The Diet Solution

the-diet-solutionThe Diet Solution Program was created by Isabel De Los Rios, a nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle coach based in New Jersey.

De Los Rios says that her plan gives dieters a way to change eating habits for life, develop a long term eating strategy and not just modify the diet temporarily.

The Diet Solution is based on the principle of metabolic type which categorizes dieters into three groups, each which has its own distinct dietary guidelines.

The Diet Solution Program is now called The Beyond Diet.

The Diet Solution Basics

The first thing dieters are advised to do is to set up the mind for success. You should spend some time thinking about what you want to achieve in regards to your health, your weight and your life, then write down specific goals and visualize yourself achieving them.

diet solution

A Success Story

Dieters are informed that there are three steps that have to be followed in order to achieve their ideal weight.

  • Eating in accordance with metabolic type.
  • Staying within ideal calorie ranges.
  • Consuming a variety of high quality food.

In order to determine metabolic type dieters undertake a series of questions. Dieters are then categorized as a protein, carb or mixed type. Each type requires ideal amounts and varieties of healthy proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Detailed meal plans are provided for each type.

Dieters are encouraged to rethink the idea of snacks and to choose nutritious alternatives such as raw nuts, boiled eggs, fruits and raw vegetables.

Dieters are also made aware of the dangers of hydrogenated fats and are advised to strictly eliminate any foods containing them such as many crackers, chips, cookies, cereals, and margarine. Processed soy foods are also to be avoided.

One glass of alcohol is permitted per week, preferably red wine, however ideally alcohol should be eliminated completely. Two cups of coffee are allowed daily. @Stevia@ is the only recommended sweetener.

It is recommended to keep a food journal, which will help you identify which foods and meals make you feel good and satisfied and which don’t, so that you can fine-tune your diet.

Recommended Foods

Ideal foods for The Diet Solution will vary depending on the dieter’s metabolic type.

Some of the recommended foods include: organic meat and poultry, organic eggs, fish, raw dairy products, raw nuts and seeds, fruit, vegetables, baked sweet potatoes, coconut oil, butter, olive oil, flaxseed, avocado, sprouted breads, stevia, raw chocolate.

A supplement of omega 3 oil such as salmon, cod liver, krill or flaxseed is strongly encouraged.

Sample Diet Plan



2 poached eggs
1 cup sautéed spinach
1 pear

Morning Snack

2 Tablespoons almond butter
1 green apple
Celery sticks


4 ounces grilled chicken
Salad with romaine, tomato, cucumber
1 cup asparagus
2 teaspoons olive oil
Apple cider vinegar

Afternoon Snack

1 ounce raw walnuts
6 baby carrots
½ cup blueberries


4 oz salmon
1 cup steamed broccoli
Green salad

The Diet Solution Exercise Recommendations

De Los Rios recommends an exercise program that includes components of strength and cardiovascular exercise including interval training,

The download package includes 3 exercise E-Books which include clear instructions and photographs of the exercises.

Costs and Expenses

The Diet Solution Program is no longer available but has been updated and rebranded as The Beyond Diet.

Available from Amazon →


  • Each meal includes high quality protein, which reduces hunger and maintains muscle mass while dieting.
  • Emphasizes foods high in the heart-healthy omega 3 fats.
  • Encourages the intake of fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Includes meal plans and a wide selection of tasty recipes.
  • Meal plans can be adjusted to suit individual needs.
  • Teaches dieters how to select healthy foods in appropriate portion sizes.
  • Increases awareness of how different foods affect the body.
  • Explains many different aspects of good nutrition.
  • Encourages the intake of pure water.


  • Some nutrition experts have disputed the validity of the metabolic type.
  • Does not provide vegetarian meal plans.


This diet plan is highly nutritious and is based on the most recent scientific knowledge in relation to weight loss and nutrition.

The program is geared towards long term success that will not only allow dieters to achieve their ideal weight but also increase knowledge about nutrition and their health in the process.

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
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  1. Traci

    From what I can tell this should be a good program. I am wondering though can anyone tell me if Isabel covers things like alcohol wine spirits, and other natural sweetners like Stevia? What about bubbly bottled water.

