Diet Patches

Weight Loss patches (or Diet Patches) are a form of medication that release herbal nutrients through the skin. The idea is to provide a consistent dose of medication over a long period of time.

Patches are often used by those who have trouble remembering to take pills with regularity. A number of treatments have been distributed this way - such as Nicorette anti-smoking medication, and even Hormone Replacement Therapy for women.

Some transdermal patches are a valid method for drug dosage (such as Estrogen delivery). However, the weight loss or diet patch lies in a 'grey area' of medical science. Diet patches are not (to our knowledge) FDA approved.

Diet Patches work by using appetite suppression?

Most diet patches claim that the herbal ingredients in the patch will burn fat, suppress appetite, and stimulate metabolism. The jury is out on this one, as often it is hard to isolate the effect of the patch from dieting and exercising.

It is hard to see how a weight loss patch could burn fat, however there may certainly be appetite suppression effects and/or metabolism effects (similar to herbal diet pills).

Weight loss Patch Recommendations

The diet patch industry surged into popularity during the late 2000s, but has sinces petered out. This is because there is virtually no scientific evidence that they work.

We recommend that people use more traditional, tried, and true methods to lose weight such as the programs we consider to be the top 6 Diet Plans.

Last updated 11 Jan 2015