Greenlane Diet

The Greenlane Diet is a poor fad diet that has been circulating for many years.

Please note no medical association or hospital (Greenlane Hospital in Auckland) has nothing to do with this diet whatsoever.

The diet has circulated in the form of a one page sheet that claims you can lose 10 pounds in 3 days. The diet has been popular in the UK – but it’s exact origins are unknown.

Interestingly, the diet bears a striking resemblance to the Scarsdale diet – also written in the 1970s.

Greenlane Diet Plan

The Greenlane diet is a very low calorie diet – a typical day’s eating culminates in only 700 calories. This is a crash diet – a sudden and severe reduction in calories that results in primarily fluid loss.

The diet should never be undertaken for more than 3 days, any longer and your body will immediately slow down metabolism and place you on target for yo-yo dieting (and subsequent weight gain).

The Greenlane Hospital diet contains a small selection of foods; Dry toast, fruit, tuna, ‘snax’ biscuits. Snax biscuits are a cracker made by the food brand Griffins in New Zealand indicating that this diet may have originated from this part of the world (which does have a Greenlane hospital in Auckland). However this cannot be verified.

Sample Meal Plan

This diet is not recommended


5 ‘snax’ biscuits (dry crackers)
1 slice of cheddar cheese
1 small apple


1 boiled egg
1 slice of dry toast


1 cup of tuna
1 cup of beetroot
1 cup of cauliflower
1/2 melon
1/2 cup of diet vanilla ice-cream


Black coffee/tea/water

Look here for other low calorie meal ideas.

Fad Diets Never Work Long-term

VLCD diets like the Greenlane Diet never produce long-term results unless people begin a calorie reduced, long-term eating plan after the 3 day diet has finished.

Also these diet tend to promote unhealthy eating patterns and can result in eating disorders. We advise dieters to find plans that are sensible, healthy, and nutritionally adequate with slow and steady weight loss as a goal.

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
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  1. jodi

    Finished the three days. Today is day 4 & I weigh 93KG. Used Ryvita instead of cruskite but have ordered the snax biscuits from a NZ shop in Australia.

  2. jodi

    Day 3 ..another kg gone!
    I thiught I had cruskits in the cupboard to substitute for Snax but I didnt so used 2 ryvita for lunch yesterday & one for breakfast this morning.

  3. jodi

    Day 2:

    Well, day one was easy. Woke up 1KG lighter.
    Cant find SNAX biscuits so will use cruskits.

  4. jodi

    Day 1- weight 95KG

  5. jodi

    Hi all,
    Starting this diet tomorrow. Nearly got put off by the reports that it was a fad & would slow down my metabolism creating yo-yo dieting which ultimately leads to increased fat/less muscle. But, having read ur posts, especially punk girl ( did she lose the 34KG?), I am inspired to try. I need to loose 30 kg. After having baby 3 yrs ago, I retained 10 kg, then quit smoking, another 10kg gained, then 6 mths chemotherapy, another 10 kg. Somethings got to give! I will keep you all posted.

  6. Lorraine

    What are viennas?

  7. Lorraine

    Hi i’ve just recntly been told about this diet, im not very disciplined when it comes to diets but three days seems
    So todays my first day, ive had day ones breakfast and lunch so far and im not starving so thats good. The Blk tea/coffee keeps you fool till the next keep posting updates.

  8. tartansam

    Hey folks, i am starting the diet today, 3 days on it and 4 days watching what i eat/drink, shall keep u all posted!

    Sam x

  9. june

    2moro will be day 2 could you please tell me what vienna`s are?

    • ted

      June, they are little sausages that come in a can. yummy

  10. Sha

    Hey just wandering, what do u guys eat for the rest of the week?

  11. KEdwards

    Just started the diet this morning and have 4 weeks until my holiday so fingers crossed and I wish to lose as much as this space and will try to update you all x

  12. Madonna

    what do you do once you have lost the desired weight – is there a maintenance diet to follow?

  13. Shelly

    I lost 4kg the first 3 days and I am on it again now, I noticed one of the comments were… you must drink black tea or coffee, I had taken this as.. tea/coffee or water which I chose water, do you think this makes a diferance?
    I feel a lot more tired this time around,… and why no wine:)just kidding but it would be nice:)

  14. Aucklander

    PS: ‘Snax’ Biscuits in NZ, are indistinguishable from the crackers called ‘Ritz’ in the UK.

  15. Aucklander

    The Greenlane Diet originated, out of the Greenlane Hostiptals’ Specialist Heart Unit in Auckland New Zealand. It was developed in order to get high risk obese patient to drop weight as quickly as possible, in order to get them ‘Theatre-Ready’; where otherwise their weight would have rendered them incapable of facing a major heart operation.
    It definitely works, and every bit as fast and dramatically as it promises to, as the testimonials above can attest – but you should discontinue it once you’ve hit your target weight.

