3 Apple A Day Diet

The 3-Apple-a-Day Plan: Your Foundation for Permanent Fat Loss was created by Tammi Flynn, a registered dietitian and Group Training instructor at Gold’s Gym in Washington.
apple diet
Flynn discovered that when one of her clients ate an apple before each meal without changing anything else, she was able to break a weight loss plateau.

Flynn experimented with this approach with her other clients and witnessed incredible results, with a typical weight loss of seventeen pounds in just twelve weeks.

Also included below is the original apple diet.

Three Apple Diet Basics

Just eat an apple prior to each meal

The foundation of the 3-Apple-a-Day Plan involves eating an apple before each main meal. The idea is that the fiber in apples makes you feel full and the sweetness satisfies cravings.

Then follow a low carb eating plan

3 apple a day diet
In addition to eating apples, dieters follow a food plan that is very similar to the South Beach Diet with a relatively low intake of carbohydrates and reduction of saturated fats.

Refined sugars are to be eliminated while low glycemic index carbohydrates are emphasized.

Eat 4 to 5 times a day

Dieters are advised to consume 4-5 small meals daily, which should be based on healthy foods that are low in fat.

Each meal or snack should also contain a source of lean protein because this has been shown to reduce appetite and improve weight-loss.

Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables

In addition to eating three apples, a day dieters are advised to include six servings of other fruits and vegetables. This will allow you to reduce your intake of calories without experiencing hunger.

Original Apple Diet

Tammi Flynn’s diet is really just a version of the original apple diet that has been around for decades. The original version just has one rule….

Golden Apple Rule: Eat an Apple Before Each Meal.

No other dietary restrictions are required.  The theory is that if dieters eat an apple before each meal, the fiber in the apple will fill them up causing them to eat less during the meal.

This sounds simple and there is some truth to this, but diet should focus on being healthier as well as eating less. People who still eat a lot of processed foods may lose some weight with the apple diet, but they aren’t doing much to increase their overall heath and wellbeing.

Those following the apple diet will have greater results if they also clean up their diet by including a lot of other fresh vegetables and fruit.

Recommended Foods

Apples, low-fat cottage cheese, low-fat yogurt, eggs, chicken breast, turkey, lean beef, salmon, oatmeal, brown rice, broccoli, lettuce.

Sample Meal Plan


Cheese omelet
1 cup cooked oatmeal

Morning Snack

½ cup cottage cheese
½ cup nonfat yogurt


Grilled chicken breast
2 cups steamed broccoli
½ cup brown rice

Afternoon Snack

Cappuccino shake


Grilled salmon
Green salad

Exercise Recommendations

The 3 Apple a Day Diet recommends a combination of weight training and cardiovascular exercise is recommended. The book includes a 12-week beginners exercise program.

In the original apple diet, no exercise is required.

Costs and Expenses

The 3-Apple-a-Day Plan retails at $14.95.

Available from Amazon →

There may also be additional expenses due to the requirement to buy apples, other fresh produce, and high protein foods.


  • Eating an apple at the beginning of each meal will promote the feeling of fullness and reduce the tendency toward overeating.
  • Apples contain soluble fiber, which can help reduce cholesterol levels.
  • Apples contain flavonoids that help prevent heart disease, stroke, and some cancers.
  • Meals are balanced with a combination of lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, fruit, and vegetables.
  • A high intake of lean protein reduces appetite and maintains muscle mass while dieting.
  • Encourages the intake of fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Easy to follow. No counting or measuring.
  • Includes over 100 recipes.
  • Encourages exercise.


  • Meal plans are not very exciting and dietary boredom may occur.
  • Dieters may become tired of eating apples with every meal.
  • Eliminates many foods and does not provide any allowances for including favorite foods occasionally.
  • May be difficult for vegetarians to follow the recommended meal plan.

Calorie Restriction and Health are Key

The combination of eating an apple before each meal and the recommended meal plan will reduce appetite which is likely to produce weight loss for the majority of dieters.

Apples are also a great source of fiber, which has many potential health benefits.

Some dieters may become bored with eating apples three times a day. Additionally, the meal plan does not allow for cheats, which may make this plan difficult for some dieters to follow as a lifestyle approach to weight loss.

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)


  • Conceição de Oliveira, M., Sichieri, R., & Sanchez Moura, A. (2003). Weight loss associated with a daily intake of three apples or three pears among overweight women. Nutrition, 19(3), 253-256. link
  • Gorinstein, S., Zachwieja, Z., Folta, M., Barton, H., Piotrowicz, J., Zemser, M., ... & Màrtín-Belloso, O. (2001). Comparative contents of dietary fiber, total phenolics, and minerals in persimmons and apples. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 49(2), 952-957. link

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  1. Hayley

    Did this diet in 2003 lost 60lbs in 12 weeks i worked out 6 days a week and weighed all my food so worth it.

  2. Miiyell

    I can’t believe all these 13-17 year olds are complaining about their weight, when I was your age I still play with my childhood friends so I never had problems with my weight. In fact, I’m the opposite, I was so skinny before I had my first period and eventually I gained weight but on a normal scale cause I was still very active, which I think, helped with my metabolism.

  3. Victoria

    Hi my name is Victoria and I’m a diabetic I’m trying to lose weight and I really need help I don’t eat much I drink lemon and cucumber water I don’t eat fried food much I walk do squats before bed I want to lose 50 pounds wat else can I do

  4. No

    I really no get this one.

  5. No

    Why you no make sense?

  6. No

    Why? This makes no sense to me

  7. Gustavo Woltmann

    Trying many method to loose weight but none of them work. I think exercise is better.

    – gustavo woltmann

  8. Denise

    This doesn’t work for everyone the only person who knows your body better is you. You know how your body reacts to food. Following a silly apply diet such as this might actually make you gain weight. There are plenty of other diets that don’t limit you, this is just silly. Simple exercises and healthy diet (that doesn’t limit you) will be better in the long run. If you need help visit a doctor to see if some natural vitamins can help as well

  9. Sravya

    I am lean and my guy is a bit fat than me. He tried many diets methods to reduce his weight in a healthy way but ended up with no result. I think by following your blog he may reduce some weight.

  10. Clarissa

    So, you’re supposed to eat that same meal plan every day?

    • Kia

      Yes, but eating an apple before each meal and eating a meal full of carbs and fat won’t do anything for you! 🙁 but if you eat an apple before healthy meals such a leafy green salad with chickpeas (fiber, protein), then this “diet” should work! 🙂

      • Carbs

        Then don’t eat any carbs.

  11. Apple Diet

    Not likely to succeed if no exercise

    • Kia

      I agree. No diet will succeed without at least 20 minutes of exercise a day.

  12. Nicole

    Hi! I’m 16 years old and in 1st year college. Hmm, I weight 120 pounds but I want to lose some of it because my tummy is big and not that proportion to my body. They say that if my tummy is not big, I’m sexy because I have big boobs. So, what should I do? I want to know what to do with the apple diet thing. Please help. Thanks 🙂

    • Kia

      Eat a healthy breakfast starting with an apple, and then eat a bowl of oat bran with blackberries and cinnamon (suggestion). Before lunch, eat an apple before a leafy green kale salad topped with orange slices, cranberries and chickpeas (also a lunch suggestion). Right before dinner eat an apple, then indulge in a toasted wheat/seed bread sandwich stacked with lettuce, tomatoes, tofu, hummus with a side of carrots! I am vegan, and this eating lifestyle has helped boost my body confidence! You are beautiful! Hope this helps?

  13. please help!!

    Hi I’m 12 comeing thirteen soon I’m startin secondary school
    In a few weeks and I’m very shy because I’m fat and unhappy I no its not possible to lose the ammont of weight that I want in this short ammont of time but I have a double chin wich I
    Want to lose because everyone else in my class is thin please
    Help me I can’t even ask my mom for help.

    • AnayasMom

      Hi Dear. I’m a mother of a 13 year old daughter. I am sorry you can’t talk to your Mom about this.I would advise you because she can give you the best advice and knows your health history. Trying any diet should be taken in consideration by getting a health assessment first. And at your age, it is best. I know you want to be thin but you seem like a sweet girl and my concern is who else is responding to your post. There are very bad people in this world who take advantage of young kids. Talk to your Mom or a member of your family first okay?

    • Kia

      Don’t starve yourself whatever you do. Eat a balenced breakfast, lunch, and dinner! I was very self conscious about my body before I started the vegan lifestyle. Try becoming a vegan! It’s not easy, but it WILL HELP! If you don’t know what to eat for breakfast, worried that it won’t be healthy, ditch the cocoa puffs for a bowl full of oatmeal! Top it with apple slices and cinnamon! For lunch, don’t buy the unhealthy school lunches, pack a bag filled with carrots, hummus and a kale salad! To start dinner, have a green apple (less sugar) and then have a vegan or vegetarian black bean soup. You can also look up vegan recipes online for more help. Try to eat between 1,200 and 2,000 calories per day. Ask your mom or dad about becoming a vegan. It doesn’t harm animals and is all around better for the environment! ???

    • Kia

      You are so beautiful and special! Try going vegan???

  14. Salah Abdelrahman

    The Green Apple Diet is great, eating between 30 and 20 green apple a day (for only 4 days), and you will loose around 1 KG per day. Note that nothing should be taken, only APPLES, even NO water. I used this to quit smoking and it works for boths.

  15. shay

    hi every1…i really ned some help out here…i need to losssssss a lot of weight. im 24..im getting married next year…so can any one advice wat shud i do? i have gained a lot of kilos… and may tummy now i really big..im trying ti make diet..but this FOOds..always tempting me to eat them…wat shud i do….i am thinking of having 3-4 apples a day..and a lot of water…just apples…cud this be good?


