herbalifeHerbalife is a company founded in 1980 which sells Herbalife products for weight-loss and health through multi-level marketing (MLM) distributorships. The weight loss program called ShapeWorks™, and associated weight-loss products, are reviewed here.

Also available from Herbalife distributors are targeted health/nutrition products (specifically for heart, digestion, stress, men, women, etc, as well as skin, hair, fragrances etc). They recently released a line of their best workout supplements called 24 Hour Fitness Support.

Some have experienced liver toxicity with Herbalife products. src.

Herbalife Weight Loss Program – ShapeWorks™

The ShapeWorks™ program is available for weight loss or weight maintenance in several variations (‘quickstart’, ‘advanced‘, ‘ultimate’, and with each of these ‘protein plus’), at regular prices ranging from $US85 to $US210 (discounted prices are available). The program personalizes daily protein intake for your body’s individual needs, with the aim that you feel full, satisfied and energized as you lose your unwanted weight. Included is a seven-day recommended meal plan.

The amount of weight-loss aimed for, and your physical make-up as well as your attitude to pushing towards your objective, will determine how soon you reach it and the extent that the ongoing cost of reordering supplies will mount up. The initial pack will last perhaps 11 to 15 days at the recommended rate of consumption.

The program features a daily plan of

  • a single healthy meal with plenty of fruit & vegetables
  • 2 meal-replacement shakes tailored to your protein needs, and protein snacks to promote metabolism and reduce hunger
  • supplements to enhance health and cell nutrition
    by helping reduce fluid retention, boosting metabolism and building energy, increasing intake of essential nutrients and curbing appetite

Herbalife Weight Loss Products supplied with ShapeWorks™

Herbalife Shake Mixes: come in a variety of flavors, and contain up to 20 essential vitamins and minerals as well as health-enhancing herbs and 9g of soy protein, as well as being a healthy source of fiber.

Herbalife Herbal Concentrate: Low-calorie tea-mix for a tasty and healthy alternative to coffee and sodas –
comes in several flavors and includes selected herbs and green tea for its thermogenic and antioxidant properties.

Herbalife Multivitamin Complex: A daily multivitamin and mineral supply, plus selected herbs, to maintain health of bones, skin, hair and the immune system, and promote overall well-being and long-term good health.

Herbalife Cell Activator: Essential nutrients, plus selected botanicals, to improved nutrient absorption and support cellular energy production and stamina.

Herbalife Protein Powder: a blend of unflavored whey and soy protein powder, that is mixed in shakes, soups and sauces to help maintain lean muscle mass and reduce hunger.

Herbalife Cell U Loss®: A supplement to help reduce fluid accumulation in the body, shown for example in dimpled skin which may form when fatty tissues in certain parts of the body accumulate fluid and wastes.

Herbalife Total Control®: A herbal enhancer that works at the cellular level to promote weight loss. Boosts fat-burning metabolism, and builds energy and soothes digestion. Contains green tea extract with yerba maté, ginger and other selected herbs.

Herbalife Snack Defense™: A weight-management supplement that works all day to reduce the desire for sweets while lowering the between-meals ‘snacking’ urge.

ShapeWorks™ Program Components




  • Nutritional Shake Mix (550g)
  • Multivitamin ComplexCell Activator
  • Herbal Concentrate Original (50g)
Quickstartcomponents +:

  • Cell-U-Loss®
  • Total Control®
Advancedcomponents +:

  • Snack Defense™
  • Sampler Pack of snack items: 4 Bars (different flavors), 4 Roasted Soy Nuts, 4 Beverage Mix packets (2 flavors), 2 Creamy Chicken Soup.
Quickstart Protein Plushas above with 750g Shake Mix (instead of 550g) +:

  • Personalized Protein Powder
Advanced Protein Plus has Quickstart Protein Pluscomponents +:

  • Cell-U-Loss®
  • Total Control®
Ultimate Protein Plus has Advanced Protein Pluscomponents +:

  • Snack Defense™
  • Sampler Pack

Sample ShapeWorks™ Meal Plan

Breakfast and Lunch:

  • meal replacement
  • cup of herbal tea concentrate
  • multivitamins (1 tablet)

