Denise Austin - 360

Denise Austin is a veteran of fitness videos. She has a prolific list of DVDs, apps, books, and even a line of fitness equipment with her name on it.

Her 360 online program ties together the best of her exercise and diet advice. Denise Austin has all the qualifications and experience you could want in a fitness instructor.

The Four Components

Austin's 10-week program begins with a customized plan. You input your name, weight, goal weight, and you will be given a basic outline of what your program will be. The online program comprises 4 elements;

  • Eat right- Provides meal plans and nutrition/calorie guidelines.
  • Get Fit- Provides a fitness plan that will work for you with online support.
  • Feel Great- Online support to keep you motivated by reading Denise's Blog and by chatting with others.
  • Stay Strong- Information on health and wellness for whatever stage of life you're in.

Diet Plan

Denise Austin's weight loss program will recommend a calorie-controlled diet. It seems that there are only three options; 1400 calories, 1600 calories, or 1800 calories per day.

You are allowed to change this at any time. There does not appear to be any nutrient options (i.e. it's not low-carb, or high-anything!) - it's just a general balanced diet with a calorie limit.

The program provides daily meal plans (with recipes) for every day of the program. However there is some comment that the meal plans appear to 'repeat' after 6 weeks - although we could not verify this. There is a nutritionist involved in the program, and it's worth pointing out this comment -

"Sample meal plans are included for your convenience; however, you may prefer to use them just to get ideas. These meal plans are not mandatory. The foods used in them are not mandatory."

The program will generate shopping lists for a whole weeks worth of meal plans.

See samples of the 1400 Calorie Diet Plan here or 1600 calorie diet plans

Denise Austin Fitness

This is arguably the strength (no pun intended!) of the program - you can choose a basic, intermediate, or advanced program, and customize it for the area of the body you want to hit (upper body, lower body, mid-section).

The workouts bring together some of the best from Denise Austin's many fitness videos - complete with instructions, pictures, and sometimes videos.

A typical workout might look like this: 5 minute warm up, 20-45 minutes cardio, 15 minutes 'toning' - (which includes a huge combination of different resistance exercises), and a 'cool down.

There is a lot of information, and a load of different routines on the site if you get bored. Generally the cardio is different styles of walking.

On-line Tools

Like most on-line programs, it includes the following; weight tracker, journals (a neat feature is being able to follow other people's journals). There is also an daily motivational message from Denise that you can listen to. There are four active discussion boards. 14 dieting tools in all.


Last updated 29 Dec2014