Term

Periodic juice fasting and liquid diets can be beneficial for use during short periods of time or for those that can’t chew solid food. However, because they can be both nutritionally and calorie deficient, care should be used when starting one.

A better approach would be to remove processed foods from the diet and consume one fruit and vegetable smoothie a day, in addition to portion controlled meals that are mainly vegetable based.

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
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  1. Stephanie Hudson

    I would like some juice recipes for weight loss

  2. Danielle

    I’ve just started this diet to lose about 10 pounds but I’m worried. Everyone is saying how you’ll just gain all of the weight back on as soon as you start eating again. What I was wondering was what if you exercised during and after the diet. Would that stop you from gaining weight in fat?

    • ted

      @Danielle, That would help as well as cutting back your portion sizes/calorie intake after the fast. Just be careful doing too much exercise on the fast because of the very low calorie intake.

  3. sarah


    Honestly I’ve been in cheerleading since i was 3 years old i am 19 years old now. I stopped cheering and dancing at 18yrs. I have always done competitive cheer i have done school cheer for a year and i was in 8th grade. But anyways i don’t know who’s telling you that you need to lose weight but they are completely wrong. You are a perfect size especially for your age. And the girl Megan.. Well she doesn’t weigh enough. She weighs less then what she should be weighing. Well i hope you learn something but if not i tried. A better thing to do ask your doctor.

  4. Megan

    There is nothing wrong with wanting to lose some weight for your cheerleading. Your weight does seem a little much for 8th grade, but you havent included your height so its hard to judge. I am 5’5 and am 19 years old and weigh 110 lbs.
    If you want to lose weight healthily (if thats a word), I would recommend counting calories. Eat lots of raw fruits and veggies, and lean protein, like skinless chicken breast for protein. Nuts are good for protein, but have more calories. and dont forget to drink LOTS of water.
    If I were you, i would start with about 1500 calories since you are probably fairly active. If you arent achieving weight loss, cut back to 1200 calories. Dont go any lower than 800 calories, otherwise your body goes into starvation mode and will hold on to every calorie you eat.

  5. shil

    hi, i m 70 kgs with the height 4.10′ .my age is should i loss my weight . should i follow dite, but i don’t eat a lot .it’s routine dite like others have .please suggest something i m too much depressed due to this problem.

  6. Cynt

    In response to annonymous, this isn’t a fad diet. It’s main purpose is detoxification. If you know what you are doing, do your research, and consult a physician you are not endangering your health or life. It is only dangerous if you do not consume need nutrition, calories, etc. (just like any other diet). It doesn’t matter if you eat or drink your nutrition. Don’t be scared into think you’ll die. Just do your research.

  7. Archna

    Hi it is my first day of this liquid diet…. i have no sugars in my drinks at all although i do have two glasses of milk in the afternoon and will have a carrot and brockli soup/jiuce later this evening with will help me maintain the vitamins my body needs…. i think i am doing the right thing…. i have also read up on the green tea and colon cleanser stuff – might gve it a go and see what happens…. any comments or suggestions will be kindly recieved

  8. anonymous

    I think that people are not smart, they are being tricked into thinking that fad diets are going to be good for them. What they should do is just exersice instead of wasting their time risking their health lifes doing fad diets that don’t give all the vitamins, minerals, and proteins for the body to survive. If you want to risk your lives intead of being lazy instead of exercing, well by all means ITS YOUR LIVES ON THE LINE.

  9. Laura

    Hey, im thinking of doing this diet just to get a beach body in a couple of weeks! im thinking of juice, such as orange juice, apple juice and cranberry juice (but what about my teeth?) also… the only things im planning on eating are celery, carrots and bananas – what you think? help required! open to suggestions – THAT WORK!!

  10. sophia

    hi i am also starting my liquid diet from tomorow
    can i take a date(khajoor,date plum) wid it .
    and how i long should i go for dis diet. i am 13 stones .how i will cope wid headaches.
    plz help me

  11. ben

    please go get some help, stop watching MTV, and read a book instead of gossip magazines.

    with great concern

  12. steph

    I am a 17 yr old girl, and i weigh 154lbs and i am around 170cm tall. I really want to start this diet, but i don’t want to do anything unhealthy or detremental to my health, or something that slows down my metabloism and makes me gain more when i start eating propely again. any thoughts, tips, suggestion?