    • Kia

      Go vegan! Look up recipes online! You are beautiful and special! Green apples are best (less sugar) but only eat up to 3 apples per day??

  16. shay

    wow thats nice of you…i hope i can loss may weight also….

  17. shay

    how did u loss wt. pls giv me tips……huhuhuh

  18. chrispy

    brisk walks and eat tons of veggies

  19. Romford Dave

    Conscious of the risk that befell Yonk, would it be crass to refer you to comment #5 above?

  20. Tram

    Does this only work if a person is overweight, or trying to lose a good amount of weight?

    I’m almost 18, and my weight fluctuates, but at most I weigh 98 pounds. I’m trying to bring my weight down to 90 lbs. This isn’t unreasonable, because I’m extremely short (I don’t even hit the 5 feet mark). Would an apple diet work for me if I’m also on a low carb diet?

    • Kia

      Yes, but try to eat only up to three GREEN apples (more nutritional) per day. Also, you could try to start the vegan lifestyle! ??

  21. paige

    hi to unknown and lola x…i think eating apples 5-10 pcs would probably help u a lot. and stop drinking softdrinks and juices that has high sugar content instead you replace it with an apple juice (fresh – blend it with water but no sugar/milk) and avoid eat salty foods. it would be hard for few days but you’ll be used to it after a week and i’m telling you it will work. Good luck and God Bless!

  22. Yin

    Mmmhmm. Pretty funny.

  23. Person.....maybe

    LOL that’s funny right there

  24. Hannah

    and forgot to mention IM STILL A TEEN ! and yeah im forteen ! so ill be gainin more height probably ! JUST EAT HEALTHY !

  25. Hannah

    This is to all teenage gurls and includin 12 year olds !
    well when i was 12 i used to weight abut 132 pounds !
    now i weight 110 pounds !
    First of all those who say gettin thinner and sheddin pounds dsnt makes u happier !
    but guess what ! its not true ! i feel alot better !
    i used to be 5’2 1/2 and now m 5’4 so yeah ! our body do change ! i never put my mind in to losin particular weight ! i was jst really happy to see that IM losing ! just stay away from candies,sugar and FRIED FOOD !
    u can eat baked chicken,baked potatoes ,fish !
    and veggies and fruits !
    thn give urself a break ONE DAY OF WEEK jst go and eat sumthin outside like FAST FOOD ! seriously lifes too short for depression ! HAVE A WONDERFUL LIFE !
    yeah i used to be bullied too ! but i never cared ! jst give thm a smile back ! IT WORKS ALL THE TIME ! never ever Show that ur miserable becox of ur weight ! IF UR HAPPY NO ONE VIL DARE TO EVEN say any darn thing
    BE HAPPY 😀

  26. MRS. IN LOVE...



    • Kia

      3 green apples per day??

  27. IndianInUS

    Always eat any fruit before an hour or after 2 hour of a meal, if you are eating rice or bread as meal

  28. anon mouse

    after reading some very funny comments i soon realize that this requires no account. Truly a trolls paradise. if i don’t masturbate at least 3 times a day, will i not be losing as much weight as i would be if i did the hat trick every day?

  29. not avaiulable

    hey please can you please help me to lose weight?

    • Kia

      Go vegan! Look up recipes online! ?

  30. imgettinthere

    you have serious problems…you are probably some lonely, pathetic adult. how could you tell a child that, maybe you want to kill yourself.
    ana you will lose the weight, it just takes time

  31. unhappy

    hey im 17 yrs old..hght is 157,wght is 50..goshh need to lose weight around love handles,face,arm,legs,stomach,basically everywhr..is it fine if i just eat 3 apples daily and nothing else?

    • Kia

      Absolutely not. That would be starving yourself. Eat 1 green apple before every meal. I am vegan, and would fully recommend this lifestyle! It will help cut down on fat and carbs while still being completely healthy. Look up vegan recipes! ✨

  32. tyler

    im nearly 14 and im 117 pounds, but i have lots going on right now so i feels like i have too eat from the stress of everything and when i do i feel full up and disgusting so i make myself sick! i really want too loose weight but i dont want too loose weight by making myself sick, what should i do?

    • Kia

      Eat the healthy things you love such as carrots, apples, oranges and nuts. Cut down on saturated fat and carbs?

  33. Chris

    Oops forgot one thing if you like to eat something sweets and water and apples isn’t enough. I recommend grabbing some grapes, bananas, and strawberries. No Calorie intake. 😀 your body takes more energy to digest those foods then the totel calorie intake.

  34. Chris

    This diet is great 😀 here my advice to all that want to lose weight in their teens don’t rush it and just go apples and water all day. Heres a good idea this is what i did. Wake up in the morning go outside get some air. Grab 1 apple and get a liter of water. For me that filled me up in the morning but if it doesn’t have a little cereal. Don’t worry about what type of milk just enjoy but not too much just a cup. Talk with your body you will know when you are full, hungry, or just fine. THen for lunch just have a usual maybe an apple, water, sandwich, and a lil snack i remember i still ate chips so i only ate a little. For dinner same thing as in the morning grab an apple and a litter of water. If your hungry after that have a little meal. But always just listen to your body don’t overeat just keep saying to yourself i’m going to be stronger and sexier tomorow. 😀

  35. A 15 year old

    I had intestinal parasites this summer and was unable to eat enough due to the pain. I am 5 foot 5 and I dropped to 89 pounds. Being this skinny is no fun, I was weak, lost my hair, was cold all the time, and ended up spending most of my vacation in the hospital. Be happy with your weight! Personally I wish I was OVERWEIGHT rather than a shrivled little stick. I don’t have enough energy to do the things I love, so take it from me, don’t sweat a little bit of a round tummy, at least you have enough body fat to have a pair of boobs!

  36. jo jo

    girls low carb is the way to go…

  37. Sarah

    I enjoy how no one really helped this girl with her question, but instead taught her that being immature and bashing other people for petty things is the mature “adult” thing to do. Way to go folks.

    In regards to your question, the first response was correct. I suggest sparkpeople.com. It has articles that suggest healthy ways to lose weight in a steady way. If you lose weight in this manner, than you are more likely to keep it off in the long run. You need to learn healthy eating habits now or it will be more difficult to learn them in the future.

    Hope this helps.

  38. Ariana1102

    I’m 13 years old. I want to lose weight for me 15 birthday,but i can’t.my weight is 262punds.help me!!!!!!

  39. Shalisa

    Clearly just a typo. WANT (not ANT) was the intended word.

  40. Mya

    Hi I’m Mya and I’m 13 years old. I lost 15 pounds in about two and a half weeks. My mom is shocked that eatting grilled chicken, salad and apples everyday has had such an impact on me. Not only did I lose that weight, I gained confidence and alot of energy that I’ve lost over the years. My bestfriend Emma is on the diet with me, she has lost ten pounds and a few inches off her waist. I don’t wanna loose anymore weight so first thing in the morning I’ll add fat to my diet. But Emma still wants to lose five more pounds. (I’m in school at the library..my teacher missed the first day of school.)

  41. kathy

    Ok, so lets take your foot out of your mouth, before you comment on someone commenting on another, you should check a dictionary on how to spell!!!!! “ANT” what does that maen in the context you used it in your sentence, were you actually talking about the insect ants….?

  42. Kathy

    You should never eat canned vegetables! Canned vegetables are BAD…

  43. Mel

    Hey! I was in the same boat as you this same time last year and i went on fitness kick too. I am 13 yrs old and I weighed about 137 lbs. I am now 100 🙂 here is some tips:

    Breakfast Options:

    Protein Shake:

    1 banana
    1 cup fruit e.g. strawberries, mango, whatever is in season.
    1 tbsp almonds
    1 tbsp colloidal minerals
    1 tbsp cold pressed almond oil
    ¼ cup pasteurised only milk or fresh orange juice or almond milk
    1 tbsp honey
    1 tbsp oats
    1 egg


    Other brekkie ideas:

    1-2 boiled eggs on toast (try to get organic or seedy brown breads- I buy bills organic) you can add tomato with a sprinkle of pepper topped with a couple of slices of avocado.

    My breakfast:

    1/3 cup organic gluten free porridge oats with 325 ml water cook on stovetop.

    I then add all up about ½ – ¾ cup of fruit which may consist of:
    Frozen blueberries (no need to microwave they will melt from heat of porridge).
    Golburn valley peach slices, strawberries etc.
    I also spoon a couple of tbsp of “fat free” jalna yogurt (one with green lid + writing) on top. I sprinkle a 2 tbsp of brookfarms natural macadamia muesli on top of that (this is purely natural and no additives- buy from organic shops.

    Here are some dips that you can make (arvo snacks or watever) :

    1 tin organic chickpeas, drained retain the liquid
    1 clove garlic
    2 tbsp tahini
    Juice of one lemon
    1 tsp sea salt
    2 tbsp cold pressed almond oil

    Blend until desired consistency, if you want a thinner consistency add some of the retained liquid from the chickpeas.

    Avocado Dip:

    4 avocados (diced in rough cubes)
    1 tsp chilli paste (if you want it a little on the chilli side like I do!!)
    Lemon juice (add to your liking)
    ½ bunch of coriander
    ½ bunch of shallots
    5-6 drops of Tabasco

    Personally I love these dips served with raw veggie sticks. E.g chopped up carrot, celery etc. or Lavosh Bites. They are the best cracker you can buy and are healthy and natural! ?

