Acne Diet

An Acne Diet has shown to be effective among some people struggling with mild to moderate acne.

Acne (pimples) has some relationship with nutrition, however there is little credible research providing links between certain food groups and acne.

As an acne sufferer it is a process of trial and error. However there are some dietary guidelines that may be useful.

Foods That May Cause Acne

acne-dietAs part of an acne diet, these foods should be avoided.

  • Foods with saturated fats and trans fats can contribute to oily skin. Saturated fats are found in most animal products – such as meats, dairy, and poultry. However the body does still require other essential fatty acids – such as from fish,Β  flaxseed or hempseed oil.
  • Some believe that a high calorie intake (i.e. eating too much) can lead to increased hormone levels, and subsequently more ‘break-outs’ – but this is unproven.
  • Refined sugars and carbs. It is believed that high sugary diets helps to feed the bacteria that cause acne. Many who have “cleaned” up their diet have seen improvement.
  • Soft Drinks. Cutting out soft drinks as part of an acne diet has also been linked with improved skin as long as the soft drinks are replaced with plain water.
  • Processed foods. These foods are laden with refined carbs, sugars, salt, and preservatives, which affects the health of many organs including the skin.
  • High levels of iodine in the diet does impact some acne sufferers – by causing new outbreaks of acne lesions. Note that very salty (iodized salt) foods such as chips etc, contain high levels of iodine and should be avoided.

What About Chocolate?

Many believe there is a direct relationship between eating chocolate and increased acne.

However this is unproven – although chocolate can have a high proportion of saturated fats. When eating chocolate choose the variety with the highest percentage of cacao you can tolerate (i.e. 70-90% dark chocolate). This will also have a lower percentage of added sugar.

Acne Treatment Methods

Besides an acne diet, there are some treatments that have been shown to be effective.

  1. Anti-Sebum Cream w/ Green Tea – reduces oil, clears pores and kills bacteria associated with acne.
  2. Proactive – A topical treatment system developed by dermatologists.
  3. Some people have found that Vitamin A and Zinc have helped with acne.
  4. In addition Green Tea could also be incorporated into the acne diet (as it leads to a decrease in androgen production).

Foods ThatΒ Help Treat Acne

Adversely, an acne diet that includes the following foods may help to heal acne.

  • A higher protein intake may assist in acne control.
    This may be to do with the decreased production of a certain enzyme that can cause more oil production, and increased clogging of pores. A diet with 60-70% carbohydrates may be too high in carbs. Diets like The Paleo Diet may help.
  • Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit.
    These foods are full of vitamins and minerals and nourish your skin properly.
  • Drink plenty of water.
    Water helps to flush away toxins and hydrate the skin. Aim for at least 8 glasses a day.

See the Acne No More diet


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 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
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  1. David

    I just did the master cleanse for 10 days. It wasn’t until a few days afterwards that my skin got gradually clearer. I took it for granted and slowly went back to coffee and protein bars. I work out so I try to get my protein in. I’ve noticed protein powders and bars make my skin worse. I’m planning to go on a strict diet of only vegetables and start slowly adding other healthy choices to determine what is really causing my breakouts. I’m almost tempted to go on another cleanse but that would not be a sustainable cure for my acne. For those out there debating a cleanse for clear skin I definitely recommend it, the master clense did it for me. The tricky part is not to go back to all the crappy food once you get off fast. I actually noticed scars I had for years start to fade away. Good luck all. I’m starting to be a strong believer that adjusting our diet is our best defense against acne. I’ll try to post an update in a few weeks.

  2. Ebby Le

    Hii Guys,

    Usual 20yr old whom ONCE suffered from severe BAd acne!!

    Well once upon a time I suffered severe acne but these days my skin is great with only very few occasional breakouts.
    I do have old scars and large pores but besides that im happy compared to how i use to feel πŸ™‚

    A few tips to aid acne which have helped me would be ..

    #1 Honey, apple cidar vinegar and Sugar scrub πŸ™‚
    This is great for shedding dead skin cells and aids in healing the skin.

    #2 Bi-carb soda is GREAT!! After i use make up I remove it then apply bi-carb soda to make sure my skin is stripped of any make up remaining. It does dry the skin but its not to be used to often so shouldnt matter so much.

