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Slimming World is a long-established UK weight loss company which has recently begun serving both the USA and Canada.

They operate a very successful weight-loss program as a weekly class for members as well as an extensive online program as well as publish a magazine entitled Slimming World.

The Slimming World Diet is based on its diet plan centered around their concept of “Food Optimising“.

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Food Optimising Plan

The Slimming World Food Optimising Diet Plan promotes weight-loss through calorie restriction in the diet, but in a way that promotes satiety and not starvation.

The Optimising Diet is based on these principles:

  • Nutritious or filling foods having a low calorie content are termed “free foods” (that is, the quantity consumed is unrestricted).
  • Some higher-calorie foods containing plenty of minerals, vitamins, or fiber are limited to 1 portion per day.
  • Other high-calorie foods like cheeses are measured and eaten according to the meal plan provided.

For a better understanding of how food optimizing works, they have a free 7 day menu published on their website.

Body Magic Exercise

Exercise is an important part of Slimming World. However, they realize that exercise is difficult for some people, so they emphasize the importance of starting small and gradually increasing activity as strength increases and weight comes off.

Members are encouraged to regularly do 5-10 minutes of activity by starting off small — for example, just walking down the driveway or to the end of their street.

The ultimate goal is for Slimming World members to complete 30 minutes of exercise 5 times a week.

Built in Support

Slimming World recognizes that dieters can increase their chances of success drastically by having a support system in place.

Members are provided with a trained Slimming World Consultant that will answer questions, provide positive reinforcement, as well as offer suggestions for increased success on the diet.

Members are also asked to join a weight loss group either at their few centers in Texas, Canada, and the UK or online through their website member resources.

Sample Slimming World Meal Plan


1oz muesli and fat free vanilla yogurt.


Skinny latte and 1 banana.


Cheese and ham potato salad, made with baby potatoes, chives, scallions, fat-free Cheddar cheese and shredded, cubed lean ham


Spaghetti Bolognese, with an onion cooked in low-calorie spray, extra lean ground beef, tomatoes, mushrooms, bell peppers, grated carrot, celery, garlic and oregano.
1 strawberry fat-free yogurt.

Program Costs

Slimming World offers to levels of membership.

  • Silver – which costs $65.00 for 3 months.
  • Gold– which costs $85.00 for 3 months.

Slimming World Testimonial

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 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
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  1. Sarah

    Having joined SW at the beginning of this week, I must say that I’m finding it all a little complicated, or, I am over complicating it!

    I eat healthily anyway, and find that the red and green days are what i would eat anyway, so I am trying to work out if the diet is there to guide people who dont eat healthily, and should I use it to help me curb my syns?

    I have about half stone to a stone to lose, I know its only been a few days and I should stick to it, but, I dont see what I am doing different than normal, I did start the on-line diary, which shocked me about my syns, so I’m thinking I keep up the healty eating and track my syns?

    I may have this all completly wrong!

    Any advice anyone?!

  2. lizzie

    Hi i want to lose weight but cannot get to my local group as my husband works shifts so cant get to every meeting. I want to do the slimming world diet of red day and green days can someone let me know where i can get a book from so i can do the diet at home.If anyone knows i would be really greatful if they could email me to let me know. @ Many thanks lizzie.

  3. Caz

    I’m about to start the Slimming World diet which I bought off Ebay! Im a mum of 3 and my husband works shifts so not able to get to club each week. So Ive take the bull by the horns got my wii fit and my books at hand. Today im going to go through the book and mark off all the free food I like on green and red days and going to plan my meals for next week rather than giving up half way through. I’m finding it all rather confusing but I have to do it for my own health! Ive got 2 friends in work who said they would help with moral support so I can’t wait I would have 6 stone to lose but I would be happy with 1 stone to start. I need new clothes and I will not be buying this same size so looking at all the new season clothes coming into stores now and I am determined to buy them! I plan to start walking each night. Any tips from anyone who has been there please feel free!!! 🙂

  4. Sue

    Don’t be afraid to rejoin your Slimming World group, we ahve all fallen off the the wagon. Slimming World is a fantastic plan, I lost 3 stone 9 lbs 5 years ago and have never regained that weight, because I still follow the plans and i go to my group. There are 3 great groups in Epsom, Stoneleigh & Ewell in Surrey if you live in that area. Theres even a Saturday morning group, which is brilliant…. So go on the Slimming World website and find a friendly group near you…. you would be welcome as a new member or as a re-joiner….the extra easy plan is soooooo easy….