    Things to drink throughout the day:
    Green tea – boosts metabolism
    Water, water, water!! – I know this is said a lot but water is one of my best friends!! It flushes you out and studies show it helps greatly with weight loss!
    Boiling water and half the juice of a lemon- Great kidney flusher, lemon may be a little bitter so squeeze in grapefruit or lime instead straight after that drink another glass of water. This is really good for flushing out your body and vitalising your skin. WARNING: You may be visiting the toilet a little more often so my advice is go to bed a little earlier and wake up a little earlier.

    Just make note that soft drinks are NOT good health drinks so really try extra hard to eat them minimally even if possible not at all.

    Here are some condiments to use to make your food even tastier:
    Garlic, chilli, ginger, onion, salt (sea salt- not refined), fresh herbs.

    Nuts are really good power foods, I have about 25 grams of nuts everyday these can consist of almonds, macadamias, brazilian, walnuts etc. Almonds are a great nut because 1 almond = 1 gram of protein. Protein helps to keep you feeling full. Macadamias are great nuts but are high in fats, although these are really good fats that you need, try not to have too many. I try to keep to a maximum of about 8 per day.

    Some sites you can visit include:


    These websites include food info, exercises and advice. For exercise aim for at least ½ an hour per day. You can achieve this by walking, jogging, sport training etc. I know sometimes the last thing you feel like doing is putting on the joggers to go for a run but once your out there doing it you will feel a lot better and proud of yourself! Studies also show that exercise releases hormones that make you feel happier so what are you waiting for!!

    By all means feel free to treat yourself sometimes but just remember the effort it will take to work it off! As a sweet treat I love to have a few fresh dates which you can buy from fruit shops.

    Try not to have alot of juice remember that although it is natural sugar it’s still sugar.

    Hope this helps,
    Good luck 🙂


  44. anonymous

    you don’r need to lose weight you are so skinny!!

  45. anonymous

    Wth is wrong with you… you psycho!!

  46. collin

    u r an insriation!

  47. collin

    sub bread for a good yo play yogurt

  48. collin

    thats sick

  49. collin

    heyy is’s okk im thirteen and i weigh 134 now from 145 it has been goin very fast this is what i use


    Special K

    Can Of Pea’s And Carrots

    Special K

    1 hour power walking,jogging,or running

    Apple’s are proven weight lose supplement
    ,and helps boost metabalism.

    Special K:helps fill with a low calorie
    food.And helps drop 3-6 pounds in 2 weeks.

    And in this plan will help lose about 6 pounds

    i rounded 6 pounds should be close i hope it helps
    and your not really hungery you think that becouse you r thinking about food becouse u dont want to eat it. just drink alot of water and chill.

  50. Mark Pearson

    My best diet ever? Simple and easy.

    Breakfast: bran flakes 25g
    Mid morning snack:apple
    Lunch: chicken breast with 2 slices of bread (no butter), beetroot and spinach
    Afternoon snack: banana
    Dinner: bran flakes 25g

    Eating several times a day keeps up the metabolism and keeps your body burning fat fast even though your eating less than 800 cals a day.

  51. Frenchgirl

    FYI when the cigs and wine don’t work, the ol’ finger down the throat trick is always a girls best friend!

    xoxo, have fun and see you slimmer!

  52. Ally

    I am 13 years old and weigh 138 pounds,
    I am going to eighth grade in 3 weeks and i need to lose 10-15 pounds FAST. Please help me!
    What diet should i do?
    How often and how long should i excersise?

  53. Anonomys spelled wrong

    im 11 and weighed 170 pounds 3 months ago. now i weigh 90 pounds. i just eliminated carbs, sugar, white flour, foods with high trans fat and sugary drinks as much as possible. diet plans can be pricey and unrealistic. get a piece of paper. write down a reasonable amount of food in your fridge that you will eat tommorow. nothing metioned above as much as possible. if u really feel hungry i found healthy alternatives are low-cal gum that make you think your full from all the chewing, almonds, celery, and lottssss of water.

  54. Frenchgirl

    I find the best way to lose weight is to smoke a lot of cigarettes and drink a glass of wine at each meal.

    Good luck!

  55. chat

    i like that plan

  56. KOKI

    I am currenty on a diet and I found out by accident that it does help lose weight. For a week and a half I ate nothing but roman lettuce with apples and cucumbers. I added in the apple cause I couldn’t eat just the salad wnd cucumbers alone. Didn’t taste all that well without the apples. I lost 8 lbs in 1 week and a half.

    I was shocked considering all the other ways I tried to lose weight and all I had to do was eat apples with salad. What was more shocking was that when I ran out of money for my salads and I had to eat what ever my mother brought or made. I had pancakes for breakfast three days in a row. I was so sure I gained the weight back. But when I went on the scale I was only 153, I only gained 1 pound.

    So now I have money and I am starting my diet again to lose more weight. I will be more than happy if I just got into the 140’s.

  57. Me lol

    Yeah, im 12 and iw ant to lose weight, has anybody tried it? If so did it work, and the person who wrote near the top saying, wel you should just kill you’r self that is them most horrible thing, u should say that to ur self when u are going thru a tough time and see how it feels!


  58. truth

    Honestly, the key is to NOT to eat until youre full.
    STOP eating junk food.
    Instead a back of chips, eat a fruit or vegetables.
    RUN!! to slim down, You should be running 30 minutes EVERYDAY.
    Apple before a meal is good, I’m actually trying to do that.
    Don’t let the world define YOU.
    if you think youre overweight, do something about it. EAT healthy, don’t binge and work out. Don’t eat junk food!!! ESPECIALLY at night.

    Honestly, it takes time to speed up your metabolism.
    don’t starve yourself cause that’s straight up dumb.

    start with healthy meals & working out. 🙂
    good luck. you are still beautiful no matter what, don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

  59. unknown

    you guys should talk to someone and if your over eight go to a nutritenest

  60. unknown

    you are aneroxice and dont need to loose wait

  61. unknown

    about 70-100 pounds

  62. unknown

    hi i also suffer with weight lose you just need to excersise am also 12

  63. Maddie

    Hello, I am 17, about 5’3 and weigh 99 lbs. I never eat whole meals; only little bits during the day. For example, fruits/vegs and sometimes nuts if i feel weak. I run 2-3 miles every day and also do hours of dance 5 days a week. I used to eat normal and weigh about 110 when i was 13 or 14 but since then i’ve become obessed with my body and weighing myself every day. My family still doen’t know how extremly unhappy i am with myself. I don’t know how to tell them but I think my mom is getting an idea. I don’t know how much more i can keep this up. Its not easy every night for dinner saying “that’s eough” when i only have a quarter cup of salad on my plate and looking up to my familys worried staires. I also have a wonderful boyfriend who i’ve been with for over3 and a half years how has tried to help me but doen’t understand that “this” has takin over my mind. My bf gets really upset when i talk about my problem. hes even started crying before. so i don’t tell him about it as much now. I have weighted less then i do now and i want to get down to that weight again. But it’s breaking my heart how im hurting the people i love. it’s not like i can help it though. it’s who i am now and i have to make it work. Sorry this is so long but it’s the chance ive had to get this out. Anyone who may have some pointers or help feel free too. I would be very thankful for anyones words. And to all the young teens on here: Love your bodys while you can. I was you; i had a life and friends. I was happy. I’ve lost all that due to myself. Please enjoy life, it’s too short not too. <(i wish i would fallow my own words) Love, Madelyn (Maddie) <3

  64. wildbill99

    but that 12 year old can probably blow you away on a mathematics quiz.

    If you ant to teach do it in a classroom—only if you are asked to. Otherwise keep your ignorance to yourself.

    Read a little bit of “Howard Gardner’s” works on education before you put your foot in your mouth again!

  65. Sophia

    I am 15 years old, 5ft 6in, 115lbs, and i am happy. I think that this is the most important thing at this age. As teens, we are still growing into who we are and dealing with the pressures of society. A real change came for me when I became a vegatarian this year. I never really worried about my weight, but i became slightly more conscience at the start of high school. I love to eat, but now i eat a healthier diet. i don’t think it’s always the number on the scale that counts, but i know that i want to live a long and healthy life, so if i get into good habits know, i can carry them on with me in the future. another important aspect of eating is organic foods. I always make sure that when i buy food, it is organic. I think i am weird, but i LOVE fruits and veggies. I have know i dea why, but i would rather be eating thaem than a chocolate bar. it makes me feel great, and i love the taste. To people that need to lose weight, sometimes it is because of other emotional reasons, not because you are actualy hungry.
    Most of all, LIVE!!! Busy yourself and make the most of your life!

  66. ray

    Aww you guys between 11-18 really shouldn’t freak out about your weight like that. I went through a terrible period where I was eating one small meal a day, and I now realize it was ridiculous, unhealthy, and could’ve given me serious health problems. The worst thing was I wasn’t even overweight, like I’m sure alot you aren’t! I am 14 and 5’2 and i proudly weigh 120 lbs! Yes, it may sound like alot, but now I understand that I’m naturally muscular, (even moreso because I tumble and cheer competitively) and muscle weighs more than fat. Now my new goal is to keep toning up and replace the unnecessary fat with lean muscle. I admit, I do try to eat healthy (but not starve myself!) , and it’s a struggle, but not impossible! So for all you young girls out there, don’t obsess over your weight! Focus on being fit and healthy and you will feel the best you can!

  67. Nimra

    i’ve a big prob em 23 years old n my weight is 48 kg n height is 5’2inch .. prob is that i wana loose my weight very soon em getting marrid next month plzz advice how to loose my weight … thanx

  68. stephaney

    hello. i’m 14 years old and i weigh almost 150lbs at 5 foot 4 inches. i’ve read through almost every comment on here, and i relize a diet at my age is rediculous. but i’d really like to loose at leave 20lbs by the summer. i try excercise, but i often get bored, or upset when i dont see results. if anyone has any ideas for healthy meals, or good excersise routines, please let me know. thankyou so much.