    #3 GREEN TEA !!! the ultimate !!! Alot of people worry as it contains caffeine but its caffeine containment is very LOW.
    I drink 8 cups a day and my skin is amazing.
    Its a natural and also is good for detoxing your insides.

    And alot of people dont think drinking lots of water helps but it does! For extra benefit add lime or lemon πŸ™‚

    Hope this helps guys πŸ˜€

  3. cinnamon

    I have been an acne sufferer for almost 20 years. Last year it got so bad that I had to do research about my condition. I have tried all sorts of medicine but I was scared to go on accutane. So I tried changing my diet. First I consumed mostly raw foods like salads with olive oil based dressings, fruits and fresh fruit juices (buy a juicer!) and nuts (except peanuts). It took about 2 weeks to notice that my skin was clearing up. Next I slowly introduced cooked vegetables and fish. I also made my own rice milk or if I can’t, I use coconut milk which is tastier. I can also eat sweet potatoes and other carbo like bread or noodles but in moderation. By doing this you can find out about your allergies. I noticed that dairy and egg would make me break out so I stay away from these. I also stay away from sugar, pork and beef. Drink a lot of tea. Chamomile and ginger tea are great. Take them after dinner. Never forget to eat raw foods every day. I always start my day with fresh fruit juice. Now, my skin is so much clearer. Do not believe dermatologists who tell you that diet has nothing to do with acne!!!

  4. from Dinah

    Matu, you may try this diet plan for acne.

    God bless!

  5. Laura

    I have also noticed that consuming lots of carbs (even whole wheat noodles) breaks my skin out. Also sugar. I am interested in trying green tea although I am very sensitive to caffeine. I suppose I could get decaf but I read on line somewhere that it doesn’t work as well as the regular kind with caffeine. I also was told by my herbalist/iridologist to avoid anything that has gone through the decaf process. I have had acne for twenty years and have tried everything including accutane. My derm gave up. I was always told it had nothing to do with my diet. My herbalist says it is a combination of my diet, constipation, yeast overgrowth (candida), and hormones. I was told to follow a low gi diet. I’m also thinking about giving up dairy and wheat. And peanut butter which slows digestion that I have eaten on an almost daily basis for decades.

  6. K

    Hi guys, this comment page has been a great help to me and reassured me that I’m not the only one going through having terrible skin!! I’ve suffered bad skin since I was about 13 and I’m not 18. I’ve realised that my problem is almost certainly internal, therefore am going to change my diet and work with the advice you’ve all given!

    Will be sure to change my diet and see how I get on.
    Thanks for all the help & advice – will let you know how I get on!

  7. SME

    Okay my acne didn’t start until I was about 20….and I’ve struggled with it for about 4 years…tried it all proactive, dermatologists, every over-the-counter acne med u could think of…bottom line: NOTHING WORKS BUT CHANGING YOUR DIET!….caffeine (I use to work night shifts so I was like O-Ding on the stuff!) and dairy break me out the worse! I cut the caffeine (coffee, energy drinks) and dairy completely out of my diet and POOF! Acne almost completely gone! :)….I still get the occasional pimple here and there which I think mainly comes from PMS @ this point….but when I completely cut out sweets (donuts, cookies) and fast food is when my skin looks the best and I actually get compliments! It’s crazy!….I changed my diet to lose weight and I lose weight AND my acne! :-)…I eat fruit, veggies, tuna and almonds thats about it! :)…and I’m never hungry! You’d be surprised as to how little you can eat and still be satisfied!….lastly I know it’s REALLY bad but tanning REALLY clears my skin as well!!!! GOOD LUCK EVERY1 P.S. acne prone skin is usually oily skin and ppl w/ oily skin age better!!! haha…b/c the oil keeps our skin hydrated and in turn we keep youthful looking skin longer! so there IS a bright side!!! Google it if you don’t believe me! πŸ™‚

  8. Lisa

    To answer Sash March 16th blog, I bought a Aloe Vera plant. It must say Aloe Vera on the label. There are all kinds of aloe plants out there. It is helping my son’s acne. He has a very bad case of it. Cut a stem off and then cut a small piece from it and slice it open and take the meat out of the plant and apply it to all areas. First I have my son use a very hot wash cloth to open the pores, then we apply the aloe. It is helping alot. I also have started giving him aloe capsules to help detoxify his body. You can get them through I’ve used it for 9 years now for another reason. It’s expensive, but it works. We’ve also started doing the clear liquid, alternating between water and lemon water for a day and then going to fruit the second day including water before each fruit. Good luck

