Quantum Eating: Utimate Elixir of Youth

quantum-eatingTonya Zavasta holds advanced degrees in mechanical engineering and theoretical mathematics but she has spent the last decade devoting herself to researching the benefits and methods of consuming raw foods.

In Quantum Eating she makes comparisons between diet and quantum physics, outlining her idea that raw living foods have a higher degree of order and that this is reflected in our bodies as improved health.

Quantum Eating Diet Basics

Quantum eating is an advanced level in the raw food lifestyle where you eat a 100% raw food diet with two meals a day that are taken in the first part of the day. Zavasta claims that this way of eating provides the utmost in anti-aging benefits.

All of your day’s food intake should be consumed within a span of eight hours, preferably between 7am and 3pm. The last meal should be eaten at least six hours before you go to sleep. This way you will be fasting for sixteen hours every day.

Zavasta says that this regime ensures that your body is able to effectively cleanse itself every day which is essential for achieving vibrant health and youthfulness.

In addition Quantum eating introduces readers to the technique of dry fasting which has been used as a healing treatment in Russia. This method involves avoiding all food and drinks including water. Russian doctors believe that dry fasting is three times more effective than water fasting and it is thought to provide exceptional benefits to both health and appearance.

Even though most health experts warn of the dangers of dry fasting, Zavasta wondered how something that we all do every night when we sleep can be so dangerous. She experienced remarkable recoveries from illness using this technique and now practices dry fasting every day from 2pm until the following morning.

However, she does caution readers of the potential dangers of dry fasting and emphasizes that it can be deadly when undertaken by people with serious illness because too many toxins are released into the bloodstream. In addition she says that dieters must prepare to undertake this method by eating a raw food diet combined with periodic fasting.

Recommended Foods

Green juices, green smoothies, raw fruit and vegetables,

Sample Diet Plan


Two cups fresh vegetable juice

Morning Snack

Half a watermelon


Two cups of green smoothie

Exercise Recommendations

Quantum Eating is an advocate of Bikram yoga, an intense form of yoga that is performed in a hot room. Zavasta says that this form of exercise first restricts and then releases the blood flow to the organs and joints, which greatly facilitates healing, cleanses the lymphatic system and reduces recovery time.

Costs and Expenses

Quantum Eating: The Ultimate Elixir of Youth retails at $30.


  • Calorie restriction is the only method thought to be able to extend human lifespan.
  • Dry fasting may potentially improve a variety of degenerative disorders.
  • Time normally spent in food preparation is made available for other pursuits.
  • Increases awareness of food choices and may reset the appetite to favor healthier foods.
  • May help some dieters who have difficulty with compulsive eating.
  • Acknowledges the importance of a positive attitude in the creation of health.
  • The author has over ten years of practical experience and is actually living the lifestyle that she is recommending.
  • Includes recipes.


  • Most dieters will experience hunger towards the end of the day, especially when first commencing this plan.
  • Necessary to eat a 100% raw food diet.
  • Does not include a detailed meal plan.
  • Not suitable for those new to a raw food lifestyle or for those who are diabetic, pregnant, elderly, underweight or with any serious illness.
  • Dry fasting can be extremely dangerous without adequate preparation or supervision.
  • Diet may be too low in protein as well as certain essential vitamins and minerals such as B12, selenium and zinc.
  • May be socially alienating as it will be extremely difficult to eat out and in social situations.


Zavasta writes in a positive and supportive tone while emphasizing the cleansing and beauty enhancing effects of a raw food diet.

Although the majority of dieters will not be physically or psychologically prepared to undertake the Quantum Eating plan, readers can still benefit from the information contained in this book regarding detoxification and the raw food lifestyle.

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
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  1. sandology

    This plan is very compatible with black african christians as they do alot of dry fasting for spiritual reasons.
    For the past few days I have Youtubed “raw food” and got more intrigued with results on how beatiful someone can become by eating 100% raw foods.
    My beautiful complexion will come back to me in approx 100 days.
    God is truly awesome.

  2. L

    The thing is, that she practicing this diet, for years now, without being or looking anorexic. So in my opinion it can be done, only if you cleansed your body with raw food for a couple of years, before switch to Quantum Eating. that what she did. That way the clean body can utilize a lot more nutrients. If you don`t cleanse then maybe -your still toxic body- –going to be anorexic on this diet. She looks great, especially for her 52 years of age.

  3. J

    I have not read the the book so I cannot make the most informed opinion. But I could not imagine dry fasting through Bikram Yoga. I would assume she recommends practicing in the morning while you are eating and drinking water.

  4. VP

    This sounds like the diet that almost killed me and left me with an eating disorder the past 12 years. Sounds a little extreme to me, and now i am a holistic nutritionist! NOT SAFE! Every part of our body needs water to survive. And the steam room yoga on top of it all, come on now.

    • Jennifer

      We all dry fast while we’re sleeping. Tonya just extends the dry fast by stopping food and water intake earlier on in the day. What she has during feeding hours is extremely hydrating 🙂