Diet Water

From the strange-products-from-japan department comes Diet Water… the perfect weight loss beverage.

I wondered if this picture was a photoshop job – until I found another Japanese “Diet Water” product.
UPDATE: Sapporo Diet Water is most definitely real – and was released way back in 2004!

What About American Diet Water

Well Americans certainly have their share of messed around with water.

3012-skinny-water.jpgSkinny Water: This brand is a whole line of flavor enhanced 0 calorie water . 9 flavors in all and do everything from detox to energize you.

3013-fitness-water.jpgFitness Water: This water by propel is supposed to hydrate you better than regular water during your workouts. At $3/ bottle, it better do something.

3014-mio-water-enhancer.jpgMio: Then there’s all the powdered and liquid water enhancers like Mio. You simply add a squirt of flavor/ vitamins to your own water.

What’s wrong with plain water?

Absolutely nothing. In fact, that is the best “diet” water there is.

Learning to drink and like plain water is the best way to hydrate. The western diet is full of sodium and minerals needed for electrolytes.

People who say they can’t stand the taste of plain water, I challenge you to try it for a month. I’m pretty sure you’ll change your tune and save some money.


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  1. Jani

    >People who say they can’t stand the taste of plain water, I challenge you to try it for a month. I’m pretty sure you’ll change your tune and save some money.<

    There are places it tastes rank from the tap (where I used to live) and places it is delicious (where we are now) some places it tastes really dirty, and one place gave me an upset stomach for the first month or two I lived there til I went to see the dr. He said it’ll be the water you’ll get used to it so I stopped drinking it from the tap.

    Not all water is the same.
    Not by a long way.

  2. Jan

    Diet Water, it’s natural when it rains and we get litres of it in WA. Diet Water is a gimmick. Natural water is natural. There is stupids out there that read a label and think it’s fine. Natural water is fine, stupids.

  3. Ahmod

    If anyone buy this claiming normal water is too fattening, I will have to sue them for being too stupid.

    • Jan

      Yep, stupids that think natural water is fattening. Ohhhh, really, we get ours from the heavens when it is bucketting down as we do in cyclones. No need to raid shops for fresh water, do it with the fresh rain. STUPIDS!!! Hope you stupids read this!!!!

  4. Jon O'Neal

    I’m working on inventing instant water… just not sure what to add to it yet

    • Dee

      LOL ?

  5. Col Baker

    When will we get dehydrated water?

  6. Raquel Robbins

    It probably is just water with saccrine in it to cause cancer like all other diet stuff woot woot I’m drinking cancer lol

  7. Xapie

    Regarding Propel — $3 per bottle isn’t anywhere close to the cost. My local Sam’s Club sells a case of 24 bottles for $9.98, which works out to 41-cents per bottle.

    • Ahmod

      Normal water is about $4 for 36

  8. j

    lul… diet water

  9. Colin Thomas

    People, there’s no point in buying diet water until you are on a full regime of diet air. Pm me for details/m.

  10. Patrice Austin

    Where can I find this diet water at

    • Common Sense

      In your tap at home

  11. Diddlydoo

    Still has too many calories.

  12. Jim

    Some fools will fall for anything

    • Ahmod


  13. peter

    where to buy the diet water

  14. B.F.

    Diet water? Really? How utterly stupid for anyone to buy water on the premise that it is “diet” water. But as P.T. Barnum once said, “there’s a sucker born every minute”.

  15. M

    Nothing “detoxes” you except your liver or kidneys.

    • Holly

      Which increasing your WATER intake naturally does by way of your kidneys and liver. So therefore their claims are accurate. But it’s because of normal water not their special water. People are so gullible so they can market this way.

  16. Don Chatman

    Are you going to come out with Diet everything. Would the Diet have minus Calories. How can you make it in different flavours.
    I am sure a lot of people will buy this. You can sell anything to some people.

  17. Water dude

    This water is probably just like vitamin water or just flavored water which if it has 0 calories then why not buy it

    • water boy

      that’s genius water dude

    • funscienceguy

      Because I can get it out of the kitchen faucette oh so much cheaper…

  18. Michael

    I call Shenanigans on this company because water is already 0 calories

  19. harambe

    this is stupid…..