  2. Anne

    Started the program 9 days ago. Once I figured out the download (it is in what appears to be a cover letter) and I spent about a week sifting through the information and really working out what was best for me. In the first 5 days I lost 3.5lbs. I have never been hungry or craved sugar. I am only trying to loose the last few baby pounds (about 10lbs in all) and I am a healthy eater (always eat organic and never any processed food), I found this an easy transition, but it has helped boost my metabolism, I have more energy, my skin is clearer and I feel great. Maybe its all the coconut oil I am now consuming. I highly recommend this program.

  3. Maddie

    The program appears to be sound and effective. I have not ordered, however, for $49.95 you would not be receiving hard copies. The online offer only states download. For the most part online merchants are good at explaining (after you make your purchase of course) how to download. Merchants could be a little more upfront or rather more detailed in explaining delivery of the product even before the purchase is made. There are many people out there unfamiliar with this process. This is not like gassing up your car.

  4. Fran

    After I paid for the program and went to “instant access” I kept getting more pages of ads for additional products that I did not want. Now I cannot access the information that I did pay for. I thought I would get an email with a link to the info. I don’t know what to do and I am not happy.

  5. Randi

    I just purchased this program. I received a confirmation # but no way to access the download. Can someone help out? Has anyone figured it out?

  6. Stacey Rutherford

    I did not receive an email with the download.

  7. Stacey Rutherford

    I ordered the $4.95, 21 day trial. The money has been taken out of my account, but I don’t know how to find the ebooks to download. Could you please help me. Thank you, Stacey.

  8. Lorrie Holifield

    I’m not sure how I feel about the diet solution. I’ve just purchased the program from the Facebook link only no information was given to me about how to obtain the books that I just bought. My money was taken but no other information was offered to me about how to download the books. I also cannot find a phone number for someone to call that I may ask questions about how to get the books. Can someone please tell me where to look and how to download the books?

    • ted

      Did you receive an email confirmation of your order? There should be links in there to download.

  9. Brian

    It took forever to receive this book, after several email correspondence I felt as if I might have been scammed. nearly six weeks after ordering this book I finally was able to speak to someone and begin the process of tracking my order. The problem seems to originate in that the product is a download and not something your mailman brings. Something that is easily missed in the reading largely because it isn’t until you move through the ordering process that you find out. Now unfortunately you have already given your credit card info and the order is in progress I believe somewhere in this there is an offer to get a hard copy and some other books on exercise and tips to achieve your goals. These tips came in the order of a flier inserted in the package to access another web page that feeds you info the book already contains. This seems to exceed a casual glitch in the machine, more like a bamboozle in disguise. Oddly enough this product would have been successful had it not been mired in a maze of confusion and deceit. Gone is the traveling snake oil salesman usher in the computer shell game.
    I’ll post again when I get a bit of time in with this new change of habit diet plan that metabolic typing is a new area for me sought of pioneering this new territory,

    I’ll either be a land Barron or a fool with an arrow in his back {metaphorically speaking.}

  10. Rudy

    How much extra are the books if you want them in addition to the downloads?

  11. anneliese

    Hi, I just want to say.. this is basically a low-carb diet.. ie.. South Beach.. they all have the same rules… nothing new. It is probably going to tell you to have six meals.. protein and veggie.. minimal carb intake which would equal fewer calorie intake. In regards to having less arthritic pain.. ie inflammation.. it might be someone has a food allergy..that causes an inflammatory response in the body. I recommend the South Beach Diet.. because it is created by a medical doctor. I am sceptical to buy anything that is not someone with a medical degree or Dietician Degree.