  69. Icha

    hey, I’m Icha.
    I’m 166 cm height and 66 kg weight.
    I’m 14 years old and I live in Indonesia, so I often eat white rice at home (thats our main food)

    I’m really overweight and I dont feel comfortable with my body. FYI, I love to swim and that makes my upper side of body seems very big.

    What kind of diet should I take to reach 56 kg or lose about 20 pounds? and what kind of apple works faster? And could you please tell me what’s the example of healthy snack that able to find in Indonesia? Coz I love snack!!

    Thanks 🙂

  70. BLAH-TOWN(:

    i guess this diet thing works… o__o”

  71. that guy

    i thought it was pretty funny

  72. Spellcheck

    The 12 year old can spell lose but the adult “expert” cannot, even after seeing it written twice by the twelve year old.


    I want to lose weight.
    My pants are loose.

    Please people, read and remember.

  73. Kelsie

    Ohh my godd im so fat..I’ve tryed a number of diets but cannot make them stick!!Im 14 years old but I’ve pled on the weight..I used to be so proud of my weight..but now im ashamed..all my friends are soo skinny and all wear belly tops too dicos but im waaaay too embaressed!! Please help me..I NEED my figure back!! Please help me !!

  74. GossipGalxoxo

    what the f*** who eats lasagne for breakfast eat celery lots and lots of celery

  75. GossipGalxoxo

    mouse i think what your doin is great but she just wants to loose a bit of weight stress less! xoxo

  76. gossipGalxoxo

    hey helen more than willing i know what your talking about and your always sick of people your to young to lose weight, don’t listen lol!
    i use the water and celery diet simply eat water and celery for two weeks and watch the weight fall off celery is a calorie negative food so you literally burn more calories eating it than are what in it xoxo talk soon

  77. GossipGalxoxo

    hey im 14 and ive been on the celery and water diet for 2 weeks now and lost 6kg now 40kg fantastic results you soo have to try xoxox

  78. lola

    im 12 and i need to lose weight somebody help me ! xxx

  79. lola x

    i have the exact same problem im from scotland and im 9 stone but im 14 and i REALY wanna lose wieght x

  80. ?

    your not gonna believe but im 10 years old and im 50kg and yes kg cause im in mexico.
    and i really want to lose 11 kg so i can weigh 39 but all these tihing son the apple diet thing i dont like all that stuff exxcept apple and i cant help eating im hungry all the time its not my falt please help!!!

  81. confused

    heyy im 12 years old and i think im over wieght but all my friends and family just say im being stupid and i dont need to lose anything so i want to know what the average amount for a 12 year old to weigh because i want to see if i really do need to loose any wieght or if really am just being stupid thanx x

    please,pleasee,please reply x

  82. unknown

    i am 12 years old 2 and i wonna lose wait

  83. unknown

    ok unknown i have the same thing as u
    im 12 nd i am eating healthly but ir seems it isnt working as good i need 2 lose wait before i go back 2 school coz i get bullyed
    other people do you have any advise 2 give me 2 lose the wait ??

  84. unknown

    hi i 12 years old && im scared to qet on a scale cause its seems that every time i qet on i qained 5-10 pounds && the last time i qot on i was 190 pounds which really freaked me out i want to losee likee
    40-50 pounds can you help me

  85. Janet Ereades

    I weigth 300 pounds but i use apple diet and i got fatter in 5 days i weigth 320 who ever yous this will get fat Pancho Sanchez is so stupid it dosent work F**** pancho

  86. Pancho Sanchez

    I was fat i use to weigh 200 poundsbut then i tried the aplle diet!!!! It was amazing i lost 10 pounds every weak in the morning i eat 10 apples takis and a chesse omlet with beacon and butter then for snacks i eat 8 apples with cheetos and milk for lunch 10 apples and takis with gator ade and grilled chicken
    for 10 apples and salad with a coke last 10 apples again and go to sleep and then the next day do it again try it it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Jason

    Umm im a 15 year old boy 5 foot 9 weighing 196 pounds. Ive been exercising with a gym and it seems to be working. Ive also been eating a 1,800 calorie diet. Is their a way to lose weight faster for me. And my scale keeps changing. One time it says im 198 at night. Then in the morning it says 195. Then it goes back to like197. My scale is not broken. Does it have something to do with my metabolism?

  88. Shan


  89. GereldineJ

    The lasagne definately needs to go, but more than that.. the family sized packets of crisps. Does your friend visit these sites aswell? Maybe she should. How much have you eaten today?
    Gereldine x

  90. marcus_man

    geraldine, not house bound MORE LIKE HOUSE FULL
    shes right wats with the lasagne???

    MM x

  91. GereldineJ

    Jamie, I agree with Janine. Wow, your body is really strange, I can picture you as an umpa lumpa! Your calorie intake needs to be reduced, you are eating way to much and soon you will end up house bound from being so large (no offence). I am always here for help if you wish.. Good Luck

  92. J.F.C

    wow you need to see a doctor i’m sorry but i dont understand how you can run a mile a day.

    just eat less fatty foods and more salad….

    janine x

  93. J.F.C.


    okay well to be honest i think you are eating to much!! i’m really sorry! You need to cut down on what you eat… Maybe lose the lasagne because thats just kind of wrong? (no offence) and less coke! and curry and really fatty foods. more salad!

    if you cant do this maybe you need to take a look at this…



  94. jamie_earlam

    Well today…

    A ready made meal of lasagne
    1 cup of coffee

    i had 2 brain lickers and a a couple of bags of family sized crisps but i let my friend Phoebe Locke had some

    A chicken curry
    2 naan breads
    2 litres of coke

    I had a salad (thats my effort of being healthy, i try my best)



  95. J.F.C.

    Hello Jamie,

    I hear what you are saying, but i just cant see it? Ii think you may need help as you could be eating the wrong type of food?

    What do you eat daily? What is your daily calorie intake?

    Hope You Reply

  96. jamie_earlam

    hey i’m jamie, weigh 190lbs and i’m 5ft 5 i run a mile a day but i just have a stomach like a jelly and a bum thats so saggy it almost hits the floor.



  97. jjjb

    hmm, i’m reading these results and what if you just ate apples, apple sauce and drank apple juice for 3 days straight, then the 4th day introduce grains and whatnot, the 5th day, eat normal, healthier of course…would that work?

  98. Kailie

    You are absolutely a horrible person. I don’t know what kind of person you are to say something like that but you are inhuman. Go get some serious counseling, i feel sorry for people like you.

  99. Reem

    i’m 20 years old.. i’m 132 pounds and 4.9 feet.. my problem is, i don’t each much at all.. i sometimes eat half a meal.. and i’m still fat.. figured out its not healthy so i hit the gym every other day.. but still no change!! and i don’t get it.. if i don’t eat why am i getting fat?? maybe not getting fat but not losing weight!!!!

  100. White Wolf

    ohai, could someone lend me a hand?
    Okay, here’s my problem; I tried dieting, but my energy levels plummeted, even though I hadn’t actually decreased my calorie intake (just switched to healthier foods that digest better).
    And I’m actually a really hyperactive person (really, like, bouncing-off-walls kinda hyper), so having no energy just like, killed me.
    Consequently, I eat sugary snacks and my energy was back… but the diet was ruined.

    Why does my body not do what I tell it to?

  101. aims

    do you know what is starting to annoy me?
    yes we are teenagers, and everyone says ‘stop obsessing about your weight’ & it sickens you too see teenagers obsessing about it? but when your 15 years of age living a life where all you see is stick thin models and you think bein 90 pounds is normal thats what you want to be. im 5’9 and 115 pounds & im happy with my weight atm i used to be 140 i felt hge & fat i hated my self every single day but i did somethin about it. when you live ina world where every single person in magazines is skinny and think an dbeautiful and all celelebrities an dall th eguys want that thin beautiful girl you dont care what helth issues are involved because thats what you wat so go ahed and judge all of us teenagers and say it makes you sick. but at the end of the day its adults fault that most of us are fat and live in an obese nation where maccies are eatin everyday just because we are dietin and doin somethin about us i dont think anyone should be judged an du fat elders should ,maybe follow us by example. dont be lazy get up & exercise and for gos sake stops tuffin yuour faces with cakes and chocolate!

  102. Brett

    It does not pain me to see kids 11-17 worrying about their weight. The fact is the teenage years are when people develop habits that go on for the rest of their lives. The children in this country are not only fat, they are obese. It’s not bad to worry about your weight, the issue comes when kids do it in an un healthy way. At the end of the day kids, stay away from the fast food and sodas, spend 75% less time playing video games watching tv or on the computer and go out and exercise. People telling kids its ok to be fat and obese and not to worry about it is exactly how people end up with eating disorders because they grow up and dont know how to deal with it.

  103. Katerin

    I just started this apple diet 3 days ago and I haven’t noticed much of a difference in my digestive system. I was wondering is there a certain apple I have to eat before my meals? Like the green, red or yellow apples? To all whoever have tried this diet and it has worked for them, please let me know which kind of apples you ate. Thanks

  104. audreythebunny

    well first try the apple thing also try eating 5-10 almonds for breakfast no more no less

  105. whit

    I am fat, and only 14 yrs old .. someone tell me a good diet !

  106. jane

    hi, tell me more about your diet? Does it’s really work? If i take 3 apples per day, will it reduce my body fat? currently my body fat is 38.30 and i believe it’s too high.

