Acne Diet

An Acne Diet has shown to be effective among some people struggling with mild to moderate acne.

Acne (pimples) has some relationship with nutrition, however there is little credible research providing links between certain food groups and acne.

As an acne sufferer it is a process of trial and error. However there are some dietary guidelines that may be useful.

Foods That May Cause Acne

acne-dietAs part of an acne diet, these foods should be avoided.

  • Foods with saturated fats and trans fats can contribute to oily skin. Saturated fats are found in most animal products – such as meats, dairy, and poultry. However the body does still require other essential fatty acids – such as from fish,Β  flaxseed or hempseed oil.
  • Some believe that a high calorie intake (i.e. eating too much) can lead to increased hormone levels, and subsequently more ‘break-outs’ – but this is unproven.
  • Refined sugars and carbs. It is believed that high sugary diets helps to feed the bacteria that cause acne. Many who have “cleaned” up their diet have seen improvement.
  • Soft Drinks. Cutting out soft drinks as part of an acne diet has also been linked with improved skin as long as the soft drinks are replaced with plain water.
  • Processed foods. These foods are laden with refined carbs, sugars, salt, and preservatives, which affects the health of many organs including the skin.
  • High levels of iodine in the diet does impact some acne sufferers – by causing new outbreaks of acne lesions. Note that very salty (iodized salt) foods such as chips etc, contain high levels of iodine and should be avoided.

What About Chocolate?

Many believe there is a direct relationship between eating chocolate and increased acne.

However this is unproven – although chocolate can have a high proportion of saturated fats. When eating chocolate choose the variety with the highest percentage of cacao you can tolerate (i.e. 70-90% dark chocolate). This will also have a lower percentage of added sugar.

Acne Treatment Methods

Besides an acne diet, there are some treatments that have been shown to be effective.

  1. Anti-Sebum Cream w/ Green Tea – reduces oil, clears pores and kills bacteria associated with acne.
  2. Proactive – A topical treatment system developed by dermatologists.
  3. Some people have found that Vitamin A and Zinc have helped with acne.
  4. In addition Green Tea could also be incorporated into the acne diet (as it leads to a decrease in androgen production).

Foods ThatΒ Help Treat Acne

Adversely, an acne diet that includes the following foods may help to heal acne.

  • A higher protein intake may assist in acne control.
    This may be to do with the decreased production of a certain enzyme that can cause more oil production, and increased clogging of pores. A diet with 60-70% carbohydrates may be too high in carbs. Diets like The Paleo Diet may help.
  • Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit.
    These foods are full of vitamins and minerals and nourish your skin properly.
  • Drink plenty of water.
    Water helps to flush away toxins and hydrate the skin. Aim for at least 8 glasses a day.

See the Acne No More diet


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 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
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  1. David

    I just did the master cleanse for 10 days. It wasn’t until a few days afterwards that my skin got gradually clearer. I took it for granted and slowly went back to coffee and protein bars. I work out so I try to get my protein in. I’ve noticed protein powders and bars make my skin worse. I’m planning to go on a strict diet of only vegetables and start slowly adding other healthy choices to determine what is really causing my breakouts. I’m almost tempted to go on another cleanse but that would not be a sustainable cure for my acne. For those out there debating a cleanse for clear skin I definitely recommend it, the master clense did it for me. The tricky part is not to go back to all the crappy food once you get off fast. I actually noticed scars I had for years start to fade away. Good luck all. I’m starting to be a strong believer that adjusting our diet is our best defense against acne. I’ll try to post an update in a few weeks.

  2. Ebby Le

    Hii Guys,

    Usual 20yr old whom ONCE suffered from severe BAd acne!!

    Well once upon a time I suffered severe acne but these days my skin is great with only very few occasional breakouts.
    I do have old scars and large pores but besides that im happy compared to how i use to feel πŸ™‚

    A few tips to aid acne which have helped me would be ..

    #1 Honey, apple cidar vinegar and Sugar scrub πŸ™‚
    This is great for shedding dead skin cells and aids in healing the skin.

    #2 Bi-carb soda is GREAT!! After i use make up I remove it then apply bi-carb soda to make sure my skin is stripped of any make up remaining. It does dry the skin but its not to be used to often so shouldnt matter so much.

    #3 GREEN TEA !!! the ultimate !!! Alot of people worry as it contains caffeine but its caffeine containment is very LOW.
    I drink 8 cups a day and my skin is amazing.
    Its a natural and also is good for detoxing your insides.

    And alot of people dont think drinking lots of water helps but it does! For extra benefit add lime or lemon πŸ™‚

    Hope this helps guys πŸ˜€

  3. cinnamon

    I have been an acne sufferer for almost 20 years. Last year it got so bad that I had to do research about my condition. I have tried all sorts of medicine but I was scared to go on accutane. So I tried changing my diet. First I consumed mostly raw foods like salads with olive oil based dressings, fruits and fresh fruit juices (buy a juicer!) and nuts (except peanuts). It took about 2 weeks to notice that my skin was clearing up. Next I slowly introduced cooked vegetables and fish. I also made my own rice milk or if I can’t, I use coconut milk which is tastier. I can also eat sweet potatoes and other carbo like bread or noodles but in moderation. By doing this you can find out about your allergies. I noticed that dairy and egg would make me break out so I stay away from these. I also stay away from sugar, pork and beef. Drink a lot of tea. Chamomile and ginger tea are great. Take them after dinner. Never forget to eat raw foods every day. I always start my day with fresh fruit juice. Now, my skin is so much clearer. Do not believe dermatologists who tell you that diet has nothing to do with acne!!!

  4. from Dinah

    Matu, you may try this diet plan for acne.

    God bless!

  5. Laura

    I have also noticed that consuming lots of carbs (even whole wheat noodles) breaks my skin out. Also sugar. I am interested in trying green tea although I am very sensitive to caffeine. I suppose I could get decaf but I read on line somewhere that it doesn’t work as well as the regular kind with caffeine. I also was told by my herbalist/iridologist to avoid anything that has gone through the decaf process. I have had acne for twenty years and have tried everything including accutane. My derm gave up. I was always told it had nothing to do with my diet. My herbalist says it is a combination of my diet, constipation, yeast overgrowth (candida), and hormones. I was told to follow a low gi diet. I’m also thinking about giving up dairy and wheat. And peanut butter which slows digestion that I have eaten on an almost daily basis for decades.

  6. K

    Hi guys, this comment page has been a great help to me and reassured me that I’m not the only one going through having terrible skin!! I’ve suffered bad skin since I was about 13 and I’m not 18. I’ve realised that my problem is almost certainly internal, therefore am going to change my diet and work with the advice you’ve all given!

    Will be sure to change my diet and see how I get on.
    Thanks for all the help & advice – will let you know how I get on!

  7. SME

    Okay my acne didn’t start until I was about 20….and I’ve struggled with it for about 4 years…tried it all proactive, dermatologists, every over-the-counter acne med u could think of…bottom line: NOTHING WORKS BUT CHANGING YOUR DIET!….caffeine (I use to work night shifts so I was like O-Ding on the stuff!) and dairy break me out the worse! I cut the caffeine (coffee, energy drinks) and dairy completely out of my diet and POOF! Acne almost completely gone! :)….I still get the occasional pimple here and there which I think mainly comes from PMS @ this point….but when I completely cut out sweets (donuts, cookies) and fast food is when my skin looks the best and I actually get compliments! It’s crazy!….I changed my diet to lose weight and I lose weight AND my acne! :-)…I eat fruit, veggies, tuna and almonds thats about it! :)…and I’m never hungry! You’d be surprised as to how little you can eat and still be satisfied!….lastly I know it’s REALLY bad but tanning REALLY clears my skin as well!!!! GOOD LUCK EVERY1 P.S. acne prone skin is usually oily skin and ppl w/ oily skin age better!!! haha…b/c the oil keeps our skin hydrated and in turn we keep youthful looking skin longer! so there IS a bright side!!! Google it if you don’t believe me! πŸ™‚

  8. Lisa

    To answer Sash March 16th blog, I bought a Aloe Vera plant. It must say Aloe Vera on the label. There are all kinds of aloe plants out there. It is helping my son’s acne. He has a very bad case of it. Cut a stem off and then cut a small piece from it and slice it open and take the meat out of the plant and apply it to all areas. First I have my son use a very hot wash cloth to open the pores, then we apply the aloe. It is helping alot. I also have started giving him aloe capsules to help detoxify his body. You can get them through I’ve used it for 9 years now for another reason. It’s expensive, but it works. We’ve also started doing the clear liquid, alternating between water and lemon water for a day and then going to fruit the second day including water before each fruit. Good luck

  9. Tom

    I had acne for 10[yrs] due to bad genes(30%), bad diet(60%), & bad personal habits(10%). Experimentally determined foods/liquids to avoid in order of importance: any fast food, all dairy, soda, coffee, almost all tropical fruits(avocado, banana, pineapple, mango), wheat(bread, noodles), oils(vegetable, canola, olive),olives, oatmeal, alcohol, corn, rice, green tea, garlic, potatos. Foods to eat in order of importance: cucmber, celery, red leaf lettuce, beans(lima, kidney, black), soy milk, tomatoes, 3 herbal teas per day(chamomile, white, rooibos, not green), seeds(pumpkin), onion, grapefruit, apple, grapes, eggs, fish, chicken, quinoa. It seems like there is not a lot of variety of foods to eat! True, but once your skin has started to recover an occasional splurge will not hurt you. The key is to avoid dairy and gluten (eat mostly alkaline and low glycemic index level foods in you can), eat all of the right types of vegetables and fruits that you want, and use some other hygienic and personal practices to diminish the environment in which acne flourishes. Luck!

  10. Kim

    you are what you eat; let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food; everything in moderation. eating fruits, vegetables, lean meats, whole grains is a good thing. the main focus for acne is fats. eat good fats like nuts, avocado, olives, olive oil, pumpkin seeds, eggs. i drink a lot of soymilk (chocolate silk). make sure to keep saturated fats like dairy products, fatty meats, junk food low (less than 20 grams a day). you have to consume more good fats than bad. be prepared for the detox period though; my skin got a lot worse for a while. the damage that has already been done has to be undone and this takes time. if you need more help, you can e-mail me at kimu216@yahoo.

  11. Taylor

    This doesn’t help me so much. Could you maybe mention some foods that we can try eating to reduce acne? Such as meats, fruits, veggies, etc. Whatever foods that are good for the skin and body…. Thanks!