  12. jasmin maria

    Hi everyone. I just happened to watch this b/c i was on I’m actually a pretty, thin, petite woman with an athletic build who used to suffer from chronic allergies, asthma, fatigue etc. I also started seeing cellulite forming and wanted to fight back. So I eliminated a lot of the junk foods (that at the time I didn’t realize was even junk), substituting it with the good stuff (like what diet solutions talks about) and that actually caused huge results for me. The way I found out about this type of eating (and all other sorts of precious info) was through lots of money spent on holistic doctor’s, spiritual retreats, YOGA, self development courses, all recommended by people I talked to (some strangers) who I could tell were genuine, sincere and educated. MOST were fit, older than me (by at least 7-15 years) and looked my age 28 or younger and told me about books to read, etc. Finally now with acupuncture (by Dr. Fiona Kelly, Las Vegas, NV which is over 3 thousand years old) I have put all the pieces together and it all boils down to one thing. FOOD can either be poison or medicine to the body. THERE IS SO MUCH ACCURATE/and inaccurate INFO OUT THERE, that if you yourself are not educated and surrounded by others who are also educated through experiences of their own or know a little that they can share and point you in the right direction etc… you will GET LOST and be taken advantage of or want to quit and give up. THE DIET SOLUTION IS giving you ancient INFORMATION IN A MODERN WORLD. They talk about grains (I’m sure) some of you have no idea how to prepare let alone ever even heard of. Do a lil research on the history of these grains and you’ll see what I mean by ancient. This info HAS BEEN AROUND SINCE before CLEOPATRA days (u see how long ago that is?). Science is now catching up and the results alone speak for themselves through people WHO ARE THE living proof both for the ones who eat junk (poison) and the ones who don’t (medicine). There is much to say about a person’s metabolism who eats whatever they want (that excludes poison foods) and remains thin, healthy, strong without much effort and of course a lil enjoyable moderate exercise (ie:sex, sports, a hobby, dancing, something/anything active ;-)! For those Vegetarians THERE ARE PLENTY OF PROTEINS (legumes, beans, nuts, seeds etc) that are not meat based, but may require extra work on your end, especially if science proves that you should be eating flesh. I used to be vegan but I prefer to eat meat based on my new knowledge and the improvements I have seen in my health, energy and vitality. However in the future I may be inclined to seek alternative sources of proteins once I have regulated my metabolism. I recommend that ANYONE try this because I am living proof since I have been eating like this since my grandmother’s time. It works. APPLY THE KNOWLEDGE YOU ACQUIRE…. put it into action. MAke the Adjustment! Otherwise why even learn about it or even complain?

  13. Sherri

    I, like others, will buy it when it comes in a hard copy. Hopefully the administrator of this site will take notice.

  14. Cynthia

    I would love to order this program. But I would prefer a paper back book. I work on a computer all day, do not want to look at it more, when I get home. If they become available in hardback, Please e-mail and I will definitely order. Thanks

  15. Open Speaker

    This thing works. Not because I tried, but because that a few years ago I was living in Asian countries and now that I’m in the US, I’ve carried the Asian diet here. And guess what? I eat just like how the diet here talks about, and I never gain a pound. People ask how I can eat so much without gaining weight, but I just don’t know what they’re talking about. In my family, my parents would make food with fresh products bought from the market instead of food that can be quickly cooked and those are the REAL food, and without even realizing it I’ve been following this weight loss program. So without doubt, and I am a living example, this program works!

  16. cathy

    i purchased the e book am i am on the program i am enjoying all the new knowledge and i will tell u in 3 week my arthritis pain is 80 percent better no jokes and i feel great alittle hard to get used to not eating all the carbs i want but all things worthwhile take some work and has challenges i love my decision to purchase the program i will update later look forward to some support…

  17. michelle g

    I didn’t purchase anything I just watched the video accidentally one day while researching information for an essay. I listened to what was explained and adopted their principles.I’m 37yrs old with 4 kids and have adjusted my eating according to the recommendation. I’m impressed that with a little effort and no exercise I’ve lost 9kg in 4 months. Quite incredible really as I don’t adhere to diets at all if I am hungry.

  18. Boo

    Downloaded with ease from the site last night. Just started on program and will let you know progress. Seems pretty straightforward to me. Awesome that my dietary type is mixed.

    As for those people not receiving a download – if you listened to the video or even read what was said on the video, then you would have realised and known to scroll to the end of the webpage.

  19. Christina

    GREAT PROGRAM!!! I rated this program 5 out of 5 stars. My first week on the 14 Day plan, I lost 6 lbs and that’s after I was following the main plan for 3 weeks. I’m eating cleaner and loving it. Food tastes different now that it’s clean and my low blood sugar is finally under control! I feel fantastic….as of my last weigh in, I have lost 17 lbs total in 5 weeks. Not too bad! And I feel great! As far as the downloads….they were are the bottom of the page after you purchased them! Remember, scroll completely to the bottom of the page when you read!!!!