  9. Tom

    I had acne for 10[yrs] due to bad genes(30%), bad diet(60%), & bad personal habits(10%). Experimentally determined foods/liquids to avoid in order of importance: any fast food, all dairy, soda, coffee, almost all tropical fruits(avocado, banana, pineapple, mango), wheat(bread, noodles), oils(vegetable, canola, olive),olives, oatmeal, alcohol, corn, rice, green tea, garlic, potatos. Foods to eat in order of importance: cucmber, celery, red leaf lettuce, beans(lima, kidney, black), soy milk, tomatoes, 3 herbal teas per day(chamomile, white, rooibos, not green), seeds(pumpkin), onion, grapefruit, apple, grapes, eggs, fish, chicken, quinoa. It seems like there is not a lot of variety of foods to eat! True, but once your skin has started to recover an occasional splurge will not hurt you. The key is to avoid dairy and gluten (eat mostly alkaline and low glycemic index level foods in you can), eat all of the right types of vegetables and fruits that you want, and use some other hygienic and personal practices to diminish the environment in which acne flourishes. Luck!

  10. Kim

    you are what you eat; let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food; everything in moderation. eating fruits, vegetables, lean meats, whole grains is a good thing. the main focus for acne is fats. eat good fats like nuts, avocado, olives, olive oil, pumpkin seeds, eggs. i drink a lot of soymilk (chocolate silk). make sure to keep saturated fats like dairy products, fatty meats, junk food low (less than 20 grams a day). you have to consume more good fats than bad. be prepared for the detox period though; my skin got a lot worse for a while. the damage that has already been done has to be undone and this takes time. if you need more help, you can e-mail me at kimu216@yahoo.

  11. Taylor

    This doesn’t help me so much. Could you maybe mention some foods that we can try eating to reduce acne? Such as meats, fruits, veggies, etc. Whatever foods that are good for the skin and body…. Thanks!

  12. carmen

    I have had an acne problem for 12 years already and feel like ive tried everything. Different products, chemical peels and even dermatologists medication. It all seems in vain though. Would really appreciate any advice that could possibly be the end to this problem. Thanks

  13. Kim

    The most important thing to concentrate on with your diet is saturated fat (also the trans fats–hydrogenated oils). YOU MUST keep your saturated fats low. You must also make sure that you keep your good unsaturated fats high or higher than the saturated fats you consume. For example, if you consume 65 grams of fat: 45 poly and mono unsaturated/20 saturated. Good fat and bad fat compete. If your body does not have adequate amounts of good fat, it will use the bad saturated fat to produce oil. This fat is sticky and clogs your pores just as it does arteries. When unsaturated fats are available, your body will first use these. These fats are actually calming to the skin and fluid. They do not clog pores because they remain fluid. Yes, I’d recommend eating as healthy as possible but this is where your concentration needs to be. Other factors can contribute to acne, but if you keep the fat levels consistently healthy…there will be no acne to contribute to. The other factors are all secondary to fats. The bad news is it will get worse before it gets better. Acne doesn’t happen overnight although it feels like it does. It took my skin about 16 weeks to completely clear; however, I had acne for probably 20 years. It may take people more or less time depending on the severity and length of time he/she has had acne. The good news is…it’s permanent as long as you continue to watch your fats. Your skin will change DRASTICALLY over time. I had extremely bad skin to now having awesome skin. I actually get compliments all the time. It’s pretty ironic. Most important thing…hang in there while you’re going through the process. Your skin has to detox. It’s worth it in the end. I can help you with any diet information you might need regarding good and bad fats. It works!!!

  14. Getsu

    These links really helped me out a lot πŸ™‚–d_n073pc

    in combination with a healthy diet, these methods can do wonders! helped me out a lot. research a bit more about apple cider vinegar if you’re interested.

