Calories in a Banana

Peeled BananaThe humble banana is one of the best energy foods and a favorite among athletes.

Easy to eat, tastes good, and is wrapped up in a biodegradable wrapper.

However, like most fruits, it has a high sugar content. You should not let this put you off. Bananas have fiber – an essential part of any healthy diet. Greener bananas have more resistant starch, a fiber that your body has a challenge absorbing. This means it will fill you up quicker.

Banana Calories and Macronutrients

Calories Carbs
Very Small Banana (less than 6″) 72 18.5 0.9 0.3
Small Banana (6″ to 7″) 90 23.1 1.1 0.3
Medium Banana (7″ to 8″) 105 26.9 1.3 0.4
Large Banana (8″ to 9″) 121 31.1 1.5 0.5
Extra Large Banana (9″ or longer) 135 34.7 1.7 0.5

Bananas are also high in Vitamin B6, and Vitamin C, providing 30-40% of your daily requirements.

Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats are rounded up to the nearest tenth of a gram.

Carbohydrate is measured by difference: The total gram weight less protein, fat, and water grams. This measure includes fiber. Measurements taken from the USDA nutrient database. This is a rough guideline as bananas can be different from one another.

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