Privacy Policy

We’ve done our best to record as little information as we can, and to value our visitors privacy as highly as we are able.

Here’s what is recorded when you visit

1. Server Logs

Every website server stores traffic logs. This helps us to diagnose any incidents or errors happening on the site. The only information pertaining to you is an IP address. There is no personally identifiable info stored in a traffic log.


Freedieting currently allows visitors to add a comment to a page. No personally identifiable information is required. Emails are not needed. You can enter a name, but this can be anything you want.

3. Analytics

We use Google Analytics on our site. This allows us to see how many visits we get each day, and which pages are the most popular. It’s a useful tool for making a better site.  We’ve switched off all the extra settings in Analytics that measure demographic or remarketing information, and other personal information. In other words, we track the minimum.

Google uses cookies to identify your browser.  See more about Analytics and privacy here, or get the browser opt-out plugin here, if you do not want Google Analytics to run in your browser.

4. Advertising exists because of serving ads. However there is a fine balance between ads that are intrusive, and ads that are a useful complement to our content.  We currently run Google Adsense, and we have switched off all ad personalization. This is where they try to target ads directly to you based on all kinds of data they have captured from you.

Google uses cookies to serve adsense. However, because we have personalized ads turned off, the cookies are only used to help detect fraud and abuse, and to ensure you don’t get the same ad appearing over and over as you browse around our site. The cookie is not used in any personalizing or targeting of data (at least that’s what Google tells us).

By the way, you can turn ad personalization off across all sites running Google Adsense here.

5. Other use of cookies

The only other place we store a piece of data on your browser is on our calculators. It means that when you come back to the page, the data you entered is prepopulated.  This makes it far quicker and easier to redo your calculations. Note that there is no personally identifiable data related to this.

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
Last Reviewed: May 27, 2018