Israeli Army Diet

israeli-army-dietThe Israeli Army diet is a classic fad diet that was popular in the 1970s. Like most fad diets the name has nothing to do with the source.

The Israeli Army diet has no connection whatsoever with the Israeli Army.

The diet also has a number of other factors in common with crash diets – low calories, poor nutrition, and subsequent weight gain.

Israeli Army Diet Plan

This diet is not recommended. It is one of most nutritionally unbalanced diets around.

The diet plan was for 8 days where the same food would be eaten for 2 days at a time.

  1. Days 1 – 2: Apples
  2. Days 3 – 4: Cheese
  3. Days 5 – 6: Chicken
  4. Days 7 – 8: Salad

Black tea or coffee are allowed.

The Israeli Army Diet appeals to people because it is so simple, however, many get tired of eating nothing but the same thing for two days in a row.

Israeli Army Diet Dangers

  • Creates unhealthy eating patterns.
  • Days 1-2 and 7-8 lack any protein which can cause muscle wasting.
  • Days 7-8 are extremely low in calories and could result in fainting an/or fatigue.
  • Days 3-4 are extremely high in saturated fat and the lack of fiber could cause the dieters to become constipated.
  • Days 5-6 contain zero carbohydrates which can cause extreme fatigue and irritability.
  • Lacks sound nutrition
  • Rebound weight is likely.
  • Dieters should not exercise while on the Israeli Army Diet.

Fad weight loss plans like the Israeli Army Diet never promote long-term healthy weight loss. Dieters are much better investing their time and energy into a plan that promotes healthy weight loss through sound nutrition and exercise.

A healthy diet is doable long-term and can become a lifestyle. Although quick weight loss is possible with the Israeli Army Diet, the risks are not worth the momentary gratification it offers.

Why not try The 100 Calorie Diet instead which is a healthy low calorie diet.

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
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  1. kelly

    i agree with mark willis hmu mark

  2. mark willis

    i do not think this diet is helpful at all. This can lead to overweight and anorexia. Looking good is not worth all the dangers starting this diet brings upon you. You are beautiful just the way your are!

  3. Mark O'Neill

    So its all you can eat of that one thing per day?

  4. Harry

    What do salad on the 7/8 day mean. If its one type of food thats consumed? Is it only green salad?

  5. MellyBabey

    What else can i eat besides apples i’ve run out lol

  6. Nick

    i’d do it

  7. babyface

    Sick diet. ill die of hunger

  8. Gail

    I did this diet on and off in the 70’s and 80’s. At one stage I alernated it 8 days on the diet 8 days off, eating moderately and sensibly on the off days, in a period of 6 months I lost 55 kilo’s. I kept eating sensibly there after and kept the weight off and have not been over weight since. It worked for me and only improved my health immmensly. it’s very hard and you need willpower plus! I also avoid apples noe like the plague….lol, but still love cheese and chicken!

  9. Ron

    For anyone that wants to diet, it will not work. One must change their eating habits for the weight to stay off. I have never tried this one but I have a different lifestyle when it comes to eating and it works for me. Also one must remember that everyone’s body is different and different people need different things to loose wieght. Example when I was younger I watched my fat in take to maintain my weight and now I have to watch the carbs. I am just giving a bit of advice change the way you eat and it will all work out! Congrats though to anyone loosing weight.

  10. abubakar

    what a great meal…!!!, this is what soldiers deserve.

  11. Michelle

    Hi interesting to read all your comments. I did do this diet and lost around 5-6 kgs. As long as you know this is a quick fix for a special occasion you can be very sensible about it.
    For those of you who have not tried this dies I really don’t believe you can be so negative about it or towards whomever wishes to try it.
    Healthy eating is a lifestyle change and one you need to keep for the rest of your life.
    Good luck to anyone who does do it but again you must realize that it is really a quick fix.

  12. MicheleK

    Anyone that would attempt to follow a diet as unhealthy as this, deserves what they get.

  13. Janet

    im a peso veg
    can i change the chicken to tuna.?

  14. melissa

    im realy want to try this but i cant eat cheese…..what can i change it for….any ideas….would yogut work do you think??,i also dont like milk(other than milk shake.or what about eggs??and to all those who tell us this is soooo BAD…well were all not so lucky to be able to fart out 5lbs some of us find it hard,i worked my ass off in the gym and swam every day for 7mnth and eat healthy…..and all i lost was a crappy 5lb so if i can do this and loose that in a week WELL im up for it!!

