Diets For Kids

diet-for-kidsDiet and nutrition for kids is a challenge. Most children are bombarded with persuasive and attractive advertising from a very young age. Most foods advertised tend to be high in sugar or salt and are often sponsored by colorful cartoon characters.

Children need to be given a choice and must be allowed to eat little and often.

Major Food Groups


There is no need for children to eat low-fat products. Fats are a necessary component of anyone’s diet. The issue with fat is that of moderation due to the higher calorie content of fats. Some of the more important fats required in childhood development are Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats.

Sources of omega-3 are tuna, salmon, sesame seeds, nuts, sardines. (Note that nuts are not suitable for very young children due to a choking risk.

Sources of omega-6 are Avocado, sunflower seeds, corn, almonds.


Protein is essential but needs to be moderated in children so as not to overload the kidneys. Good protein sources include; Eggs, milk, cheese, unflavored yogurts, chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, fish, and even some grains such as oats and millet.


There is never any need to reduce carbohydrates in children and it should make up the biggest portion of their diets. Many children receive their carbohydrates from sugary juices, candies, processed breakfast foods, and many other snack foods.

Good carbohydrate choices include; Fruits, vegetables, bread, crackers, whole grain cereals, unsweetened muesli.

Weight Loss for Kids and Teenagers

Children who are overweight should never go on restrictive diets or even have foods restricted. Any approach should include the entire family and result in improving the diet of the parents as well as the children.

The program must address behavioral issues as well as nutritional issues.

SparkTeens Free service that offers teens, parents, and teachers the tools and support they need to be healthy or encourage the teens in their lives to get fit. From the creators ofย  SparkPeople.
Trim Kids (book) A 12 week program suitable for children, pre-teens, and teenagers.
Slim Kids A smaller program aimed specifically at children.

Meal Plan Ideas for Kids


  • Low-sugar granola. Can be served with milk, chopped banana, or diluted fruit juice.
  • Cup of cornflakes with chopped apple and/or chopped nuts.
  • Scrambled eggs on toast, perhaps with plain yogurt and berries.
  • Oatmeal with raisins.
  • Baked beans on toast with a small glass of whole milk.


  • Baked potato with tuna.
  • Shepherd’s pie and green vegetables.
  • Macaroni cheese and green vegetables.
  • Chicken and lentil soup.
  • Pasta with ham and peas.
  • Tuna sandwich


  • Omelet with green beans.
  • Lamb with small new potatoes lightly roasted (not fried) in olive oil.
  • Tuna with pasta bows and vegetables.
  • Pita bread with chicken slices and sliced sweet red peppers.
  • Salmon fillet with mashed potato and ratatouille.
  • Chicken and mixed vegetable casserole.


  • Cup of plain popcorn (home-made).
  • Fruit and unsalted mixed nuts.
  • Cream cheese on oatcakes and grapes.
  • Smoothie made of milk and red berries.
  • Unsweetened nut butter (almond is popular with children) on toast.
  • Sliced carrots and celery with avocado dip.
  • Fresh fruit salad with oat pancake.

Find more tasty meal ideas for your kids here.

 By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)
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  1. Amanda :D

    i am 13 years old.All u kids need to chill.Most of yall dont need to loose weight unless if u are really short and it makes u look big.i understand that.if u are 12…and weight over 130 pounds.u need to eat right.I weight 159 pounds.dont get me started.i am going on the chemical reaction deit.i hope it works!

  2. Monika

    Well Julie it really seems that you like to eat sweet and stuff you should replace high calorie food with strawberries, blueberrys, and other very other lower calorie fruit. (Dont eat grapes there quite high in calories)

    Make sure that you dont eat ANY meals past four or five depending on what time you go to sleep. This is because after that moment in the day you are less active and all those calories just build up =( So i say past five you should eat fruit or yogurt in SMALL quanties. Buy that fit and slim yogurt or something like that it only has 60 calories! Its perfect. In the morning your stomach will already loook ALOTT slimmer. (Remember eating from 6 to night is TERRIBLE thats when you ussually gain the wait, so start with a nicce big healthy breakfast, NEVER SKIP OUT ON THAT..Eggs are low in calories and there yummy)

    Before 5 try eating the things you like thats what I did and now I have abs…I also work out on a daily bassis hope I helped =D

  3. Julie

    I am a very picky eater. I don’t eat meat except on Christmas morning when my dad cooks sausage. I don’t eat cheese or pizza either. I basically only eat dessert or a biscut when me my mom and dad and sometimes brother go out to eat. How can I follow this plan? I don’t like some of the stuff. Most of it. I am 12 turned 12 June 18. Born 1996. Average weight now is 103. Anyone care to help? Just write it in your message if you do. Thanks! Bye!

  4. jasmine

    hey i am 10 and i weigh about 80 lbs… i have a belly and i need this diet! wish meh luck!!!!!! XD

  5. fleemco

    i weigh 134 lbs. i hope this diet works cause i have to go to a new school. and i want to be slim on my first day.please work

  6. casey

    ty i hope i well go down a pound or two

  7. charlotte

    i hav tried so meny times to diet but it hasnt worked i want to wear a binki this summer:) and when i go bk to skool i want to suprise every 1

  8. gigi

    hey im 14 nd i wiegh bout…….. 148..yea itz realy bad. i need to lose weight for this summer. i aint gonna be walkn around wit ma belly fat.. im too pretty 4 dat ya digg. buh anywayz, this diet thing bettah work cuz i want ma old body back nd ma skinny jeans..wish me luck ya…peace

  9. Amy

    Im 13 and i Weigh 203 and i have high blood pressure. i came home from the doctor and my dad does that whole “Well sweetie how does it go?” and i told him he didnt believe me i was pissed. Then my mom said it was true and then he belived me. Now i have to go bike riding through the park. It suck being fat. ๐Ÿ™

  10. victoria

    very interesting food lol

  11. victoria

    is this really gonna help these kids some of the foods above dont sound good =[

  12. Maddie

    I hope this works because I am 8 and I am 90-100 pounds! I’ve tried everything!

