Body Building Revealed

There are many many vendors out there flogging off programs for "skinny guys". Most of these programs can work - provided you are willing to dedicate yourself to the cause.

One such program that is very successful is Body Building Revealed.


MBN is one of the most credible muscle gain programs because the author (Will Brink) has no affiliation with supplement companies, magazines, or any other muscle industry vendor. His research and guidance is truly independent.

Will Brink is a trainer for S.W.A.T Teams as well as an expert trainer and fitness author.

This program is recommended by Tom Venuto who is a well respected fitness, weight-loss, and muscle building expert.

What's In The Program?

This is far more than just an eBook - but fully-fledged on-line program. The following comes included in the single price:

  • Extensive and detailed guidance on exactly what to eat for the best muscle gains.
  • Well-researched reports into a multitude of supplements. Find out exactly what is hype and what actually works.
  • Detailed workout plans and programs from a variety of sources (and yes, they tell you exactly what you need to know if you are a beginner).

On-line Tools (exclusive members-only site)

  • Training gurus and their programs
  • Nutrition Database
  • Meal Planner
  • Supplement and Book Reviews
  • Calorie Planner
  • Exercise and Training Videos
  • A very active forum!
  • Free updates for life.

Editor's Personal Recommendation

This is hands down one of the best muscle building programs we have come across. No hype, or self-promotional hot air.

It contains everything you need to grow muscle (and strength).


Not everyone has the genetic giftings to get big and heavily muscled.

That's just the way it is. However, with dedication, consistency, and being armed with the right information it's possible to make gains, and put some muscle onto your frame.

Don't bother buying a program like this unless you are prepared to work hard.

Go see Body Building Revealed now...


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Last updated 30 December 2014