  20. Shereen

    People are idiots

    • Ben Dover

      2 to 3 very ripe bananas, peeled
      1/3 cup melted butter
      1 teaspoon baking soda
      Pinch of salt
      3/4 cup sugar (1/2 cup if you would like it less sweet, 1 cup if more sweet)
      1 large egg, beaten
      1 teaspoon vanilla extract
      1 1/2 cups of all-purpose flour
      1 Preheat the oven to 350°F (175°C), and butter a 4×8-inch loaf pan.
      2 In a mixing bowl, mash the ripe bananas with a fork until completely smooth. Stir the melted butter into the mashed bananas.
      3 Mix in the baking soda and salt. Stir in the sugar, beaten egg, and vanilla extract. Mix in the flour.
      4 Pour the batter into your prepared loaf pan. Bake for 50 minutes to 1 hour at 350°F (175°C), or until a tester inserted into the center comes out clean.
      5 Remove from oven and cool completely on a rack. Remove the banana bread from the pan. Slice and serve. (A bread knife helps to make slices that aren’t crumbly.)

      • billy

        that sounds like banana bread

  21. Jane Chan

    Dieting is big in Japan. Anything that can be put in front of the words diet, including water can be marketed. The main reason is because diet is used to refer to exercise, skin care, etc. in contrast to the way it is used in the US, what you eat, how you eat to lose weight. In my opinion diet water is a kissing cousin of vitamin water. Who is to blame? Diet Sells

    • nadjib

      i know that the water is the best slimmer.. but any one here tried it ?

      • Phil

        Why would you bother to pay for water when tap water is free & same H2o?

    • Larry

      Then why do they have Coke Lite and not Diet Coke?

      • Tolomedic57

        They do have diet coke in the United States

  22. denise

    I’m not sure if this water will actually solve weight problem. But I can recommend diet and exercise. It sounds cliche but it is the most effective way of losing weight.

    • Patrick

      Its not cliche. These techniques both reduce caloric intake and by default buidup while increasing caloric output, expenditure.

  23. ryan

    is it effective?

  24. Hanna

    Im so tired of all these products from other countries. Tell me what you think obout SOBE “0” calorie Lifewater. I really like it.

    • Hannai Simbecilic

      from other countries? elaborate

  25. jesus christ

    These comments make me want to punch my computer screen.

    • gg

      black and yellow black and yellow and youre not jesus homes lol and your comment made me fall off the couch laughing and im so sleepy im stupid lol

    • Bruno Berry

      I don’t have a P.C. anymore thanks to Diet Water…some spilled on it and it and it shrunk into a smart phone! (Yes….im soooo dumb for being stupid but…i can’t help it!)

  26. hunter

    I know for real I counted like 7 stupid or retard words in all the comments this is funny

  27. random craphead

    have you guys ever heard of a joke? you are all RETARDED. grammar can be taken anyway, 18 or eighteen, both are valid, you’re just trying to irritate each other, so grow up. Learn to have a sense of HUMOR!

  28. TrioHavoc

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but you can’t be nominated for the Darwin Awards unless you died a really stupid and hilarious death.

  29. kon mkon


  30. Jess

    I’m totally on your side with this – but you spelled hypocritical wrong. lmbo

  31. daren

    oh Japan…

  32. WonderBread

    Actually, regular American water is already a hunger suppressant. It expands your stomach like food, so you can actually lose weight if you drink it instead of juice and soda because it WILL make you full if you drink enough.

  33. Bullcrap

    You can’t write numbers out in full? That’s a load of crap.

  34. Sally

    At Wal-Mart they don’t have Japanese brand as pictured BUT they carry a diet water by Canada Dry (over near hard liquor).

    • Dana

      That’s not water!!! That’s Tonic water. Big difference. Tonic water is carbonated for one and also has fructose corn syrup (some brands have natural sweetener though) so.. the diet tonic water is for diabetics and people who don’t want the high fructose corn syrup…

      • Rob

        Except diet water is stupid. Diet water and tap water are the same what the heck is diet water no such thing

  35. Sally

    I mean “Canada Dry Brand” not Canadian Club as I stated (My mind was on something stronger LOL). =)

  36. Sally

    They do sell “Diet Water” in the USA…today I was at Wal-Mart. It was right next to the Seltzer water I was buying…Canadian Club brand! It is comical to have see diet water…but hey if one feels it will work, you never know…mind over matter! =)

  37. Reply

    Actually, all numbers over nine should be written with numerals. So your “eighteen” should have been written as 18.

