Diet and Nutrition

Understanding Calories
Calorie intake is a fundamental law of weight control.

Calorie Counting
Do calories count? Do we need to count them? How?

Simple or complex? Natural or refined? What is low carb all about?

What Are Healthy Snacks?

Fats and Oils
There are different kinds of fats, and they are an essential part of our diet.

Food Labels - How To Decode Them
Manufacturers are getting more cunning by the day. Many are twisting words to make food products sound healthier than what they are.

Food Guide Pyramid - Has It Failed Us?
The USDA Food Pyramid has been taught for decades - but we are more overweight than ever. What happened?

Glycemic Index (GI)
What is the GI? And what does it have to do with weight loss?

Drinking Properly for Weight Loss
If you're losing weight - know what to drink.

How Many Calories in a Cup of Coffee?
Is it ok to drink coffee when trying to lose weight? Here's a handy table that compares different types of coffee including gourmet varieties from popular restaurants.

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