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Diet food delivery services are increasingly popular (despite the expense). Research has shown portion-controlled eating to be an effective tool for weight loss.

Diet Delivery Service Reviews

Area: All USA*   Diet: Low fat or low carb


Fresh, nutritionally balanced meals delivered in a week-at-a-time supply, or by pick up.

Meals are packed in dry ice, and shipped in a Styrofoam cooler.

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Area: All USA   Diet: Other

Bistro MD

Chef-prepared food shipped throughout the US. Fully cooked, fresh meals are delivered weekly.

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Area: All USA   Diet: NutriSystem


Most affordable home delivered diet.

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Area: All USA   Diet: HMR

HMR At Home

Meal replacement shakes, entrees and soup mixes, delivered to your door. Weight loss is backed by extensive research and clinical trials.

Area: LA, NY, Chicago, Sth Florida   Diet: Zone

The Fresh Diet

A well-respected delivery that conforms to Zone diet standards. 3 gourmet meals and 2 snacks delivered.

Area: Global   Diet: Low Cal

I Love This Diet

A less expensive alternative to diet food delivery using Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice, and similar frozen meals that dieters can pick up or order from the grocery store.

Area: Atlanta Diet:Low Cal

Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine

FRESH, healthy meal plans - just heat and eat -1200 or 2000 cal. Low sat. fat, low sodium, fresh fruits and veggies. Pick-up locations throughout Atlanta or via UPS throughout GA and SC.

Area: TX, AZ Diet:Low Glycemic

My Fit Foods

MyFitFoods are based on a 40/40/20 breakdown: 40% low glycemic carbohydrates, 40% lean protein, and 20% healthy fat. People are required to pick up there meals at stores located in Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and Phoenix.

Area: NY, CT, S. Florida   Diet: Low-carb

5 Squares

Delivers fresh daily to NY, CT, and South Florida. Diet is a low-carb approach and is customized for the consumer.

Area: LA, Phoenix   Diet: Other


Low Carb Diet meals and other meals, delivered fresh daily.

Area: 48 States across US Diet: Freshology


Gourmet calorie-controlled meals cooked fresh. Enter Promo code "getslim25" to get $25 off first order.

Area: All USA*   Diet: Other

Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating Plan

Ships fresh meals for healthy weight loss within the continental US. One week's meals are delivered progressively in 2 packages - Monday and Thursday.
*Pick-up available from local distributors in 9 states largely spreading out from Chicago.

Area: All USA    Diet: Other

Chefs Diet

Freshly-cooked 'gourmet' Diet meals for the day are delivered nationwide your door. (formerly called Zonechefs)

Other Delivery Services (not reviewed)

5 Squares

Delivers fresh daily to NY, CT, and South Florida. Diet is a low-carb approach and is customized for the consumer.

Body Chef

(UK Based)

Delivers fresh, calorie controlled diet plans directly to your door twice weekly. Dieters in the UK can choose from 8 varied diets fully customizable to suit their tastes, needs, and objectives.


Delivers all USA from a huge range of options, even offers individual meal selection.

Healthy Chef Creations

Florida, US, supplier of meals from an organic whole-foods cuisine.

Healthy Heart Meals

1150 to 1550 Calorie Meal Plans. Delivers Nationwide.

In the Zone Delivery

Zone Meals delivered in various areas of Canada and US.

Nosh Detox

Nosh Detox Delivery is a healthy living food delivery service based in London. They deliver freshly prepared,client specific designed, dairy free health diets and juices world-wide.


Delivers to LA and Southern California areas. Food offered is based on AHA and ADA recommendations. Includes options to meet a range of diet plans.


New York area delivery of gourmet foods of 1600-2500 calories per day.


Raw Food organic meals based in LA and NY - delivered All USA.

Susan's Healthy Gourmet

Healthy meal options including vegetarian, kids, and other options. Delivered to LA, Orange County, and San Diego.

Yum Yum Meals

Home Made Meals 100% Fresh Natural Gourmet Food for Toronto GTA

Zone Delivery USA

Zone Diet meals delivered in California, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey.

Zone Healthy

Zone Diet gourmet meals delivered Los Angeles only (part of Spazio restaurant). Zone diet for kids, and Zone Vegetarian, also available.

Taste Haven

Customized low calorie meals delivered throughout Long Island, New York

Does Diet Delivery Work?

Smaller trials have showed promising results in both overweight men and women. Weight loss was enhanced due to the controlled portion sizes that are consumed by the dieter.

Another trial showed that portion-controlled meal replacements lead to greater weight loss, and less regain than a typical food-based diet.

A test of portion-controlled snacks showed that eating behavior was changed as a result of the smaller snack size

For a more comprehensive list of diet delivery services, see Healthy Eater.

Questions to Ask

  • Does the diet suit my requirements for weight-loss?
    Type of diet, recommended amount of weight loss for given time, length of time to commit to the program, expenses to join and to maintain meal supply.
  • Does the provider have good backup services?
    Advice, meal planning guides, flexibility of program, personal contact, etc.
  • Does the administration of the meal delivery service have a good reputation?
    Prompt and complete delivery, billing accuracy, ability to correct ordering/delivery/payment discrepancies without hassles.


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Last Updated 18 Oct 2015