Simple Weight Loss

simple weight loss planThe Simple, Proven Plan For Weight Loss and Control was created by Tory McBroom and is designed to help dieters reduce their calorie intake and make healthier food choices.

McBroom says that losing weight is simply a matter of lowering your calories but this does not mean that it is easy to achieve.

He promises that by following his program you will learn the proper way to eat healthy while cutting your calories so that you can be successful in your goal to release excess pounds.

Simple Weight Loss Plan Basics

According to Simple Weight Loss,  just a slight drop in your daily calorie intake – around 15% of your requirement – is all that it takes to lose weight. It also explains that if you reduce your calorie intake much more than this you risk losing muscle mass, which can actually interfere with your progress over the longer term.

McBroom emphasizes that simply limiting your calories is not enough. It is just as important to make sure that you eat healthy foods that have a high nutrient content. In addition to maintaining your well being, these foods will help to reduce your appetite and keep you feeling satisfied for longer, which makes it easier to eat less calories.

The Simple Weight Loss Program includes basic nutritional education regarding calories, protein, carbohydrates and the difference between good and bad fats. McBroom explains how to design your diet to include the perfect balance of these foods to keep you healthy and for losing weight.

He also highlights the most important foods you should be eating to enhance your fat loss capacity.

The program includes a low calorie cookbook with a variety of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, smoothies and snacks.

Recommended Foods

Turkey, lean beef, fish, soybeans, chickpeas, spinach, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, peppers, oatmeal, almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, avocado, eggs, olive oil, berries, whole grains, low fat dairy products, green tea.

Sample Simple Weight Loss Meal Plan


Cheesy eggs with zucchini
1 cup coffee


16 oz water
Bean and kale soup

Afternoon Snack

Summer dream smoothie


16 oz water
Lettuce wrapped halibut
Almondilicious green beans

Evening Snack

Protein shake
Cool orange with warm raspberries

Exercise Recommendations

Exercise is encouraged because it burns calories, lowers your percentage of body fat and increases muscle strength and tone. The Simple Weight Loss Plan does not include an exercise plan, however walking in particular is recommended.

McBroom says that while exercise is beneficial to improve overall health it is not necessarily required for losing weight.

Costs and Expenses

The Simple, Proven Plan For Weight Loss & Control Complete Package – which includes a low calorie cookbook, weight loss tracking book and free updates for life – is available in eBook format for $7.99.

Click here to order or to learn more.


  • Simple Weight Loss provides education about basic nutrition.
  • Inexpensive in comparison to many other weight loss plans.
  • Encourages the intake of a variety of unprocessed natural foods.
  • Advocates a long-term lifestyle approach to weight management.
  • Includes a low calorie recipe book.
  • Calorie restriction diets improve blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar balance and may also increase longevity.
  • Encourages tracking your progress, which is associated with a greater chance of successful weight loss.


  • Requires monitoring your calorie intake.
  • Will involve more time to be spent on developing a meal plan and preparing food.
  • Difficult to estimate calorie content of meals consumed away from home.
  • Does not include a fitness plan.
  • Does not include adequate guidelines for maintenance.

Simple for Some Perhaps

The Simple, Proven Plan For Weight Loss and Control is a basic and practical program that involves following a reduced calorie diet in combination with optional participation in moderate exercise.

Simple Weight Loss will be beneficial for those who are new to dieting, like to prepare their own food and prefer flexibility in their eating plan.

Download the book here

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
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