  20. Dee Jay

    Okay, I tried to purchase and download again after reading heather’s comment. This time I tried purchasing the program using the link from this site and it worked. From my previous negative experience, I believe some of the links the Diet Solution has online are outdated, i.e. the promotion they were offering at the time is no longer valid and they have not notified Clickbank to stop processing purchase requests. But, it worked this time and I’m excited to try out the program!!!

    • ted

      The Diet Solution is an eBook and you have to follow the instructions to download it upon purchase it is not the diet solution’s fault that you are not computer or internet savy. The product is legitimate, real and people do get what they pay for but only when they follow instructions to download the product. Nothing will be sent to you.

  21. heather

    I paid, recieved the download links, no problem. I am, however, a bit disappointed to see my metabolic type is protein, since I’m a vegetarian. Not a fault of the program, but… well, there isn’t alot of protein choices available. I find I’m eating the same things over and over. I’m trying, and I am noticing I’m not as hungry as I used to be, which is great. No noticeable weight loss yet, but then, it’s only been three weeks or so.

  22. Dee Jay

    DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT. I know you are only reviewing the product, not selling it, but you SHOULD NOT RECOMMEND a product that your readers cannot access after paying! I read the comments here and thought perhaps the people who did not receive the downloads were making mistakes and therefore unable to access their purchases. HOWEVER, after making the purchase when I clicked on the Access Product button, I was routed to a site that just gave me an error message. I then tried to access the download via ClickBank’s link and I received the same message. If this is not a scam, then the Diet Solution web team needs to get their ACT TOGETHER! Meanwhile, I’ll be posting this wherever I can.

  23. Elbell

    I never saw the answer to the question/comment about getting the books/manuals if you prefer. I am on a friends PC and I do not have one. I want to purchase the hard copy and the ones they show on the video. PLEASE!!



  25. Mel

    The site says you download the book – you don’t get anything in the mail. Whats the difference between reading a hard copy book and reading on your computer screen? All that matters is that you start the program and actually do it. I’ve lost about 2 pounds in my first week – just started Monday.

  26. Jeff

    I WAS going to order this program… but I decided not to because I’m a big whining crybaby and tecnologically challenged! You people are pathetic! This company is making things EXTREMELY simple for you to receive and start using immediately rather than having to wait the usual six weeks or so for crap you order online or from television. Do it and enough already with the stupids BBB and Attorney general threats!

  27. Mildred Ann De Simone

    I ordered the program and wanted the books. I paid $47 and did not get anything. I have tried calling and no one returns my calls. I am very disappointed because Diet Solutions has my money but I have NO product.

  28. cherylanne purcell

    I just ordered but wasn’t aware that it was a download I was expecting the books. How do I get the books all I have for a computer is a netbook it will not take a large download like this please help.

  29. dana cameron

    i paid for the diet solution & didnt receive the download program, am not happy at all..

  30. PridesAngel03

    WOW I haven’t ordered, but I listened! The flash slide show clearly state that you will receive NOTHING. That you will have INSTANT ACCESS online once payment is received. Why don’t people pay attention to anything they are reading or listening to anymore. All these complaints I see on here it’s OBVIOUS they just didn’t pay attention! GEEZ!!!

    I plan on doing the $4.95 21 day trial.

    I would prefer to have the hard copies of the books but can’t afford to pay the extra cost to get them. I’ll settle for the ebooks and email updates.

    Good Luck to all y’all that ordered. I wish you much success.

    Have a GREAT Day and Take Care!

    I gotta go throw out all my yogurt! UGH! LOL!

    PA03 ;o)

  31. JEAN


  32. Jill

    Chelsea would you please contact me. I need to get the e-mail address for this company so I can cancel.

  33. Chloe

    I love this program. I am a protein type, and I don’t feel hungry or restricted. I ost pounds within the first two days! I downloaded the ebooks with no problem…I don’t know why so many people are having problems. This program WORKS!

  34. Beverly Blair

    Would like to receive hard copies of advertised material,as my eyes get blurry reading on the internet. Could you please tell me how I can receive a hard copy?

  35. Popi moustakas

    my name is Popi Moustakas and I just enrolled in this diet program by paying on line through my credit card $47.00. I would like to know how to access this program, because I did not understand the process completely. Please email me and let me know and also please send a phone number to communicate my concerns.
    Thank you.