(approx. 29g protein)

Meal Replacement

  • 25g Shake Mix
  • 375 ml 1% M.F. milk or soy milk
  • 12 g (2 tbsp) Protein Powder – add more based on your needs
  • 1 cup fresh or frozen fruit
  • blend well

  • meal
  • dessert (1cup fresh or frozen fruit)
  • multivitamins (1 tablet)

(approx. 30-40g protein)


  • 4+ cups of salad
  • 15ml (1 tbsp) rice- or wine-vinegar or nonfat salad dressing
  • 85-170g/3-6oz fish, skinless chicken, lean red meat or soy-meat substitute, cooked by non-fat means
  • 2+ cups mixed vegetables
Snack:(approx. 12g protein)
  • 1 cup cut, raw vegetables
  • Soup (Cream of Chicken Mix) or Protein Bar or Roasted Soy Nuts or Protein Drink (Wild Berry or Peach Mango Mix)
  • Individuals weighing over 100Kg/220pounds or wanting to lose 23Kg/50pounds or more may add one extra tablespoon of Protein Powder to their shakes. Also, men may have two snacks a day if hungry and weight-loss goals permit.
  • Replace 1 meal a day (instead of 2) to just maintain your weight.
  • Take advantage of all available flavors of shake and drink mixes.
  • Drinking water is important.
  • Exercise several times a week.

Sample Meal

Ingredients: ¼ cup bottled citrus marinade¼ cup green onion, chopped

1 garlic clove, minced

1 tsp minced fresh ginger root

1 pound red snapper filets

  • Prepare marinade by combining the first four ingredients in a bowl.
  • Then pour marinade over snapper, flesh side down, and let set for 15 minutes.
  • Prepare grill.
  • Remove snapper from marinade and pat dry. Season snapper with salt and pepper.
  • Grill skin side down on an oiled rack set five-six inches over glowing coals for four minutes. Place lid on the grill to cover, grilling snapper until just cooked through for another four minutes.*
  • Carefully transfer snapper with a metal spatula to a platter and remove skin before serving.
  • Serve with steamed asparagus tossed with lemon and garlic.

*NOTE: Alternatively, snapper may be grilled in a hot, well-seasoned grill pan with a lid over moderate heat.

Nutrient Analysis per Serving: Calories: 285Protein: 48 grams

Carbohydrates: 12 grams

Fat: 3 grams

Look for other meal ideas here.

Meal Replacement (Shakes) Variations

With up to 30 meals in every ShapeWorks™ meal replacement container, the shakes can be used to make lots of variations, for drinks and for snacks (muffins, cookies, bars and pies). Here are two examples.

2½ tbsp/37ml Meal Replacement (French )Vanilla
1/3 cup/75ml Skim milk
¼ cup/60 ml Herbal Aloe drink
4-6 Ice cubes
2 drops Mint extract
  • Combine all ingredients and blend until smooth.
  • Garnish with fresh mint leaves.

Here’s another sample recipe.

1 cup/250ml Meal Replacement (Dutch chocolate or French Vanilla)
2½ cups/625ml Skim milk
1 package White chocolate sugar-free instant pudding mix
¼ cup/60ml Peanut butter
1 Ready made chocolate pie crust, 8″/20x20cm
  • Mix Meal Replacement and milk together.
  • Add pudding and peanut butter mix well and pour into crust.
  • Chill one hour.
  • Add fat free, non-dairy whipped topping.

Is ShapeWorks™ suitable for everyone?

Weight loss programs like this, while effective for many, are not necessarily suitable for all. Although the program supplies at least 1000 calories daily and is nutritionally complete, there is a heavy reliance on Herbalife powders and pills. The suggested rate of weight loss (up to 3.5Kg/7½ pounds weekly) is too high for most people to sustain. In addition, reliance on a specific product does not teach healthy, lifelong eating habits. Maintaining a successful healthy lifestyle is a long-term thing that extends beyond the program itself, so you need to continue lifelong habits of good nutrition, fitness, and exercise.

The Herbalife ShapeWorks Weight Loss Program may become costly when adding the ongoing additional expenses of meal replacement shakes and supplements to your initial outlay to join the program of your choice. Conversely, making a large financial commitment might help to stay motivated.

