LA Weight Loss

LA Weight Loss used to be a center-based weight loss program with over 650 centers worldwide.

Over recent years LA Weight Loss clinics have been closing down, and the franchise company closed down at the beginning of 2010. There are now just a few centers located in North and South Dakota, Iowa, and Canada. LA Weight Loss is transitioning from a center based program into one that is totally online based.

The LA Weight Loss clinics attracted some controversy. This was often due to the significant costs involved with the program and the hard selling practices of some sales staff. However, with the new online LA Weight Loss program, dieters have access to LA’s effective plans but with less cost involved.

Most of the LA Weight Loss products are available from their new website and they are trying to restore their reputation after they received such bad press as the result of many people losing money when the centers closed.

LAWL Purple, Gold, Red, Green, and Blue Plans

Purple Plan
Consume the following foods each day.

  • 2.5 protein
  • 3 vegetables
  • 2 fruits
  • 3 starches
  • 2 dairy
  • 2 Fat
  • 2 LA lites
  • 64 oz water
Gold Plan
Each day you should consume the following.

  • 2 Proteins
  • 3 Vegetables
  • 3 Fruit
  • 2 Starches
  • 1 Dairy
  • 1 Fat
  • 2 LA Lites
  • 64oz. Water
Red Plan
Each day you should consume the following.

  • 2.5 Proteins
  • 4 Vegetables
  • 3 Fruit
  • 3 Starches
  • 1 Dairy
  • 1 Fat
  • 2 LA Lites
  • 64oz. Water
Green Plan
Each day you should consume the following.

  • 2 Proteins
  • 2 Vegetables
  • 2 Fruit
  • 2 Starches
  • 1 Dairy
  • 1 Fat
  • 2 LA Lites
  • 64oz. Water
Blue Plan
Each day you should consume the following.

  • 2.5 Proteins
  • 3 Vegetables
  • 3 Fruit
  • 3 Starches
  • 1 Dairy
  • 1 Fat
  • 2 LA Lites
  • 64oz. Water

LA Weight Loss Rapid Results Diet

No Longer does LAWL use the colored plans, but has implemented a new weigh loss technique.

LA Weight Loss Rapid Results uses the Transmetabolic Factor which is supposed to help the body to continuously burn calories throughout the day, boost energy, and help control appetite for maximum weight loss. They believe it’s the key to permanent weight loss primarily because it works with the body, not against it.

The New LA Weight Loss Diet consists of 5 steps.

Step 1: 2-Day KickStart Plan featuring LA Weight Loss TakeOFF™ Juice.
This step is to be completed for the first 2 days and then every 14 days of the program. This is similar to detox and is supposed to prepare the body for weight loss.

la-weight-loss-support-packageStep 2: The LA Rapid Results Diet System.
Dieters are to use The Rapid Results Diet System until they lose 20 pounds or reach their goal weight. Dieters use the LA Rapid Results Food Guide to plan meals and it consists of nine main categories: Proteins, Vegetables, Fruits, Starches, LA Lites Bars, Dairy, Fats, Beverages and Extras.

Each day dieters are to consume a specific number of servings allotted based on individual needs.

Step 3: Transitional Phase using LA My Way Food Guide until goal weight is reached.
This stage is started after 20 pounds are lost and continues until the dieter reaches their goal weight. It is designed to transition dieters into eating a wider variety of foods while still controlling calories.

Step 4: Use two LA Lites™ Bars every day throughout the program.
LA Lite bars are designed to help with cravings and control in between meal hunger.

Step 5: Use the LA SmartTrim Nutritionals™ along with the diet program daily.
This is a supplement line designed by LA to supply dieters’ bodies with the vitamins and minerals that support weight loss.


LA Weight Loss recommends that dieters exercise at least 3 times a week to achieve maximum results on the Rapid Results Program.

LA Weight Loss Costs

The LA Complete Success System, which includes all products and guides as well as online support, costs $289.99 a month if automatic rebilling is selected or $419.99 if one month is purchased at a time.

Click here to purchase the system including LA Lites and Take-off Juice for a discount.

All products and program parts are available separately and vary in price.

Expensive and Relies on Supplements

LA Weight Loss has worked for many people and people keep coming back to them as the program is straight forward and easy to follow. However, this program relies heavily on the use of prepackaged processed food, special juices, and supplements.

While people may indeed lose weight using the LA Weight Loss Rapid results program, it isn’t exactly teaching dieters how to eat healthy and get the vital nutrients they need from fresh whole foods.

For dieters who aren’t concerned about eating processed food then LA Weight Loss could be a good option, but for those that want to lose weight in a healthier way, then there are certainly cheaper and better diet plans available.