  37. Dan

    I am considering purchasing this program, because I have read through Michael Thurmond’s book twice and the premise of Isabel and Michael and many others is very similar. The concept that I have bought into (unfortunately due to much stress, travel and knuckle-headedness have not implemented) is that the closer we can eat to nature, the better. Without buying this program, which does not seem to be overly priced even if I buy the ebook, CD’s and printed books, the simple concept is to eat like a stone-age person. If you will notice, the people with money and time (executives and such), tend to exercise more, eat more berries, nuts, fruits and veggies and better cuts of meats. I, and I believe much of the civilized world, is caught up in the pride of processing everything – even our lives – one big process. If I could or would and should take time to cut up the apples, celery, carrots, brocolli, crack the pecans, use honey, and so on, my stress level would improve; my nutrition would improve; and probably a dietary solution to many of our problems would be found. For those seeking a ‘buy the book and the weight rolls off,’ it is not going to happen. For those seeking to educate themselves and through a life-changing re-directing of priorities and methods, then weight-loss can occur, alongwith feeling more in control of your life.
    Just an opinion.

  38. Karen Repasky

    I ordered this product, paid for it and have had no confirmation of my order, except that is was paid for. Now I’m trying to find out what is going on..

  39. Elena Ramirez

    hola soy elena bendiciones para todos loque asen pocible estes libros y ayudar atodos los que estamos interesador a perder unas libritas. saludos para toda la produccion. bueno solo quisiera saver quien es tan amable en desirme como puedo comprar este libro porfavor seloboy agradecer bendiciones espero sus respuestas.Elena R.

  40. soph

    its annoying to have to read a 100 page e book. its also annoying that since i’m a protien type i feel like i’m on atkins again. yes her advice makes sense but this diet is so limiting especially for us protien types. i’m a student struggling very hard with money and weight. i want my $47 back. i emailed and have not been answered. does anyone know how to get the money back? the little video says to email and they’ll refund you no questions asked…that seems to be a lie!

  41. Patricia Mosey

    I ordered & paid for the program on March 18th and to date have received nothing. How do we contact anyone for a refund. Clickbank was pretty fast in taking the money but nothing has arrived. No one said anything about downloading from the internet. How about a site to do so, ten I can get on with it.

    • ted

      Patricia- When you order the program you should have gotten an email confirmation, in the email there is links to download the product.

  42. Georgia

    I was worried at first due to not being familiar with ebooks. The information makes so much sense and once you spend some time downloading material – it is well worth it. We also purchased the audio and love listening to it in the car and will be taking notes as we proceed. The information is explained in a way that is not overwhelming and have already implemented changes. Thank you for a wonderful product!!! My 13 year old son is listening and helped get us organized, tests taken, and etc. He can follow the advice given and wonders why we didn’t do this sooner. It is a healthier life sytle.

  43. Ms Davy Smiley

    I ordered the program, paid $47.00+$29.97+$19.92 through Click Bank on 3/29/10, got NOTHING. I want my money refunded or the products that I ordered.(downloads) Davy Smiley

  44. FloosieMagoo

    I had absolutely no problem with accessing the program. It is explained that it is a download. Within moments I had all the books in .PDF format and saved them to my disk. In addition, I can access them from anywhere as the links are in an email.

    So far so good. I should add that for an additional $20, I believe I ordered the books. The truth is that I wish I hadn’t because the eBooks are wonderful.

    No BBB (Better Business Bureau), except to say how good the program is.

    Also, you may want to look in your Trash or Spam folders for the email with the links to download your programs.

    Good luck.

  45. Nil

    I have bought and received at the same time , but before you buy you need to read …so you now is nothing from post it’s E-book

  46. Jarlin

    This is the best program. I already lost 10 lbs..can’t wait to lose 20 more….

  47. J

    WOW. Does anybody actually READ? This is a review site & the books are in DOWNLOAD form.

  48. Rose Marie Conover

    Your program was ordered on March 19 for $47.00 and the printed manual and cd-rom set was ordered for $27.90. To date neither have been received. Since there is no phone number to call I am left with emailing you. Please have someone contact me via return email as to when I might receive these items. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    Rose Marie Conover

  49. Mary Anne Penzone

    Have I ordered this program? Could you please tell when?
    Have I sent you any money? I am totally lost as to what is going on. Please help.

