NuMi Responsive Dieting

NuMi is an interactive digital weight loss platform designed to provide support for do-it-yourself dieters.

This program is also applicable for dieters making the transition from a structured meal plan or for maintaining your ideal weight.

NuMi Basics

numi weight loss program
The NuMi system:

  • Offers a flexible approach.
  • Adapts to your nutritional preferences and calorie goals.
  • Addresses the emotional components of successful weight loss.
  • Ensures your level of physical activity is appropriate to your needs.

Responsive Dieting

NuMi is based on the concept of “responsive dieting”, which means that the program adapts to suit the individual. Factors that are considered include food preferences, lifestyle, metabolism, physical activity level and weight loss goals.

It doesn’t forbid or emphasize any particular foods. Instead dieters focus more on the optimal intake of calories or macronutrients to achieve their weight loss goals. It also adapts to suit the individual’s changing needs throughout the weight loss journey.

Advice on What To Eat

You can tell NuMi what ingredients you have on hand or what you feel like eating. NuMi will respond with personal recommendations that fit the specific calorie intake you need to lose weight.

If you overeat at lunch, NuMi helps you stay on track by shaving some calories off your recommendations for the rest of the day. However, you won’t go hungry and will always have at least 1000 calories every day.

Sometimes you may need to adjust your plan because you have to eat out in a restaurant. In these situations NuMi helps you choose the dishes on the menu that best suit your needs. It includes menus for over 300 restaurant chains.

Behavior Modification

NuMi tracks the everyday decisions you make that affect your weight loss and offers real-time insights and guidance.

“Victories,” “Wobbles” and “Slip-ups,” are a natural part of any effort to lose weight. NuMi gives you tips and suggestions to help you learn from these experiences and set you up for continued success.

Digital Technology for Weight Loss

NuMi works with smartphones and is designed to integrate and sync automatically with all of your devices. It tracks details including nutrition, behavior, fitness and locations and provides you with suggestions to help you achieve your goals.

NuMi includes a range of features such as:

  • Bar code scanner for tracking nutrition information in foods.
  • Integration with fitness devices.
  • Calorie tracking tool.
  • Shopping lists and recipes.
  • Live chat with the NuMi Squad.

On-Demand Live Support

The NuMi Squad are available to chat with you live between 7am and midnight (EST), 7 days a week. They will answer any questions you may have, provide advice on what to eat and offer motivation and support.

Each member has undertaken extensive training in nutrition, behavioral psychology and technology.

Exercise Doing What You Enjoy

Exercise is not required but dieters are encouraged to be physically active as much as possible. NuMi studies what activities you like and suggests new ones based on what you may enjoy.

NuMi also integrates with a variety of fitness devices including FitBit, Jawbone, and Withings.

Costs and Expenses

NuMi has three pricing plans:

  1. Monthly Plan: $19.99 or $5 a week.
  2. 3 Month Plan: $47.98 or $4 a week.
  3. Annual Plan: $139.93 or $2.69 a week.

Visit NuMi’s official website here to sign up.

NuMi is currently offering a 7 day free trail of their responsive dieting program.


  • Will appeal to independent dieters who prefer a responsive diet approach.
  • Meal plan is adapted to suit your personal preferences and lifestyle.
  • Integrates across all of your devices.
  • Offers live chat and support, 7 days a week.
  • Backed by Nutrisystem who has 40 years of dieting experience.


  • Requires a smart phone to achieve the greatest benefit from the program.
  • Those who are not tech savvy may experience difficulty using the apps and devices.
  • All of the features may not be available if you are traveling outside of the US.
  • Not suitable for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

NuMi is an Effective Approach to Weight Loss

NuMi offers an effective approach to weight loss based on monitoring calorie intake and adapting to the preferences of the individual. It also includes access to live chat with trained professionals who can answer your questions and offer support and encouragement.

This program will appeal to independent dieters who prefer a responsive diet and are familiar with smart phone technology.

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)


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