  13. Always Heavy

    I really wish that I was a 106 pounds in the 8th grade, I haven’t been under a 100 pounds since 2nd or 3rd grade. You need to relax, you are perfectly fine the way you are. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. And if you know anyone that is truly overweight, encourage them to do some of the activities you are doing. Sometimes kids can be very cruel.

  14. lulu

    The liquid diet barley works but is possible.I am only 12 and 4’10” and weigh 88lbs. YES i am almost anorexic but i am not yet happy with myself. Eating celery and carrots is much better. Try it! i used to weigh 110 but lost it all in a moth or so! just eat a carrot(or a few baby carrots), celery, berries, or juice and you can be like me!;)

  15. Josephine

    I am starting my diet today, I bought a juicer for 30 dollars at walmart (very cheap compared to the other brands) yesterday. This morning I bought a green goodness drink since I dont have any fruit’s or veggie’s yet, I had about 1 and a half servings of that and I took a multimineral pill. (Tip is to go on google and search for recipes to make juices) Later on today I am going to walk about 6 miles there and back to my local grocery store and stopping at a clothes boutique and get some clothes that are a bit smaller than me for motivation. Another tip I have tried for motivation is weight yourself for the day and put that number somewhere on you or around you that you will see it all day. I did that two days ago I could not stand that number and made me not want to eat all the foods that aren’t healthy for you. (That is not recommended everyday, only at the beginning) Also dont weigh yourself everyday too, weigh yourself every 5-7 days, that will boost your spirits up than rather seeing you only lost 1 pound for everyday. Just a little advice… I hope your diet will pull through and hopefully mine will too!! x3

  16. john do

    this diet seems great, try chewing gum all day to decrease your hunger

  17. Samantha

    I tried a liquid diet a few years back, the Lemonade Diet, and it was super difficult to stick to it. Needless to say I only did it for 4 days and yeah I lost weight but gained it all back once I started eating solid foods. The diet made me dizzy and weak not to mention the fact that I was starving. Honestly your better off eating healthy and excercising.

  18. Kiki


    I am a high school cheerleading coach. Please do not try to lose weight. You sound like you are at a very healthy weight already, especially if you are mainly muscle. The best flyers are not always the ones that weigh the least. It has more to do with technique and proper training than weight. I wish you the best!!

  19. Miranda

    okayy, i am a cheerleader and i need a healthy, safe way to lose weight. i weight 106 and i am in 8th grade. i am mostly all muscle..but i’m the main flyer, so i need to weigh less. i was planning on trying the liquid diet…but after rading some stuff about it, i’m sorta scared…plus, i am still growing so i need all the protein and stuff i can get. if anyone has any suggestions on losing weight, do tell 🙂 please and thank you.

    • ted


      It sounds like you are light enough. It also sounds like you could be headed into an unhealthy mindset of always thinking you need to be lighter for some reason or another. If you love cheerleading then let it fit in with who you are and on your terms. Don’t let it conform you into who it wants you to be which is someone of a very unhealthy weight. I wish you all the best.

  20. jenn

    hello everyone im thinking about starting a juice fast but i dont want to start without all the facts have any tips for me?

  21. Katie

    Hello, i heard so many times about this liquid diet and i really want to try it, but so many people say that its not worth it because you just gain the weight back again when you start regular meals, please give me some feed back!!
    and if i do start the diet i don’t even know what i’m doing :s
    Help lol

  22. maryc

    Day 3 of a juice only fast. So far I feel great. Day one was hard with lots of growling in the tummy. Now i really am not hungry. I am using organic fruit and veggie juices from Bolthouse and Odwalla these are sold at my grocery store. Most articles I have read on juice fast says to use fresh juices but I KNOW that I wouldn’t be able to afford a $300 juicer so I am trying it this way. I drink a large glass of green goodness in the morning with some liquid vitamins and then throughout the day drink whenever I am hungry. I also have some green or roibos tea and water. The hardest part has been preparing food for my family and then sitting with them at the table with nothing to eat. I may add broth tomorrow and then fresh fruits and veggies. I usually have low blood sugar if I don’t eat so I thought this would not work for me but so far no issues.

  23. ramses

    hey laura you can try 2 – 3 ensure plus drinks per day ,, protein ,vitamins ,,but u gotta do a little workin out ,,an if you are a person like me who get headaches when they dont eat ,, then you should try,, im on my 7th day of my liquid fast ,,but if you never went without food for a day ,, an you eat good lol ,, you should start out slow ,, like just eating eggs rice an vegetables for about 2-3 days before trying a liquid fast ,,that way you wont be dying of hunger as to how you will feel if you overly endulge before a liquid fast

  24. Laura

    I am wanting to start a liquid diet to try to loose a few lbs. quickly..any advice on what to drink/comsume, etc. I am a female in her late 20’s.