  15. scotty

    this is the greatest diet around all of you who dont use it are crazy becasue you are just mad that you are fat and cant kepp on this diet. keep up the good work

  16. ashling

    they only way to keep excess weight off is eating at least three healty meal a day ,exerciseing at least 3 times a week drink plenty of water ,and have a treat once in a while i have tried all fad diets but ,……….they are never long term people have to understood that ur body needs the proper vitiams ,mineral and protien to function instead of looseing 10lbs in aweek and gaining it back and more the next week , try to eat healthy each day and u will be rewarded ,
    i promise this works u might not get very fast results stright away like these fad diets but u will get longterm results ,which will last a life time good luck ash

  17. Petie

    I lost 14 lbs on this diet in 1978 and did not regain it. I’m going to try it again now…but it is hard going and hard to stick to…particularly the cheese days . And you have to eat the same cheese.

  18. Shell-Belle

    Although I have never tried this plan, I can see how it would work.
    For all of you that have said it is not healthy – think again…in all fairness, there is everything you need in the 8 days.
    Nutrition does not work on a daily basis it is accumulative over the period of several day. There is natural fibre, natural sugars, natural proteins, natural fats and natural carbohydrates over the course of several days.
    It is impossible to ‘starve yourself’ in 8 days!
    There is the intake of liquid issue I will admit, there is a need for water/liquid intake as there is for all diets, but it is absolutely impossible to ‘starve yourself’ on this plan!
    As for the comment of “as soon as you go back to your normal diet it throws out your metabolism and you will gain weight faster than ever” – of course you will! If you are currently consuming too many calories you will gain weight, we all know that…. that is why we are all looking at these pages – we want to loose weight because we have eaten too many calories! A fat persons “NORMAL” diet consist of to many calories! If you go back to eating to many calories, you WILL gain weight!
    BUT – if you watch what you eat thereafter, moderate your calorie intake, you will be fine. Jesus! It is not rocket science! Think of your body as a car…. If you put to much petrol (or gas for you North Americans! :)) into your car it will overflow and the result is petrol everywhere. Dont put enough in and it will stall. Put the right amount in and it works perfectly well.
    There is the whole ‘water weight’ thing – yes that will be a factor to start with. That will only last for a short period of time. Those who loose huge amounts in the first week – that is watre, but for those people who are doing this on a long term stretch and still loosing weight – that cannot be water.
    And – sorry, but assuming that your are exercising moderately, it would never be muscle wastage either!
    So, although I am no “DOCTOR” (unlikely to be a doctor Caitlin lol!), I do know a lot about the body, dieting and nutrition.
    So, make your own choice.
    If you dont fancy it – dont do it!
    If you do fancy it – give it a go!
    I think I may well do!

  19. bob

    tried it hated it never again

  20. Rick

    I’ve done this diet several times over 20 yrs with excellent results each time. Myself and my partner are both about to do it again for new year to shed some of the christmas çheer.

  21. dave

    “Jo” all you lost was 5 pounds of water wieght, or mabye even muscle mass, this diet is stupid

  22. Victoria

    Is the bad spelling in this blog due to the ill-effects of this diet?

  23. Elyse

    I heard you need to eat cottage cheese and steamed chicken? Is this right or can you eat any low-fat or normal cheese and maybe grilled chicken?

  24. Caitlin

    Dr. Brian Ohle I am really concidering this diet I want a quick fix and I’m lazy – just being honest. Are you a real Doctor or are you just trying to make your opinion more Valid?
    Anyway I think I will try it as I don’t have consistency in my eating habbits anyway and I don’t see how it’s starving yourself if you can eat as much as you like?

  25. Dr. Brian Ohle

    In my medical opinion, you will die before completing the 8 day diet plan outlined above. Does any human being seriously believe a 2 day period of consuming only cheese could possibly be benificial. Honestly?

  26. Tori & Becky

    Ok, seriously, for all the people who are saying that this diet does work, yes, you’re right. If you starve yourself, generally you will become thinner. But, as soon as you go back to your normal diet it throws out your metabolism and you will gain weight faster than ever. If you want to get healthier, eat 6 SMALL portions of HEALTHY foods from ALL food groups and EXCERSISE. Don’t waste your time on fad diets.

  27. Jessi

    Wow, I’ve never seen so much Ignorance in my life.
    Don’t judge others.
    If your only here to bad mouth and disrespect the people who look to these diets for help then you should definatly leave. With people like you NO WONDER there are so many people wanting to get skinny and stop being judged.
    I have just one question though.
    When you wrote that, Did it make you feel good about yourself?
    I hear thats what happens when people degrade others.
    Have a nice life.

