Bistro MD

Bistro MD ships chef-prepared food throughout the US, to support the diet program offered by the Cederquist Medical Wellness Center in Florida.

Over the last decade the program has been a nationwide leader in portion-controlled weight loss - offering a superior selection of food over other cheaper competitors such as Nutrisystem.

The Bistro MD plan claims to provide the body with what it needs to lose weight when it needs it, by improving metabolism and providing adequate amounts of quality protein throughout the day (maintaining lean muscle mass) and sufficient low-glycemic carbohydrates (for even blood sugar levels).

How the Bistro MD plan works

The program provides weekly support material (causes of weight gain, tips for weight loss, etc) from a staff of behavioral therapists, plus access to dietitians. Meals are shipped weekly from a 4-week rotating menu, and come fully cooked and fresh to simply heat and eat.

Customization and Meals

Grilled Salmon

Meals are of a high standard (as seen in the Grilled salmon with lemon dijon dressing above).

After ordering, you can customize pretty much everything until you arrive at the menu you are happiest with. Meals arrive frozen and can be stored in the freezer and pulled out when you are ready to microwave them.

There are number of program options - including diabetic, and gluten-free, and a program aimed at menopausal women.

A standard plan works out to around 1200 Calories per day. You can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.

Looking for a Plan with no fixed subscription?

Checkout Balance by Bistro MD - it is an alacarte service. You are not tied into any contracts or monthly payments.


Meal Programs
Full Week Plan
3 meals and 2 snacks daily for 7 days $179.95 a week ($25.71 per day)
Full Week Plan
(no snacks)
3 meals daily for 7 days no snacks

$159.95 a week
($22.85 per day)

Work Week Plan
3 meals and 2 snacks daily for 5 days $144.95 a week
(28.99 per day)
Work Week Plan
(no Snacks)
3 meals daily for 5 days with no snacks $129.95 a week
($25.99 per day)

*All plans incur a $19.95 shipping fee per week.

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Does Meal Delivery Work?

One study showed a successful weight loss in overweight men. This was due to the portion controlled aspect that ensured the same caloric and macronutrient profile was reached each day.

A similar outcome (enhanced weight loss) was found in a trial of overweight women.

See Bistro MD


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