  50. roy hughes

    For all ya’ll that are upset – don’t be. The program is excellent, excellent. It is a download. I did not know that at first either and waited a few days and nothing came in the mail. I thought I had been had. My wife was able to get in touch with Isabel’s company and asked to cancel the payment. It was done no questions asked. She reread where I had ordered and low and behold a button for instant download after payment. I reordered the audio and written. I downloaded all on a thumb drive. Isabel sends more and more info just like she knew us and wants us to succeed. I have lost 20lbs and am not hungry and eat all the things I like. Great program and company relationship. Just give it an honest try and do what she says. Thanks Roy

  51. Kelly

    I just purchased this program and downloaded the ebooks without any problems. This is not a scam. I am excited to get started on my new lifestyle of eating and exercising!!!

  52. Kim

    Looking forward to receiving the material and getting ready to implement all the great ideas, just do not know how to access the information. I receive plenty of updates but don’t know where to go from here

  53. Lori

    Afte reading the emails above, it seems clear I have been ripped off of $47.00. I was never told these were ebooks or I wouldn’t have ordered them.Seems like a scam to me. Better Business Bureau, here I come.

    • ted

      Immediate access to this product or service is available once payment is approved.“If it wasn’t an ebook, how would you have immediate access. This was stated on the order page.

  54. Lori

    I ordered the Diet Solution Basic Paqckage on March 13 and have not received any product and emails are not answered. Have paid for product. No phone number to call you. I think I’ve been had! I am really upset with your company.

  55. Chelsea

    I have not received the product. I paid for it and have not received it. I have emailed the company several times and nobody will contact me. There is no phone number to reach anyone. I am so furious at this company.

  56. E Ledalle Mangham

    Contact me by email. I have received a bill for the three items I ordered but have not received them as yet. Thank you. EM

    • ted

      Once again, this is just a review of the Diet Solution and we are not connected with the company…Leaving comments here about products or refunds will do no good. Also, again the program is an ebook so you will never get anything in the mail, you must download it from the internet.

  57. robyn (australia)

    thanks TED for stating that there were links… I went to my reciept from clkbank and got onto their webpage and sure enough once I put in my reciept number and email i got the links and downloaded the ebooks. I am not one for reading on the computer and as there was an offer for paying for the books and CD rom to be sent out I opted for that. i am now going to wait for the books. SO it can be done and it is not a scam.

    • ted

      Thanks for letting us know, Robyn and also for the information about a hard copy of the program!

  58. Larry

    Dang people! Quit whining and get to losing weight. This is more of a meal plan than a diet. The The Diet Solution provides quality information on healthy eating which will lead to weight loss if you stick with it. It is good advice for anyone, over weight or not. Either get it and print it or don’t, but quit fussing about how this product isn’t for you when you haven’t even tried it.

  59. Bee

    I had my card out and was ready to order. But I had a little whisper, “Check it out first.” Reading these review comments helped me to decide NOT to try to download. I also found out that the same deal is offered at different prices, some cheaper…interesting, eh? So, Good Bye online download. I don’t want to risk hard-to-come-by money on something that may be a scam!

  60. Karen

    I too have waited for the books (2 wks) only to find out from what I am reading here it is not available in book form! I have written to the customer service twice and have not heard from anyone. I also think this was a rip off, in fact the day after I “ordered” I received a call from the early fraud detection service from my charge card. Someone used my card for unauthorized purchases! and ClickBank was where I ordered the program from. Very,Very Disappointed

    • ted

      If you are having problems with the diet solution report them to They are a legitimate and trusted company and just handle the billing for this diet. I’m sure they would like to know the issues so they can remove them from their client list.

  61. Geri Washington

    My question is: Is it healthy to lose 5 to 10 pounds per week…isn’t that a bit much? Not trying to become a “nay-sayer” but I do want to lose the weight but in a healthy way and NOT gain it back!!!! I am willing to try this program, just have some anxieties about it!!!

  62. maria louran

    I just sent off my credit card details to purchase the $47 deal to do the program only to be told that the server could not be found. Has my money gone up in smoke? Maria

  63. Mel

    Almost purchased this program as it makes sense scientifically…BUT did not want to download e-books.
    Sure e-books saves money on the seller’s side by not having to publish and print all the books, but the cost to print
    out each of these manuals (if you do not have a home printer)is crazy and inconvenient. The site shows these nice plasti bound books which would last alot longer than pages printed out on a printer and stapled together. I would have been willing to pay more for the actual printed books for this program because I think the program has some validity behind it and probably does work.