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    1. Heather

      Just reading up on this…didn’t know the locations were closed. Anyone have anymore info or plans they could share? Thanks so much!

    2. elissa

      Amber, did you sub anything for the la lites or just go without?

    3. elissa

      Does anyone have the measurements for dairy? I only remember 8oz skim milk and 2oz partskim cheese…

    4. Amber

      I lost loads of weight on this plan and didn’t buy a single thing from them. Not even the LA Lites! It is just about portion control and eating sensibly. It rocks!

    5. Cher

      I don’t remember what plan I was on but I would love a copy of the start up program, and any of color plans. I used to love the bars, if anyone knows a bar that is the equivalent I would love that too!

    6. marianna

      If you looking for a cheap LA bar Substitute. I have used Slimfast chocolate optima mixed with water is a great sub. you can keep it at you desk and sip all day. it really curbs the cravings. 2 of those a day your good. It is a bit lower calories than the bar but works wonders. You could do with 1% milk. But not sure if you can’t take milk with you on the go without spoiling so I use good “ol” water. this also helps my water intake. it hard for me to get the 8 glasses in so this helps with that to.

      You can use a protein shake powder as well that would work increasing the cal count.

      But the chocolate slim fast is yummy and is is a VERY cheap alternative to those expensive bars.

    7. Meghan

      Could I also get the purple plan? And maybe the gold plan if anyone has it?
      Thank you 🙂

    8. marianna

      if your looking for a LA Lites Bars substitute you can basically get any store barnd that falls within the values below.

      150-200 calories
      8 grams protein
      4 grams of fat

      if the bar falls within this range then your good to go!

      I was told this by an EX employee of LA Weight loss.

      or alternaively for ex-weight watchers people. If you still have your slider. 1 bar = 3 points

    9. Marta

      Does anyone know what are the vegetables that you are allowed when doing TAKE OFF? can you eat artichokes? Thanks!

    10. ldhall

      Hi everyone. I did the L.A. program several years ago and lost over 20 pounds, but, like a lot of you, after my store closed, I gained it all back!! Now, I’m starting over. A friend of mine and I are going to try it on our own. I still have all the information from the last time — Is save everything. When I started my counselor put me on a take off diet without the L.A. Takeoff. It was eating protein and veggies (lettuce) and oranges and drinking water for the 1st 2 days and then start the regular L.A. plan. I love this plan. It’s been the best weight loss plan for me, and I’ve tried about everything. It just takes discipline. You have to eat a lot, and it’s really hard to get everything in. I would love to hear from anyone to chit-chat about our weight loss challenges.

    11. laura

      all of the meal plans are on the LA website. you pick out which one you want and download the adobe file and print it yourself.

      If you cant find them on the website, just google LA MEAL PLAN and it should bring them up. free of charge, might i add.
      and yes, I successfully lost an average of 5-7lbs a week with LAW & two of my best friends had the same results with them too…and it was easy.

    12. Deb

      Hello there are l a weight centres still running in British Columbia and in Calgary. If you google them you will find their addresses I spoke to a girl last night. Answer to Rino it is a fixed plan and if you read Charlene’s blurb Jan 26 that is what the plan was like.

    13. Deb

      Hi yes you can get them on ebay but I live in Canada and there is exchange and shipping and then customs hits you at border with another tax that is why I would like an alternative

    14. Jolie

      I was on LAWL a few years ago and lost 60 lbs. but have now gained 30 of it back since the LAWL here closed. I have everything but need a Purple and gold food diary. does anyone know where to get one? Oh it would also be good to have the start up plan… if I remember right you ate proten and veggies for 2 days???

    15. rino

      What category does this diet fall into(Fixed menu,Exchange-type,Prepackaged,Formula,Flexible,Questionable)??Help please??I need it for a project,help please??

    16. Earthy

      Get the bars on ebay… I have bought plenty from the sellers there.

    17. judy

      thank you for helping me out on the purple plan i did,nt no what to do now i do i wish i could have a menue wrote out to be like i had another time i join la weight loss years ago thank you for your help

    18. Jean


    19. Deb

      Just wondering if Lisa from Feb 18/ could tell me what the name of the exact bars are at rite aid? Thanks Deb

    20. Ade

      I was on the gold plan a few years ago and lost the weight successfully but then gained it back after my baby. Can any one please send me the gold plan if they have it available? It would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

    21. Liv

      So in place of the take off use the 48 hr detox. My center closed and need take off but the la to your door is expensive…Help!!I want to start asap. I lost 32 pounds on program had baby and need to lose it again after 13 months if the weight has not come off then I am going to have to work at losing it again.

