LA Weight Loss

LA Weight Loss used to be a center-based weight loss program with over 650 centers worldwide.

Over recent years LA Weight Loss clinics have been closing down, and the franchise company closed down at the beginning of 2010. There are now just a few centers located in North and South Dakota, Iowa, and Canada. LA Weight Loss is transitioning from a center based program into one that is totally online based.

The LA Weight Loss clinics attracted some controversy. This was often due to the significant costs involved with the program and the hard selling practices of some sales staff. However, with the new online LA Weight Loss program, dieters have access to LA’s effective plans but with less cost involved.

Most of the LA Weight Loss products are available from their new website and they are trying to restore their reputation after they received such bad press as the result of many people losing money when the centers closed.

LAWL Purple, Gold, Red, Green, and Blue Plans

Purple Plan
Consume the following foods each day.

  • 2.5 protein
  • 3 vegetables
  • 2 fruits
  • 3 starches
  • 2 dairy
  • 2 Fat
  • 2 LA lites
  • 64 oz water
Gold Plan
Each day you should consume the following.

  • 2 Proteins
  • 3 Vegetables
  • 3 Fruit
  • 2 Starches
  • 1 Dairy
  • 1 Fat
  • 2 LA Lites
  • 64oz. Water
Red Plan
Each day you should consume the following.

  • 2.5 Proteins
  • 4 Vegetables
  • 3 Fruit
  • 3 Starches
  • 1 Dairy
  • 1 Fat
  • 2 LA Lites
  • 64oz. Water
Green Plan
Each day you should consume the following.

  • 2 Proteins
  • 2 Vegetables
  • 2 Fruit
  • 2 Starches
  • 1 Dairy
  • 1 Fat
  • 2 LA Lites
  • 64oz. Water
Blue Plan
Each day you should consume the following.

  • 2.5 Proteins
  • 3 Vegetables
  • 3 Fruit
  • 3 Starches
  • 1 Dairy
  • 1 Fat
  • 2 LA Lites
  • 64oz. Water

LA Weight Loss Rapid Results Diet

No Longer does LAWL use the colored plans, but has implemented a new weigh loss technique.

LA Weight Loss Rapid Results uses the Transmetabolic Factor which is supposed to help the body to continuously burn calories throughout the day, boost energy, and help control appetite for maximum weight loss. They believe it’s the key to permanent weight loss primarily because it works with the body, not against it.

The New LA Weight Loss Diet consists of 5 steps.

Step 1: 2-Day KickStart Plan featuring LA Weight Loss TakeOFF™ Juice.
This step is to be completed for the first 2 days and then every 14 days of the program. This is similar to detox and is supposed to prepare the body for weight loss.

la-weight-loss-support-packageStep 2: The LA Rapid Results Diet System.
Dieters are to use The Rapid Results Diet System until they lose 20 pounds or reach their goal weight. Dieters use the LA Rapid Results Food Guide to plan meals and it consists of nine main categories: Proteins, Vegetables, Fruits, Starches, LA Lites Bars, Dairy, Fats, Beverages and Extras.

Each day dieters are to consume a specific number of servings allotted based on individual needs.

Step 3: Transitional Phase using LA My Way Food Guide until goal weight is reached.
This stage is started after 20 pounds are lost and continues until the dieter reaches their goal weight. It is designed to transition dieters into eating a wider variety of foods while still controlling calories.

Step 4: Use two LA Lites™ Bars every day throughout the program.
LA Lite bars are designed to help with cravings and control in between meal hunger.

Step 5: Use the LA SmartTrim Nutritionals™ along with the diet program daily.
This is a supplement line designed by LA to supply dieters’ bodies with the vitamins and minerals that support weight loss.


LA Weight Loss recommends that dieters exercise at least 3 times a week to achieve maximum results on the Rapid Results Program.

LA Weight Loss Costs

The LA Complete Success System, which includes all products and guides as well as online support, costs $289.99 a month if automatic rebilling is selected or $419.99 if one month is purchased at a time.

Click here to purchase the system including LA Lites and Take-off Juice for a discount.

All products and program parts are available separately and vary in price.

Expensive and Relies on Supplements

LA Weight Loss has worked for many people and people keep coming back to them as the program is straight forward and easy to follow. However, this program relies heavily on the use of prepackaged processed food, special juices, and supplements.

While people may indeed lose weight using the LA Weight Loss Rapid results program, it isn’t exactly teaching dieters how to eat healthy and get the vital nutrients they need from fresh whole foods.

For dieters who aren’t concerned about eating processed food then LA Weight Loss could be a good option, but for those that want to lose weight in a healthier way, then there are certainly cheaper and better diet plans available.


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    1. Cherie Hill

      I am so glad I have stumbled upon this discussion board. I joined LA Weight Loss over 19 years ago. I was very successful and enjoyed the program. I recently moved and thought about joining again. Low and behold, I found that it is now online based only. That’s ok because, I am going to use the same will power and determination I had 19 years ago. I still have the purple plan as well as the cookbook. Instead of the Take off juice, I used Hollywood diet and it works (and tastes) the same. I also have done some research and found that the Luna Bars are equivilent to the LA Lites.

      • Eileen

        I too used the plan years ago and decided to try again with the online plan. Good luck to you!!

    2. Donna Butler

      I Joined LA Weigh loss Centers in Kannapolis, NC, I paid $300.00 and the very next week I was to go in for an appointment the center was closed. Such a rip-off. The very least they could have done was to send the LA bars which actually tasted pretty good. There was absolutely no compensation. These people give weight loss centers a very bad name. Take it from someone who experienced it.

    3. Teresa Rogers

      This has been such an emotional rollercoaster ride. I ordered the most expensive plan. It took almost a month to get here and products were missing. I was charged at the post office for shipping and taxes that were already paid to l. A. My card was charged again. It was a month before I finally received the missing product in order to be successful a month too late . Another charge was attempted on my card. I had to send them my cards statements to prove that I Payed and receipts for shipping. I waited for the product to no avail. It was sitting in a warehouse somewhere being held because they maintained that payment was due! I was so disappointed that I could not succeed that I requested my $330.33 back and also the extra charge for shipment. I was told that a payment was applied for only $259.00. This literally took weeks. Finally I received my $330.33 reimbursement. Still waiting on the extra tax and shipping charge. I feel that I am entitled to receive all my money back for the first shipment of $330.00 too. As I did not have the right amount of product and had to wait a month for that and never received anything in a timely manner for this to succeed. I am so terribly dissapointed as I had been a loyal customer in 2007-2008. The staff was extremely supportive and i never felt better for years until I unfortunately had a horrific accident and broke my back and was unable to walk for almost 4 years. It was a long and hard road back. I knew I had to lose the extra weight and did not hesitate to invest in myself with la weightloss. I have been getting the run around since February. I just want them to know that there is a person on the other end of my emails. I should be reimbursed for all of the money spent. I am entitled to it. Just for the stress and anxiety this whole ‘investing in myself’ costs. I was never offered anything to compensate for all of their mistakes. I have been treated very poorly by this company and know that they can do better.
      Thank you.
      Sincerely, Teresa Rogers Winnipeg, Manitoba, ?? Canada.

    4. esther ramirez

      I was a member of L A weightloss years ago when they were a center and was robbed. They closed took my money and ran. So why the hell would I join an online program that was dishonest.

    5. Norm Thurston

      Looking for the Jetstarts La Weightloss had they are amazing. I Would love to purchase some..

    6. Cathy

      DO NOT INVEST MONEY AND TIME IN THIS PROGRAM. IT DOES WORK BUT THEY WILL CHANGE THE NAME OF THE COMPANY AND TELL YOU THAT IT IS THE SAME AND THEN THEY WILL FILE BANKRUPTCY UNDER THE NEW NAME AND YOU ARE OUT ALL THE MONEY AND TIME INVESTED. I did this program and it worked, however they business owner is shady and will take advantage of you in the long run. I joined LA Weightloss to have it renamed Pure Weight Loss, which then filed bankruptcy and could not transfer to new clinic(LA Weightloss) since I now belonged to another even though they told us it was the same and all LA benefits applied. TOTAL RIP OFF WILL RUN OFF WITH ALL YOUR MONEY THAT YOU INVESTED.

      • ted

        This wouldn’t be the fault of the corporate LA Weightloss. You were a member of a franchise location. The owner obviously gave up the franchise and used LA’s concepts in his new venture which didn’t work out for him. You didn’t pay your money to LA Weightloss but to this other guy’s business. LA Weightloss wouldn’t be obligated to give you anything nor should you be condemning them for this.

    7. Jen

      I used to work for LA Weightloss, I was a client as well. I agree that when they have skinny people in there who have never had to lose weight or have never been on the program, it’s hard to take them seriously. We do get training. I was not a natural born sales person, so I was not pushy. We did have quotas to meet, and I hardly ever met mine. I think I did sell a bit more sometimes because I was a client and was able to tell others if a product worked or not. I did leave because of the pressure put on the counselors. Once day I went in to get a box of my la lites and the doors were closed. I agree with the program, but the way the business is run is ridiculous! How can you just close the doors and screw over all your clients who have paid all this money for products? The plan does work, but the company is horrible.

      • Wanda

        I agree! I was a member and they up and left with my money.