See also

Herbalife.com – Official Homepage of Herbalife

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
  • Elinav, E., Pinsker, G., Safadi, R., Pappo, O., Bromberg, M., Anis, E., … & Shouval, D. (2007). Association between consumption of Herbalife< sup>® nutritional supplements and acute hepatotoxicity. Journal of hepatology, 47(4), 514-520. link
  • Blanck, H. M., Serdula, M. K., Gillespie, C., Galuska, D. A., Sharpe, P. A., Conway, J. M., … & Ainsworth, B. E. (2007). Use of nonprescription dietary supplements for weight loss is common among Americans. Journal of the American Dietetic Association, 107(3), 441-447. link
  • Heymsfield, S. B., Van Mierlo, C. A. J., Van der Knaap, H. C. M., Heo, M., & Frier, H. I. (2003). Weight management using a meal replacement strategy: meta and pooling analysis from six studies. International journal of obesity, 27(5), 537-549. link

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  1. Raf

    9 weeks,gain 12kg.

  2. rush

    I started 6 days ago and have been reading all reviews about the products i am on. not always good i must say. i am using the ultimate weight loss which entails u to drink like 7 pills twice a day and then 5 pills at night. i am a bit worried with all that pills. after being on it for 4 days i started getting the flu. it is now day 6 and i am still not feeling better. i read that these products of herbalife can mess with ur immune system. is there anyone who can tell me if they went through the same thing like me by getting sick after a few days on the products? i have lost like 4lbs though without going to the gym which i will do when i get better.

  3. Jes

    I have been on the program for 3 weeks. I have lost 4 lbs. I love the shakes. It is a bit pricey and I didn’t do so hot the first week. I have been exercising more weather permitting in this area. I’m not really into the tea much. I just have a shake for breakfast a shake for lunch, a lean cuisine for dinner and some snacks like beef jerky or laughing cow cheese or there are these jello cubes you can buy that look like knox blocks. They have 45 calories for the whole bag and nine grams of protein. I like this program because at least you know the rules. You can’t have the shakes and then have krispy kreme donuts for dinner. Also, you have to limit your alcohol consumption or it won’t work either as I like my beer.

  4. Jen

    I starting using Herbal life like my life depended on it. I was so extremely faithful to the product I lost 10lbs a month for 3 months and was then put in the hospital will chills, fever and lose of consciousness. I told them I was taking Herbal life and that my day to day food regimen that my distributor told me to do was……a shake for Breakfast with my tea and pill, NO SNACK, a shake for Lunch with my tea and pills, NO SNACK and then an iceberg lettuce salad with absolutely NOTHING on it for supper with Tea and my pills. She told me I was NOT losing weight fast enough so she wan’t allowing me any snacks or an actual meal for supper. That is all I ate for 3 months. Absolutely no cheating, I wanted to lose weight so badly I rode out every hunger pain with a glass of Raspberry tea and every temptation for chocolate or pasta with yet another cup of tea. I was miserable, absolutely miserable. Lake of energy, couldn’t even get out with my children and play. The doctors told me to STOP the diet I was on immediately. I’m not sure if my distributor was completely and ONLY after money and not my health or what. If you plan on doing this so called diet plan, please, please, please be very careful. This plan I was told, ruined my metabolism.

  5. Trinity


    Are the products & plan for weight loss & weight gain are the same?

  6. bhaskaran

    now pase 2 weeks i using herbalife products for weight gain. but i have no change in my weight. one day is increasing and next day is reducing. how it is possibel to get weight gain

  7. Sue

    The reason that the products do not produce the results that you are looking for are:
    1. Not following and taking the products as directed. There is a plan to follow and a reason to do so!

    2. Not being truthful to your coach or to yourself about “cheating” on the plan.

    For those that also want to gain weight – this program does work BUT sneha…you can not expect to gain the weight that you need in one month! It takes as much work to gain weight as it does to lose.

    My goal is to help has many people that I can to be healthy and live healthy.