  16. PunkGirl

    hey manny..i did find out about the green tea. unfortunately while on the diet you have to drink the coffee or black tea. but on the other days you can have as much green tea as u want. A vienna is the sausage used to make a hot dog. if you have any questions email me.

  17. Manny

    Hey punkgirl – did you find out if you can have green tea or not – Im a greeny drinker too….Also whats a vienna….From the new zealand version I remeber it being a hot dog….Like a large sausage/cheerio? Does that sound like it?

  18. PunkGirl

    Hi all ive been on the diet for 7 weeks and have so far lost 12kg(24Lb). Would just like to share a tip. On day 4-7 I have been drinking green tea instead of my usual coffee. I found this stops cravings and makes you feel as light as a feather. It helps reduse fat around your abdomen (gets rid of those love handles). 4-6 cups a day. Every cup of green tea burns 25 calories. Don’t buy name brand green tea because firstly they taste horrible and secondly they have exstra stuff added to them. Go to your health shop and purchase your green tea there. One of the best things i have changed in my diet. I feel wonderfull.

  19. Little L

    Have now lost 18lb!!!! Thats in 5 weeks feeling much better and loving the new me so far.. Lots to go tho.

  20. tartansam

    well having been Mr.piggy for the last few months I am going to start this diet again, do it monday-wednesday then watch what I am doing the rest of the week, weighed in today at 13 stones 2 pounds, want to get to around 10 stones 7/10 stonws 10. did this diet for a few weeks a whilst back and lost a lot of weight, it really works, 3 days of strictness is totally do-able!
    everyone seems to have great results on this diet

  21. PunkGirl

    hi all, a little down today, only lost 1kg this week. So i’ve lost 12kg all together. was hoping or atleast 2 or 3kg. But it’s better than nothing. Will def keep going

  22. Little L

    Its 4 weeks since I started and have lost 15lbs! Over a stone.. 3 says on diet then eating sensibly for the rest of the week. Will keep going.

  23. PunkGirl

    First Day

    Black coffee / tea
    1/2 grapefruit or juice
    1 Slice of toast
    1 Tablespoon peanut butter

    Black coffee / tea
    1/2 cup tuna
    1 slice toast

    2 x slices of meat (85g)
    1 x cup of green beans
    1 x cup of carrots
    1 cup vanilla ice cream


    Second Day

    Black coffee / tea
    1 Hard boiled egg
    1 Slice of toast
    1/2 banana

    1 cup cottage cheese
    OR 1/2 cup tuna
    5 Provitas

    2 x Vienna’s
    1 cup cabbage AND broccoli
    1 1/2 cup carrots
    1 1/2 banana


    Third Day

    Black coffee / tea
    1 slice of cheddar cheese
    5 provitas
    1 small apple

    1 hard boiled egg
    1 slice toast
    Black coffee / tea

    1 cup tuna
    1 cup beetroot OR carrots
    1 cup green beans OR cauliflower
    1 cup melon OR small apple
    1 1/2 cup vanilla ice cream


  24. Manny

    Hi there – Can someone put the whole 3 day diet up here for me please. Cheers……Im amping to do it….especially coz of you punkgirl!!!! You go girl!!!

  25. PunkGirl

    hi all week 6 of the diet and i have lost 11kg! only 25 more to go!

  26. sophie

    Wow all of your comments sound so inspiring. I have about 2 stone to loose and saw this diet in the book Fat Man Cooks. It looked more tolerable than the lemon detox diet! 1st day is tommorrow. . . .

  27. Manny

    Hi there – Im inspired to do this again – have a had a baby and gave myself 6 months off worrying about what I eat and exercse but that time is up and I need a good “pick me up” diet – something that will shed some weight fast so that I can at least be encouraged to keep going!! I was wondering if someone could post up the rest of the diet please. Cheers

  28. PunkGirl

    I have now lost 7kg..have 31kg to go..

  29. Little L

    after my 3 days on the diet I have lost 7lb whoop whoop! Going to be sensible now until monday and start again!

  30. Little L

    Hi am on my 3rd day of the diet and found it quite easy I have lost 3lb weighing myself tonight so cant wait to weigh myself tomorrow.. Watch this space. I started at 17st.

  31. Pugwash

    I am going to start this diet again. I weighed 17st the last time I tried it & I done 3 days on 1 day off. I lost 2st 2lb over 28 days. I was doing loads of exercises i.e.Treadmill walking, skipping, a few weights but nothing too excessive, I was also off the booze for the month too. So if you have it to loose it’s a bit easier…….I was fat & Doh! Fat again!! I’ll be back in 30 days with update. Naked I weigh 17st, exactly.