    8. lee

      Hey there – Starting a facebook for LA weight loss support. Just restarting program on my own – In groups search for “Weight Loss – LA SUPPORT”

    9. pat

      want la lite bars where can i fine them or is there anything of equal to them please let me know

    10. Rachel

      I worked at LA Weight Loss for 5 years. I quit 9 months before they closed. I was a client before I worked at LA and lost 68 lbs. LA Weight Loss was NEVER based out of Los Angeles. The first center in LA did not open until LAWL had centers all over the east coast. The president of LAWL was Vaghn Karian. He has changed his last name multiple times in the last 20 years, at least 3 times while he was the president of LAWL. LA Weight Loss Centers Inc. was based out of Horsham, Pennsylvania. Calling the place “LA” was just to make it more marketable. While I whole-heartedly disagree with LAWL business tactics, the weight loss program (minus the gimics)is a very good weight loss program that almost anyone can succeed on.

      • Samah

        I couldnot afored the bars so one of the counselers adviswd me to say that I have soy allergy but now I forgot my portions for the purpule plan
        And the substitute for the lites wes a portin of dairy .
        If you still remember the purpule plane can you please tell me the portions?

    11. Kelly

      I lost 80 lbs on the LA Weight Loss plan and that was 7 yrs ago. I had surgery last year and to make a long story short, have gained it all back. I can’t find my menu plans. If anyone has any to send me, please do. I believe I need to start on plan 3 which is the purple plan I think. I remember before that I was getting the LA Lites on ebay after it got too expensive for me. I loved the chocolate peanut butter ones. Thanks!

      • ted

        For those who are looking for LA Weight loss plans as you’ve read above, they now have an online program. They will provide you with all the plans and resources when you sign up.

      • Angie

        I hv the green and gold plan, email me and I will send to u.

    12. Alison

      Thanks for the info on the La Lite Bar substitues. I did this program before and it was VERY effective. However, this time around I am not using the protein bars. Is it completely necessary to use the bars when loosing weight? I just feel like they are a tedious purchase with only so few to a box.

    13. dowright58

      I was on the red plan and lost 50 pounds 5 years ago. I would like to know what the next meal plans are after the red plan to the maintenance plan. Does anyone have those meal plans?

    14. idratherbfishing

      ayday, I’m in Canada so it might be different elsewhere but I just started with la weight loss, and if you know someone who has been on the plan you can get 50% off the sign up cost. There is no payment plan for that option however it is a lot less than paying full price.

    15. ayday

      does anyone know about the payment plan options??? i gained 40 pounds during my pregnancy, and its 5 months later and im still 40 pounds overweight. I tried to do this all alone for the last 5 months but its not working. So i am considering LA weight loss as my friend lost 100 pounds on it. However i cannot afford to pay 700-1000 dollars upfront. So if anyone has information on cost and payment plans that would be great!!!!! thanks

    16. Shelly

      Thank you Dawn. I am going to try the cantelope. I lost 50 pounds on this program but have gained it back over the years. I wish the program was still open around the country.

    17. Lisa

      I would LOVE any information you could give me. I lost over 80 lbs on this program over 4 years ago and have put it all back on. I am looking at possible surgery in a couple months and I am jumping on program to get off as much as possible by then. It won’t be enough, but it will be something. I also have a facebook and would love to see a support group on there!

    18. Cathy

      Hi There,

      I was with LA when they were in Ontario but they have since closed. Recently on another site i learned that not all LA weight loss places are closed and there are many locations still in Canada. I spoke with one of the ladies from my other site and she gave me a toll free number 1-888-338-1025 to call a LA center in BC that has taken on clients whose centers have closed down. I have to say i phoned it and they were so polite and supportive. They have sent me the program at no cost and i can order products from them as well. (and they are cheaper then my old center. weird!) I have been doing this at home program for 3 weeks and have already lost 11.4 pds. Woohooo

    19. Paula

      I lost 18 lbs on this diet but I agree that the sales tactics were high pressure and one of the reasons I left. I have since gained the weight back and then some, but I know it works. Also, I think accountability is key to it working. Getting weighed 2-3 times a week by someone that is a 3rd party does make you think twice before putting that bad food in your mouth

    20. Dawn

      Hi. My mom and I are on L.A. weight loss. I have been on it off and on since it first came out here in 2005 (I have had 3 kids – that is why I have been off and on). It does work well as I think it is good for people who have very little knowledge about nutrition because it gives you very specific choices and tells you exactly how much to eat. Yes I agree that the counsellors are untrained to say the least (at my center anyways – we are in Edmonton, AB). They can make you accountable to yourself but offer next to nothing in the way of help or suggestions when you plateau and such. Another complaint that I have about them is that I find it hard to accept advice from counsellors who are open about the fact that they have never had an ounce of weight to lose. To me that is like a non-smoker telling a smoker to quit. One more thing – instead of take-off juice at $35 a bottle, you can use canteloupe, at $2.50. My mom is diabetic and can not use the juice so they told her to use canteloupe. And so…I started using canteloupe as well – the canteloupe doesn’t know that I’m not diabetic 😉 So just eat one canteloupe on day 1 of take-off and one canteloupe on day 2 of take-off in place of the takeoff juice(Try not to eat it all at once-spread it out in 1/4 or 1/2 portions). I always lose 3-5 pounds doing it this way…more than with the take-off juice. The only weight gain is money in my wallet. I do use the bars, because I like them, but I have used substitutes that work with the same calories, fat, protein, etc. I have taken no other supplements that in my opinion do nothing but increase LA Weight Loss Centres’ bank balance.

    21. Sandra Reyburn

      I am looking for the first booklet that you get when you join LA Weight Loss. It has all the foods that you can eat while losing weight. Does any one have one. I would be will to pay $5.00. + postage
      Thank you

    22. Debbie

      I am looking for the booklet that gives all the food suggestions and amounts and also looking for the diary for my husband-Plan 3, I think. He is 6′, 215 lbs.
      Thank you for your help!

    23. Heather

      Just reading up on this…didn’t know the locations were closed. Anyone have anymore info or plans they could share? Thanks so much!

    24. elissa

      Amber, did you sub anything for the la lites or just go without?

    25. elissa

      Does anyone have the measurements for dairy? I only remember 8oz skim milk and 2oz partskim cheese…

    26. Amber

      I lost loads of weight on this plan and didn’t buy a single thing from them. Not even the LA Lites! It is just about portion control and eating sensibly. It rocks!

    27. Cher

      I don’t remember what plan I was on but I would love a copy of the start up program, and any of color plans. I used to love the bars, if anyone knows a bar that is the equivalent I would love that too!

    28. marianna

      If you looking for a cheap LA bar Substitute. I have used Slimfast chocolate optima mixed with water is a great sub. you can keep it at you desk and sip all day. it really curbs the cravings. 2 of those a day your good. It is a bit lower calories than the bar but works wonders. You could do with 1% milk. But not sure if you can’t take milk with you on the go without spoiling so I use good “ol” water. this also helps my water intake. it hard for me to get the 8 glasses in so this helps with that to.

      You can use a protein shake powder as well that would work increasing the cal count.

      But the chocolate slim fast is yummy and is is a VERY cheap alternative to those expensive bars.

    29. Meghan

      Could I also get the purple plan? And maybe the gold plan if anyone has it?
      Thank you 🙂

    30. marianna

      if your looking for a LA Lites Bars substitute you can basically get any store barnd that falls within the values below.

      150-200 calories
      8 grams protein
      4 grams of fat

      if the bar falls within this range then your good to go!

      I was told this by an EX employee of LA Weight loss.

      or alternaively for ex-weight watchers people. If you still have your slider. 1 bar = 3 points

    31. Marta

      Does anyone know what are the vegetables that you are allowed when doing TAKE OFF? can you eat artichokes? Thanks!

    32. ldhall

      Hi everyone. I did the L.A. program several years ago and lost over 20 pounds, but, like a lot of you, after my store closed, I gained it all back!! Now, I’m starting over. A friend of mine and I are going to try it on our own. I still have all the information from the last time — Is save everything. When I started my counselor put me on a take off diet without the L.A. Takeoff. It was eating protein and veggies (lettuce) and oranges and drinking water for the 1st 2 days and then start the regular L.A. plan. I love this plan. It’s been the best weight loss plan for me, and I’ve tried about everything. It just takes discipline. You have to eat a lot, and it’s really hard to get everything in. I would love to hear from anyone to chit-chat about our weight loss challenges.

    33. laura

      all of the meal plans are on the LA website. you pick out which one you want and download the adobe file and print it yourself.

      If you cant find them on the website, just google LA MEAL PLAN and it should bring them up. free of charge, might i add.
      and yes, I successfully lost an average of 5-7lbs a week with LAW & two of my best friends had the same results with them too…and it was easy.

    34. Deb

      Hello there are l a weight centres still running in British Columbia and in Calgary. If you google them you will find their addresses I spoke to a girl last night. Answer to Rino it is a fixed plan and if you read Charlene’s blurb Jan 26 that is what the plan was like.

    35. Deb

      Hi yes you can get them on ebay but I live in Canada and there is exchange and shipping and then customs hits you at border with another tax that is why I would like an alternative

    36. Jolie

      I was on LAWL a few years ago and lost 60 lbs. but have now gained 30 of it back since the LAWL here closed. I have everything but need a Purple and gold food diary. does anyone know where to get one? Oh it would also be good to have the start up plan… if I remember right you ate proten and veggies for 2 days???

    37. rino

      What category does this diet fall into(Fixed menu,Exchange-type,Prepackaged,Formula,Flexible,Questionable)??Help please??I need it for a project,help please??

    38. Earthy

      Get the bars on ebay… I have bought plenty from the sellers there.