  15. Sash

    OK, so ive pretty much understood all the foods i mustnt eat but without sounding silly….what can I eat? Im almost underweight anyway so dont want to stick to a fruit/veg/water diet that will make me unhealthily underweight. Ive already cut out meat, dairy, sugar, processed foods and Some people are saying no bread, potatoes, rice, pasta….Any meal ideas i could stick to? one other thing, anyone know a food that can assist the skin to heal? my spots seem to take weeks to come up and then to go away…and then scar!! thanks

  16. Jonathan

    My acne has been a constant mid-tolow-level thing for 20 years, since I was a teen, recently I saw a dermatologist here in the UK who told me to avoid nuts, cheese, chocolate, and high-sugar soda. For good measure I also chucked out oily foods, donuts, cookies, anything with significant amounts of wheat. And lo and behold, on my follow-up appointments, their department is furious with me because my face is clear! They think I’m a complete timewaster! Of course that upsets me but I should look at it as a bit of a joy too – the change that this diet shift has wrought.

    I read the above comments, and would take issue with Diane who wrote that “low fat cheese, … nuts” should be UPPED – I would avoid those.

  17. REX

    At the onset of puberty the body changes the way it handles secretions and excretions. Nutrients are extracted from the diet to produce semen for males and nutrients are extracted from the diets of females to produce eggs. With certain people when this shift occurs certain toxins that would normally be excreted begin to be secreted through the skin, usually on the face and back. Because of the time in which it occurs this is commonly mistaken as acne. It is not.

    It is an allergic reaction to your diet.
    If you have oily skin you most likely are a sufferer, if you love fast food you most likely are a sufferer, if you love dairy products, and if you love spicy foods you most likely are a sufferer.

    For more than ten years I have had no less than four breakouts a week and countless scars on my face. It wasn’t until last year staring at the mirror wanting them to just go away that I remembered something my dermatologist had said. “Getting rid of one pimple is like mopping up the floor with the water still on”. With that I began to catalog my meals and breakouts within 2 weeks a pattern emerged.

    Anything: Oily, Cheesey, Spicy, or containing high amounts wheat (for some reason noodles are okay). would break me out in no less than 8 hrs!

    After a week or so of maintaining a diet without any of those things i noticed that when ever i relapsed on it (midnight drive-thru snack)I would break out in 4hrs! As soon as my body digested it, it was trying to get rid of it!

    Ive maintained this diet thoroughly for over 4 months now and I havent had skin this clear since my 13th birthday! I can go a day or two without even washing my face (although i seldom do, paranoid)and not have so much as a white head.

    So if youve tried all the pills the latest proactive been to the dermatologist and haven’t gotten any relief, try making a change in your diet for just a WEEK. Youve got nothing to lose but your acne.

  18. slimjim

    has anyone had experience with trying to cut out caffeine in their diet to prevent acne. I did a quick google search on it and there seems to be some discussion of it going on.

  19. Marcus

    hay as apposed to just altering your diet, another really good way to get rid of acne is COLOIDIAL SILVER. iv been rubbing coloidial silver cream on my acne and its clearing up. i think it comes in pill form also

  20. ted

    Jon, all comments are moderated and we don’t work on the weekends, sorry your comments weren’t deleted but held until; we look over them. Thanks for commenting!

  21. Wow, no kidding!

    I have been battling with zits, acne, pimples – whatever you want to call them since I was 12! I am now 28. They are gone! I had a baby a year and a half ago and hadn’t been able to lose the last 15 lbs so I went on the Atkins diet (simply low carb – NO SUGARS or STARCHES). And after only 2 weeks, it’s gone! My face has cleared up, my back, my chest. They are all healing, and not coming back – in fact, it almost seems as though I can’t make them come back.
    I have tried Accutane, prescription antibiotics, every ASA treatments by every brand, peroxide and alcohol cleansers, spot remedies, ProActiv. Changing my pillow cases daily, stopping using fabric softer, taking extra vitamins, grapeseed extract…. I’ve tried everything!!!! NOTHING has EVER worked (except for the Accutane, but that’s practically deadly and only effective while you take it).
    I always thought I’ve had a relatively healthy diet, I’m 5’6″ and always maintained 125lbs.
    But I guess not healthy enough! I don’t eat breads, cereals, pastas or rices anymore. And I DO NOT ingest ANY TYPE OF SUGAR including corn syrups and fruit syrups. I substitute with Splenda if need be.
    And it’s ALLLLLLLLL good when your skin looks great, you’ve lost excess pounds, and have an abundance energy.

