Sunfare: Diet Home Delivery

Sunfare is a provider of home-delivered diet meals and other meals, currently available only in Los Angeles and Phoenix areas of the US.

When a client signs up for a program, meals are selected and prepared to suit personal tastes, schedule, and dietary goals.

Meals are delivered to the client's door by 7:00am daily, and online account access is provided for amending menus, and profile review etc. Client counselors are in frequent phone contact to ensure satisfaction.

Sunfare Diets

Signature Diet

The Signature diet is based on a low carb approach 30% of calories coming from lean protein, 40% coming from Low GI carbs and 30% coming from healthy fats.


Vegetarian version of Sunfare using premium quality tofu, tempe, and soy products as protein sources. Seafood is optional. Available as weekly or monthly plans.

Family Dinners

Home-cooked dinners for the family (2 people for $30 up to 5 people for $60), delivered any selected day or days of the week

Standard (Phoenix Only)

Least expensive program with calorie conscious, nutritious and tasty meals. This program can be customized to suit individual dietary needs.


Sunfare also offer a Paleo diet, and a Gluten-free diet.

Sunfare Costs

Programs are available generally as weekly or monthly meal plans:

  • Weekly plan comprises any variation of available meals and snacks on any days of the week (up to 3 meals and 3 snacks supplied each day).

    Individual meals may be cancelled, with sufficient notice. Billing is at the end of each week for only the meals received - minimum order $24.95 per day, equivalent to 1 meal plus snack).
  • Monthly meal plans are available for 20 or 28 days (discounted from the weekly rate), prepaid and with a set number of meals and snacks per day.

    Individual meals cannot be canceled, although service can be paused and resumed at any time.

    Per day prices are: 3 meals + 3 snacks $51.25, 3 meals + 2 snacks $47, 3 meals only (no snacks) $42, lunch & dinner $36.75, breakfast + 1 extra meal $25.75.

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Last Updated 30 Dec 2014