    22. Rita Cortese

      Darlene Border
      I would love a copy of the diet. Are you on facebook? If so add me as a friend – Then i can have you e-mail me the diet through them.

      I am the Rita Cortese in Wenatchee Washington.


    23. J3N

      Hi There,

      I appreciate all the info on here, as I did LA a few years ago and lost 40 lbs. However does anyone remember how much Dairy you can have and what you can have for the Dairy?

    24. jane

      Leah, what is the 24 hour detox? Is it the old Prep?
      Are there any funny chemicals in the detox (caffeine?).Thanks. By the way the comments above talk about the counselors at the 3 times per week weigh in. I had no pressure to buy anything after I paid the initial $250.00. It was only to weigh me and ask any questions.Of course, I continued to ppurhcase the soy bars which were $7.00 per box but I really loved them and we had to eat them.

    25. jane

      any centers in new jersey? I joined 10 years ago. I went in and was told it would be $250.00 for the program (26 weeks). While I thought it was a bit much, I realized it was the same as Weight Watchers. I said let me think about it.The counselor told me if I walked out the door I would never come back. Anyway, she was a little pushy, but she was right. If I left, I would go right back home and continue to put off losing weight. Anyway, I joined and did the 3 day kick off or prep. It was unlimited amounts of beef, raw greens, no milk or starch. It was a little hard for me to eat so much protein but I had about 4 hamburgers a day!! After 3 days I lost 7 pounds. Then I went on the normal program which is very similar to Weight Watchers except for the soy bars (which I loved loved loved and were a great treat. Plus YOU HAD to eat 2 a day. Oh joy). Anyway, I quickly lost 30 pounds and never had so much energy in my life.I used to lay around and hardly be able to keep my eyes open. Seriouisly, after LA I used to bounce out of bed each morning It really made me see I need to eat protein and lay off the starch/sugar. I even felt my mental health improve. I also weighed in about 3 times per week. sometimes the centers would be crowded. But I loved the program and am sorry they are no longer around.

    26. LEAH

      LA worked great for me!if you need to start up..this is what i do
      1. Get the 48 hr HOLLYWOOD DIET DETOX drink 14.99 (walmart,cvs) its the EXACT same thing.
      2.I brought a box of LA bars to Walmart/Target, can did a comparison..the LUNA bars are exactly the same sodium/fat etc. (cheaper too)
      3. Drink the holly wood diet for your 2 days detox, then start as normal.
      ** i was on the GOLD PLAN..smartest thing i did was keep all the books and detox info….infact im on it again right now to loose the extra xmas pounds! Like anything if your commited itll work!

    27. Darlene Border

      im on blue i hav sugar if any wants this plan i wud b glad to give it to you

    28. Jeni

      Hi everyone. I was on LA a couple of years ago and lost 40 pounds. It was great. However, like a fool, I went off the program and gained the weight back. I have since then moved to a different state and I can’t seem to find my materials. What I’m looking for is if someone could volunteer to send me the information which states the serving sizes of each food. ie: Broccoli 1 cup “Cooked”, 1/2 cup raw. The book this information came in also had other foods listed as well such as various cereals, complete meals such as Hamburger with fries. Any help that anyone can give will greatly be appreciated.

    29. Alli

      Hello. My girlfriend did the LA program a couple of years ago and did very well and still is. Now I would like to do it as I have 50 lbs to loose. Unfortunately, she did not keep all her materials for me to follow. I do have the info for Take Off from another post here, but do not recognize the color plans that everyone seems to be talking about. She did give me the LA Express Menu Plan Kit book that you use for the first 4 weeks, but I do not know what my servings should be (which number plan to go on) and I do not have the book for 5th week until I reach my target weight. Is there anyone here that can help with this, please??? Thank you… Alli

    30. marne

      Would you share the name of the product that is available at Rite Aid?
      Thank you!!

    31. tep

      FYI… they sell the LAWL bars on EBAY…

    32. Lisa

      In reply to lacharley: LA Lites were just purchased from another company that makes these bars and then LA Weight Loss created boxes and packaging for them. You can find the exact same products at Rite Aid. They have a different name, but they are always in the diet section, normally by the pharmacy. I know this because I use to work for LA Weight Loss. Hope this helps. 🙂

    33. Mike Hagen

      Hi Nicole S.

      Thank you so much for offering to e-amil me the ‘plan’. However, I have some concerns about sharing my address with everyone that can access this site.

