Healthy Diet Cookbooks

healthy cookbooksMany diets use healthy recipes as the basis of their plans and are even formatted in cookbook form.

The premise behind this approach is that if dieters learn how to cook and eat healthy meals then weight will come off and health will be benefited.

Using this approach, It is hoped that healthy, portion controlled eating will become more of a lifestyle rather than just a “diet” that is tried for several weeks and then failed.

Healthy diet recipes and cookbooks generally would be those that contain recipes that use healthy ingredients and/or emphasize portion control along with Calorie reduction.

Diets With a Large Healthy Recipe Collection

5 Factor Diet Over 40 pages of recipes to help you prepare meals the 5 factor way.
10 Superfoods Cookbook A cookbook that highlights ten simple foods you can include in your diet to improve your health.
100 Calorie Diet Contains a cookbook that outlines many 100 Calorie recipes and options.
101 Optimal Life Foods: Healing Through Diet Addresses 30 common health conditions and outlines how you can introduce healing foods to your diet through delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes.
101 Nutrient Dense Recipes The recipes in this book are designed so every meal is focused on nutrient dense foods. This results in tasty dishes composed of fresh, whole foods that will enhance your health.
300 Raw Food Recipes Raw Food For Everyone is a recipe book containing a bountiful selection of recipes, a primer of raw food preparation methods, and a comprehensive guide to the ingredients that are used in raw food cuisine.
400 Calorie Fix 400 ideas, recipes and tips for what to eat at home, when dining out and in fast-food restaurants.
1500 Calorie Diet This cookbook has over 150 recipes that will help you achieve a 1500 Calorie a day diet.
Acid Reflux Cookbook It provides a unique approach to the management of reflux involving dietary adjustment. The book includes acid reducing recipes that are both tasty and interesting.
Allergy-Friendly Food For Families Offers practical meal options that are free of the five most common food allergens – wheat, dairy, eggs, nuts and soy.
Ani’s Raw Food Asia A raw food cookbook offering readers a unique and tasty selection of Asian American Fusion recipes.
Beauty Diet Contains over 100 recipes that promote beauty and health.
The Biggest Loser The program includes has a cookbook available that contains recipes used on the popular show.
Body for Life This book has the basics of the Body for Life program along with a full color glossy cookbook full of meals and recipes that will fit the Body-for-Life style
Bonus Years Diet: Foods for Longevity This diet includes a one month meal plan and 125 Recipes to incorporate the 7 miracle foods for longevity into the diet.
China Study Cookbook 120 plant based recipes based on the The China Study.
Cook Yourself Thin A recipe book based on the popular television series of the same name. It offers dieters the skills and the confidence they need to give their favorite indulgent meals a healthy makeover by cutting the calories without compromising flavor.
CSIRO diet Includes 12 weeks of meal plans and recipes.
Diabetes Cookbook Was written to help seniors with diabetes to understand more about the condition and how to plan and prepare nutritious foods to assist in its management.
Diet Diva Diabetic Cookbook A collection of 150 satisfying recipes suitable for those with diabetes. They are designed specifically to meet the nutritional needs of diabetics without compromising on flavor.
Eat, Shrink and Be Merry Helps people cook delicious, healthy meals while at the same time attempting to address the confusion that many dieters have regarding the best way to eat in order to lose weight and stay healthy.
Eating in the Raw The Raw 50 is a cookbook that accompanies this raw food based diet.
eDiets They have a huge healthy recipe database available to their customers.
Fat Smash Diet 83 pages of recipes and menu ideas that help the dieter follow the Fat Smash Program.
French Diet Includes over fifty easy gourmet recipes including items that can be used as part of the French Diet.
Forks Over Knives Over 125 whole food, plant based recipes designed to reverse chronic disease.
Gluten Free Dairy Free Diet Recipes Provides a large selection of recipes and practical advice for those who need to follow a gluten free dairy free diet due to a food allergy or intolerance.
Gluten Free and Low Gylcemic Recipes Fun with GF/LG Food! is a gluten free and low glycemic recipe book created by Debbie Johnson, former owner and executive chef of The Golden Chalice Restaurant and Gallery.
Gordon Ramsay Healthy Eating A recipe book designed to give you a variety of meal options that are suitable for a busy lifestyle. This book will appeal to dieters who appreciate quality meals and enjoy cooking but would also like to lose weight and improve their health.
Gorgeously Green Diet