  8. Ravichanderan

    Dear Customers,

    We are glad to introduce you to the world of

  9. dr nadir

    herbalife works 100 % times-if we use it properly & long enough…some of the posts here are people that want a baby the very next day after they get pregnant!it aint going to happen!there is no magic to this very scientific progamme..it is rock solid science.have patience and follow instructions and every one will get to their health goals.VIVA HERBALIFE

  10. swati

    i lost 3.2 kg for first month…..but now 10 days passed but no further weight loss while following the same diet and herbalife products…..could u tell me why is it so and what should i do?

  11. sneha

    plz tell me what is use of hebalife?
    i am suffering with under wait
    is it use or not?
    i am very poor.buz i can invest the money on herbalife prodects one time only.again and again i cant buy this.
    plz rly soon

  12. Tebogo Molebo

    I am in Africa Botswana, i really want to try this product but your online order is not user friendly can you please give the guidelines of how to place an order or refer me to distributor here in Africa if not my country i prefer South Africa. Please respond i need help.

    • Leenique

      Hey Tebogo, Do you still need help? Please contact me 0732550562.

    • Richa sinha

      ok listen prefer any herbalife distributor and they will tell you everything about the company and they tell how to get products online

  13. Lou Pope

    I have been on Herbalife since Oct of this year (09) I am doing the WLC with them and I must say the diet is great. I have lost about 17 pounds and 16.5 inches It is a great diet and “lifestyle” change for me. I am not a night eater and need to have dinner by 6-6:30 or I do not sleep well. The shakes are great if I can’t eat until later I am getting what I need without feeling the fullness of a meal.
    I only wonder if I need more calories that I did when I was at 151 pounds. I will have to ask my coach when I go for the last class.
    The “pay money” or “win money” is a great thing to help me not gain since you have to pay $1.00 per pound if you gain.
    And so far I am very close to the top of my class so perhaps I will be the “biggest loser” and win the money…

  14. Cindy

    I was never one who had to diet, ever. So at 46 after a spinal fusion you can imagine how I felt after gaining 20+ pounds in a relativly short time (3 months). When I was better I tried exercising vigerously, (nothing) I tried weight watchers meals (gained more) then I found an old friend on facebook who is an herbalife distributor. Of course I was weary. I even laughed at her well meaning “suggestions”. I took her samples(not serously) but she kept after me. While my weight has not gone down like some who posted here, (12 pounds in 3 months) I can say that for ME its the best thing that ever happened to me. I do not eat breakfast (never did) and the shakes are giving me what I lack in the morning. Also we are Italian so we eat a lot of carbs and not much red meat so we are truly lacking protein in our diets. I am now a distributor myself and can’t see going without it. As far as the person who said it was too expensive, what I did was purchace one product a week or two until i had everything i needed therefore it didnt cost a fortune nor did I run out of everything at the same time. Good luck to all of you and for those who say they got sick, did you keep in contact with your wellness coach? That is very important for this program. if you were feeling ill, you should call your coach immediately and discuss any changes in your diet or lifestyly. Just like anything else, products need to be adjusted. Try again and use your coach that’s what she is thre for.

  15. dre

    and i have followed it to the tee im hoping my second week will be better than the first i have seen alot of people with great results and hoping to be one of them

  16. dre

    so ive been on this for a about 9 days and have not seen any results yet

  17. Krynne

    My concern isn’t what’s in the Herbalife products, but is in fact the cost to buy (and continue buying each month) this set of Herbalife products. I had the good luck of being able to try this product for a short while (3 months) thanks to a friend. Unfortunately I had to discontinue using them because I personally could not afford to keep and maintain the products needed for my diet plan, nor could my friend keep buying them for me.

    I must admit… for the short time I took them I did indeed feel good, lost a bit of weight (about 18 pounds) and lost all cravings, etc, etc. If I could I would love to get them again.

    However, I’m on a very limited budget and just can’t afford the $398+ it would cost me per month. I would very much like to use something that will work just like the Herbalife products, but cost half or even a third the cost… is there such a product, and if so where/what are they?

  18. Nicole

    i believe that when you take on a diet it is all in your head. so if you dont dedicate yourself 100% ofcourse its not going to work! and i’m sure for those ppl who tried herbalife and it doesnt work for you, you have probably tried other diets as well and SURPRISE those didnt work either!