  38. Chumo

    Then why are you commenting on this??
    Yeah think about it now Mr. Genius Genocide.


  39. Chumo

    WOW! Diet water, i could use some of that, i’m like 38 and reasonably over weight and have been trying to get a better alternative to all that water i drink, this stuff would help heaps!! 😛


    ps:Where do i get it from?? Any where in u.s?

  40. ben dover

    u got told

  41. olivia


  42. Joseph

    P.S. that was to hanna

  43. Joseph


  44. Joseph

    This is hilarious… If you’re reading this comment go back to the top and read the whole thing! I lost count of how many times people said “you’re stupid,” or “you’re retarded.” I mean, this is just sooooo funny.

  45. not needed

    obviously you all posses the same mental capacity because you keep posting comments related to the one comment someone posted as a joke. It’s nice to know what people do in thier spare time…

  46. mackenzie

    long live the darwin awards =D

  47. Brooklyn

    wow really? you’re stupid. water helps you lose weight. not gain. get it right. diet water is a joke.

  48. AnonInKC

    ANY water is effective in a diet – provided you also make sure to watch your intake of fats, carbs and calories 🙂

  49. bob barker

    its possible that it has some type of laxative in it to promote weight loss, or hunger supressant

  50. cp

    im smart, not like everybody say’s, like dumb but smart, and i want respect!

  51. CP

    im smart, not like everybody say’s, like dumb but smart, and i want respect!

  52. doesn't matter

    Obviously you are the one who is retarded. When you ask a question you are supposed to put a single question mark, not eighteen exclamation marks. You also need to check your caps lock.

  53. Christine (Not first one)

    I KNOW hey? It’s the Dunning-Kruger effect. (Is it spelled like that???) The dumber you are, the smarter you think you are, and vice versa.

  54. jaime

    heh i would drink this so called diet water lol =P

  55. My brain hurts

    I feel significantly dumber and less optimistic about the world every comment board I skim through. Why do we even let people comment on these things? Perhaps we should use it as a cataloging mechanism of who exactly to kill during the next genocide. At least that way the world WOULD turn out to be a better place thereafter.

  56. Becky

    Ohhh. Does it have diet hydrogen in it:)

  57. yamba yu

    i couldnt beleive it they made DIET WATER!!!!!!!
    I was gaining to much with reguar water.
    japanese people are cool!!!

  58. Urkle

    The diet in the title doesn’t mean they think their water is less calories, it means it is simply “vitamin water” that is better for weight loss because it is fortified with other nutrients that normal water doesn’t have. Don’t you all feel smart now..

  59. Bactchan

    Successful troll is succesful.

  60. Dion

    Yeah, I didn’t see this in Japan either, but like New Zealand, in Japan and Australia ect. the word “diet” generally implies that the product is of ‘less’ fat or more commonly sugar. So this doesn’t make sense. Perhaps they’re stating its water and its good for your diet? lol

  61. Dion

    You tell ’em! lol. Funny how the people on here who think they’re smart are really the stupid ones. Dumb people.. can’t live with them.. could easily live without them. 🙂

  62. Terri Lynn Beaton

    Looks like another money making scam, just go to your tap and pour some water in a glass and add some lemon. Are you kidding these guys are scaming who ever will fall for this.

  63. Peter S.

    Diet water, now comes with Less Hydrogen

  64. nuthead88

    i dont mean 2 sound immature,actually im 11 so of course im immature! anyway, befuddled is a funny word! lol! :p anyway, yea i dont get diet water, im fine with regular water. i have juice in moderation and soda during parties. so yea i luv water. i actually want some rite now. and those hecklers against those ppl who just made innocent jokes r kinda (i dont like sayin bad words) retards! yes I am 11 and American. some ppl say i look oder and sound older. once a flight attendant refused 2 give me a 12 & under meal cuz she thot i wuz 15. i wanted that meal cuz it had extra chocolate. CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  65. David

    Seriously people. Are you Effing stupid?! Laura was making a very blatant joke. The fact that so many of you are calling her stupid just shows how fundamentally retarded you are. Your three year old knows all water is diet? Do you think your kid could explain humour and sarcasm to you? Or perhaps the fact that water is NOT a diet beverage but a vital biological component that you would die without?

