Weight Loss Course: 21 Spiritual Lessons


A Course in Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever is written by Marianne Williamson, an internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher and bestselling author of A Return To Love.

In this weight loss course Williamson examines the connection between spirituality and weight loss and assists readers to identify and address the true causes of their weight loss issues.

Weight Loss Course Basics

Williamson says that A Course In Weight Loss is different than anything else that you might do related to diet and exercise. It is a method of retraining your consciousness in relation to your weight.

According to her, if you don’t change your way of thinking, then even if you manage to lose weight, you will still have a subconscious urge to gain it back again. “It’s self-defeating, therefore, to struggle to drop excess weight unless you are also willing to drop the thought-forms that initially produced it and now hold it in place.”

A Course in Weight Loss guides readers through a series of 21 lessons that encourage the integration of mind, body and spirit to allow your body to reclaim its natural intelligence. You will adjust your relationship with yourself—and your body—from one that is based in fear to one of love, awareness and acceptance.

Instead of recommending a specific diet or certain foods, you are encouraged to become more aware of how you eat and the thoughts that you have during meals. As you let go of negative thoughts and emotions –and emphasize positive ones – you will realize that you can enjoy your food while also taking care of the physical needs of the body.

Recommended Foods

No specific foods are recommended in this weight loss course.

Sample Diet Plan

A Course in Weight Loss does not include a meal plan.
For some healthy meal ideas check out our Healthy Recipes page.

Exercise Recommendations

In this weight loss course the 21 spiritual lessons encourage readers to gradually increase their level of physical activity. For those who are not currently physically active, walking for just 10 minutes is considered a good place to start. Don’t set yourself up for failure by setting unrealistic fitness goals but also don’t avoid exercising because you feel your situation is hopeless.

You are reminded not to think of exercise as a form of punishment, or to obsess about how many calories you are burning or how much weight you will lose. Rather it should be regarded as a way to give your body what it really wants in order to stay healthy and functioning optimally.

Costs and Expenses

A Course in Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever retails at $24.95.


  • Encourages a holistic lifestyle approach to weight management.
  • Emphasizes the emotional and psychological aspects involved in weight loss.
  • May help to break the cycle of food addiction, yo-yo dieting and compulsive eating.
  • This weight loss course Contains a strong faith element that will appeal to Christian readers.
  • Encourages a gradual increase in physical activity.


  • This weight loss course does not include dietary information or recommendations.
  • Will take some time for weight loss results to become apparent.
  • Readers who are not Christian may not relate to the many religious references in the book.


A Course in Weight Loss will appeal to readers where emotional or stress-related eating plays a major role in the inability to lose weight. Identifying the true causes of weight gain and developing an increased awareness of emotional and psychological factors will allow readers to naturally move towards their ideal weight and end the cycle of dieting and overeating forever.

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)


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Last Reviewed: January 12, 2017