  19. YT

    To all of you haters, you most likely work for a competitive company, or used the product in a wrong way.

    I compared the use, with and without the product – ate the most healthy way I could (healthy food costs a lot, almost as much as Herbalife products) and still haven’t got the result I’ve got from Herbalife.

    I feel more energy each morning, haven’t had any disease in years and I feel much stronger now, all thanks to Herbalife.

  20. BRENDA


  21. Angie C.

    LOVE Herbalife! I started using it March 6, 2009 and
    have lost almost 60 lbs.! Only question I have is has anyone had trouble with hair loss? I have noticed my hair becoming thinner.

  22. katherine

    RE: Karen — June 4, ’09, I began
    “eating” Herbalife nutritional products in March of this year. I wanted to find out for myself how they really worked because the wellness industry facinates me, and I could be part of that with Herbalife, but I didn’t want to be a part of a scam operation. WELL — THEY DELIVER ON THEIR PROMISES!

    I was hoping to gain some energy. I’m nearly 64 yrs young, had a “grocery list” of medical problems and was feeling pretty discouraged when I found Herbalife. NOW –My blood sugars have stabilized. I do not have the wrenching arthritis pain anymore. My water retention problems are slowly going away. The brain fog is lifting. I had a continual seizure in my left eye and saw double and sometimes triple. My eyesight has cleared and I do not take the seizure meds any longer and do not have to worry about becoming housebound because I could no longer drive! My mood is upbeat and cheerful and that is a major plus for me. There has been another benefit for me. I have lost 20# and have 10# to go. I am certain I will get there.

    This is not snake oil or a pyramid scheme. Those kinds of statements are foolish and not grounded on fact.

    Herbalife is a nutritionally sound program for losing weight, gaining weight, or weight maintenace. But more importantly it is an easy way to get some good nutrition for a change. I live in farming and ranching country and know that not only is the soil losing its good nutritional properties, it is being poisoned with herbacides and pestacides.

    I hold a Master’s degree and membership in national organizations. I am a retired counselor. I am a very skeptical person who is open-minded enough to do the research on a company or product…NOT GULLIBLE!

    The MDs by the way, have not been “paid” to push Herbalife. Another idiotic statement.

  23. M & B

    6-18-09 Today my husband and I are starting this program We are so excited Ive seen my brothers dropped more than 60 lbs and look heathier. They both have diabetic and now they have it under controll. My husband was diagnose with Chol,high blood pressure, diabetic you name it so he decided to get healthy. I was diagnose with thyroid (which is very diff. to lose weight. I will post in 1 month with our result.

  24. Karen

    Re: Entry from March 13th, 2009 – I find posts like this kind of amusing. I lost my weight on the products in 1995 and have continued to drink a shake every single day AND the Tea ever single day as well and guess what, I still have all of my fingers, toes, hair, nails (if I didn’t bite them) and all of my insides too. I’m going on 49 years old and healthy as can be, no medications needed here. My husband is 53 and not on any meds either. And yes, the Tea is addicting, just like coffee and soda is addicting, I love my tea every morning, hot, 2-3 cups each day. Just love it! Oh, and I don’t drink soda any more either, used to drink 2 liters a day before I switched over to (green) tea, unsweetened of course.

  25. Jessica

    I did herbalife and I actually am currently a supervisor. The shakes are great and the products do make you lose weight. I lost 40 pounds last year. However, I also suffered from severe gall bladder attacks and hair loss as a result. Any diet pills are not good for you. Get out, exercise and watch what you eat. Use the shakes to replace meals. Stay away from the pills.

  26. Stephanie, Ohio

    I have been on the program for 5 days and have already lost 4#. I don’t exercise,nor do I follow real good directions when it comes to diets. I think I can do this!! I want to lose 100#.I still eat what I want for dinner too. Just not too much. I LIKE THIS PLAN. I AM A DIABETIC. MY NUMBERS ARE PERFECT AND I WILL SOON BE OFF ALL MEDS !!!!

