Greenlane Diet

The Greenlane Diet is a poor fad diet that has been circulating for many years.

Please note no medical association or hospital (Greenlane Hospital in Auckland) has nothing to do with this diet whatsoever.

The diet has circulated in the form of a one page sheet that claims you can lose 10 pounds in 3 days. The diet has been popular in the UK – but it’s exact origins are unknown.

Interestingly, the diet bears a striking resemblance to the Scarsdale diet – also written in the 1970s.

Greenlane Diet Plan

The Greenlane diet is a very low calorie diet – a typical day’s eating culminates in only 700 calories. This is a crash diet – a sudden and severe reduction in calories that results in primarily fluid loss.

The diet should never be undertaken for more than 3 days, any longer and your body will immediately slow down metabolism and place you on target for yo-yo dieting (and subsequent weight gain).

The Greenlane Hospital diet contains a small selection of foods; Dry toast, fruit, tuna, ‘snax’ biscuits. Snax biscuits are a cracker made by the food brand Griffins in New Zealand indicating that this diet may have originated from this part of the world (which does have a Greenlane hospital in Auckland). However this cannot be verified.

Sample Meal Plan

This diet is not recommended


5 ‘snax’ biscuits (dry crackers)
1 slice of cheddar cheese
1 small apple


1 boiled egg
1 slice of dry toast


1 cup of tuna
1 cup of beetroot
1 cup of cauliflower
1/2 melon
1/2 cup of diet vanilla ice-cream


Black coffee/tea/water

Look here for other low calorie meal ideas.

Fad Diets Never Work Long-term

VLCD diets like the Greenlane Diet never produce long-term results unless people begin a calorie reduced, long-term eating plan after the 3 day diet has finished.

Also these diet tend to promote unhealthy eating patterns and can result in eating disorders. We advise dieters to find plans that are sensible, healthy, and nutritionally adequate with slow and steady weight loss as a goal.

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
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  1. Emma

    This diet has changed my life.
    Weighing 23 stone, i was depressed
    I tried the diet and lost 12lbs in 3 days.A week later i tried it again and kept going
    9 months later I weigh 10 stone and I am the happiest most confident person you will ever meet 🙂

  2. Kiri

    Hey all. Just want to add in here, that being from NZ myself that it did originate from here. It was designed by Greenlane Hospital for thier cardiac patients to lose weight quickly before surgery. And yes, there is a lot of fluid loss on the first round of the diet. This happens with every diet I know in the first week, thats why initial weight loss is always the highest. Just make sure you drink twice as much water whilst on it. This diet has been around for years. I did a couple of times as a teen too. The key is the low kj and if you don’t go over 8000kj a day on the other 4 days then the weight will keep coming off.

  3. makz

    hey guys

    so yrs and yrs ago i did greenlane diet for 6 months once a wk and it worked!Am doin it again to get myself bck on eating smaller portions!!gd luck to all that are tring G.L!!!!

  4. Barbara

    I shuold add, took 6 weeks to loose the 1okg. Also, the diet was originally 3 days with different food, to be followed by 4 days normal eating, and so forth. Thats why I think it works – get used to eating less.

  5. Barbara

    I have done this, lost 10kg easily and kept it off. When I got bored I went for similar substitutes. I think one of the reasons it works is because lots of us eat too much (as well as the ‘wrong’ foods). The first week or two were hard – because I was used to eating twice as much – this diet got me into the habit of eating less, so on my 4 days off I would eat a lot less – which is why the weight stayed off when I came off the diet.

  6. Nadia

    Hi there

    I can’t stand tuna, is there a good substitute that I could have and still get good results?


  7. joe

    ohi meant to say.. there are different varieties of the diet out there.. this is the one i follow:

    ay 1
    1 Cup black coffee or tea 0 cal
    ½ Grapefruit or 2 oz fresh squeezed juice 55 cal
    1 Slice toast 80 cal
    1 Teaspoon peanut butter OR 2 oz baked beans 30 cal
    3oz plain tuna in springwater 120 cal
    1 Slice toast 80 cal
    1 Cup black coffee or tea 0 cal
    Dinner: 6 p.m.
    2 Slices Turkey (3 oz.) 75 cal
    4 oz string beans 35 cal
    4 oz grated beets 50 cal