Includes over 100 recipes that are organic vegetable and ingredient inspired.
Green Smoothie Recipes 200 recipes for delicious and healthy green smoothies.
HCG Recipes Over 200 gourmet recipes that support those following the HCG Diet.
Heart Healthy Diet Recipes The Kardea Gourmet includes simple and flexible advice for a heart healthy diet, designed to help you to improve your general health or to address specific issues such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, glucose balance, inflammation and obesity.
Hungry Girl Recipes Lisa Lillien has developed a huge following on the Internet with her Hungry Girl website and newsletter, where readers can find tips and recipes for low calorie eating. In the Hungry Girl book Lillian offers recipes to satisfy cravings for your favorite foods without excess calories.
Italian Diet Includes many healthy Italian recipes that use fresh all natural ingredients.
Just Tell Me What To Eat Doctor created plan that includes 80 recipes based on the Mediterranean diet guidelines.
Living Low Carb Includes 175 low carb recipes as well as more detailed explanation and advice about low carb dieting.
Lunch Box Diet Includes two recipe books to help dieters make the most of the program.
Medical Marijuana Recipes Aunt Sandy’s Medical Marijuana Cookbook offers a collection of classic comfort medical marijuana recipes for those who have been prescribed marijuana for medical use.
Mediterranean Way Mediterranean and Asian inspired healthy low calorie recipes.
Most Decadent Diet Ever Reveals the secrets to cooking your favorites in a healthier way includes recipes for indulgent meals that have been transformed into low Calorie variations.
No Flour, No Sugar Diet Gives the dieter great recipes that don’t contain sugar or flour.
Nourishing Traditions A cookbook that explains that the modern diet represents a dramatic change from the way that we have nourished ourselves for thousands of years and is seriously compromising our health.
Now Eat This! Offers healthy comfort food versions for “150 of America’s favorite comfort foods” such as Mac and Cheese, Spaghetti, Nachos, Brownies and Ice Cream.
The Okinawa Diet This Plan contains over 150 Okinawa inspired recipes.
Paleo Comfort Foods A paleo recipe book featuring familiar and appealing dishes for to those following paleo, primal or gluten-free diets.
Pocket Diet Includes many recipes to be used with the pita pocket based diet.
Power Foods Recipes A cookbook from Martha Stewart that can help you to effortlessly increase your intake of healthy foods and to learn more about the health benefits of power foods.
Quick and Easy Vegan Cookbook The 30-Minute Vegan is a quick and easy vegan cookbook that includes over 175 recipes that can be prepared in half an hour or less.
Raw Food For Real People Recipes by Chef Rod Rotundi, aims to demonstrate that preparing raw foods doesn’t have to be hard and a raw food diet can be a fun and delicious way to eat.
The Real Food Diet Hudson Valley Mediterranean: The Gigi Good Food Cookbook -focuses on eating real food that is fresh and seasonal while avoiding foods that contain additives and preservatives.
Robin Takes Five A recipe book created by Robin Miller, food writer, nutritionist and author of the best-selling cookbook Quick Fix Meals. The book features 500 recipes containing less than 500 calories with five ingredients or less.
Salad Diet: Salad for Dinner Recipes that make salads meals instead of just side dishes.
Sneaky Chef: Healthy Meals for Kids Cookbooks that help parents prepare healthy meals for kids by hiding nutritious food in kids’ favorite foods
South Beach Diet Supercharged An on-line program that includes an 800 recipe database, and options for vegetarians.
Spark People This free online dieting network has a huge healthy recipe database.
Superfood Cuisine A cookbook featuring nutrient-dense recipes containing a variety of different superfoods.
The Supermarket Diet Will appeal to dieters who have a busy lifestyle and don’t want to spend too much time on meal planning or food preparation.
Suzanne Somers Diet She has several cookbooks available that follow her “Somersize” plan.
Thrive Foods Plant Based Recipes A cookbook created by professional Ironman triathlete, Brendan Brazier. The book provides dieters with options for meals that are high in nutrients in relation to their calories.
You Are What You Eat 150 recipes and ideas for juices, smoothies, breakfasts, soups, salads, lunch-boxes, main meals, quick bites, snacks and treats mostly vegetarian based.
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