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I Got This: How I Changed My Ways and Lost What Weighed Me Down is the personal memoir of Jennifer Hudson, actress and pop star who first achieved fame on the television program, “American Idol”.

In this book Hudson talks about her weight loss transformation and how she lost over eighty pounds by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

She achieved her goals by following the Weight Watchers program and now holds the position of being their current spokesperson.

Jennifer Hudson Diet Basics

jennifer-hudson-I-got-thisJennifer Hudson describes many of her experiences growing up, as a wife and mother, and the pressures that were put on her by Hollywood to lose weight.

She describes how earlier in her career she was able to prepare for a role in a movie or red carpet appearance by eating only chicken, broccoli and brown rice.

This was successful in the short-term but eventually she found the diet boring and was overcome with cravings so she regained all the weight.

Jennifer turned to Weight Watchers

When she started eating the Weight Watchers way she lost over eighty pounds and has kept the weight off.

She explains how Weight Watchers increased her awareness about her triggers and behaviors regarding food and helped her learn how to make healthier choices.

Now she aims to inspire others to use this method of weight loss to achieve their goals.

Hudson says,

“Whenever people ask me how they can lose weight too, the first thing I tell them is that they have to make up their mind that they really want to do it and do it for them… If you can’t take responsibility for your own well-being, you will never take control over it.”

She explains how the Weight Watchers plan works in detail including the point system, where every food has a value, which takes into account the amount of protein, carbs, fat, and fiber. You can eat anything you like so long as you stay within your points allowance.

Hudson emphasizes that she prefers to choose natural foods that are high in fiber and nutrients rather than an imitation containing artificial chemicals. For example, if she craves orange sherbet she’ll reach for a fresh orange instead.

Lunch is Hudson’s biggest meal of the day

She also says that one of the secrets to her weight loss success was learning to make lunch the biggest meal of the day.

Additionally she outlines how although she resisted the notion at first, she eventually accepted that it was beneficial to have a certain amount of carbohydrates in her diet because they are an important fuel for the body.

Hudson describes many of her favorite meals and what she will eat on a typical day. The book also includes a selection of Weight Watchers recipes.

Recommended Foods

Chicken breast, turkey, salmon, egg whites, low-fat cheese, low fat yogurt, smoked almonds, whole wheat tortillas, brown rice, black beans, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, red pepper, pineapple, mango, melon, berries, olive oil, salsa, Cool Whip Lite, fat-free fudge topping, dark chocolate, Splenda.

Sample Meal Plan


Egg white omelet with smoked salmon


Tropical Chicken Salad with Orange Vinaigrette

Afternoon Snack

Plain no-fat yogurt
12 smoked almonds


Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas

Evening Snack

Cookies and Cream Freezer Cake

Exercise Recommendations

Jennifer Hudson usually tries to do thirty minutes on the treadmill each day as well as regular resistance training sessions. When she is on the road she uses exercise DVDs.

She says in the beginning she was always reminding herself of the rewards of exercise, but she now describes herself as a workout fanatic.

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Costs and Expenses

I Got This: How I Changed My Ways and Lost What Weighed Me Down retails at $25.95.

Click here to purchase Jennifer Hudson’s book  for a discounted price.


  • Will appeal to fans of Jennifer Hudson.
  • Advocates portion control and monitoring calories, which is a proven successful method of weight loss.
  • Encourages consumption of high fiber, unprocessed foods.
  • Includes Weight Watchers recipes with point information.
  • Dieters don’t have to give up their favorite foods entirely.


  • Will not appeal to dieters who prefer not to follow the Weight Watchers plan.
  • Necessary to measure food intake.
  • Does not include an exercise program.
  • Tendency for dieters to regain the weight if normal eating is resumed.
  • Long-term low calorie dieting can slow the metabolism.


Jennifer Hudson’s weight loss transformation will be inspirational to many and can provide motivation for dieters who are interested in the Weight Watchers program.

Like all diets that are based on calorie control, dieters often achieve successful results, however it is necessary to continue with the program in order to maintain weight loss over the longer term.

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