  12. carmen

    I have had an acne problem for 12 years already and feel like ive tried everything. Different products, chemical peels and even dermatologists medication. It all seems in vain though. Would really appreciate any advice that could possibly be the end to this problem. Thanks

  13. Kim

    The most important thing to concentrate on with your diet is saturated fat (also the trans fats–hydrogenated oils). YOU MUST keep your saturated fats low. You must also make sure that you keep your good unsaturated fats high or higher than the saturated fats you consume. For example, if you consume 65 grams of fat: 45 poly and mono unsaturated/20 saturated. Good fat and bad fat compete. If your body does not have adequate amounts of good fat, it will use the bad saturated fat to produce oil. This fat is sticky and clogs your pores just as it does arteries. When unsaturated fats are available, your body will first use these. These fats are actually calming to the skin and fluid. They do not clog pores because they remain fluid. Yes, I’d recommend eating as healthy as possible but this is where your concentration needs to be. Other factors can contribute to acne, but if you keep the fat levels consistently healthy…there will be no acne to contribute to. The other factors are all secondary to fats. The bad news is it will get worse before it gets better. Acne doesn’t happen overnight although it feels like it does. It took my skin about 16 weeks to completely clear; however, I had acne for probably 20 years. It may take people more or less time depending on the severity and length of time he/she has had acne. The good news is…it’s permanent as long as you continue to watch your fats. Your skin will change DRASTICALLY over time. I had extremely bad skin to now having awesome skin. I actually get compliments all the time. It’s pretty ironic. Most important thing…hang in there while you’re going through the process. Your skin has to detox. It’s worth it in the end. I can help you with any diet information you might need regarding good and bad fats. It works!!!

  14. Getsu

    These links really helped me out a lot πŸ™‚–d_n073pc

    in combination with a healthy diet, these methods can do wonders! helped me out a lot. research a bit more about apple cider vinegar if you’re interested.

  15. Sash

    OK, so ive pretty much understood all the foods i mustnt eat but without sounding silly….what can I eat? Im almost underweight anyway so dont want to stick to a fruit/veg/water diet that will make me unhealthily underweight. Ive already cut out meat, dairy, sugar, processed foods and Some people are saying no bread, potatoes, rice, pasta….Any meal ideas i could stick to? one other thing, anyone know a food that can assist the skin to heal? my spots seem to take weeks to come up and then to go away…and then scar!! thanks

  16. Jonathan

    My acne has been a constant mid-tolow-level thing for 20 years, since I was a teen, recently I saw a dermatologist here in the UK who told me to avoid nuts, cheese, chocolate, and high-sugar soda. For good measure I also chucked out oily foods, donuts, cookies, anything with significant amounts of wheat. And lo and behold, on my follow-up appointments, their department is furious with me because my face is clear! They think I’m a complete timewaster! Of course that upsets me but I should look at it as a bit of a joy too – the change that this diet shift has wrought.

    I read the above comments, and would take issue with Diane who wrote that “low fat cheese, … nuts” should be UPPED – I would avoid those.

  17. REX

    At the onset of puberty the body changes the way it handles secretions and excretions. Nutrients are extracted from the diet to produce semen for males and nutrients are extracted from the diets of females to produce eggs. With certain people when this shift occurs certain toxins that would normally be excreted begin to be secreted through the skin, usually on the face and back. Because of the time in which it occurs this is commonly mistaken as acne. It is not.

    It is an allergic reaction to your diet.
    If you have oily skin you most likely are a sufferer, if you love fast food you most likely are a sufferer, if you love dairy products, and if you love spicy foods you most likely are a sufferer.

    For more than ten years I have had no less than four breakouts a week and countless scars on my face. It wasn’t until last year staring at the mirror wanting them to just go away that I remembered something my dermatologist had said. “Getting rid of one pimple is like mopping up the floor with the water still on”. With that I began to catalog my meals and breakouts within 2 weeks a pattern emerged.

    Anything: Oily, Cheesey, Spicy, or containing high amounts wheat (for some reason noodles are okay). would break me out in no less than 8 hrs!

    After a week or so of maintaining a diet without any of those things i noticed that when ever i relapsed on it (midnight drive-thru snack)I would break out in 4hrs! As soon as my body digested it, it was trying to get rid of it!

    Ive maintained this diet thoroughly for over 4 months now and I havent had skin this clear since my 13th birthday! I can go a day or two without even washing my face (although i seldom do, paranoid)and not have so much as a white head.

    So if youve tried all the pills the latest proactive been to the dermatologist and haven’t gotten any relief, try making a change in your diet for just a WEEK. Youve got nothing to lose but your acne.

  18. slimjim

    has anyone had experience with trying to cut out caffeine in their diet to prevent acne. I did a quick google search on it and there seems to be some discussion of it going on.

  19. Marcus

    hay as apposed to just altering your diet, another really good way to get rid of acne is COLOIDIAL SILVER. iv been rubbing coloidial silver cream on my acne and its clearing up. i think it comes in pill form also

  20. ted

    Jon, all comments are moderated and we don’t work on the weekends, sorry your comments weren’t deleted but held until; we look over them. Thanks for commenting!

  21. Wow, no kidding!

    I have been battling with zits, acne, pimples – whatever you want to call them since I was 12! I am now 28. They are gone! I had a baby a year and a half ago and hadn’t been able to lose the last 15 lbs so I went on the Atkins diet (simply low carb – NO SUGARS or STARCHES). And after only 2 weeks, it’s gone! My face has cleared up, my back, my chest. They are all healing, and not coming back – in fact, it almost seems as though I can’t make them come back.
    I have tried Accutane, prescription antibiotics, every ASA treatments by every brand, peroxide and alcohol cleansers, spot remedies, ProActiv. Changing my pillow cases daily, stopping using fabric softer, taking extra vitamins, grapeseed extract…. I’ve tried everything!!!! NOTHING has EVER worked (except for the Accutane, but that’s practically deadly and only effective while you take it).
    I always thought I’ve had a relatively healthy diet, I’m 5’6″ and always maintained 125lbs.
    But I guess not healthy enough! I don’t eat breads, cereals, pastas or rices anymore. And I DO NOT ingest ANY TYPE OF SUGAR including corn syrups and fruit syrups. I substitute with Splenda if need be.
    And it’s ALLLLLLLLL good when your skin looks great, you’ve lost excess pounds, and have an abundance energy.

  22. theresa

    I to was on a diet to lose lbs and had ate salad for lunch for about a month and my skin cleared up

  23. Diane

    I am reading now and see others have posted too about cutting out refined sugars and upping veggie and lean meat, fish, water… I wanted to also state that I have gone through *all* of the OTC acne products, and have seen a handull of derms throughout my years. I use Benzaclin during the day and Tazorac at night topically. But this is not enough. I will always have breakouts if I don’t eat right. I would not be surprised if there is more evidence out there already that supports my ” Gut instinct” theory here… but there would be alot of $$$ lost in the Acne business ( like the Diet business.. altho I fell prey to SBeach… ). Acne comes from within us. On the skin’s surface, our inability to shed skin and excessive oil production comes from within. Topical stuff is just not the answer, it’s a bandaid on top of a gaping wound. Cut out the bread, alcohol, potatoes, white rice, SUGAR.. etc. Don’t falter, you may feel a kind of withdraw ( yes, I am serious, not being dramatic) for a day- maybe two. Your body is really used to this junk. After this hump, it’s truly smooth sailing. Just make the commitment to yourself- to your health, your skin’s health, and your emotional health. =D Good luck, I hope this advise helps at least one other person ***AND PLEASE, I AM NOT A HEALTHCARE PRO, THEY SAY YOU SHOULD CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE MAKING CHANGES… ***

  24. Diane

    I am 27 , have suffered from moderate acne (jawline, lower face) since *cringe* 13 years old. My advice: really and truly, diet does effect skin. There will be evidence of this in the future. I was on the South Beach Diet for a few months, and among losing weight ( and honestly, not being hungry and having more energy), my skin started to clear up!!! I was not as oily, flaky, etc. Breakouts really significantly. I’ve become so used to covering it up, and trying not to dwell on my cursed face, that I am slow to correlate two things together. But it was the only change that I made. Acne has to be linked with how individuals process sugars (refined), carbs, and proteins. Diabetes runs in my family, and I think I just have a gene somewhere in me that makes me unable to process certain foods, and I really believe that many others like me suffer from the same thing. I really suggest to anyone who suffers from acne to adopt some principals from SB, I’m not advocating for this diet, but merely for some of the honest-to-goodness parts of it- cut out refined, unnatural sugars, cut out refined carbs (white bread, white rice, potatoes, etc), up your intake of water, low fat meat, veggies, low fat cheese, water, nuts, fish… I swear, give it a week or 2 and I bet you’ll notice a difference. Good luck to you (us) all!!

  25. acne sufferer

    God! it all sounds so difficult with no sure fire way of eliminating it. Only clear way is to go on some stone age diet. With all the advances in medicine and technology you would think that they’d have a clear answer for what causes acne but all I get from googling is a load of old wives tales. I mean its just acne is it really that complicated? Maybe if the truth was known a lot of companies would lose a lot of money. I still live at home like a lot of acne sufferers and so choosing my own diet or buying my own food all the time is not an option. All I now is acne is definitely a recent phenomenon and a western world one. Looking at parents class photos from 60’s Ireland nobody had acne and if you look at isolated tribes in south america nobody has acne. Hopefully one day we’ll have the answer.

  26. guri

    acne on my fore head and cheeks

  27. anny

    I’m 27, I don’t want to “control”, “reduce” or “help” my acne – I want to ELIMINATE it. I don’t want to have to deal with this anymore.

    Even the guy eating bowls of broccoli and drinking 20 glasses of water still had acne.

    So if I change everything about my life and torture myself with vegetables, my problem will still be a problem? That’s not good enough for me. No way.

  28. s

    Ive had mild acne for a few years but im very light skinned so i would scarr easily.. right now i use murad and its working i stopes your breakouts but it does not fade your scarrs unless you buy a separate step..but you can get a chemical peel monthly to fade your scarrs and the main thing is workout alot of cardio and sweat out your impuries take a hooot bath so your skin can soak up the steam and open your pores….girls can drink herbalife or a balanced diet….exercise cardio…murad…chemical peels and even birth control to balance your hormones….as for me im just trying to get rid of some scarring

  29. Gfunk

    Follow Last Girls advice. I followed a very strict regiment a yr ago. Consisting of alot of Vegies, fresh salad, bright fruits, alot of H20, Salmon, Flaxseed. I did it for about 2 mnts and noticed tremendous change in not just break outs but also skin tone, alot of ppl. asked my why and how my skin glowed. There’s a book on diets and the author gaurantees if you follow his diet for 28 days your acne would be a thing of the past. Now the above mentioned foods is only a part of his regiment. Not sure what book it was but i’m pretty sure there’s alot of books on similar topics just chose 1. The only reason i stopped was i just didn’t have enuff time to prepare meals everyday, or may be i was just being lazy and couldn’t stay away from normal home cooked and junk foods. Contrary to experts beliefs nutrition does effect you skin and chemical products are usually just temporary. Its all about balance some ppl. are sensitive to Dairy, some are allergic to nuts, and if u’re acne prone, there’s alot of foods to stay away from, esp grease, chilli peppers, fried foods… list goes on.
    Good luck and things will change if you want it to, nothing comes easy so alot of effort and you’ll be anew.