  5. Farin

    Can someone please tell me if i can join SW if I only have one stone to lose? I have lost 10 kgs, need to lose another 12 kgs or so.. Too embarassed to join a meeting..

  6. kim

    hiya all iv been doin boyh red green now im goin 2 do extera east we started at 6am 2day so faer my kida like it

  7. sarah

    does your veg and friut have to be superfree on extra easy or can you just have free?also if having meat could you now have as many say peas and potatos as you wanted too? Thanks

  8. kerrie

    i would some one to explian wot foods i can eat on red and green days plz help thanks

  9. alliyah


  10. alliyah


  11. Dickie

    I think Slimming World is the best diet out there, especially when combined with the support you get during and outside of meetings. I am just 1.5 lbs short of a 4 stones / 56 lbs total loss since the end of July, and I cannot recommend it highly enough!

  12. kate

    hi all
    i have been doing sw now on and off the the last 5 years or so and has allways worked fine but since i have had my 3rd baby im finding its not working so well im so desprate to loss the weight and get back to where i was . has any one got any ideas or has this happened to anyone ??? pls email me thank u xxx

  13. Tracey

    Hi There

    When i lived in the uk a few years ago, i use to go to slimming world and did really well. I lost over 2 stone and got down to 9 stone 2lbs. Since moving to Canada i have put all that weight back on and finding it really hard to lose.
    The consultant said that slimming were thinking all going to the US is this still true? Only once it goes there, they would be a good chance of it coming to Canada.
    Does anyone know the answe to this question, i really need help…..

  14. Rebecca

    Hi slimmers,

    I live in France & therefore cannot go to weekly classes in a local town. Also I work away from home alot so I don’t always have the same days/evenings off each week. But if I don’t lose weight I might explode!!!Is there a Slimming world online I can do ( if so where, how, how much etc)& if so has anyone else done it that way with success???

  15. Amanda

    Hey everyone,

    I am a little bit over wight and i wish to loose these kg i have extra. I have heared a lot about slimming world but till now I did not have the courage to join. What is putting me off are two things. The first thing is that everytime I start a diet I won’t make it to the second week. The second thing is that as I am from Malta – Europe, here we do not have a slimming world group. When I went to their website I saw that they have an online group. I am willing to join although I’m not sure that I will succeed. My problem is that I don’t know what advice they give you. Has anyone of you tried the diet online. Please help me I am really sad and desperate to do something.

    If anyone of you could help me and give me some tips or courage please email me on

    Thanks very much.

  16. sam

    hello people i joyed slimming world 13 weeks and i lost 1 and 11 and a half pounds i am doing to diet as my sister in law is on it with me and i like this one better becoz i can eat three food and enjoy it now as i get full up now where as befor i never mike is the best slimming world person as he he helped me a lot

  17. agnes

    i have done this diets back in 2001 and lost 3 and half stone i am now giving it another go this year as i have another 4 and half stone to go wish me luck

  18. adele scott

    Can you please tell me day, time and were in my area are there classes, BT34 4WG. Could I have contact phone number oof person who runs class to please.

  19. kat

    hi kat here i hve been going 2 sw 10 wks now 2stone 4bs off iam on extra easy itis brill i can recemend it 2 anyone and iam in my fiftys

  20. Dee

    I can’t tell any difference between my green and red days. There seems to be plenty of foods to choose from. I’ve lost 6pds in under 3 weeks. I love being able to eat normal portions. The starvation diets really made me dizzy. I feel great on SW.

  21. Rachel

    Hi everyone! I’ve been hearing lots about the new plan ‘Extra Easy’. Is it right that you can have both red and green together – but with 1 less healthy option? How does that work???? I’m very confused? I’m going to join the class on Tuesday. Wish me luck!!!

  22. DEL


  23. gill passant

    slimming world has the best diet yet

  24. donna

    alison pass word this week is running

  25. alison

    I’ve just moved to Canada and would really appreciate it if someone could let me have the passwords for this week or the next couple of weeks so I can check the syn values via the calculator as I cant get half of the products here. Need to get back on track. Thanks

  26. mrs linda maier

    Hi, could you please tell me where i can find Slimming
    World classes in my area. Epsom surrey kt190ja.

