Think Diet: Use Your Mind to Shrink Your Waistline

Think: Use Your Mind to Shrink Your Waistline is written by David Meine, a certified hypnotherapist who specializes in weight loss.


He explains how to harness the power of your mind and thoughts for losing weight and creating your ideal body.

Think Diet Basics

This book discusses the importance of the subconscious and the science of the brain, and outlines practical techniques for achieving your goals.

Ten Negative Behaviors

It is important for you to identify the ten negative behaviors or habits that could be holding you back. Think lists them as follows:

  1. Not consistently getting a good night’s sleep
  2. Not dealing with stress appropriately
  3. Not being able to visualize having your ideal body shape
  4. Allowing sabotage from yourself and others
  5. Not drinking enough water
  6. Eating too infrequently
  7. Eating quickly
  8. Eating until (or past) full
  9. Eating and drinking too much sugar
  10. Lacking the motivation to create a healthy body shape through consistent exercise.

Meine says that most people typically struggle with five or more of these behaviors.

The first step to permanent change is to recognize, which of these are currently manifesting in a negative pattern in your life.

Motivational Hypnosis for Weight Loss

In Think, you will learn how to let go of your negative behaviors at the deepest levels of your subconscious mind with motivational hypnosis.

Motivational Hypnosis is a positive method of creating change, using visualization, repetition and suggestion. It can help you adopt new positive habits both consciously and at subconscious automatic levels.

3 Positive Habits for Healthy Eating

To lose weight and improve your health you need to change not just what you eat but also how you eat. Most people need to let go of automatic and culturally-ingrained eating habits that are blocking their ability to follow a healthy diet.

By adopting three positive eating habits you will not only improve how you eat, but will also effortlessly improve the quality of your food choices.

1. Eat Five Times a Day

  • Small regular meals provides just enough calories.
  • Eating often increases your metabolism.
  • Cravings are eliminated and you feel satisfied all day.

2. Eat More Slowly

  • Proper chewing improves digestion.
  • You are able to recognize when you are full.
  • Promotes relaxation during meal times.
  • Allows you to savor your food.

3. Eat Until Satisfied, Not Full

  • Keeps you feeling energized.
  • Provides the appropriate amount of calories.
  • No need for portion control.
  • Encourages a healthy relationship with food.

Mindless Eating

Think teaches that you need to train your subconscious to make good choices that will move you closer toward your desired goal. This is where motivational hypnosis is recommended.

Hypnosis can make it easy to adopt the three positive eating behaviors automatically. It also helps you prepare for potential negative situations so that you are ready with effective strategies when they arise.

When your goals are firmly planted in your mind healthy eating becomes like a natural reflex. Challenges and excuses that previously blocked your progress will simply fall away.

Exercise Releases Feel Good Hormones

Physical activity provides a range of positive benefits. It helps with stress management, is a natural mood booster and increases the production of your body’s “feel-good” hormones. Exercise also improves your mental outlook so that you stay optimistic and motivated.

Think encourages dieters to follow a regular exercise routine that you can enjoy as you create and maintain your ideal physique.

Finding activities that you love to do is the key to burning the maximum amount of calories for losing weight.

Costs and Expenses

Think: Use Your Mind to Shrink Your Waistline: 10 Negative Behaviors You Can Change to Create Your Ideal Shape retails at $14.99.

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  • Addresses the importance of psychological factors for successful weight loss.
  • Focused on long-term successful weight management.
  • Does not require elimination of any foods.
  • Can be used in conjunction with any other diet program.


  • Necessary to buy the authors CD’s to follow the program suggestions.
  • Does not offer diet advice, food suggestions or exact exercise recommendations.
  • Will not appeal to dieters looking for a structured weight loss plan.

Tackles The Mental Aspects of Weight Loss

Think focuses on the power of the subconscious mind to support weight loss. It offers suggestions for changing negative behaviors and adopting a positive mental outlook.

A large part of the book is devoted to motivational hypnosis. However it is necessary to purchase the author’s CD’s or visit a hypnotherapist in order to apply this aspect of the program.

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
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