  30. Johhny

    I used to have real oily skin it was terrible and lots of pimples but now i drink about 10 big glasses of water a day and the oily skin goes away : ) it also makes my pimples show alot less. I’ve been using clearasil but that only works when you have controlled acne not severe. I’ve been eating alot of fruits and veggies and my skin is getting much better even my back. My back for the past 5 years has looked terrible haven’t taken my shirt off at the beach in forever but i’m almost to the point where its all gone!

  31. hector

    so far so good you must give it a try it help’s a lot
    i have bad acne one time now it all gone thanks a lot for
    the help

  32. Anonymous

    OMG! Thanks so much for all this helpful advice. For three years I’ve had the most horrible acme you could ever imagine. And all that people ever told me to feel better was that it would go away over time and it sort of has but not much. Thanks for all this info. I will definately try it.

  33. LastGirl

    I was where beenthere has been since I was 11. My breakouts were so bad at one point that my face looked crusted. I got made fun of for having “mold” on my face. I almost failed grade 10 because I would stay home in tears over my skin. I turned 25 3 months ago and decided to make a change in my life that I knew would be the hardest lifestyle commitment of my life. I changed my diet. And it’s working. Now, I’ve been on proactive for a few years which only sort of helps, I just like that it’s a good exfoliater without drying my skin (it’s sensitive too). I still got acne all the time tho. Anyway, these are the following changes that I made to my diet and life.
    -A minimum of 10 8oz glasses of water a day
    -Include a multivitamin with the largest meal
    -Tons of green,red, orange and yellow veggies (Lettuce, broccoli, spinach, carrots, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers etc…) RAID your grocery stores produce aisle. (Organic is better because there’s no harsh chemicals or hormones)
    -Tons of fruit – the more color the better. Berries, citrus, tropical fruits (Again, organic is better because there’s no harsh chemicals or hormones)
    -Eat lean meat that are grain fed & organic. Make sure they don’t use hormones in the meat you eat.
    -If you can stomach fish, eat fish. I can’t so I purchased a 3-6-9 omega supplement. It makes your skin have a nice glow.
    -STOP consuming dairy, alcohol, and refined sugars/starches
    -If you can, don’t smoke
    -Always put on sunscreen. The sun can exacerbate acne problems and make old scars look more red
    -Exfoliate daily (I use proactive, it’s gentle on my skin but still works great as a cleansing system) I heard Murad was good too tho.
    I just purchased “Chocolate Soft Chews” by Healthy Skin and “Perfect Skin” vitamins. I will post back to let you know how they work.
    My skin looks amazing now, scars are almost all gone. Good luck to everyone. Acne can be so painful.

  34. Steve

    For those interested search for Dr. Cordain’s book – The dietary cure for acne. He is the Paleo diet scientist. Based on sound science, evolution and pre western diet societies where acne is unheard of.

  35. so over it

    I’ve had acne since i was in the 7th grade and i’m now 22. I have the worst breakouts and sometimes it actually hurts to make facial expressions due to soreness and severity of the pimples. I’ve tried every acne “Solution” out there and nothing has worked. So i’m going to try “Been There”‘s advice and see if it works. the way i look at it is i’ve tried everything else why not. I’ll keep ya posted on how it goes!

  36. j

    A good alternative to harsh chemicals, prescription or OTC, is tea tree oil. I use a natural facial wash with tea tree oil in it. It works great!

  37. ammy

    i can’t even remember what it felt like to have clear skin. The first time i broke out with acne was when i turned 13. My face looked horrible, my cheeks where totally covered with pimples. i went to a dermatologist and she perscribed me with oxytetracyline and each week my acne became less severe. by the end of the month my face was totally clear and scar-free. As i grew older i would get break outs but not as severe, again i would go to a dermatologist and they would give me drugs but the effects would only last a week and my acne would return. so this basically happened each year i would be clear for most of the year and then for a few months i would break out. It bothered me but i didnt feel like it was holding me back. im now 17 and about a year and half ago i started getting moderate/severe acne again and it just won’t go away. i’ve tried almost EVERYTHING! alot of anitbacterial drugs, benzoyl ( it totally made me break out more), natural remedies (lemon, vinegar, potatoes and yoghurt). Nothing works. i’ve changed my diet, i eat healthy, work out everyday and drink water. I didnt appreciate what if felt like to have clear skin before and i so regret it now. i think that medication should be the last resort, stuffing chemicals into your body just isnt natural and the results never last long. acne has totally lowered my self-esteem, i feel moody all the time and i never want to go out unless i hide behind a face of makeup because i feel so ugly. no one understands, none of my siblings or parents have had acne only mild cases. They always tell me you’ll grow out of it but i dont think i will, im 17 and a half..i dont want to spend my last teenage years fretting over stupid pimples and scars. im not the person i see in the mirror and i dont know how to change it. You can only be patient for so long.

  38. BeenThere

    Ok, when I was 12 to 13 I began getting acne; it runs in my family. By high school it got really bad. I became severely depressed because of it, and didn’t want to leave the house. I went to the dermatologist, who prescribed antibiotics like tetracycline, doxycycline, erythromycin, and as a last resort Accutane. I used all types of cleansers, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, proactive, zinc ointment-and nothing really helped. I had the worst kind of acne-cystic acne, which has left me with some scarring today.

    When I turned about 18, after years of frustration, I decided to do something that I had long suspected was responsible, but did not have to the will power to control, and that was my diet. Believe it or not, I cut out all poultry (cause I had heard that the hormones they inject in the animals can effect your skin) no dairy, and drank lots of water, and ate lots of green vegetables. I went to the extreme, and think some people might have a hard time replicating what I did, but to that person out there who feels that there is no hope, this is for you. I ate very large amounts of broccoli, I mean like 3 to 4 humongous bowls of broccoli, I ate a lots of colorful fruit: strawberries, blueberries, and kiwis, and I drank soooo much water–about 20 to 25 16oz glasses a day. And I forced myself to go out and get air, before I stood in the house mostly because I felt so depressed about my skin I would stay in and feel sorry for myself and afraid that people might be mean to me. But I forced myself out, I got out in the sun for a few minutes, breathed in the air, took time to focus on the beauty of nature and of life. I began to meditate at my local park and focused on heavy breathing and stopping the negative thoughts in my mind. I also began to exercise, lots of cardio, and weight lifting.

    And you know what? In a couple months my skin was calming down, it began to have a healthy shine, it glowed like it had never glowed before. It was so amazing, it gave my soul a peace that I never thought I was going to achieve. My pores were still big, and I had a few acne scars on my face, but my skin looked healthy, and I felt good, and I felt healthy, more importantly I really looked healthy.

    That was about 10 years ago and I still have problem skin today but it really doesn’t bug me now the way it used too. But it’s amazing if I ever feel that my problem skin is beginning to get out of hand, I always revert back to those habits and it never fails.

    -Drink lots, lots, and lots of water
    -Eat lots, lots, and lots of broccoli and green vegetables
    -Stay away from poultry and all dairy-Red meat is ok
    -Eat fruits
    -Try to find peace and calm within yourself through meditation
    -Get outside in the fresh air for a few hours every day, nature I truly believe has healing properties
    -Try to exercise, especially cardio it helps sweat out impurities, but lifting weights (for both men and women) is good too, it gives you a sense of empowerment
    -And lastly, I know that every person is unique and that this might not work for you, but I only share this because I had horrible skin and I allowed it to make me into a passive victim, these habits helped me feel empowered and in control and helped me enjoy life. While I was doing these things in the beginning it was tough and I would be tempted to eat junk food all the time (especially pizza) but I stuck with it and over time it became easy to keep away from crap (junk food). So I bid you the best of luck and believe that it can be done if you stay patient, positive, and committed!.

  39. Eli

    This is really interesting reading other peoples experiences. I can relate…

    I suddenly got *extremely* bad acne four years ago, around the age of 13/14… and basically I went to hell and back. It was so bad, and I was honestly just a total mess emotionally. For two years I went from doctor to doctor to herbalist to acupuncturist to psychologist to dermatologist to natropath to a whole range of hormone specialists.. the list is just endless. My parents never let me take Roaccutane due to the severe side affects– but I went on the pill and several courses of antibiotics, none of which helped..

    Well at the age of 15 and a half, I went along to a pediatrician who had the “genius” idea of taking a blood test for a range of food allergies. (Such an obvious thing to do, really makes you wonder why one of the seven normal doctors I saw didn’t even think of taking a simple blood test!!)

    To cut the story short, my blood tests revealed I had a very severe GLUTEN allergy… of all things. Eliminated gluten out of my diet and six months later my skin had dramatically improved –not “perfect” by any means– but about a thousand times better then what it had been.

    (I’d had the gluten allergy my whole life, but was never diagnosed because the symptoms only became really noticeable as I became a teenager…explains why I was an underweight kid)

    Well i’m 18 now, and I feel the pain of anyone else who has experienced acne anywhere near to the extent I did. I recommend that before you start messing around with serious drugs and hormone treatments that you take a blood test to check for food allergies – in particular GLUTEN!!

    I still have some spots that come and go, but nothing like it used to be.
    The posts here are very interesting, particularly the relationship between dairy and acne.

  40. Tori

    I used to have bad acne, it started in grade seven. I’m now in grade 10 and I have barely any acne.

    Here’s a tip:
    STOP using cheap cleansers! Cleansers and toners are not the way to stop your acne. Especially products like ProActiv that are sold on TV. Many of them contain acids and BENZOL PEROXIDE, which is a very harmful chemical. It can bleach your skin and do a lot of damage over time and really dries out your skin. I recommend gentle cleansers that won’t dry out your skin. Watch out for acids and especially benzol. Do not use ProActiv.