  22. theresa

    I to was on a diet to lose lbs and had ate salad for lunch for about a month and my skin cleared up

  23. Diane

    I am reading now and see others have posted too about cutting out refined sugars and upping veggie and lean meat, fish, water… I wanted to also state that I have gone through *all* of the OTC acne products, and have seen a handull of derms throughout my years. I use Benzaclin during the day and Tazorac at night topically. But this is not enough. I will always have breakouts if I don’t eat right. I would not be surprised if there is more evidence out there already that supports my ” Gut instinct” theory here… but there would be alot of $$$ lost in the Acne business ( like the Diet business.. altho I fell prey to SBeach… ). Acne comes from within us. On the skin’s surface, our inability to shed skin and excessive oil production comes from within. Topical stuff is just not the answer, it’s a bandaid on top of a gaping wound. Cut out the bread, alcohol, potatoes, white rice, SUGAR.. etc. Don’t falter, you may feel a kind of withdraw ( yes, I am serious, not being dramatic) for a day- maybe two. Your body is really used to this junk. After this hump, it’s truly smooth sailing. Just make the commitment to yourself- to your health, your skin’s health, and your emotional health. =D Good luck, I hope this advise helps at least one other person ***AND PLEASE, I AM NOT A HEALTHCARE PRO, THEY SAY YOU SHOULD CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE MAKING CHANGES… ***

  24. Diane

    I am 27 , have suffered from moderate acne (jawline, lower face) since *cringe* 13 years old. My advice: really and truly, diet does effect skin. There will be evidence of this in the future. I was on the South Beach Diet for a few months, and among losing weight ( and honestly, not being hungry and having more energy), my skin started to clear up!!! I was not as oily, flaky, etc. Breakouts really significantly. I’ve become so used to covering it up, and trying not to dwell on my cursed face, that I am slow to correlate two things together. But it was the only change that I made. Acne has to be linked with how individuals process sugars (refined), carbs, and proteins. Diabetes runs in my family, and I think I just have a gene somewhere in me that makes me unable to process certain foods, and I really believe that many others like me suffer from the same thing. I really suggest to anyone who suffers from acne to adopt some principals from SB, I’m not advocating for this diet, but merely for some of the honest-to-goodness parts of it- cut out refined, unnatural sugars, cut out refined carbs (white bread, white rice, potatoes, etc), up your intake of water, low fat meat, veggies, low fat cheese, water, nuts, fish… I swear, give it a week or 2 and I bet you’ll notice a difference. Good luck to you (us) all!!

  25. acne sufferer

    God! it all sounds so difficult with no sure fire way of eliminating it. Only clear way is to go on some stone age diet. With all the advances in medicine and technology you would think that they’d have a clear answer for what causes acne but all I get from googling is a load of old wives tales. I mean its just acne is it really that complicated? Maybe if the truth was known a lot of companies would lose a lot of money. I still live at home like a lot of acne sufferers and so choosing my own diet or buying my own food all the time is not an option. All I now is acne is definitely a recent phenomenon and a western world one. Looking at parents class photos from 60’s Ireland nobody had acne and if you look at isolated tribes in south america nobody has acne. Hopefully one day we’ll have the answer.

  26. guri

    acne on my fore head and cheeks

  27. anny

    I’m 27, I don’t want to “control”, “reduce” or “help” my acne – I want to ELIMINATE it. I don’t want to have to deal with this anymore.

    Even the guy eating bowls of broccoli and drinking 20 glasses of water still had acne.

    So if I change everything about my life and torture myself with vegetables, my problem will still be a problem? That’s not good enough for me. No way.

  28. s

    Ive had mild acne for a few years but im very light skinned so i would scarr easily.. right now i use murad and its working i stopes your breakouts but it does not fade your scarrs unless you buy a separate step..but you can get a chemical peel monthly to fade your scarrs and the main thing is workout alot of cardio and sweat out your impuries take a hooot bath so your skin can soak up the steam and open your pores….girls can drink herbalife or a balanced diet….exercise cardio…murad…chemical peels and even birth control to balance your hormones….as for me im just trying to get rid of some scarring