  25. ramses

    ps ,, i dont eat anything ,, if i ate fruit i could do this for months ,,, i dont do this on anything religious ,, i just like how my mind changes from animal ,, to some what sophisticated mode lol ,,

  26. ramses

    im on my 5th day of fasting ,, just drinking liquid ,, i did 5 days 3 times ,, this time im going for 7 days ,, longest i ever did ,, i been feeling light headed ,, but light headed in a way as if my mind is open up lol ,, my younger bro was like he could never do what i be doing as far as liquid fast ,, because he see me take shots of liquor from time 2 time , ,, an here in chicago when u drink ,, in our culure ,, u chase it down with an italian beef ,,gyros or gyros burger ,, an if yall only knew how much i luv gyros ,, but yeah anyway

  27. fat Fati

    Hello everyone
    I didn’t really get the idea behind this liquid diet, so Would anyone tell me if there are some recepies to make the juices?
    Thanks in advance

  28. RAY

    I bought a Jack LaLanne power juicer elite, and I am now on day 20 of my fresh juice and smart water diet I also take a multi vitamin, and have fresh fruit for breakfast. I have lost 13 lbs and I feel great.. I also drink a soy protein drink within one hour of working out, it is EAS Soy Protein 20g per serving. I have one serving of protein per day. But it says you may have up to three depending on your individual needs. It is really working for me. Oh and I also did an acai flush and detox 10 days before starting my program.. let me know what you all think..

  29. padma

    Pease let me know if the liqid diet helps for the officce goer

  30. Carolyn

    Hi, can someone tell me if using frozen fruit will do the same as fresh?? I usually feel ill if I dont eat enough, will a liquid diet actually make you feel fuller??

  31. geri

    lost 8lb in 10 days 🙂

  32. puneet arora

    this is very good guidance for us . u should give me a juice names

  33. Kendra

    Ok I fought through last night it really was not to bad, day two was much harder. I am on day four, I have drank 3 bottles of water and two green teas and two coffee cup sized cups of vegtable broth, I will have chicken broth at dinner time with my smoked oysters if my belly is giving me a super hard time…. weight is still 205, am also exercising as well about 20-30 minutes a day. I began my fiber regim today as well. So is there anybody out there?

  34. geri

    i started the liquid diet on mon, today is fri, and i have lost 6lb. i have been making my own smoothies for breakfast and lunch with whatever fruit i have at home.the more the merrier. i am also drinking plenty of water and having a balanced meal in the evening, going well so far and i feel better although a little tired as my body get used to the lack of sugar. i will keep you guys posted with my progress.good luck

  35. Kendra

    I am at day 3 of my Liquid diet, though I did have one meal today of smoked oysters. But that will be it. I am taking vitamins and will begin fiber capsules tomorrow as well. I started at the weight of 210lbs and I am at 205 now. My meals cosist of sugar free finger jello, chicken a vegatble broth (low sodium) and lots of water. I am just doing this for 7 days to jump start my diet as I will slowy introduce a low carb diet. Good luck to everyone and I will try to keep you posted. My energy level seems to be okay though my stomach is growling allot, I drink a glass of water when it growls and then I will drink broth if it does not go away.

  36. Abby

    Dan, can you tell me exactly what it is that you do? Im really looking to start doing a liquid diet but I have no idea which is best, and all of them sound like ppl are going to die from them lol. But you made it seem like its not as horrible the way youre doing it. Any way you could help me out?


  37. Dan V

    I’m on Day 4 of a liquid diet and no cramps or extreme hunger. I have no meal times, just liquids whenever I feel like it. Two benefits I think: 1)lower total calorie intake (especially if you use diet drinks and broth which is ridiculously low in calories) and 2)quicker feeling of being full, maybe because the sugar in the liquids gets to the brain faster? Taking vitamins and Omega3 just to be on the safe side. May add some strained meat (baby food) for protein. So far so good….. I’m quite surprised at how easily this is going and my energy level is absolutely normal.