    39. judy

      thank you for helping me out on the purple plan i did,nt no what to do now i do i wish i could have a menue wrote out to be like i had another time i join la weight loss years ago thank you for your help

    40. Jean


    41. Deb

      Just wondering if Lisa from Feb 18/ could tell me what the name of the exact bars are at rite aid? Thanks Deb

    42. Ade

      I was on the gold plan a few years ago and lost the weight successfully but then gained it back after my baby. Can any one please send me the gold plan if they have it available? It would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

    43. Liv

      So in place of the take off use the 48 hr detox. My center closed and need take off but the la to your door is expensive…Help!!I want to start asap. I lost 32 pounds on program had baby and need to lose it again after 13 months if the weight has not come off then I am going to have to work at losing it again.

    44. Rita Cortese

      Darlene Border
      I would love a copy of the diet. Are you on facebook? If so add me as a friend – Then i can have you e-mail me the diet through them.

      I am the Rita Cortese in Wenatchee Washington.


    45. J3N

      Hi There,

      I appreciate all the info on here, as I did LA a few years ago and lost 40 lbs. However does anyone remember how much Dairy you can have and what you can have for the Dairy?

    46. jane

      Leah, what is the 24 hour detox? Is it the old Prep?
      Are there any funny chemicals in the detox (caffeine?).Thanks. By the way the comments above talk about the counselors at the 3 times per week weigh in. I had no pressure to buy anything after I paid the initial $250.00. It was only to weigh me and ask any questions.Of course, I continued to ppurhcase the soy bars which were $7.00 per box but I really loved them and we had to eat them.

    47. jane

      any centers in new jersey? I joined 10 years ago. I went in and was told it would be $250.00 for the program (26 weeks). While I thought it was a bit much, I realized it was the same as Weight Watchers. I said let me think about it.The counselor told me if I walked out the door I would never come back. Anyway, she was a little pushy, but she was right. If I left, I would go right back home and continue to put off losing weight. Anyway, I joined and did the 3 day kick off or prep. It was unlimited amounts of beef, raw greens, no milk or starch. It was a little hard for me to eat so much protein but I had about 4 hamburgers a day!! After 3 days I lost 7 pounds. Then I went on the normal program which is very similar to Weight Watchers except for the soy bars (which I loved loved loved and were a great treat. Plus YOU HAD to eat 2 a day. Oh joy). Anyway, I quickly lost 30 pounds and never had so much energy in my life.I used to lay around and hardly be able to keep my eyes open. Seriouisly, after LA I used to bounce out of bed each morning It really made me see I need to eat protein and lay off the starch/sugar. I even felt my mental health improve. I also weighed in about 3 times per week. sometimes the centers would be crowded. But I loved the program and am sorry they are no longer around.

    48. LEAH

      LA worked great for me!if you need to start up..this is what i do
      1. Get the 48 hr HOLLYWOOD DIET DETOX drink 14.99 (walmart,cvs) its the EXACT same thing.
      2.I brought a box of LA bars to Walmart/Target, can did a comparison..the LUNA bars are exactly the same sodium/fat etc. (cheaper too)
      3. Drink the holly wood diet for your 2 days detox, then start as normal.
      ** i was on the GOLD PLAN..smartest thing i did was keep all the books and detox info….infact im on it again right now to loose the extra xmas pounds! Like anything if your commited itll work!

    49. Darlene Border

      im on blue i hav sugar if any wants this plan i wud b glad to give it to you

    50. Jeni

      Hi everyone. I was on LA a couple of years ago and lost 40 pounds. It was great. However, like a fool, I went off the program and gained the weight back. I have since then moved to a different state and I can’t seem to find my materials. What I’m looking for is if someone could volunteer to send me the information which states the serving sizes of each food. ie: Broccoli 1 cup “Cooked”, 1/2 cup raw. The book this information came in also had other foods listed as well such as various cereals, complete meals such as Hamburger with fries. Any help that anyone can give will greatly be appreciated.

    51. Alli

      Hello. My girlfriend did the LA program a couple of years ago and did very well and still is. Now I would like to do it as I have 50 lbs to loose. Unfortunately, she did not keep all her materials for me to follow. I do have the info for Take Off from another post here, but do not recognize the color plans that everyone seems to be talking about. She did give me the LA Express Menu Plan Kit book that you use for the first 4 weeks, but I do not know what my servings should be (which number plan to go on) and I do not have the book for 5th week until I reach my target weight. Is there anyone here that can help with this, please??? Thank you… Alli

    52. marne

      Would you share the name of the product that is available at Rite Aid?
      Thank you!!

    53. tep

      FYI… they sell the LAWL bars on EBAY…

    54. Lisa

      In reply to lacharley: LA Lites were just purchased from another company that makes these bars and then LA Weight Loss created boxes and packaging for them. You can find the exact same products at Rite Aid. They have a different name, but they are always in the diet section, normally by the pharmacy. I know this because I use to work for LA Weight Loss. Hope this helps. 🙂

    55. Mike Hagen

      Hi Nicole S.

      Thank you so much for offering to e-amil me the ‘plan’. However, I have some concerns about sharing my address with everyone that can access this site.

      Thanks Again,

      Best Regards,


    56. mindy

      LA weight loss was the only program that worked for my husband. Since they closed he has gained all the weight back. He was on the red program. Does anyone have that one that would share with me? Also I was on the blue plan and it worked great but I did the bars twice a day. What do I substitute those with? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

    57. lisa

      i find it really humorous how the daily plans on here are so incorrect! this is not the la way, as i have been with the company for over 5 years. there is no longer “gold” or “purple” plans, nor do you eat an entire cup of rice as indicated above on the daily plan. the amoint of food intake depends on your weight, age, activity level, health history, ect. not everyone eats the same. obviously the reason ppl come in is for the one on one support and accountability to loose their weight because if we could all do it on our own , the north american continent wouldnt be over 50% overweight.

      do your research before following uneducated ppl on here.

    58. Sweet P

      LAWL worked well for me too, easy, but WAY TOO COSTLY CONSIDERING it was my food..minus the bars!

      Fast Forward (alternate to the juice) Plan
      1/8 slice of canteloupe or 1 orange 4 times a day.
      – unlimited steamed or raw green vegetables
      – unlimited proteins
      – 1/4-1/2 tsp Morton Lite Salt
      – 8 8oz glasses of water.

    59. Nicole S.

      Mike Hagen

      I have the purple plan….I can e-mail you the info. if you’d like.

    60. Susan

      Hey Everyone,

      Just wonderng if anyone knows what the diet plan is for the Take Off Juice?

    61. elise

      If anyone was on the blue plan please get back. to me on that. Thank u so much for posting this

    62. Ada

      If anyone has the Gold Plan that can provide me with the info.

    63. lacharley

      I am a past LAWL member with success too. Now that the centers have closed, and I don’t have bars or Take Off Juice, I’m looking for suggestions of bars or juice to purchase at the store that are similar. Does anyone have a box with the nutritional information so I can try to find something sililar? Thanks!

    64. Shannon

      Hey all, I was on LAWL on the orange plan and can not remember the number of servings. I was wondering if anyone can help me out. Thanks a bunch. Looking forward to starting again!!

    65. Mike Hagen

      Hi Charlene,

      Yes, this helps a great deal, thank you so much! Question: Would you have the other piece for the equation which describes what constitutes the different types of foods for each category i.e.; Starches, Fats, Dairy ,Protein Snacks etc. as well as the serving amount (what is a serving size 4oz 8oz, 1 or 2 cups ?) ) for each. I don’t want for you have to go through a lot of work to answer these questions, but if would have it in an electronic form where you could cut and paste that would be great.

      Best Regards, Mike H.

    66. Charlene

      Mike Hagen,

      Hi, I also was on the LA weight Loss purple plan which was the daily menu 2 right?

      21/2 servings of Proteins.
      3 servings Vegetables.
      2 servings of Fruit.
      3 servings of Starch.
      2 servings of Dairy.
      2 servings of Fat.
      2 La Lites (bars)

      Let me know if this helps at all!

    67. Marlen

      Hola,quiero saber si puedo hacer una dieta comiendo solamente los productos special k, como los cereales ,las barras,ect y como incorporarlos a mi dieta.

    68. Mike Hagen

      I looking for anyone that can help provide me with information on the “Purple Plan”. I was a member of LAWL a couple of years ago (until the business was closed) and had success losing weight (43 pounds) and keeping it off for the most part. However, I have gained a few pounds back and would again to follow the purple Plan, but I lost all of my LAWL material in a recent house move. Please, can anyone help?

    69. wen

      yo he perdido alrededor de 16 libras y aun me falta como 40 mas, pero siento que uno no pasa hambiento, si no que es bueno el plan, lo malo es que las barras son muy caras

    70. Rebecca

      I like the LAWL program because it is easy to follow & it works. Nothing else has seemed to work so quickly for me; plus I don’t feel deprived so I can stick to it. However…I find it pointless to make visits to the centre. The staff do not seem to know what they are talking about; often I receive different & contradictory answers from different staff.

    71. pat

      started la back in was the best thing that i ever did for myself. went from 180 to 152lbs.. it closed back in 2005. i have maintained up until this past summer. now i am 165lbs. you have no idea how much i miss going there to talk to someone.i get NO suport from my family.they all say i look great. i am 5″4 52yrs old wear a size 12 pant. me i am a big cow. i am starting plan again. only thing is i cant fine it. up until now, thanks to you.

    72. Ali

      I did LAWL 2 years ago lost all the weight and kept it off. Recently I was put on medication and made me gain all the weight.I need help to cleanse myself first any suggestion. I can’t find any LAWL near me. I have huge graving for salt. I need to get back to this program.