  29. Gfunk

    Follow Last Girls advice. I followed a very strict regiment a yr ago. Consisting of alot of Vegies, fresh salad, bright fruits, alot of H20, Salmon, Flaxseed. I did it for about 2 mnts and noticed tremendous change in not just break outs but also skin tone, alot of ppl. asked my why and how my skin glowed. There’s a book on diets and the author gaurantees if you follow his diet for 28 days your acne would be a thing of the past. Now the above mentioned foods is only a part of his regiment. Not sure what book it was but i’m pretty sure there’s alot of books on similar topics just chose 1. The only reason i stopped was i just didn’t have enuff time to prepare meals everyday, or may be i was just being lazy and couldn’t stay away from normal home cooked and junk foods. Contrary to experts beliefs nutrition does effect you skin and chemical products are usually just temporary. Its all about balance some ppl. are sensitive to Dairy, some are allergic to nuts, and if u’re acne prone, there’s alot of foods to stay away from, esp grease, chilli peppers, fried foods… list goes on.
    Good luck and things will change if you want it to, nothing comes easy so alot of effort and you’ll be anew.

  30. Johhny

    I used to have real oily skin it was terrible and lots of pimples but now i drink about 10 big glasses of water a day and the oily skin goes away : ) it also makes my pimples show alot less. I’ve been using clearasil but that only works when you have controlled acne not severe. I’ve been eating alot of fruits and veggies and my skin is getting much better even my back. My back for the past 5 years has looked terrible haven’t taken my shirt off at the beach in forever but i’m almost to the point where its all gone!

  31. hector

    so far so good you must give it a try it help’s a lot
    i have bad acne one time now it all gone thanks a lot for
    the help

  32. Anonymous

    OMG! Thanks so much for all this helpful advice. For three years I’ve had the most horrible acme you could ever imagine. And all that people ever told me to feel better was that it would go away over time and it sort of has but not much. Thanks for all this info. I will definately try it.

  33. LastGirl

    I was where beenthere has been since I was 11. My breakouts were so bad at one point that my face looked crusted. I got made fun of for having “mold” on my face. I almost failed grade 10 because I would stay home in tears over my skin. I turned 25 3 months ago and decided to make a change in my life that I knew would be the hardest lifestyle commitment of my life. I changed my diet. And it’s working. Now, I’ve been on proactive for a few years which only sort of helps, I just like that it’s a good exfoliater without drying my skin (it’s sensitive too). I still got acne all the time tho. Anyway, these are the following changes that I made to my diet and life.
    -A minimum of 10 8oz glasses of water a day
    -Include a multivitamin with the largest meal
    -Tons of green,red, orange and yellow veggies (Lettuce, broccoli, spinach, carrots, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers etc…) RAID your grocery stores produce aisle. (Organic is better because there’s no harsh chemicals or hormones)
    -Tons of fruit – the more color the better. Berries, citrus, tropical fruits (Again, organic is better because there’s no harsh chemicals or hormones)
    -Eat lean meat that are grain fed & organic. Make sure they don’t use hormones in the meat you eat.
    -If you can stomach fish, eat fish. I can’t so I purchased a 3-6-9 omega supplement. It makes your skin have a nice glow.
    -STOP consuming dairy, alcohol, and refined sugars/starches
    -If you can, don’t smoke
    -Always put on sunscreen. The sun can exacerbate acne problems and make old scars look more red
    -Exfoliate daily (I use proactive, it’s gentle on my skin but still works great as a cleansing system) I heard Murad was good too tho.
    I just purchased “Chocolate Soft Chews” by Healthy Skin and “Perfect Skin” vitamins. I will post back to let you know how they work.
    My skin looks amazing now, scars are almost all gone. Good luck to everyone. Acne can be so painful.

  34. Steve

    For those interested search for Dr. Cordain’s book – The dietary cure for acne. He is the Paleo diet scientist. Based on sound science, evolution and pre western diet societies where acne is unheard of.

  35. so over it

    I’ve had acne since i was in the 7th grade and i’m now 22. I have the worst breakouts and sometimes it actually hurts to make facial expressions due to soreness and severity of the pimples. I’ve tried every acne “Solution” out there and nothing has worked. So i’m going to try “Been There”‘s advice and see if it works. the way i look at it is i’ve tried everything else why not. I’ll keep ya posted on how it goes!

  36. j

    A good alternative to harsh chemicals, prescription or OTC, is tea tree oil. I use a natural facial wash with tea tree oil in it. It works great!