  38. angel

    okay ive never done this before. i just ate a mound of waffles and tomorrow its on. only liquids. i’m scared. hope i can do it. :)so in my mind i want to lose 10 pounds. how long should i stick to the “just liquid”? and should i work out? also i get really hungry at night. thats the area i’m most doubtful of. i might give in. help me

  39. Cheryl

    Slimfast has alot of sugars in it so I am using the Atkins drinks instead since theres only like 1 gram of sugar, Ive lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks doing a liquid diet, it does make you tired. im taking vitamins and it helps some with energy. i cant eat alot dairy so i take calcium.

  40. darian

    Heey. Im 17, 5’4″ & 140lbs. I need to drop about 20 lbs, im very actice & i was wondering if this juice diet was a good ideaa. A little bit of hlp & advice from those of you who have already done this would be great(: remember that im in claas from 9 till 1.& then i have work. Soo i have to work any diets around that. thanks!

  41. Kristen

    I like making combo fruit juice and water ‘cocktails’ — they’re full of electrolytes!– about half and half depending on the taste, as the more you water down fruit juice (like cranberry or lemon, for kidney health) they get bitter. I also find peppermint herbal tea, green tea and black teas offer nice diversity/flavor/benefits.

    If you want to keep fruit juice and raw whole fruits and veggies in your diet past the fast, I reccomend getting a multi purpose gadget like a vitamix blender. I love cooking with mine! Yes, it can cook soups and such after several minutes!

    Have fun all. The point isn’t to starve your body, it’s to cleanse it for a clean start into something else. Happy New Year!

  42. kelly

    ok seriously, if you’re wanting to do the liquid diet to lose weight- don’t. A 40 day liquid diet sounds absolutely ridiculous! Even if it’s just for a few days- spare yourself. Even if you do lose the weight, you’re most likely going to gain the weight back. Why? Because you haven’t changed anything about your *lifestyle.* What happens after this liquid diet is over? You’re going to go back to your old habits- what got you overweight in the first place. If you want to lose weight *and keep it off,* you need to make lifestyle changes… think about what got your weight over the top in the first place and start by making small changes. The best way to lose weight- expend more calories than you take in… that is, exercise moderately and eat healthy!! If you’re not sure how to start eating healthy, search for that online instead of how to do a liquid diet!!!

  43. Raj kaur

    hi everyone! I’m starting the juice diet tomorrow for 40 days! I can’t wait I’m so excited. Currently I’m 170 pounds! And my height it 5’7! I hav alot of weight to lose my target weight is 112 pounds! So that’s 58 pounds to lose, il post my progress everyday so it just keeps me motivated! I hope I can do this, I’m so excited!!

  44. Emma

    I want to the the liquid diet but what is the best liquid diet to do?

  45. Crystal

    I am 16 and started a liquid fast 2 days ago, tomorrow will be my third day and my belly is screaming at me but after day one I didn’t have the urge to eat anymore just the pains. I have kept a water bottle with me at all times and have milk at lunch (only thing school give and i want SOMETHING besides water) I will probably have some juice after tomorrow and start using my uncles wight loss idea of having a spoon of peanut butter for each meal for protein because going up and down the stairs then walking 1 mile home has me totally beat. I liked reading all of the suggestions on here because I didn’t know if I could have shakes or not. I also read PAUL’s comment and the monday – friday fasting is a good plan for after my seven days because I have a lot of weight to loose but want to eat too.

  46. Kwyndawn

    I am starting a liquid fast tomorrow. I hope that I can last for 7 days. I currently need to loss 120 lb however I do not wish to lose it all fasting. I want to detox, shrink my stomach, and jump start my weight loss. Then I am only going to fast one day a week while I try to maintain a healthy eating style.

    I see that most of you are only doing fruit juice but you might consider adding in broth. I helps to add protein and is still considered a clear liquid. I always do chicken or beef broth on my one day a week fast and the warm liquid really feels me up and gives me energy.

  47. evestew

    i’m about 25lbs overweight and tomorrow will be my first day of the liquid diet. wish me luck and i will keep u posted

  48. Dani

    Liquid diet day 7- I a feeling great but I am watching what I take in. Jello- pudding for fat- carnation instant breakfast- protein shake- beef and chicken broth (soak with saltines to help fill) smoothies with fruit and yogurt to keep the sugars up in the body. Green and chai tea- this will keep you drinking something different while at work. Juice with ice in a blender will keep you busy for a while too. I am doing really good and this is all for a friend that had to have her teeth pulled to add dentures. I am not tired and I am keeping up with the kids

  49. Nee chan

    I’m 130 lbs and I’m 5 1″. I tried doing a lot of physical activities for 2 months but it was really frustrating because I lost only 5 lbs. I tried fasting for 2 weeks and I had great results. I lost a total of 18 lbs. It’s worth the sacrifice.

