Smart For Life Cookie Diet

Smart for Life is one of the largest weight management centers in the US. Their cookie diet offers an easy way to lose weight using a low calorie meal replacement method.

Dieters are promised that they can lose twelve to fifteen pounds in four weeks when following the Smart for Life Cookie Diet. The program can be followed either at home or at one of the many Smart for Life centers in North America.

Smart For Life Cookie Diet Basics

The idea behind the Smart for Life Cookie Diet is that you will reduce your intake of calories by replacing meals with cookies. You eat six cookies a day and an evening meal of chicken or fish with five cups of vegetables. This will result in a daily calorie intake of between 800 and 1200 calories.

The cookies contain a combination of amino acids, fiber and vitamins that helps to suppress appetite and reduce your cravings throughout the day. By eating a cookie every two to three hours you will keep your blood sugar levels stable and avoid feeling hungry.

smart-for-life-cookie-dietSeveral program options are provided to suit the needs of a range of dieters. The At-Home Lifestyle Program can be undertaken independently without the need to visit a clinic. You simply order the cookies online and then join the optional weekly support calls if desired.

The At-Center Lifestyle Program also includes complimentary weekly weigh-ins, nutritional education and suggestions of strategies for reaching your goal and maintaining your new weight.

The Medical Program is offered to dieters that have health conditions or are taking medication that requires extra monitoring and support. Dieters receive personal attention from a medical practitioner and also undergo medical tests and metabolic monitoring.

Recommended Foods

Smart for Life cookies, muffins, shakes and soups, chicken, fish, vegetables, fruit.

Sample Diet Plan


Orange cranberry muffin

Morning Snack

Oatmeal raisin cookie


Blueberry cookie

Early Afternoon Snack

Vanilla shake

Late Afternoon Snack

Chocolate cookie


Chicken breast
Steamed vegetables

Exercise Recommendations

Exercise is not promoted as part of this program.

Costs and Expenses

A two-week supply of cookies costs $133.90.


  • Good for dieters who like eating cookies.
  • Will appeal to dieters who prefer to snack on small meals during the day.
  • Makes it easy to reduce calorie intake without feeling hungry.
  • Cookies contain mostly organic ingredients.
  • High in omega 3 fats and fiber.
  • Website offers other items such as muffins, shakes and soups to add more variety to the diet.
  • Meals have a low glycemic index, which assists with blood glucose control and appetite regulation.
  • A variety of online tools and in-clinic support is available to dieters who require assistance or motivation.


  • Some dieters may not enjoy the flavor and texture of the cookies.
  • Encourages an unhealthy rate of weight loss.
  • Rebound weight gain is likely to occur when a normal diet is resumed.
  • Diet is lacking in adequate fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Does not encourage exercise.
  • Very low in calories and dieters may experience fatigue and muscle loss.
  • Not suitable during pregnancy.
  • Products may not be available to dieters who don’t live in the US.


As with other meal replacement programs most dieters are likely to experience successful weight loss when following The Smart for Life Cookie Diet. However, these approaches cannot be regarded as a long-term solution to weight loss.

If successful results are to be maintained it will be necessary for dieters to become educated in healthy diet and exercise habits so as to create a lifestyle plan for weight management.

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

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  1. Marie

    I am starting the cookie diet today Mon 7/26/10
    I have stopped smocking and gained 26 lb which is not abnormal, every one is telling me it will take a year to loose the weight, i don’t have a year I have 6 weeks, my husband and i are going to Greece in September and by then i need to look great or at least good in a bathing.suit. Keep you posted!!!!! Determined!!!!!!!!!!!!!