      Thanks Again,

      Best Regards,


    34. mindy

      LA weight loss was the only program that worked for my husband. Since they closed he has gained all the weight back. He was on the red program. Does anyone have that one that would share with me? Also I was on the blue plan and it worked great but I did the bars twice a day. What do I substitute those with? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

    35. lisa

      i find it really humorous how the daily plans on here are so incorrect! this is not the la way, as i have been with the company for over 5 years. there is no longer “gold” or “purple” plans, nor do you eat an entire cup of rice as indicated above on the daily plan. the amoint of food intake depends on your weight, age, activity level, health history, ect. not everyone eats the same. obviously the reason ppl come in is for the one on one support and accountability to loose their weight because if we could all do it on our own , the north american continent wouldnt be over 50% overweight.

      do your research before following uneducated ppl on here.

    36. Sweet P

      LAWL worked well for me too, easy, but WAY TOO COSTLY CONSIDERING it was my food..minus the bars!

      Fast Forward (alternate to the juice) Plan
      1/8 slice of canteloupe or 1 orange 4 times a day.
      – unlimited steamed or raw green vegetables
      – unlimited proteins
      – 1/4-1/2 tsp Morton Lite Salt
      – 8 8oz glasses of water.

    37. Nicole S.

      Mike Hagen

      I have the purple plan….I can e-mail you the info. if you’d like.

    38. Susan

      Hey Everyone,

      Just wonderng if anyone knows what the diet plan is for the Take Off Juice?

    39. elise

      If anyone was on the blue plan please get back. to me on that. Thank u so much for posting this

    40. Ada

      If anyone has the Gold Plan that can provide me with the info.

    41. lacharley

      I am a past LAWL member with success too. Now that the centers have closed, and I don’t have bars or Take Off Juice, I’m looking for suggestions of bars or juice to purchase at the store that are similar. Does anyone have a box with the nutritional information so I can try to find something sililar? Thanks!

    42. Shannon

      Hey all, I was on LAWL on the orange plan and can not remember the number of servings. I was wondering if anyone can help me out. Thanks a bunch. Looking forward to starting again!!

    43. Mike Hagen

      Hi Charlene,

      Yes, this helps a great deal, thank you so much! Question: Would you have the other piece for the equation which describes what constitutes the different types of foods for each category i.e.; Starches, Fats, Dairy ,Protein Snacks etc. as well as the serving amount (what is a serving size 4oz 8oz, 1 or 2 cups ?) ) for each. I don’t want for you have to go through a lot of work to answer these questions, but if would have it in an electronic form where you could cut and paste that would be great.

      Best Regards, Mike H.

    44. Charlene

      Mike Hagen,

      Hi, I also was on the LA weight Loss purple plan which was the daily menu 2 right?

      21/2 servings of Proteins.
      3 servings Vegetables.
      2 servings of Fruit.
      3 servings of Starch.
      2 servings of Dairy.
      2 servings of Fat.
      2 La Lites (bars)

      Let me know if this helps at all!

    45. Marlen

      Hola,quiero saber si puedo hacer una dieta comiendo solamente los productos special k, como los cereales ,las barras,ect y como incorporarlos a mi dieta.

    46. Mike Hagen

      I looking for anyone that can help provide me with information on the “Purple Plan”. I was a member of LAWL a couple of years ago (until the business was closed) and had success losing weight (43 pounds) and keeping it off for the most part. However, I have gained a few pounds back and would again to follow the purple Plan, but I lost all of my LAWL material in a recent house move. Please, can anyone help?

    47. wen

      yo he perdido alrededor de 16 libras y aun me falta como 40 mas, pero siento que uno no pasa hambiento, si no que es bueno el plan, lo malo es que las barras son muy caras

    48. Rebecca

      I like the LAWL program because it is easy to follow & it works. Nothing else has seemed to work so quickly for me; plus I don’t feel deprived so I can stick to it. However…I find it pointless to make visits to the centre. The staff do not seem to know what they are talking about; often I receive different & contradictory answers from different staff.

    49. pat

      started la back in was the best thing that i ever did for myself. went from 180 to 152lbs.. it closed back in 2005. i have maintained up until this past summer. now i am 165lbs. you have no idea how much i miss going there to talk to someone.i get NO suport from my family.they all say i look great. i am 5″4 52yrs old wear a size 12 pant. me i am a big cow. i am starting plan again. only thing is i cant fine it. up until now, thanks to you.

    50. Ali

      I did LAWL 2 years ago lost all the weight and kept it off. Recently I was put on medication and made me gain all the weight.I need help to cleanse myself first any suggestion. I can’t find any LAWL near me. I have huge graving for salt. I need to get back to this program.

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