  50. Shannon

    I am going on an all liquid diet for 48 hours just to jump start my weight loss program. I need to do something to get rid of the constant food cravings! I’ll fill you in in a couple of weeks as to how it worked to jump start me 🙂

  51. Sandra2007

    Brendan McCarthy 7day Juice Diet Program really works. My fiance tried it 3months ago and it did some really amazing results. He told he has never felt better. From what I’ve ready it’s all natural so it’s very safe. And you get to read lots and lots of very good information in this book about how to eat right and stay healthy. He bought it online and it was pretty cheap.

  52. Adeliz

    Today I am starting the ALL liquid diet for 4 days. Will keep u guys posted

  53. maggie

    this is the first time i try it a fasting diet lets c how it goes wish me luck lol

  54. loves PB

    For a health nerd like me this does not sound good. I would never do this even if u dared me your body needs some kind of food not just liquids. Yea it could lead to dizzyness and passing out because your body is calling for the right nutrition. Best advice dont try this.

  55. Jody

    i’m 16, and have tried juice fasting twice at an attempt to get skinny.
    the first time i only did it for a week, and i was always tired and dizzy. i only lost a couple pounds, and didn’t really notice a difference.
    a few moths later i did it for two weeks. it wasn’t as hard this time, but i had gotton very sick of the juices and somedays i would only drink water because the smell of them made me queasy. I did notice a difference in my face, but it didn’t really make a difference in body fat. I was even biking and walking to try to speed up the process, but i was passed out by 7.
    I have been thinking about trying to do it for a month before school starts, but i dont want to be disapointed again. This time if i do it, i will add protien powder to the juices and take multivitamins.

  56. tash

    I have done many of these fastings before and the main points to remember are
    :HOT water with fresh lemon juice in the morning (hot water stimulates you metabolism and lemon is good for your kidneys)
    :Take multivitamins and especially calcium supplements
    :If you cheat dont quit, just remember hpow bad you felt and carry on
    :If you feel like you have to eat something eat a rivita/rice cracker
    :drink at least 6 glasses of water a day
    :doont weigh yourself until at least day 3, there will be no difference till then and its just disheartening!
    Hope this helps!

  57. felish

    i could only do the liquid diet for 4 days and the third and fourth day i didn’t fully do liquids. but i still lose 10 pounds no lie. its hard don’t get me wrong, i couldn’t believe i got through the first day, so the second day came easy. i’m thinking the first day is all i need to get pass and then i have the rest of the six days in a bag. the third day was extremely hard i had a handful of prunes that how bad i craved solid foods, i did good during the fourth day, but at night my father ordered pizza and that was it, i was mad that i failed and gave in like i always do, but i am going to do it again this week. my liquid diet consist of veggie and fruit smoothies that i would make with no dairy or added sugar and i would add apple cider vinager, i would drink those in no paticular order three times a day and 8 glasses of water. to do this you really need to be committed and focus, because if you’re like me the look of and thing solid will mess you up. but even if you do mess up just continue to stick with it until you want to stop. if you want to lose 10 pounds or more within a week i would do this, it cleanse you out, i put prune juice in a lot of my smoothies it adds sweetness(because i have a wicked sweet tooth)and it clears the toxins out of your body and of course its healthy. wish me luck, oh and stay close to the bathroom, really

  58. Jonathan

    Hi, I did the SlimFast Optima Diet just with the shakes for 7 days(1 Week) drinking 4 cans a day, I did it 5 days by it self, but the 6 day i was feeling so week and i had some dinner (half roistered chiken w some green platain) instead of the 4th can and the 7 day I got dinner too (rice,beans and some roast pork) I lost like 7 1/2 pounds until the morning of the 7 day. But After only 3 days i have the same weight that I used to have before i start the diet.
    (Is imposible to gain almost 8 pounds in three days, i dont know what’s going on?)
    Any Help?

  59. Chip

    may wanna take vitamins before using this diet to get the fiber and protein the human body needs

  60. Lizzy

    I am thinking of starting this liquid diet this week. I don’t know what I should do or how to even start. I want to loss 80lbs.