    Honestly, the best way to clear acne is to do it an all-natural way. I only have a few pimples right now, and I used to use a ton of cleansers, but many of them made my condition worse.
    It can be a good idea to go to the doctor, but first know this: Many of the products doctors give you will NOT SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM. Especially pregnancy control and roaccutane. These products can have side effects that can make you sick and very fatigued. And the pregnancy pill isn’t always the answer. Most products dermatologists give you will solve the outside problem by eliminating your acne. But it won’t make it completely go away, because acne is caused by things that are going on INSIDE your body, not always outside.

    The best and ONLY 100% way of curing acne is by doing it an all-natural way.
    In our world today, many people eat processed foods, fast foods, soda and sweets. This doesn’t exactly cause acne, but it can make it worse and harder to get rid of it.
    By switching your diet you CAN make your acne go away. By treating your body right on the inside, the outside will be healthy too.
    Here’s what you do:
    Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. DO NOT GORGE YOURSELF. It can be dangerous. Aim for 6-8 glasses, it’s enough. Water is great because it cleans out the system, detoxifying our bodies. It’s an elixir to the body.
    Be sure to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. For fruits, eat fruits that are very juicy, such as apples, oranges, watermelon, kiwis, grapes. Some excellent acne fighting fruits are papaya, red grapes, and mango. Veggies, be sure to eat lots of greens like broccoli and beans.
    Eat whole grain bread, pasta and rice. White grains carry fats and sugars that are a factor with acne. Whole grains are very healthy for you and provide strength to your body.
    Eat lots of protein, such as eggs, chicken and red meats.

    And, get lots of exercise and be happy! Stress and being cooped up definitely make acne worse. By exercising, you sweat out fluids from your body, which also helps to detoxify and get any bad stuff out.

    Also, another great thing that can help acne, especially on your face, is drinking green tea or steaming it! It does wonders for the skin.
    All-natural mud, coconut or fruit masks also do wonders for your skin.

    If you can just change your diet and lifestyle a bit and stay away from harmful cleansers, you’ll be acne free in no time.

  41. Calcium Girl

    A lot of these posts mention not eating dairy products. But for girls especially, having tons of calcium is super important. I’d like to get rid of my acne, but I’d rather have acne than have osteoporosis (runs in the family) or easily broken bones later on in life. Thoughts?

  42. sarika

    drink 2-3 glasses of water early morning as soon u wake up
    then eat raw amla(its a hindi word i cant get its english word)every morning
    after half an hour eat apple
    then take watever u want,take lots of fruits n green vegetables and drink lots n lots of water
    do take cucumber once in a day
    do yoga
    take steam n then put a mask made up of jayfal(its a hindi word ),fullers earth,clove oil,rose water
    once in a day clean ur face with cleanser made up of milk,cucumber n potato pulp
    i hope these home made remedies n diet suggested help u
    i also suffered from acne but these variations in diet help my skin get rid of it n i am slowly n slowly getting very beautiful glowing skin
    avoid chemicals on ur skin

  43. Ayman

    I am still searching for a better answer but along my suffering journy i must say Benzoyal Peroxide helped me alot it comes in a tube called (Panoxyl 2.5 5.0 and 10)
    i use 10.
    and also taking anibiotic deoxycyclin monohydrate named Vibramicin or Granodoxy will completly clear your whole body from acne but the antibiotic is not healthy for ur liver and acne will appear about 1 month after u finish the 10-15 pills . but i must say panoxyl is very usefull try it .

  44. steve

    its the water!!!

  45. Dre

    I had acne my whole life. From 14 thru 27 I was tortured by it. And then I stopped eating dairy cow products: milk, butter, cheese, cream, etc. I have perfect skin now. Turns out, the hormones in cow products can react poorly in some people’s bodies. Tell-tale sign that it’s a hormonal issue is if the acne is heavy along your jawline and neck… I know it’s hard to remove these products from a daily diet, but every time I look in the mirror and see my clear skin I realize it’s 100% worth it…

  46. Zach

    What has worked for me so far is cutting down on all the acne ridding product. I wash my face twice a day with ordinary hand soap, and rinse thoroughly.
    Hope this helps.

  47. ana

    okay i have had acne forever now i just cant seem to get rid of it people were making fun of me all dang year!
    its getting on my nerves
    i have tried using acnefree,clean and clear,proactive,taking vitimans,eating healthy,cleaning my face with alcihol at night wearing my hair up in a poney tail but NONE of thoes things seem to be working i need help!!

  48. Mimi

    i used to have very mild acne, hardly any. nothing noticeable. them when somwhere around 12 my skin completely cleared using clean and clear! then… a few months later, it started getting worse and worse, it would get better (with lots of hard work), but then it came back horrible. now i can’t get rid of it. i tried everything! proavtive, clean and clear (again), neutrogena, asprin mask, calime lotion (used to work great, now has no effect), and many more. saw a dermatologist, the acne medications he gave me didn’t do a thing! and there was more then one! i’m so depressed. It used to only be bad on my forhead so at least i could wear a hat, but now it’s everywhere, i’m so depressed. i hardely leave the house anymore. i completely cut out ALL dairy, and All JUNK FOOD and all greasy food, i now eat veggies, fruit, rice,and soymilk! it doesn’t work! My skin hasen’t cleared at ALL! I keep my face really clean. it gets really oily, so i have to wash my face allot because when i don’t i get new breakouts. as soon as one group of pimples starts to gow away, another cluster will come up. PlEASE HELP ME!

  49. Alex

    Hi there!!!

    Acne is a severe problem, and must not go untreated! Acne is not normal at ANY AGE!!! If you suffer from acne, you have an internal problem. Dermatologists often prescribe antibiotics, they do help, but the acne will return soon after your last treatment, one cannot afford to take medication all the time so rather dont bother with a dermatologist. The best doctors to see are ENDOCRINOLOGS (im not sure what the english term is), specialists thats work with hormonal problems. A series of blood tests will determine what treatment you need to correct the hormonal problem, which is the most common cause of acne.

    Vitamins that help reduce acne include ZINC, VITAMIN A, VITAMIN E, SELINIUM, B6, EVENING PRIMROSE OIL and OMEGA 3-6-9. In order of importance. Zinc being the most effective as it reduces sebum production, take it in the morning as soon as you wake-up or before you go to bed.

    Your diet can effect your acne. Do NOT consume any DAIRY products, although it may not cause acne it will irritate the infection. Drink lots of GREEN TEA!!! Green tea is a natural anti-oxident and will help you reduce your acne, drink it without sugar. Water is the next best solution. Avoid foods high in saturated fats, sugars and salts.

    You may wash your face, twice a day with any product you feel has worked best for you. If you feel comfortable using only natural products, do so, but if your face becomes oily an hour or less after you have washed it, a stronger product must be used. Washing your face should not sting or hurt, if so you are using a product that is too harsh for your skin. There are many great products out there and not everything works for everyone, so this is a problem each person should figure out alone.

    Always keep your hands clean. Change you pillow cases and sheets at LEAST 3 times a week. Try avoid touching your face, cellphones should be kept at a reasonable distance from the side of your face. If you wear glasses, they need to be cleaned as often as possible.

    For the ladies—The pill does work for many people and this option should be considered. If you do not have a regular period, you need to see a doctor, its probably causing your acne. You are not going to be young forever so, DO LET YOUR HAIR DOWN, just wash it everyday and condition your roots. IF YOU WEAR MAKE-UP, you should use a foundation made specifically for acne, the best foundation for any type of acne, even cystic, is from VICHY, a range called NORMADERM for acne prone skin, it stays on for long, covers zits, even the big oily ones, and prevents shine, it is a bit costly though. Vichy, normaderm is my outer treatment of choice, it works. Foundations not made for acne contain oil and will clog your pores and cause an out-break. If you dont wear foundation to conceal your zits, try doing eye make-up or wear lipstick. Try not to wear black, it attracts attention to yor face, which is then the most eye-catching part of your body and although black may seem to conceal your problems, it highlights them. Wear what you like in happy bright colors like red, blue and green, there are hundreds of shades, wear earings and heels and perfume…do your nails…go swimming and dancing!!!

    Go out, have fun and remember that anyone low enough to treat you any different because of your acne is not worth a second of your time. CONFIDENCE IS BOLDER THAN ACNE. Hope that this helped a little.

  50. Iulia

    I had acnee since I was 13-14, and now I am 16 so it is a long period of suffering. But one thing I can certanly say is that you are what you eat. If you give up at all those things full with spices, trust me it will have its effect. I am living in a country where acne is not a very usual problem, thts why it was harder for me to accept that I am not the lucky one about my face. Still I hope that it will clear up, plus, my dad who is a doctos, said that the girls who have acnee while they are young, when they get mature they are more healthy and fertile, so everything has advantages. Just don’t pay too much attention to it, and one day you will be surprised when you’ll look in the mirrow:)

  51. Girl

    I’m 16 years old right now, I started getting acne in the 6th grade. I play basketball and volleyball I am very active, (I would bring face wash to tournaments just to wash my face in between games) my mom buys absoutly everything for me and my sisters acne and has probably spent over 2000 in acne products between the both of us, if no more, but my acne 2months ago got out of control on my forehead both sides of my cheecks, it was bad. I found myself crying for the first time about having acne it was pretty sad to be that depressed about it. Of coarse my boyfriend would always ask why I’m self concious about it comming from a boy with perfectly clear skin who jokes about how he never washes his face… But now I think I have finally found a solution! I do wear makeup I used. To alllll the time.. But rule 1)only wear makeup when you have to 2) when your home wear a bandana trust me it keeps your hair completly away from your skin, especially when you sleep. 3) use just any regular acne face wash just day and night 4) soap and gloarys (products found at target) pore facial peel, mix with typical asprin mask(6 asprins crushed down mix with 2drops water and about 2 drops honey) eat and apple every morning! I now have almost no zits and have been doing this for only a week and a hal! Remember I had severe acne! And now am clearing up!

  52. Anu

    does anyone know wht do u mean by anabs…?…i read the reply given to sarsar by someone….?i want to try out…please someone suggest me…what is the meaning of anabs…?

  53. anu

    Someone has replied to sarsar’s problems…he or she has suggested to have “in a clay cup (clay helps the stuff fermatize) the night before you soak 2 appricots, 3 sour plums and 4 anabs (you’ll find all these ingredients at either an asian market or middle eastern store) in 1 cup of luke warm water and the next morning before eating you drink it”.
    i want to know what is this anabs…?what does it mean…does anyone has the answer…..?

  54. Anu

    i am having acne since 8 years….i am really fed up of trying all the products and taking treatments.3 years i have undergone salsylic peel and also have taken antibiotics….i left the treatment,but my acne came back,it became worse…i have cystic acne.Now again i have started with salsylic peel and all that chemicals…..i am just fed up…..i drink lot of water and hav lot of fruits….please someone has any suggestions which had really worked for my kind…?