  13. natalie

    I’m 213 pounds and every diet i’ve done doesn’t work

  14. Carla

    I’m gonna try it as well. I’m 15 and weigh 160lbs… ๐Ÿ™

  15. Tamara

    I’m 11 and I wiegh around 75 I got money for doing abit of work and bought alout of junk food so I hope this works cause I hate the way I look and I’m not confiedent with myself I mean my parents dont even know I’m going to try this so plz make a diffrence cause I know I can do better

  16. charlie

    im a 12 year old girl and 100 pounds (roughly) i am realy unhappy as all my friends are skinny pins and are around 70 pounds. one of my friends called me fat whilke laughing his head of. i feel so sad and left out. one of my besties has invited me to the carribean to be a bridsmaid with her in october and we are going to the dress fittings in 3 weeks but i might say no as i am so Fat. i hope i loose it in time as she is 60 pounds and ultra slim!!!

  17. Diana

    this better work.if it doesnt .Grrr.

  18. armani

    i hope this WORKS,i am 9 about be 10,and 146 pounds!!!!!!!!

  19. LINDA


  20. miki

    im a 8 year old girl and weigh 134 ponds!! i really need to loose some weight i mean i weigh more than my mom and she is 42!!!! so please i have tried over 709 diets and nothing works for me and everyone thinks i have a pregnant!!

  21. Lauren

    okay, im 12 and weigh 82 pounds. I dont look 82 pounds but i look like im 100 pounds. i thik this diet will help me with this problem

  22. Desi

    I don’t know how but i hop this works because i’m 13 and i weigh 144 pounds

  23. Sarah

    I hope this works, i’m 12 and i weigh about 108-110.

  24. Megan

    Im 13, and I weigh about 130 … I’m not fat, and not skinny, just chubby. It’s not fair because everytime i try to do something anout my weight, it never seems to really work. And on top of that, everyone at school, and even my own cousins make fun of me. I hate putting on a bathing suit and summer is … HERE! Hope this thing works .. Thanks!!

  25. anna

    hi i am 10 and i know this is hard to believe but i weigh 165 lbs. i want/need to lose a bunch of weight

  26. monica

    i cant believe that young girls as low as 10 years old are looking for diets…what has our society come to you young girls should not obsessive about this and just be happy with who you are …and consider this some kids are starving around the world and you that have the opportunity to eat prefer not to you should all be ashamed of yourself

  27. Anna

    I hope this works. I’m 10 and I weigh 90 lbs. It stinks!

  28. linda

    hi im 14 years old and i weight 135 pounds. its disgusting and i hope to loose about 10-15 pounds. please help : (

  29. Luli

    i hope from my heart that this work because im 13 and weigh 73

  30. Shelly

    I hope this works I’m almost 12 and am 102. I wish I could wear a 2 piece bathing suit again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! help ๐Ÿ™

  31. LAUREN

    I think thats a goog idea for the kids and help them lose wait

  32. raven

    that’s good if they want to be on a diet they can i guess but that’s good for them and i guess i will be on one too

  33. ghoson

    i am 10 years old and i way 99 pounds
    so i hope this works

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    thanks i really needed the help and i got it thanks so much ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Kali.

    Hey; Im younger then 15 but; screw this im not going to play the guessing games; Im 13 & weigh 175!
    It’s disgusting and humiliating.
    Even though i make sure no-one can relize my weight ;; I cannot wear the things i want to wear.
    And summer is just 2 or so weeks away.
    I refuse to wear a bathing; oh well; i’ll just have to “miss out” on summer.
    Thats my punishment for sitting around on my ass all day and eating..
    but for the new school year I want to shock everyone; by changing my body & my confidence.
    I really hope this works ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also; my mom told me another good way to lose weight is not to eat after 4 unless it’s fruit .

  36. lu

    im 11 turning 12 this year and i weigh 125 pounds. Hopfully this will help me lose weight to at least the weight of 110 pounds. wish me luck!!

  37. lci

    im a kid 12 years old i tryed this and almost lost 1 stone in 1 munth

  38. ahd

    this website is vry helpful im not fat at all but want to take control of my body shape

  39. a

    Jacey, what are you talking about? Almonds and chicken is delicious.

  40. zoe

    thnx like a lot of people self-asteem is pretty low like mine but after i tried this it worked although all kids should be happy about how they look and not pay attention to what other people say about them

  41. jacey

    u people are sick y would u mix almonda with chicken most of your diets dont even make sense wat r u tryin to do kill us

  42. Caitlin

    Hopefully this will work.
    I’m 12 and i weigh about 110kgs.
    its really sad and my self-esteem is really low.


  43. shyron

    i am 14 and i eat all the time but only at night and i wait id 139 pounds.

  44. shyron

    i wait is 139pounds and im onley 14

  45. olivia

    Thanks for the help and I was 99 pounds yesterday and i am 97 pounds today i’v been bikeing,sports etc…

  46. Lacey

    This better work!I am 10 and my wait is 104 I am gonna tell my big friend about this (kinda big same size as me) And if it dont work!Grrrrr

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    how to stop from eating candy

  48. miley cyrus

    what are you guys trying to do to these poor little kids

  49. alicia

    is this really gonna work

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    very interesting thanks for the offer helping my children get slim before skool thanks again bye anne – marie

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