  64. Kal

    So far, I’ve lost $47 and 0 pounds.

  65. Vanessa

    This sounds like its too hard to get any customer service and feedback from the company once you paid. As far as e-books, I wouldnt spend my money on it. I would like a book that I can go over whenever I wnat, not some obscure link that apparently not all the customers get.

  66. Yao

    Any solutions to downloading the e-books yet? One of my concern about the DSP is that it is another ineffective weight lost program that’s just out to profit and perhaps is a scam. I just learned of this program today and became intrigued, so I decided to do a little research on consumer reviews of this product, and sad to say, I didn’t find any that i felt were authentic. The stuff I was able to find were very few and, to me, did not offer any solid testimonials about the product.

  67. Joann

    If you want to email them, click on the link above and at bottom of that page, click “contact us’. An email box pops up. I now have written twice with the assurance that someone would respond in “48 hours or less” and nadda. So I am going to block their payment with my bank. Pffft. Great Customer Service.

  68. Jennifer

    This seems like another Low or Minimal Carb diet. I wouldn’t recommend this for Diabetic patients trying to lose weight. I also don’t like the push for free range/organic foods. This makes it very expensive and there’s no sound, consistent research to prove that the organic etc foods promote weight loss. I do like the emphasis on healthy fats, moderate in total fat intake, healthy food prep and fruits and veggies.

  69. Debbie

    I’ve been looking over this program on-line and would love to do it, however I WON’T be ordering it since it is only available in e-book form. I want “old fashioned book”-book form! Looks like a great program – sorry to say I think you’re loosing out on a lot of business by marketing it this way.

  70. Shirley S. Closson

    I ordered your ebook diet solution material. Put $47 on my account–have no confirmation or directions on how to get the materials. From what I’m reading other people have had similar problems. Have I been “taken”? If I don’t hear from you SOON, I will contact Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General in the State of Pennsylvania. I also note that this is available at less expense on other sites.

  71. Nader

    Anyone tried this and it worked? I am hesitating to even start

  72. diana suarez

    Does anyone know the email where to reach them?

  73. Cheryl

    So sorry. I am a bit computer challenged.
    After hunting around a bit and reading everything, I did receive all the e-books I paid for. I wasn’t that hard either. Can’t wait to get started.

  74. Cheryl

    I got the confirmation e-mail that said I had been charged but did not get a link to the books.
    I am beginning to think (dah) I have been ripped off.
    If I ever do get the e-books, I will let you know. So far I have lost $47 and no way to contact anyone.

  75. ken

    can I order books buy phone or get actual books as shown on screen in paper

    • ted

      Once again, the diet solution is only available in ebook form and has to be ordered online.

  76. Janeen

    I didn’t understand this was an ebook(s) until AFTER I ordered…no big deal but I would have liked to have known that before buying. Also, this plan is very similar to Michael Thurmond’s plan. I would like to read comparisons of the two. Anyone know of a sight for that?

  77. Gary Duncan

    I ordered your products, you have my money, where are the products? I have e-mailed you three times, no response. I’m beginning to think this is some type of scam. If you do don’t return this e-mail, I will be contacting my Attorney General in the state of Illinois for further assistance. What alternative do you leave me?

    • ted

      Gary, This is just a review of the Diet Solution and not the company. However, I do know that the diet solution is a downloadable ebook so you will not get anything in the mail, you should have received a confirmation email when you paid. In that email there should have been links to download the product.

  78. Alice

    I also would like to get the printed versions, I have a netbook laptop and NO printer so actual books would be much better for me! I am very interested in this program, how do I get these materials??

    • ted

      Alice, The diet solution is only available as an ebook, perhaps you could download it and print it at Staples or office depot.

  79. Lisa

    Can I purchase the program in book form?

  80. Harry Peatt

    I want the printed materias that go with your Diet Solution program and not downloads. How much, and how do I order them???

    • ted

      There are no printed materials with the Diet Solution as it is only available in ebook form, you’ll have to download it and print things out.

  81. Patience

    I love ur program