    Hope to hear from u soon.


  107. Weight to go

    when i first started to lose weight i was 206lbs that nearly killed me to see how heavy i was.So I start to changed my diet and realize anyone can lose weight I cut out my sodas, treats,less starches and lots of water instead of sodas. Believe me I lost 5lbs in 4days.I will be weighing myself tomorrow, so I will let you know

  108. zyann

    does apple caused constipation??

    thanks a lot!!

  109. Alice

    Ok, you are only 12 years old hun. You need to understand a couple things. There is no healthy way to loose 33 pounds in 3 weeks. With a good diet and exercise you can loose weight (about 3-5 pounds a week if you work really hard) You need to learn to be realistic about your diet goals. Take your time, work hard and you will loose weight. Plus you still have alot of growing to do yet. Be patient

  110. zyann

    im 5’2” and i weigh 132lbs.. i really really want to loose weight especially my tummy.. i have a big tummy and i feel very uncomfortable wit it.. i hate doing sit ups bcoz im having a hard time wit that.. i try to jog recently for two hours but wit rest. i also dont sweat easily..:-(,, can u give me an advice on how am i goin to loose weight?? i used to drink 2liters of water a day before but i dont think im loosing weight,so i stop it. i also feel hungry easily.. is after 6pm diet work?? i mean,, not eating anything after 6pm??

    does apple diet really work?? i want to try that diet as soon as possible.. i. so desperate to loooooossseee weight!!


  111. Arnold

    Well,im about to try this apple and water-type diet… I do love apples. ^-^ I am a male,15 years old,5’8 and i weigh a whopping 178 lbs…i don’t mind much about my actual “weight”,but i am kind of large around the stomach…most people don’t notice,but I do feel fat. My ultimate goal is to simply become more healthier person,and to feel confident about the way i look. If anyone has any advice,feel free to e-mail me at two-o-clock@hotmail.com.

    ….and to all the flamming,and making fun of people, just consider this simple rule….don’t say things to others what you would not like said to yourself..
    Alright,good luck everyone. =]

  112. Maggie

    You know, I used to have that exact same problem until I tried Slim Shots – Appetite Controller. It works wonders. 🙂

  113. Nicola

    This is a very ignorant and hurtful thing to say to another human being. The fact that you visited this site tells a few things about you, including the fact that you too might have a weight problem, and that you are looking for a solution to that problem. If you have nothing nice to say, then keep your stupid comment to yourself. Or better yet, take your own damn advice. I’m sure an ass like you won’t be missed.

  114. victoria

    i am first of all willing to do anything!!!! i am not overweight but like lily need to lose my stomach. I run 3 miles a day(weekends more), ski every weekend, play tennis 2 hours everyday, and do 263 situps monday-wed, 275 thurs-sat and 180 on sundays. everytime i look in the mirror i am disgusted by my stomach it is fat and goes out to far and my short turso and big hips doesnt help. I am worried about certain diets because i dont want to jepordize my elite athletic schedules. I am 16 yrs old 110 lbs and just disgusted by my huge stomach(and am not pregnant). What should i do, eat, and avoid? Please dont say BS like you dont need to because it really upsets me and makes me feel terrible and i cant really fast b/c of my sports. Help me PLEASE

  115. lilly

    i am skinny but have a fat stomach, everyone around me doesnt even put in an effort and are automatically more fit in there stomach region. i like this apple thing… but for main meals what is a good healthy consistant meal i can have. I need something easy and accessable. i am at a somewhat health weight 5’4″-5’6 and my weight from day to day varies from 107-112. But my stomach is the problem.. Any ideas for meals and packable lunches for work and healthy snacks? also can trail mix be a fatting snack to try or is it okay?

  116. xieniii

    take things seriously much?

  117. baby bee

    hii, i need advice!! well im 16 i weigh 120 kg’s, yeh i know thats HUGE i am embarrassed i am trying to lose weight but i want to do it quicker..i have lost weight before but then it just came back on agen plus a few extra kilos!!! it is now december i want to be 75 kg’s by april is it possible?? im taking diet tablets i go gym im drinking diet shakes and dieting tea what else can i do?? is there anything else i should be doing??!! any advice would be great, but any negative thoughts or ideas i will just ignore im here for help and advice!! thankss in advance

  118. betty

    you suck a hole no one should ever kill them selves!!!

  119. annnonymous

    hello, i am 13 years old and am very interested in nutritional information.
    i have gone from weighing about 130lbs to 103lbs. i am very happy with my wieght now. i have learned that i need to eat and exercise daily. it is not a good idea to skip any meals. you just end up getting hungrier and eat more than you regularly do. i also learned to love the way i look and feel, and if someone says that you look to fat or insults you, then its just a sign that they are very uncomfortable in their own body so they have to pick on others just to make themselves feel better. when i was about 11 someone told me i was fat, thats when i started to change, i realized that i wasn’t the healthiest person in the world. i wanted to change, not because i was fat, i was just very uncomfortabble with who i was. but i lost some wieght and now i feel great, and i learned to love myself and just have fun. good luck to everyone xx

  120. Sarah

    Hi, Im Sara and i am 20 years old i am 64 kg and 168cm i would like to lose 6kg, and can i lose them for two weeks with an apple diet? please if someone knows any fast burning calory diet tell me…

  121. Arsalan Farhangee


    The best thing you should do is to start sporting, and either you can loose your weight by putting one spoon of Tomato paste in a cup of water, mixing very well and after that drink it,, take this regime for one month everyday you well find some rasponding results.

    Sport keeps you also far from heart problems or any kind of illness.

    Best of luck,

  122. Terissa

    how did u loose it?

  123. Steph

    Hey im 21 yrz and had a baby 3 mthz ago . I wanna go back to my normal size as I gained 25 pds. What’s da best diet to just eat apples or eat one before a meal. Im so anxious to lose weight so plz inform asap..

  124. stella

    ilost 42 pounds in 3 months by eating an apple before each meal, also as a snack at night (instead of junk) it really fills yoou up becase it takes longer to digest. it really works and it’s healthy!

  125. melany

    Now, to all the young girls and boys commenting here about their weight listen to me :

    It is normal that you’re body weight changes all the time at your age. Your are in a period of your life where your body goes through a lot of changes, you get taller, your bones get bigger etc… They say that by the age of 18, no kids should be aloud to go training or put themselves in a diet program. The reason is simple, by doing so, you don’t let your body a chance to grow naturally and change naturally. You’re modifying it’s anatomy with unatural ways. You haven’t stop growing yet ! Be patient ! A lot of kids who used to be fat, turned out tall and skinny when reaching adult age. So don’t jump on conclusions so fast, don’t listen to all those publicity adds, and remember that 90% of the pictures you see in magazines are retouched !! You might be young and over weight, but patience is a vertue.. Don’t do anything unless you consulted a doctor and he told you that you should go on a diet. But again, not any diet, they will give you one to follow !

    I hope that all you kids commenting in here understand what I tried to explain. I am not hating, I’m just trying to let you understand that until you reach the age where your body starts to stop growing, you should NOT go into any diet of any kind unless you consult a professional wich will give you a proper diet programm for you and your body’s capacities.


  126. Ashley

    I am currently 15 years old. I wiegh about 160. I want to loose at least 40 pounds, But I can’t seem to stop eating. Every night at midnignt I look for some sweets or meat. All greasy foods. Every time I get a craving for chocolate, I get pimples on my face. I need some advice!

  127. sally

    OMG it was too funny….and obviosly a joke…DUH!!!!

  128. susana

    if any body could help me i would really be so thankfull. im 23 years old i have a 2 yr old and a 4yr old and their my life but my problem is that i weight 170 pounds, and the sad part is that i cant play with my kids like i desire, because i get tired right away. and i get sad after i hear my husband making fun of me by calling me free willie or beach whale or a fat ass. i dont have any support from him, so im trying to do this changed for a better life for me and my kids. my problem is that i eat alout, now i been cutting down on coke. so i heard of this apple diet so if some one has a diet plan or the apple plan could you be so nice and please pass it to me. please im suffering bad, that making my self starve or making my self throw up after meals have cross threw my head but i think twice for my babys. i want to do a big change in my life i want him to see that i could do it iven tho he douts it just because he cheated on me with a skinny girl who gaved him an std. wish thanks to me his cured but not iven because of that he respects me. i dont now what to do plase help me.thank you on advance. my e-mail adress is susanarojas@yahoo.com

  129. susana

    mariana i want it to ask you for some help please, i saw that you tried this diet, so if you could please tell me how to do it. i weight 170 pounds, and im 23 years old. im tierd of people such as my husband calling me a fatass or a beach whale. i dont have any health problems, but i do want to do a change for my 2 and 4 year old boys.plese i would love to hear from you thank you on advace. heres my e-mail adress. susanarojas@yahoo.com god bless you and hope to hear from you.

  130. franchisor


    I am an owner of a weight loss company. You need to know a few things: 1) the fact that your brother is so tall, assuming that you are of the same parents, indicated that you are likely to be tall yourself. Natures way is to prepare, then produce. Your body needs the extra weight now to grow into who you will be. That being said, let me tell you a few things: 1) avoid sugar in all unnatural forms. This includes soda, fruit juice, candy, and many prepared foods. Read the label. If you want fruit juice, get it from the fruit and consume the entire fruit, not just the juice. Juice alone is little different than soda except that there is more sugar. 2) read your labels and avoid anything that includes “hydrogenated” or “partially hydrogenated” 3) Avoid fast food. 4) walk for 5 minutes one way, then back every day. Watch as your body changes! Ignore the negative comments in person and on the blog. GOD is not finished with you yet!

