Brazilian Bikini Body Program

brazilian-bikini-body-programThe Brazilian Bikini Body Program is the creation of fitness professional Regina Joseph who shares with readers her advice on how to eat and exercise the Brazilian way.

She created it as a lifestyle plan that would allow her to eat normally but also keep her body fit and strong.

Joseph claims that her program will increase energy and produce fat loss while sculpting the body so that dieters will be bikini ready in 30 days.

Joseph outlines the Brazilian way of eating and highlights Brazilian superfoods to boost nutrition. She also offers dieters a fun way to exercise with a combination of @Pilates@ and the Brazilian martial art, capoeira.

Joseph places a great deal of emphasis on the reduction of stress by adopting the Brazilian approach to life of passion and joy.

Brazilian Bikini Body Basics

This is not a low carbohydrate plan however grains are limited to small portions and the majority of carbohydrates are obtained from fruit and vegetables. There is also a small dessert offering on the daily menu. Dairy products are not completely eliminated but are very limited.

The emphasis is on fresh foods with fruit smoothies and juices, vegetable salads, grilled seafood and meat with the addition of nuts and legumes to round out the meal plans.

Recommended Foods

The Brazilian superfood acai berry is the foundation of the Brazilian Bikini Body diet and is recommended in abundance because it is very high in antioxidants, dietary fiber and healthy fats. Cashews, Brazil nuts and coconuts are other Brazilian foods that are recommended.

Sample Diet Plan


Acai smoothie

Morning Snack

Coconut water


Miso soup and lentil salad

Afternoon Snack

Honey nut crumble


Fried fish

Broccoli and cauliflower with spinach sauce


Coconut flan and prune compote

Other healthy recipe ideas can be found here.

Exercise Recommendations

Introductory lessons to capoeira and Pilates are included in the book. The combination of exercises will provide a balanced fitness program that includes cardiovascular, muscle strengthening and flexibility. Workout plans of 10, 30 and 60 minute duration are included as well as tips for those new to exercise or with injuries.

These exercises can be used with The Brazilian Bikini Program.

Costs and Expenses

The Brazilian Bikini Body Program book retails at $24.95.

Available from Amazon →

Access to the website and related online resources costs $25 for three months which is approximately $2 per week.


  • Promotes a positive body image and attitude that may alleviate obsession with achieving an unnaturally low body weight.
  • Provides meal plans, recipes and a comprehensive exercise program.
  • Meals are nutritious and flavorful and will probably appeal to most people who don’t like regular diet foods.
  • Emphasizes fruit and vegetables.
  • Addresses psychological factors involved in achieving success with weight loss.
  • Website offers additional resources such as a 30-day menu planner, cooking demonstration videocasts and workout downloads in video and audio format.


  • The Brazilian superfoods may be difficult to find locally.
  • Not easily adaptable to vegetarians.
  • Readers who do not relate to the Brazilian culture may not find the plan appealing.
  • Appears directed mostly toward female dieters.
  • Three month minimum commitment to website subscription.

Ideal for Longterm Results

Although it is important for dieters to realize that achieving the ideal bikini body in just 30 days is unrealistic, this program is actually quite a well-rounded plan that will produce results when maintained over the long term.

The exercise plan is very unique and provides a balance of cardiovascular, muscle strengthening and flexibility exercises. This should assist with muscle sculpting to improve body shape rather than just focusing on fat loss as many other diet plans tend to do.

The nutritional aspect of the Brazilian Bikini Body Program is very sound and will promote a high intake of nutrients through a wide variety of healthy foods. It seems highly likely that most dieters will respond well to this plan with results not only in regard to fat loss but also improvements in their general health and vitality.

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
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