    73. Bonnie

      I just found out that I have sugar and have to watch my carbs would this diet plan help???? Thanks Bonnie

    74. Steph

      I believe I used the Gold Plan and lost around 40 pounds. Does anybody have the serving sizes? If I remember correctly it was 2 protein 2 starch 2 veg 1 fat 2 lites

    75. A. Gales

      I did the LAWL 4 years ago, but did not purchase anything a friend share hers with me. Im already in the gym alot so excercise was not a problem. My eating habits were I did lose 48 pounds and probably have again about 10 back. The eating habits became a habit for me but we do slip sometimes, I’m on the purple plan but I appreciate the suggestions on the bars I really need it. Let me know if anyone needs information for this plan.

    76. Amy

      I lost about fifteen pounds a couple of years ago and lost all of the program information. When the weight started coming off, I really noticed it most in the belly area. I’ve lost weight before with Weight Watchers, but noticed how different it came off for me doing LAWL. I did read the basics to the diet but am wondering about the daily dairy requirements. I remember having a certain amount of ounces of cheese a day…2 or 4? Does anyone know or remember or can give me more info.?

    77. Kelly Collins

      Amanda, I did the program back in college and have lost all of the info. I believe I was on the green plan and would love to have the information so I can lose some more weight! The restaurant guide and frozen food info would also be a GREAT help! Thanks so much!

    78. Jennifer


      I’m sorry about what they did to you and ripped you off. These places are franchise. They’re individually owned by one or more owners. You can call corp or ask to speak to a regional manager. You should get your money back. If you can’t you can always sell your stuff on ebay. These manager push sales because corp calls every day for numbers and sales. People lose there jobs if they don’t sell a certain amount each month. That’s why the bars are pushed so hard. It’s very cut throat and just a bad place to work.

    79. Jennifer

      If you want to start the Takeoff plan you don’t need the juice. I use to be a manager at LA Weightloss years ago. Just replace with an orange. You need the sugar. But for only 3 days.
      The bars are a rip off. You don’t need them. You can still lose weight by following the plan, writing it down in a journal and working out. Once you lose the weight you need to maintain it. You need to look at this as a life change not a diet. Cause you can not go off it. Once you do you gain the weight back. You just need to add a few extra calories to maintain. Thats it. No junk food, no fast food, no sodas.

    80. eleanor

      hello everyone i was on la weight loss years ago and it does work,can someone please tell me where i can get the fast forward drink i have the paperwork for it

    81. Pam

      If anyone has the first 2 days of the LAWL program I would be greatful if someone emailed me a copy. I have done the LAWL program a couple of times with alot of success. I want to do it again ASAP. Thanks for the help.

    82. Linda

      I misplaced fast-forward diet when I moved but still have the
      drinks. Can anyone help with the 2-day fast plan?

    83. wayne

      Amanda or anyone, if you could please send me the LA weight loss program. I can’t afford the program but my health can’t afford not to have it.

    84. Arianne

      On Monday I just wanted to no what was the program about and I walked into a LAWL center. After they made me cry about my weight, they ask me my credit card and I did give it to them (how stupid of me). Wednesday, I came back to the center and said that I’ve think about it and didn’t want to join. They told me to read everything, then gave me the sample bars and the books and told me to think about it. On Friday, I was shure that I didn’t want to loose than kind of money with them so I told them. They argued with me for a wile and then said to me, fine, but we can’t give you all your money back. Wich mean that for 5 days, 1 TakeOff bottle, 8 bars (that I didn’t eat), and a book (who is still in is wrap), cost me 396$. Is there someone who had the same problem and got their money back?

    85. Ashley

      I did the program back in 2003 and lost 50 lbs then I was a senior in high school. Now I am back where I started after 6 years of college. I started the LAWL plan again last wed and have had only one relapse day so far. Just wanting to know if any luna/special k bar is okay to use? And should I be having two a day?

    86. Emily

      I was on the LA diet as a paying customer and also have done it myself. I lost 50 lbs the first time, but I also read every label I could while I doing so because I knew there had to be comparable products that could be purchased at a supermarket. My husband and I used the servings as a guide, and used a soy protein bar from walmart. The calories were identical and the top 5 ingredients were the same. The take off juice is identical to the “48 hour Hollywood Diet” sold in stores (trust me, I held the labels side by side), except instead of using it the way the bottle says, you mix it with water at a 1:1 ratio and spread it out over two days. Add to the first two days all-you-can eat lean proteins (shrimp, chicken, beef) and raw, leafy veggies and you mimic the take-off diet at LA. Without paying and in half the time, my husband lost 35 lbs and I lost 25. Much cheaper and not that uncomfortable counseling from someone who had lost less than I had and was much larger than I was. Just my two cents.

    87. Christina

      I did very well on the program and paid a ton of money up front, I think I lost about 27 pounds pretty quickly. I went off and would just go back to get my bars, and do the couseling. I went back after not going for about a month and it was closed. I had about $200 worth of bars invested, I called the number on the door, and a year later nothing. I have contacted better business bureau, posted on sites. Very disheartening as I am a single mother and have pretty limited funds. I was very successful on the program, still have all the books, and just purchased the bars from ebay. AS long as you eat a balance diet, and eat 2 bars a day, you will lose the weight.

    88. Carrie

      Bonnie, to be honest you would be better communicating with another center to get a plan with out the bars. You are not going to find any bars on the market that fit perfectly with the plan so you are better off finding the proper foods for a no lite program

    89. Carrie

      I would just like everyone to be aware of what they are buying online. These bars/drinks people are selling are usually expired and cannot be garenteed safe! Call a LA center near you to have them ship product or go online to their website I believe you can get product there as well.

    90. shellie

      Amanda, I don’t know if you’re still tuning in to this site, but if I could get the green & gold programs from you, & some info on how to restart the program, the I’d greatly appreciate it.


    91. Bonnie

      Like many of your I loved the plan and did really well on it. I kept it off until I became ill for a long period of time. I never used the lites or any of their products due to allergies. I lost about 3 lbs per week following the red plan but they structured it based on my exercise and non of their products. I would like to go back on it and include some sort of bar like a lite for my sugar craving. Can any of you tell me what I can use as a substitute? Have any of you tried the on line service who now has the rights to sell LA Weight Loss products? They sell the lites and everything else on there. I just don’t want to be dependent on their products only. If anyone knows a good bar that works with the plan please let me know. Thanks

    92. Natalie

      I was on LAWL about 3yrs. ago and took off 45lbs. I just stuck to the plan WITHOUT the protein bars. Unfortunately I have gained most of it back. I was on the purple plan, Amanda, if you could help me out I would really appreciate it.

    93. Lisa

      Amanda, I would like to receive the jump start and diet plan list if possible along with the list of restraunts you can substitute with and the list of frozen foods if you have them, I moved out of state and left them in our storage unit. thanks much

    94. stacy

      i would like the programs i need them to continue my program please let me know how i can get them from you.

    95. Amanda

      I used to work for LA Weight Loss. I was a client first I lost like 80lbs. Then worked for the company for over 3 years in 2 different states. They do have a bad rep but the program and the people who really cared made it amazing. I am sorry to hear so many people had problems. I have all the programs if anyone wants them let me know. There are a great many substitutions for the la bars. Just make sure the use soy protein, it really does have good properties. I would be very wary about purchasing any food of eBay. These bars and products do have expiration dates.

      • Joan

        Hi Amanda,
        I did this plan years ago and lost 89 lbs. I have lost a lot of my materials but I remember a lot and still have my cook book. the thing I can’t find is the limited and unlimited foods. could you help me find those?

    96. rhonda grobelnik

      snack substitutes are anything 100 calories.weightwatchers sugarfree candies work for me

    97. judi

      i did the program before, it worked for me. unfortunatly i need to get back on, can anyone tell me where i can get a
      red book diet plan?


    98. Vicky

      My husband and I “did” the La weight loss and I lost about 10 pounds and he about 14. He and I have since gained the weight back and want to start the program again but the centers are closed. I cannot remember what we ate the first day or days. I can purchase other soy bars and can eat the cantelope instead of the fast forward drink. If anyone has the info for the beginning of the program PLEASE let me know. Thanks so much. I felt so much better when I was on the diet.

    99. Frances

      I joined LAWL a couple of years ago and bought the entire plan…. I got so tired of eating those bars but thought I should since they insisted that was key to losing. Now my place has closed and I am without my money refund AND all those bars… Now what?

      Anybody gotten a refund from the company? I am interested in knowing how that happened!!


    100. laura

      I tried LA last summer. What a joke! The staff were there to sell product (bars, suplements etc.) In fact, one girl told me while I watche dthe video, that she used to manage another popular weight loss location (herbal magic), and that it was a scam. Made me wonder what she thinks of this place and isn’t saying…..These girls might as well be working at the mall selling clothes. Everything they “teach” you about healthy eating is common sense, the rest is about buying bars, shakes etc. Actaully just ran into one of the staffers who used to “counsel” me, she was working at an underground parking booth. I lost a little weight, as much as I would have on my own cutting out all the junk and take out. Nothing to do with the bars.

    101. Anita

      I lost 67 lbs 4 -5 years ago on LAWL. Averaged 2 lbs a week and never had a gain. Unfortunately, I had surgeries and health problems and have gained almost all back. Just started again, but am concerned about the messages here that tell about them closing. Is this true? I am paid up for 6o lb loss and have 40 boxes of bars paid for. Maybe I better just bring all my bars home and hope the center doesn’t close. I thought the program, 5 or 6 years ago, was very good and supportive. Now I am concerned.

