Best Weight Loss Programs and Diets That Work

The best weight loss programs (Editor’s picks – subject to change).


The Noom weight loss coach app is backed by credible peer-reviewed research.

Suitable if you: have tried (and failed) diets in the past.

Not suitable if you: aren’t prepared to commit to a longer term.

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Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is regarded as one of the most successful diets of all time. The new plans make it even easier.

Suitable if you: Are looking for something with a proven track record.

Not suitable if you: aren’t prepared to spend a little extra.

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Nutrisystem has both fans and critics. The food is definitely not to everyone’s taste, but it is the most affordable of all meal delivery services.

Suitable if you: Are looking for a cheap option for delivered food.

Not suitable if you: can’t stand the taste of packaged foods.

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Keto via Atkins

With Keto diets surging in popularity, the low-carb Atkins plan is still going strong.

Suitable if you: You want a more structured Keto plan that is customized around your situation.

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Macro Counting Diet

Macro counting has surged in popularity – as no foods are off-limits.

Suitable if you: Want freedom from food restrictions.

Not suitable if you: don’t like tracking food.

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