  27. Lucille

    For those persons who had bad results, need to try harder and stop blaming there short commmings on herbalife.I started using herbalife just two months ago, the first month i only lost four pounds because i was diong a lot of things wrong and also cheating.After i got a little more into it the weight just start dropping off.Do things a little different and you will soon see good results.For that persons who says they have not seen any results as yet just be patient and adjust your diet a little bit,try portion control. goood luck. you can do it.

  28. Olly

    I’ve just started Herbalife. Been on it 4 days now and I feel great. I’ve lost 3 pounds and I’m happy with the progress. If you want this diet to work you must follow it to the letter and NOT CHEAT. If you are over 40, you tend to lose weight a bit slower than a younger person. Just keep with it, you’ll be glad you did!

  29. keisha

    i have been doing herbalife for six weeks now and have not lost a single pound and I am doing it the right way

  30. julie

    I love Herbalife. I used it and lost 25 lbs in 6 weeks. Then thought, oh now Im where I need to be and ate like a fool. Now I’m back on the plan and planning on long term success by planning our meals, etc.

  31. Jess

    I just started the Ultimate package for weightloss, I have been on for 5 days I take everything I got as suggested by my rep AND I am NOT exercising Restults: 9lb, I think its because I drink 12 glasses of water a day to keep things moving. Why I chose this: My dads friend tried to get my dad on this 4 years before he passed away from heart problems because he had a miracle story with the diet himself. For real though peeps if its not working for you then its not for you, you also need to be 100% committed to following the steps!

  32. genny

    plzz who evr is doing this diet plzz stop.. i took it and lost 18lbs in 3 days.. butall herbalife products slowly kill the inside of your body. my mom is living proof. she would always drink the shake and the tea. now she is suffering from high anemia. it all has to do with the tea. its full of caffeine and is like a cigar. its addicting and slowly kills you..

  33. sherrie

    The difference between Herbalife and other diet programs is that it is not a diet. It is a balanced nutritious meal that gives our cells what it needs on a daily basis. We have 100 trillion cells that needs it’s targeted nutrition daily to be able to function to it’s optimum level.It goes to the core, the cells. Besides, it also reshape your body. With food scandals on the rise, don’t even dream of getting balanced nutrition from just the food we eat. We need intelligent nutrition at the same time

  34. Lizanne Archer

    Come on, if you knew anything about these products you will know that it is aimed at nutrition. You can use it for weight loss, maintaining AS WELL as weight gain. It’s a balanced meal for people on the move or wanting to improve sport performance or need energy. So many great results have been reported – weightloss is one of them, not what the company is based on!! YES it’s a healthy meal, that’s exactly it, but it’s your choice if you want to use it or not & it’s just easy to use. Stop trying to pull it apart as a money making scheme or snake oil lol.

  35. Sue

    Herbalife is not just about weight loss. I have lost 57 lbs. in 6 months but more important then that is that my acid reflux is gone, I had to stop taking BP meds, I don’t suffer from crushing fatigue and fibromalgia pain anymore, I go to the bathroom regulary, no more migraines and I get periods every 28 days without pms when I for years I did not get a period for up to a year at at time. There is no way in hell you can tell me that Herbalife does not work. I have 40 more pounds to lose but I don’t care how long it takes to come off I will use these products for the rest of my life.

    • sharone


  36. alexa

    i have been on herbalife for 6 months and lost 38 pounds. i feel great just need 20 more to go. it works great

  37. ltamez

    The reason you may think this diet is difficult is because we are so use to stuffing our face with food. Remember that it is mind over matter only the first few weeks are difficult. Our eating habits need to get adjusted. This is wonderful diet and I have had excellent results but because I have been focused and determined to lose the weight for my health.

  38. Han

    Herbalife is a temporary colorie deficient program and as the cabbage soup diet will cause you to lose weight … anyone who willingly sustains this program for yeaars has to have shares in the compny… if u`r seriously desperate for servere weight loss enjouy your $5 a day cabbage soup….

  39. E C

    Can I still have a nightly glass of wine, after dinner while on the Herbalife Diet?

  40. Elva Currier

    Can I still have a nightly glass of wine, after dinner while on the Herbalife Diet?

