Calories in Food

Popular Foods

Calories in a Banana
The most requested item!

Calories in Coffee
Includes instant to specialty restaurant coffee.

Fruit Calories
Fruit doesn't generally have any food labels, making it difficult to know calorie levels. This is a list of common fruit items.
Vegetable Calories
Includes major vegetables.
Alcohol Calories
Calorie content of wine and beer.
Milk and Cheese Calories
Includes other dairy.
Pizza, Bagels, and Muffins
Three staples of a typical carb-heavy diet.
Calories in Nuts
Includes most kinds of nut and nut butters.
Calories in Chicken
Poultry - includes both chicken and turkey.
Calories in Beef, Lamb, and Pork
Covers the main meats.
Calories in Fish
Basic fish choices.
Calories in Eggs
Including Egg Beaters

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