  27. Glenys

    Dawn asked about the “red day green day” diet book. The “red” day has now been renamed as “original” day. The old diet will still work but all has been updated, I suppose to line up with new nutrition guidelines and psycological findings on diets.
    Margaret was asking about Quark. It is a very low fat (and almost tasteless) cheese but sometimes it can be found with the fromage frais and yoghurts. It’s very nice if you mix it with herbs and seasoning and then mix it with roasted veg just before you serve them.

  28. Dawn

    My friend has recommended me to try the red day, green day diet, I was wonderirng if anyone could tell me where I could get the book from for this, is it availaable on the slimming world web site because I couldnt find it? If anyone can help I would appreciate it.Thanks Dawn

  29. debbie

    the person wanting a group in Torpoint, its at the council commitee rooms, York Road Tuesdays 12.30pm, 5pm and 6.30pm the consultant is Kath 01579363102. Hope this helps. It really is the best eating plan and support you’ll ever receive

  30. Mrs Margaret Smith

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I am not a member but I have just recently bought a book called slimming worlds best ever recipes and I am struggling at the moment with one of the recipes in the book. I thought I would have a go at the banoffee pie. I have got all the ingredients exept quark which I can’t get. is it what I really need or is it optional.? do you think you could get back to me on this please I would be much obliged. I also buy your magazine when it is out.

    M Smith

  31. Mari

    I have been a member for 2 years. I’ve lost 4 stones doing all of these plans – yes they do work! Your synopsis of the eating plans is very well explained and I will be recommending this site to friends who are just starting at Slimming World (or those that need a refresher)because it’s succinct and easy to understand. Thanks for that.

  32. kirsty

    i have joined slimming world 14 weeks ago and i have lost 2 stone 2 pound, i have another 2 stone to lose and that will be me in back in my size 10 clothes i cant believe how well it has worked i dont even feel like im on a diet its amazin xx

  33. smigget

    Have just read yr ideas on this new Extra Easy plan – sounds too good to be true – so easy to get rid of a HE in order to have more orless what you want, but I dunno, does this work??? I hope so!!!!! I simply thought that the whole idea of red or green days was notto mix the two, therefore helps you to lose the weight or have I got this totally wrong???

  34. john

    I live in Torpoint Cornwall and through a relative I have seen and heard great things about this diet can any body tell me if there is a group in this area

  35. jo hughes

    used to do sw but now in spain cant afford to pay online but dont really understand the new extra easy plan can sumeone please help i have 1 stone to lose x

  36. jill

    Hi Laura. You must try Extra Easy – the new SW plan – it’s so so so so easy it’s amazing!. Use your old books – everything that’s free on a green day you can have, everything that’s free on a red day you can have – on the same day – you don’t have to split your days into red OR green anymore, BUT you can only have 1 healthy extra A and 1 healthy extra B per day (choose these from either red or green lists). then have 5-15 syns/day – I recommend 15 – and you’re sorted….you’ll never look at another diet again….think I should be on commission from SW, but it really is that good I want to shout it from the rooftops!

  37. Sarah

    Hi Laura – you can still use the ‘old’ books if thats what you have. The ‘red’ days and ‘grren’ days are still an option on the slimming world diet. The new diet that they have just launched is where you can eat ‘free’ food from both plans on the same day but you have to ‘give up something’ in order to have what I would say’ normal meals’ such as spaghetti bolognaese with real lean mince instead of quorn or meat, veg and potatoes in the same meal. The ‘something’ that you have to sacrifice is a healthy extra from both lists – a cheese / milk portion and a bread portion each day.
    I would say it is worth it because it makes your evening meals (which is when I tend to eat the most) more varied and you don’t get bored.
    Hope this has been some help to you.