  66. Emily

    haha i need some of that stuff.;)

  67. Talia

    You’re an idiot. It’s a joke.

  68. Belle

    i work in fast food and have on two separate occasions had customers ask for diet water. i thought they were just messing around but apparently they weren’t and got pissed when i laughed at em.

  69. kayla

    ur an idiot water dont make u fat food makes u fat

    • Jane

      Look up “sarcasm” in the dictionary.

  70. Gabe

    Hooray! I was gaining too much weight with regular water.

  71. Clare

    water is already zero calories!

  72. theguy

    Now this is a very convincing and smart argument.

  73. theguy

    You guys are all retarded. Laura clearly made a joke. YOU should be nominated for Darwin awards.

  74. applelover

    this just proves that japanese ppl are stupid?

  75. Christine

    I think you should be put in the Darwin awards.

  76. anna and viv

    Anna: omg are you freaking serious?! ha i told you it existed viv!!

    Viv:japanese people are kool they have DIET WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Cenegenics Atlanta

    “Diet water” is really redundant since it is required in all diets.

  78. pippy

    Ha! I HAVE to buy some of this stuff!!

  79. Ashy

    LOLOLOLOL. O gawd.

  80. Christy

    omg..r u stupid? ALL water is diet if its not the flavor one..even my 3y/o knows all water is diet LMAO

  81. Darlene Tooley

    I world like to try this water for diet who knows it just might work. And when I was a nurses assistant I got my hands on a water diet but lost it. I did use it tho and I lost 30 pounds.

  82. Jame

    ARE YOU RETARDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. libby

    are you kidding me. you are — i don’t have words to say it — even if this is a joke, come on.

  84. lee

    where do you get the diet water?

  85. Donald

    Thats FakE sAME AS wATer!!

  86. Storm

    Japan is so cool i would love to go to Japan! If they make something better than water thier smart!!!!!

  87. bob

    Cool thats ace!!

  88. Stephen Nash

    Hi there. Can you tell me where this diet water is available. Thankyou. Stephen.

  89. Alan

    If you’re gonna get “diet water”, order it in a drive-thru and get it “to go!”

  90. Kurt Maine

    That’s funny, there’s no way it’s real though!

  91. Dr.J

    If anyone is curious, Skinny water: Each bottle/serving provides 500mg of L-Carnitine and 200mcg of Chromium.

  92. Rosalie Winston

    If you wanna try water with an all-natural appetite suppressant and a spash of fruit, visit: -I’ve lost 10 lbs in two weeks with this stuff!

  93. Mark

    “Water” is an English word. Japanese speak Japanese. “Diet Water” is akin to saying “Eau Santé” on a product in the U.S. There are lots of these “waters” where they use roman letters or katakana in the name. Nobody thinks that they are literally water. The Japanese on the packages usually identify them as “inryou,” or beverages.

  94. rhoda

    Never mind. I just found out it’s also the term for seawater with the salt removed.

  95. rhoda

    The water contains bittern? Aren’t bitterns birds? Now I’m confused.

  96. TheMorbidMe

    Amazing.. I even heard once that there was water in powder, you just mix it with hydrogen… we live in a crazy world.. 🙂

  97. Terry Wilson-Malam

    My father used to have a joke about ‘instant water’ — I think you get the picture!

  98. michael

    There is really this water.
    It is not photoshop Job!
    But I do not understand whether this water is effective in a diet.

  99. Passion for Health

    To me this is more marketing madness. Why people buy this stuff totally escapes me. I am befuddled.