    102. Jalyn

      It really is a lifestyle change losing weight. I wasnt able to get to the center last week. I still lost but it was less than when I was going to the center each week to be weighed by someone else. By the way I did get the LUNA bars and some of the varieties are as good as the LA Lite bars. Check them out. I wont buy the LA Lites anymore. The LUNA bars are half the price and bigger. Good luck everyone and keep losing.

    103. Tracy

      I just want to say that the LA Weight Loss Program worked great for me. I lost 28 pounds in 3 months but………….I have gained it ALL back and then some. Within the past 24 months I have gained 40 pounds. I feel terrible and embarrassed. Back then I had so many people saying “WOW! You look great. I can’t believe how much weight you lost”. Now, nobody has to say a word, I know what they are thinking. “OMG! She has gained so much weight, how could she let that happen?”
      In short, it can be done but it is a life time plan, not just a short term diet.

    104. Lynne'

      While I was using the program in 2007, I lost 90lbs without having to eat the bars or much of any of there products. I did not like them so I went without and was very successful. I even use my old journals to aid me in losing weight now after the birth of my child. Also the hundred cal snacks are great for 1fruit, 1starch and I heard that ensure was a good meal replacement but I have not tried them.

    105. Jalyn

      I was reading a blog about the complaints with LA Weightloss and there was a former counselor saying that if you need to replace the LA Lite bars that Pria bars are the closest and then the Luna bar. I havent checked the labels myself yet but I plan to when I get close to running out of my LA Lite bars. I have had good luck with the program but its a very slow process and I will try to do it on my own once my 14 weeks are up. Good luck everyone.

    106. Lissa

      Its by hight and weight. And when I did it we had 12345 no colors. I’m 5’4 130lbs and I’m on plan 1 with bars plan 2 without bars. So you need to find the right range for you.

    107. Rainne

      Thanks for the help here on this! I did LAWL until the centers all shut down & I was so mad I got off the program for awhile. I have just gotten back on the program. Still have a fridge full of bars, but was worrying about what to eat for a snack when I run out of those. Now I don’t have to worry. Thanks! 🙂

    108. Penny J

      Hi! I did LAWL 3 years ago. I was 173 pounds at the start and lost 20 pounds. I was on the gold plan. I am now 185 pounds and happen to have gotten a hold of the complete LAWL plan on ebay. I am not sure what weight range goes with what color plan?? Does anyone know where I should start? Thanks!!

    109. Lissa

      Hi everyone, just wanted to let you in on a great tip for those of you still following the LAWL
      program. NUGO bars are another sub. for LA lites. I loved the LA lites and these NUGO bars are just as good and bigger! Also, fyi half hour of cardio ( dance, hoola hoop, ect…) before each meal helps burn more fat. Live happy, Live healthy.

    110. toy brown

      I joined la weight loss an lost over fifty pounds,they closed the doors without letting anyone no in the process i lost alot of money because i was still under contract ‘if it were the other way around they would want there money refunded back or at least have a coursety to at least tell you they were leaving ;the clients got a rawl deal an nothing can be done

    111. sharon

      In was on the purple plan, and needed sample meal plans.
      i lost 22 pounds with LA, and have gained them back! I also need some protein bars, and snacks that are like the ones LA had.the food was too pricey. i know i can do this to get some of this weight off! i passed the mirror the other day, and didn’t like what i saw!

    112. mindy

      shelly, take off is two days long. protein, green veg. and two bars a day which i usually break in half to spread out the protein a little better. at first its unlimited protein, then after your first time of doing take off, it goes down to 6 oz. of protein. i usually created really good salads and just ate that all day. its hard but you can get through it. you just cant go crazy after you are finished with the diet.

    113. shelly

      I did well on the program. lost 75 pounds, the centers closed here 3 years ago, gain 35 back. I did find the purple plan, found out about the juice and found bars however I forgot how to use the juice. Is it drink the juice and eat protein and bar only for those 2 days??

    114. Claudia

      Heidi, I did the Gold Plan, I have lost my Menu Plan book with all the Restaurant Guides in it, how can I get one? ANy info would be appreciated. Thanks

    115. mel

      Rather that the juice for takeoff you eat half a canteloupe one day and half the next for take off. Also i just got the basic nutrition facts for the bars and buy a comparison at walmart. Its a lot cheaper and with la closing anyways 2 friends and myself continue the diet without them

    116. Kelly White

      the program was great for me, unfortunately all of the locations shut down around me. Be AWARE! I lost all of my refund money even though I lost the weight I was suppose to. Forget the expensive products and focus on eating he right foods. Working to lose it with Body for Life now. try it out! No expensive products to purchase unless you want them. 10 lbs loss in 5 weeks

    117. Amanda

      Thanks I’ve been looking for this plan for a long time. I used to be on LAWeight Loss about 6 years ago but never finished the program did loose a total of 25 pounds. Thought the plan was good but the sales part of the company was too much for me. They were very aggresive with trying to sell there products and all I wanted was the diet plan and support from them.

    118. doug

      I used LA WEIGHT LOSS a few years ago and was very successful losing 30lbs. They (councelors) tried to make me buy those bars and other incidentials but I refused.

    119. Susie

      I found at Wal-Mart a juice that is almost identical to the Takeoff juice. It’s the Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet. It costs less than Takeoff and I think it takes better.

    120. laallen

      One of the biggest problems with La Weight Loss has always been the price of the food, but you can get discount la weight loss bars on eBay.

    121. kate lauer

      I had great success on the la weight loss diet. I need a jump start again & want to know where I can find the juice to start the program again or is there something else on the market that I could use instead.

    122. Michelle

      What can you substitute for a snack instead of those protein bars?

    123. Heidi

      I just saw la weightloss bars for sale on ebay, I have the gold plans and the take off was changed. The 48 hr hollywood diet sold at local pharmacies and walmarts is the same as the juice. Bars not so easy to match up but luna & kashi seem to compare. If anyone is interested in the gold plan, I have the book.

      • Cindy

        I would like the plan.

        • Donna

          I’d be interested in the plan.

    124. Robin

      Well, I did join the program 2 1/2 years ago, see sawed back and forth for 12 months and then had a counselor “Jean” who basically told me to either “sh-t or get off the pot”!! Kinda made me mad at the time but I did
      get in gear and lost all my weight but now is when I really need someone there each week to cheer me on in Minnesota. I started to get a feel that things were not going well around Sept or October as the hours that the center was open started cutting back. Totally was out by end of November or 1st part of December. I really liked the Take off though

    125. kathy

      I need some help. I started the plan again about 2 weeks ago, I did the quick start and within the first week I had lost 8 lbs, but now I have gained back 3 what am I doing wrong. I am working out about 1 hour a day 4-5 days a week. This work for me before. I am using the luna bars. and the gold plan. please help

      • Catherine Haig

        If i remember corrcorrectly the Gold Plan was used based on several things and one was exercise was under 5 hours a week. Because if you are burning that many calories you need more energy by food otherwise your body thinks its starving. Also, your cycle will effect weight significantly.

    126. Jewl

      I did LA Weightloss, and it worked but the program is way to expensive for not very much help. Everyone is nice, but they should tell you before that you pay for bars and everything else there that they offer. I went to the centers in Oregon. So I’m not impressed by the lady that ran two centers. Both of the centers I went to were the same. They also wore the lab coats. Every time I went in there the lady I was talking to tried to sell me something new. It got very annoying. I think that the LA weightloss program isnt something that someone should pay money for. Even though it worked for me, I stopped the program before I had to pay any more money. I would not reccomend it to anyone.

    127. Nancy

      2009, Why is no one considering a class action suit against LA for contract fraud We all signed a contract with these people and they have breached that contract!! Where are the lawyers who are savvy enough to go after these people?

    128. previousLAWLemployee

      I worked for LAWL in TN for over 2yrs. I have no doubt that their plan works, but then again, just about ANY plan will if you adhere to it. That being said, upon opening of our site, we rec’d 4-5 wks of extensive training on nutrition and how the company works. They DON’T tell you that once you move up in the company, they work on GUILTING clients into buying. I don’t care WHAT area LAWL is in, this is what they do. I was told (during corporate training and individual/management training) that if a customer says they can’t “afford” it, to tell them they must not be that serious about losing weight..then CLOSE THE BOOK so they can’t see the pictures. It’s supposed to be a mind game. If they think that they have no other option to lose weight, many will “find” the money. WE WERE EVEN TAUGHT TO TELL THEM TO TRY AND CALL FRIENDS OR FAMILY TO BORROW THE MONEY OR ASK TO USE THEIR CREDIT CARDS!!! I didn’t like this but I really needed a job and thought..”surely it’s not THAT bad”. Wrong. They are very “pressure sensitive”. Now, one thing I do have to comment on…the bars. Yes, they are expensive but honestly, they DO work. I was top seller in our location for these but not by pressuring people. When I started working there, I weighed over 400lbs. SERIOUSLY. I got the job because I told the supervisor “I want to lead by example! If I can do the plan, so can they and I can prove it.” So I did. I became friends with my clients because I knew what they were going through. Then, one day I overheard my manager/owner going through our “gift” jar. (when someone loses weight, their name would be entered to win stuff/George F.grill, etc). She was pulling each name and looking them up on the computer to see WHO HAD SPENT THE MOST MONEY THERE!!! THAT’S the person she would put as the “winner”! I WAS FREAKING FURIOUS! I had believed in this company. I was one of those people that would have had to scrimp and save to join, like so many others, and to base the winners on that!!!! So. When she left, another employee and I drew a NEW name, like it was supposed to have been done the 1st time, then called her to come p/u her prize (before bosslady got back!). Anyway, to make a long story short, the plan DOES work but NO-ONE should be treated and tricked the way that office did. Maybe they’re not all like that but I worked out of 2 diff offices and they BOTH were like that. So, after being treated so badly for sticking up the our clients like myself and 4 other employees did…we ALL QUIT. ON THE SAME DAY. LAWL could be a good company but sometimes, the freaking “all-mightly dollar” isn’t worth treating people that way… as they are now finding out b/c my old “office” had closed and trans to a new loc..and now it’s closed too. God watches out for us little guys, I promise. Good luck to all of you.