  61. PAUL

    I went from 225 to 178 in 6 weeks juice fasting (and slim fast) mon thru fri. By saturdays my stomach shrunk so much I couldn’t pig-out like I was use to.

  62. william

    Greetings Lance –

    I like you honestly and style. you give credit where it’s due..sharing your lifestyle, including you personal fatih in God, brings you results.. that’s the end product that you were seeking, besides giving Him the glory too ..thanks for sharing your personal experience with your own weight loss program .. regards, william

  63. ping

    im a diabetic what is the best for me for diat?

  64. malik

    Friut juice fasts at 2, 3 and 4 day time frames per week.
    1 ounce of room temp spring water for every pound you weigh every day.
    Fruits with seeds, green leafy veggies.
    NO meat excepting seafood (twice weekly)
    No eating at all between 7pm and 4am.
    Fruits only between 4am and 12pm.
    One hour of cardio work out (non sweating) three times per week.
    No refined starches or sugars.
    No processed foods. Only go to the supermarket for produce and water.
    Works for me….Dropped from 328 to 260 in 6 months and have sustained for 2 years.
    Goal is 250 for now (My height is 6’4″).
    Most importantly, I eat what I know is good for me, and not because a clown (Ronald MCD) says it is good.

  65. Babs

    caution, caution. I’m no doctor, but yikes!! First off, run from the slimfast. There is SO much sugar in their plan that you’re kidding yourself if you think this will work. Bodies need a solid ratio of fat/carbs/protein in order to function well. I’ve read water fasts can be very beneficial for you, HOWEVER, you have to seriously limit your calorie burn. Your not consuming any calories and thus expending extra energy will cause you to fatigue, get headaches and or pass out. Read the article by Dr.Benkim at regarding fasting. It’s an eyeopener. I myself am researching to find a beneficial detox. There are so many ads out there it’s hard to sift thru all the scams to find a really beneficial program. Buyer beware, if it sounds too good to be true, it is! The best things I’ve found so far for losing the weight…cut out the refined sugars, caffine, fast food, and alcohol. Walk on treadmill at 2 to 2.5 mph at a 7 to 9% incline for an hour and or 30 min of aerobics. The weight will not “Fall” off, but the steady loss of pounds will be long term. Plus, you’ll reap the benefits of better sleep & more energy. However, due to the major changes in your eating, your brain will go thru withdrawls of the sugar aspect. Sometimes making you cranky and hard to be around. Push thru it, tell your loved ones why your cranky and get their help to HELP you thru it. Losing weight is tough…Love yourself and you can do anything!! Good luck.

  66. sophia

    can pls some one send me the diet plan becouse i have no idea please hepl i need to loose weight so bad becouse i suffer from very bad back thank you

  67. Jen

    I’ve been doing the juice fast for 7 days. Having a really hard time because I am 30 lbs over weight and cannot loose the weight. I thought the weight was supposed to fly off doing this. It took until day 4 until I lost anything and in total I only lost like 3 lbs, and now today I weigh my self I gained 2 lbs back. How can this be when I feel like I’m starving myself !!!!! I usually kickbox 6 days a week, I went once and was to fatigued to work out. I do not feel bounds of energy like people say. I have to say I picked a bad week to do this I also have my period. Which I know it could be water weight, but this is rediculous when I was eating salty doritos when I had my period then you can say oh yeah your retaining water, this is the proof that you blow up like a baloon no mater what you eat when you have your thing. I have yo yo dieted for the last year and 1/2 and never really stick with something long enough for it to work. So this was very hard to go a week without eating, I’m surprised I lasted this long. But I’m confused I dont know what to do, go back on weight watchers or continue to fast and see if it takes 3 weeks to kick in. I have been drinking ice water with fresh lemon. Bought a juicer, fresh apple/carrot juice with a teaspoon of mixed green powder, veggi broth for lunch and a few more glasses of juice. Any advice for me???? Help please?? I want to loose this weight so bad, but I have been miserable not eating, and to not eat and now its not working for me.

  68. vanessa

    how is the fast going? Next week I am doing a liquid fast as well and wondering if you ever tried slimfast? I’m not sure what liquids to do, any advice? And how long can I stay on it, i have 80 pounds i’d like to lose.

  69. Ariel

    I want to know what are the ingrdients to the different liquids and where do I get them?

  70. Angela Dunn

    I would like to learn more. thank you.