  32. PunkGirl

    Hi all i did the diet and so far i’ve lost 3.5kgs! going again next week

  33. Katie Koo

    Hiya!! I start this diet tomorrow a little bit nervous but really excited at the hope of losin 7lbs a week, i have a goal to lose 70lbs as soon as poss. All ur stories are great n it has confirmed to me that this diet actually works!! will let you all know how i do after the 3 days 🙂

    Keep up the good work!! Shell-Belle ur amazin really amazin u give me hope girl lol 🙂

  34. PunkGirl

    I would just like to know if anyone could help, are you allowed to have green tea on the diet? I enjoy my green tea and don’t enjoy changing it for black coffee or plain tea

  35. rhonda whitchurch

    I have lost the sheet outlining this diet. I tried it a couple of years ago and had great success. Would someone very kindly send me another copy via email to so I can get rid of my xmas pudding tummy thanks

  36. PunkGirl

    hi all, i started this diet yesterday so i’m on day 2, need to lose 34kg’s in 10weeks. is this possible?

  37. Ann

    My friend gave me the sheet of paper and it has 3 days of diet, much more varied than the one day given on this site. It used viennas one day, broccoli rather than cauliflower, and did not specify things like amounts for the cheese, or diet ice cream. I have just done it for 3 days. I really didn’t feel that bad, even though I am a school teacher and an active walker. I did get rather weary, but I kept my water intake high. I will post my first result tomorrow.

  38. jane lynch

    hi all im a great fan of this diet if you do it correctly sticking to three days on and four days off,to stop the hunger pangs you must drink plenty of water but the results are worth it.

  39. Luan

    I have Just started this diet again. I have done it before and lost about 6 – 7 lbs. I dont like beetroot so I swap for carrots. I’m on day one today…. Hoping to do it for 3 days a week for 6 weeks

    Manchester England

  40. kim

    Hi i have really been inspired by shell-belle, i wouldnt say iam drastically overweight but at 12st 6lb and only 5ft 2″ i do look a bit chubby these days, like most other ppl i have tried all kinds of diets and pills, iam starting this 3day plan on monday and iam quite optimistic about the outcome, if i can loose 6-8lbs i will be over the moon, i plan to eat sensibly for the other 4days and repeat the diet next week, i will follow up and let you know how i get on.

  41. Shell-Belle

    Hi all – new year, back to it…..

    Didnt do the diet over the Christmas/New Year period had about 3 weeks off it.

    Got straight back to it on the 5th January and feeling fine!

    I have read all the comments on the board this morning and some of you have said some really lovely stuff about me 🙂 Aww 🙂 Thanks for your lovely thoughts and I am glad that I could help.

    Good luck everyone – have fun! Dont forget the vitamins to keep those energy levels up!

  42. lil

    Hi guys. Please remember that this diet is designed for people who are on 100% bedrest. If you are an active person please add an additional (non-acid) fruit. Dont do this diet if you are a serious sports person, and dont do it for more than 3 days in a week as it forces your body into Ketonosis. If you have diabetes it is extremely dangerous…see your doctor, there are modifications that you will be able to do if you are careful.
    Last note: this really does work and I’ve seen amazing results for alot of different people… and now for me.

  43. Nics

    Have a lot of family that have done this diet, being from Auckland I know of the diet but have never tried it, I started today and will let yall know how I go, I dont’ like seafood at all so am changing the Tuna with either Egg White omelette or Cottage cheese for those that don’t eat Tuna. Pretty sure if you take a Multi vitamin you shouldn’t get so tired. Will let ya know

  44. Haley

    Im on my 2nd day, and this diet has really inspired me to exercise too! Im adding spices and herbs to the meals to make them a little bit more robust too, and changing a couple of things eg strawberries instead of a few other fruits, and Im drinking heaps of water.

  45. Windey

    Hi, I have just started on the three day Greenlane Diet as I walk about 8-12 kilometres a day is it ok to drink more water in between meales.

  46. Kyles

    This is my 5th day and I am feeling GREAT already I did 3 months on a shake programme and didnt feel that good after a short time, Im also going to try the other programme someone has written on here because this one there is very little food(of course its a diet) but I use alot of energy up in my job.

  47. tartansam

    hey folks..well weighed in after 3 days on the greenlane and i lost SEVEN pounds! thrilled to say the least, gonna watch what i am doing this week and doing it again on monday till wednesday 🙂

  48. tartansam

    starting today, pal and my auntie are trying this as well, shall be in touch with our(hopefully good) weight losses.

  49. Miss J

    Hya all, I thought it just another Diet with no way out, but then I was pleasently surprised by the results i achieved, i lost 7lb in the three days (purly becuse i couldn’t face beetroot, Melon nor Cottage Cheese) but it was a group of us that underwent this diet and one person lost 9lb, one person lost 8lb and myself lost 7lb (what a result to jump back on the scales at the end of the three days to see that i had lost the weight (horrah) lol. I would recommend eating health in between to maintain a balance. I would try this diet again in in the near future for the duration for the 40 days….

  50. Minny

    hi all!
    i managed to stick to this diet for three days and i lost about 2kgs!

    LOLLY, yups i do – i felt sleepy and tired most of the time, and i got hungry real fast as well…

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