    As far as not liking real water goes–we like what we know. Do it, you’ll get to like it. Trust me 🙂

    Science has yet to prove that the human body is in need of any “product” whatsoever 🙂

    Stay Healthy Yall (is yall really a word?? :-)) On the subject of Yall, 24/7 is now common speak in the UK! Mainly thanks to Ricky Lake and Oprah 🙂


  100. Spectra

    They do make water with caffeine in it too…I guess that could theoretically increase your metabolism for a little while. I guess if I saw this product at the store, I’d figure it was like all those other vitamin-enhanced waters they make now.

  101. Passion for Health

    Quito said:
    It says this is the water … combines folic acid, bittern and carnitine, which helps in the consumption and disposal of fat in the body. It also says that this water taste just like regular drinking water.[…]

    Arh… it’s all becoming clear… thank you, it’s as clear as…

  102. Quito

    I asked a Japanese friend of mine to tell me about the link Jim pointed to. Her comment was:

    It says this is the water … combines folic acid, bittern and carnitine, which helps in the consumption and disposal of fat in the body. It also says that this water taste just like regular drinking water.

    Sounds like a product that might do well in the US.

  103. Heather

    Laura said:
    that’s awesome. Regular water is making me so fat![…]


  104. Lara

    I’m kind of with Amanda on this – The water aisle at the stores here is packed full of all this “healthy” water (it’s right next to the soda) but have you ever looked at the labels on this stuff? I mean, I’m a Vitamin Water addict – but one 24 oz. bottle packs 150 calories. Sure, I’m getting all sorts of B vitamins as well as others, depending on the flavor I choose, but when it comes down to calories, the Diet Coke is the better choice. (Best choice, obviously plain, unflavored water – but this whole water thing comes from the fact that people don’t LIKE drinking plain water so much.)

    I can easily drink 5 or 6 bottles of Vitamin Water a day. That’s upwards of 900 calories on just beverages! If I could find a water that had the same flavor with zero (or hell, even like 10) calories, I wouldn’t even care about the vitamins in it.

    Apparently this Japanese “diet” water isn’t so much like “Diet Coke” but rather flavored water that has no calories. Frankly, I’d love to have that stuff here in the states.

  105. nicole kramarczyk

    I just came from Okinawa Japan and lived there for 1.5 years my husband is in the military. Anyways The japanese have water that is flavored and they have a lot of calories so they also have a water with flavor that is diet (which is what that pic is). The japanese have very few diet drinks to offer because they dont usually drink much else besides water, tea, and coffee!

  106. Amanda Bryman

    Okay, so after that post I actually became curious and did a little Google-Fu. I couldn’t find the “Diet Water” on the Sapporo site, but I did find a product called “Let’s” ( that’s labeled as a “diet water”. Apparently, it “contains carnitine and caffeine,” with a “refreshing lemon flavor.” And… yeah, it’s advertised as low-calorie.

    Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t see this as being THAT bizarre. There are so many “waters” that are loaded with artificial sweeteners and sold for two bucks a bottle as “calorie-free” right down the street. Is that what we’re chastising, here – the general idea? (I seriously don’t want to start any drama, so forgive me if I got defensive too soon.)

  107. Amanda

    I was in Japan, and while I don’t remember seeing this, I can tell you that Diet soda was pretty rare. What I mean is, I doubt the word “Diet” on beverages has the same “zero calorie” implications that it would in America. When I saw this article, my first impression was that it was along the same lines as Propel, or the Special K water, or even Enviga.

  108. staci

    in all seriousness… what makes water “diet” if water doesn’t have any calories to cut to make it “diet”…? does that mean it is water that has been enhanced for a dieter??

  109. Lose Weight With Me

    Finally…Zero calorie water!



  110. Weight Loss Easily

    what’s the ingredient?if something else added,can we call it water?

  111. Passion for Health

    I’m confused… is this just plain water?

  112. Yolanda

    Interesting. I doubt that it’s as tasteless as water. Some of the chemicals that the Japanese makers added could surely have changed it.

  113. Kery

    I’m not sure if it’s the same thing, but some time ago, another blog shared a video about some kind of Japanese ‘diet water’. It was quite, uhh… surprising. (Including the link to the blog post, because the YouTube one is too long:

  114. Laura

    that’s awesome. Regular water is making me so fat!