    129. kathy

      I did the program a few years ago and it really works. I lost 70lbs in about 10 months. I did keep it off for about 3yrs. I was wondering if anyone had any updated material. What I have been able to get a hold of is from 2005 and I didnt know if maybe there have been any changes to it.

    130. J


    131. Heather H.

      Like (Lisa back in October) I too am looking for the menu plans ect… this diet IS RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE BUT it worked for me I just can’t find my books! And of course you can’t get anyone on the website… someone please help! thank you & good luck to all you dieters!

    132. Leah

      For anyone looking to continue the program on their own but no longer has access to the bars, one of my counselors informed me that the Kashi brand of granola bars has a fairly close comparison to the LA bars in terms of protein and calories so you can use those now if you want to continue on your own path to weight loss without LA!

    133. kaily

      the program really does work, but like others I see, I have been scammed. they suddenly closed up and I paid for a years worth of service as well as for my bars in bulk; and I hadnt recieved all my bars yet as I always picked up a few boxes when I visited. Over 900$ down the drain, and no hope in site to get compensated… thanks L.A.

    134. jane wright

      I ordered bars 3weeks ago!Still have not received them!Help.

    135. Tammera

      For the past few months I have read numerous messages about how clients and employee’s of LA Weightloss have been wronged. As a former manager of an Oregon Center I want to say ”
      Grow Up!” I ran two centers over a two year period of time and I am fully confident that we provided full disclosure of the services we provided. We didn’t have “Lab Coats” on and we certainly didn’t “PRESSURE” anyone to buy our products. THE PROGRAM SOLD IT’S SELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I do believe that there were certain franchise’s across the country that may not have operated the same as we did in the Oregon and Minnesota markets. Having said that I do feel bad for anyone who feels they were taken advantage of.

      I began my career two years ago with LA Weightloss. I lost over 40 pounds on the program myself. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to follow the diet. I was so impressed that I gave up a 17 year career in another field and asked to work at LA Weightloss. It truly changed my life.

      As a manager, I was responsible for making sure my team was well trained on our diet program and that they knew how to recommend solutions to our clients problems with losing weight. Oh yeah, I forgot, you consider that “Selling”. Well let me tell you that there is not a business in operation that isn’t trying to make a profit selling a solution to your need. Just think for a minute about the company you work for. Are they a “non-profit” organization? How do you get paid? Do you work for free? Does your company make a profit on the items or services it provides? I thought so.

      Well, I just want to tell all of the Wilsonville, OR 2007 clients and the Washington Square, OR 2008 clients that my teams did their sincere best to help you lose weight. They were never pressured by me, their manager, to sell you anything. They were however required to know what products we had that could help you on your journey to easier weightloss. You may never believe this but the following statement is true from what I witnessed, “The clients who followed our program and used our products (vitamins, etc.) lost weight faster than the clients who didn’t. I’m not saying that you needed “Our Vitamins and Our Supplements”, but I am saying that the clients who stayed within the amount of food we asked them to eat, took vitamins and Omega III supplements did better than our clients who modified their plans.

      Weightloss isn’t easy but it is achievable. I hope those of you who read this understand that LA Weightloss had a brilliant product but suffered from a bad business model. I think the idea of paying upfront for your program cost and then offering a refund for keeping it off for one year was brilliant! The clients who signed up for $99 specials always quit within a few weeks, the clients who paid upfront were always committed. Where the business model failed was asking you to pay upfront for all of your products. It might have worked if they had set money aside for future services promised but yet undelivered but they didn’t. So…When did the diet promise bubble pop? When 20/20 did their “Expose” of our company. Prior to that show airing we were helping approximately 70 new clients a month. From February 2007 the number of new clients dwindled quickly. It didn’t help that every person who ”
      couldn’t stay on the program” complained on line.
      Slowly, but surely, our parent company kept lowering the price of our program. Their thought was we need to get people in the door and then sell them products. That’s where they made their biggest mistake. You see, the reason LA Wieghtloss worked was not only the well balanced diet but the care and guidance the counselors gave. They devalued the most important part of our program, the counselors!!!!!!!!

      LA Weightloss is no more. I will forever be sad. I truly enjoyed getting up each and every morning and going into the center to work with my team and help our awesome clients. There is nothing more rewarding than hearing a client tell you how much they appreciated one of your counselor’s advice and how much they helped them with their weightloss goal.

      So…to my team, Marcia, Linda, Kim, Tom, Bonnie, Jamie, Holli, Rebecca, Tara, Lisa, Amanda, and Toni, I thank you for all that you did for our clients and for helping me provide the best customer service to our clients. You were the heart of LA Weightloss!!!!!!!!!! If I when the lottery we will start over and help even more people. I wish you all the best!

      To our valued clients, it may not have seemed as though we cared but we did. We all wanted to help you find your way to a healthy, happy, and energetic new you. As you go through this next year just know that you can achieve your goal and it really gets down to portion size and eating less processed foods. Best of luck to you all!!!!!!!!


    136. A. J.

      I joined LAWL about 6 years ago. I lost 35 pounds in four months and this wass because I adhered to the program’s guidelines. I was very satisfied with my results. I must admit that I have gained about 15 pounds back but it’s my fault. I am very sorry to hear that they have gone out of business. I sympathize with those of you who weren’t successful during your time with them.

    137. Julie-2

      I think the plan is great. Too bad some of you are upset you gained your weight back. I started the plan along with my mother, for a family vacation/wedding, to slim down 20 lbs. I lost 25 all together and kept it off just as long as i followed the daily meal plan. (2starch, 2protien, 3fruits, 3veggys, 2fats.) We both kept doing well, even without the pills and bars. But, like some of you, we both let ourselves slide and gained some of the weight back. Simply by not eating often enough and healthy enough. I can only blame myself. I hope those of you who put weight back on, and are blaming the plan for it, stuck to the plan throughout your weight gain. Other wise, you should re-evaluate.

    138. Donna

      I joined LA Weight Loss in October and 3 weeks later I found out they were closing their location. I was promised a refund in 2-6 weeks and have since then just got the complete run around. They seem to have NO intention of returning any of my money, in fact they don’t even want to return a phone call. This has to be the worst company to deal with. Definately “Buyer Beware”.

    139. Heather

      Not only does this program work but I quit smoking and lost 45 pounds all at the same time, I have been on maintenance for months now and have not gained anything back and I did this without using the bars. It’s very unfortunate they closed all the stores in the GTA and left people hanging and the information they provided for the On the Go program is not valid. If they did this to me I would file a lawsuit against them. I think everyone should join together and do this as this was not fair.

    140. Mary

      How do I find the bars now? I went to a centre in Toronto but I would like to continue on my own. Tried ebay but no luck any suggestions?

    141. Wisconsin Client

      SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!LADIES!!!!! This is a great plan! It works doesn’t it? They wouldn’t be in business if it didn’t! For all of you to say “Oh I gained all my weight back”, “it was too strict”, “they made me buy the bars”, “they made me drink the juice”, boo hoo. You made the choice to join, you paid, you ate and loved the bars, to the ladies that said the program doesn’t work…well you didn’t follow it. There is no way a 200+ lady can’t lose weight on this plan. You chose to cheat, you said but I hardly ate anything “so my body went into starvation mode” BS! or you would gain over the weekend and say I stuck to plan, or you gained by not eating. Please I know you cheat but you are only lying to yourselves. Just follow and it will work you choose not to follow b/c you are scared of how you will look and feel smaller. You are too comfortable, do not use the comfort as sabotage.
      To all the ladies that lost! Way to go!

      Only stores left open and staying open are :
      Madison West , WI
      Madison East, WI
      Janesville, WI
      Rockford, IL
      Merle Hay, IA
      West Des Moines, IA
      Ankeny, IA

      But for you who liked/loved the program check into Healthy Inspirations, pretty much the same except they have a work out circuit, cellulite treatment (FDA), relaxation rooms! It’s fantastic, everything you need in one! But the plan is like the before SuperFoods Plan, FTL Plan. Its higher protein low starch.