  41. Veronica

    Herbalife program works for me and my family. At first it was hard for me just because i wasnt in the habit of eating small meal or heathly at that. Now i feel awesome full of energy and my clothes are fitting better. Everybody is different. My sister in law is not losing much lbs but she’s losing inches and down a size. So dont get discourage be patience. You cant lose weight over nite and you dont want to lose it too fast either. that could be bad for your health if so. I put my 100% support behind this product. If you have any question for me feel free to email me veronicag1113@yahoo.com

  42. Sara

    Thank you for the detailed information about the Herbalife Shapeworks program.

  43. Laila

    I did the program for 6 months it worked at a huge cost. My sisters did slim fast with vit from the w-mart and lost more as i did at less than 1/4 the cost that i paid. We are identical twins who live together and we own a diner together. We are together 80% of the time. We eat most the same food so i am pretty sad. I feel like a fool. I waisted a ton of money

  44. cindy

    i just got the product and im 152lbs 4’9″ my goal is 10lbs from tomorrow(11-03-08)to 12-30-08. so we will see!!!

  45. Phyllis

    My sister just started it, she’s been on it for a week now and has lost 2 pounds and 2 inches on her arms,waist,thighs, and bust area, IT REALLY WORKS!!!!!!!!!! I just started today I hope i’m as sucessful!

  46. healthy_in_Asia

    Hi there, lots of angry people wanting to get there views across! I’ve just started the Herbalife program, my boyfriend and I are using the shakes + protein powder as a meal replacement for the evenings. We live in Asia and often feel sluggish because we aren’t getting enough protein, iron and vitamin D. Herbalife seemed like a great way to get a balanced meal without feeling bloated and full in the evenings(hate that feeling). There is so much more to loosing weight and reshaping your body…


    I’ve been on herbalife for 2 weeks now and have lost 11 lbs.!!!!!—im doing yoga for 15 min in the morn . and a brisk 30 min walk in the evenings—-
    I homeschool my 4 children and opperate our bussiness out of our home—so im busy—and yet was still able to incorporate health into my days—
    so far so good—-

  48. gill

    I have been on the Herbalife shakes and thermo tea for 3 weeks now and have seen ZERO results. I swim 3km 3 times a week and eat a healthy dinner. I haven’t changed my entire life to fit in with my diet, ie. I still enjoy a glass of wine in the evening, but I really hoped to see a fraction of a result by now esp since I am starving all day! Is there an adjustment period for your body and suddenly the results come? Am I being too impatient? Does this diet just simply not work for me? Any body had an experience similar to mine that can give me hope that the results are coming?

  49. Adriana

    I will say that I love herbalife. I know for a fact that it does work, but you have to be willing to do what the diet plan states.I lost 20 pounds in a month, berfore that I tried everything and nothing worked. With this diet sometimes you can eat what ever you want the only thing is that if you work out you lose weight faster. Those of you who say it sucks you dont have the will power to do a diet…… your likely to fat and need surgery.

  50. yes yes

    i spend 110 in herbalife didn’t lose no weight just made suffer of consipation i never suffer of this problem before into i started takin herbalife i sucks.

  51. Just-Fit Guy

    Herbalife and similar MLM companies will slim your pockets faster than your bodies. I do like their enthusiasm and positive thinking, but don’t let your emotions get to you. I know you want to think you made the right choice paying $500 + the 30 day supply to market your SHAPEWORKS to other people. The best way is to eat right and exercise. Look up the Low Glycemic and Mediterranian diets (Backed up by real physicians). Your body works opposite to a bank account. The less calories you “deposit” and the more calories “spent” with exercise and other physical activities will give you a “Millionaire” healthy body. No need to hate Herbalife but more importantly to get informed. A healthy body starts with the mind and the good habits. It takes 3 weeks to form good eating and exercise habits. PS: That GRILLED CITRUS SNAPPER sample meal sounds good. Be positive always.

  52. Addy

    Herbalife did not do a thing to your organs. Herbalife has been proved to work and millions of people use it each day and are having success. Some people have nothing better to do than complain about everything. What’s next, did you ipod give you cancer? Herbalife works for the majority. If it doesn’t work for you then you don’t have to hate it just move on to something else. Your body is probably in such bad shape you need an entire life style change to fix your problem.

