Exercise Plan 3 – Weight Training

A weight training program is an integral part of any fat loss program. It is for both women and men – and it does not make you grow big muscles !! (you need to be consuming considerable amounts of calories for that – read more about this in Weight Training for Fat Loss).

The key component to burning calories, is increasing metabolism – the rate at which the body burns energy. A good weights or resistance training program not only boosts metabolism, but the increase in lean muscle itself also requires more calories to maintain!

Designing a program

If possible, get a fitness trainer to design a program for you – something that fits your goals, your body type, and your timetable.

There is a lot of information out there, such as technique, types of exercise (there are hundreds), how often you should train, how long you should train, etc. It is an enormous subject, and to get the best out of your workout time, you will need to learn about weight training, or have a program constructed for you.

Beginners Program

Train 3 times per week, with one rest day in between (for example, Monday, Wednesday, Friday).

Perform 10 minutes of warm up using cardio equipment (such as a rowing machine).

Perform 1 to 2 sets of the following exercises:


  • Dumbbell Bench Press (1×12 repetitions)
  • Dumbbell Flies (1×12)


  • Wide Grip (Lat.) Pulldown (1×12)
  • Seated Rows (1×12)


  • Triceps PushDown (1×12)


  • Standing Dumbbell Curls (1×12)


  • Leg Press (1×15)
  • Leg Extension (1×15)
  • Leg Curl (1×15)

See Also

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Workout – What you do every time you visit the gym. Includes cardio exercise, stretches, and weight training.

Reps – Short for repetitions. The number of times you lift the weight. Obviously the heavier the weight, the less reps you will be able to do. When doing a rep it is important to concentrate on good slow technique. You will often see people swinging around wildly… this is not the way to lift weights.

Example: (1×12) means 1 set of 12 repetitions

Set – A group of repetitions.

Rest Time – The amount of time you rest between sets. This is often around the 1 minute mark.