The Man Diet

man dietThe Man Diet is found in the book, The Simple Guy Diet and is written by a self-described “pathetically average 50-something male”.

He wanted to lose weight but had no interest in joining a diet club or following a complicated program so he decided instead to focus on making some simple dietary adjustments.

After six months he lost twenty pounds with virtually no effort and his friends and co-workers started asking him for his weight loss secrets.

So he decided to make this man diet available online for a small fee just to cover the cost of the investment in his website.

Man Diet Basics

The author says that his advice is not a prescription or guarantee but simply what worked for him. He outlines five major things that will get a man started on the path to eating better and losing weight quickly:

1. Commit To 30 Days

It takes just 30 days for a man’s habits and weight to change dramatically and when a man makes this commitment everything else falls into place.

The first thing a man needs to do is set an official start date. Remember he doesn’t have to do this forever. Once the man gets to the end of the 30 days he can reassess and decide whether or not he wants to continue.

2. Buy a Digital Scale

Regular weighing can keep a man motivated to make better food choices.

3. Have a Food Roadmap

A complete diet program is not included but some general tips are provided.  Men Dieters are encouraged to avoid white foods (rice, potatoes, bread etc.), soft drinks, fried foods and desserts but treating themselves every now and then is perfectly acceptable.

A man should have fun discovering his own solutions to healthy eating and emphasize simple food choices that fit into his lifestyle.

4. Celebrate Your Inner-Cheapness

A Man doesn’t need to buy expensive diet food or supplements and he is encouraged to search for ways to save money while following a healthier man diet.

5. Enjoy The View

The author says that a man doesn’t have to kill himself with exercise and he promises a no-sweat solution to get men moving.

Recommended  Foods

Salad, steamed vegetables, baby carrots, apples, raw almonds, walnuts, oatmeal, Grapenuts®, 1% milk, yogurt, tuna, chicken, meat, eggs, red wine, dark chocolate.

Sample Man Diet Plan


Instant oatmeal
Handful of Grapenuts®
3 tablespoons chopped walnuts
¼ cup 1% milk


½ serving chicken Caesar salad (no croutons)

Afternoon Snack

6 baby carrots
Handful of raw almonds


Grilled meat or fish
Steamed vegetables
1 glass red wine


Sliced apple sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar

Walkling Recommended

Walking is the recommended form of exercise for this man diet and the author suggests multi-tasking while a man walks such as listening to an audio book or planning his week ahead.

He also encourages doing more lifestyle physical activities such as yard work, physical chores or playing with the kids.

Costs and Expenses

The Simple Guy Diet is available for $12.99.

Available from Amazon →

Also recommended is the purchase of a @digital scale@.


  • Simple approach to weight loss.
  • Will appeal to male dieters.
  • Very inexpensive compared to other man diet programs.
  • Regular weighing has been associated with a greater chance of success.
  • Dieters make the choices that fit into their lifestyle.


  • Is not a comprehensive weight loss plan.
  • Does not include a meal plan or recipes.
  • Requires the purchase of a digital scale.
  • May take some time for results to become apparent.

May Help Men Lose Weight

The Simple Guy Diet is a commonsense approach to dieting that will appeal to male readers and dieters who don’t want to follow a structured weight loss plan.

This man diet does not provide a meal plan or detailed dietary guidelines but instead encourages men to discover their own way of eating and living healthy that will naturally result in weight loss over time.

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
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