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Diet-to-Go is a diet food delivery company that home delivers throughout the USA but also has a fresh food option available at pick up locations in DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and San Francisco.

They offer different 3 dieting options:

  1. Traditional (Low Fat)
  2. Vegetarian
  3. Low Carb

The Traditional and the Vegetarian options are available in 1200 (women) and 1600 (men) calorie/day levels. The Low Carb plan is 1300 calories/day.

As an additional service, they allow customers to customize all meal plans to suite there individual needs.

They are known as the most affordable diet delivery company with meals starting at just $6.81 per meal.

Diet to Go Coupons

Diet-To-Go is confident that people will lose weight and love their food that they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee with no cancellation fees.

Usually there is also a great incentive for first time customers. to see their current offer visit the Diet-to-Go website.

Diet-to-Go Pricing

Plan Price Per Day Price Per Week
Traditional (low fat) From $16 From $82
Vegetarian From $16 From $82
Low Carb From $19 From $96

* All Options incur a $18.95 shipping fee for mail order service.

Diet-to-Go sent us a few days worth of food free of charge to try out. The order arrived when they promised and was chilled and well packaged.

All the meals were organized in separate vacuum packed trays by meal. Dieters are expected to use the online menus to organize each day’s meals accordingly.

There were both microwave and conventional oven heating directions on each meal and I opted for the microwave.

What I liked about the food

Egg Quesadilla

Egg Quesadilla

All the meals I sampled tasted great. They were full of flavor and seasoned well.

The portion size was big enough to make me feel satisfied and not needing more.

The texture and taste quality was better than what a dieter would find in the frozen meal section of his/her grocery store.

What I didn’t like

Stuffed Shells

Vegetarian Stuffed Shells

The meals’ ingredient lists were long and contained preservatives as well as partially hydrogenated oils. It would be nice if DTG could figure out how to make a more natural product despite the fear of spoilage from shipping and storage.

Also, one of the breakfast sides was apple juice, which is just sugar. A small fruit cup would have been a better choice.

Sample 1 Day Meal Plan


Egg, veggie, and chicken sausage Pizza
Apple Juice


BBQ Turkey Melts
Peach salsa
Cole slaw


Turkey burger
Mash potatoes
Green Beans

Diabetic Plans

Some of the plans on the Diet to go program satisfy the requirements of the American Diabetes Association. Please visit Diet-to-Go to see more about these plans.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Diet-to-Go is a good option for those that have trouble controlling portion size and choosing healthy meal options especially for those that don’t have the time or expertise to cook for themselves.

It is also one of the most affordable diet delivery services available, without compromising on quality and service.

Diet-to-go is commended not only for their great tasting food, but also for including fresh fruit and yogurt as part of their menu which ensures dieters get the recommended daily allowances of vitamins while using their service.

Diet-to-Go offers the customer many options that seem to fit any lifestyle, as well as the option to pick up fresh non-frozen meals which would improve the overall quality of their meals.

See Diet-to-Go program

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
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  1. Cynthia Parrott

    I LOVE Diet to Go! The convenience of 3 meals a day delivered right to my door step cannot not be beat! As a busy, health-conscious woman I find this a real time saver! I don’t have to think, shop or prepare.
    My meals are all in my freezer and when I step off the train from work I just select what I want for dinner, pop it in the oven or microwave and dinner a delicious meal is ready in no time! I am currently doing the Vegetarian Meal plan and have lost more weight than I anticipated or expected to lose. A new pair of jeans I bought a few weeks ago are already too large! Gotta Love It!! 🙂

  2. Maurina Rachuba

    I have been using Diet to Go since February, with most of April off the program due to travel. I’ve tried both the 1200 Low Fat and the 1200 Low Carb diet plans. The food has been excellent. For example, today’s Low Carb lunch was Pork Loin with Morel Sauce, spinach, and green beans. I consider the food to be restaurant quality, certainly better than that I could get at most chain restaurants. The portions are small, but hey, this is a diet, and portion size actually falls within dietary guidelines. I pick up the food locally, and while there’ve been some glitches (a missing meal, a meal not properly sealed), I’ve been credited the cost each time. Overall, I’m very happy with the diet, the quality of food, and my weight loss, approximately 30 pounds since February.

  3. Fitty

    I was just wondering, do they have HACCP certifications or something?

    • ted

      @Fitty, Not sure what certifications they have in regards to food safety as it’s mentioned no where on their website. I’m sure they would be happy to answer that question if you call them.

Last Reviewed: March 28, 2021