  55. This is for Sarsar

    Hey Sarsar

    I don’t know if you’ll every see this but I use to have really bad acne, like I tried every over the counter lotion/potion, antibiotics, birth control (which has officially messed me up I now have PCOS and hypertension and I’m only 22)

    Anyways I actually started drinking this herbal remedy because I’m terrified of messing myself up anymore with drugs and it really cleared up my face. What you do is in a clay cup (clay helps the stuff fermatize) the night before you soak 2 appricots, 3 sour plums and 4 anabs (you’ll find all these ingredients at either an asian market or middle eastern store) in 1 cup of luke warm water and the next morning before eating you drink it.

    That’s all. Honestly all the ingredients are natural, they aren’t going to harm you and you have nothing to lose. I swear by this concoction, it tastes a little alcoholic but it cleared my face and I love it. if you have questions e-mail me

  56. bridigett

    simply cut out the sugars like candy sodas, work out on average 3 times a week this will also help with cramps. keep ur face clean. and most importanly just have as much fun as u can and try not to stress notice its the chick that seem to have the least shit to think about have the best skin?

  57. Tania

    I have cystic acne. It’s been a problem my whole life and have finally decided to take an agressive aproach. My doctor recomended acutan but I realy don’t want to go that route. He perscribed BenzaClin and in just a month my face was 80% better! I haven’t got a normal pimples since I started using it once a day over 3 months ago. I have seen the cysts slowly shrink. My problem is all over my back and chest also so I just started putting the cream there to. I’m planning on starting taking yaz and changing my diet in hopes of creating a long term life style change, in hope of being able to focus on treating the scars left over by the problem. Keep you posted pn how all that goes.

  58. Sarsar

    Im 15 and have had bad acne since 2nd grade..ive tried proactive but it dires out my skin ive been on loads of topical creams and gels and they dry out my face and my doctor wont put me on accutane and ive been on minocycline but it does nothing just makes my face glow and im allergic to all antibiotics except minocycleine. the only soap that doesnt dry my face out is Clean and Clear Advantage and it doesnt work very well. 3 months ago I went to hawaii for a month and stoped wearing make up and putting mosterizers on my face and drank a whole lot of water to the point it made me sick and my face cleared up a tiny bit…now since nothing else has worked im on Yaz the birth control and I ordered an acne diet book called Acne free diet plan: days to clearer skin and im puting the proactive sulfer mask on my face every day and keeping my bangs up when im at home..does any one have any suggustions on how i can clear up my skin..ive been suffering with this for a very long time and have been dieing to have beautiful clear skin..and im hopeing to have clearer skin for my 16th birthday in august! Im also thinking if this stuff doesnt work then ill save up for Photodynamic acne treatment that cost like $1,500 at my doctors..if anyone knows any medience that i could get from my doctor that would be great and what i should do to get clear skin anyone have any helpful hints?

  59. DMKlover

    Dear HELPLESS,
    You must get onto Danne Montague King products and treatments. It is a paramedical program specifically designed for acne. It is not an overnight quick-fix but is a holistic process that works.
    You use their products, have facials at special Danne clinics (they are all over the world) and also take chinese herbs.
    All my life I had perfect skin – even as a teenager. A year ago, just before my 30th birthday, my skin broke out and got worse and worse until I developed acne. The kind of acne that you described – I couldn’t leave the house without caking the make up on. AWFUL!
    I tried EVERYTHING except for the anti-biotics and pill because I felt that anti-biotics would just compromise my immune system which was obviously trying to fight something, and the pill would possibly clean it up but it wouldn’t address the systemic problem, so that once I went off it the acne would come back….
    The initial outlay is quite expensive, but the products last for a long time and my skin responded immediately to the retinol product, as in overnight….!!!!
    Make sure you also get the Benzyl peroxide!
    Good luck, beautiful! xxxx

  60. Jenni

    I LOVE these posts!

    I never had bad acne through school… but a few years back after my first pregnancy i got it really bad! I also got depression. I didn’t use any face washes or any meds… i just exercised, ate loads of fruit and drank water. My skin looked great!

    I had forgotten about all of that until now! I have had another child and my skin is just dreadful again!

    I was just sitting here… after having picked my Whole face for about 30 mins… searching for an answer to my awful skin problem … when i came across this page. Pretty much everyone has stated the same things:

    1. fruit & Vegies
    2. No chemicals on the face
    3. Sleep
    4. Water

    Clean your hands AND STOP PICKING! lol!

    Pianochic Said:

    “… healthy on the inside- healthy on the outside …”

    So True! Very smart!!

    I now know that i need to start exorcising again and eating better.

    πŸ™‚ J

  61. helpless

    I have been battling cystic acne for almost 4 years now and I am just miserable…I was on tetracycline for 2 years. At first it worked great but then my body built up a resistance against it and it because ineffective. I started minocycline about 6 months ago, along with Yazmin (the Pill) and I still have numerous scars and new cysts. I have done the chemical peels, PIL laser beam, micro-dermabrasion, Retin-A, Differin, sulfur drying potions, every product from the store, Sonya Dakar, Skin-cueticals…EVERYTHING!!! I have come to realize because both my parents had bad skin a great deal of their lives, I am most likely sentenced the same doom πŸ™ It makes me cry every morning when piling on make-up to try and cover some of it…it makes me feel ugly and I avoid being social during a lot of my “break-out” times. My boyfriend gets mad at me for being so down on myself (Of course because he doesn’t know how it feels to wake up to a spotted red face everyday)…but is there anything anyone with similar severity as my acne has found successful??!! I am willing to try everything…I am scared to try accutane because my job requires a lot of people-contact and I can’t be peeling everywhere (plus, with the amount of makeup required to be comfortable in public)… I have seen a few people saying that they have cut dairy (specifically milk) out of their diets…I drink about a 1/2 gallon of milk per day! I LOVE milk with every meal…its going to be tough to break but if it cures my acne then it should be worth it…let me know if anyone else has any tips!! πŸ™‚

  62. Jonkers

    I’ve had acne since middle school and over the years I have noticed certain foods seem to be linked to outbreaks. What most people call chocolate is one of them, but real chocolate (not milk chocolate) doesn’t seem to bother me. Dairy products don’t seem to help my skin, and neither do any processed foods (this includes anything designed and packaged to stay on the store shelves for long periods of time). The multiple suggestions here that have helped me the most do not include any medications (as nothing I have taken ever worked well), but exercise, plenty of water, and a healthy diet of whole foods. I also do not believe in destroying the skin’s protective layer of healthy oils through the use of skin care products and use the mildest soaps I can find (often using no soap because most tap water is pretty hard and full of chemicals). Just remember that the skin is the largest organ in the body. If you ate foods that made your liver, brain, heart, or kidneys start to have problems, why would you eat food that causes problems with your skin? Also, the skin produces oils to protect and clean itself. It needs to be cleaned periodically, and not necessarily with chemicals that strip all these oils from it (your body sometimes knows how to take better care of itself than you and acne medication marketing gurus do).

  63. Crotcheater

    Okay. This may sound crazy. But…….

    The other day I started using salicylic acid products. My skin cleared up. Then, 3 days later, my skin got worse. Sooo, then I tried using benzoyl peroxide products one day, then salicylic acid the next. My face started to clear up amazingly. I Barely have any pimples now. So try switching back and fourth everyday. Good luck!

  64. casper

    For the last 3-4 years i have suffered with acne on and off, and bad acne at that. I tryed every face wash available, drunk tons of cold and warm water which was recommeneded but nothing worked. I was on medication from the docs which helped until i lost weight, now ive been to a dermotoglist and im stil covered. Lets hope the final treatment they can give me will cure all my problems! Try going to see your doctor though, id have worse acne if i never bothered!!

  65. Dana S

    And drink PLENTY of Water. And lots of fruit..

  66. Dana

    Hi guys. For girls out there wanting to get rid of there acne..the BEST thing ever is for you to go on is the PILL and use BENZAC AC WASH. My acne was gone within 2-3 months. trust me it works. πŸ™‚

  67. Pianochic

    I have had acne for a long time. Most products out there only aggrevate your skin. After trying several dermatologists I finally found an amazing one. The fewer chemicals you put on your face the better, read your labels- dermatologist tested doesn’t mean the results were good…..if there are more than half a dozen chemicals…probably not good for your skin. There are types of allergic reactions that resemble acne, so your skin might be reacting poorly to something you put on it- NOT breaking out.

    Also- healthy on the inside- healthy on the outside

  68. Analiece

    also something elts that helped me was laying in the sun for about 2 hours it will dry your zits up always clean under your nails because if you pick at your face and have durty hands and gunk under your nails thoes jerms will get on your face and bust your face out even more. when your taking a shower DO NOT GET SOAP ON YOUR FACE!!!!!!!

  69. Analiece

    ok i have tried every acne product and none of them worked so i tried one last product called acne free and it worked purfect even my friends noticed that my face was getting better so every day i use acne free in the morning and night try ging to sleep erlier so it will have longer time to clear up so put off all chocolate and candy AND DONT PICK AT YOUR FACE!!! that busted my face!!! drink a bunch of water leave off that pop and dairy products!!! hope this helps!!!

  70. b rad

    what worked for me was dont drink milk or soda
    dont eat any i mean any dairy products
    not even fudge on the holidays lol
    get enough sleep
    wash your pillow case
    drink six to eight water bottles a day
    wash your face with a wash that is SOFT other products will cause redness
    dont touch your face (LEAVE WHITE HEADS ALONE)
    keep your hair off your face
    try not to think about your acne
    thinking about it will only cause stress and you will break out
    rinse well when you wash your face
    dont use wash cloths because this is very harmful for your face
    just wash your hands before you wash your face to get rid of oils on your hands!!!
    try this what do you have to lose

  71. AP

    DO NOT use proactive! They just pay celebs big bucks to sell it. Sure it might work while you are using it, but it is very harsh for your skin and once you stop-it comes back worse!
    I suggest a good diet is very important-lots of fresh fruits and veggies, LOADS of water (warm or boiled is better). Lots of exercise is good to circulate oxygen and blood flow.
    Only use cleansers and creams that are naturak and dont contain any chemicals.
    You can spend all the money in the world for expensive creams etc but if your diet isnt good, it will never work!

  72. AR

    Do not rely on just creams/pills. THAT WILL NOT WORK. Getting rid of acne must become your lifestyle…from everything you eat, drink, do.