    142. Krista

      I live in Ontario, Canada. So far (knock on wood) I have had reasonable success with my program. I joined in July ’08 and have since lost about 35 pounds. My initial goal was for 70, I’m halfway there but it’s been a tough road. Like many I’ve heard on this site, I’ve dealt with the sales tactics and was suckered into one of the bar plans when I joined and have spent about 1300 dollars in the last five months. I’ve wised up and no longer buy the products and am still slowly losing, just by writing everything down and for myself, weighing everything. I find if I don’t weigh it, I don’t lose. It may just be in my head but its working. My centre that I go to has been pretty good. Support had been great and I never feel like I’m not wanted or heard just because I don’t buy anymore. I had a bit or resistance when I decided to go it without the bars and supplements. They told me I may find a difference because I wasn’t doing the bars, my weightloss may slow or stop altogether. It has slowed but not stopped. I found at first, it took a good six weeks to get started again and I’m sorry but the Take off juice is horrid so I refuse to do that anymore to jump start things. Now, at this point, Ihave to add that I run a home daycare and have four of my own kids, all with after school activities and aports. My evenings are taken up with Karate and whathave you. I have NO time left for exercise. So the 35 pounds lost were done just with proper eating. Imagine what I could do with an hour a day on the treadmill or at the gym. I do notice when I slip, I don’t lose in fact, I may even gain a pound ot two. I’m petrified for when I’m no longer on the program and worry that I’l gain it all back. They claim to be a lifestyle change. so far, I’ve changed, my eating habbits, my way of looking at food, my goals, but the cravings are still there and the urges. I still want the cookie, I still want the pizza, I still want a big plate of spaghetti with the garlic bread. I don’t think that’ll ever go away. But now that I’ve had a taste of what it’s like to be a few sizes smaller and the compliments I’ve gotten and more off, the way I feel, I’m looking forward to reaching my goal and hoping that I can go it alone with confidence. I’ve enjoyed LA weightloss and all the counsellors I’ve dealt with have been helpful and encouraging, even after I stopped buying. I haven’t heard anything of closings in my area dn I hope that mine won’t but I think that even if it did, I’ve been on this long enough that I hope I could continue to lose even after. Me personally, I think that it’s up to you. I like the push I get every week when I know I have to go weigh in and be accountable. I think I’ll still have to be accountable to myself after my program is done and gaining it back is not an option for me. I’ve st that foe myself. I know how to lose it now, that I’ll take from LA, and it’s my job to keep it off. I know what makes me lose and what will make me gain. It’s knowing my limits that will keep me being successful. I’ve dieted most of my life, I was a pudgy kid, and overweight teen, it wasn’t until I hit about 20 that I evened out but now, after four kids, I tipped the scale at 221 when I joined. I’m only five foot two so you can imagine how that looked. I know my body type will never be waif like and tiny. I have a large frame. BUt after 13 years of diets and failures, I’m starting to see my waist and am not a size 18/20 anymore. I just bought and more importantly zipped up with ease, a size 14 jean. That alone makes me want to shoot for the size 8. The feeling of zipping up those pants without any resistance at all was indescribeable. I do know that I want to be healthy and energetic. I do know that I like feeling like I look good, I love hearing it and I know that I want to continue to feel good. This program is helping me get there. Good luck to everyone.

    143. Suzanne

      LA weight loss is closing down!!!
      Pretty pissed off about it too, seeing my sister uprooted her children to another province for this company and now she’s out of a job with only a couple weeks of notice. Right before christmas.
      They wont even help her so she can move home
      ” too bad kids no christmas this year”

    144. Robin

      Kimi, I felt compelled to respond to your last sentence,
      “Oh and by the way, when you quit and stop alltogether, bars included… you double and triple the weight back on!”

      I do not agree with that statement at all. I joined LA Weightloss a few times. I do not advocate their business practices or the hard sells. I’m sure they would cringe when I’d walk through the door because I didn’t put up with the bull and they knew it over time. Trust me, they learned from me more than I learned from them later on down the road. We all need that push, that accountability and places like LA provide that, at a cost, of course. But when I refused to return because the turn over of staff and the new crap they’d come out with was pointless to me. And they knew better than try to push that crap on me. I cut the convo real fast. It’s over. I also was on the plan with NO bars and at my insistance! Again, don’t feed me the wad of lies and BS because I’m not your puppet but a well researched consumer. 😉 Anyway, I left in March of 2008. In no way did I put weight on but I actually have lost about 15 additional pounds. I will share with you as I did these “sales people” posing as “counselors”, I needed the push and you gave that. Over time, my habits changed. I am now DEPENDENT ON ME! I don’t need your advice, let alone, 3 days a week to weigh me because you know it’s a waste of time because no sale is from this customer. I’m in the door, that about as much as you will get from me. They want you to DEPEND on them and if the only way you are losing weight if by going there, you might want to take a real good look as to what is going on with your reasoning. It only tells me that you will be successful if you enter the doors of centers. Not my idea of success..

      Oh and this packaged food! Ha! One thing I learned along the way is this.. There’s a BIG difference between losing weight and wanting to be healthy. Those who want to be healthy, are conscience of what the food they are putting in their mouth will do inside their body, i.e.. give it nutrients. This packaged, dead food crap, doesn’t quite fit the bill. It’s all just common sense. If you eat a lot of dead food . . . etc.
      Good luck to you.

    145. Lavinia

      I worked at LA Weight Loss in Rhode Island. The Warwick store. I will tell you the honest truth. It was just 4 of us in the store and while the Manager and the Assistant Manager pushed people into buying, the other lady and I wasn’t. I was doing the program also while counseling so when people came to me with their grievenesses I was very sympathic to them. I mean for me it was not just for the money. I felt good helping people lose weight. If I see some of the clients having problems I would ask them what they eat and help them change up their eating and see if that would work. Usually we would change up certain things in their diet because what a good counselor would find is most people was actually eating the same thing over and over and their body was getting use to it. My biggest thing was if anyone was allergic to something because I would not recommend certain things if I know they are allergic to it. As for the bars if from the first moment I met a person and I can feel they will not buy in bulk because they couldn’t afford I wouldn’t push them at all. I would let them buy weekly and when they are on sale give them the option to buy.

      I have been scolded by the Area Manager numerous times because I wasn’t pushy but I put my foot down on her and told her she is a barbie does she even know how it feels to be overweight. We are here to help but to make our clients bankrupt. Could you believe I made my goal every single week and even more and it wasn’t for pushing it was because I help the customers.

      The plan does work and like I tell everyone don’t expect the weight to fly off just like that. It is easier to gain than to loose.

      I left the company since 2004 and don’t regret it at all. They was too pushy but I miss some of my clients. I don’t live in Rhode Island any more what but I do go there on vacation I would call some of them up and give them little hints on what I do to keep my weight down. I try my best to keep active and drink lots of water and I always try to eat on time. That is very important to make sure you eat on time. You would be suprise how not eating on time may alter your weight.

    146. Rhonda

      Does anyone out their who is honest enough and works for this blood sucking company want to come forward and let people know that LA weightloss in Canada is closing their doors! You have all been told on Nov 3/08 and you were told that 4 weeks later you would shut your doors. (This is inside info) Do you people have a conscience selling people programs right up until the last day your doors will close!!! Any company that puts out that many coupons should tell you they are trying to scrape up every last dime before they go belly up! Consumer beware!!!! I would love for someone in this company to come forward and state the truth! I believe this is the most deceptive dishonest company. I was a client of theirs a few years back and they are only interested in your cold hard $$$$$$$$$$ people wise up thye coudn’t give a rats ass if you lsoe your weight or not. If you don’t they will just try to up sell you if you do they will plaster your pic everywhere so they cn sucker someone else with your photo to come and buy their program. IT’S ALL ABOUT THEM! They do not have your best interest at hear. They are fake and very nice to your face when you initially go in the first two times !st time so they can sell you a consuilt 2 nd time so they can sucker you into buying the bars. After that you are treated like cattle they don’t even know your name they just whip you in and out and hope they can push some more product down your throat each time you go in for a visit 3x per week. I have a friend who works with them and she told me inside info and that is they have to make minimum $25.00 on you each time you go in so that is $75.00 per week over and above what you already spent on the program and those stupid bars, If they don’t they hear it from their corporate office. What kind of bullshit tactics are these. Whats wrong with these spineless robots that work for a blood sucking company like this? Are you people on crack? wake up and smell the coffee is your own personal reputation less important than your masters at your corporate office? The employees are so brainwashed its not even funny all they care about is the almighty $$ but its the Franchise that is run from the top like a bunch of bloodsuckers! I am pissed I have been had and I am trying to keep you all from the same embarassment as me. Now you will be had as well, start the program with with them and they will close their doors in 4 weeks and you will be royally screwed!
      Good luck heads up and take care look for a company that really cares about the clients. Do your research I wish I did!!!! As I said before this is what I heard from an employee can’t get the truth out of these evil people if you life depends on it. No one will talk everyone is tight lipped and very secretive about this I would like someone to come forward and say smething if they have the guts!

    147. Leena

      I worked for LA last year in a MArkham center, I am passionate about nutrition and helping people. That was why I joined this team, I loved giving people advice on healthy living and watch them succeed. That was my number one prode at this work is to see people be happy and be helped in their time of need. But soon I realized that their focus was to sell sell sell everything in sight even if people didn’t need it. My sales were low, I couldn’t convince people to buy their stuff knowing that they could live without it and still succeed. Basically after 3 months of my probation I was fired for not having good sales. The pay was low for the amount of work that was needed to be done, but the other counsellors lived of their commisions for selling these outragious plans and bars, they wouldn’t even let me near one of those counseltations knowing that I wasn’t strong in sales. I was discouraged and as I said laid off because I didn’t have it in me to sell their bars, I was there for helping people. And I guess that wasn’t enough.

    148. charlette

      I recently joined LA Weightloss here in canada and found out 5 days after they took my $800 that they are closing all their centre’s here. I am so pissed off needless to say now discouraged that I only have 5 more weeks before the centre closes. I was told I could try to get my money back but from all that I have read on the net, nobody has gotten anything back. What makes me so mad is that they obviously knew they were closing when they sold me my membership as well as 26 boxes of bars…but it didn’t matter to them…I was just a sale. This sucks, plus I can’t find anymore info about this on the net …just about the USA.