  37. ammy

    i can’t even remember what it felt like to have clear skin. The first time i broke out with acne was when i turned 13. My face looked horrible, my cheeks where totally covered with pimples. i went to a dermatologist and she perscribed me with oxytetracyline and each week my acne became less severe. by the end of the month my face was totally clear and scar-free. As i grew older i would get break outs but not as severe, again i would go to a dermatologist and they would give me drugs but the effects would only last a week and my acne would return. so this basically happened each year i would be clear for most of the year and then for a few months i would break out. It bothered me but i didnt feel like it was holding me back. im now 17 and about a year and half ago i started getting moderate/severe acne again and it just won’t go away. i’ve tried almost EVERYTHING! alot of anitbacterial drugs, benzoyl ( it totally made me break out more), natural remedies (lemon, vinegar, potatoes and yoghurt). Nothing works. i’ve changed my diet, i eat healthy, work out everyday and drink water. I didnt appreciate what if felt like to have clear skin before and i so regret it now. i think that medication should be the last resort, stuffing chemicals into your body just isnt natural and the results never last long. acne has totally lowered my self-esteem, i feel moody all the time and i never want to go out unless i hide behind a face of makeup because i feel so ugly. no one understands, none of my siblings or parents have had acne only mild cases. They always tell me you’ll grow out of it but i dont think i will, im 17 and a half..i dont want to spend my last teenage years fretting over stupid pimples and scars. im not the person i see in the mirror and i dont know how to change it. You can only be patient for so long.

  38. BeenThere

    Ok, when I was 12 to 13 I began getting acne; it runs in my family. By high school it got really bad. I became severely depressed because of it, and didn’t want to leave the house. I went to the dermatologist, who prescribed antibiotics like tetracycline, doxycycline, erythromycin, and as a last resort Accutane. I used all types of cleansers, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, proactive, zinc ointment-and nothing really helped. I had the worst kind of acne-cystic acne, which has left me with some scarring today.

    When I turned about 18, after years of frustration, I decided to do something that I had long suspected was responsible, but did not have to the will power to control, and that was my diet. Believe it or not, I cut out all poultry (cause I had heard that the hormones they inject in the animals can effect your skin) no dairy, and drank lots of water, and ate lots of green vegetables. I went to the extreme, and think some people might have a hard time replicating what I did, but to that person out there who feels that there is no hope, this is for you. I ate very large amounts of broccoli, I mean like 3 to 4 humongous bowls of broccoli, I ate a lots of colorful fruit: strawberries, blueberries, and kiwis, and I drank soooo much water–about 20 to 25 16oz glasses a day. And I forced myself to go out and get air, before I stood in the house mostly because I felt so depressed about my skin I would stay in and feel sorry for myself and afraid that people might be mean to me. But I forced myself out, I got out in the sun for a few minutes, breathed in the air, took time to focus on the beauty of nature and of life. I began to meditate at my local park and focused on heavy breathing and stopping the negative thoughts in my mind. I also began to exercise, lots of cardio, and weight lifting.

    And you know what? In a couple months my skin was calming down, it began to have a healthy shine, it glowed like it had never glowed before. It was so amazing, it gave my soul a peace that I never thought I was going to achieve. My pores were still big, and I had a few acne scars on my face, but my skin looked healthy, and I felt good, and I felt healthy, more importantly I really looked healthy.

    That was about 10 years ago and I still have problem skin today but it really doesn’t bug me now the way it used too. But it’s amazing if I ever feel that my problem skin is beginning to get out of hand, I always revert back to those habits and it never fails.

    -Drink lots, lots, and lots of water
    -Eat lots, lots, and lots of broccoli and green vegetables
    -Stay away from poultry and all dairy-Red meat is ok
    -Eat fruits
    -Try to find peace and calm within yourself through meditation
    -Get outside in the fresh air for a few hours every day, nature I truly believe has healing properties
    -Try to exercise, especially cardio it helps sweat out impurities, but lifting weights (for both men and women) is good too, it gives you a sense of empowerment
    -And lastly, I know that every person is unique and that this might not work for you, but I only share this because I had horrible skin and I allowed it to make me into a passive victim, these habits helped me feel empowered and in control and helped me enjoy life. While I was doing these things in the beginning it was tough and I would be tempted to eat junk food all the time (especially pizza) but I stuck with it and over time it became easy to keep away from crap (junk food). So I bid you the best of luck and believe that it can be done if you stay patient, positive, and committed!.

Last Reviewed: January 16, 2018