  73. AR

    -no meat and less carbs (try to avoid pasta, bread, etc)
    -reduce intake of dairy products and sugar (NO JUNK FOOD)
    -drink lots of water and eat lots of fruit and veggies!
    -proactiv was very helpful to me, then again different things work for different people
    -homeopathic medicine! (not so popular in U.S. illegal in some states but they are natural remedies that definately helped me, and increased my general well-being as well)
    -depending on how your system reacts, beer may either help or harm your acne
    -If you remain strict with yourself and really commit to your goal of ending acne, you should see immediate improvements that will only get better over time. You will look great and feel great.

  74. Natalie

    I am taking contraceptive pill like dianette for,it has just reduced my acne,I am having it since 5 months, i am scared i hope i wont have any problem when i want to have a baby

  75. Anonymous

    I’ve had acne for a long time and found this 2-3 day fast online on an ebook, basically you only eat apples and water for two days (about 3 dozen total). it is supposed to cleanse out your body and i tried it and it really helped, but i think eating a raw diet (fruits and veggies) for an additional day or two afterwards is a good idea. I never thought eating carbs would cause acne wish i had know that about ten years ago..
    also i saw online that a diet with a high GI can cause acne so you want to keep your blood sugar very regular which you can add vinegars to your meals to help regulate the blood sugar!

  76. noor

    hey guys suggest something healthy
    i have acne pustules which are yel;lowish from top and red from base i m gonna b 15 and this is since 13 i drink water but eat to much junky stuff like chips chocos

  77. Carrie

    My first encounter with cystic acne happened 25 years ago. The culprit was candidia and the only remedy for me (I tried everything) was an herbal supplement called Yeast Fighters by Twin Lab along with a veggie and meat diet. After the flare up went away I could add things back into the diet but had to always avoid heavy sugars (soda, syrups, juices). Both my teenage kids have the same problem and both respond beautifully to the yeast fighters. Give them a try, they will work.

  78. Kendall

    I have found that acne is highly contributed by diet, i.e the rich American diet. I’ve had acne and disgusting oil skin all throughout highschool and it killed me. Recently i’ve taken a nutrition class that really focused on this guy named Dr. John Mcdougall and i changed my deit with all the information i learned. Now i’m finally getting my acne and oily skin to go away, no joke. a quick example of what my deit is now, fruits, lots of vegtables, nuts, rice, beans, pasta more natural foods. I greatly advised you get oils, dairy and even meat out of your daily deit. Plus you know things that you know are trouble (junk foods).

  79. face

    i’m in football and my face got extremely bad, from my chin to my cheeks to my forehead. i ate a lot of food, not a lot of healthy food, and i picked at it alot.
    once wrestling started, i started a diet, plenty of fruits, vegetables,and water. i stopped picking at my pimples, and let my face heal. and i excersied obviously
    sleep on your back. and hydrogen peroxide works. it goes away.

  80. Elsa

    does anyone else get stomach aches from too much fibre???

  81. anyone?

    i read all the commentes and the things that kept popping up were to stop picking and drink water and excorsize. i think i spelled excorsize wrong…… ok well im a 12 year old girl who suffers with acne(and brain damage since i can’t spell good πŸ™ and i just wanna no how to get rid of my zit cause i see all thses pretty girls in sxhool who look better then me. it is really hurting my self confidence and i want clear skin like them. so can anyone make a girls life better so she can be just as pretty as those girls in skool? thanks (if anyone helps)

  82. There is hope!

    I have tried many things for acne internally and externally. I found that the best product going is “Perfect Skin” by genuine health. It contains omega 3, and selenium etc. It is also recomended to take the glow multi vitamin. I have found this to be extremely helpful it takes a few weeks for them to start working be patient, I have also eliminated drinking milk, which has seemed to be quite the culprit. I also maintain a diet high in antioxidents. Think green foods high in zinc also help ie. spinach. arugula etc. Use 1 tbs black pepper and water scrub for black heads, this helps too!

  83. Almost Better

    I have had acne since i was twelve and i completely understand the shame and embarrassment it causes. I tried a bunch of things, from chemicals to diet stuff. For the most part, none of it worked. One thing that must be avoided is compound w. All it does is irritate your skin because it is 17% salicylic acid! Exercise, water, fruits and veggies. That’s my answer. I also have a prescription from the doc that helps a lot: clindamyacin phospate. Try that it really controls acne a lot.

    ps. always wash your hands before touching your face!

  84. nutrition major

    You have to be careful when you take vitamin A. if you take too much its toxic… hence the swollen face… other people who overdose on vitamin A have died. Becareful yall, get your vitamin A in food, don’t take the pills.

  85. jj

    ive had acne all my life. its on my face, the top of my arms, shoulders and back. Its really embarrasing and make me self-consious. I started using oabgei derm and it cleared my skin for a couple of months then i started breaking out again. Right now im trying to set the goal of eating fruits and veggies and drink more water. i realize when i drinks lots of a water my skin isnt so oily. i had acne since i was in 5th grade and i recently graduated from college. i wish my acne would go away so i can be myself. i never wear halters or anything sexy on top because the scars are so ugly. Ive been teased about this my whole life. My skin is almost clear but i have fine bumps on my chin and spots on my forehead. lets find a cure america. acne is a serious skin disease and people that dont have it dont have does not understand.

  86. cristol v

    I love chocolate but i had to cut it out and magically my acne dissapeared. Just try cutting out a specific type of food and record your progress

  87. hopeful

    i have realized that i have been eating the wrong food for 6 months that’s why i got all the pimples on my face which made me really insecure. when i tried to look up to my BLOOD TYPE DIET i found out that what i am eating cause me into a lot of trouble.
    Try to see your blood type diet and then you’ll understand why your system is not working well…starting yesterday i watch what i eat. now im not sad anymore coz i know this thing will work. i have blood type O and then for 6 months i have been eating dairy products, whole wheat bread and oats which is not good for me…i gained weight and got lots of pimples…

  88. Alexandra

    i had bad acne about a year ago but now i only get a few breakouts. the best things to do are to cleanse, tone and use treatment on your face twice a day:morning and night. You should drink heaps of water, get pleanty of sleep, excersise regularly and stop stressing! Its a known fact that the more you stress about your acne the worse it gets this includes getting stressed about having acne and what you look like. YOu need to stop worrying about your skin and what other people think of you. This will hence help you to be less stressed and help clear your skin. I haven’t really changed my diet but i do take zinc and evening primrose oil vitamins and they seem to help.And girls do NOT wear make-up to cover it up it only makes it worse.

  89. Josie

    I Have had acne now for two years and have tried loads of stuff that have not only cost me a fortune in money but made my skin look and feel worse. I have recently tryed taking milk thistle tablets three times a day as they help boost your liver into action, clearing your body of toxins and excess hormones( main cause of both teenage and adult acne) that build up in your body. So far this has worked. its a slow road, well it took two weeks to start clearing, but unlike anything else i have tryed there are no horrible side effects, it doesnt take up half your day to do and you dont have to walk around with things plastered on your face, which lets face it makes you feel less attractive!!! although i will say do not compromise your normal skin care rountine, wash face morning and night and exfoliate once a week.

  90. SP

    I recommend replacing sugary drinks with unsweetened green or white tea with a lot of water too. Also rubbing the teabag on your face after. Eat a lot of high fiber foods and high protein. This is what has seemed to work for me.

  91. I have the cure

    I swear to you people, drink nothing but H20. That means no more sodas or sugary drinks, no energy drinks especially. I’ve tried water in the past but never exclusively; I’d also drink milks and juices and stuff too. But just take a multivitamin since you wont be drinking anything else to get all your nutrients. Also you can get water at any restaurante, even fast food, and the easiest way to consume a lot in a short period of time is buying one liter bottles, drink refill and throw it in the fridge, you consume so much more then glass by glass for some reason. Like i said ive had acne for years and i swear by this method, just try it for 3 days and youll have no new breakouts.

  92. um..

    someone actually said it was in their genes.
    from hbanana: “..Acne runs in my family”

  93. to me its a curse

    I am 13 and have suffered from acne on my back for about a year now and i cant take it anymore. i often have break downs and start crying and once it was so bad i waswalking around my house in long pants big jacket a scarf around my face and a beanie. nobody in my family has acne problems or ever did! So WHY ME???? i have a boy friend who also has a few skin problems but i am still so self concious about it. My mom says i have to work from the inside out but its so hard. its not that i eat badly its just that nothing ever seems to work PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!!?????

  94. In the jeans...

    I skimmed quickly through these msgs, and didn’t notice any mention that it’s in our family genes, as well. In my family, most of my aunts/uncles, mom, sisters, brother, cousins… well, you get the point, we ALL suffered from acne. As an adult with NO acne, but the dreaded low self-esteem I gained during my teen and mid 20’s… I can honestly say that NOTHING worked for me, but good ‘ol WATER and exercise. My niece now suffers and I see myself in her. I want to help her because I know what she is going through. My facial guru suggested that the product line, Dermalogica works wonders. I purchased her an ACNE teen Starter kit, and it is working. I wish they offered this when I was a teen. Anyway, there is hope. Just be patient, and don’t pick. I picked and picked, and luckily I don’t look like Edward James Olmos or George Lopez (google E.J.O., kids. I doubt you’ve heard of him). Anyway, girls, stop with packing on the makeup! It worsens the problem.

  95. AcneIsNotMyFriend

    As someone who has suffered from acne on and off for over 15 years, I can tell you through experiences that OTC products do nothing but take your money, and aside from OVER-ALL health, diet has little correlation with acne. It’s all hormones, health and hygiene. To anyone who is suffering still, take the advice of those who have spoken about common sense solutions- Drink lots of water, eat right, wash your face twice a day and after physical activity (with a gentle cleanser), exercise, do not use makeup unless absolutely necessary (and be sure to wash it off as soon as possible), etc.
    Acne sucks, but remember, it won’t last forever. πŸ™‚

  96. cb

    Don’t give up. I believe you can control acne with a very healthy diet…it’s working for me and has taken me many years to work out through trial, error and a hell of a lot of reading. In short this is it…it’s kind of vegan, I guess. If your diet’s not good when you start this, you’re going to feel like you have flu for few days, but hang in there because you’re going to lose weight, get fit and improve your skin. This is a brain dump, but I’m getting together a more detailed sheet and I’ll be putting on the web in the next few weeks.