  131. Kim

    I just started using the Apple Patch Diet and I already feel a difference. I have a busy schedule as a Pre-School/Kindergarten Director, Mother of three and I teach a college course in the evening. I have to battle long hours and eating on the run. Since I started using the Apple Patch Diet I have more energy and have control over my appetite. This allows me to make more healthy selections of food without giving into cravings or urges. I have already started losing weight and feel much better. It is not one of those fad diets. It helps you get started on a better way of living. “
    Kim, NY

  132. Shawn

    I have tried every thing from diets, to straight starving myself and working out to I’m dizzie. Well I have just started this Apple Patch Diet that so far has helped me loose 12 pounds in a little less than 30 days. The good thing about it is it’s a natural product. It’s a small patch you can put right on your lower tummy. I still have energy, and I notice I don’t crave the sweat snacks during the day. But I want a lot more water, something I really did not care for. I forget to take pills, and I’m not very good at counting calories. Those just seem confusing. I needed something less complicating so I could work and take care of my family. Now I still walk twice a week, my time is so limited. I put on my apple patch and I’m off for the day. Check it out for your self.


  133. sweetfrnd

    thats d most pathetic nd disguisting comment i’v ever heard.i myself weigh 130 kgs nd m very successful in my life

  134. Stephanie

    Hi im 15 years old, 5’4, and i weigh 165. It doesnt sound a lot i know, but when you look at me you know right away. i need help. i tried doing the apple diet for 2 weeks and nothing seems to be working. what should i do. im desperate to lose weight. i was even bulimic once and dont wanna be again. please help me

  135. abby

    you are so mean how could you ever tell anyone to go kill themselves thats the worst thing you could tell another person why don’t you take a good look at yourself before telling that to anyone else.

  136. albert

    i am 17, 90 kg..i already tried to lost my weight by eating 3 apples a day..but after one week there is no result…what should i do?my menu are:

    2 piece of whole wheat bread
    2 omelet

    2 piece of whole wheat bread
    1 piece of chicken breast

    2 piece of whole wheat bread
    3 small piece of chicken nugget

    should i change my menu to what..?because i live in asia

  137. poohbearface19

    well ok..iam 5’5 and weight 227 but i get told but closest friends that know real weight i look like 180…i have been down too 20 poundes before.. i know i cna do it.. i got pe class.. but for hte girl that says she weights 92 pounds u seem aneroexic if you are 6.1

  138. uknown...

    im 12 years old
    can u pls. help me i wanna lose about 33 pounds before i go to school
    i have only 3 weeks how can i lose it
    pls. reply it will mean the world to me
    im 145 pounds

  139. kitty

    that’s the most disgusting “joke” ever.
    think before you speak.
    no-body found that funny except you – it was out of order.

  140. Erika

    I’m really fat and I’m 14 at 5’1-5’2 and i weigh 125ilbs. I’ve tried a lot of different diets but they never work.
    I’m about to try this diet, but i need to know how much you’ll lose per week, if you exersize for at least 2 hrs a day. Can someone help me?

  141. Geri

    For me there is some sense in this. I found out by sheer accident that eating an apple before any meal is beneficial if you’re trying to lose weight. I did it myself and found that I needed to go to the toilet not long after each meal. It must have something to do with how the apple digests in your sytem.

    Try it, it may help.

  142. kimberley

    im a 17 yr old girl and i feel like i am just a big mess..i am a size 10 but i have a bit of a belly.
    i had been bullied for 10 yrs of mylife because of the way that i looked and i guess my self confidence hasnt had the push it needs.
    i have a lovely boyfriend who says my body is fine but i still feel like i am enormous…if there is anyone out there who can give me a tip as to loose weight please email me!! i work every day in a hairdresseing salon and walk every where…please someonme help me xx

  143. missanayeah

    To all of the teenage girls that are reading this page, don’t ever believe for a second that just because you’re not as skinny as the other girls you’re not as beautiful or unique, or as deserving.
    Anna. At 14 years of age you should be out there enjoying your life having fun and being yourself. Be happy with who you are. Ignore the naysayers and those who make such comments. They do it because they know its not true and they know they’ll get a reaction. Don’t ever think that being 10 or 20 lbs lighter will make you any happier.
    I am 5″10 and at 116lbs i feel that sometimes i am the most miserable person alive. i suffer from anorexia, and believe me, there ain’t nothing glam about this mental disorder. And no, it’s not a lifestyle. My brain is being eaten away by my body to provide my body with enough energy. my grades are failing, miserably. For christ sake im scared of eating . I don’t even live any more, I just simply exist. My skin is terrible, I’ve become withdrawn and antisocial. and this is just the beginning of my problems. I don’t even consider myself to be severe.
    please girls, just remember that girls die hoping that one day one of you will accept youselves and learn to love yourselves, the way they never could.
    Oh, and by the way, the acidity in apples on an empty stomach is sure to make you feel really ill. it’s dangerous. dont do it. just dont
    x x x x

  144. sweety

    i wish to reduce weight.Help me..

  145. mik

    gday,whenever you remember take a couple of minutes out to relax and breathe deeply through nose while your hands are placed ontop of one another palms down over the navel. rotate the hands in other words make small circles over the navel focusing all your intentions there, be aware of your wandering thoughts and gently bring them back to the task at hand. very soon depending on your focus ( ambition) you will feel energy in this centre, and one of the benefits of control over this exercise is your control over metabolism and digestion which leads to consistent and dare i say smooth bowel motions which gives you a fair indication of your digestive system.
    this is a basic version of an ancient complex system the asians devised and the loose observations are certainly my own and cannot be backed by science or observation so i only divulge this information off a whim and urge, well, suggest you give it a concerted try and this too will work for you!
    if your unlikely to dramatically change your life overnight (‘my body is a temple’ and i shall treat it as such) by endeavoring to exercise religiously and/or embarking on a diet thats a complete culinary shift from your norm and may not be conducive to normal family life then really i think you have nothing to lose except for relaxed peaceful minutes of your life.
    smile breathe and believe


    This is to all the young ones, teens and tweens and younger that think they are overweight.

    Once upon a time I was overweight, I didn’t like the way I looked, the others kids my age were popular and skinny, they played sports and I thought that I was a loser, that I’d never be as cool as those kids.

    I felt alone, lost and cried myself to sleep alot. I tried not to think about it, if someone made fun of me I brushed it off like no biggy, even when it realy hurt.

    I had freinds, I had parents, and family that loved me, but that was not enough. I saught out other troubled kids like me. I started to feel stronger and more in control of myself, just befor I completely lost all control.



    If you want to be more healthy thats great!
    take the healthy steps to get there,


    Right now you think you are unhappy about your weight, but if you don’t make a serious choice to be just a little more healthy, you will regret it.

    Tommorrow will come, next year will pass, are you going to let yourself down every day, every month, every year untill you are just to unhealthy to even care?

    Trust me, you are worth the change, and you can do it.

  147. xxmousexx

    Try toning up your butt and thighs with pilates/yoga. If you’re a pear-shape…doesn’t matter how skinny you get…You’re still gonna have the same body shape, just in mini-size.

    *inspects her hips/thighs* Speaking from experience here…muscle may weigh a bit more than fat (’cause it’s more dense)…but the good news is, it takes up less space. Meaning, tone up to “look” smaller…just don’t expect smaller numbers on the scale. But then again…toned thighs are WAY sexier than a pair of flabby/fatty twig-legs. *shrugs* You choose.

    Good Luck!

    Mouse &hearts

  148. xxmousexx

    Ooopsies! I forgot to add the link…ha ha! Silly me! *smiles*

    Kids Help Phone

    Mouse &hearts

  149. xxmousexx

    *puts on a doctors coat and begins to examine Helen with a stethoscope*

    Hmmmm…*ponders* I think what we have here, is an early case of the “anorexias” *shakes head* Tsk tsk…

    What are the warning signs?

    The following are possible warning signs of anorexia and bulimia:

    * Unnatural concern about body weight
    (even if the person is not overweight)

    * Obsession with calories, fat grams and food

    * Use of any medicines to keep from gaining weight (diet pills, laxatives, water pills)

    Man…what happened to the good ol’ days, when 13 year old girls rode ponies and played hide-and-seek in tall grass? (and no…i’m no grandma! lol I’m just a prairie girl.) I’m 21, and i don’t ever recall being self-conscious about my appearance at thirteen. The media is totally killing innocence…*hangs head*

    You shouldn’t worry about your weight, hun. You’re still very young…and have alot more growing to do…(mentally AND physically) Not to mention that 92lbs. @ 5’2″, is tiny! You need to divert your attention to something else…Get creative…write, draw, dance…Be carefree! Enjoy your youth while you have it…Believe me…you don’t want to go down this path of crash dieting and such. Not only will you put a strain on your heart…but you’ll end up looking like MK Olsen at 21, from malnutrition. Who, frankly, looks like a very frail 80 year old woman. *stifles a laugh*

    Have a chat with your mother, or perhaps a school counselor…express to them how you feel and i’m sure someone is bound to give you great support and advice.

    Just in case you don’t have anyone to talk to…there’s always the “Kid’s Help Phone”

    Mouse &hearts

  150. Helen


    I’m Helen, I’m 13 and I’m FAT! I’m 6.5st (92lbs) and 5’2 giving me a BMI of 16.8!

    I’ve repeatedly been on the apple diet, but cutting the whole 1 for each meal thing and just had 3 apples a day. I kinda worked, but I’m still fat! I need help!