  53. ihateherbalife

    herbalife made all of my vital organs swell from the inside and gave me hives the size of ant mounds its the worst diet anyone can use . 8 of my family members and my two kids besides myself were in ER for 3 days. our weights range from 168 to 227 lbs.

    We dont really need lipo either Steve

  54. Steve

    The diet works. Herbalife is listed on the NYSE and millions of people use these products worldwide. It’s simple, Herbalife products work and millions of people can testify to that. If it doesn’t work for you then you might consider lipo suction because nothing else will probably work either. Get a life people, the results have been proved my countless millions.

  55. Amber V., Oregon

    Rock Solid…surrrreeee it is…not!!! What credible medical doctors? Oh you mean the ones that were paid lots of money to say that it works? That’s nothing new. That’s like paying Michael Jordan a million dollars to say it works, that’s the way to get people to buy into it! And of course you’re going to lose weight if you eat healthy and exercise along with the really expensive crap herbal life has you buy. News flash! You’re EXERCISING & EATING HEALTHY!! which is something you probably don’t normally do since you’re fat in the first place. It has nothing to do with the product! Have you checked the ingredients and the prices??? Holy Cow! It’s nothing but a marked up version of Slim fast or some other money scamming diet! Whatever happened to just good old fashioned exercise and eating healthy? Instead people want to grow broke buying the fake “miracle” drug because they’d rather buy into the promises they’ll be fixed over night and it’ll require no effort! *Reminder* Dr.Atkins died from his own diet! Just look at the website we’re on! There’s an endless amount of diets and still and endless amount of fat people in the world! How about we stop trying to take the easy way out, and stop teaching our kids bad eating habits. Why is McDonalds a multi-million dollar company??

    Tina M. Maryland-Herbalife Distributor # 10Y1058285
    The Herbalife Shapeworks Program is based on “Rock Solid” Nutrition,has helped MANY people and has VERY credible Medical Doctors on staff.

  56. Nicole

    This diet definitely works..BUT ONLY if you follow the diet down to every letter..otherwise you wont loose more than maybe a pound…and you’ll be spending hundreds of dollars. So If you are disciplined, I say you invest in these products…but beware:Gaining weight after you have lost it on this diet is HIGHGLY PROBABLE..that is if you dont maintain a healthy lifestyle afterwards…
    These products helped me loose 30 pounds

  57. Sheryl

    My skin has never looked so good using these products. I feel that this proves their effect on the body. Cost is high. I was told to use more pills from my “upline” then the Herbalife website says to use. So beware of extras.

  58. Jacqueline

    The Herbalife Shapeworks Program is a wonderful tool that helped me lose weight and regain my self-confidence. It was a good investment. Once you reached your goal, it is easy to maintain your weight by just adopting a sensible diet. Any diet works in the end but the hardest part is to maintain and no pills in the world will hinder weight gain if you start bingeing on crap. I tried Herbalife and I have maintained my weight for 6 years.
    Sara, I’m sorry your mom had a bad experience but it is highly unlikely that you gain weight with this product. Did she follow the diet strictly?

  59. Sara

    My mom tried it and she said it only made her more hungry and I WATCHED her gain weight not lose it. She was about to sell it too, but didn’t because she did not want to rip her friends off because she thought that would be wrong…

  60. Tina M. Maryland-Herbalife Distributor # 10Y1058285


    The Herbalife Shapeworks Program is based on “Rock Solid” Nutrition,has helped MANY people and has VERY credible Medical Doctors on staff.

    “Whenever you replace two meals a day with diet drinks, you are going to lose weight for a while. The Herbalife supplements are a huge collection of costly “not FDA approved” substances. They are no more effective than the various cans of diet drinks you could buy at a supermarket for hundreds of dollars less. This is a pyramid scam to sell snake oil to the gullible.”

  61. Alan B, Minneapolis

    Whenever you replace two meals a day with diet drinks, you are going to lose weight for a while. The Herbalife supplements are a huge collection of costly “not FDA approved” substances. They are no more effective than the various cans of diet drinks you could buy at a supermarket for hundreds of dollars less. This is a pyramid scam to sell snake oil to the gullible.