    1. No alcohol.
    2. No caffeine (no coffee, tea, chocolate).
    3. No meat…that’s right, at least for the 1st 6 months. Introduce it later, and see if it causes break-outs. It’s actually easy to live without meat. I’m into running, skiing, mountain-biking, soccer and since going veggo, I’m actually faster and fitter.
    4. No dairy….no milk, no cheese, no eggs, no ice cream
    5. Don’t eat too much…little and often.
    6. No oats.
    7. Supplement vitamin C (at least 1gram a day) and zinc (15mg a day). But go easy on supplements…your priority is to eat well.
    8. Eat only fresh veg and fruit. Go easy on high glycaemic stuff though such as dried figs etc as the sugar content can cause breakout. Buy a vegan/vegetarian cook book for ideas. Eat lots of lentils – good source of protein. Lots of brown rice.
    9. No sugar, no cakes, no desserts, don’t eat anything with sugar.
    10. Think positive, don’t get down. Use affirmations. (eg. say “I am beautiful and acne free” ten times in the morning…it sounds crazy, but it focuses your subconscious to come up with solutions)
    11. Treat yourself like the precious manifestation of life that you are…really look after yourself…get plenty of sleep.
    12. Exercise regularly. Running is cheap and easy to do.
    13. Absolutely no junk food. No saturated fats. Listen to your body…does it really want that burger or are you eating it for comfort?
    14. Don’t overload your skin with cosmetics and acne remedies.
    15. Moisturise your skin…when you feel ready.
    16. Shower every day.
    17. Good posture!

    I can recommend reading The Optimum Nutrition Bible, by Patrick Holford. Plus do a search on amazon for Positive Thought…I recommend the Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale. Or anything by Robin Sharma. Don’t spend a single second of the day thinking negatively. Choose your thoughts.

    Do a search on Amazon for acne diet books. Man, there is so much information about…it’ll boil down to the above, but don’t take my word for it. Read, read, read.

    Hope it helps.

  97. crazygolfer

    I’m a MEGA-sweet tooth but I don’t have a lot of pimples cuz I use this stuff called “Pot of Gold” and it’s made from natural honey and all this other stuff (I’m too lazy to get the tub that says whats on it) and you have to rub a thin layer of it (so you look sweaty) on the pimples and around them and it works. Don’t do it in the morning, night works best because then it has more time to work its magic.

    I must issue a WARNING though. People who have allergies to skin-plastering things and are majorly allergic to bees, don’t use this stuff because it comes from natural honey so it might contain bee venom. Chances are unlikely cuz I’ve used this for ages and I haven’t broken out in anything (I’m mildy allergic to bees, I only break out in little hives).

    On the brighter side you can also try it on stuff like eczyma and swelling. For more go to

    Trust me dudes, it works!!! πŸ˜€

  98. n

    i have really bad spots but all over my back. i’m really embarrasse to let guys see me when i go swimming


    hey guys,

    well I just want to advise u all that antibiotics and birth control pills that help with ur acne are VERY dangerous. Yes they do help me somewhat but teens are getting acne at very young ages these days… we can blame the modified food and growth hormones given to animals we eat for this… don’t forget that “you are what you eat”…

    we often hear that we should avoid chocolate or this or that but how come some people eat it and still have a clear face… well I was reading and I found out that you should be eating accoriding to your BLOOD GROUP! So you better know if ur an A, B, AB, or the O. Avoiding certaing foods and eating ones you should be eating accoriding to you blood group are going to be very benificial. Trust me when I say: everything I have tried so far (soaps, creams, pills, etc…) has not helped me so much that I can actually not have to worry about how my face/back look in public. When you have a chance go look at how many teans out of 10 in america have acne and then go look at how many in astern Europe do. It’s because they are able to control what they eat…

    I have a realllllly bad case of acne, I get enough of physical activity, I almost never eat chocolate, I was my face 2 times a day (remember that over washing it can make your acne worse), I try not tuching my face too much, I use crams and everything, but I still have the acne and yes it does get worse when that time of the month comes around… I’m really gonna the whole food thing… sadly I don’t know what my blood group is so I’m going to get that checked 2morrow.

    For those of you who have tried everything out there and just wanna give up… please please please try what I’m about to try as well, the stories I’ve read/hear are amazing πŸ™‚

    For a few days follow the basic rules (wash 2 times per day, dont touch your face, dont wear make up, etc…) anddd try to just drink a lot of water with the food suggested in your Blood Group, nothing elseee! For me in the past I’ve noticed that HOMEMADE carrot juice works well, might work for you too πŸ™‚

    I hope you found this useful, and I wish you all the best of luck and eating right!

    I remember reading that if you are an O Blood type group you should avoid most dairy products from cows, it’s best to drink goat milk.

  100. Steph

    My acne is under control after more than 10 years. I found the best routine is a foaming cleanser washed off with an exfoliating puff (gently) followed by a salicylic acid toner, twice a day. Occasional (DIY shop bought) glycolic peels work well too. Birth control and antibiotics worked a little, but not completely- everyone’s skin is different though, so don’t write them off. Medically, there is some evidence that avoiding dairy and high sugar products can help (as quoted by Dr Christian Jennssen on Channel 4’s ‘Embarrassing Illnesses’) and i must say, my skin has improved a lot since i have made a conscious effort to cut down on sugar- not easy for a sweet tooth like me, but worth it!

  101. A clear face, finally

    Try birth control – it really works! Also, excercising is a great way to de-tox your skin. Just wash your face afterwards. Also, some shampoos can trigger acne, and frizz-control products too. Being a girl, I’m always fooling around with my hair and the two things that really bring bacteria to the face are hands and hair (big surprise). I’m currently on BC as well as Differin and Clindamycin (or however you spell it). My skin seems to finally have cleared up. It’s amazing. Also, limit junk food – even though it might not cause acne, it’s still bad for your body and mind! (Also, eating more pumpkin seeds and using primrose oil is nice for your skin.)

  102. umm...please take down the mirrors

    everytime i wake up i dread making that slow walk to bathroom mirror. i see nothing but read blotchy spot of acne. They are way beneath the skin and they hurt. i don’t won’t to go places and i don’t even want my own family to see me.(i have a big family). i have read most of these comments…most of them say drink lots of water, eat right and exercise. so i guess that’s what i am going to do. i’ll get back to you about how this had worked out for me.

  103. griztelly

    birth control pills worked for me. =)

  104. felling the pain

    I started to get acne in the fourth grade, it was torture. None of my classmates new what was on my face so I was considered a freak. I’m now in the eighth grade and my acne has only gotten worse.I’m often picked on and called pepperone face. Haveing acne is one of the worst things imaginable and i can’t help but envy thoes around me with perfect skin.I like so many people hace tried over the counter drugs along with proactive nothing seems to work. I just hope and pray for a mericle.

  105. want to help

    laser hair removal works…. alot of my friends that had bad acne and hair(obviously) got laser hair removal and because the hair is gone and the pore is closed you will get really clear skin. it worked for about 5 girls that i know, give it a shot! Good luck!

  106. allstarqb

    i was doing some research online and i saw this new treatment that includes creams and natural pills that clean from the inside out. the treatment is called clearpores and i was wondering if u guys knew about it or tried so u can tell me if it is worth buying or not. thanx

  107. kid

    get OXY acne wash. not the scrub pads. Use it twice a day in the morning at night. dont use too much and dont leave it on too long. take a vitamin with vitamin A. dont eat alot of grease. its workin for me mostly.

  108. question and advice??? =]

    i had mild acne and i got something prescribed from the doctor, it works [except for the occasional pimple breakout{chin, and corner of my forehead}]. so i would definetly reccomend something doctor prescribed and i want to help get rid of those little brekouts but i dont wanna do anything majorly drastic… wat options are there for me???

  109. No Egg

    Give up the eggs. No food with egg, raw, baked,boiled or fried. Yes, no cookies or muffins.

  110. ANa

    i have bad acne in i am not even a teen yet. i eat no shugar at all and still have bad acne but i clean my face 3 times a day it works!!! πŸ™‚

  111. lissa

    when i stopped drinking soda about 11 months ago my acne went away, especially those pimples that are on the cheeks and impossible to get rid of, before then i was on antibiotics and cream, the one antibiotic had a nasty side effect. i agree with dyana a balanced diet is needed to clear up acne and sleep.

  112. dyana

    i had acne, pimples, blackhead, etc since i was 12. it was hard for a teenager to face such condition. it was worse when i had chicken pox and started suffering from body acne. i tried many stuffs, claimed to help with the condition. none works until i went to see a dermatologist. and i started taking Diane-35, a hormone pill to help clear the acnes.

    now, it has been a year since my acne started to clear up. the only thing left are the scars (can’t stop myself from picking at them) and occasional breakouts. healthy and balanced diet is a sure thing to help with acne. drinks lots of water, if possible, water that has been boiled instead of tap water. try to get yourself to exercise and to completely clean yourself afterwards. change your bedsheets and pillow cases frequently (if possible, weekly). and never forget to doze off at least 6-7 hours daily. it’s a sure thing that’ll help with acne.

    try it.

  113. hmmm

    acne sucks… but if u sleep drink lots of water clean ur face eat right and stay active ull be okay.. stay up

  114. martin

    My acne is so bad right now that I just feel like scratching my face off at times please help

