Acai Berry Diet


The Acai Berry Diet involves supplementing the acai berry into a low calorie diet.

Acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) is the berry of an Amazonian palm tree with a long history of traditional usage in Brazil.

Dr. Perricone highlighted the berry as the number one antioxidant food on the Oprah show.

Oprah herself mentioned that she has incorporated the berry into her diet, which caused an explosion in the popularity of acai berry based weight loss plans.

Acai Berry Diet Basics

There isn’t a specific acai berry diet, but rather dieters use acai berry in conjunction any other weight loss plan they prefer to follow.

It is often paired with a colon cleansing product or with other nutritional ingredients that are said to enhance weight loss.

The acai berry is promoted primarily for its antioxidant effects, which exceed that of other foods that are high in antioxidants such as blueberries and red wine.

Advocates of the acai berry diet claim that these antioxidants will enhance general well-being and vitality which will support weight loss.

Acai berries are also said to have many other benefits

  • Improves digestion
  • Cleanses and detoxes the body
  • Boosts immunity
  • Supports cardiovascular health
  • Increases mental clarity
  • Enhances vision
  • Reduces insomnia
  • Slows down the aging process

Not all of these claims can be supported by scientific research and much of these possible benefits are speculations at this stage.

Weight loss?

In regard to the effects of acai berry on weight loss; promoters of the diet say that the berry has a combination of essential fatty acids, amino acids and phytosterols that work in unison to improve metabolism, enhance digestion, and reduce appetite.

Fact: In Brazil people are given acai to help them gain weight!

Exercise Recommendations

There are no specific exercise recommendations.

Costs and Expenses


Acai from

Acai berry supplements are available as capsules, powder, puree, or juice form.

The cost can range from around $40-80 per month depending on the dosage taken.

We recommend buying acai from a health food store or from safe vendors online such as Amazon.

Avoid any website that offers “a free trial” of acai!

9 times out of 10 they will automatically bill your credit card for future automatic shipments that are extremely difficult to stop.

Warning! This has also given rise to many acai berry scams.


  • Scientific research does support some of the health claims made for acai berry.
  • High antioxidants can reduce the risk of diseases commonly associated with aging such as cardiovascular disease and cancer.
  • Antioxidants are beneficial for dieters who are physically active as they neutralize the free radicals that are produced during exercise.
  • Many dieters have reported a reduction in appetite and greater energy levels.


  • There are many reports of scams with websites selling inferior products and billing customers for ‘free trials’ of acai berry products.
  • Claims made for weight loss effects of the berries are unsubstantiated.
  • Does not encourage dieters to make lifestyle changes.
  • Supports the idea of a quick fix approach to weight loss.
  • Can be expensive.


The acai berry does have some important nutritional benefits, however by consuming a range of fresh fruit and vegetables and other foods that are high in antioxidants, it is possible to reproduce a similar enhancement of the dietary intake.

If dieters experience weight loss on the acai berry diet it will be due to the effects of simultaneously following a calorie restricted diet rather than due to any special effects of the acai berry.

Acai berry supplements may support general health and well being while dieting such juices can do that, but cannot be relied on as the sole factor for successful weight loss.

If you decide to try acai berries it is recommended to find a high quality reputable source and to view it as an addition to your weight loss program rather than the main focus of the plan.

See Also: Acai Berry: Fruits of Paradise for more indepth information on Acai Berries.

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
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  1. David

    I started to eat verry healthy and do the two TBS of the acaiberry diet concentrate in the morning and try to eat around 1000/ 1500 calories a day and i have been looseing around 1.5 lbs every 2/3 days, I eat small side salds eveyday for lunch and lot of fish and no red meats, no suger pop, and stay away from sweets! I have lost around 28 lbs in the last 7 weeks, and im only 15 lbs away from my goal weight.