  38. laura

    right i’m TOTALLY confused !!!! decided to start slimming world yesterday as need to shift 15 kilos of baby weight !!! Eeeeek… thing is i live in spain and don’t have any english meetings near to me, i have a book that my sister in law gave me a few years back so i dug it out and decided that the green option was the best for me…. but then a friend of mine told me that it had changed and doesn’t consist of the red and green options now?? is the book i have still OK to use?? you’re all doing wonderfully.. hope i can too !! x

  39. Sarah

    Hi everybody…
    It is so good to hear that you are all loving slimming world. I joined slimming world at the end of July 2006 and by the beginning of March 2007, I’d lost 4 and a half stone! After that, my weight plateaued for a while and due to illness last year – I didn’t lose anymore. I started ‘afresh’ 3 weeks ago and now back on track – losing just over half a stone in 3 weeks.
    The new diet – Extra easy is available now where you can mix the red and green days together but you cut down on your healthy extras.
    Good luck eveyone 🙂

  40. Josephine

    I have been following food optimising for the past 10months. I have lost 5kilos. The diet is faboulous since you can eat pasta, rice , couscous on green days and lean meats on original days. Vegetable fruits and low fat yogurts are free on both days. Even when eating out you can have your day as original then order meat and veg and have your potato as a HB obvioulsy not chips but baked or roasted. Try it and enjoy.

  41. amanda d

    Well I have done my first week and I have lost 5lb!! My other half lost 8lb. Was a little upset that I didnt lose as much as he did as I have more to lose that he, but I have been told men lose quicker. I cant believe how much you can eat and still lose weight. Im totally gutted that I didnt know how fantastic SW is before I got to 10 stone over weight!! Id have joined years ago. Im really enjoying the diet. Anyone with any douubts – Please dont!!! It really does work. Forget those silly adverts of diet pills etc. Get yourself to SW. ITS GREAT! Will keep you posted how I get along. I actually thought it wouldnt work as I was eating that much but the proof is in the pudding; I was the second woman in the group of about 20 to lose the most and my other half was the top. Had it not have been our first week of diet, he would have won the fruit basket, you have had 3 visits from when you start and lose the previous week before you won it. He got a certificate for losing 1/2 stone. They also have a raffle for the food basket. It really is FANTASTIC no joke. Please have no more thoughts about should I or shouldnt I – GO!! 🙂

  42. Jacqui

    Has anyone else had weight gain rather than loss with slimming world. I’ve been sticking to red days and in my first week I’ve 2 pounds on ??? Go figure and I have been following the plan religiously 6 daily sins, 1 healthy a and b measured out. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I am eating loads of fruit though?

  43. amanda d

    Hi this is to amanda. I too have about 10 stone to lose and also have an underactive thyroid. When I read your post it I couldnt believe it, it was almost like Id written it myself. Id like to lose my weight for my wedding which is about 20 months away. Im going tomorrow for the first time EVER, luckily I have my bloke for support. He doesnt need to lose as much as me. It wont take him long I doubt but for us it will take longer but hell girl We can both do it!!! All the best and post your progress – Ill do mine too. 🙂

  44. Laura

    Hi, I am going to a class on Thursday. These comments are so helpful when you are considering something like a new diet, so I will come back in the next few weeks to report back! Am nervous about going by myself mainly!

  45. amanda

    Hi i so need help i have been highly recommended to s/w i have to loose 10 stone i feel ashamed however i have been diagnosed with an under active thyroid now on medication its time to put wheels in serious motion i do need a kick up the !!!!!!!however i cant seem to get to grips with the actual diet could someone please plan me one many thanks

  46. andypandy

    i am really confused.. i do not know how eating endless potatoes and beans can make me lose weight, i started yday, i have had bachelors packet rice on its onw for main meal, omlette with chopped papper/onion/mushrooms for lunch is this correct for a green day, as well as fuit.
    red means i dont eats carbs except fruit and veg am i right so far? would really appreciate help/advice feel free to mail me tips!!! please!

  47. dawn

    Reading your comments have made up my mind to go back to SW. Have tried it before but not stuck to it for long as i’ve read paul mckennas book and similar which say eat what you want when hungry and lose weight, but i can’t stick to that either!! but has turned my mind off dieting. Has anyone had similar experience or comments?

  48. bevknit

    hi all…i`m thinking of starting the s.w diet and as its new to me ive got to learn all about it, ive only ever been to weightwatchers, which i lost 35lb on….so here we go folks lets hope i can understand this diet and lose the weight… good luck to all thats on it 🙂 bev

  49. Jan

    Other quick thoughts — even a little exercise helps; my mother’s Consultant recommended no more than one banana a day; we also try to stick to no more than 5 or so syns most days.

  50. Jan

    Lucy — a lot of people find that green days are better than red. Not true for everyone, but worth a try if you lean mostly towards red normally.

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