  28. lixi

    Im on the third day of this diet, and it works. Of course works because i eat nothing…i vomit from apple now, so after 2 days apple the cheese is sooooo gooood. But what i can say, im a sportsman, and im doing a tipical thin sport, my coach always give instructions to lose 4 pounds in 2 days, and its not easy. but i think itsnt a healthy diet because i think every pounds come back after this diet, if youre not strict. so i dont suggest this diet to notsportsmans. better to lose weight slowlyee, the healthy is lo lose 4 pounds a week.

  29. Sofia

    Seriously to ALL you negs! This diet works just fine, no halitosis, dizzy spells and why on earth would you feel nausea? Apples are great for you! Detoxing properties, vitamins and fibres and quite filling! Cheese brings a great change, chicken, well yummie! and what’s wrong with green vegetables? There are a gazillion varieties. Good going Ben- I sooo agree with your attitude. Stop finding excuses, stop griping and just do it! Super DUMB-if it worked then- why on earth not now? Boggles the missed the point-You can eat as much of each as you like!!! First time I tried in the 70’s I had 14 apples the first ones I hasten to ad! Alan B Right back at you! Nila – why are you commenting on somebodies language? Comment the diet! and finally..christina- Had a tropical disease and lost 7kg’s in 24 hours-NOT recommended. Horrible, this is nothing like it. Works well if you have the discipline and I have done it holding a demanding job, studying and having a family so you get a life!

  30. christina

    A stone in a week. You are not on a diet. You are ill. Tropical diseases aside, you have to be bonkers to even consider this. How do you cope with the nausea ( probably have nothing to bring up) the dizzy spells, the wasted muscle and the breath of a corpse? Why would you do that to yourself? As I presume you do not hold down a demanding job ( not possible on that kind of diet) how do you fill your days from apple to apple? How do you fill the lonely hours as no girl/boy relationship survives one party not being able to move from the couch only for the bathroom and the halitosis for long) Do yourself a favour and get a medical, try to control the damage done and get a life

  31. Nila

    You need to quit swearing and using God in the same sentence. There is no need for that. I am a christian and will not tolerate it. This message is for Jesse.

  32. Renee

    It works, have done it twice, and you eat whatever amount of food you like. I’d rather eat that food for 8 days than have processed and junk.

  33. alan B

    Tried it in the 70’s 80’s 90’s 20’s0 it works but to loose more have a break of a couple of days don’t go crazy then go again.. i have done the diet once a year or so and the effort is worth it,… gets you thinking straight about too much food

  34. ben second

    an so far ive lost a stone each week

  35. ben

    it does work.. ive try’d it have to do alot more then it says.. you have to be working an doing sumthin all the time like the army. like in the morning running.. exercise. afternoon running an more exercise.. you always have to keep top’t up with water an then it start working.. im on my 4 week.. an so far ive lost a stone an week.. an the balance aint that bad.. your getting all the balance you need. well you body needs.. the best thing i also found woz mess it up abit.. have say a apple in morning. chicken at dinner an either apple or cheese. or half a apple an a little bit of cheese .. you have to remember keep working out to the best you can.. an also drink water.. you body can still work without food for 3days at a time if not more.. but you have to drink above all. remember losing weight is also in the mind. you have to be 100% with the diet no cheating lol. no cheesecakes .. or beer.. it is a hard diet.. but if your willing you can do it ..i hope ive help’t people…
    o yeah stella of course its hard it called losing weight diets aint lets face it if your over weight health is shit anyways .. you may as well. give it ago.. its only gonna get better in opinon..but that is my body my body is loving it . i feel 100% better an the girls mmmmm there loving im losing weight an toning up for the summer

  36. Stella

    even if it works it’s stupid, it’s so bad for your health and the results won’t last

  37. Jessie

    Maybe it worked because by the end of the first day you were so god damned sick of apple you hardly ate anything on the second day and so on and so forth!!

  38. Anie

    Of course its going to work, you eat nothing, its ridiculous!.

  39. Super DUMB



  40. jocam

    Yes It dose work

  41. Jo

    it actually works I lost at least 5 pounds in less than a week

  42. thin already

    anonymous, please get some balls and own the hell up 2 who u r!!!!

  43. Ashley.

    I dont care abot the nutrition, dose it work?

  44. belladonna

    i only want to try this, if i don’t have any money left to buy appropriate meals for myself!!!!

  45. Cheryl

    yes it did work in the 70s

  46. justin lester

    this tastes like a butthole salad!!

  47. Anonymous