    1 Small apple 80 cal
    3 oz Cote Dore Vanilla ice cream 200 cal (Or use Cote D’or Vanilla Light) 80 calories

    Total calorie intake Day 1 805

    Day 2
    1 Cup black coffee or tea 0 cal
    1 Hard boiled egg 80 cal
    1 Slice toast 80 cal
    ½ Banana 55 cal
    3 oz cottage cheese or 3oz plain tuna 200 cal
    5 Ritz or 3 Tuc Crackers 60 cal
    Dinner 6pm
    1 Plain hot dog or Turkey hot dog(no buns) 180cal
    4 oz broccoli 35 cal
    2 oz carrots 50 cal
    4 oz sliced beets 50 cal

    ½ Banana 55 cal
    3 oz Cote Dore Vanilla ice cream 200cal (Or use Cote D’or Vanilla Light) 80 calories

    Total calorie intake Day 2 895

    Day 3
    1 Cup black coffee or tea 0 cal
    5 Ritz crackers 60 cal
    1 slice Cheddar cheese (1 0z) 115 cal
    1 Small apple 80 cal
    1 Hard boiled or poached egg 80 cal
    1 Slice toast 80 cal
    1 Cup black coffee or tea 0 cal
    Dinner 6pm:
    4oz plain tuna in springwater 120 cal
    4 oz steamed beets 50 cal
    4 oz cauliflower or green-leaf vegetables 50 cal

    4 oz cantaloupe 55 cal (melon)
    3 0z Cote Dore Vanilla ice cream 200 cal (Or use Cote D’or Vanilla Light) 80 calories

    Total calorie intake Day 3 910

  8. joe

    I’ve done this diet before and it works. Currently on day two at the moment and i’ve already lost 3 pounds. Of cours you’re going to pile the weight back on if you eat junk food straight after day 3.. but yes it does work.

  9. geegee1990


    I started this diet this morning but I’m not sure I have started on the right track, day two and three look easy to me but day one is not working so far.

    I am not a hot drink lover and I though id try a coffee but couldn’t even get this to my lips it smelt sooo bad! The same happened with the tea. The peanut butter, well I managed a teaspoon but couldn’t face another and as for the half a grapefruit, how bitter are they!?! I managed a little bite before giving up completely. I felt as though I had started off badly.
    I have just had dinner (the tuna I probably only ate 2oz not 4oz) but I skipped the hot drink and I was wondering if this would effect the ‘chemical breakdown’. I never thought it would be easy but I cant help feel disheartened on my first day.

  10. anni

    on third day of diet today and have already lost 6lbs! so really excited for final weigh in tomorrow morning. finding it really good i save my ice cream for later in the evening so i have something to look forward to, otherwise i would snack!! will continue with this next week .

  11. Rachel

    Hey guys
    If youre looking for the complete meal plan, go to the British Heart Foundation Diet on the right hand side where all the diets are listed.
    Its right near the bottom of the comments list.
    Im starting the British Heart Foundation diet today.
    Good Luck guys.

  12. Dinz

    Im planning to start this diet tom, however im not a tea or coffe drinker, so if i skip it and drank water instead will i still lose the same weight??

  13. KKacey

    Hi from New Zealand…. I’ve done this diet, and yup it sure works. Vienna’s are Frankfurter sausages.

  14. *Rocker*

    Oh and serene don’t know if you saw it but the full 3day meal plan was posted a few months back by Punkgirl, just read through the older posts (^_^)

  15. *Rocker*

    I started today and I weigh aim is 60. I’ve done this diet before and lost 17kg. I gained 6 of that back over a period of 6months but only because i partied way too much than i should have and ate completely unhealthy, not gonna make that mistake again! Wish me luck*

  16. Hayley

    Im going to give this a shot. Im a kiwi living in Australia and Im pretty sure the Jatz/Clix biscuits over here are pretty much the same as Snax back home.

  17. paige

    me and my mum are starting this.
    do you have to add exersize aswell??

  18. Serene

    Can anybody tell me how to get the full three day meal plan menu and not just the example one day menu? i’ve lost the copy i had!

  19. malcolm

    yes it does work though not to the level claimed. I lost 14kg in 6 weeks, healthy is side effect!

  20. Lees

    Does anyone know if this diet really works? And also, if you have done it, did the weight stay off?

  21. tess

    Well done jodi. I used ritz biscuits

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