    If anyone is willing to help me with my weight loss, maybe even be my weight loss buddy, I would appreciate it vastly!

    my e-mail: nothingness@live.co.uk

  151. reata

    I heard about this diet and i willing to try this. I read this once in an e book about how apples can not only detoxify one’s body but also can remove toxins and reducing acne problems. Well, i’m a going to be 18 girl this year with a good health although i don’t really do sports. I used to be over weight about 155 cm tall and 65 kg when i’m 15. Well, i over come this problem by dieting but believe me, it’s miserable. I’m 160 cm tall and 50kg now. I have a good waist but i still not happy with my lower part of my problem. Frankly to say, it’s a pear shape body. I just want to ask if this apple diet can help me about my lower body part problems. And is it okay for me to take heavy meals once in a while. Like a steak once a week or two. I heard meat contributes protein to your body and our body need it once in a while. thanks^^

  152. Ad

    I agree with those that suggested teenagers should let their bodies develop first before doing anything detrimental to their bodies such as dieting. Let your bodies grow first, guys!

    To all those trying to loose weight:

    EAT SENSIBLY. That means NO McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, Pizza Pizza, etc. I know the food at these places taste great, but fast-food joints are a no-no. This was previously mentioned already, but avoid late-night snacking! And eat when you’re NOT on the verge of starvation, so you don’t binge-eat!

    EXERCISE. Walking, jogging, biking, swimming, sports, taking your dog out for a walk, playing at the park, walk with a friend, shopping at a mall.

    Do you take the bus regularly? If you have time to spare, it doesn’t hurt to walk to a further bus-stop if you’ve got the time. It helps pass the time AND gets your feet moving.

    DON’T SKIP YOUR BREAKFAST. Everyone always says breakfast is the most important meal of the day – and it’s definitely true. Don’t skip it.

    Good luck with shedding the pounds. Remember, it’s GRADUAL, and won’t happen over-night, and could take months to years. JUST BE PATIENT!

  153. Patrice Pampel-Arjana

    If you really want to lose weight, stay healthy, and keep off the weight for the rest of your life, make an appointment with a Registered Dietitian, at your local hospital. This professional will develop a weight loss plan that will be just for you based on your needs that you can follow for life. I never had a weight problem until I turned 48 and it is really
    difficult to lose weight when you are older so
    if you can stay healthy while you are young please do
    for all of us baby boomers out there who will be
    relying on you young people to keep up our social security payments.

  154. Nathalie

    you girls stop worrying about your wight! youre not fat. if you were 130 lbs right now you would be fat. but your not. and even if you were 130lbs right now, you would not be allowed to go on a diet, its too risky. i say that with experience. secondly, dont starve yourselves. all you have to do is excersise an hour a day and stop eating poptarts, which i guess you miht like, replace them for a fruit, dont eat mcdonalds, chickflia or burger king, those things have about 1,500 calories in a meal, more calories than the ones you should intake a day at your age. just eat healthy and excersise, thats how i lost weight at your age. (eat 5 small meals everyday, it keeps your metabolism working and that makes you lose weight. starving youself actually makes you gain weight because your body will store your body fat, its long, just resarch it) just DONT STARVE YOURSELVES.

  155. Nathalie

    leah, the little you have changed in your diet (starting to eat salads and work out a little bit) has made a LOT od change. You lost 16lbs and that is really good! Right now im on the cabbage soup diet, im on my second day and ive lost 2 pounds though i am feeling somewhat dizzy..i dont recommend it. Im 15 also and about 2 summers ago, I decided to lose weight for sure. I lost 20lbs in just a month and i know that the only reason i lost so much weight it was because i forced myself to eat a lot of salads and fruits, i stayed active all day (morning and afternoon gym or jogg, noon-afternoon suiming and having fun in the pool), i did count up to 8-9 glasses of water a day and i made sure that i ate meats, eggs, whole wheat breads and so on. again, i lost all that weight for the new healthy habits =] I think that you dont need to actually go on a diet, since you have lost 16 lbs..just keep doing what you are doing and you will gradually get there. I weighted 134lbs and that summer i went down to 114lbs, i went back to my unhealthy eating habits and im in 125. But dont change what youre doing bc your doing great!

  156. Amanda

    to all the teens out there dont say stuff like i want to lose weight because im fat say stuff like i want to tone up and feel more healthy because trust me im sure at this age you do not need to lose weight because i bet none of you are overweight im 13 and im 14 in a couple of months im the youngest in my family and my brother is extremely healthy and hes 20 yrs old the only reason he is so healthy is because hes active all the time he walks absolutely everywhere really fast i basically have to jog next to him and ive got a sister who is definatly over weight so i know what overweight is and isnt just keep active and drink lots of water because to me water is like a magic drink it works wonders!! xx

  157. Jan74

    It is not your weight that is unhealthy, it is the fact that you think carrots, oranges, and apples alone make up a balanced diet. You realize without protein and fat you’re not giving your brain anything to go on, so it has no choice but to eat up your muscles, including your heart muscle.

  158. Michey

    I am 20 yrs old, 5″4 and 100 LBS. For most of you, you guys would consider this unhealthy. I never tried the apple diet before but I have only eaten apples, oranges and carrots as my daily meals, and LOTS drink water or green tea that helped me loose weight. Also you should always excercise… go walking or jogging and cardio workout also helps alot!

  159. Jan74

    Sadi, 107lb is only overweight if you are 4’3″ or shorter. So you are probably not overweight. The reason you can’t lose weight is that you don’t have any weight to lose.

    Keep exercising, cause it is good for you, and eat nutritious, whole foods. You are fine the way you are.

  160. Sadi

    I’m 13 years old and I weigh 107 pounds- I really want to lose some of my fat but I don’t know how to. Usually I jump rope about 15 minutes, and run for 10 minutes, but I really need help to lose my weight. Can you help? Thank you

  161. leah

    wow, i cant even believe im writting on this.
    well, yes, i am a bit overweight.
    i always struggled with my weight.im 15. i used to be 167 pounds and now i think im around 151.
    yes i did loose weight, but i know that i need to loose even more, im eating salads and all, and working out very little, but its not enough, i need help, please..anyone. i wanna be happy, this is the only way.. i need to make a change, if i do this, i know that i will feel like a new person.
    what diet plan should i go on? what should i be eating?if anyone has been in a similar situation, please ..
    by helping me, your creating a new me.

  162. prolifee

    telling someone to kill themselves is the most disgusting thing you can say to another human. You should take a second look at your problems and then imagine, expressing your deepest struggle & then have someone tell you to kill yourself. Thats disgustinggg.

  163. prolife

    telling someone to kill themselves is the most disgusting thing you can say to another human. You should take a second look at your problems and then imagine, expressing your deepest struggle & then have someone tell you to kill yourself. Thats disgustinggg.

  164. chay

    i need to lose weight HELP ME please

  165. chay

    i need to lose weight HELP ME please

  166. Joanna

    To all of the girls age 11-18; Your bodies are still growing! Please don’t mess with your metabolism by crash dieting and starving yourselves. Studies show that teenage girls who diet have a huge chance of being overweight as adults. Go outside, get fresh air, have fun! Pretty soon you’ll all be adults and you’ll regret not enjoying your teen years more. If you are concerned about your bodies, as all girls and women are, just know that you’re beautiful and instead of depriving yourself, go for a jog or get some kind of exercise. Team sports and any type of exercise has been shown to improve self-esteem and it also increases energy levels. Muscle burns more calories an hour, even when you’re sedentary. But remember, when you exercise, you need to fuel your bodies like a car needs fuel to run, so eat! BE HAPPY!
    And to that person who told the girl to kill herself: She should be ashamed of herself! What a pathetic response to a girl who is concerned about her weight. Life is so short, please girls, try to enjoy it, if you don’t, it’ll pass by in a blink of an eye.

  167. patience

    please allow yourself time to lose weight, losing weight too fast will only cause you to gain it back fast. The apple diet sounds realistic and simple. I think i will give it a try.

  168. Noei

    madisen said:
    ok well i am almost 13 and i weigh 102 but i keep going up and down in my weight and i always keep all the weight on my stomach i want to get rid of it and keep it off and school is about to start and i want to look good soo help me guick plzzz […]

    Madisen dollface…

    5’3″ & 102 is a perfectly healthy weight. Bordering on being too light…. try firming instead. You don’t need to lose weight, you just need to be more active. There are fat skinny girls out there. Many girls who suffer from eating disorders have a really high body fat content and little to no muscle, but they weigh 86 pounds. Don’t let that be you. Find something you like to do & stop obsessing about your weight. You’re a kid, live life & have fun, just do it in a healthy way.

    • Miiyell

      i think that might be me, im like 88 pounds but i have flabby arms, thick thighs and muffin top

  169. Diana

    I am 14 years old and i weigh 190 pounds. I cannot loose any weight because i cannot stop eating.

  170. maggie

    hello i have a weight problem i have 2 kids and i try everything im not that much of an apple lover but im concern because i dont seem to like myself as i used to as when i was single i know my husband tells me im beautiful but im pretty sure that he will want someone very petite im concern i do excercise sometimes i dont have the time my work schedule is very tight i try to walk every now and then but its useless im giving up i dont know what to do its very hard for me and i dont believe in diets i dont think im gonna be able to make it

  171. marina

    hello the apple diet does work im married and i have 3 kids i used to weigth 160 pounds after my last child now i weight 110 believe it does work you just have to put your mind to it, i did not like or eat apples before now its one of my favorite fruits you can eat apples all kinds of different ways my favorite was apple juice try it and also walk at least 30 min

  172. elizabeth

    umm ok to all the youngsters on here, you are not fat!!! you are not finished growing yet. please please please don’t call yourselves fat. im sure you are all beautiful young women.if your concern is to lose weight then eat more veggies ,and lean meat and be more active and you’ll be fine.
    much luv


    So, This is Emmie and Sarah. Emmie is 13 and I am 12 and a half. I weigh About 106 pounds and Emmie weighs 95. We both think we are really fat. We just really wanna lose weight. We both wanna be 80 pounds! So if we Just eat apples, exersize, and eat nothing else, will we reach our goal??? PLEASE HELP! We are like starving ourselves right now!! please help us! Thanx.
    Sarah and Emmie♥

  174. Debz

    Well i wight 189lb and im 15 and im 5’4, i know im 49lb over weight but im really stuck on how to loose it as i want to loose it before august next year. iv been told if i eat just apples and drink water then i will loose weight, if this is true and i did it for 3 days how much weight should i loose i will also be exercising for about an hour aswel. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP the only option left i think is starvation.

