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What’s Your Diet Type: Use the Power of Your Personality to Discover Your Best Way to Lose Weight was written by Heather K. Jones, a registered dietitian and weight loss counselor.

It is based on the principles of personality typing and outlines how you can create a tailor-made diet and lifestyle plan that will work with your personal strengths as well as carefully manage your weaknesses.

Jones highlights the fact that different strategies are needed for the different personality types and that as you learn more about your unique strengths and challenges you will gain a better understanding of how these factors affect your efforts to lose weight.

What’s Your Diet Type Basics

whats-your-diet-typeDieters are categorized into one of sixteen personality types and these are further grouped together into four major types as follows:

  • The Planner
    Thrives on routine and when the unexpected happens they may eat to alleviate stress.
  • The Player
    Lives in the moment and doesn’t like rules. Prone to ‘opportunity eating’ such as in situations when free food is offered.
  • The Feeler
    Strives to improve themselves and very sensitive to others. May turn to food for comfort when disappointed or hurt.
  • The Thinker
    Requires a detailed understanding of their diet program. Can sometimes twist information so as to justify poor food choices.

Each personality type is provided with a detailed program that includes strategies designed to help you overcome your potential trouble spots. A great deal of emphasis is placed on addressing the psychological factors that can potentially have a negative impact on successful weight loss.

In the chapter for each personality type you are guided through the actions you need to take in order to achieve your weight loss goals, with the recommendations varying for each type.

For example Diet Planners have a comprehensive five-step plan to follow. Diet Feelers learn to get in touch with their emotions and explore how this affects their food choices. Diet Thinkers are provided with tools to calculate dietary information as well as reading recommendations to continue to expand their knowledge.

There is also a chapter at the end of What’s Your Diet Type that provides basic details that apply to every type regarding healthy dietary choices and exercise advice.

Recommended Foods

Fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grain pasta, whole wheat bread, brown rice, legumes, chicken breast, turkey, fish, lean meat, avocado, nuts, flaxseeds, low fat dairy,

Sample Diet Plan


Chocolate raspberry smoothie


Chicken BLT

Afternoon Snack

½ cup low fat yogurt
1 peach


Shrimp and asparagus pasta


Hershey’s kisses

Exercise Recommendations

Exercise is recommended because it helps you lose fat and maintain lean muscle mass. It also can boost your mood, build confidence, relieve stress and improve sleep quality.

Twenty to sixty minutes of moderate aerobic exercise are advised for three to five days a week. Strength training should also be included at least twice a week during the What’s Your Diet Type.

Costs and Expenses

What’s Your Diet Type: Use the Power of Your Personality to Discover Your Best Way to Lose Weight retails at $19.


  • Customized to suit the individual.
  • Addresses the role psychological factors in weight management.
  • No foods are strictly off-limits so long as portions are monitored.
  • Provides a list of acceptable snacks and treats.
  • Encourages the intake of low glycemic carbohydrates and healthy fats.
  • Includes recipes with nutrition information.
  • Teaches dieters how to monitor portions.


  • Various activities will require time and motivation.
  • Does not include a structured meal plan.
  • Vegetarian meal suggestions are very limited.
  • May take some time before results are apparent.


What’s Your Diet Type will appeal to highly motivated dieters who are willing to put in the effort to undertake different activities and explore the various factors that may be influencing their attempts to lose weight.

While it may take some time for results to occur it is most likely that the effects will be long-lasting because dieters will be addressing the unique core psychological issues that must be resolved in order to achieve successful weight loss.

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 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)


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