    149. LeAnne

      I’m in Lebanon TN and I joined in Jan and they closed in Feb left oweing me money and they will not respond to me at all. The whole chain that one person owned was taken back over by Corporate and they refuse to respond to me. I have called, I have emailed over and over to no avail. I’m sure I’m not the only customer that was done this way

    150. Jen

      I really liked LA weight loss. I lost 78lbs with the plan.. I am disappointed they all closed down.. I became pregnant and stopped going but had hoped to resume my weight loss in the spring of 2008. I had also prepaid for weeks in advance. Does anyone know of any other weight loss centers that are similar to the one we expierienced at LA?

    151. Theresa

      I got sucked into this diet and I did everything to a T and still gained weight or stayed where I was. Any diet that you have to purchase nutrients or anything like that I would stay away from. Do Weight Watchers instead.

    152. casey

      Does anyone know the old LA weighloss take off program…it involved 3 oranges a day for three days…it has been years since I was a member, so I lost everything that they gave me for the plan.


      • Marsha M

        I remember unlimited protein and green leafy vegetables.

    153. Deborah

      Went to weigh today and center closed. Was told all centers are closing. How do we get products we have already paid for, or get refunded?

    154. Lisa

      I did the LA Weight Loss program about 3 years ago and it really worked for me. I stopped doing it once I got into a relationship and have found I have gained all the weight back that I lost. 🙁 To my dismay, when I try to find a center to start up again, there are none!! Does anyone have the COMPLETE diet plan for LA Weight Loss? I mean, the food diary, the list of what you can eat at specific restaurants, the carb-lovers things (I remember there were carb-meals like pancakes and such that you could replace a protein with like twice a week, even pizza?) I’ve been trying to find all this information to do the diet again on my own. Any help??

    155. Simone

      I too was pressured into buying more membership time (1/2 price deal, etc). Now they are closing their local branch and am entitled to 9 more months – they assume and expect me to travel 40 min. to the next branch in a different city. I’ve been calling our head office (5 times), as well as faxing and have been unsuccessful. No one answers the phone or responds back. This has left me very frustrated and out money I could apply towards fresh food and/or a gym.

    156. Kimi

      I did LA weightloss after my mother did it and was highly successful. Her friends joined as well. we all lost tons of weight over that first year. I alone lost 37 pounds in the first 22 weeks. The first 3 days were horrid (1999 the diet had a 3 day strict diet – no drink to accompany though) I had severe headaches eating basically lean protein and greens & 1 tbs of fat and WATER. It was a good flush though and it got me down a good amount the first week. like 7, 9 or 11 pounds I think.

      Anyway… the bars… oh my god! what a hard sell… big time push on that… the only way to save is to spend hundreds of dollars at a time. So, we would all pool our money and split it (my mom, her friends & I) – but most places dont allow it. At the time the same counselors were there all year… the following year the counselors were quitting every month so there were new people all the time who knew NOTHING. Personalized service went out the door!!!!!!!

      We started using Pria bars instead of LA bars because they were cheaper and you could buy at the store with coupons… still worked really well for the diet, but the counselors were really mad and would scold us LOUDLY in front of all the customers repeatedly.

      finally I found out I had egg allergies and that was was the beginning of the end. I asked every counsler to help me with breakfast plans and they were mean to me about it. “well, either eat oatmeal or chicken or steak… it’s not my job to teach you to eat!!!!!!!!!” I got that from a few counselors. I then became lactose intolerant and at the tiem it was hard to find lowfat soy replacements so there I was unable to eat most dairy and my morning lean protein was gone (eggs) and I had horrible counselors and huge LA weightloss bills.

      By the end of that next year – we all quit for good… it was way too $$$$$$$$… and they were nasty there.

      Oh and by the way, when you quit and stop alltogether, bars included… you double and triple the weight back on!

      AVOID THIS COMPANY ALL TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    157. Kristi

      The corporate HQ for LA Weight Loss in Horsham PA is in deep financial trouble and will be closing soon. Don’t expect to get any refunds, especially after they file bankruptcy as Pure Weight Loss did last year.

    158. Renee

      LA weight loss literally stole my money. I did lose 25 pounds but the store closed abruptly. They told me to start doing it online. Then that faded away. Then they told me to get the rest of my bars from some far away city. It was a hassle to get that because they ended up telling me they didnt owe me anymore bars. After being pissed off, i figured that i had been had with all the bars, pills, and other crap. The only info that I still use to this day is the actual information on the diet. It was informative to know that drinking 10oz of H20 a day with certain servings of protein, starches and vegetables. That has been pretty sucessful.

    159. kathleen

      I wish I would have done some research on this LAWeight Loss Center before I went there to sign up and pay upfront. About half way thru the program they suddenly closed up. I’ve been trying to get in touch by phone and E-mail with the company to get my money back. I’m having no luck with that. I intend to tell as many people as I can about the experience I had with this LAWeight Loss Center. Anyone who reads this needs to spread the word. Stay away from LAWeight Loss Centers.

    160. Linda

      I really liked the program, they sold me the information I need to get myself going. I now need to drop about 5 more pounds but have lost the fast start diet that went with the 2 day fast start juice. If any one has it, please help me get started on the 5 pounds.

    161. Deborah Ring

      I went for one week to a centre here in Canada. The same tactics are used. As if most of us have not already bought our share of weight loss “lites” anyways. I did not like the atmosphere and lost my money too as they said they had already prepared my 52 week program and I returned everything they gave me plus I had only 2 weight loss visits with a “counsellor” who appeared to know less about nutrition than I who happens to be a diabetic and she was putting me into serious harm. I could not get an actual person to speak with in head office, only a voice mail machine that would promise to answer my message in 48 hours but never ever did. I finally just wrote the whole amount off, not that I could afford to!

    162. Shylea

      BUYER BEWARE!! I joined Bozeman LA Wt Loss Center in Feb. 2008. It closed in June 2008. I had friends doing well and losing wt with the Bozeman store program so I felt encouraged. My friend later apologized and said her last 3 months on the program were hell and she could only imagine how difficult it was for a new person. No manager – no product on the shelf – untrained counselors – conflicting weight loss advise. I constantly heard “we’re sorry, we are without a manager”. It was TOTALLY frustrating. It is hard enough to lose weight, but I felt like I was being ripped off. Then when I got notice a week before the center closed I know my feelings were real. But if you tell LA that they get incredibly defensive. Before joining Bozeman, I had heard several LA store closing horror stories, but the Bozeman store seemed so secure and the counselors were so positive about store growth and programs. DON’T believe them!! From my own unfortunate experience – I know the blogs written about stores closing, no prior notice, no refunds, no delivery of pre-paid product are TRUE! LA is a mess to work with and a hassle to track down. Save yourself the headache. I’m sure the wt. success stories are true — I saw it work for a few of my friends — however the program only seems to be as good as the manager. It is too hard to sort out which is a good store and which is the bad. It would be different if the company had a policy that says “Oh, you encounter a bad manager or store — we will make it right”, but they don’t stand behind their product. Do yourself a favor and go else where !! On a happy note — I lost 6 lbs during 3 rocky months with LA and I have lost 11 pounds in 6 weeks without them!!! I believe your wallet has the best chance of thinning while on the LA program. They really push that you buy their product even though they advertise they don’t (but Jenny Craig does).

    163. karina

      I did the diet a year ago but like Tina was unable to go to the center and loss all my money. I also knowrest that every time I would go they would keep pushing me to buy the bars.

    164. Erica

      I actually worked at a center for almost a year and I can tell you that their number one goal is SALES, SALES, SALES! They hire people who haven’t a clue about nutrition, give them a white lab coat and coach them to get all members to buy something at each and every visit, which is 2 to 3 times a week. Otherwise a member is “noncompliant.” I worked with two “counselors” who both had eating disorders, but could sell so the owners let them stay. This diet is a huge scam and the center I was at was reported to our state Attorney General’s office on several occasions. I could not stay there because the owners simply did not care about the people who joined; just the size of their wallet. Beware!

    165. Karen

      I am currently in my 3rd week of LA Weight Loss. I have lost 3.4 pounds strictly by changing my diet by their guidelines. I have not been exercising. It’s not going as fast as I’d like, but I know it’s up to me to get moving and I’ll bet the pounds will melt off. When I’m all done and 50 pounds lighter, I will give ME the credit and not LA weight Loss. I am the one deciding what to put in my mouth, I just want someone to hold me accountable for it. ME ME ME, that’s who I’ll have to thank. I can thank LA for the debt of $1600.

    166. Tina

      I did this diet a few years ago and got sucked into paying for all those dam protein bars! Blah!!! I landed up, giving up, because i couldn’t get to the center 2-3 times a week as they wanted. My advice is Weight Watchers…yes it’s a slow process, but it gets the job done. Thanks for letting me vent!

    167. Julie

      Any One Know if and when LA WEIGHT LOSS or Pure Weight Loss Centers will return? Invested Hundreds of dollars in to bulkk purchases and program and then door shut and no onw returned, been months and months. LA Area

    168. clariece

      I have gone through several diet programs, including Weight Watchers and have finally found a program that I can work with. L.A. Weight Loss is incredible. My counselor is great and I’m eating good food – not drinking it – as so many other plans require. It is a well balanced food plan and there is not an over abundance of proteins as Samantha would think. The counselors are just regular people who have completed the program. Just like Weight Watchers meeting leaders are lifetime members who have lost their weight and kept it off. If you’re looking for a nutristionist then ask your doctor for a referral. The counselors are just good support – don’t look to them for more than that. They will give you suggestions on where to improve based on a what your particular plan requires.

    169. Issabella


    170. samantha

      too many protiens not good 4 most organs

    171. cortney

      you need to have nutition bars on here instead of all of this starches and ect…..

    172. Diane

      sounds fairlybalanced

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