  115. Clear Skin

    What worked 4 me
    -drink at least 64 oz. of water daily ( when you sweat and go to the bathroom you are relasing toxins, water will help flush you out)
    – mix cranberry juice with water and drink that on the side (cranberry juice is a great at removing toxins from your body)
    -eat many berries, especially blue berries (especially in morning Ie: shakes, cereal…)
    – diet: mostly fruits, veggies, soups (not fattening), lean meat, minimize salt, no refined anything, only complex carbs (unless you are an athlete and need it for a specific event), minimize chocolate (and chocolate milk, if you must have chocolate milk have chocolate almond milk, and eat carob instead of chocolate.) If you can do with out chocolate and carob then you will be better off. Not allot of Dairy: NO ICE CREAM!!! My alternative is Goat: yogurt, cheese, and butter. I sometimes have skim milk, but moslty I have Rice milk. Eat whole grain cereals, 9 grain and Sqaw breads. Corn, spelt, or grain tortillas. IF you can, it is hard and difficult to find, but I don’t eat gluten so my choices are gluten free breads, cereals, and pastas ( rice bread is the best).I hardly ever have breads though, if I’m going to cheat my favorite is cinnimon and rasin rice bread(Try not to eat allot of pastas or breads limit yourself to 2-3x’s a week). All this helps to clean you out and get rid of fattening, acne causing toxins. Also have nuts CAUTION: do not eat untill you drop! You must be in control of your self! For nuts try: almonds, cashews, walnuts, raisins(I know, it’s not a nut) and others. Limit your slef on the peanuts and peanut butter, they soak up the toxins from the soil. Try almond butter instead.
    -Vitamins and minerals: (remember I am only telling you what I did, and it helped me, I am no prfessional) try taking vitamin supplements along with your veggies and fruits. I take Vit. C (helps everything), Food Caroteen (helps skin, and many other things), Vit E, D, B12, B6, etc…. consult a PROFESSIONAl before taking my advice on any of this!!!! (try to eat organic)
    -skin deep: I also use proactive every now and then, but it won’t help if you pick, I also go to an estition, to her I owe my skin to the company name is CRYSTAL SKIN care. she has helped me so much(expensive and sometimes painful but very worth it)! Girls, if you wear make up, try using Young Blood Cosmetics, they are spcifically desinged for us, they can (depending on what you buy) help with oil, and they hide things vey well. I try to ice my face every night, it helps the swelling go down, for 2-3 minutes.
    NO PICKING, NO TOUCHING, NO SCRATCHING, NO FEELING, NO STARING, NO THINKING, NO SQUEEZING!!! I say no staring b/c if you stare long enough or think about it long enough, you will end up trying to pop it and end up making problems worse in the long run. Stay at least 3 feet away from mirror @ all times and dont touch or fell your face. wash 2x’s daily, when drying, blot dont rub.
    – Aloe will help w/ scars and break outs. it must be pure though. I put ADE cream on my face(vitamins A, D &E) either use organic shampoo or bedhead moisture maniac, it will help even if you have oily hair. Also try milk of magnasia.
    -Work out hard 3-8x’s a week, but do somehting everyday. sweating helps release toxins( thats why its important to drink lots of water so you can release them) wear loose fitting clothes and rinse your body afterwards and UR face. I hope this helps. I know how hard it is, but know that you can do this, that you won’t pick, and in the end youll win ,not your ance.
    good luck, you can do it, if i can you can. Sorry for the poor spelling and mistakes. Got back from soccer tournament and its late. This might make you loose weight if you are overweight or are not healthy. so if you dont want weight loss eat many complex carbs, protein and fiber (protien and fiber regardless of your weight, fiber will cleanse you if u drink enough water) u will be happy with results ,b ut if you decide to stop this, after a while of doing it, go off slowly or it can get bad again. give your body time to adjust. DO NOT GIVE UP

  116. help

    wat foods help clear acne the best and which should i avoid? i need to clear acne in 2 weeks!!!

  117. Gurney

    Water & more Water Folks! catch urself Eatn junk? stop right away cuz u will regret it! go 2 tha Docs get perscribd medicatn!

  118. hbanana

    Wow it’s great to see that there are others having the same problems! I use Proactiv and my face has cleared up a lot, but I agree that it’s probably not a good thing for me to have to buy and use this product indefinitely. Acne runs in my family so I’ll probably have it for a while (it started in fourth or fifth grade – yuck!). I don’t think I could ever scrub my face with an onion, but I will definitely try the vitamin b5 thing since sometimes my acne is cystic. I’m sure the balanced diet thing helps too, and I’m trying for that anyway because I’ve gained a lot of weight this year. Thanks a lot for all the tips, everyone, and good luck too! Oh and I’ve learned not to let my acne control the way I feel about myself. It would be silly to spend the time from late elementary to during college curling up in a corner and hiding my face! Do what you can to clear your skin up, but don’t obsess over a few (or several) pimples. Chances are, in a few years you’ll forget you ever had them.

  119. dill

    I’m 15 and iv had acne for about a year now over that time the most affective products,foods,drinks is water lots and lots of water also i used proactive for a while and it made my skin clear but made it extreamly dry and itchy so i stopped using it then it came back again. But i thought the best thing for acne is to get outside and drink lots of water, healthy foods and the least amount of sugar what so ever, and the surf that was the main thing that helped my skin the saltwater sun and strong currents and waves helped alot ,cleaning my skin really well,i still do have acne but it’s about 70 percent better than what it was so im happy enough for it be that good,it was shocking and i could’nt handle looking directly at people cos of this acne but its slowing but surly going away so lots of fruit and vegetables water and keep the skin clean and most of all keep persistent about it all good luck πŸ™‚

  120. clear in N.C.

    I tried all of the products out there for as long as directed and nothing worked. I think that it is terrible for companies to entice people who suffer from acne with empty promises just to make money off of them. “more products than you think” are just a rip off. Also it is not normal to have to continue to apply artificial creams or take chemicals to cure your body when people with clear skin do not. This is not a normal healthy thing to have to do, and we should not have to do it- or spend our money on it.

    The secret is in a healthy balanced diet, and knowing that your skin can clear up naturally by itself. It is amazing to see how your skin can heal from a cut or scrape if given the proper conditions and not irritated- it can do the same for your acne if you give it the proper conditions.

    Do not pick at your skin or put artificial products (or even natural products) on your face. Let your skin heal itself by giving it what it needs to do its job. Start by drinking lots of water, and eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. When i began taking vitamin b5 my skin cleared up and it was unbelievable. I also found that eating less salt, sugar, and avoiding sugar-filled drinks such as soda really cleared up my skin. Also do not wash your face with harsh soaps. I have found that baby shampoo works great because it is ph balanced just like water. Also do not use a wash cloth or scrub your face hard. Massage it gently with warm water and baby shampoo- then gently pat dry with a towel- other than this avoid touching your face. You should get plenty of sleep- Sleeping helps your body rest and heal.

    If i revert back to an unhealthy diet and forget to take the above advice, my acne will come back. But with a little self control and determination i can cure it again.

    also at certain times of the month when hormone production is high, i must be more careful to pay attention to my diet. There is no magic cure for acne- it takes work. While some people are born with clear skin, we have to put an effort into making it happen for us.

    BUT DON’T GIVE UP- YOU CAN DO IT!!! good luck everyone!

  121. Vi

    Aren’t dairy products and poultry meant to be good for you?
    I’m using bio-oil for my scarring, dunno if it’s working yet cos I havent been using it long. I’m gonna keep trying it though.

  122. natalie

    whenever I binge on junk food, I also drink diet sodas. And then subsequently break out. it’s either the sugar, the aspartame or the food dyes/additives.

  123. Knows by EXPIERIENCE!!!!

    The only thing birth control is good for is preventing BIRTH! (Not even that sometimes, looking around now.) Do not take birth control just because you want to clear up your face, there are to many side effects that can come along with it. And people out there should not be advising people to do this either.

  124. cory


    you all should do some research. just because you use a product and don’t see instant results doesn’t mean it sucks, or that it doesn’t work… it takes 2-3 weeks for a blemish under the skin to become a pimple. so if you use a product and you don’t see results in the first week, or perhaps your acne becomes worse, it doesn’t mean your product sucks. when pimples appear, it means that white blood cells are doing their job by destroying the blemish under your skin, thus producing a visible pimple. sometimes a good product may seem like it’s making your face worse, when really it works better. just be patient, and be consistent!

    Also make sure you drink a good amount of water. Water is such a good thing for us.


    Wash your face once in the morning and once at night, use a toner, and apply an acne cream, EVERY SINGLE MORNING AND NIGHT. Do not skip a morning or night! You will notice results in no more than 2 months (2 months at the most, just be patient, you want that acne to be gone don’t you?)

  125. anonymous

    NEEEVEEER!! use toothpaste in your face!! it doesen’t help

  126. a girl who beat acne

    onion helps for some.

  127. a girl who beat acne

    usually it is hormones. Since i was 14 i could not do anything about my acne. But when i started drinking more water, not 8 glasses, but probably more like 1-1.5 litres per day, plus excersized it helped me. Plus, forget about junk, sweets, bread, cookies, butter, and so on. Fruits, veggies. Do not pick your face, you’ll spread the bacteria! Better treat spot your acne — it will help. For women – birth control helps. Also, go to dermatologyst!
    Good Luck!

  128. wanalooseweight

    Hi im jennz i have tried absolutely everything,vitamin c,steaming my skin,excersing,natural remedies nothing seems to work ,i only get pimples on my nose and forehead,i do eat alot of chips and sweets though ,im a model and i need my face to be completely clear .PLEASE HELP ME

  129. Kris

    Actually high doses of vitamin B5 can help with cystic acne. The type of pimples that form deep under the skins surface. If you have deep acne you need to treat from the inside out. Meaning watch your diet and be sure to get lots of vitamins.

    B5 helps to prevent oily skin, which in return helps fight the pores from being clogged.

    Trust me… I’ve tried everything there is to treat my acne. I just started the B5 treatment… I figured if it’s deep under my skin the only thing that could help would be attacking it from the inside by taking vitamins.

  130. lina

    actually taking vitamin supplements in someway can contribute to the development of acne… as we know multivatamins have from A to Zinc… and sadly they are rich in the vitamin B complex .. my dermatologist said that vitamin B in high dosis can agravate acne lessions..therefore lay off the centrum =D

  131. H

    i have really bad spots, its not just on my face, but all over my back. i’m really embarrasse to let guys see me when i go swimming and stuff. not sure what i can do…i take vitamins every day so can’t be that.

  132. Anonymous


  133. Sara

    I drink plenty of green tea
    I hate junk food
    I eat high protein
    Take vitamins
    I exercise
    and I got acne still
    so this isn’t very effective
    the best thing is to just wash your face/hair every day (the Clean and Clear kit was the only thing that works sort of)
    and girls don’t wear coverup let your skin breathe
    Oh and Origins is a rip off πŸ˜€

  134. ham

    pro active people

  135. skipper

    I am also 17 and have tried several products to clear my acne. (not to mention antibiotics with unfortunate side effects) i recommend getting a lot of sleep and eating foods rich in fibre. this worked well for me, but unfortunately does not do much for any scaring. i found also that weather contributes greatly to the severity of acne – especially hot, humid weather. Also be sure to change your pillow case reguarly and keep your scalp as oil-free as possible.

  136. dkali91

    I’m 17 and I’m suffering from acne since about 2 years. None of the recommended face wash products such as: clearasil etc. did not have any positive effect on my face. I once have found on the internet a cure from one boy and he said that it actually helped him. And the cure that he was describing was “a onion cure” so what he was saying was that you cut onion in half and you massage your face with it. I tried this for about 2 weeks and to be honest it helped. So maybe only fruits and vegetables will help fighting with acne? Looks like all the products from Boots, Superdrug etc. are just useless.

  137. rich

    Having suffered acne since my teens well into my 20’s i’ve tried various diets and methods to control it. The only thing I can say for certain that relates to the above is that since I started weight training and having a high protein diet my acne has lessened considerably. I’d recomend to anyone trying this, drinking a lot of water and doing exercise to open pores and sweat out the bacteria that build up in them.

  138. swollen face

    this is the stupidest thing in the world.
    i tried the vitamin A idea and my face is swollen and it broke out in thick red pimples.

Last Reviewed: March 29, 2021