  71. mandy

    I’m going to try this diet. I am 5’4 and 161 lbs.yeah a little overweight. I hope it works! You will hear back from me in a week!

  72. Lance

    I completed a 7 day liquid only fast for religious purposes. At the end of the fast, I felt extremely good. I dropped 13lbs, which wasn’t the purpose, but was a great side benefit. I was very hungry during the first 3 days, but each time that I was attacked by hunger, I used that time to focus on praying and glorifying God. After the 3rd day, my severe hunger pains left with my stomach shrinking. I tried to reintroduce solid foods, but just didn’t like the way it made me feel. My job is supervisory in nature, therefore, I get zero exercise at work. I have come to realize that I just don’t require very much solid food to sustain life. I’m approaching this with an attitude of “eat to live”, not “live to eat”. I’m currently doing situps and pushups at work. I’m doing 5 sets of 40 pushups alternating between wide grip, normal grip and close grip. Each week I plan on adding another 10 to the reps. I started with 10 per set, now I’m up to 40 per set. It seems to be working out well for me.

    Here’s what I’m drinking:

    In the morning, I wake up and mix 8oz cold water with psyllium seed husk powder for fiber and the feeling of being full. You have to drink this stuff within about 30 seconds of mixing it, because it starts to gel VERY quickly. I chase this with pure fruit juice and water mixed with Acai berry mix.

    Mid morning, I drink a teaspoon of raw Apple Cider Vinegar w/the Mother with 8 ounces of water. It’s supposed to be healthy, plus it makes me NOT want to eat anything because the taste is strong and it kills the urge to taste anything else. lol. Works for me.

    For lunch, I’ll drink clear chicken broth with water.

    Late afternoon, a cup of hot lemon tea mixed with Honey for energy. I chase it with a minimum of 8oz of water for the filling effect.

    For dinner I’ll have more 100% juice and water. I’m sure to go to bed before or no later than 10pm. If I’m up much past 10pm, I usually have another bout of hunger pains.

    Anyway, this has worked very well for me and I’m close to 20lbs of weight loss in about 2 weeks. I started off at 5’8″ and 197lbs. I’m down to about 178lbs now and feeling great. I do think that it’s time to start adding some protein back into my diet because I seem to be leveling off with how much fat I can burn with this current diet.

    Thoughts and suggestions are welcome! Please don’t attack my preference by attacking my God though. That has nothing to do with my choosing to diet and would only be received as a personal attack.

    Good luck with your own endeavors!!


  73. HAII

    yea I’ve done a fast before and had great results……I’m starting again tomorrow and am hoping to go from 140 to 115 in 30 days……I’m really excited………I will be exercising a lot but I’ll post back in 5 days and let u know how it’s going!!!

  74. michelle

    you should only do it for 3-7 day’s as a detox the gradually start re-introducing whole fruit’s and vegetables along with the juice for about a week then start eating a bit of protein (tuna,fish,lean meat,chicken ect.) a few times a week in small portion’s.

  75. samantha

    how long owuld you do this diet?

  76. rach

    do the liquid diets really work n how long is it safe 2 stay on them

  77. Jessica

    check out “the 3-day energy fast” by Pamela Serure

  78. Anonymous

    check out “the 3-day energy fast” by Pamela Serure

  79. Matt

    I’ve been on a liquid diet for about three days and I’ve lost a decent amount of fat. I’ve been working out a lot, being sure to drink plenty of protein and supplemented my liquid consumption with a bit of celery (which contains mostly water, but a LOT of fiber).

    I’m going to try and keep it up until the end of the week to see how it turns out, but it seems like it works pretty well if supplemented by enough protein and plenty of working out. I did about 300 push-ups the other day and rode a bike for ten miles last night. 🙂

  80. Ely Evans

    Brendon Mccarthy seven day jump start juicer weight loss programme any good or just the same as above comments?

  81. meggie

    as an eating disorder sufferer,
    liquid fasting (be it juice, diet sodas, water, or even milk)
    worked great.

  82. Adriana

    This might work, but what is the point of only loosing fluid weight if for us women we gain it back each month. Plus it does not sound fulfilling. I am pretty sure that you will be hungry during the day.

  83. kiesha

    i just finished a water fast,
    i killed my system , yeah i lost alot of weight
    but i can barly walk to the bathroom wihtout passing out

  84. kate

    where’s the protien and iron?

  85. maggie

    so what do you do then ? …… HELP…!

  86. ivana


  87. nicole

    what are the ingredients?