  175. meghan

    I can’t even tell you all how much it pains me to see 11-17 year olds obsessing about their weight, only to seek support on the internet and be completely misled. One’s body is not done growing until he or she is at least 18. When I was 13 I weighed over 100 pounds but within the next three years I grew much taller and evened out. You have got to let your body do it’s natural thing. Dieting will severely screw up your metabolism in the future. I know as it is what’s happened to me. Please don’t make the same mistake I did; love your body and give it a chance to grow and be healthy. You will regret it if you don’t, I promise.

  176. bbtomas

    yolanda said:

    yolanda, are taking anything illegal?

  177. Sarah

    I started this apple diet a little over 3 months ago… and in the first month i had already lost almost 20 pounds. But along with the diet i also ran cross country for my school. and i played soccer also 3 times a week. So i was running about 5 or 6 miles a day without stopping.. haha If you want something, you really have to push yourself to get to that point. I stopped the apple diet because i got sick of the apples, but the next 2 months i only ended up losing about 10 lbs.. So i would say that this diet really does work!

    I am 17 and I am in shape. I have a lot of muscle on my body but i am still uncomfortable with the number on the scale. Diets are hard they really are, but if you just keep at it then you will get the results you want! :]

  178. narjis

    sonya said:
    hello, i have a big problem.
    what is the reason that i’m so hungary all the time, is that i’m not eating right[…]

    Before you go any further with reducing diets, check with your doctor. Hunger could be a signal that you are diabetic or pre-diabetic. Excess insulin circulating in the blood can cause one to feel hungry all the time.

    If you are not diabetic and you have the ok from your doctor, then take a look at the number of meals you eat a day. Try eating smaller-sized meals 5 or 6 times a day. By that I mean, breakfast then a snack, lunch then a snack, etc. Space the meals no less than 2 hours apart. I find it easiest to take the total calories I want to eat a day and divde that by 6. That way I get an idea of my meal size and make adjustments accordingly, i.e. more calories for main meals and less for the snacks.

    The type of food you eat is also important to feeling full and satisfied. Steer clear of processed foods! If a food package lists more than 3-5 ingredients, it is processed more than you want on a diet. Eat fiber and nutrient rich foods. Fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables;and whole-grain pasta, breads and cereals are the best way to up your fiber with delicious diet foods. Make sure you get your good fats from fatty, cold water fish (not fried fish), and/or seeds and nuts, like walnuts, almonds, and pecans. You need to eat a little red meat to get B12 in your diet, but it doesn’t need to be everyday. Dairy products like milk and yogurt give you added weight loss benefits, but watch out for fats and added sugar.

    Good luck and I hope you are able to control your hunger. 😀

  179. SickOfStupidity

    These kids need to stop looking for answers on the internet for your so-called “weight problems.” You are most likely NOT overweight so quit looking for attention. For those of you that really are looking to lose weight, ask your doctor. He/She went to school for 8+ years and is certified to help you with problems like this. There is no easy way to lose weight without harming yourself. I used to find easy ways out all the time, and as soon as I realized that there is no “Miracle Diet” I began to drop the pounds. And as for the person who told Anna to kill herself… That’s not funny. What is funny is that people like you have to make other people feel worse about themselves to gain self-esteem. HAHA. Funny!

  180. eli

    my neighbor told me about this apple diet, but she told me only 7 max a day for 3 days. the first day i cheated and stuffed myself with nachos n cheese!!! i love apples though, maybe ill give it one more try!!! hmm.. maybe 2morrow i guess ill starve!!

  181. madisen

    ok well i am almost 13 and i weigh 102 but i keep going up and down in my weight and i always keep all the weight on my stomach i want to get rid of it and keep it off and school is about to start and i want to look good soo help me guick plzzz

    p.s. i am pretty much 13 and 5″3 if that helps

  182. KRYSTAL


  183. les

    what if i just went on an apple diet only apples..im on a diet now and realy need some help.. i was drinking alot of wine to then i stoped i lost8 kilos in 2 weeks i went from 106 kilo to 98..now in the last 4 weeks iv stayed the same weight(98)kilos even with dieting low fat foods no foods with suger etc sweats cakes junkfood i only drink water and 2cups of coffe aday why am i not loosing weight my belly seems to be going bigger …and i do ry to exercise evry nite b for bed

  184. claire

    does this really work???

  185. fairycloud9

    Interseting……i think i shall try this!

  186. Hayley

    I did the apple diet in 2002 and lost 45lbs in 12 weeks. it totally works you have to work out too, but i have tried every diet in the book and m y mom is a professional body builder so Golds Gym was useing the Apple diet as part of a contest there were holding . i tired it and it worked yeah the 1st week you are hungry a little bit, biut what is one week compared to being fat 52 weeks of the yaer? If you really want to lose weight this works, DON’T CHEAT YUORSELF OF A HAELTHY BODY!

  187. Kailash

    Apple before meals does help one lose weight. It has to do with the metabolism of fructose by the liver and insulin response:

    Heacock P, Hertzler SR, Wolf BW. Fructose prefeeding reduces the glycemic response to a high glycemic index, starchy food in humans. Journal of Nutrition 2002; 132: 2601-4.


  188. herbie huit

    this sucks nuts i dont even like apples

  189. yasmin

    hi i am currently trying 2 lose weight as i am getting married next year….i am about 2 try this aaple diet and with regualr exercise such as 20 minute walk 4 times a week and using my stepper 2 times a day..will it work? and how do i go ahead with this apple diet? is it just eating 3 apples a day???
    i am 60 kgs and just 5ft 2inches so my goal is 2 be 45 kgs…please can u give me some tips..

  190. Sara

    If you are hungry all the time, try the following:
    No carbs or sugar before noon. I find that if I eat oatmeal or a donut instead of eggs or tofu, I am starving all day.
    Another tip: don’t eat a big, carb-heavy meal late at night. It will stuff you, but the next morning you will be STARVING. I notice when I eat more protein and veggies and avoid anything pale, processed or refined, I am never even that hungry for breakfast, I am never bloated or “puffy” and I stay thin. It really helps! I’m not advocating Atkins (at all) but it does benefit you to cut out the carbs and sugar. Cheers!
    Sara from Mark’s Daily Apple

  191. ane

    i was 300 kg and naw i am 120 I am so happy for this thing .I love my life and I want to live

  192. Yonk

    Anna, the best thing you should do, is just kill yourself now.

  193. anna

    I feel so fat and im 14 im 178 lbs my brother is 6ft 8in size 17 shoes i dont know if that has anything to do with it but every one at school says i play rugby because im strong also they say my punches are manly when i hit the punching bag but i feel so fat.
    I want to lose weight because my mum is over weight and at times has had heart problems. I dont want to end up like her i really dont.
    Please help me.

  194. yolanda

    OMG APPPPLES<33333333

    omg girlfriends, i love apples, and I lost 8939823 pounds YOU KNOOOOW.

    no seriously i gained like 20 pounds cause i ate 20 apples, and each one is like a pound! OMFGSZSZS!!!

  195. jessica

    ok im 15 and im over 160 pounds!! umm how do i do it to stop eating because im hungry al the time!!!

  196. Camila

    Well, since I don’t know what you eat, I can’t answer that for sure, but chances are you are probably eating the wrong kinds of food, empty calories. it is important to remember that lean protein fills you up more than sugary foods or those with high carb contents.
    You may think that a bagel with cream cheese and an orange juice is a good breakfast choice, but the thruth is this a high carb, high sugar meal that will leave you feeling hungry and slumpy after a couple of hours (not to mention it will make you fat!). A bagel equals 7 pieces of toast! and orange juice is packed with sugar…Go for an egg-white or rugular egg cheese omelette, wheat toast (no butter!)and a cup of tea or coffee instead, and you will see how much more satisfied you are. If you eat cereal make sure its sugar content is low (less than 7 grams of sugar) and that it is high in fiber (more than 5 grams). I reccomend “Special K high protein for low carb diets”.
    Also, snack healthy foods during the day. This will reve up your metabolism and keep you saisfied. Never wait til your starving to eat, as you will devour anything in your path. A fat-free yougurt and a handful of almonds might do the trick mid-morning. Maybe an apple and a little bit of peanut butter might help you as well. A protein shake is a good meal replacement option because they are low calorie, fill you up, and contain little or no sugar and fat.
    Finally, try to eat a good dinner (lean meat -salmon, chicken or tuna- a potato or a little brown rice, and a good serving of steamed veggies or salad- NO cookies, pies, cakes, etc) no later than 7 pm, that way you’ll prevent yourself from going to the kitchen over and over again before going to bed, which is really bad for you.
    Hope this helps….


  197. sonya

    hello, i have a big problem.
    what is the reason that i’m so hungary all the time, is that i’m not eating right

    please help me!