    David E in Washington ST

  2. M

    I saw an ad on the Nutrition Specialisrts Health Journal website for a free trail offer of AcaiOptimum and AdvancedColon Cleanse. I saw similar links on other web sitea as well and they all take you to a certain site to place your order. I ordered my free trial offer of each and paid a minimal S&H fee. Over three weeks later (once your credit card is charged) I received my product. When I tried to fill out my mail in rebate it said my credi card will be charged twice and I will get one of the charges rebated to me. This is not free, it is more like buy one get one free and it takes 40 days after the second charge to get your money in the form of a gift card. What a rip. BEWARE!!!

  3. John Gorton

    Have you tried to look up and find an actual diet for the acaia berry.?? Can’t find one.. and if you do, its no different then what you should be doing anyways.. Everyone makes these claims og hudge weight loss, well I’ll tell you this much. Im down to 104kg’s from 118kgs (nothing to do with the Berry !! and all I wanna do is get bellow the 100kg make.. One month on the acaia berry and colon clensing diet and 1.5 kg..Mind you I havent lost anymore then what I would have doing what I’ve been doing..Its a crock..!!Save your money…this wont even let me vote bellow average..

  4. Sebastyne

    None of these reports tell you if you are losing fat or muscle. Most fast diets work because muscle is really easy to lose, it weighs more than fat but the fat stays put! I wouldn’t trust any report that trusts scales only, because the more muscle you lose, the harder it will be to burn fat. The only way to know if you’re losing fat or muscle is to measure fat percentages.

  5. Jess

    It tastes yuck

  6. Jen

    I tried a $30 bottle of the acai berry. I didn’t loose any weight on it. I thought it was a complete waste of money. I’m doing a balanced diet now. Low carb, low fat, just plain eating healthy diet. I’ll start going back to Zumba classes next week and I expect to see weight loss happening! Those of you that spent $500 on the pills, I understand the frustration with trying to loose the weight and getting desparate enough to spend a large amount of money on anything that sounds like it will work! I’m there myself, but I don’t have the money to spend on diet pills that don’t work. That’s why I’m doing the eating plan that I’m doing now. No diet pills for me ever again!

  7. yaz

    i want to know how to cancel the order, its rubbish!

  8. Hallie.

    Diana, when you ordered it off ebay, what was the company called, or the product? do you remember?

  9. Emily Baskett

    i braught acai berry from holland and barrets for £7. pound it really works i have been diating now for over 6 months on slimming world since taking acai about a month ago i have lost more waight then i ever have on slimming world am am loosing around 4/5 pounds a week .


  10. Nick

    i’ve actually bought my self a bottle.12 US $
    A complete waist of money. There is no magic berries.
    I do Martial arts and, because of my “eating healthy” i’ve tought to implement this in my diet.
    After two months….no changes. Not significal!

    A real Bullshit. Maybe mine was a cheap one….maybe….

  11. Casey

    Does anyone have the number to the company where i can actually get a hold of them??

    • ted

      Casey, this is just a general review of an Acai Berry diet. There are hundreds of companies online selling the acai supplement and most are dodgy, so it would be hard for someone to give you a number.. You are better off buying it from vitaminworld or the likes..

  12. KIM

    First of all, NOBODY should be paying $500 for a vitamin. Secondly,DO NOT buy any of it online. Go to GNC, ask for the berries (they are trained and know everything about the suppllements they carry), and pay the $30 for the decent sized bottle. You’re clearly not very interested in getting healthier if you’re not willing to get off the couch.

  13. rootytoot

    I have just cancelled my order with the company as i was still in the 15 day trial period, but i still dont trust them not to just keep on taking my money so i have cancelled my bank card. My bank also gave me a number for their fraud team and advised me to phone them tomorrow to investigate it further. My advice to anyone is not to bother in the first place and to cancel your bank card! I am just keeping my fingers crossed that this is enough and that the crafty sods don’t still find a way to get at my money. Think i am gonna be having a few sleepless nights over the next month or so until i feel like enough time has elapsed and that i am safe from them!!

Last Reviewed: January 17, 2018